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The Undead World | Yoonmin

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Ugh my back, I groan loudly as I try sitting up in the damn hospital chair, I open my eyes slightly the bright light from the rising sun burned my sensitive eyes making me close them again and rub them roughly causing me to see weird shapes and colors after opening my eyes again.

I look over at my sleeping mother her head balled because of the hair loss the was caused by the chemotherapy, which didn't seem to be working, her eyes closed tightly as a cringed expression formed on her pale face. I stare off out the window blinking a few times to get used to the light shining in through the window, I start thinking about when she first got diagnosed and how much it changed her- the whole family really was hit hard by it.

It was a year ago when she was complaining about having sleep problems for weeks but she wasn't to concerned about anything till she started having horrible headaches and she soon wasnt eating very much because of the fact that she seemed to be always nauseous, so we took her to the hospital and they did what they have to do, scans all that stuff and a few days later we got the phone call that changed the family completely, after she was diagnosed my older brother who was the loud and happy one was quiet and hardly talk to the rest of us, my dad was super stressed and worried about the money and his wife of course, and I was just the same I tried and still am trying to stay strong when the rest of them are falling apart, but my mom; she changed the most she became very depressed and anxious she would go for days crying her eyes out in the hospital and when I came to visit she would act like nothing was wrong, I was extremely worried for her, I still am of course but she is doing a little better even though she has only a few mouths to live, even if she doesn't know that.

I know i should tell her but I'm fucking worried she'll spiral again, and I know I probably am being a shit son right now but I'm going to tell her at some point, what about the doctors? Well they think I have told her and I told them not to talk about it or she might start spiraling again even worst this time, a shity lie I know.

I sigh deeply and glance over back at my mom, she looks so peaceful so happy almost it's like she is living the life she wants in her dreams, I smile to myself and stand up stretching out my back and arm muscles, I start for the door to room getting ready to go grab some food, maybe when I come back she'll be awake.

"Park Jimin? Park Jang-mi son?" I jump slightly surprised from the deep voice behind me, I turn slightly and meet the dark brown eyes of the doctor working on my mom, Doctor Kim Namjoon.

"Um yes sorry that's me, is something wrong?" I ask frantically a small sense of anxiety begin to take control as I started thinking of all the horrible possibilities that could be spoken from that mans mouth.

"Just come with me" he says sternly while turning to walk back to his office, I follow behind him my hands shaking slightly as the anxiety pluses through me, is he going to break the bad news and say she's going to die in a week? Is she dying faster? All these thoughts circle through my mind as he opens the door to his office letting me enter first, I sit up straight as my knee begins to bounce it growing quicker after each bounce, I desperately try to draw my attention else where while Doctor Namjoon gets himself situated.

I look around the office it was rather small but that wasn't always a bad thing, it had one window right across from the door and he had several plants hanging from the ceiling or some sitting on the desk or shelves in the far back of the room, he had three pictures on his desk one of a group of six boys including himself, one was him and another man they were hugging and looking into each others eyes very passionately, and the last one was of five boys it was like the first one only he wasn't in it this time, I softly smile as I study each one of their faces, so happy, so free.

"Park?" I snap my head to look the doctor in the eyes, I gulp as I see no emotion in his eyes at that moment.


"I called you here because I have some very good news!" I was surprised to see his dead looking eyes suddenly fill with emotion like some dumped water on a dirty plate his eyes were cleaned of any hate or negative emotion, I gasp realizing he said 'good news' I could see my face light up in the reflection of his beautiful eyes.

"I can tell you're excited, now down to business the well-respected scientist Kim Joung-un has developed a cure to any type of cancer and is sending it to clinics all over the world and I was able to get your mother to the very top of the wait list since she is nearing death" he announces proudly, I burst into tears right away running around the desk not giving a fuck and I huge the doctor as closely and tightly as possible, he didn't seem to care he hugs right back and smooths out my hair as I cry happy tears into his shirt.

"T-thank you so m-much" I cry, happiness filling my once cold body, I smile a genuine smile after so many fake ones, I feel the warmth of hope again, I love it I never want it to end ever.

I thank the doctor a few times before running out of his office and down the hall right back into my mothers room I strom in breaking down again into happy tears after seeing my mother smile slightly after seeing me.

"Baby? Jimin! What's wrong?" She asks in a weak voice trying to sound as healthy as possible as not to hurt my once breaking heart, I shake my head and laugh softly jumping over to my mom hugging her close.

"Nothing is wrong, everything is amazing actually, I they did mom they found a cure and your one of the first people who get treatment" I cry allowing her to take it all in, I hear quiet sobs and I look up to see my mom smiling widely as tears filled her eyes, she looks down at me as I kneel on the floor hugging her close.

"Oh Jiminie, its finally over" she sobs as she leans into my shoulder, I take my hand and place it on the back of her neck rubbing it to soothe her throat because I know all to well that her throat has been raw for weeks and now as she cries violently it must hurt like hell, I whisper sweet things into her ear and wait for her to calm down a little.

"Mom?" She hums letting me continue.

"I can't believe that your going to be ok, no more of this fucking pain! It will all stop once you get treatment, I promise"

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I rush to my car and quickly get the engine running my hands shaking with overwhelming happiness as let go of the key, I hit the gas and start for home, I still cant believe there is a cure it doesnt seems real.

