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An Almost Forgotten Weekend

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The sun was shining bright making the snow look like piles of sparkling diamonds covering the ground, everywhere. The weather was perfect and so was the skiing was perfect, he was more relaxed than he had been in a long time. Justine was right, again. He did need a little alone time, not that he was ever alone. He looked at his ski partners as they smiled with complete lust in their eyes and not much more on their minds.

He had been in Vale for a 4-day weekend of sun, snow, and snow bunnies. Every night he had at least 3, sometimes 4 beautiful women in his bed doing everything they could to please him and themselves. He would leave them at breakfast and go to the gym for a vigorous weight-lifting workout, he could dead lift almost 500 lbs. with no problems. after the weights, he would hit the spa for a long relaxing swim, sauna and then a massage before doing a little sight seeing around town. Every store was packed with beautiful women who were shopping, much the same as he was.

He would grab a late lunch with a couple of possible companions and then either return to his room for a little afternoon delight or hit the slopes for a little skiing, since that is why he came here in the first place. He was recharging his soul with all of the beauties and even getting a little extra physical workout, besides the feeding, with a few of them. He was feeling stronger than ever.

By the time Sunday rolled around, he was ready to get back to Chicago and get busy building his salon business. He had started working at a hair salon so that he could feed with anyone knowing but he soon found that he was really good at hair, facials and everything that women wanted. He was able to touch, caress and rub every woman that came into the salon. Soon he was a hit and was able to open his own salon. He would schedule women for every pampering treatment they wanted and he would gently touch their hearts and minds, all the while feeding on their sexual energy.

The women would oh and ah from start to finish leaving most to think they had just had the most arousing sexual afternoon, some even had breathtaking orgasms. Their skin would feel all tinkly, their heart rate would have raced and they would look all flush with sexual relief and to top it off, they all had a beautiful hair style. Many of his customers were sure that he was gay but some thought that he liked to play in both games, maybe a little.

Thomas returned to Chicago and set up meetings with several fashion houses. He was planning to expand into women’s fashions, selling not making or designing. He had a fantastic fashion sense and knew exactly how a woman felt in her clothes. He could feel their heart rate build or go slack as they worn a new dress or pair of shoes. He could hear their breath increase or catch when they found something that they felt was perfect. What the hell, he had all of these abilities, why not make the best of them.




After her weekend in Vale, Stephanie came home glowing. She had never had such a wonderful time. The skiing was great and the shopping was to die for but what made her heart race was the man that she spent the night with. She had never done anything like that before. Normally, she was a bit shy about sex and showing off her body to strangers but he was gorgeous, Greek god gorgeous. He had kissed along her shoulder and up the back of her neck and she just melted.

She could remember little of the details but the entire night was spent in his hotel room with one other girl. She had never been in a threesome or with a woman but she had happily joined in and had the greatest time of her life. She was not sure if she would ever get with another woman but it had been a lot of fun. They had done things to her body that were beyond her imagination.

She had had plenty of boyfriends and several one-night stands and the sex had been pretty good, some she would even say had been great, but she had never had sex like that night. “Oh my god,” she said as a little tingling wave washed over her body as she remembered some of that night. She had hoped to get his information before the weekend was over but he had been pretty busy and they had just disconnected as quickly and easily as they had connected. She really would have liked to find out who he was and maybe hook up again, some time.