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Aggretsuko: Apocalyptic Edition

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Today is 2050...

The depths of Tokyo, Japan had died down at dawn but nobody in sight

Only Retsuko

Retsuko wasn’t aware of said evacuation of the drill, but she only prevailed with a raffle of gas masks, one was actually usable as many.. were dead filled of chemical fumes that only one certain company knew what went up, Eni-0

They’ve been doing this since 2022 and kept at it until they gotten to the president of japan, and later all of the world’s national presidents in 2030.

Rumor has it that the CEO and their Design Officer ran the scheme along with three of their assistants and operated on who was worthy and who’s not.

Who could know who’s to blame, only capitalism will kill itself if it’s their only release and taking people down with them.

-moving on from this-
Retsuko has done her usual routine, but it was a bit different, no more discomforting crowds, busy streets, parlors and bars. Only the wind screamed Bloody Mary a couple of times in order for this hell to stop. But no such thing listened

And when she got off the train filled with imprints of friends and family who are now turned to bone and ash, she was afraid of the environment itself that consist of half broken buildings, glass shards infesting the ground that used to be light. Now it’s overweight

She went to her workplace only to see an ominous red figure just criss crossed staring at a limb of what it appears to be somebody’s tendon and a Hippopotamus head impaled in the glass around said figure along with the circle of blood circulating like a pentagram.

“You’re the only one left? Who could’ve known” replied the red hooded stranger with black colored ears and light brown on the inside

“I never gotten to know you, but I’ve seen you with my boss years ago,”

“That must’ve been when that article was published wasn’t it?” Replied Retsuko.
“Why are you asking me this?”

“Just checking to see if it was ‘the last of mankind’s unawareness’, Names Chia... Uziga and you are...?” Asked Chia while slowly pointing Retsuko in confusion

“I’m, Retsuko.. just a regular ex-accounting worker” replied Retsuko in deep dismay.

“Come, lend me your left hand” Suggested Chia with the left hand out. “Don’t ask anymore questions, It’ll be quick”

Retsuko gives in on the trust of the rumored officer of the plan, and lends her the requested hand... she felt a cold sensation on her forehead, it was the red hooded stranger’s thumb trying to connect Retsuko’s mind to see what was in store

She sees the black void slowly as the crimson environment disintegrates into only Retsuko herself.

She gently falls into a familiar feel of a leather seat and a soft Khaki colored blanket, it was Tadano’s limousine.
In the near distance she hears a faint discussion with a lilac and light blue haired blur, her vision is hazy at this point of getting up.

“You do know this is psychotic for the people if they find out, I mean” replied a voice that’s just Chias

“There’s a little thing called, gullibility they wouldn’t look or smell it at first, it’ll be easier to strategize against the capitalists” replied a male nonfocused voice.

“Tadano, you’re insane if you’re going to put the end of what you hate, it’s like a video game in the palms of your hands. One you erase it all... you can’t save it again.”

Retsuko revived her vision and immediately saw what came through with the outcome
“The Limo?? Chia??”

“They wouldn’t notice a thing, remember what we did to America’s people and president, wasn’t that nice, don’t get me started with Great Britain’s queen-“

“I told you to erase all of what capitalism did to the people, not straight up killing all of the operatives like a massacre, I thought I was reliable to you...”
replied chia but she comes breaking down at that time the words came out of her very lip and hid her face with her hands.

“Miss Uziga, you ARE reliable to me, your twins are still here. I’m still here, we could even reinvent life itself! We have the power of our own two hands is what we’re talking about-“

“THAT’S ENOUGH!” exclaimed Chia shoving Tadano to the door almost opening it, leaving him in surprise.

A minute of silence goes in and Chia states:

“I’m sorry... all I have to say to you is, I can’t live like this anymore Tadano... instead of doing this scheme to harm our reputation, like what you’re doing now, do something unexpected that avoids this uprising, I’m afraid of losing my friends, my daughters and you, that’s how much I care... can’t you tell?” Chia replies with tears of sorrow and fear of losing a close friend like him

Tadano was silent on choosing his decision, and then went on with sympathetic thoughts about the life reformation, and attempting to regain the trust of Chia.