Cure that word just fills me with hope and happiness it feels like drinking a cold glass of water on a hot day, it feels so refreshing so nice, I smile to myself and pull up in the driveway turning the car off and running up to the front door.

We have a rather big house, it has a front porch which is a nice dark oak and when you enter the house you'll walk through a hallway, one side has an entrance to the living while the other side is a staircase leading to the bedrooms and second bathroom, I hurry to unlock the door and quietly open the door not to wake anyone right way I want to make breakfast and tell them the news, I smile giggling to myself and I start making pancakes our family's favorite.

As I finish flipping the last pancake my dad comes down looking defeated and tried, I feel tears begin to form as I image his face when I tell him the good news.

"Morning dad" I chirp happily, he grunts and takes his sit at the table I put the syrup on the table next to the jam and I study my fathers face and body language, he was looking at the empty chair next to him and I could tears puddle in his eyes as he clenches his fist, I sigh it's my mothers chair she would always sit there before she got sick, pancakes and laughter filled this house it seemed but everything changed so quickly when we heard the news.

Hopefully this news will do the same, I look up and my heart breaks in two as I watch my older brother come down the stairs face red and raw after hours of crying, he looks like he hasn't showered in days.

"Hey Jimin it's been while since you've been home, are you staying this time?" He asks with a raw voice, again my heart feels like its bleeding with regret and pain, it is true I usually am at the hospital with our mom and if I'm telling the truth I have been avoiding staying home, their undead faces just make me feel the emotions that they feel and I want to stay strong in these dark times.

"I am and I have good news!" I shout jumping up and down for a moment, my father chuckles and my brother just smiles slightly.

"They found a cure! And moms going to be one the first people who get the treatment!" I cry tears of happiness once again when I watch the dead looking eyes of my brother and father fill with life and hope once again it was so beautiful like watching a flower bloom breaking its smal cocoon and showing the world its beauty.

"W-what a c-cure?" I nod laughing at they're reactions, I could taste the salty flavor of the tears as they continued to pour down my face, my father jumps up hugging my tightly while my brother sits down in shock his mouth curving into a smile, I let go of my father and we sit down to discuss the news.

"So when was this cure found? Are there any side effects?" My father ask wearily.

"About a week ago they were doing some finally tests before they sent it out to everyone, and not that I have heard of only nausea" my father nodes and I look over at my brother he was quiet but smiling the dead look in his eyes gone completely replaced with the bright happiness he always used to have.

Days pass and I have been staying home helping my brother and father get back on their feet my father was able to convince his boss to give him a second chance and my brother was able to finish studying and take the exam for a college he has always wanted to go to, things were turning around.

Right now I'm on my way to the hospital, my mother is getting the treatment today I want to be there for her when it happens, my father and brother are coming with me of course, we arrive at the hospital and we all seem to take a deep breath before entering the building, we walk to the front desk and ask to visit her.

"Of course but only for a few minutes she will be getting treatment soon" the receptionist says happily smiling a big smile knowing just what was going on.

"Jimin I'm nervous she hasn't seen me in months" my older brother whispers trying not to alert our dad, I smile and side hug him.

"Its going to be fine she loves you just as much as she did before maybe even more" he nodes then we exit the elevator and I knock on the door opening it slowly, our mother bursts into tears at the sight of her husband and eldest son, I smile tears begin to sting my eyes but I wipe them away no more tears only smiles and laughter from now on.

The nurse walks in a little later and push us out so they begin treatment, we all wait outside and I have to excuse myself to the bathroom.

After what felt like hours I leave the bathroom and I'm met with chaos, people running and screaming the news was on, I read the headline 'cancer cure? How about deadly disease' my heart stops my hope was shattered as I think of my mother, did they give her the treatment yet?

With my heart racing I begin to run towards her room, my eyes filled with tears and stop in front of door, my heart beating ten times faster as I open that door, my heart breaks and every bit of hope and happiness were shattered at that moment, the scene before me was something out of the horror movie my mother was hunched over her knees her skin is pale and shes covered in blood my brother lay to her right in a puddle of his own blood with his throat ripped out with blood still oozing out of him, one of the nurses was hanging out of the window her body impaled with the glass, the other nurse was laying on the bed her stomach was ripped apart and her insides were scattered across the room, and my father was the one she was hunched over as she bit into his skin and ripped pieces off so she could eat them.

"FUCKING SHIT" I scream I quickly cover my mouth realizing what I just did, my mother snapped her head around to look at me her eyes pale and clouded, she groans and starts to slowly inch towards me I stay still scared that if I move she would jump me, it didnt take long before she was crawling at me at amazing speeds, I scream and grab the closest object I could find and begin to hit her with it not stopping till I was sure she wasnt moving anymore, after a minute I realize what I had done.

I drop to my knees hugging them to my chest sobbing into them screaming my pain away, I hear a grunting sound and look up slightly my brother, the nurses and my father all were getting up and looking around like they didnt have wounds at all, I let out a whimper and slowly inch backwards away from them I dont know were I'm going but it's not here.

