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Father's Day

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“Psst! Thor!” you whispered, waving the blond god over toward a supply closet down the hall from the communal kitchen and entertainment area where some of the other Avengers were goofing off between missions. 


“Yes?” he responded, joining you in the tiny room with a confused look on his face. “Are you hiding from someone?”


“No. Well, yes, but… not really?” you said, earning a chuckle from the good-natured man. 


“Ah, Loki is off training with the other sorcerers today, I recall.” He grinned at you and watched as you fidgeted. Despite his strength and somewhat battle-hungry reputation, you had learned that Thor had a great sense of humor and could be insightful and sweet when given the chance. “How can I be of assistance, my future sister?”


You blushed at the words and he knew you would, which gave him all the more pleasure when he teased you playfully about Loki’s proposal a few days ago. “I… umm… yes…” you started, sighing and rolling your eyes with a smile on your face. “I have a mission for you.”


“A mission?” He crossed his arms in front of him and leaned against the wall, taking on a more serious tone. “Has Dr. Banner eaten all of the ice cream again?”


You watched as he held back his beaming smile for as long as he could, eventually ending it with a good-natured chuckle. “Thor…” you said, hoping he would stop teasing you for a moment. 


“Alright, I’m listening. Tell me of this mission and the life-threatening risks I am about to take.”


You rolled your eyes, he laughed again, and then your eyes met and awkwardness set in. You felt the blush on your cheeks again and tucked your hair behind your ear. “I need a pregnancy test, but if I leave the building, either someone will want to go with me or someone will know where I’ve gone.”


A grin appeared on Thor’s face that was larger than any you’d seen before - which was really saying something, particularly after the teasing he’d just done. “Sister, you do not need a test to find the answer you seek.” 


“I don’t want to ask Dr. Banner to do it.” You sighed in frustration, knowing that Loki would not appreciate The Hulk learning of his heir before he did. 


He shook his head with a slight laugh. “Loki has not told you much of our family, has he?” he questioned, taking your hands into his as you shook your head. “You know me as Thor, God of Thunder, but I am also god of other things.”


“Like what?” you asked, watching as his much larger hands enveloped yours and he smiled again, slyly enough to make you think of his brother doing the same.


“Fertility.” He laughed as your jaw dropped. 


“That’s rather dangerous, isn’t it? A guy like you…” You felt yourself blush again. “I mean, you’re… err… well, I’ve heard women say… umm…”


“Yes, the fairer sex seem to appreciate a few things about me,” he chuckled. “I suppose it could be dangerous, but it does come in handy for moments like this.”


You looked at his face, questioning him silently before you felt your hands tingle slightly. “What was that?”


“Loki isn’t the only one with special abilities, sister,” Thor said with a wink before his eyes lit up. “He is, however, the only son of Odin that is a father.”


“Wait, what? You can tell?!” you said with wide eyes as he beamed at you. 


“I must admit,” he said as he let go of your hands and moved to rest one on your lower abdomen, “I suspected you were with child a couple weeks ago when you hugged me after everyone arrived back following the mission…”


Tears pricked your eyes as you thought of how dangerous it had been for the team and how Loki and Thor had been the last two people to come back from the fight. You sniffled and wiped away a tear at the memory and the feeling of relief when your Prince had returned. 


Thor hugged you tightly and chuckled again. “Do not cry, Loki and I returned without a scratch on us! It was the Captain and Stark who were a bit worse for wear, but even they were fine after a visit to the healers.” 


“But… but…” you whispered, stumbling over your words. “If Loki hadn’t made it back, then… then… the baby…” Your words failed. The baby. Loki’s. Yours. 


Thor’s compassionate side was in full force as he held onto you and rubbed your back, one hand still plastered to your belly. “Loki will always return to you and the children, sister,” he said as quietly as his voice would allow. “I promise you that I will always force him to return to you, even if it were to mean sacrificing myself to ensure it.”


Your tears stopped and your eyes grew larger as you pulled back and looked up at him. “Children? As in…”


“Hold on…” he said, shifting his hand over your abdomen.


