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Five Hearts Into One [Uzui Tengen & Wives x Reader]

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Uzui Tengen

That was the name of the eccentric art teacher you met in your way to work, as you were getting your usual order in your favorite coffee shop. His eyes immediately followed you when he entered the quaint establishment. Later, as both of you waited for your orders, he started a conversation in a very peculiar way…
“Excuse me, I cannot help but notice how aesthetically pleasing you are. Your face, hairstyle, and outfit are perfectly combined to create something truly beautiful.” He said as his fingers formed a square with which he framed you.

Of course, this comment made you blush and stare in disbelief at the guy, how can someone be so forward? Nonetheless, you decided to strike a conversation, asking the guy just what he meant by all that. And so, thanks to an interesting compliment, you established somewhat of a bond with him.

It was until a few more meetings in the coffee shop that both of you learned what each other did for a living, him being the art teacher at Kimetsu Academy and you being a [preferred work in preferred workplace]. For your luck, both buildings were along the same path, so you decided to accompany one another on your way to work from that day on. Every day, Uzui would tell you about his students and all types of situations they would get in. You, as well, would tell him about the dynamics in your work and the peculiar character that is your boss: caring and sweet once you meet him, but don’t you dare displease him, for a real beast will unleash its attack on you!
Each new story allowed you to know his character better. You have to admit, the kindness and care he showed his students when they needed guidance completely melted your heart.

Days turned to weeks and your status as “acquaintances” changed to that of “friends”.

With every passing day, you would notice subtle changes in both your demeanors; Uzui would often wrap his arm around your shoulder or place his hand at the small of your back, even protecting you and taking an intimidating stance as he scared off some disgusting individuals that were catcalling you in one occasion. On the other hand, you would notice blushes coming up easier when he smiled your way, easily identifying the fragrance of his cologne, admiring his facial features closely when he looked elsewhere.

It was pretty obvious to you, and to one of your close friends…
You developed a crush on Uzui, with him developing the same affectionate feelings for you.


However, one day, as he arrived to your meeting place, you noticed an unknown woman clinging to his arm.
A tiny sour feeling settled in your heart, but it suddenly banished and morphed into confusion as you noticed the happiness in her eyes and smile…. What was going on? Why were both of them so happy?
Her name was Hinatsuru, she confessed to working in the cafeteria at the same school Uzui taught art in. You warmed up to each other easily as you began conversing. Your heart became even more confused as you noticed just how lovely she was, her beautiful black hair held in a ponytail complimented her delicate complexion perfectly, and the little beauty mark beneath her left eye added a spark of cuteness, her motherly personality making you feel welcomed and safe around her. Heartbeat quickening, hands getting clammy as you kept admitting the beauty, “Is this crush at first sight?”, you couldn’t help but wonder.
Meanwhile, Tengen just watched your interactions, smirking as he noticed the delicate blush developing on your cheeks.
After you arrived home from work that day, you asked your own heart just what even was it trying to tell you.

You thought you would be off the hook next morning, walking just with Uzui again, but luck was not by your side. Once again, he appeared with another woman by his side. This one had a blonde fringe with the rest of her hair dark, eyes framed by beautifully long eyelashes.

“Another beauty…!” Your mind was being taken over by your heart.

"Huh? So, this is the [Name]-san you and Hina-chan have been talking about?" The woman said as she examined you. “....they’re actually pretty cute…” A whisper hard to make out with the sounds of busy people around you, “cute” being the only word you distinguished.

Caught off guard by this, you slightly flinched as a rosy tint stained your cheeks, “N-nice to meet you!”
Both, Uzui’s and the girl’s smiles took on a playful curve as they noticed your bashful slip up.

Letting out a chuckle, the girl went to your side and linked arms with you, pulling you along to begin your way to work. She introduced herself as Makio, a girl who worked alongside Hinatsuru in the school cafeteria. It only took you a few seconds of her talking to figure out her fiery personality. Her voice loud and clear, the grip on your arm strong and secure, you knew this girl would do absolutely anything to protect those she loves. Over all, Makio was pleasant to talk, treating you like a friend she has known for years, her amiability being so contagious that you were more talkative and social than ever that day at work.

