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Okay, this was not the outcome that he was expecting when he asked Midoriya for help. He wasn't expecting the class 1a cinnamon roll to be, not in fact a cinnamon roll. How this started? Well,,



"Mm,, hey Midoriya? Could you help me untangle myself?" Shinsou had asked that, knowing the greenette would in fact help him.

"O-oh! Sure Shinsou-kun!" Midoriya had quickly turned around to see what he had to do, then froze.

It was perfect, almost too perfect with the way that Shinsou had been tangled up courtesy of his gear. Starting with it being wrapped around his neck, also wrapping around his biceps holding them into place, his left hand also tied to his bicep. His legs also being held into place, holding them together. It was pathetic, really with Shinsou laying on his side all tied up, all sweaty and hair seemingly in a mess. It didn't help that Shinsou had gained muscle, his biceps and forearms were certainly bigger than last time.


That broke Midoriya out of his trance, Shinsou noticed the way his eyes dilated at him. Midoriya jumped back when black whip shot out, wait! Wasn't black whip controlled by emotions? What was Midoriya feeling for black whip to suddenly come out? Black whip suddenly grabbed onto Shinsou, pulling him to where Midoriya was standing a few feet away. Shinsou realized, the others all had left so, it was just him and Midoriya.

"Hm, I didn't think that black whip responded to other emotions, such as desire." Midoriya mumbled, watching in fascination.

Desire? Shinsou thought, black whip hasn't let go of its grasp on Shinsou, feeling his body up. Shinsou shuttered at the feeling of some of it crawling up his gym uniform. Why is it touching me like this? It felt like that watery type slime you find at the dollar store, but more tough and rough.

"Hey S-shinsou? you certainly w-wo-uldn't wouldn't mind if I tried something on you?" Midoriya's voice sounded different, more on edge.

"I mean, sure? As long as it doesn't hurt me."

To be honest, Shinsou was kinda worried about what Midoriya wanted to try. The slime like thing was already crawling up his sides, suddenly Shinsou froze. Midoriya released black whip from his other hand, it going straight to Shinsou's pants, sliding in past the waist line of both his pants and boxers. The substance continued on until it reached his cock, he gasped at the feeling of it rubbing his length down.

'Does Midoriya like doing this to me? Is this what he meant with desire?'

He snapped out of thought, when he felt both his nipples starting to get played with too. Leaving Shinsou to gasp at the stimulation, his cock getting harder by the minute and black whip seemed to know that too. Shinsou turned his head to see Midoriya, Midoriya also noticeable hard, and seemed to be eyeing him.

"A-Ah!" Shinsou moaned louder than he thought, when the substance fully wrapped around his hard cock.

"Mm.. are you… enjoying this Shinsou?" Midoriya purred.

Shinsou didn't get a chance to answer, because he felt Midoriya rip his pants off - literally 'oh my god, he did that with just his natural strength-' although it did get the binds off his legs in the process. Shinsou was soon flipped onto his back, Midoriya forcefully spreading his legs, his eyes were focused on the way black whip was moving in Shinsou's boxers.

"Are you enjoying this, kitten?"

'Oh my god that was hot.'

Shinsou panted, and groaned as black whip started pressed harder against his cock and nipples. The slimy feeling of it wrapped around his cock was weird - but it felt so good.

"M-mido-ah!-riya!" Shinsou couldn't help it, he started to feel more needy.

Midoriya simply smirked, grabbing onto Shinsou's boxers, lifting his legs to pull the underwear off. Finally seeing Shinsou's exposed lower half, seeing the way his quirk worked him up.

"Ah, kitten? Are you okay with me going this far?" Midoriya needed to make sure that this was okay, consent is important.

"Y-ah-es!" Oh my god, why was this turning him on?

Midoriya smiled gently, black whip leaving Shinsou's cock and moving down to ass, spreading his cheeks apart. Midoriya moving his hand to where Shinsou's hole was, rubbing his thumb over the rim; watching how it twitched.

"Look at than kitten, you want me, don't you?"

"Yes! M-midoriya I want to be yours.."

"You were already mine, kitten, so from now on call me Izuku."

Shinsou opened his mouth to reply, when lips met his and tongue met tongue. Shinsou tried to his best ability to kiss back, and try to fight back for dominance, knowing it was all in vain because Midoriya was already winning the battle of tongues. Midoriya pulled back, saliva still connecting them as he looked down at Shinsou seeing him drooling and oh my god, his face. Midoriya scooped up the drool from Shinsou's mouth with his pointer and middle finger, spreading it on his fingers with his thumb.