Unfortunately, it was precisely at this moment that the closet door opened and Loki stood staring at the two of you, both of you appearing quite guilty with Thor’s hand resting dangerously close to your core. He cleared his throat and the two of you looked to him in surprise. “Brother… Sweetling…” he began, his voice prickling with heightening emotions as he stepped into the now very crowded closet and pulled the door closed behind him. “Might I ask what exactly the two of you are doing in here?”


“It’s not what it looks like!” you blurted out as Thor stood frozen and seemingly lost in what he was doing, his hand still touching you rather intimately and his mouth slightly open.


“Brother… would you like to keep your hand or would you like me to remove it for you?” Loki said as their eyes met. 


“OH!” Thor said, pulling away from you quickly, as if he’d forgotten what was happening in the world past where his palm had been. “Yes, of course, my apologies Loki.” He smiled somewhat awkwardly and searched for somewhere to put his hands before finally settling for the side walls of the closet. 


“Would one of you like to explain why you are hiding in the closet with Thor’s hand delving between your legs?!” 


You gulped. His voice was gaining speed and intensity, just as it always did when his temper flared and particularly in those situations where Thor was involved. “Loki… I…” you started, but were unable to finish as you bolted past him out of the closet and rushed down the hallway, the rush of emotions from Thor’s revelation and the heat of the closet triggering your stomach to turn on you. 


As you rushed out, Loki and Thor ran after you, leaving the rest of the group in the nearby lounge to stare down the hallway as you all darted away. “I suspected those Odinsons got up to some freaky stuff, but I really wasn’t expecting that the brothers were into sharing…” Tony said with a chuckle before drinking the rest of his whiskey, his words causing Natasha and Steve to roll their eyes and blush, respectively. “She just got a bit more interesting, too, didn’t she?” he quipped before shrugging his shoulders and walking in the other direction. 


You rushed into the apartment you shared with Loki and ran to the bathroom, locking the door behind you before your breakfast was heaved into the toilet. It hadn’t been the first time that you’d struggled to keep down your food lately, but this was the first time that you hadn’t blamed it on Natasha’s lack of cooking skills or Bruce’s overuse of salt on anything he made for the group. 


“You upset her with your unwelcome touching!” Loki said to Thor as they arrived outside the bathroom door. “Midgardians are delicate, you oaf!”


“It wasn’t unwelcome, Loki!” Thor said, wincing immediately as Loki punched him - lightly - in the gut. “Brother, I meant that it didn’t upset her because she asked me to!”


“You were about to fondle my betrothed in a broom closet!” Loki spat at him. 


Thor raised his hands. “Brother, it wasn’t what it seemed. I assure you, I would never do that to you or them.”


Loki pinched the bridge of his nose in frustration. “It is far too early for you to be in your cups, brother. Make some sense, would you?” 


You could hear hushed conversation outside the door as your stomach finally settled down. You brushed your teeth and opened the door, finding the two of them standing quietly - too quietly. Thor nodded to you with a reassuring smile, encouraging you to step closer to Loki. 


“Happy Father’s Day,” You whispered as Loki’s arms wrapped around your waist and he pulled you close, just as he had each time he’d returned from a mission. “I’m pregnant…”


Thor silently chuckled and grinned as he watched Loki’s eyes widen. “That is why I touched her,” he said, finally allowing himself to enjoy the moment. He laughed as he patted his brother’s back. “Perhaps the sons of Loki will keep their father on his toes, hmm?” He exchanged looks with you and winked as Loki stood in shock with his arms around you. “Sister, you may want to get him seated before he faints… he looks paler than normal.” 


“Thanks, Thor,” you replied, blushing as the blond man left the apartment. 


“That’s Uncle Thor!” he said before the door closed behind him. 


“Did he just say what I think he said?” Loki asked as the two of you sat down on the side of the bed, his hand wrapped firmly around yours. “Did you just…”


You looked over at his face and smiled at the stunned look he was still sporting, giving his hand a squeeze. “As handsome as you are when you’re taken off guard like this,” you said, reaching over to touch his cheek and get him to look at you, “a little reassurance might be helpful.”


