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You roll over and stretch as the sun slowly peeks in through your bedroom window. You groan as you realize you have to go back to work today. It’s been two weeks since you’ve called in to take your vacation early so you wouldn’t have to face Carol. Oh god, Carol. You roll over and stuff your face into your pillow and release a scream. You couldn’t do it, you couldn’t face her ever again. Not after what happened with Natalia. Not after breaking her heart, as well as yours, and just most likely traumatizing her. Not after she said you weren’t her baby girl anymore, you keep replaying that moment in your mind and it still hurts. You contemplate calling in sick when you realize you should probably just get it over with, like ripping off a bandaid, right? You sigh heavily as you roll off the bed landing on the floor. You grunt at your landing and stare up at the ceiling contemplating how your day could go, how should you greet her, should you even greet her? No that would be too awkward just a slight nod and smile should do. With one final sigh you get off the floor and make your way to the bathroom. You take a quick shower and get ready for the day, you decide on a black pencil skirt and a white blouse with red heels. As you put on your watch you see the box with the collar Nat gave you on your bedside table. You smile softly thinking of the beautiful yet mysterious woman. You grab a banana to go picking up your purse and keys on the way out. Your drive to work was long because of an accident on the freeway. By the time you drive in to work an hour late you’re slightly annoyed. You walk in and greet your coworkers that you haven’t seen in weeks taking your time to delay the inevitable. As you walk down the hallway to your office you have to pass by Carol’s, she was next in charge after you therefore your offices were next to each other. Which now you wish wasn’t the case. You see her door is open so you stick your head inside and give her a small greeting, a simple smile and wave.

“Morning, Carol.” She looks up from her computer with a frown on her face. She gives you a look over, her eyes dragging over your figure and then turns back to her computer. You scoff at her and turn away to leave. 

“I wouldn’t say that outfit is work appropriate.” You turn back towards her with a look of shock, you honestly didn’t think she would talk to you.

“Excuse me, why is that?” She quirks a brow and smirks.

“You can see your nipples, Y/N. It’s distracting and very inappropriate. ” You gasp as you look down and see she is in fact correct. Damn it. Luckily you have a spare shirt in your office. 

“Okay well, my bad . I didn’t know. I’ll change in my office.” She clears her throat as you cross your arms trying to cover up.

“I think you knew.” You look at her with disdain. 

“What, Carol, no I didn’t. I have some dignity you know.” She hums and turns back to her computer.

“No I didn’t know that, I thought you lost it all that night.” You look at her shocked and step inside her office and close her door. No one needs to hear this.

“You have something you want to say to me, Carol?” She rolls her eyes at you and doesn’t looks away from her computer. You walk up to her desk dropping your purse in the chair across from her and place your arms on the desk, leaning towards her.

Well?” She looks up at you then with a cold glare making you step back shyly and sit in the chair, crossing your legs. She looks down at your crossed legs.

“Did that turn you on?” Your mouth gapes open at her question. You stutter out a chuckle and shake your head.

“N-No, not at all.” By the way she looks at you you know she doesn’t believe you. She’s right you were turned on, you always were when you’re around her. I mean, fuck, she’s attractive. But that look, she’s never looked at you coldly before. There was always warmth in her eyes, it wasn’t until that night that she lost some of it. You have yet to see any warmth in her eyes yet, only coldness and it kind of hurts. You miss the warmth.

“You’re a terrible liar, Y/N. There is no use trying to with me and you know it.” You sigh and look away from her to gather your thoughts. 

“Listen, Carol. I’m sorry about that night, okay? You didn’t deserve it at all. I just- as important as you are to me you just can’t give me what I need in other areas of my life.” You look back at her to see her chewing on her nail looking at you in contemplation.

“What if I could?” You gape at her.

“What do you mean?” She leaned back in her chair and crossed her legs, placing her hands on her knee. You struggle not to squirm in your chair and give her anymore reason to confirm you are in fact turned on. 

“What I mean is that I’ve been doing some research, reading and watching. Mainly watching and I’ve realized some things . Like maybe I could do these things to you.” You scrunch your brows together in confusion.

“So what you’re saying is you could possibly do that to me? You’re not entirely sure though?” She nods slowly.

“Yes. That is what I’m saying.” You uncross your legs and lean forward.

