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You're Just A Sinner, I Am Told.

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You’ve been dating Billy Hargrove for a few months and things are going pretty well. You weren’t expecting this. You see, Billy kinda has a reputation for being a dick , yet to your surprise has been undeniably considerate with you. Punctual. Follows through on his word. Buys you stuff. Actually seems to want to see you. It’s more than the last few guys you dated ever did. You can barely believe your luck.


Oh yeah, and he had popped your cherry. Popped it real good. 


Everything was different after that milestone. You were barely alive before then. Life had come in colors of slate and grey that you numbly accepted because it was just there and all you knew. Now you’re alive . Vibrant.  A whole new dimension of reality is split open and bared to you, lush and raw. You had no idea life could feel this way; scorchingly sexy, and oh-so-sweet. 


Every time you’re with him, you're nearly burned alive, scalded by the wild eroticism of his aura. You tremble with excitement, constantly on the precipice of sensation, constantly yearning. He doesn't have to touch you for this need to overtake you at any time. When you lie alone in your bed at night you can almost feel his hands on you. You try to relive every moment of pleasure,of the gift he has given you. You touch yourself in an attempt to experience him again and again. Of course it's not even close and whenever he gets the chance he quickly puts your fingers to shame. Nothing could be more fulfilling than Billy on top of you, underneath you, his tongue on where it aches most needily..


Now you're waiting for him on the edge of your bed on a Friday evening, anxiously tugging at the edge of your new short skirt that you know hugs your curves just right. He's supposed to take you somewhere. The movies or something. You honestly just want him to fuck you senseless instead. He hasn’t done that for what seems like ages and you're feeling a bit...antsy. In fact you hadn't had sex in about three weeks. Nothing heavy had happened at all really. He just took you out for normal dates and made out with you a few times. You even went to the goddamn zoo together. Billy had appeared totally satisfied looking at lions and giraffes, holding your hand instead of ravishing you. It was all so wholesome you wanted to tear your hair out. Or rip off Billy’s clothes.


You felt kind of bad for lusting after him so hard. Wasn't that what he was supposed to do? Now you’re the horn-dog of the relationship. Maybe you should have jumped him on your last date...


On that note you hear the roar of a car in the distance. He's here. The sounds of gravel crunching as he rolls into your driveway signal you to leap off your bed and book it down the stairs.


"Bye Mom! I’ll be back at 10!" You hear her start to yell something at you but you're out the door and into the night before she can question anything. Its fine.You know your curfew and you'll obey it like you always do. You’re a good girl. Most of the time.


You open the passenger door of Billy’s Camaro, and settle into the upholstery. Your stomach bursts into butterflies as usual when you take in his leather jacket, the provocative glint in his eyes, the scent of tobacco and fresh cologne. He's delectable.


"Hey, babe." He places his hand on the back of your seat, giving you a good once over. You flush pink as his eyes eat you up, unmistakably lingering on your exposed legs and tight skirt. "Nice." He grins and leans in to peck you soft on your hot cheek. It’s not enough. You want to grab his collar and pull his entire body onto you but you suppress the urge. 


"How's it going?" You try to stay cool, casual, as if you're not wearing this skirt for a reason.


Billy's looking over his shoulder, pulling out of your driveway with one hand still resting behind your seat. This never fails to turn you on, but you can't exactly pinpoint why. "Oh you know, the usual bullshit. Coach made us do drills for like a fucking hour. Nearly died." He’s moving fast and smooth down your street now, fiddling blindly with the radio dial, but it only produces static. "You really live out in the middle of nowhere.” He motions to the glove box. “Wanna pick something?” 


"Sure." You open the compartment, feeling kind of honored. Billy has never asked you to pick the music before.You thumb through a bunch of his tapes and there's some obvious ones: Metallica, Zeppelin, Motorhead, etc. But then your eye catches something you weren't expecting. 


"You seriously have Prince in here?" You pull out Purple Rain, spinning the tape in curious hands. You study the album cover. Prince is on a motorcycle that dwarfs him, all glitter and big hair and charisma


Billy glances at the tape then back to the road, unfazed. "Little dude can fucking shred." 


You look at him suspiciously and then pop the tape in, rewinding it to the very beginning. The car is filled with the sound of an electric organ. Dearly beloved ...we are gathered here today to get through this thing called life...


The electric pop tones of "Let's Go Crazy" emanate loudly from the speakers, giving you goosebumps. Billy actually starts subtly mouthing the lyrics and you wish you had a video camera to record this precious bizarre moment. You're staring at him, smiling like a maniac . He looks back at you with a small smirk, laying his hand on your knee. He strokes his thumb over your thigh.


"So, where are we going?" You're finding it difficult to be touched by Billy and not get a little flustered. You don't seem to ever get used to it. Especially when it's your bare leg involved. His hand is so damn warm. You writhe in your seat a little.