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I am able to make it outside, and i rush for my car people everywhere screaming and running from the hospital as they are being cased by the undead, i slam my car door shut a random young women screams at me to let her in, i was about to when one the patients that was turned jump her ripping her limbs off and breaking her spine like a twig, blood covered the left side of my car as i watch in horror as it rips her flesh off like its peeling an orange i start the car and speed off running over multiple dead bodies that came back to life and start trying to case the car, i know of one place i can go for safety.


As i continue the trip home i look around anxiously for some kind of law enforcement, but they seem to think their lives are more important then the millions of people becoming food for these things, i never have trusted the government to much mostly because they are all corrupt but i dont want to get political, i watch the streets as people are escaping or getting over run and tarred to shreds, i move my hands around the wheel trying to calm myself only to notice just how wet my hands were, they left a coding of sweat on the parts of the wheel i sigh chuckling a little.

I was about to turn down my street when a loud shuddering noise coming from my car, i bagin to panic my breath quickens as i whipe the sweat from my brow, the car slowly stops and my heart stops.

"Come on please, oh god" i whisper, turning the key again begging any unknown power to help this car start, of course no answer and the car stayed put like a rock in the wind, i take a few moments to breathe before grabbing my phone and quickly and quietly opening the door to make a run for it, i run as fast as i can possible go and hide in some bushes, i peek out to scout the area to see if i could make it halfway down the block to my house, across the street were at least 30 or more zombies, yes yes im calling them zombies, while the other side that im on has few down the block in the direction i need to go, which is nouth, i look back to my car which was at least 10 to 30 feet away from me maybe less i dont know i suck at distances, i spot i few zombies limping up my car and hitting it trying to break the glass or just trying to get the door open, i look towards the nouth noticing the zombies over by my house.

'Wait thats what i got to do' i think to myself, i crawl to the back of the house i was in front of and start my slow journey to my house by crawling behind the houses, perfect right?! After what seemed like hours of crawling i finally found the backyard of my house, i breathe for a quick second before jumping the tall oak wood fence, landing face first on the dying brown grass, i groan and flip myself over regretting my decision. I stand up slowly and while holding my side i take my time as i sliently open the sliding door for my house, once i enter notice the front door is broken and wide open, then hear some crashing noises coming from up stairs i gasp and rush to the kitchen grab a cleaver and wait at the bottom of the stairs for whatever is up there, i take i deep breath before finding whatever courage i have left and start up the stairs my knees almost buckling under me because of how much they are shaking.

I finally make it to the top, i stop and listen for which room it is in, i jump when i hear some small noises after a banging noise coming from the end of the hall, my parents room, i briskly yet silently run over to a corner and crouch down preparing myself.

"Come on Jimin just fucking do it" i whisper to myself then i ended up slapping myself quietly before whipping the sweat from my forehead, i try to calm my heart down before going for the kill, one final deep breath and then i jump up from my crouching position and i run into my parents room and turn around and around rapidly letting my eyes scan the room before stopping, there was nothing in here, just nothing. I plopp down on my parents bed setting the cleaver next to me then i lay back and cover my face with my arms before letting out a scream of emotion, my tears fell at amazing speeds as i sob my pain and fear away.

I had nothing left, nothing to care for, nothing to love.

Just nothing.

But death.

After a few minutes i let my arms drop to my sides and my left hand feels the end of the cleaver handle, my eyes snap open and i stare straight at the ceiling i let my hand move on its own, letting it grip the cleaver trightly, letting it bring it up to my throat, letting it slowly press downwards, i close my eyes a single tear of pain and acceptance fell i think about my life before my mothers cancer, i picture a happy healthy family, we were all so close and loved each other immensely, i felt a snap of sudden pain on my right hand making my eyes snap open the cleaver moving away from my neck i look down to my right hand to see a small caramel colored dog specifically a toy poodle, i sit up slowly the dog still biting my hand loosely i smile slightly when it noticed me and started whining like it knew what i was about it do.

"Oh god, oh my fucking god, i almost just killed myself" i mumble realizing what i was about to do just now, i let my head rest in my shaky hands the small poodle barks quietly whining again before licking my hands, i look up and it starts licking my face i laugh as it- wait i should say she started to paw at my chest.

"I guess you saved my huh? Whats your name do you have one?" I noticed the pink colored collar around her neck with a little heart charm attached to it, i pick her up and let her sit on my lap while i investigate the charm, sure enough she did have a name.

"Holly" she barks and starts panting with happiness, i smile and pick her up, then set her down on the floor.

"I guess it gonna be you and me for a while right?" Holly barks at that and i chuckle kneeling down to pat her soft little head.

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Its been mouths now, since the outbreak, i have been living- well surviving i wouldn't call this living, but i have been surviving alone with little Holly for five mouths now, i had to leave Busan and drive to Seoul in a slightly broken car, because the population of zombies was overwhelming and the law influencement sent out an alert to any survivors to move else where, i still havent found news about a safe city that uninfected people can go to be safe till a cure is found, but I'll wait as long as Holly is still with me.

I have been living in a huge apartment complex in the middle of the city i live very close to a store and it has everything i need for me and Holly to survive for a while, i havent seen any other living people which makes me woundered, am i the only human left in South Korea? I doubt it. But i could be possible.

