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Boku no Hero Academia One-Shots/Imagines~!

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There were days where Katsuki Bakugou was just angry. There was no real reason for it, or maybe there was just a combination of small irritations that irked him throughout the day, but either way he was pissed. You noticed him further down the hall, his eyes dark and shoulders tensed, obviously waiting for you to help him blow off some steam.

So when the young male intercepted you on your way to the library where you were going to spend your free study period you had no choice but to follow him into one of the empty study rooms. Allowing him to press you up against the closed door.

You sucked in a breath as your fingers dove into ash blonde hair, nails scratching at his scalp. Bakugou's breath was hot against your neck and his fingers pressed a comforting ache into your hips.

"Katsuki, what's wrong-" You whispered, fingers teasing against his scalp.

"Shut up," He snarled against your neck, teeth gnashing against your bruised skin but his gentle actions juxtaposed his harsh tone. You whimpered gently as his tongue moved out to lap against your burning skin before moving his mouth towards your own, silencing you.

Bakugou's teeth gnashing against your own sloppily as he placed all his chagrin into the kiss. It was obvious something had set him off for the day, and instead of exploding something he was exerting his emotion into you. Not that you minded, in fact quite the opposite.

You captured his bottom lip between your teeth as you sucked it gently, your eyes staring up at him innocently.

"Such a fuckin' tease." Bakugou's fingers ghosted at the hem of your skirt, brushing against the skin of your upper thighs as you pulled back, the tone of your phone ringing through the room as you laughed at Bakugou's disappointment.

"I said I'd meet Momo to study in the library ten minutes ago." Pulling the phone out of your blazer pocket you noted it was exactly who you thought it was. Momo.

"I need to go, you can come if you want?" You asked hopefully, your eyes admiring his features coated with a thin coat of your foundation. You wondered how your make-up must look on your own face but you couldn't help but wonder whether you should mention it this time. Other girls seeing Katsuki Bakugou with your make-up all over his face would definitely be the perfect warning for them to all back off. Although you supposed your boyfriend was such an aggressive hot-head there was no need for you to be so cruel to him.

"It's fine. I'm going to the gym." Bakugou snapped you out of your thoughts as he picked up his abandoned school bag from the ground and pulled it over his shoulder as you began to root through your own bag, looking for your foundation compact.

"Uh, Babe-" You went to stop him from opening the door as he turned to look back at you, his eyebrow raised.

You didn't say anything, instead opening your compact and turning it towards his face. Once Bakugou caught sight of his face in the mirror he groaned, his eyes darkening.

"Y/N, for fucks sake." Bakugou growled, moving the back of his hand to his lips to rub against them furiously. You couldn't help but grin at the scowl on your boyfriends face as he tried to remove your make-up but it was futile.

"Why does this shit come off your skin so easily?" Bakugou's voice growled as he pulled your compact mirror closer to his face, his other hand still rubbing at his skin but all it seemed to be doing is rubbing the foundation into his skin even more. "You spend so much fucking money on this you'd think it would last a day and not fucking come off."

"I don't think it can handle your intense heat." You laughed, trying to grab your compact from Bakugou's hands so you could touch up your foundation. It was true you had yet to find a foundation that would stand his intense make out sessions, even your expensive setting spray was no match for Katsuki Bakugou.

Bakugou moved back, holding your compact out of reach as he made to use his blazer sleeve to try and remove the offending substance but you grabbed his sleeve immediately.

"Babe, don't you dare." You quickly reached into your bag and pulled out the make-up wipes you had started carrying about with you after the first time this happened.

"Maybe when you're a pro-hero you can finally help all women with their need for a long-wearing foundation." You laughed as you leaned towards Bakugou to wipe at his face. The young male scowling back at you as he snatched the wipe from your hands, rubbing it against his face furiously.

"Fuck off. You don't even need this shit anyway" You managed to wrestle your compact out of his hands as he continued muttering what a waste of money make-up was under his breath.

"So, meet you after fifth?"

"Yeah, but you better use one of these first." He threw the used make-up wipe at you, making his way out of the room.