"Hitoshi, breathe in."

And Shinsou listened taking a breath in, wincing when he felt Midoriya's pointer finger slowly start to enter him. The feeling was weird has the digit was pushed in, the feeling of it running against his walls sent shivers down his spine. He took a breath out, slowly getting used to the digit inside of him. Midoriya pulled his finger back halfway and then back at a slow pace, keeping watch of Shinsou's face.

"Mm.. Izuku, s'good.."

"Aw, kitten if you think this is good just wait till the full course."

Shinsou let out a whine, a noise he didn't think he would ever be making - for Midoriya no less. A second finger pushed into him, both moving at a faster pace. He felt the digits flex in him, curling and -

"Ah! F-fuck!" Shinsou bucked his hips, trying to force the digits to hit that spot again.

Midoriya smirked, hitting Shinsou's prostate a few more times before uncurlying his finger and making a scissoring motion. He kept this up for awhile, wanting to make sure he was well prepared.

"Do you think your ready kitten? We can stop here and now, if you'd like."

"N-no! I need you now Izuku!" Shinsou felt desperate, wanting to be filled by the other boy.

Midoriya nodded, slipping his pants and boxers down to his knees. His cock sprang out, pre-cum leaking from the head.

"Oh my god, is that gonna fit in me?"

"Of course it will sweetheart, ill make sure of it, just for you."

Midoriya grabbed his cock, leading it to Shinsou's hole, slowly entering the tight heat. He groaned loudly has he pushed all the way in, keeping still. Shinsou on the other hand, felt so full - feeling the pleasure and slow burn of something filling him up nicely. Tears rolled down Shinsou's face, Midoriya kissing them away.

"Izuku.. Move, please.." And Midoriya did move, pulling almost always the way out, leaving the head in and slowly pushing back in.


Midoriya moved his head up to Shinsou's neck, starting to lick and bite all over, causing shinsou to arching his back. "Ah! IZukU!" His cock rubbed up against Midoriya's uniform. Shinsou squirmed and couldn't help but keep moaning at the sensation.

"Please! Faster!" Midoriya picked up the past, by a lot and started to slam into Shinsou causing him to let out a scream. "Oh god, Izuku, Izuku, 'zuku!" Words were spewing out of his mouth, his stomach started to feel tightening. Oh lord, the feeling of the cock inside him abusing his walls and hitting his prostate, was something else.

"Are you my good little kitten? Taking my cock so goodly. Look at you go.." Midoriya purred, detaching his mouth from Shinsou's neck. "Yes! Ah! I'm good!"

"Who are you good for?" Midoriya growl, he actually growled. "I'm good for you! Only for you! A-ah! Oh my god you make me feel so good, being inside me!" Shinsou had basically screamed out, Midoriya pounding into him harder, making that tight feeling in his stomach tighten more so.

"Has anyone ever tell you how pretty you are? Because you're beautiful, taking my cock up so well.. And that look on your face." Midoriya praised. It felt nice to hear those words. "N-no on-e has a-ah! Eve-er t-told told me that!" Shinsou moaned out.

"Hm.. Such a shame, because you really are beautiful.." Midoriya let out a grunt.

That was it for Shinsou, his body compulsed, his vision whitening. He couldn't tell if he screamed or not, but it was enough for Midoriya to cum inside him, panting. It was oddly pleasing.. He blinked a few times, realizing that he had also cummed.

"Mm,, Hitoshi so pretty.." Midoriya pulled out, and started undoing Shinsou's capture gear. Black whip going away when Shinsou was untied.

"Come on we need to wash up, do you think you could walk or do you want me to pick you up?" Midoriya asked, Shinsou just mumbled, feeling tired.

"Picking you up it is than."


If they noticed, they didn't say anything when Shinsou stumbled into class the next day - with very noticeable marks on his neck and the way he slightly limped.

Aizawa wasn't so pleased by the sight, because first of all who slept with Shinsou? Second of all, was it safe sex? Oh god, did he have to do sex ed with Midnight? It wasn't until later he realized it was Midoriya that Shinsou had slept - with that subtle smirk he had on that day.

Oh god, his problem child is being more of a problem child.