Holly is amazing she keeps me company and keeps me sane in this crazy world right now, and she helps keep my growing depression at bay for a few days before i fall into a dark pit of loneliness and despair, she really is the one reason why i havent killed mself yet, i need to protect her and provide for her i could never leave a dog alone in this mess.

Anyway today i need to hunt for some food, i am almost out of dog food and really need to find some.

I begin my trip to store around 3:30, as long as i make it home before 7 i will be alright, its mostly because when its dark out the zombies are faster and more aware of sounds around them making it harder to seek passed them without them hearing you, once i reach second street i turn left into my little short cut down an alleyway taking me out on the sidewalk right across the silent street from the store, i stop before exiting the alleyway peeking out around the corner looking to the right then the left making sure it is all clear, once i know for sure i jump slightly in place and sprint across the street and slide under the half open parking garage door into the parking lot of the store, i stand up slowly rubbing my knees.

"I really need a better way of getting in" i whisper to myself, i could probably go through the front door if it wasnt barricaded with cafferty tables, i sigh shoving my hands into my pockets as i walk over to the stairs, i let my mind wounder like a lost puppy looking for its home and i think of how difficult and different everything was now, the once busy and car filled streets are bare and quiet except a few zombies here and there, the sidewalks used to be so crowded and loud you had to jump to find anything especially if your short like me.


I snap out of my daze and rush into the side door entrance and dive under some shelfs in the snack aisle, i cover my mouth as my breath quickens i feel the sensation of fear overtake me when the hair on the back of my neck stands up letting my body know that danger is coming closer, i close my eyes trying to calm my heartbeat as the limping devil drags its feet pass me i take a deep breath after i couldnt see its feet anymore then i quietly slide out from under the shelf and i bolt for the produce aisle, i frantically look back and forth grabbing the fruit that was still good once i finished i quickly run over to the pet aisle, i look for her food while i run a little in place making sure not make to much noise.

'Found it!' I mentally cheer and i grab it flipping it over my shoulder i decided to treat myself by snaching a bag of Azuki Bean, i giggle to myself i could already teate its salty goodness, i peek over a shelf scaning the room around me for the zombie i saw earlier.


Good, i take a deep breath and start speed walking through the shop constantly looking back and forth, i see the door and glimmer of hope flowers in my chest making me subconsciously smile a little, and once i reach out to door handle i feel a boney and greasy hand tightly wrap around my ankle, i cover my mouth to stop the scream making its way up my throat as i look down to face the exact thing i have feared for months, there it is a paleish yellow greenish skin tone peices of flesh ripped off or falling off slowly peeling the skin away from the bone i didnt have hair anymore it had all fallen out, it snarls and begins to inch forward growling and groaning as it slowly inches forward, i try to move to kick it and run but my body stayed still its like my body wanted this, like it was tired of this life, like it wanted to just let go.

"No.. why" i whisper a silent tear fell as i look up seeing five more zombis limp into the building noticing me in my weakness they begin to run slightly reaching me sooner then i wanted, i was finally able to move i use my other foot and crush the zombies arm just before it reached me, the noise it made is the wrost thing i have ever heard, it screamed but it was high pitched, deep and breathless at the same time, i bolt to the other side of the store the other zombies screeching the patter of bone and flesh slapping against the floor ring out in the store, i franticlly look for a weapon of any kind i head to the hardware aisle hoping for some sort of sharp or blunt object, no luck everything was either to loud and would just drew in more zombies or they are gone because someone else took them, my panic was becoming more and more overwhelmingly as i kept running forward looking for something to kill them with or somewhere to escape from, i keep running i let my feet take control i take a sharp turn running right into a display box i feel like im feeling in slow motion as i stare straight at the hard ground the zombies behind me seem to screech in joy as i hit the ground HARD.

Everything goes black as i accept my fate, i'm so sorry Holly.

Please forgive me in the next life.

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I see a bright light, i see its glow as it burns my eyes but i dont feel a thing, i feel numb i dont understandwhy cant i feel things? Is this what its like to be dead?

I try opening my eyes a little and to my surprise they did open, in fact they snapped open almost like body wasnt fully recovered after had happened, once my eyes adjust to the lit up room i stare at a brownish white ceiling i start to sit up slowly and i inspect the room around me, the room is small and the paint on the whiteish walls was rolling up as it rots, i throw my legs over the metal table i am laying on i stand up carefully moving my legs up and down to get feeling back into them.

I limp forward noticing a dirty mirror hanging on the wall, i look into it studying my dirty face and my bandaged head, my brown eyes are blood shot and tired, i try rubbing them but that dosent help, i run a hand through my gressy and dirt covered hair; that at its full glory was a wavy golden bloude, i look up down scaning my lower body and my clothes my jeans were ripped up especially on my knees after all the slidding, my shirt was mostly ok but the once white button down is on a brown in some places. I chuckle at my physical appearance and i bring my hand up to the bandage that is wrapped around my forehead, then it hits me.

The panic begins to set in, and i feel my heatbeat quicken along with my breath.

"WHAT FUCK HAPPENED TO ME" My breathing speeding up a little more, as i frantically look around feeling as if the walls surrounding me were closing in the ceiling falling down onto the top of my head, i hear the door handle shake and anxiety spikes up my blood pressure and i begin crying and screaming, my panic is the only thing on my mind at this moment, i hear someone yell from the other side of the door calling for someone to help them, i scream again my eyes filling with more and more tears as i cry and cry, i fall backwards and crawl backwards till my back hits the wall, i close my eyes as i hear the door open i curl up into a little ball and pray that whoever it is would just leave me to die.