“Look, Carol. You don’t have to do this okay? You don’t have to completely change a huge part of you to please me. If you’re not entirely sure that means you still have doubts and that wouldn’t work. Besides I’m kind of spoken for.” She sighs and goes back to her work on the computer.

“Yeah well your chick is fucking crazy.” You smile at the mention of Nat.

“She’s not too bad, really.” She looks at you with a straight face.

“She could’ve killed me, Y/N. Do you not get that?” You roll your eyes at her.

“Yes I do, okay? I wouldn't let her kill you anyways, she would listen to me.” She gives you a look of indifference.

“Could you confidently say she would listen to you?” You look away and stare at her wall. It took all of 20 seconds for you to realize that she most likely wouldn’t listen to you. She always calls the shots, for good reason, she has the weapons and you’re always indecisive about everything.

“No,” You sigh and put your head in your hands, “you’re right, Carol, she would never listen to me, unless I safeword. Or in the throes of passion really.” You give Carol a sheepish look as she shoots you one of disgust.

“Sorry. She’s in charge, always. That’s what I like though, you know? Someone to take charge and give me what I need. No questions asked.” 

“I guess I’ll never get my chance, huh?” You pout and get up to walk around and give her a hug. 

“You never know, Carol. We had fun while it lasted though, you know? You’ll always be my Daddy even if I’m no longer your baby girl.” She pulled away from the hug and leaves her arms around your waist. She gives you a small smile.

“I didn’t mean it, Y/N. I said that to hurt you and I’m sorry. You’ll always be my baby girl. No one could replace you.” Tears prickle at your eyes as you lean down to kiss her. You know you shouldn’t but you couldn’t resist her cute face. You lazily make out with her for some time before a knock at her door interrupts the kiss. You pull away from her wiping your lips to get rid of her spit as she does the same before allowing the person entrance. Wanda, your secretary, walks in.

“Sorry to interrupt but Tony would like to see both of you in his office.” You thank Wanda and tell her you’ll both be there shortly. You both looked at each other warily before making your way to his office. He turns around in his chair as you two walk in.

“Hey! My two favorite lesbians!” You both look at him with disinterest.

“Really, Tony? Come on what is it you needed from us.” He chuckles as you take charge. He puts his hands up in mock surrender as he smirks.

“Okay okay. Listen up you two we have a new, very important client who needs major help. So I’m sending you two, my best team, to help them.” Carol looks at you then back to Tony.


“Russia. It will be at least two weeks so pack accordingly.” You look at Carol with wide eyes. 

“Two weeks?!” You slightly panic because you’re trying to separate yourself from Carol and this is not helping. Carol looks at you with a hint of sadness at your response.

“Can’t handle two weeks with me, Y/N?” Tony looks between you two with a look of delight.

“Is this a couples spat I don’t know about?” You look at him oddly.

“We are not a couple, okay. I just don’t think it would be healthy for us to go together is all.” You see Carol’s face drop and you flinch at your cold words. It’s what’s for the best, that’s what you keep telling yourself.

“That’s too bad, Y/N. You both leave tonight. So go home and get packing. Flight leaves at 8.” You sigh and nod your head making your way back to Carol’s office. You pick up your purse from the chair and turn around to find Carol right behind you.

“Geez, Carol, you scared me.” With your hand on your chest you try to calm your breathing. She looks at you with a soft expression.

“Right, Sorry, Y/N. I didn’t mean to. Um but I’ve got a lot to do before the end of the day. If you don’t mind?” She looks away from you awkwardly as she points to her door. You clear your throat to speak.

“Yes of course. I’ll see you tonight, then?” She nods her head and mumbled out a yeah before going to her desk. Your eyebrows cinch together as you leave for your own office. Well that was weird. The rest of your work day was a blur. You still felt a little guilty about how you treated Carol in Tony’s office, like she wasn’t human. It’s true though, what you said, it’s not good to be alone with her right now. You’ve already given her false hope by kissing her, it’s hard to resist her charm and that’s dangerous. You don’t want her to get killed. Once your day ended you quickly leave not even bothering to look and see if Carol was still in her office. Once home you go to your room and pack for two weeks worth of work. These two weeks are going to go on forever. You take a deep breath and look around for any last minute items. You see the gift Natalia gave you on your nightstand. The collar was still in the box untouched. You grab it and pack it into your suitcase, you never know when she’ll show up. You finish packing with enough time to get to the airport, you decide against asking Carol if she wanted to share an Uber. Knowing her she’s probably already at the airport. Once at the airport you check in and go through security. Once at your gate you see Carol already there with her nose in a book. You walk right past her and sit on the opposite side of her crossing your legs. Carol looks up from her book and eyes you precariously.