“Tadano, you went too far with this and now you want to gain the trust from me? I doubt it’s all your fault for thinking of this”

“Miss Uziga, just because I did it doesn’t mean I’m not allowed to change my mentality and also the world’s. Maybe you should reconsider the bright side of what we’re about to adjust to this world, like I’m going to say this for the thousandth time, Uziga... do you trust me?” Tadano replied waiting for an answer

Silence has been a large chunk of their conversation, both moving away to not look at each other until one starts it again, Minutes later Tadano’s limo stops to a designated junction of where the strategy was about to begin. There awaits the elegance that is the twin swans with red suits and shoulder pads standing on both sides of the door.

Tadano gets out of the limo and leads Chia to come out too and still waiting for an answer.
She comes out of the limousine and replied with a still teary voice:

“After all of the things you said about changing the world around us and all the ways you try to make it work... Tadano..”

Chia lends her left dominant hand out
“My trust is in your hands, never let go of that... I made changes for you, now go make the change for the better” Replied Chia while Tadano shakes her hand with both and a smile comes from both faces.

Both closed the door of The Eni-0 engraved limo

Retsuko started to slowly feeling pain in the heart followed by a tear, the limo controlled by Eni-0 started to go backwards and seconds later, went even faster with Retsuko stuck to the wall all when gravity is leaving her there

Suddenly, the limo flew out hundreds of papers and even the three monitors almost hitting Retsuko and all was done when the last thing she saw was a sharp thorn and glass shards zooming in closer to her face and later...

She was in awe from the everlasting hell of a memory she had seen with her own two eyes. She’s noticing the still crimson rock and sky inverting back from the void of darkness.

She gets up but gets wobbly and layed back down to Chia’s lap while she is hovering over to her destination that’s too far away.

“You’re up already kid? It’s okay to get up” asked chia with 6 screens accessing to one port from Eni-0s engraving

“Ughh, what did I just witness?” Replied Retsuko while touching her forehead whilst having a headache. She gets up and questions why she provided ‘that ending’

“Oh you mean my memory?, I did that ending part to get you to be up and ready” Replied chia with a chuckle

“You’re insane for someone your size” insulted retsuko
“I can say the same to you”

End of Chapter 1

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Chapter 2:
A new reoccurrence

Retsuko was quick to back down on the slight insult chia gave off after having that tough friendship they met at first sight.

The red hooded figure had a fearless vibe coming from personality and the color too blending in with the floor and the sky.

They head to a stop 4 weeks in (that felt like an eternity) at a already abandoned electric vehicle dealership that surprisingly had sustainable electricity and had encrypted WiFi onto every single car, they still look brand new. And after they connected to a service, they had found where they are now.


A place where every day an expensive car in other countries get abandoned in sheds and replaced with bulky limousines.

“Seems familiar with all the others since I visited here for a long time” Chia commented attempting to look for a key for a ruby encrusted supercar trying to be stylish while being in a wasteland waiting to be rebuilt.

The sky slowly turned from red to gray.

“You’re really going to rob a dealership vehicle?”

“Oh quit it ‘Retsy’ it’s not like it’s gonna be a bad thing in the future” Replied Chia in a snappy way.
“I’ll just leave my angels’ given savings to have their last wish come true”

Retsuko remembers reading an article about her the year before all that mess happened:

“Thanks to Eni-0, Chia Uziga can proceed on getting any of her needs benefited by the contract that will be held on until she decides to retire

⁃ Times in JP”

“Hey Ret, how about you drive this beauty? You look like you deserve some vehicular freedom” Chia complied Retsuko into getting in, finally getting the key

The key had a sacred red diamond on the center and faux fur to add in as a keychain. She throws it to Retsuko,

“Wait, there’s something I need to give you first..”
“What’s that” questioned Retsuko
“You’ll need this in case any ‘zombies’ come in our way”

Chia hands over a microphone that Retsuko had lost for the longest time and remembered clearly when she herself lost it

“Wow... this is.. unexpected of you, where did you find this?”

“I forgot to give it to you after using it so much after that” Chia laughed nervously. “But you can have it back”

“Thank you!”

After some talking they decide to head into the car, fully charged they went hovering over the toxic radiated ground faster than the most cars.

In the mere distance after they left seconds in...

a rotten arm starts to scramble to the counter taking in the money and cashing it back while multiple decomposed corpses start to turn all of the lights off and rebuild the glass windows, lastly cleaning up the messes after the incident

One zombie hand applauded for the work they did in two minutes and went back to attempt to regrow the grass and plant a tree with the last seed and glass of water.