"Hey hey open your eyes its ok" a ruff yet smooth voice says in a calm tone trying to soothe my pain, i shake my head and try to become part of the wall, i hear the man chuckle deeply at my actions before i hear them sit against the wall across from me.

"I'll be here when your ready to talk" The man promises i smile subconsciously at this, they were saying something but i'm not listening at all, all i am thinking about is how smooth their voice was, it was like melted chocolate smooth and rich, i let myself fall deeper into the trance their voice put me in and let my eyes rest for a moment trying to calm my heartbeat.


I wake to hear multiple muffled voices, i open my eyes slightly tilling my head to the side with the most noise.

"Oh my god guys shut the fuck up his waking up"

"Give him some space please" wait i know that voice, it was deep and soft, i know it from somewhere but i just cant think right now, i open my eyes completely and i see three young man the tallest one was standing more in front of the other two, the one to his left was smiling brightly i see the excited expression on his soft face he had red hair, and he had beautiful hazal eyes and he was wearing a dark green hoodie and blue jeans, i look to the man's right and a beautiful human being stood there, he had wavy brown hair with a tint of purple, he had blue eyes and he was wearing a black wavy shirt with blue jeans, i look to the man in the middle his hair was a light peach color and his brown eyes screamed authority he was very tall and-

Wait i know who this is.

"You, YOU!" I scream quickly sitting up right and jumping from the table pointing at Kim Namjoon my mothers old doctor, he looks surprised his eyes widening, while the other two gasp.

"YOU TOOK HER FROM ME YOU…took her from me" i start off screaming with anger finally being able to yell at someone, but then my voice loses its fire as i sit back down, i know its not his fault i know that but i still hate him for even giving my mother the cure in the first place.

"Jimin i know you probably hate me i can tell by that look in your eye" Namjoon states honesty, i stay quiet not wanting to talk to that man.

"Namjoon let us talk to him ok you go find seokjin he clearly needs time to warm up to you" Namjoon nodes and i watch him leave the other two follow my lead, i hear the red haired sigh and i turn to look at the male as he gives me a small smile.

"Your probably confused as fuck right now so let me explain, first I'm Jung Hoseok and this is one of my closest friends Kim Taehyung" The red haired or Hoseok says pointing to the brown haired named Taehyung.

"So whats the last thing you remember before you woke up here?" I think for a minute before i remember falling onto the hard ground of the store and the six zombies chasing me.

"I remember running away from six or so zombies before falling to ground"

"Ok so me and Taehyung were just entering the building before we heard you fall and we were fast enough thankfully to get to you before the zombies were able to touch you" i let out a large breath i didnt know i was holding in.

"Well thank you, Hoseok?" The red head nodes happliy, i assume he is happy i remembered.

"My name is Park Jimin by the way" Both boys smile and nod they both took a seat on different sides of me, the red head wraps his arm around my shoulder while Taehyung sits there smiling at me with an adorable boxy smile, Hoseok is very talkative he sits there making sure I'm comfortable while he tells stories about him and Taehyung and he mentions some of the others, Hoseok is about to start another story before Taehyung cuts in.

"Hobi, how about we give Jimin here a tour of the BangTen Tower?" Hoseok squeals and jumps up grabbing my hand.

"Wait what BangTen-"

"We will tell you along the way" Taehyung squeals cuting me off, i nod and they open the door allowing me to leave the small room, the two friends take me down the hallway and to my surprise there are multiple people walking in and out of rooms, even with all the people the building still has this dead silence that lingers, Hoseok and Taehyung stop at the end of the hall which ended in front of two staircases one going up the other going down.

"Ok so before we head downstairs i want to explain some things about the floor we are on now and some rules" Hoseok states sternly but his voice still has that bubbly happiness to it.

"Ok so the floor we are on is the medical bay or floor call what you wish, its the second floor on this five story building, here we work on people who are hurt or when we are addressing new people its a quiet and peaceful floor for them to get comfortable in, ok now for some rules for this floor and the whole building" Hoseok takes a deep breath before Taehyung places a hand on his shoulder softly basically saying he'd do it.

"First off Jimin we are all nice here and i can promise you no one in this building would ever hurt you i just want to confirm that for you before i get into thw rules" I nod my nerves decreasing slightly at his staement.

"Ok before the rules let me explain what this place is in a whole, we Hoseok, Seokjin, Namjoon, Jungkook, Yoongi and myself are like a big family and since the outbreak we all have been together and protecting others who needed it, so when we found this building we knew right away what we wanted to do for the world in this dark time, so we created a safe place for people who need food, safety etc so we created BangTen tower have hundreds of people here that we are providing for and protecting make sense?" I nod slightly overwhelmed by all that they have done since the outbreak.

"Anyway rule number one for the whole building, you can talk normally but no shouting or screaming on purpose we understand if you are hurt but for the sake of the people here just try to stay somewhat calm, number two you cant enter the fifth floor unless one of the members of the Circle is with you-"

"Oh the circle is the main people in charge which consists of six people, me, Jungkook, Taehyung, Namjoon, Yoongi and Seokjin, we make all the shots" Hoseok quickly cuts in to help me understand everything easier.

