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Yielding to Temptation

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"You okay, Edgeworth?" Phoenix asked as he readjusted his tie, the movement drawing Miles' attention to the surprisingly toned lines of Phoenix's neck. It would be too easy, he thought, too easy to peel back the collar of his shirt, trace my nose along the length of his external jugular and bite . He shook his head and took a step back from Phoenix. I can't do this. I must control myself




"My apologies, Wright. I am merely tired." It wasn't a full lie, he was tired...he was also parched and the sound of Phoenix's blood pumping through his veins was all too tempting. It had been so long since he had last had a drink and every inch of skin Phoenix revealed, as he unbuttoned the top few buttons of his shirt and slid his tie off, had Miles practically salivating. He needed to leave. Now


He moved for the door, and all but growled when Phoenix blocked his path. 


“Move Wright.” His words were clipped, tone harsh, and Phoenix nearly recoiled at the intensity within those two words. Yet, he remained firm, fixed to his spot in front of the door with a determined look in his mismatched eyes. 


“I’m not moving until you tell me what the hell is going on with you,” Phoenix rebutted, “You’ve been acting strange lately and today, especially, you’ve been, well, off .” 


Phoenix’s constant worry for him was both flattering and irritating and Miles could only scoff as he debated just shoving the attorney out of his way. He knew that if he told Phoenix the truth—told Phoenix how he had been turned into some bloodthirsty creature of the night when he had lost his first trial—Phoenix would blame himself and offer to let Miles drink from him. Perhaps if he still held that same indifference he had before, Miles might have been able to take him up on that offer. However, times had changed as had his feelings and he knew that if he took a single drop of blood from this man he loved—and he did love him—that he wouldn’t be able to stop there. 


His desire for Phoenix, romantically, sexually, thirstily , was so deeply ingrained that it felt as if it was etched into every fiber of his being. Phoenix’s scent lingered on all of his belongings and his aura left behind traces of him that Miles was addicted to. Normally being around Phoenix was enough to make Miles forget what he was, was enough to make him feel alive. Though, now his presence was a tantalizing thing, was a temptation that Miles wanted to yield to but knew he couldn’t. He shouldn’t


Phoenix took a step forward, crossing into Miles’ space and Miles wanted to growl because Phoenix truly had no regard for his own wellbeing. Granted, he didn’t know how foolish his actions were, a fact that was emphasized when he tilted his head in mild concern and exposed more of the sun-kissed skin of his neck. He’s trying to kill me


“This is a vampire thing, isn’t it?” The silence between them was deafening and Miles found himself immobilized, frozen in place as Phoenix’s eyes bore into his own. How could he possibly know? 


“What?” Miles managed after a moment. 


“Miles,” the sound of his first name rolling off of Phoenix’s tongue should not have sounded as wonderful as it did and Miles held back a shudder as Phoenix stepped that much closer, “I actually figured it out a year ago. You are very careful, and I think that if I were anyone else, I wouldn’t have noticed.” 


“What is that supposed to mean, Wright?” 


“It means that I pay attention, more than you may realize,” Phoenix clarified, close enough now that Miles could practically feel the puffs of his breath as he spoke. Miles wanted to know how he figured it out, wanted to investigate where he went wrong and how he had been so obvious...but this close, all he could think about was Phoenix. Phoenix’s pulse was a loud thing, beating fiercely and teasing Miles with the promise of fresh blood. What if he took just one small bite? 


Miles pushed Phoenix back with more force than he intended, desperate to get some space, and felt his heart (or rather, what was left of it) shatter as Phoenix slammed into the wall with a loud thud. What had he done? Phoenix shook his head and righted himself, a small smile in place as he said, “Okay, so definitely a vampire thing.” 


Phoenix moved forward, winding up in front of Miles again, no fear in his scent. Why isn’t he running? He should be running!  


“If you know what I am, then you should know to stay away from me.” 


“At the risk of sounding way too much like that chick from Twilight , I don’t care,” Phoenix said plainly, “I—this isn’t really the best time to say it, but I’ve been in love with you since we were kids, Miles. And honestly, by now I don’t think there is much you can say or do or be that is going to change that.” 


“You—you can’t.” 