“Why are you sitting all the way over there, Y/N?” You sigh and look at her face weighed down with sadness.

“This is already awkward, Carol. Why make it worse?” She rolls her eyes and pats the seat next to her.

“Get your pretty ass over here, we can still be friends.” You bite your lip before realizing you were being irrational. You sit next to her and looked down at her book and you gasp.

“Carol! What the hell are you reading!” She smirks and she flipped the page of her magazine hidden inside the book to show a picture of a woman with her holes stuffed and hogtied in a bed.

“It’s this new bdsm magazine I subscribed to during my research and self discovery. I find it quite pleasurable to read.” Your face turns red at this new information and you struggle not to look at it as you quickly grow wet. Out of the corner of your eye you see her continue to peruse her magazine. You nearly jump out of your skin when they announce your plane is ready to board. You hear Carol laugh at your reaction. She packs up her magazine and heads onto the plane. You take a few deep breaths before you follow her. You’re both seated next to each other and an hour into the flight she finally stops reading her magazine. You sigh in relief, god you couldn’t take it anymore. Your eyes widen as she pulls out a different bdsm magazine.

“For fucks sake, Carol, how many are you subscribed to?!” She shushes you and opens her magazine, your eyes looking anywhere but the magazine.

“I have five subscriptions to different magazines. You know, enough to keep me entertained on this flight until bedtime that is.” You look at her flabbergasted.

“Who are you and what have you done to my Carol?” She laughs and stops her flipping of pages to look at you.

“Why, Y/N, this is me. I’m still the same me as I always have been but now I know more about myself. Thanks to you and your crazy Mommy .” Your breath hitches at Nat’s preferred title. 

Oh my god.” She chuckles at your response and brushes a hand over your cheek and down to close your mouth that was agape. 

“Now you hush, baby girl. Daddy’s busy.” You flush crimson as Carol returns to her magazine. It’s okay only nine more hours until you can breathe. For most of the flight you couldn’t sleep. This new side to Carol throwing you off balance. You weren’t entirely sure if she was serious or pulling one over on you. As you go to baggage claim to grab your bags you walk a fair distance away from Carol. This was all too much right now. You’ve been claimed by Natalia yet you really wanted to see if Carol could do all that to you. You shake your head and find your bags. This is dangerous thinking you can’t sleep with Carol otherwise you would definitely get her killed. Another part of you thinks well what if Nat didn’t find out. You knew she would though she knows all apparently. You see Carol waiting at the front next to your chauffeur who will take you to the hotel. She smiles at you and you nod back. You see her face scrunch up in that cute way she has when she’s confused and you internally smile. Once situated in the cab she turns towards you.

“Are you okay, Y/N?” You look at her and smile at her concern.

“Yes I’m okay, Carol. It was just a really long flight and I’m kind of tired.” She nods in understanding. 

“Of course we have time for a little nap before heading to our first meeting at one.” You sigh in relief and lean your head back on the seat closing your eyes. Carol nudges you awake once the cab pulls up to your hotel. Once inside you make your way to the front to check in.

“There should be two rooms under Stark.” Carol leans against the desk to speak to the concierge and you can’t help but stare. She’s wearing a two piece yellow workout outfit and it hugs in all the right places. You can peek at her abs from this view and you thoroughly enjoy it. She glances over at you and smirks.

“You got some drool right there, babe.” She points to the corner of her mouth and your eyes shoot up to hers in embarrassment as you wipe the drool off of your mouth. The concierge clears his throat making you both look to him.

“I’m sorry ma’am but it looks like there’s only one room for Stark.” You shake your head a bit and scoff.

“Tony fucking Stark. Please tell me it’s at least two beds?” The concierge shakes his head.

“No ma’am. One king.” 

Fuck.” Carol looks at you in amusement.

“Thank you, sir. We can handle one bed. We’ve done it many times before.” He nods his head and hands her the key cards. 

“You have a nice stay, ma’am.” She gives him a warm smile and makes her way towards the elevator. You frown and slowly follow behind. The elevator ride was filled with so much tension it was hard to breathe. Once you two make it to your room you immediately fall into the bed.