Billy seems oblivious to the effect he’s having on you, eyes fixed ahead of him. "I figured we’d get a milkshake at the diner, maybe see a movie after or something. I hear The Terminator is pretty good." 


You had been to the movies together a few times before. You flashback to when Billy had kissed and groped you in the dark, attention focused on anything but the film, whispering all hot and obscene in your ear. You're already tingling in anticipation. "Sounds great".


The diner isn't that far away. You're there in about ten minutes. Billy rolls into the parking lot at the same time Prince croons I met her in a hotel lobby masturbating with a magazine, she said how you'd like to waste some time and I could not resist when I saw little Nikki grind ... You look at Billy with a raised eyebrow; you’ve never heard lyrics like that before. He turns off the engine and the music stops on a raunchy guitar lick. His smile promises wicked intentions, and now you have a deeper understanding about why he likes Prince. Billy likes guitar solos and smut.


He squeezes your knee and you get a little shock up your thigh. "Lets go. I’m thirsty." 


You enter the building and everything's going business as usual.The place is a little sparse for a Friday night but you’re not surprised. It's Hawkins . Its only to be expected. As Billy leads you deeper into the diner, you notice that he’s taking you to a window seat in the farthest corner, where its dark and secluded. The lights around here don’t seem to function at full capacity, bulbs a shade dimmer than all the other booths. Billy’s hand is on the back of your waist as he guides you into your seat. He sits down close to you, the side of his leg pressing into yours. You’re cornered, trapped between the window and Billy’s muscle.


A young waitress arrives at your table, hands you both some tattered plastic menus and leaves without mentioning specials or even saying hi. You're still not surprised.


Billy puts an arm around you and gives you a long lingering look. "I missed you." You can't help your confused expression because he's not the sentimental type, but his mouth is on yours before he can see it. You sense a sudden wave of passion coming over him. His tongue is sliding past your lips, tasting like peppermint gum, and you're swept into the fire of the moment. In the back of your mind, you wonder why here? and not in the secluded car that was blaring the dirty Prince music. Billy is on now. You can feel the hunger pouring off of him. His hand comes up to gently hold the back of your head and guide you deeper into his mouth.


You break the kiss. You're a little embarrassed by strong PDA, even in this shady corner, out of sight from the other patrons. "Wanna save that for the theater?"


Billy pauses, frowning. "No." And then pulls you back to his soft mouth, even more deep and tempting this time.


You're melting a bit. No, a lot. You can feel dampness starting to seep between your legs and your embarrassment rises a degree.


" guys need more time?" The waitress is in front of your table, hand on her hip. She’s obviously impatient because she barely gave you a minute to decide on your order.


You wrench yourself from Billy's lips. Billy's smooth, running a hand through his golden hair, looking at the waitress with a smirk. His eyes quickly scan the menu.


"I'm good. I'll have a chocolate milkshake.Thanks." He glances at you "You wanna share it?" 


You nod your head and look sheepishly at the waitress. You really didn’t like the vulnerability of someone catching you in a heated moment.  


“Make it a large.” He hands the menu back to the waitress, all nonchalant and calm. You know he's not though because that potent spark is still there.The air is thick with Billy's lust.  You've seen him this way often enough to recognize when you're about to be mauled. Every moment is a tightening band that could snap at any second. You wonder if the waitress can feel it too.


You're right. As soon as she leaves Billy's backing you into the corner of the booth, your head sliding on the dark glass behind you. His hand is running up your thighs, his fingers slipping under the tight edge of your skirt. You know exactly why Billy chose this booth.


"You wear this for me?” He says in your ear and you wrap your arms around his neck, bracing yourself for the onslaught you know is coming. You nod, licking your lips. “You're so damn obvious.” He presses a velvety kiss on your bottom lip. "You wanted it in the car, right? Wanted me to put my hand up your skirt." 


He slides his hand between your legs which you've clamped shut at this point, his hand tucking tightly in between your thighs, his fingers digging slightly into your sensitive flesh. "Open your fucking legs, sweetheart."


"She'll be coming back soon..." You protest, looking into his eyes warningly. Your hand is in a firm hold around his forearm.


He's looking back at you just as serious, a minor power struggle ensuing for a few seconds. He breaks into a disarming smile. "Better do it fast then."


He kisses you so indecently that your legs loosen, giving him just enough space to graze his fingers across your damp panties. You can feel him get even hotter when he feels how wet you are. His mouth skims your neck, making sure you squirm. "You're such a little slut for me.." Your eyes widen at him calling you that for the first time but it sends more heat to where his hand is. "Next time you want me to play with you in the car, just ask , babe. I'll help you out." He bites gently into your earlobe and moves his fingers under your panties, sliding deeply down your dripping slit. His hand is not as gentle as it usually is. He's more persistent, greedy, feeling you up completely for himself. 