 “It’s not really up to you.” Phoenix was touching him, his hands—his warm hands—were on his shoulders, holding him in place as he spoke, “Now stop trying to argue with me about what I feel and tell me how I can help.” 


Phoenix .” His voice sounded hoarse, almost broken and he could feel his baser instincts clawing at the back of his brain, begging him to just take what Phoenix would so readily give. Phoenix’s eyes were still steadily staring into his own, almost pleading. 


“I—I haven’t drank in nearly two months,” Miles finally admitted, “And, my need to do so is getting stronger.” Phoenix nodded a few times, processing easily enough what Miles meant. 


“Okay,” Phoenix said after a moment, “Then why don’t you just drink from me?” 


“I can’t.” 


“What? My blood not good enough?” 


“That is, quite literally, the opposite of the truth,” Miles said, his shoulders sagging slightly in Phoenix’s hold. 


“What do you mean?” Miles surged forward then, overcome suddenly with a strange desire to tease Phoenix. His mouth grazed the length of Phoenix’s neck, his tongue sliding against his jugular. Phoenix hissed and took in a sharp breath as Miles placed his still blunt teeth down to Phoenix’s skin and bit lightly. Phoenix nearly jumped at the feeling and Miles pulled back with a dark look in his grey eyes. 


“There is nothing about you that I don’t already find desirable, Phoenix,” he said, taking in the faint blush on Phoenix’s cheeks, “and I can assure you that your feelings are... reciprocated .” 


Phoenix perked up like a puppy offered a bowl full of treats. His eyes went wide in excitement and his lips pulled back into a smile. “Are you saying what I think you’re saying?” 


“I—yes. I love you, Phoenix Wright. Lord help me, I do.” 


“Well you don’t have to sound so exasperated about it.” 


“You’re an exasperating person,” Miles responded before sighing and adding, “I can’t drink from you Phoenix because I’m not sure I could stop...drinking blood is, well not sexual but we do get some pleasure out of it and that partnered with the fact that it’s you’s a recipe for disaster.” 


There was another bout of silence and Miles watched in confusion and mild panic as Phoenix began to open the remaining buttons of his shirt before shrugging out of it entirely. Miles wanted to object, wanted to stop Phoenix from whatever it was he was planning to do—which was no doubt foolish. Yet he found himself paralyzed, immobilized in awe at the sight of Phoenix’s toned frame which was now on display. 


Phoenix’s hand slid up Miles’ chest— when had he placed that there? —and grabbed a hold of his jabot, tugging it just enough to throw Miles off balance and cause him to angle forward. His lips dragged against Miles’ as he whispered, “I trust you. Stop denying yourself. I consent, so yield and take it.” 


And really, how could he, in all his parched desperation, say no to that? 


“I’m warning you Phoenix, if I—if we —do this, it won’t be gentle. It may even hurt.” 


“Miles, shut up and bite me.” Phoenix bared his neck for emphasis and that was all the permission Miles needed. He practically tore his jabot off and made quick work of removing his own jacket, earning a teasing remark of, “You gotta be naked to bite me?” from Phoenix. 


“Of course not. Though it is significantly easier to get blood off of skin than it is out of clothes. Unless you’d rather I kept my shirt on?” 


“Nope. No complaints here. Shirtless biting is fine.” Miles refrained from rolling his eyes and took a moment to try and calm himself. Having permission to bite Phoenix was grand, but he needed to get a hold of himself, otherwise he would end up hurting the man...or worse. 


Once he had managed to remove his shirt and waistcoat, and had moved to fold all his clothing neatly on the coffee table nearby, Miles fixed his gaze on Phoenix and Phoenix swallowed as he noticed the dark hungry look in Miles’ eyes. He remained still, neck still on display, as Miles prowled closer. Miles’ hand moved to support the back of Phoenix’s neck as he brought his lips down to kiss the spot he’d draw blood from. 


“Last warning, Phoenix. My features will shift and I may lose control,” Miles said, dragging his lips along the warm freckled flesh. 


“Miles,” Phoenix said, his voice quivering slightly but not in fear—Miles could smell the arousal seeping through the pores of his skin, “Shut up and bite me.” 