That same night, you decided to confess everything to your closest friend, [Friend’s name]:

[Friend’s nickname]....
I think Uzui has multiple partners
And let me tell ya…
> [Friend]: ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━
That’s the thing…I-I don’t mind them
…I… like them???
> [Friend]: ━Σ(゚Д゚|||)━ ! ! ! !
> [Friend]: H O L Y! Well, looks like someone really has the hots, BADLY
U tell me - A -” I no longer know what to do…
> [Friend]: i don’t know how to advice you either…. but one thing i do know
> [Friend]: u have feelings for uzui and he seems to have feelings for u 2
> [Friend]: i wouldn’t advise u to cut things off rn, u’re barely getting to know these other partners…. who knows, maybe u end up liking them all? ☆~(ゝ。∂)
Is that even possible?
> [Friend]: poly relationships, my fren ;D
> [Friend]: well, g2g, we talk later!
Bye, [friend’s nickname], have a nice night!

“Poly relationship?... Impossible, definitely impossible.” Was the only thought circling your head that night. You were still unsure who you were in the romantic/sexual aspect, sure, you had a few relationships and outings with people here and there, but nothing stuck to you as final, as your definitive label. Even so, loving multiple people like that seemed ridiculous.


Next morning, Tengen would once again surprise you by bringing another woman along with him. She was slender and shy, or so it appeared since she was currently hiding behind the man.

“They really are beautiful!” You could make out her soft voice saying to Uzui as you got closer.
Her eyes stared at you with the softest gaze, a ghost of a smile on her lips. You returned her smile and it appears that was the little push needed to stop hiding behind the art teacher and approach you instead.

The melody of her voice captivated you, making you almost unable catch her name as she began opening up to you. Suma, the one and only person in charge of the academy’s store. Even in her anxious state, the energy radiating from her was calm, capable of immediately softening anyone near her. Your walk with her was relaxing and mostly silent, but not awkwardly so. From time to time, she would make little comments about the weather and how interesting our work sounded, some simple questions popping up now and then when curiosity got the best of her.

Once you had to part ways, Suma’s courage manifested as she tugged you in order to plant a kiss on your cheek.
Your entire night was spent venting to [Friend’s name] about what happened and how confused your heart and mind were.
“Well, [nickname], if you’re so bothered, confront Uzui face to face! Ask him just what he’s panning with all this! You can’t just stand around doing nothing! I’ve known you since we were kids, that’s not who you are. Come on, you have the courage to do so…. If you need back up, just say so and I’ll be there!”
Heeding [Friend’s name]’s advice, you mentally prepared all morning how you would take Uzui on.


Luck is not always by our side, however, since the following few months Uzui was missing from your commute to work, it was any one of the three girls walking with you during this period.

The first day when you asked the reason behind Tengen’s absence, Makio, the more rowdy one of the girls, angrily responded:
“What? Do you not like my company? Do you only want Uzui?”

To what you earnestly answered, “No, not at all, Makio-san! I’m just worried if something happened to him. After all, he accompanied us every time we walked together and he’s suddenly missing. I don’t mind spending time with you, I love talking to you!” Giving her a honest smile as you finished your explanation.

A slight blush developed on her cheeks, but she immediately began her way to work before you could notice it reaching her ears.
“He’s fine, he just had to attend something earlier this morning….. C’mon, we have much to talk about. I have an amazing story to tell you about one of Uzui’s friends, Kyojuro-kun, eating enormous piles of food nonstop.”

During the first days of his absence, you guessed Uzui kept having meetings early, thus why he missed your walks together with the girls. However, as more days without the man went by, your worry came back. Hinatsuru, being the perceiving woman she is, quickly reassured you Tengen was fine, just busy with work. She got the idea to exchange phone numbers with you, providing Uzui’s, Makio’s and Suma’s as well, that way you could all communicate whenever you wanted.

As your walks with each girl continued, your friendships quickly evolved into something beautiful, and…. Perhaps the beating of your heart no longer belonged exclusively to the art teacher…
But to the three beauties, too.

And how could you not? Hinatsuru would often gift you bentos and pastries she cooked specially for you, the lunch boxes having little post-it notes with cute messages stuck to them. Other times she would be waiting for you with your favorite [tea/coffee/smoothie] in hand, freshly prepared by the staff of your favorite café.

Makio took it upon herself to always make you laugh a ton before arriving to work, inducing positive energy onto you in order to help you carry out your chores efficient and flawlessly through the day. She would even send you silly animal memes during your breaks to keep you giggling and happy.