"Yes, and you cant go up there without one of us or if its an emergency which would have to be zombies got or the building is on fire some where, the third and final rule for the tower as a whole is to NEVER EVER leave ANY door or windows open of the first floor" Taehyung finishes and rests his arm on my shoulder leaning on it.

"You understand everything ok so far?"

"I think so but I'll get it- wait you dont mean im going to stay here are you?" Taehyung and Hoseok look surprised, i mean i would love to stay with other humans but i have someone to protect too- speaking of which Holly fuck Holly is all alone right now.

"Holy shit it was amazing to meet you guys but i really need to get back home Holly is all alone-"

"Wait did you say Holly? Holly as in a small carmal toy poodle?" Taehyung asks frantically his widening with every word.

I nod.

"Holy shit Hobi thats Yoongi's dog Min Holly you know" Hoseok's eyes widen as well both of them exchanging silent words, im sure i look confused as hell right now and once Hoseok notices he chuckles and begins to explain, Holly is this Min Yoongi's dog apparently and Holly had gotten out before the outbreak while Yoongi's family was visiting Jungkook's family in Busan and apparently the two families where visiting Jimin's home town Gumsa-dong, Busan when Holly had gotton away also when the outbreak started and ever since then Yoongi has been hopping for Holly to show up some how.

"Oh wow ok well you two can come and get her and take her back to this Yoongi she deserves to be happy with him and i really appreciatewhat you have done but i dont think i can stay i mean i would be great to be around humans but i dont think i really deserve it"

"Why?" They both ask me a sad look in their eyes and sorrow in their tone of voice, i look down at my feet feeling awful about the whole thing.

"Because i really dont want to live anymore I won't bore you with the details but i have been alone for so long and i have done things to survive im not pround of and i honestly just want this all to end for me, Holly is the only reason why I'm standing here right now and now i know that she will be safe and that means i can finally let go of this life" I finish and look up from floor both boys faces hold a soft and caring expression, their eyes filled with saddness and pity.

I hate pity, both boys look at me then at each other and nod then they look back at me.


"Ok lets make a deal then, you come back with us and Holly and stay for four weeks then decide if you want to leave if we can't convince you by then you can go and do as you please" Taehyung suggests, i mean i guess i could try.

"Ok fine I'll stay for four weeks only and I'll think about staying" i state sternly the two friends cheer quietly and both grab one of my hands.

"Ok lets go get Holly then we'll give you the tour!" Hoseok shouts joyfully, i give him a small smile, believe me i want to stay but now that Holly is going to be returned to her owner i can prove my fears of everyone i love leaving me at some point, thats the other and the strongest reason why i can't stay i have given up on my life, and i cant trust that they wouldnt leave me too at some point.

I can never get to attached someone.

They will always leave.

Chapter Text

I lead, Taehyung and Hoseok up the stairs of the apartment building i was originally staying in, i glance at the boys behind me, both looking very excited to see the sweet little toy poodle again. I spot the door and speed up a little so i can open it first, i start to open the door when i hear the small little barks from the other side coming from the little poodle.

"Aww i always loved her barks" Hoseok laughs, Taehyung agrees with him and i open the door Holly bolts for me jumping up and down pawing at my leg, i pet her for a second before pointing at the two males and smiling at her, it is like she knew what i meant as she runs over to them whinning happily.

"Shh Holly, we missed you two, Yoongi your daddy has the most" Holly barks excitedly at the sound of her owners name, i smile at her cute barks.

After a few minutes of playing with Holly and making small talk, Taehyung stands up and realizes what time it was.

"Alright lets get moving its getting dark" Taehyung warns his deep voice laced with concern, Hoseok nodes standing up from his position on floor next to Holly, he stretches then picks up Holly, Taehyung opens the door we all rush back to BangTan Tower.

Once we enter the main floor of the building, i notice just how many people are here, the room was filled with several small families most of them crying in little huddles, it made me think about the night after my mom got diagnosed, my whole family just sat in the living room then my mom just burst into tears, then before i knew it everyone was crying and we all just hugged promising that we would get through this together.

Namjoon walks up to us he notices me looking at me sadly then turns to the other two, they report where they went and why, Namjoon seemed very excited to see Holly again when he pick up the little poodle hugging her close and kissing the top of her head, Taehyung gestures me over to me after a few minutes of zoning out as Hoseok and Namjoon discusse some things about the zombies in area or how the food supply is doing, i wasnt really listening.

"Whats up Taehyung?"

"Please call me Tae your gonna be here for a while, might as well get comfortable with each other" Taehyung corrects laughing.

I smile thinking about how that is the exact thing i wanted to avoid, Taehyung leads me to the stairs once again, i hear a little bark as Holly cases after us, i smile and bend down petting her head then quickly catching up to Taehyung.

"Ok so I'll give you tour now that we're back, also I'll show you to your room"

Taehyung stops at the next door and we enter a large room with hundreds of home made beds, also hundreds and hundreds of boxes that i noticed people putting their stuff that they were able to grab into.