Phoenix watched as the tips of Miles’ ears elongated. His grey eyes flashed to burgundy and his teeth grew into sharp points, the canines being especially long. There was only a moment for Phoenix to process the change in features before he felt those tapered teeth sinking into the crook of his neck. He had expected pain, and there was, but it faded away, quickly replaced with a wave of inexplicable pleasure that had him moaning loudly. 


The fresh taste of iron hit Miles tongue and he let out a whine of delight at finally being nourished after so long. He sucked eagerly at the wound he’d made, pleased that Phoenix’s blood flowed so easily. He was doing his best to savor each drop, to memorize the delicious taste of it. But it truly had been too long and his desperation had gotten the better of him. He wanted more, needed more. It wasn’t until he heard Phoenix gasp out his name that he pulled away, that he gained some semblance of control once more. He licked his lips without a thought and Phoenix watched with half-lidded eyes as Miles turned his red gaze towards him. 


There was an unspoken hunger between them, their pupils blown wide in an urgent need, an overwhelming desire. Miles was upon Phoenix in an instant, using his grip on the back of Phoenix’s neck to bring him in. Phoenix nearly forgot how to breath as Miles sipped kisses from his lips and ravaged his mouth. He managed to pull away just long enough to bite under Miles’ jaw, proudly leaving a dark mark on his lily white skin before allowing Miles to lick into his mouth once more. 


When Phoenix pulled back again, gasping for air, Miles brought his mouth to the wound he’d left and hummed against the warm skin, “You’re intoxicating, Phoenix.” 


And really, what could Phoenix say to that other than, “Fuck me.”  


Had there been any space between them, Miles would have stalked towards Phoenix, almost predatorily. He settled for crowding Phoenix up against the nearest wall instead, licking his lips once more and earning a groan from Phoenix. Phoenix’s hand shot out to grip Miles’ silver hair near the roots and tugged him forward once more to slot their mouths together. Miles’ teeth were still sharp and Phoenix was mindful of cutting himself as he slid his tongue into Miles’ mouth. 


They didn’t part as Miles shifted his hands to grip the back of Phoenix’s thighs and hoist him up in an impressive display of strength. Phoenix didn’t hesitate in wrapping his legs around Miles’ waist and groaned into the kiss as Miles carried him to the bedroom. They collapsed onto the bed in unison, and Phoenix was suddenly reminded of the fact that they were still wearing pants; a problem that needed to be rectified immediately . Miles seemed to be thinking much of the same for he quickly made easy work of removing their belts before pulling back to rid himself of his trousers, socks, and shoes. 


Miles slid back up and pressed his now nude form against Phoenix’s body, grinding his hips down and hissing at the friction it provided. He grabbed the waistband of Phoenix’s slacks with both hands and flicked his gaze to meet Phoenix’s. He could so clearly see Miles’ intentions and christ did the thought of Miles ripping his clothes off in the literal sense sound wonderful. 


“Are you fond of these?” Miles asked, tugging at the waistband for emphasis. 


“Couldn’t care less. Destroy them.” The strength and urgency with which Miles pulled tore the fabric, rending the seams in their entirety until he held nothing but scraps of blue fabric in his hands. It was, arguably, the most attractive sight Phoenix had ever seen. Miles bent down to capture Phoenix’s lips, greedily swallowing down the sounds of pleasure Phoenix made as Miles’ hands trailed down his sides. 


The feeling of Miles’ cold skin against his own burning flesh was akin to a dream, and how many times had he wished for a scenario like this? It was all too easy to envision Miles crowding him up against the wall of his lavish office, hands pinned up above his head in a vice like grip, Miles’ mouth on his throat, licking, biting . He could clearly imagine their romps, could see himself with legs wrapped tightly around Miles’ still clothed waist as he pulled his erection free of his trousers and pressed into Phoenix until he was fully seated atop of him. He’d dreamt of trysts in a variety of places and positions—of bruises and bite marks that would show he was taken and reveal what sort of beast had claimed him—but nothing had prepared him for the sheer intensity and arousal he’d feel when faced with the real thing. 


This side of Miles he was witnessing was addictive and Phoenix knew he was going to have a hard time letting it go. Miles, unsurprisingly, felt much of the same. Phoenix’s blood had been delicious but the arousal he could taste on Phoenix’s skin and in the air was downright scrumptious and he knew he’d never get enough. 


