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It's A Kind Of Magic!

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Victoria breathed out as she watched All Might face off against All For One, hands fisting under the table they were sat at, laptop before them.


By her side, her best friend, near half in tears at the fallen sight of the World’s Greatest Hero, was Annette. A woman saved by All Might when they’d visited America as young teens, her blue eyes were unblinking, her usually wagging tails completely still as the video ended. “V-Vic-! He’s weak now… But…?”


Victoria listened to her friend as she cried through her worries.


That All Might had lost it.


That he was weakened now.


That enemies would come after him.


“And he saved me-! Vic!”




She couldn’t.


Not couldn’t; shouldn’t.


Clenching her jaw, Victoria ducked her head. “Fine. Fine! I’ll… Yeah. I’ll do it.” She stood up, more determination in her movements now. “Help me pack.”


Annette blinked, red-rimmed and dehydrated. “What?”


“Actually, no. Call Eric. I need a ride to the British Embassy in Tokyo,” Victoria called over her shoulder, shoulders set firm as she went to her room in the crappy apartment they shared, “Tell him to pack his passport and I’ll pay for his hotel room for the next two weeks.”


“O-Okay?” Then the blonde understood her auburn friend. “Wait, are you-?! But your ability can’t be shown-”


The woman went into her room with a determined and said loudly, “I’m not hearing you talking into a phone!”


Victoria just heard another sob and then Annette speaking on the phone.


Sighing out, she bucked up and got her crap together as a sense of finality came over her.


She never wanted to be a Hero.


But Victoria owed All Might one big time.




Victoria cursed herself for not checking the weather, having only thrown in formal clothing that was no good to fight in or pyjamas. Not that she could fight off against Hero’s or Villains should they try it from a long distance; or at all, really. There was little to prompt her to use her Quirk for… well, that was a different thought, and she shook it off as she took the paperwork and thanked the woman politely. She strode over to the man in a tee and jeans and boots waiting for her, modest skirt swishing around her knees and Mary-Janes clacking against the linoleum of the Embassy.


Eric smiled up at her, tired from the world trip, and hungrily munching on a sandwich she’d made for him, knowing he’d be wiped after such a trek around the globe. “Thanks for the food.” He held up the large box that once held five sandwiches, three of them already demolished. “All done?” He closed the box the food was in and put it in his bag.


Victoria smiled softly at her other best friend, the one who knew the full current abilities of her Quirk. “Yes, bit a slap on the wrist scolding but,” She ducked to his ear and breathed, pretending to hug and kiss him on the cheek lovingly, “I dropped word about wanting to help All Might. It should eventually get around to him or those that know him. If nothing comes about in the next week, then I ask you drop me off inside the school and leave quickly.”


His arm went around her and he pulled her down on his lap, whispering so the cameras could see, “Adorable. Of course I will. I’m sure you’ll enjoy tonight, love.”


Victoria laughed lightly and nodded. “I’m sure I could, but for now, let’s go get that hotel booked, hm?”


“Already done, love.” He took out and waved his phone at her. “I’m a champ, I know.” He lifted her up by the waist as he stood and placed her next to him with ease. Keeping his arm around her, he said, “I even exchanged some money. Forgot that, didn’t you?” He laughed heartily at her red face and teased, “Oh? The ever-prepared Victoria forgot something so basic?”


“Well, that’s why I have you here, now, isn’t it?” She retorted with ease, a little smirk on her lips.


“Yeah, you have me for- Oi! Who’re you calling basic?”


“Oh, one wonders,” She drawled, and then laughed as he tickled her, her beret hat nearly falling off. “No fair! Verbal fights only!”




It was a week later on a Tuesday that Victoria finally grew impatient at a lack of communication, and after eating some ramen at Ippudo and walking through Ueno Park, she turned to Eric. “I’m done waiting.”


He grinned at her, brown eyes knowing. “Wondered when it would hit. When you’re on the war path…”


Victoria lightly scoffed, lifting her chin up. “Oh please.”


“Uh-huh. At any rate,” Eric went on, running a hand through black hair, drawing attention from women around with his good looks, “You’ll be happy to know I looked up some schedules of times from the school. As it’s about five pm…” He quickly checked his watch. “Yes, five oh two. The teachers should be free. Ready to rock?”


Victoria gripped her large handbag and nodded, coming closer to him. “Yes.”


Clasping her to him, he focused, and they disappeared, only to reappear outside the door to the Principal’s office. “Sure you don’t want me to stay?”