Suma showered you with small gifts that proved very useful for your work. She would oftentimes remind you to take it easy and not overwhelm yourself with tremendous amounts of work, these reminders were also sent via text message. It became a tradition between you both to part ways by kissing each other’s cheek.

After many nights of meditating and investigating, you began warming up to the idea of experimenting with love and relationships, even with polyamorous relationships. Still, that did not mean that something like this happening to you would not feel so surreal. Could you honestly love more than two people? Are you even sure you want to admit to yourself you might have fallen for the loud Makio, sweet shy Suma, motherly Hinatsuru and flamboyant Uzui? Your stomach was swirling, heart heavy, mind a mess.
“It’s better to ignore all of this…. Or at least see how it evolves. Give it time, give it more time [Name], maybe that will help us out... hopefully…”


Uzui was finally back walking with you and the girls to work for the following two months.

Anyone that looked your way could see the perfect harmony your energies created when together, no matter if it was only you and the teacher, one of the girls, or all of you together, it was evident the group was close to one another and every bond was strong.

You felt safe, loved, appreciated and so happy when with them. Yes, the feelings you wanted to ignore so much just could not be disregarded any longer, you were ready to admit them now.

You fell for “Yakara-sensei” and the charming “Kunoichi” of Kimetsu Academy, completely head over heels.

Unknown to you, all aforementioned individuals noticed your spacing out and silly smile.
“[Name]-san, have you ever been in love?” Suma’s shy voice cut through your thoughts.

“E-eh?! Oh… Umm… Honestly, looking back at the times I thought I was in love… I can say all of them were lies… But maybe, just maybe, the feelings I’ve been experiencing for some time now are real.”

Back facing them, as the wind blew through your hair, you steadied your courage and spoke again, “Hey, do you guys think a human can truthfully love more than one person?” You threw the question in the air, a tiny spark of hope lighting up in your heart… Perhaps, they too feel the way you do?

All four looked at each other, small smiles and slight blushes appeared on the Kunoichis’ delicate faces, while Uzui sported a smirk that portrayed relief.

“Why do you ask so, [Nickname]?” Makio threw back at you.

“Because…” – turning to face them, you felt the blush crawling up your face – “B-because… I might have… Might have developed some feelings towards-!”

The intensely passionate stare and cute giggles of the girls left you breathless, no wonder they were often called charming by the academy’s students and staff. Meanwhile, Uzui remained with arms crossed, frame shaking with the beginning of a chuckle as he continued to observe your reactions.

“T-towards…. You guys…” Your whisper flew freely through the air.

Tengen contained his chuckle and looked at you, “And just what gives you the idea we’re all in a relationship?”

You deadpanned, “Are… are you serious?... Tengen, for the love of all that’s holy, they were all clinging to you when I met them! And they openly kissed and hugged you, held your hand and linked arms, too! Not only that, but you all were a little too affectionate with me when we first met! Are you seriously asking me this question?! It’s obvious you have something going on by the way you match each other’s energy!” Irritation and annoyance was evident in your tone.

Makio could not stop the full on laughter that surged through her after witnessing your outburst. Suma and Hinatsuru tried to keep their giggles to the minimum.
You were starting to feel like a fool, the sting of bitter tears making you wipe your eyes to prevent them from falling. Maybe all of this was a mistake? Maybe it’s actually impossible to love so many people…

“And yet, knowing we were all involved with each other, you fell for each and every one of us… Because you, entirely you, fit perfectly in our dynamic, our synergy, our rhythm.” Uzui explained with a soft smile and a hand on your shoulder.

This calmed your nerves, but you still needed complete reassurance.
“By this, you mean….?” It felt as if his eyes were hypnotizing you, his stare reflected complete and pure love.

“It means we all share feeling for you, [Nickname]!! Stop playing dumb!” Makio’s voice cleared the storm clouds within your mind.

Heart beating faster, new tears filled your eyes, but they were now tears of relief. Letting out a laugh, you dove into Uzui’s arms only to be surrounded by the most loving embrace ever, achieved only when the three beauties joined in on the affection.

In the morning sun of a cool autumn day, five hearts became one as a welcomed change occurred in their lives.



“Not to be a party pooper, but… We’re gonna be 20 minutes late to work.”
“What?! My boss will unleash hell on me!! Let’s goooooo!!”

- END -