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America, In My Dreams (United States of America #2.5)

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Hey guys, and welcome! Like I promised, I'm going to be writing the rewritten version of  America, In My Dreams  separately so others can enjoy it, but for those of you who are confused on why I'm rewriting this, let me explain.

For one, I didn't like where the story was going, and I felt that I was unintentionally taking the focus off America, Cyrus, and Iamar's relationship. For another, adding the nations in and having them know of America's romance with the two Spirit Kings complicated things even further. And finally, I feel that I have not allowed the relationship between the three of them to grow on its own, which was once more unintentional on my part, so because of that, I'm going to be rewriting the story, with there being similar things to the previous story and others that are completely different.

I'm going to be diving into America's history from her birth to before modern times, so the nations aren't going to meet Cyrus and Iamar and there will be more exploration on America's children. I want the focus to be completely on America, Cyrus, and Iamar's relationship, but I want there to be side stories to explore along the way.

However, if by any means I accidentally quicken the relationship, let me know and I'll try to fix it. Also, there's a couple other things that I want you guys to be aware of before you go on.

As we are going to be exploring America's history, expect this story to have a lot of mature themes, so be on the look-out for these if they are going to be a problem for you:

*Blood and Gore

*Intense Violence

*Strong Language

*Sexual Content


*Use of Alcohol and Drugs

*Suggestive Themes

Also, these additional subjects will be also explored, many of which are going to be highly offensive:

*Racism (with uses of the n word)

*Homophobia and Transphobia (which will include a certain f word)

*Mentions of rape and other kinds of sexual harassment

*Sexism (which may include references of domestic violence)

*Child Abuse (especially physical and psychological abuse)


*Suicidal Thoughts/Ideation

*Mentions of Genocide

*Infant/Child Mortality

*Mental Illnesses such as PTSD

*War (which will include the mentions of genocide and torture)

If any of these subjects and themes are going to be potentially offensive, please find something else to read, but if you choose to continue regardless of this warning, DO NOT blame me if you find something offensive. I will first ask you if you had read this note and then say that I did warn you beforehand and you still chose to read this so you don't have the right to accuse me of anything. That being said, while I do welcome constructive criticism (such as correcting grammar errors and what I can do to make the story better), I will not accept any negative feedback such as attempted bullying, threats, attempted arguments, or very suggestive comments like those that talk about sex.

Please keep in mind that if I see that you are threatening my or someone else's well-being or make extremely crude comments about this work, you will receive a warning, but if it continues, you will be reported immediately, as I will not tolerate that kind of behavior on this site or anywhere else, simply because we are here to read, write, and enjoy stories, not make others uncomfortable, disgusted, or unsafe to be on this site or anywhere else.

That will be the only warning I give you, so I highly advise you either keep your comments to yourself or not read this story at all if you're going to do something as disrespectful and idiotic as that.

Anyway, just be aware, and I hope you guys enjoy!