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What Even is Your Life, Peter?

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Peter’s Pov

Peter ‘I am Spiderman’ Parker, but no one knows that. He was bitten by a radioactive. He now has super strength, heightened senses, super anxiety his spider-sense, and he is sticky. He is able to walk from the floor to the wall to the ceiling like he was walking on the ground. Peter is a scholarship student along with his best friend Ned at the prestigious Midtown STEM School. He is a huge nerd that is bullied by Flash a kid at Midtown because his parents have money. But this is Peter’s story, not Eugene’s and this is the story about Peter Parker’s life was flipped upside down.

“Hey May, there’s this crazy car parked outside,” Peter says entering his apartment in Queens holding a DVR he had grabbed from the dumpster on his way home from school. He looks over to the living room to see his aunt, May Parker, and Tony ‘I am Ironman’ Stark. He stops in shock holding in his fanboying. “Uh, hi I’m Peter.”

“Hi Peter, I’mTony. I was just talking to your lovely aunt about my September Foundation you won,” Mister Stark said sitting forward about.

“You didn’t tell me about it. Have you been keeping secrets from me?” May said with a smile that he hadn’t seen since Ben died.

“Yes because I know how much you love surprises,” Peter lied clapping his hands together.
“Could we have five minutes?” Mister Stark said looking back at May.

“Yes of course!” May said standing up to pick up her homemade date nut bread.

“Umm, follow me we can talk in my room,” Peter said waiting for Mister Stark to follow.
Mister Stark closes the door and looked around Peter’s room.

“Ok, What is this about, because I know I didn’t enter your grant,” Peter asked.

“First a hypothetical question,” Mister Stark said pulling up a holograph from his phone. A video played of a person in a red and blue onesie catching a car that would’ve crashed into a bus. “3,000 pounds going 40 miles per hour.”

“No that is not me. Is that on Youtube because that, that is photoshop,” Peter tries to explain himself.
Mister Stark looks up at the ceiling and notices a hatch he grabs a broom while saying. “Photoshop?”

“Yes, exactly,” Peter says looking over to where Mister Stark was poking the hatch where his suit was hidden. Mister Stark pokes the trapdoor and the suit falls, but before it hits the ground Peter grabs it out the air. “That is not what it looks like.”

“Ok well, I guess I will just go tell aunt hottie if it's not you,” Mister Stark said going to reach for the door but was stopped by a sticky substance gluing his hand to the door.

“Don’t tell Aunt May,” Peter says his arm still extended.

“So where does this stuff come from and how can I get it off,” Mister Stark asked looking at the boy.
When Mister Stark had come looking for help he expected a man in his mid-twenties maybe a wife, but a fifteen-year-old highschooler was not who he expected.

“I'll grab the chemicals to dissolve the web,” Peter said digging through his closet.

After Peter found it and released his hand, Mister Stark asked. “So you are this Spider-boy, this Spider-kid, Spiderling.”

“It’s Spiderman,” Peter says sitting on his bed.

“Not in that onesie you're not,” Mister Stark said looking over the suit then put a google up to his eye. “What’s up with the goggles? Doesn’t it make it hard to see?”

“All of my senses are heightened so the googles help me focus,” Peter says looking at his web-shooters.
“Where your webs come from? The stickiness, does it come from the suit?” Mister Stark said lifting Peter’s wrist to get a better look at them.

“I created the webs from chemicals in my chemistry class. The web-shooters themselves are made out of spare parts from the dumpsters near companies and school. The stickiness is just me, I got by a radioactive spider while on a field trip to OSCORP,” Peter says taking off his web-shooters so the genius could get a better idea of them.

“Another question, why do you the Spiderling gig? You’re supposed to be hanging out with friends and being a nerd,” Mister Stark said scooching Peter’s leg over so he could sit beside him.

“When you have the powers I do and you don’t do anything bad things happen because of you,” Peter said thinking about how he could have helped Ben but he was too late. “So now that I've answered your questions can you answer mine?” Peter got a nod as a confirmation “Not that I'm not happy you’re here, but why are you here?”

“Capsicle went haywire and is now on a fugitive. The reason I came here was to check to see if you could be any help, but what I didn’t realize that you’re a fourteen-year-old boy--” “I’m fifteen,” Peter interrupted.

“Nope, not important. Adult talking this is the part you listen,” Mister Stark said then continued. “I’m going to Germany and I’m asking you to come with me.”

“I can’t go,” Peter said trying to come up with an excuse as Mister Stark waited for him to continue. “I.. I have homework.”

“I’m going to pretend you didn’t say that, pack a bag we’re leaving,” Mister Stark said standing while tapping his shoulder. It’s not gonna be a fight don’t worry we’re just going to talk some things through, but if something doesn’t go to plan, I just need you to grab Mr. Good and Righteous’s shield. Do not engage in a fight with him, but his weak spot is the legs if worse comes to worst. I’m going to tell aunt hottie that you’re going to do internship stuff this weekend.” He finished before leaving Peter in his room with his thoughts.

On one hand, he’s been noticed by Mister Stark aka Ironman!! On the other hand, he has to lie to his aunt, travel to Germany, and “talk out” the accords his childhood heroes. He grabs his bag and stuff a couple of days worth of clothes almost all his web fluid, his web-shooter, and his, totally not a onesie, spider suit.

Tony’s Pov

Tony had just left the Parker’s apartment telling aunt hottie that a grumpy man named Happy would pick up Peter in an hour. He had is self-driving car drive him to he airport were one of his private airplanes waited. He shouldn’t be bringing Peter, but he really didn’t have a choice being short-handed. He wouldn’t let anything happen to the boy. He now read up everything he could find about Spiderman and Peter Parker. He read his parents died on a plane when the boy was four. Just recently his uncle died and May was the only family he had left. He wouldn’t have May lose her only family, he had already built Peter a suit with a lot better protection than his onesie. He already assigned Happy as Peter’s babysitter. The kid would be safe.