"You won't be sleeping here but this is one of these bed rooms, there are two on this floor and one on the fourth floor, i few families stay up there but there are more beds open up there so you will most likely be up on the fourth floor" i nod and we continue up the next set of stairs. To the third floor the medical center, Taehyung explains that at the end of this hall is a medium sized room that is filled with medical supplies. Then we venture up the stairs to the fourth floor, Taehyung shows me the room i am going to be staying in, it was large and had at least ninety something beds a few were occupied, but the room was rather empty.

"And at the end of this hall we have a storage room that has all the food and water, but its locked most of the time so people don't get greedy" Taehyung finishes a look of disgust clouded his eyes, i assume that they have had bad experiences in the past with people stealing food.

"Can you show me the fifth floor sense I'm with you?" I question hopefully, Taehyung smiles and starts walking after giving me a nod 'yes', i dont know why but i squeal silently as we start walking, Taehyung opens the door to the fifth floor i surprised at how short the hallway was, it was maybe twenty feet long and the only seven rooms that looked settled were right at the beginning of the hall, i notice that the windows didnt have boards on them, Taehyung seemed to realize my concern and poked my shoulder.

"Want me to explain?" I nod studying the playfulness in Taehyungs brown eyes.

"Well we took the boards off so we could see the perimeter of the building better" what a simple answer Jimin thought, i should have known.

"Taehyung!" The man next to me looks up quickly rushing over to the messenger.

"Jungkook and Yoongi have returned and Namjoon wants to speak with all of you" when the messager finshes i notice the blush creepying up the brown hair's face and small smile found its way to his lips, i giggle realizing what it meant.

"Thank you I'll be there in a minute" Taehyung pats the messagers back and turns back to me, Taehyung smiles dreamily and grabs my hand leading me to the stairs, he seemed to be in a daze almost his eyes where even smiling, i find it cute not in a romantic way no in a friendly way.

"I have to go now but this is the room you'll be staying in get comfortable I'll come find you later and maybe i can introduce you too Jungkook and Yoongi" Taehyung laughs while smiling brightly, his eyes were radiating happiness, he runs off with a little skip in his step i grin and open the old wooden door behind me, i enter a large room actually the same one Taehyung showed me earlier, i walk to an empty bed on the left side of the room three beds down from the door, i fall onto the bed a sigh escaping my lips, i close my eyes and smile shyly to myself.

'Lets see how this go shall we'

Chapter Text

[Taehyung's view]

I leave Jimin in the room and i begin to run up the stairs to meet with the others, i open the door for the fifth and quietly enter the hallway, i walk past the bedrooms and knock on the meeting room door, i am greeted by Namjoons brown eyes smiling at me.

"You know the rules whats the password" i chuckle at his playfulness i whisper 'family' he unlocks and opens the door, i skip inside and instantly run up to Jungkook, my best friend and also the man I'm in love with of course he doesnt know that.

"Jungkookie!~" i coo he turns to me smiling, i run and hug him before i heard a grunt of annoyance, i twist my head around to meet the hard cold eyes of Yoongi, i just chuckle knowing Yoongi almost better than anyone.

"Come here i know you want one too" I tease, Yoongi rolls his light blue eyes but he still give me a small side hug, before quickly separating and running a hand through his pastel blue hair, Jungkook and I put blue dye into his shampoo long before the break out and he just keeps dying it.

"Ok so we need to do a head count sense we have a few new people, and this is important for a two reasons, we need to make sure we have enough food and so we exactly who is coming in and out the scavengers have been crawling around for a while" Yoongi curses and leans up against the wall turning to look out the window, Namjoon starts giving us our assignments, i have to check the food stock and see how much more we need, Jungkook and Yoongi have head count, Jin has to dinner with help from Hoseok, Namjoon gets to stay here and work on the plan.

[Jimin's veiw]


The a soft bang on the door cuased me to snap awake, the door opens and two guys walk in one with light brown hair, he had carmel eyes that complements his green hoodie and blue jeans, i glance at the other guy and bis beauty hit me like a train his soft pastal blue hair looked like clouds and light blue eyes that almost looked grey he glances back at me and i instantly feel my heart speed up and i almost feel like curling up into a ball because of respect those eyes demand, but also cuddling close to him on a cold winter night because of the warmth and tenderness, his eyes widened slightly before looking away quickly.

"Hey? Hey!" I jump snaping out of my daze and looking up towards the brown haired.

"Y- yes?" I whimper feeling the grey eyes on me.

"We just want to know your name, who brought you here and how long you have been here" i nod glupping trying to ignore the intense eyes starring down at me.

"My name is Park Jimin, a- and Taehyung and Hoseok brought me here just a day ago" The browned haired nodes and turns to the other blue haired.

"Is that everyone here?"

"Yea" the deep voice cuts through my ears it was so soft yet so ruff, the voices demands obedience and i was willing to obey, it was so smooth like chocolate and coarse like a rock, i have this strong feeling that i had heard it before, i try to remember where i had heard it before but nothing comes to mind, they begin to exit the room and i start to panic i quickly run out after them.

"Wait!" The brown haired stops first then the blue haired.

"Are one of you Jungkook?" I ask quietly, i hosnetly have no idea why i asked that what if one them werent what if-

"Yea thats me" the brown haired claims confidently.