She put a hand to his elbow. “No. I’d prefer you go. I’ll call you after when I need you to pick me up. Likely at the front gate if I get booted out.”


Eric nodded, pecking her cheek, giving her a nod, and with a flicker, transported back to the hotel they were staying at, hoping for the best for her.


Victoria took a moment to brush out her grey and light brown plaid and matching skirt and making sure her Mary-Janes had no trace of dirt on them. Nodding, she reinforced her mind as to why she was here and knocked firmly on the door. Hearing a ‘come in!’ she put on a polite smile and opened the door.


Nezu looked at her, his nose twitching as he took in the unauthorized western woman before him. “Good afternoon, miss. I am Principal Nezu. May I ask how you got in?”


With ease, she responded, “Good afternoon, Principal Nezu, I am Victoria Thorpe. I arrived by a friends’ transportation Quirk. Pleased to meet you.”


The mouse-like being looked her over, looking calm, hands before her, showing no signs of aggression. He had no reason for why she was here. There’d been no bookings, no special guests, no anything to suggest why she’d come before him this day. His eyes went to the large mammary glands she had before snapping up again. “I-I see. Welcome to U-A High School, Thorpe-san. How may I help you?”


“I am an Emitter type Quirk user, of healing. I have come, wishing to help heal All Might, who I heard works here now,” She replied calmly.


Now that was interesting. Nezu continued to watch her, seeing no sort of deceit in her words and body language. “Why would we trust you to go near him when his injured state is well known? There has been little to no evidence of barely any other healers in the world. As a school teaching Heroes, such abilities would be greatly sought after.”


Victoria tilted her head in a nod at that. “Exactly. Sought after. It is why I chose not to let my abilities be known. I came here first to introduce myself, and to request for a meeting with him, if he is available, to ask him personally if I may take a chance at healing him.”


“What makes you believe our own Recovery Girl is not good enough?” The Principal questioned.


It could seem that way, huh? She shook her head. “It is not a question of level of ability of your School Nurse, but of my own personal interest. Might I ask you to send him an email that a guest would like to have that meeting with him at his leisure?”


For a moment, he just took her in. She could be trouble, but… he would send an email off to the man, and ask he bring along Aizawa. “I will send it. Please, sit.” He gestured to the set of two chairs before his desk and began to type as she took the left one. “One moment, please.”


“Certainly.” Victoria placed her bag down by the side of her chair patiently, looking about the Principal’s room calmly. A few books took her interest, and she made a mental note of them, but her eyes trailed to the open window behind the mouse-being, watching the afternoon sky slowly change to more orange hues and the far-off sounds of school children laughing made her lightly smile. She’d always liked kids, her family being rather expansive. What seemed like minutes later, a knock at the door came and the man of the hour came in his large muscular form followed by a rougher looking guy with long hair.


“Never fear! All Might is here!” His loud voice rang through, laughing loudly after.


Her lips twitched, and she leaned her elbow on the arm nearest to him, covering her mouth with her hand, eyes dancing with amusement as she giggled. Then she dropped her hand to her heart and said, “You’re much more handsome than I thought, All Might.”


That sent the man into his smaller form, blood choking from his mouth, red along his cheeks as he took where her hands was, and what large bits of her body was below them.


Alarmed, Victoria picked her bag up, going in for an opened pack of tissues and taking them out, putting her bag on the chair and holding the pack out. “Here, take some.” Her eyes perused him, wondering exactly what it was that was wrong with him. It didn’t entirely matter, but it would be good to know so she could prioritise.


The blonde nodded, looking weak. He asked in rather fluent English, “You are Miss Thorpe?”


Victoria gave him a polite smile, raising a hand to wave it dismissively. “Please, Victoria is fine. As you might have heard from the Principal, I am here to offer my help to you, All Might. I don’t know if your fellows here can speak English; perhaps Japanese would be better? I don’t wish to come across as fraudulent.”


All Might agreed with a dip of his head, passing the tissue pack back and watching as she put it in her blazer pocket. “Yes. Not that I’m rejecting, but why do you want to help me specifically?” He asked in Japanese, and then conversation reverted back to that language.


“If not for the fact that you’re a well-regarded Hero worthy of it?” The foreigner smiled wider at his coughing into his hand to hide the flustered look he had. “There was a time you were in America, yes? You may perhaps recall a Villain named Salivator?” Victoria clasped her hands before her and nodded when she saw his recalling that one. “There were two victims, of that attack on the bank. One was an elderly man by the name of Oliver Thompson, who sadly passed away a couple years ago, and the other was a teenager named Annette Duval.”