He turned toward you and leaned closer, letting his forehead rest against yours for a brief moment before kissing your lips. “I knew you were pregnant, but I did not know…” Moving back onto the bed, he pulled you with him until you were resting on your sides facing each other. “I must admit that Thor’s abilities in this particular area are a bit more developed than mine. Mother would be proud to know he’s using them.”


“I think she’d be even happier to see her son becoming a father,” you grinned, drawing his hand closer and resting it on your body. The love was palpable as he stroked over your stomach.


You paused after a moment and looked to his face. “Wait? You knew I was pregnant and you didn’t tell me!?”


“I wanted you to have the opportunity to find out as you normally would and…” he explained, glancing down at where his fingers were gently running over your shirt, “I wanted to hear the news from you, however you chose to tell me. Even though I’ve known for a week or so, it didn’t feel real until you said those words.” 


The tenderness and sincerity of his voice had you blinking away tears. “I was asking Thor to sneak to the pharmacy to buy a test.” 


He smiled softly as his free hand cupped your cheek. “Did you have a plan to tell me?”


“Nothing beyond telling you as soon as you returned,” you answered. “I didn’t exactly plan to have Thor in the middle of it.”


“He is rather skilled at inserting himself into the center of anything,” he joked, trying to keep your emotions from turning sad as he felt the disappointment in your voice. “I must admit, finding out this way felt oddly appropriate. Human, I suppose? Wonderfully imperfect.” 


“You’re not disappointed?” you asked as he pulled you closer and wrapped his arm around your back. 


He kissed the tip of your nose. “How could I be, darling?” he responded. “The woman I love has not only agreed to marry me, but she is carrying my sons. I could not be more pleased.”


With a smile, you rested your head against his chest and sunk into his embrace. Another moment passed in contented silence, as Loki’s fingers fanned out over your abdomen in a tender yet distinctively possessive caress. 


“Do you feel better, now?” he questioned, kissing the top of your head. 


You inhaled his scent, the deep wood and hint of leather soothing your heightened senses. “I do. I can’t believe I didn’t put the signs together. I’ve been exhausted for the last week, I’ve had bouts of nausea…”


“…Your breasts have been too sore to allow me to enjoy them…” Loki added matter-of-factly. 


Blushing, you looked up at him and kissed his cheek. “I don’t know how you managed to keep the news a secret.”


He smirked and turned you around in his arms, curling around your body as your princely protector. “You mean to ask how I managed to keep my hands and eyes and the rest of my body from telling you without words?” he questioned quietly against your ear before kissing your neck. 


You could feel his smile against your skin as his arms held you close for another moment before his hands began to wander under your shirt. A soft yet unexpected moan came from your lips and you felt him smirk against your neck. 


“Darling, I believe you’ve become rather sensitive,” he said, his deep voice taking on that sensual tone he often turned on in moments like these. He deliberately slowed his progress, but continued moving his hands upward, feeling the way your breathing was changing from his touch. “Mmm… this is a lovely surprise,” he said quietly as he cupped your breasts through the soft lace of your bra, “…already slightly swollen.” 


“Oh my god, oh my god, take it off!” you suddenly blurted out at the slightest touch of a finger over one of your lace-covered nipples, your back arching against his front as arousal coursed through you. The feeling was too much. It’d been too much for the last week or two, but you’d actively avoided any focused touches over your breasts as a way to cope. Loki’s dextrous fingers and obscenely gentle caress left you feeling overstimulated and needy. 


“Hush, my dear,” he whispered, his teeth pausing to tease your earlobe as your clothes - and his - disappeared in a soft flash of green. “We will get there eventually,” he said as his hands moved away from your breasts and slid toward your abdomen with a gentle but firm touch, clearly not wanting to set you off again. 


You didn’t realize that you had been slowly drawing in an anxious breath the entire time his hands crept lower, not until he kissed your neck and you exhaled sharply before taking a couple rushed breaths to catch up. Even with his careful motions, the touch of his fingers still set off sparks of desire. Is this what it will be like the entire way through? 


“Yes,” Loki answered, his voice quiet as he moved the two of you to sit up, his back to the head of the bed with you safely between his spread legs. “You are mine now. Your body ignites at my touch, just as my own does with yours.” He paused to kiss your shoulder. 


