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"You're ridiculous." Da Qing's voice startled Zhao Yunlan.

Quickly tearing his eyes away from the sight of Professor Shen talking quietly with Chu Shuzi, he protested, "I don't know what you mean."

It sounded lame even to his ears, and Da Qing's only response was a rather expressive swish of his tail. Jumping off Zhao Yunlan's lap, he made a beeline straight to Shen Wei, winding himself around his legs.

"Traitor," Zhao Yunlan hissed, causing both Shen Wei and Lao Chu to look over curiously. Giving them a hopefully casual wave, Zhao Yunlan slid off the couch and beat a hasty retreat. Once in his office, he leaned against the door, beating his head against it repeatedly. "Damn Cat is right. Get a grip!"

He didn't know what was wrong with him, he was usually much smoother when it came to dealing with people. But then, he'd never been this attracted to anyone. Still, on a regular day he managed to flirt and tease the professor well enough. Today, though...

Today Shen Wei had come in wearing jeans and a dark blue t-shirt. They were nothing out of the ordinary, nowhere near as tight as Zhao Yunlan's own clothes. Yet somehow they seemed almost indecent in their informality, hinting at muscled thighs and a surprisingly toned biceps. Zhao Yunlan had just about swallowed his tongue.

"Ridiculous!" came a voice through the door, accompanied by the scratching of claws, and Zhao Yunlan dropped his head into his hands defeatedly. Yep. Ridiculous.