The dark look in Miles’ eyes as he stared down at Phoenix had him taking in a sharp breath. There were promises in those depths that were rough and hard and that was exactly what Phoenix wanted. He wanted to struggle walking tomorrow, wanted to feel Miles for a few days. It was their first time lying together but it had been a long time coming and Phoenix didn’t have the patience to take it slow and easy. 


“You seem distracted,” Miles observed, his voice deep and steady, his cool breath (and Phoenix wondered briefly if Miles even needed to breathe) making the hairs on Phoenix’s body rise. 


“Mmm suppose I’m wondering what’s taking so long?” There was something about the way Phoenix’s mismatched eyes bore into his own that was magnetic and Miles growled as he rolled his hips down, sliding their hard lengths together and eliciting a cry of delight from Phoenix. 


“Always so impatient,” Miles said huskily before sliding down the length of Phoenix’s body, nipping at the flesh of his inner thigh in an almost playful manner. Miles’ intentions were clear as he hoisted Phoenix’s legs up to rest on his shoulders and shifted that much further down, his mouth hovering near Phoenix’s clenched hole. He shot Phoenix a wink before licking his tongue along the tight ring of muscle. One hand moved to grab at Phoenix's ass, keeping it lifted enough for him to have easier access. A hand flew out to tightly grip Miles’ hair and Miles hummed as he began steadily licking and pressing his tongue along Phoenix’s entrance, stretching him out tantalizingly slowly. 


Phoenix bucked his hips up, and Miles used his grip on his cheeks to keep him in place. He took his time eating Phoenix out, drew out his pleasure with precise movements of his tongue. Phoenix let out a symphony of cries, not bothering to hold back the sounds of bliss as Miles fucked him open with his tongue. He wasn’t sure how long Miles spent licking and proding and stretching, but he found himself breathless throughout it all. It was too much and not enough all at once and Phoenix was growing impatient. He could practically feel the smirk on Miles’ lips as he pulled back and nipped along the sensitive flesh of his inner thigh. 


“I think that’s sufficient, don’t you?” Miles asked, a teasing grin on his face as he licked his lips. The dark, predatory look in his eyes had Phoenix grinning in delight. 


He supposed it said something about his own depravity that he was so enchanted and aroused over the sight of a creature like Miles, but he couldn’t care less. As Miles lowered Phoenix’s ass back to the bed, Phoenix spread his legs wider in invitation and Miles growled at the display before sliding up the length of Phoenix’s surprisingly athletic frame. Phoenix’s eyes rolled back and his fists clenched the navy sheets beneath him as Miles’ teeth clamped down, sucking a claiming mark into the flesh of Phoenix’s shoulder but not drawing blood. 


Phoenix wrapped his legs around Miles’ waist, pressing his heels into the vampire’s lower back in an effort to urge him on. Miles’ fingers danced along the skin of Phoenix’s hips before moving to grip the man’s swollen cock. He bent down to make a mess of Phoenix’s mouth as he pumped his hand up and down. Every small twist of his wrist added a new spark of electricity to the space between them and soon enough, Phoenix was practically writhing in need. 


Miles offered up a smirk as he positioned himself with Phoenix’s stretched entrance before pushing in. They both let out a long groan and Phoenix tightened his legs to try and pull Miles that much closer, sighing in relief when Miles was finally buried to the hilt within him. Miles wasted no time in ramming into Phoenix, rolling into the tight warmth with a sense of urgency. Phoenix gasped and groaned with each thrust and he tossed his head back as Miles pounded him deep into the mattress. 


Miles captured Phoenix’s lips in a searing kiss, biting at his lower lip once before allowing the man to break away with a moan. He rocked his hips forward, pressing in as deep as he could go, trying desperately to draw out as much pleasure and noise as he could. In the back of his mind, Miles briefly wished he were some sort of incubus because he could live off the cries of bliss spilling from Phoenix’s lips.


Phoenix rolled his hips up in time with Miles’ thrusts, taking him in that much further and screaming out in delight as the blunt, fat, head of Miles’ thick cock slammed into his prostate. Miles’ eyes darkened that much further and he shifted his grip to tightly hold Phoenix’s hips before ramming in once more, hitting the same spot with ease and growling as Phoenix clenched around him. 