"Taehyung was telling me about you" Jungkook smiles softly aware of this and gives me a little wave.

"Hey- Jimin was it?" The blue haired questions, i glup nodding hating but loving the intensity i am feeling.

"Its rude not to ask the name of one of your elders" i shiver as i fall deeper and deeper into his eyes i watch as he learned towards me a little, a playfulness shines in his eyes.

"Um w- well whats y- your name" the blue haired smiles softly for just a second before walking up to me, he puts his pointer finger under my chin and smirks making me squirm.


Chapter Text

Its been about two weeks since i arrived at the tower, I've gotten closer to Taehyung, we talk a lot Jungkook also joins sometimes but Taehyung will just talk with him and daydreams, damn he's whipped. Anyway i have been talking to Namjoon more and i am beginning to realize how much of a dick i was when i first met him after my mothers death, i was grieving and i started blaming others, and telling them they were the cause of my pain.

But he wasnt, and i know that now, he took me aside a week ago and told me that he understands how i am feeling, and being the dick i was, told him he didnt and it was a long conversation about what happened to him after the out break.

"Jimin i want to tell you something ok, so please sit down and listen to me" I nod my tear stained face red and raw. "After the out break, i was extremely worried about my husband Seokjin and the others thats why i left in the first place I'm sure you understand, anyway once i got there people were already turned the streets were littered with zombies and screaming people, but once i reached home-" Namjoon stops choking back some tears.

"My mother and father were already turned and Jungkook had killed them out of self defense" i look down in shame, a deep feeling of regret rose up and wrecked my emotions.

"Namjooon-" i whisper, tears flooding my eyes once more blurring my vision. "I'm so sorry I've been such a dick to you i dont know, i hate grief and i dont know how to cope so i just took it all out on you and i hate myself for it" i sob the namjoon gently places his left hand on my shoulder and smiles at me making me feel even worse, i have been a total prick and this amazing human being smiles and forgives me just like that.

"Its fine i understand" He chuckles and lets go punching my arm a little.

"Oh and Taehyung wants to see you"

And now his like a father figure to me, Hoseok is a little ball of joy and sunshine, and i love it.

He makes everything seem better then it is, he knows how to make someone happy, he has had his bad days but he always thinks of others first, I have met Seokjin namjoons husband, a few times he demands respect and is such a queen, and its amazing, but he can be very snappy but its ok i love him anyway.

Now i have only met Yoongi twice since i asked for his name in the hallway, and i dont know why but i completely melt in his presence, its the strangest feeling, but i love it, i know i'm gay but this man makes me gay all over again, but the thing that really intrigues me his personality, his very respectful but a fucking savage at the time, his eyes are like a winter storm and their stare makes me shiver like I'm in one.

"Jimin! Quite daydreaming!" I'm pulled from my throughts by Taehyungs deep and whinny voice, i blink a few times shaking my head trying to forget what i was just think about.

"Whats up tae?"

"Namjoon whats to talk to you" i nod and follow the skipping boy down the hall to the medical floor, i travel behind Taehyung and he opens the old wooden door and stepping to the side happliy grinning at me, i wounder why he is so cheerful today?
I walk in and i noticed Namjoon talking Lily she was a little girl who was always smiling and laughing with her twin brother Luke, she was i tears and i glance at her knee and saw the gauze with spots of red soaking through the white.

"Alright you'll be fine go find Luke"

"Hiya~ Jiminie!" I smile and kneel down in front of the little brown haired girl, her bright green eyes sparkle as she tells me about how it happened, i laugh it her and ruffle her hair messing up the pigtails that sit on the sides of her head.

"Hey Lily may i speak to Jimin?" Namjoon ask sweetly, the little girl nodes and runs off after hearing her brother's whiny calls, i watch her run off a smile painted my face, i turn to face Namjoon his eyes are filled with happiness and the kind of joyful feeling the little girl gives you.

"Whats up joonie?"

"I wanted to ask you something" i nod and he continues. "Your four weeks are nearing an end" my smile leaves my face instantly after thinking about leaving, yes i told myself not to get attached but, i couldnt help myself, Taehyung, Hoseok, Jungkook are the closest friends i have had ever in my life, Namjoon and Seokjin reminded me of my parents and i trust them a lot really, and Yoongi he…he was different, he wasnt like a friend or parent, no he was different he was demanding and strong willed he knew when to leave and when to stay, he was kind hearted but didnt show it.


I feel drawn to him.

"Hey Jimin," i look up at him and see the kindness that flooded his deep brown eyes. "I want you to stay, i know i know you didnt think you would want to, but you brought something new here, and i feel like you could be happy here" i feel the wetness of tears soak my face, i havent felt loved in months i was trying to ignore the kindness and the love they give me here, and without thinking i let my body take over, letting it hug Namjoon tightly, the older korean chuckles hugging back and ruffling my hair.

"I-i will" i choke out, my open mouth let the salty tears inside allowing me to teaste the happiness in them, i feel other bodies surround me, i open my eyes seeing everyone hugging me just as tightly, except Yoongi, who was leaning against the door fame.

"And we'll be here for you, you don't have to be alone anymore" Taehyung whispers.

I let a deep breath and relax into the warmth, that i recognize as family.

I wasn't alone anymore.

I am loved.

I am home.