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Child Curses & Chocolate Kisses

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 ── ♢♢♢♢ ──


The detective had barely opened the door to the roof and caught a glimpse of the thief holding tonight’s target up to the moonlight when suddenly a bright flash filled his vision as he felt a chilly wind sweep through the rooftop.
It caught him completely by surprise and he felt a faint touch of hurt. Usually the magician at least waited long enough to exchange a few words of banter before making his escape.
Deep amber eyes, blinked away the foggy white as their vision returned and the wind died down.
Saguru quickly ran forward as soon as his sight regained focus, to try and spot where KID had fled, only to nearly fall over from abruptly stopping before he trampled over the pile of white he had failed to notice, lying on the ground.
The detective stared in confusion for two seconds before he donned a pair of gloves and gingerly lifted up a corner of what looked to be KID’s cape. What he found underneath surprised him even more than the bright flash from moments before.
It looked like a child. A child of about seven years of age, lay there engulfed by the adult sized clothes as the too large hat and monocle lay fallen by the small head of messy brown locks. The teen extended a hand to check for a pulse on the small neck. A sigh of relief as his fingers found a strong and steady beat, good, the boy was only unconscious.

Saguru was startled from his inspection by the sound of inspector Nakamori shouting out orders to go after KID. The teen stood up and peered over the edge of the roof to see a KID dummy flying away from their current building as a few police cars drove after it. It must have been set up beforehand, timed to release as the thief took his leave. But the genuine familiar triangle of white was nowhere in sight and searching around, the detective didn’t find any evidence of another escape method. The only other way off the roof was through the door Saguru had used and he would have either felt him pass when blinded as he was paused in the doorway, or seen him run by when he had rushed forward, or heard him at least, surely. It was likely that something about KID’s escape plan didn’t go quite as planned tonight.

The head of blond locks slowly turned back towards the unconscious child. Despite the ridiculousness of the notion, all the current evidence strongly indicated that the only other place the thief could have gone… that the identity of the child was that of the Kaitou KID.
The teen walked back to stand over the child. Well Kaitou KID or not, Saguru couldn’t very well leave a child to deal with this predicament all on their own.

‘It’s late’, Saguru thought as he glanced back up at the moon, ‘I’m too tired to deal with this at the moment’. He let out a small sigh, he could deal with this in the morning after a good night’s rest in a nice warm bed. Good thing it was a Friday night, at least he didn’t have to deal with school tomorrow and could focus on this. Saguru bent down to retrieve the silk top hat, collapsing it into a thin disk and tucking it away with the monocle and white gloves inside his inner jacket pocket. He gently gathered up the bundle of white into his arms. As he carefully carried the boy against his chest, he could feel the pleasant warmth from him, idly wondering if KID was normally this warm. The magician always gave a colder impression as he shone under the moonlight, matching the mood of the night time setting and his cool tricks. To break that illusion, to remember that KID was also a human, warm and alive, not an actual phantom, it amused Saguru as he proceeded to make his way out of the building, taking care to avoid any people still left.

He climbed into the backseat of the car his baaya had waiting on him, “Thank you for waiting. I’m ready to leave when you are.” Saguru adjusted his arms around the child cradled in his lap as his baaya raised an eyebrow at the sleeping boy. However she said nothing as she set aside the book she had been reading and started up the car, driving them home. Thankfully this late at night didn’t have as much traffic so the drive blurred by fairly quickly until about halfway to the house, when the child curled a little closer to the teen causing him to notice he had started to slightly shiver. Saguru quickly checked the temperature and felt the boy’s hands and forehead. The car was warm enough, his hands weren’t cold, and he didn’t have a fever. Checking his face more closely revealed the slight crease of eyebrows, tightening around the eyes, and small frown of the mouth. The boy was scared. Was he having a bad dream? So Saguru wrapped his arms a little more snugly around the boy, bringing up one hand to soothingly stroke the soft brown hair. Luckily that seemed to do the trick as the child stopped trembling, face relaxing once again as he peacefully slept. The rest of the ride was uneventful as Saguru continued to reassuringly stroke the boy’s head.


 ── ♢♢♢♢ ──