Chia and Retsuko were discussing about different things they like and what they disagree, surprisingly enough hey both agreed on matrimonial freedom instead of singularity,

They went to get snacks from the mysterious bunker that people didn’t bother to go in for protection, they were in surprise of how much luxury it had on all 6 floors going down to the last one in storage,
and they only saw what they didn’t expect to be there...

A bloody friend of Retsuko’s?

All bruised and sore from the damages the explosion had on him, he hid in a fetal position at the right corner of a unnumbered storage unit filled with tally marks in his blood from his casts and band aids.

“Our days are numbered” was the most repeated word on the walls all over again, both didn’t know what to say but to stare at him for a second.

“He’s off...color...” commented Chia trying not to tear up with a friend she doesn’t know

“Haida? Is that... you?” Replied Retsuko.

Haida didn’t speak a thing for a brief second and just broke down and doesn’t want to get up for how it hurts.

“I was the only one left, before that... fenneko tried to harm herself inside the janitors room, which was something she would never do before.
I tried to talk to you in about fenneko a month before but you haven’t responded” Haida replied still paralyzed about the situations

“I thought you were wanting to take me out on a drink... turns out it wasn’t-”

“You think?, I tried to talk to her about her feelings but she ended up not responding to many of my messages a week later” silently cried Haida with a picture of fenneko and himself in the background being held tightly on his right hand

“I’m sorry for what I did, now I realized it’s too late... 6 months too late” replied Retsuko attempting to not shed a tear

Silence rolls in with the tears both Retsuko and Haida shed, someone had to break the silence with a slight interruption

“I’ll be over at the 3rd floor, I’ll let both of you talk-” Chia commented walking back to the elevator but is briefly interrupted.

“It’s you.. you’re with him, aren’t you? Thanks to you I didn’t proceed to do anything to save Fenneko ... DIDNT YOU NOTICED WHAT YOU WERE DOING AND WHAT JAPAN USED TO BE?!” Exclaimed Haida getting up after 6 months of lying down and running to the small victim

Suffocating her against the patterned metal wall while punching the delicate face of the chihuahua stranger, still believing the true rumor of the plan.

Chia begged Haida to stop with tears in her eyes but proceeded to disobey her plea followed by a kick from her stiletto heel not having any effect on him.
“why did you do it? Huh?! WHY!?”

“Haida please stop! you’re worsening her by the minute” screamed retsuko pushing him and kicking him to prevent the blunt force trauma

“Retsuko...” pleaded the raspy voice coming from the choking victim leading out her hand as a sigh of help

“I can’t deal with you anymore, look... I SAID STOP-“ Retsuko exclaimed but is abruptly stopped with a slap that forced her to be on the floor. That was Haidas biggest mistake.

The inner rage of retsuko is luring in her veins waiting to be out on the insanity that was her now ex-friend.

Heat began to steam so much her shoe prints started to be implemented on the concrete floor. Now later turned into a sprint instead of walking

“There’s nobody here to save you, look at me! Is there anything else you should tell me... spit it out!” Haida commented to Chia with blunt force.

“Look... behind... you” Chia replied pointing towards Retsuko.

Haida looked with a shocked expression of regret and started to let go of her, Chia gasped for air for minutes at a time straight and went back to her routine of breathing, walking away from him and then behind retsuko laying her head on her lap in dreadful fear.



“Retsuko...” Haida replied in a surprised expression.

“I know Fenneko isn’t with us anymore, or just hiding in the abyss. But you have to think of what you just did, you’re not going to be drinking all of this whiskey just to make me be in your arms” argued Retsuko slamming the bottle to the wall

“You’re not that simple to get along with, crying and tally marking at an empty storage room doesn’t bring her back, to redeem yourself first... you’re gonna have to leave the old thoughts behind and begin with the new, I have to learn that the hard way when I first got here....”

“But, Retsuko-“
“DONT! Don’t take another step. This world changed without you Haida, think about that, c’mon. Let’s go get you back to normal again.”

“Th-Thank you” replied Chia while coughing a bit and getting back on her feet with her arm on her left shoulder.

Retsuko glared at him while looking from behind and later slamming the storage unit door on him, leaving him alone with the memory of almost killing her only living friend.

End of Chapter 2