As Miles continued his nearly brutal pace, Phoenix’s arms shot up to wrap around the vampire’s shoulders, his nails digging into the pale flesh. Miles hissed as Phoenix clawed at his back for purchase and so he canted his hips at a different angle, fucking into Phoenix with all he had to offer and delighting in the shrill cry of his name that came from the man beneath him. 


They carried on like that, Miles fucking into Phoenix relentlessly and Phoenix screaming out his pleasure, writhing wantonly. The mattress creaked and groaned with the power of Miles’ movements and Phoenix reached one hand up to desperately clutch the headboard behind him, rolling his hips higher and arching his back. 


Miles’ mouth latched on to his skin again, biting and sucking bruises and marks into Phoenix’s sun-kissed skin, revelling in the warmth and taste of him and greedily licking up and traces of blood that dripped out of the minor wounds. Everything about Phoenix was delectable and Miles knew that this one moment, this almost animalistic, passionate, tryst would not be enough to sustain him. If anything, it had only whet his appetite and he already craved more. 


There was a familiar tension coiling in Phoenix’s core, building in intensity and rapidly reaching its peak. Phoenix bit his lower lip to try and silence what was sure to be a loud groan and Miles growled as he sucked harder into Phoenix’s flesh, causing Phoenix’s mouth to fall open and let out a shriek . Phoenix came hard with a scream of Miles’ name, throwing his head back and arching his back that much further. 


It was the tight clench of Phoenix’s muscles mixed with the heady scent of arousal and the taste of Phoenix’s blood on his lips that sent Miles careening over the edge, reaching his own climax so suddenly that he all but roared as he came. They both panted for air, Miles more out of habit than necessity, as Miles pulled out. Phoenix whined at the sudden loss and Miles kissed him almost apologetically before pulling back and pressing their foreheads together. 


“That was—I don’t even have words for that,” Phoenix managed after a few moments, a smile on his face as Miles nuzzled their noses together. Curiously he brought one hand up to stroke gently along one of Miles’ pointed ears and he blinked in surprise when Miles moaned, the hungry look in his eyes—which had just started to fade in the aftermath of their coupling—seeming to flicker back to life for a moment. 


“I would advise that you refrain from doing that,” Miles warned as he shifted to lie beside Phoenix, “Not unless you want to go another round so soon.” 


“Can we go another round?” Phoenix asked excitedly, though it was evident from the look on his face that he was tired. Miles offered up a fond smile as he reached his own hand out to stroke along Phoenix’s strong jaw. He could feel his own features returning to normal and arched a brow when Phoenix’s smile widened. 


“And what has you smiling?”


“You mean other than that incredible sex we just had?”


Phoenix .” 


Phoenix laughed merrily before twisting slightly to steal a kiss. There was mirth in his eyes and Miles found himself reciprocating Phoenix’s pleased expression with a warm smile of his own. He pulled Phoenix in for another peck on the lips, chuckling when Phoenix tried to chase after his lips as he tried to lean back. 


“So what were you smiling about?” Miles asked. 


“I was just thinking how I like seeing the normal you, even though the vampire features were hot ...I think I prefer you like this.” 


Miles shook his head. He would’ve argued that those vampiric attributes were his ‘normal’ features now, but he didn’t want to spoil the moment with unnecessary things. He pressed their foreheads together once more before letting out a slow breath.


“I truly do love you, Phoenix...exasperating as you are.” Phoenix rolled his eyes before pushing forward to kiss the vampire again. 


“Well that’s good because I think you’re stuck with me.” Phoenix yawned and wrapped an arm lazily around Miles’ bare torso, before putting his own head down to rest against Miles’ chest. As he drifted off to sleep, muttering out a quiet, “Love you, Miles”, Miles began to think. Being stuck with Phoenix for life, with this man who had saved him and who so readily accepted him and offered all of himself to Miles...that certainly didn’t sound like a bad thing. In fact, Miles knew that there was nothing in life he’d want more. 


And perhaps he didn’t deserve it, not after all he had done in the past and what he had become, but he couldn’t deny that which was given so freely and fully. He wrapped his own arms around Phoenix’s slumbering form and, although he didn’t necessarily need rest, allowed himself to fall asleep, comforted by the presence of that man in his hold, the one who could see him and accept him no matter what.