His hands returned to your skin, sliding down your sides until they reached your hips. You were both quiet, each listening to the other’s breathing and waiting for your shared reactions as his fingers inched closer to your middle. Turning your head, you kissed his cheek and moved your hands to guide his larger ones over your womb. 


“I have wanted to do this since I first realized you were with child,” he said as his hands sweetly searched over you. 


You leaned back into his body and closed your eyes, enjoying the gentle touches and soft sparks of his seidr.  “Thor said sons. Is he right?”


Loki focused his concentration for a moment. “Yes…” he replied, his tone giving away the grin that was on his face. 


Feeling him laughing silently against your back, you turned around in his arms and looked at him questioningly. “What’s so funny?” 


“I told you Jotuns are notoriously virile, did I not?” he responded, drawing you to sit astride his lap before briefly kissing your lips. 


“Yes, you did, but why are you laughing?” you asked, sighing as he kissed your neck again while his hands moved to knead your bottom. 


“Because this Jotun appears to have been particularly virile,” he whispered, pulling your body flush against his own. His lips moved to your neck again, pressing increasingly wanton kisses as he continued his explanation.  “Twin pregnancies are somewhat rare, but this is unheard of for my kind.”


You drew back and stared at him, your hands resting on his chest as he looked back at you with a rather smug grin. It was the grin that often appeared when he was causing mischief. “Loki…” The nervousness could be heard in your voice as your mind jumped to conclusions. “What’d you do???”


He clutched a hand to his chest. “Love, your accusation wounds me,” he said rather melodramatically, closing his eyes. 


At that point, you knew he’d done something, but realized that there was no way you could actually be upset with him for it as he stole a glance from his only slightly opened eyes to see your reaction. When his playfulness was met with a soft, accepting smile from you, he dropped the act and kissed your lips again. 


“Luck finally graced me with good news,” he said as he rested his forehead against yours again, “…and I might’ve given you one of my mother’s fertility potions. She would thrilled to know it worked.”


You happily sighed, realizing what had been behind his actions. “You were afraid we couldn’t, weren’t you?” 


He nodded once, just barely, before pecking your lips again. “When I failed to find examples of Jotuns and Humans procreating, incompatibility was one potential explanation,” he said with a sigh before cupping your cheeks with his hands. “It was an answer I was unwilling to accept and I…” he paused, looking at your face with a mix of vulnerability and tenderness that you hadn’t seen from him before. “…I could not stomach the thought of disappointing you or watching your hope fade if we struggled.” 


His admission made your heart feel a number of mixed-up emotions all at once and you felt your eyes release fresh tears. You hugged him tightly, putting all the feelings you had into your touch because getting them out in words didn’t seem possible. His calm, deep breaths helped snap you out of the emotional surge. I wonder if this is me or them, you wondered as his hands sweetly stroked your back. 


Both, Sweetling.


You drew back enough to look at his face, your eyes wider at the realization that he hadn’t said anything out loud. “This is going to take a bit of getting used to…” you said with a soft smile, understanding that your new ability to communicate with each other this way was part of the bond you’d forged. Thankfully, the somber tone of the conversation had changed back to the curiosity and excitement of a few moments before. “So just how well did that potion work, Loki?” you asked with a playful smirk as you moved back to give him space.


One of his hands spread over your belly again as the other held one of yours, lacing your fingers together with his. “Mother’s notes indicated that the potion would only ensure that one child would be conceived. I believe that it did exactly that, but that we ended up not needing it in the first place.” 


“There’s one from the potion and…?” you asked as his fingers slowly padded around.


A bit of smugness crept into his smile, the sort of self-congratulatory smirk he occasionally had after one of his plans won the battle for the team.  “Two more,” he answered, looking down to your stomach. His finger traced over your skin again and you could feel his seidr for a few seconds. “I believe they are identical.” 


You blushed at the satisfaction he clearly got out of your situation and let your arms slip over his shoulders and behind his neck, not really making eye contact as you touched him. “Three tiny Lokisons…” you said as your fingers toyed with his hair, “I’m sure tales will be told of their daddy’s command of the bedroom.” 


“...and of their mother,” he said with a voice that reflected the mood growing between you. 