"What if I fucked you right here?" He finds your clit, rubbing you in rhythm with his words. Your mouth drops open and you just know he's grinning his face off. It’s clear that he’s trying to provoke you but you fall for it easily, flustered and blushing. He slips a finger slow and knowing into you, and starts finger-fucking you under the table. It's definitely fucking because everything feels like foreshadowing to what he's going to do later. 


You're not reacting enough. He strokes another finger in, moving up at that angle he knows makes you moan and you gasp into his neck. Then he's moving his hand faster and deeper into you. Definitely fucking you. You feel helpless sounds rising in your throat and you press your lips hard together. He's looking down at you, eyes wild and mouth twitching like he's about to laugh at your turmoil. People must be hearing this. Surely everyone can hear the wet smack of his fingers in you.


You spot the waitress heading to your table over Billy’s shoulder. You sit up abruptly, pushing hard at Billy's chest, shoving his weight off of you. He whips his head around and clears his throat. Much to your chagrin, he doesn't move his hand. This must look so obvious. His arm angled between your legs, his eyes lusty and glazed. Billy doesn't seem to give a fuck.


The waitress comes to the table and lays out a creamy milkshake with two straws. You hold your breath, positive she’s going to be able to tell that the walls of your pussy are inadvertently clenching around Billy's fingers. You look at Billy and he's straight-faced as ever. "Thanks." He reaches for the milkshake, takes a small sip. “Mmm.”


She barely acknowledges either of you. Just nods and hustles back to the kitchen. You're appalled not only at the lack of customer service but that Billy actually got away with fingering you in front of a server. You barely have time to breathe before he’s crowding you into the edge of the booth again, his mouth on your neck, his fingers sliding out of you to rub your clit. You clutch onto him, knowing he's fully intent on making you come in this stupid diner. His fingers are merciless.


"You’re making such a fucking mess, babe, you’re gonna soak the seat." He teases. His fingers are strong on you now; he knows by your jagged breaths that you’re about to lose it. "Fuck it. I want you to. Maybe soak the backseat in my car later when I fuck you. Makes me so hard when you’re nasty for me-." Your climax hits, and his other hand covers your mouth briefly because you totally failed at holding back a small whine, He wrings the last of your orgasm out of you until you’re shaking. When satisfied, he gently removes his fingers and brings them up to your mouth. And without questioning, you swallow them like they’re his cock, sucking your juice off his fingers.You’re shameless now, caught in a euphoric trance.


"Yeah princess, taste how sweet you are?" He replaces his fingers with his tongue like he wants to taste you too, licking the flavor off your lips. He lifts you both upright, arm around you. You lay your head on Billy’s shoulder, depleted and buzzing with pleasant aftershocks.


There’s a moment of wordless serenity. Billy’s smirking,clearly pleased with himself,leaning back like a lion that just ate it’s kill. He slides the milkshake over to you.

"It’s not bad." He says. It occurs to you then just how parched you are and you lean over, sucking up the delicious ice cream and milk. It hits the spot nicely. You catch Billy watching your lips wrapped around the straw, his eyes still heated, mouth slightly parted..


"Is this too much for you?" You smirk back at him. 


"Never. Don't hog it, babe." He scolds, and then you pass the drink over to him, admiring his pretty pout on the hollow plastic. Billy looks like he’s itching to leave now, hypocritically drinking much more than his fair share, almost draining the glass. His arm around you is roving, hand kneading into the flesh of your hip, moving up to graze your breast. You're not certain you're going to make it to the theater. 


Maybe he'd bring you back to his place. Take you from behind like he did way too long ago. You run your hand up his leg, squeezing into his firm thigh. His muscle twitches under your palm, and you trail your fingers to his crotch, firmly grasping the bulge in his jeans. He’s rock hard. You rub over him, appreciative, feeling him grow even bigger.


 He groans faintly, eyes flashing dangerously at you. His hand wraps tight around your wrist, halting all movement. “Wanna leave?”


You’re sure you don’t have a choice, but you test him anyways. “What? Isn’t it your turn?”


Billy snorts. “Don’t worry, sweetheart, I’m not gonna let you get away without returning the favor.” He reaches into his pocket and slaps a five dollar bill on the table, before literally dragging you out of the booth. You can feel all eyes on you as he yanks you through the diner and out the front doors at a dizzying speed. You know it looks bad, like he’s about to rough you up in the alley or something. Good thing you know that there’s only one part of you that’s going to get beat up tonight. And it’s still wet.


He’s pulling you violently towards his car with long strides, and you’re almost stumbling to keep up. “Billy! Slow down. Jeez...” 


You reach the Camaro, and he pivots you hard against it, your back slamming into the rear car-door. He’s all over you, hands running into your hair, pulling tightly as he brutally kisses you. His bulge is digging aggressively into your hips. You can feel him move his hand behind you, seeking out the door handle. 


He pulls you away from the car to jerk the door open, and shoves you into the backseat.