Tony saw Rogers and the rest of the Rogues he tried to get them to put down their weapons, so they could talk everything out. That didn’t work so he called his most unlethal weapon.

“uNdERoOS,” Tony shouted cupping his hands around his mouth.

Then he saw the kid on top of a trolly holding his father’s shield. “Hey, Mister Stark! This suit is awesome.” the kid said standing up.

Then Peter was knocked back to the rest of Team Ironman as a guy came out of nowhere. “Here you go, Captain America!”

“You’re not the only one who's been busy,“ Rogers said walking forward with the rest of the Rogues following.

“Umm they’re not stopping,” the kid said following him and the rest of the Avengers.

“Neither are we,” Tony said started his thrusters to smack down on Cap’s shield. His only focus is making sure Cap gets taken in and making sure he doesn’t try to go up against the Spiderling. After a bit that he got distracted by other people and forgot about the teenage spider. That's when he heard.

“Kid, get out here you don’t know what's happening here, there are things going on here you don’t understand. Aren’t you a little young to be getting into superheroing and politics,” Cap yells looking up the Spiderling who was standing back on top of a trolly.

“Mr. Capsicle Rogers sir aren’t you a little old to be alive. No offense but you’re probably not used to modern politics. Mister Stark said you would say that” Peter said squinting his eyes. This kid. He was able to talk and make jokes while fighting, maybe a coping mechanism or maybe just him being a kid.

“What else did Stark say?” Cap asked.

“Go for the legs,” Peter said wrapping the webs around Cap’s legs and while Cap was down Peter grabbed his shield.

“Kid! You did your job now get out here,” Tony yelled catching a punch.

“No, it’s fine I can do thiiiiiiis,” Peter screamed as a giant grew out of nowhere. He dropped the shield and jumped up on to an airplane and kept running because the giant was crushing it behind him.

“Ok anyone ave any surprises or a plan,” He said into the comms.

“I have an idea Mister Stark have any of you seen this really old movie Empire Strikes back?” Peter said as he kept running.

“Jeez, Tony how old is this kid?” Rhodey asked.

“Well if you let me finish, I’m going to listen to Mister Stark and go for the legs. I’m going need help though I’m not going to have enough momentum,” Peter said starting to wrap the giant’s leg in webs. Tony came up from behind the kid and knocked in the giant with the help of Rhodey. Then he saw the kid go flying

Peter’s Pov

His plan had been going great until he was hit by the giant man’s hand and was flung into a bunch of boxes. He pulled up his mask so he could breathe properly. He freaked out and started throwing fists when he heard footsteps approaching.

“Hey kid, it's me Tony, same team. Stand down,” Mister Stark said as his faceplate lifted.

“No no I can help,” Peter said trying to sit up.

“If you try I’ll tell aunt hottie. Fri, give me a list of injuries,” Tony said looking at the kid he had promised to protect.

“Three fractured ribs, concussion, and bruises all over his torso,” Friday responded.

“Ok, kid I have to go to stop Rogers, find someone and they’ll help you get fixed up,” Mister Stark said before his faceplate closed and he flew off to get Bucky and Cap.

“Hey, kid,” Black Widow, Natasha fucking Romanov sad sticking out a hand to help him up.

“Miss Black Widow, I’m Peter, uh I mean Spiderman. It’s nice to meet another spider,” Peter said pulling down the rest of his mask.

“Natasha’s fine. You took quite a hit do you need medical attention,” Natasha asked as they started walking.

“Mister Stark said I broke a couple of my ribs and I’m concussed,” Peter said holding his torso taking breaths on the shallow side. “I’ll be fine by the end of the weekend.”

“Enhanced?” Natasha asked.

“Ya got bit by a radioactive spider, I was deathly sick for a couple of days,” Peter said as they enter a hanger there lay the Black Panther on the ground. “Your Highness Mr. Black Panther sir,” Peter said while trying to bow.

“We don’t do that in Wakanda,” T’Challa said then looked at Natasha. “You let them get away and tased me multiple times. Ross’s men are coming to pick up the Rogues, I suggest you either go quietly or leave soon.”

“I thought you were on our team,” Peter said raising his mask so he could get medical attention.

“I only said I would help find them,” Natasha said looking quickly away from the boy's deep brown doe eyes and grabbed a first aid box off the wall.

“She was she betrayed us,” T’Challa said grabbing the first a box from her.

“No, I’m going to help him. I brought him over. Why don’t you tie up the Rogues,” Natasha said taking off the top part of Peter’s suit. “Oh, that left a bunch of marks.”

“Just give me a couple of the ibuprofen,” Peter said as Natash poured out two. “Nope, I’m going to need more. My metabolism will burn right through that.” She then took out eight and them to the boy. Along with the two ice packs she found one for his torso, one for his eye.

He sat up to look at her as she said“Happy will be here to pick you up, I gotta go before Ross’s men get here. I hope I’ll see you again, ребенок паук,” before running off.

When he couldn't see her anymore he let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding and laid down. As he waited for happy he thought about everything that had happened in the past twenty-four hours. He met Tony Stark, got an awesome suit, left the county for the first time, unofficially met the now Rogue Avengers, stole Captain America’s shield twice, caught Sergeant Bucky Barnes arm, Captain America dropped a jetway on him, Natasha Romanov took care of him, and he assumes gave him a Russian nickname.

“What has my life become?” Peter muttered to himself shifting the ice pack on his face.