You glanced to Loki’s face and saw arousal rising as his eyes were intensely focused on you. He looked as tense as a taut bowstring as his hands moved to hold your hips. “Maybe siring three sons on your first try will earn you fertility god status,” you wondered aloud, a flash of a smirk crossing your lips as your eyes met his again for a brief moment before your hands moved over his shoulders and chest. His heart was pounding steadily as his breaths became heavy with desire. 


“I can’t wait to tell everyone…” you whispered, leaning toward his ear, “Prince Loki of Asgard, Rightful Heir to the Throne of Jotunheim, God of Mischief, God of Chaos and God of Virility is their Daddy.” You nuzzled against him affectionately as his voice made a deeply aroused sound. Although you hadn’t ever played with the title this way, you had suspected that the man before you might enjoy being called daddy from the various intimate moments between your decision to have children and the present. 


You continued toying with his hair as you sat back on his lap and watched his face. “Do you like that?” you asked softly, your cheek moving to the other side of his face to whisper into his other ear. “I know you do, Loki. You love it because it reminds you and everyone else exactly how you earned that title and what it meant. 


His voice barely made it out of his mouth with the way it was so very choked with arousal from your words. “I will never forget earning it, love,” he answered before moving you both. He planted you on your back on the bed and knelt over your body, his hips caged in by your thighs as he lowered himself to your already slick entrance. “Mmm… I do believe I’m not the only one enjoying this,” he added with a smirk, slowly slipping inside you. “Does your little quim get wet at the thought that my seed impregnated you? That you, a mere mortal, has wrapped a god around your finger so tightly?”


A slightly harder thrust left him buried to the hilt and caused you both to moan. You drew his body closer and kissed him deeply, your tongue teasing his as your fingers ran through his tousled curls before taking time to whisper to him again. “I’m a very, very lucky mortal.” A gasp came from your mouth as he nearly withdrew before thrusting inside again. 


“To be bred by a god...” he said with a groan as your nails playfully dragged down his back. “Unlike other gods, I sought your consent. You wanted this.” 


A blissful whimper escaped from your mouth as he moved inside you with slow, deep thrusts. “Yes…” 


“Ached for it…” he hissed, another thrust causing his body to press flush against your own.


You felt him grind against you, stimulating your clit as he seemed to hit every spot inside you. Sex with him was always good, but there was something about everything that had transpired that heightened everything about the moment. “For you, Loki,” you whispered, struggling not to allow the flood of emotions get the better of you in this moment. “To be yours.”


Your god saw the tears threatening to spill from your eyes, felt the sudden shift in your emotions, and sighed in a sweet way that seemed to cherish the knowledge that he would need to take care of you in the coming months. With his body settled on yours and his length still buried inside you, his hands cupped your cheeks and his thumbs swept your tears away. He silently wondered whether all the inevitable, hormonally charged tears you’d cry would continue to softly break him the way they were right now. There was a pang in his heart as he gazed at your shining eyes, seeing the love you felt and feeling his own emotions rise in response. 


“How important is a traditional Midgardian wedding to you?” he whispered, a sense of nervousness in his voice. 


It wasn’t clear where he was going with the question. Worry began to find its way into your thoughts. “Did you… not want to…” 


He swiftly but carefully exchanged your places on the bed, letting you rest on top of him as he looked up from the pillows, one hand affectionately tracing down your cheek. “We could be wed tomorrow, you know.” A soft smile graced his lips as you took a deep, relaxed breath and realized he wasn’t putting a halt to your engagement. “I do not want to deny you any dreams you may have about a wedding, but if you are not tied to tradition… Stark has informed me that City Hall performs the rite.” 


Sincerity was etched on his handsome features as you stared down at his face, the gentle laugh lines at the corners of his eyes and tenderness in his gaze said everything you needed to hear. “I have the perfect dress…” you whispered back to him. As you said the words, the enormity of it struck you and you felt your hands shake with anticipation. 


He gathered them in his own and placed them on his chest before sitting up and holding you as you straddled his lap. “Tomorrow you will be mine, sweetling, and all shall know it. …But for now…” he said before giving you a playful look as his hands moved to guide your hips.