“Wake me up when we have to go or you know don’t.” You hear Carol chuckle and climb in next to you.

“I set an alarm because I plan on sleeping too. So scooch over, Y/N.” You whine as you comply and stop taking up the entirety of the bed. You quickly fall asleep dreaming about two confusing women taking you roughly. A blaring alarm breaks you out of your dream. 

“Carol! Turn it off!” You groan as you hear her laughing at your grumpiness. 

“Wake up, sleepyhead, we have a meeting to prepare for.”

“Give me sleep, Carol. We are prepared.” You feel her give your ass a harsh slap and you turn around in shock. She raises her eyebrows and places her hands on her hips.

“What the hell, Carol?! You can’t just do that anymore!” 

“Maybe if you weren’t such a brat and did what you were told, that wouldn’t have happened. So get up before it happens again.” You roll your eyes and get up making your way to the bathroom. Whilst in the shower you couldn’t get Carol out of your head. She was confusing you with her new found desires. Once finished you get dressed for your meeting at some company. One whose name you can’t quite remember. You walk back into the bedroom where you see Carol ready to go. She smiles at you and grabs her briefcase.

“You ready to save this company?” You return her smile and raise a hand she chuckles and meets you in a high five.

“Hell yeah!” You grab your briefcase as well and follow her out the door. The ride to the company wasn’t too long and you and Carol had a nice conversation, well argument over who the cutest Jonas brother is.

“It’s obviously Kevin, Carol. He’s definitely the sweetest as well and I would marry him in a heartbeat.” She scoffs at you.

“No it’s obviously Joe!” You roll your eyes and cross your arms.

“Whatever.” She laughs and pokes your cheek.

“Aw, you know it’s true, Y/N. No need to pout.” You slap her hand away and look out the window of the car. Once the car pulls up in front of the business Carol is still laughing at her win.

“You didn’t win that argument, Carol. Lesbian opinions don’t matter.” She smirks as you shut the car door.

“Okay so your opinion doesn’t count either.”

“I’ve been a fan of theirs for over ten years. My opinion counts!” You point your finger into her chest. She puts her hands up in surrender.

“Okay okay you win.” You sigh in relief.

“Thank you. Now let’s go kick some ass. Well save some ass.” She chuckles and leads the way into the building. She opens the door for you and you make your way inside. Your mouth drops open at the beautiful interior. Carol catches up to you as you stop outside of some double doors.

“What kind of company is this again?” Carol shakes her head as you see shiny hardwood floors with barres along the mirrored walls.

“I don’t know, Y/N but maybe they have a ballet group for group bonding or something.” You shrug as you make your way to the front office. There sat an older woman with beady eyes.

“May I help you?” She says with a thick Russian accent.

“Yes we are here to meet with a Mr. Rusnak. We are here from the states with Stark Enterprise.” Her eyes widen in recognition. She points to a door down the hall.

“His office is right down there, he is expecting you.” You both curtly nod at her and make your way past her. Once at the door you hear a grunt. You and Carol both look at each other before she promptly knocks on the door. You both hear another grunt before a squealed enter makes its way to your ears. Carol raises her eyebrows as she turns the door knob. She makes her way in first and gasps you peek past her shoulder and your jaw drops. There sat Mr. Rusnak with a knife to his throat and face slightly beaten. Natalia’s head tilts in surprise.

“What a pleasant surprise, kitten. Oh look you brought Daddy with you.” Carol growls as she glares at Nat. 

“What’s going on here?” You ask as you look at this situation in confusion.

“Shut the door, kitten.” You nod and shut the door. She waves her hand to the seats in front of the desk. You grab Carol’s arm and usher her into a seat. Once you’re both seated Nat digs the knife deeper into his throat making him groan as tears escape his eyes.

“You two arrived just in time. Now he won’t die alone.” Your eyes widen as you and Carol look at each other in shock. 

“What the fuck is going on?” Natalia eyes Carol in disbelief. 

“It’s simple, you idiot. This asshole is going to die and now you will decide how he’s going to die. If you don’t you die too, is that clear?” Your eyes widen as you look at Carol.

“Don’t do this, Mommy.” Nat smirks at the name falling from your lips.

“He has to die, kitten. You can help too if you like since you care so much for her.” Her smirk turns into a dark grin at the paleness on both of your faces. Your hand falls to Carol’s grasping it tightly. 

“Shall we play a game?”