Recognition lit up in him. “Yes! The girl with the double tails. The sweet girl sent me a letter to thank me, and I replied to her-”


“-With an All Might limited edition figurine and an autograph.” Victoria grinned then at his surprise, and said, “Annette’s my best friend since we were toddlers. You gave me my best friend back. You gave me the chance to heal her when her leg was utterly crushed and was to be amputated, and she walks the same as any of us here. She was so relieved you survived that fight.” Her eyes dipped to his arms purposefully, and then looked up at him again. “But her immediate concern was those who make take advantage of that. So, I dropped everything to come here on the chance of being able to help you recover, in any minute way I may. That’s it.”


“That’s it?” The blond said, thrown back.


“Yes. That’s it. You helped my friend, so I want to help you. I want to heal you, even if it means coming out of hiding from my talent.” Victoria went into her pocket and took her phone out, going through the photos. There were loads and with a delicate sort of shrug, she handed the phone to him. “Have a look.”


His injured hand took it and he instantly recalled the woman with the puppy ears and twin-tails with the woman before him as he went through the photos. There weren’t many civilian people with animal-like quirks; it wasn’t rare, but they did leave more of an impression than the more humanoid looking people for it. He saw more photos, with her family, he presumed. “I do remember her. It was a sure thing her leg was gone. And she’s… she’s healed.”


“I healed her. We live together.” She took the phone back, smiling at the sight of a family event he had looked at, and then put the mobile away, holding her hands before her once more. “So. Will you accept my help?”


All Might stared at her hard for a long moment, and Victoria stared back unblinkingly, patient.


“I accept.”


Ever so slightly, her shoulders relaxed. “Wonderful. Where would you like to do this?”




Moments later the four of them were in Recovery Girl’s Nurse Office.


“How does your Quirk work?” The elderly woman asked, intensely curious as All Might was sat on the bed before the westerner.


Victoria paused and said forthrightly, “In all honesty, I have no idea. It just does.”




She knew exactly how it worked.


Victoria just didn’t want her secrets out.


Chiyo stared at her. “Then I don’t quite know if I can advise-”


Victoria ignored her, reaching forward and holding onto All Might’s hand. She closed her eyes, though she knew they flickered to one side being pure black and the other pure white before she did then went to white and that All Might saw it happen. She pulsed her power into him, swiftly healing the man’s arm with ease as she went on, feeling his hand grow in her hold. Not taking notice of that, she continued to the rest of his body and fixed him up with just as much effortlessness. She wondered about the wound in his side but with more effort and force, healed that on up as well. How he’d survived with no left lung and was in such pain for so long was incredible… but so was his Quirk.


When all of his body was fixed once more, she didn’t stop there. She went to his Quirk, trying to help fix that, but she could only glimpse an understanding of it before she decided to fake exhaustion to keep her power level hidden. She swayed and then stumbled back, only to be caught by the rumpled looking man in a jumpsuit around the waist and the knees as she fell. Plucked up in his hold as her hat dropped off making her hair tumble down, she grunted. Her eyes opened, back to grey pupils once more and gave the shabby man a half-smile. She reached up and tapped his jaw as Nezu and Chiyo exclaimed over the once more massive man, murmuring, “Thanks for the lift, scruff.”


Aizawa snorted, doing his best to not think about her rather endowed chest pressing so warm and snuggly against his body and how nice that felt. He could practically feel her heartbeat. “You’re getting off the ride as soon as possible.”


“It’s a ride?” Her lips curled up in a knowing smirk. “My but you should up your game if this is all you can do; I give far better ones.”


His cheeks tinted red at the forward comment. “This is where you get off.”


She muttered as if to herself so he could hear, “In here? How forward. Is this what Japanese men are like?”


Shouta almost tripped, but he carefully put her down on the bed that All Might had loudly evacuated. What a surprisingly seductive woman. She’d seemed so polite and proper and prim in the principal’s office. “Perhaps.”


“Something to investigate,” She said and then chuckled to herself, turning to the others.She spoke up louder, “Hey, All Might.”


“Victoria!” All Might boomed out, putting hands to hips.


“Get Recovery Girl looking over you so I can see if there’s more to heal another time. I’m… gonna… yeah.” Her eyes drooped, a smile on her face.