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So Long As Its You...

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Lan Wangji couldn’t recall a time in which he had ever felt more stunned. Shocked...? Horrified? All of them sounded fitting and yet not at all.

Usually, he was good at keep his thoughts together. That they rarely prevented him from seeing a way out of whatever hole he had dug himself, or more likely been thrown into.

But now, he found he had never felt as taken aback as he did right now. He was speechless, and while this wasn't anything abnormal for him, he was sure he looked it. Looked every bit of discomposed at the very sight that faced him.

The calm, collected, Lan Wangji of Gusu, one of the twin jades- was currently finding it beyond feasible to even do as much as to close his mouth, and he was sure even if his life depended on it, it would prove to be just as difficult of a task as it was as of now.

Mere moments ago he hadn’t been like this. He had been at his desk, brush in hand when all of a sudden he had heard a loud yip from outside his window. His hand had paused just before ink could meet the paper, turning his head, he expected to find an animal of sorts just beneath the tree hanging past his window. Pets were not allowed in the cloud recesses’ so the thought was confusing in itself.

What he had not expect to find was a male, dressed in familiar white robes his uncle had handed out a handful of months prior. It was dark outside, certainly past curfew and he found he could only stare, eyes hesitantly moving over messily tied up hair, that oddly enough seemed more purposeful than not, wide eyes and trembling lips. As his eyes moved down his shadowed form, his face fell at the sight of a bushy black tail, tucked between his legs.

What the fuck was Wei Wuxian doing here?!

Instantly, his eyes jumped down, expecting to find a bottle of emperors smile in his hands. This was based solely on the first night he had run into him, and from how his antics had only grown with determination, the fox hybrid seeming desperate to do everything in his power to get under his skin.

Really , he had no clue how he had even found the Jingshi , but he didn’t have a doubt in his mind that he had came here with reason, likely for the soul reason of taunting himself into a months of detention.

Instead of alcohol, Lan Wangji found both of his hands white on Suibian , grip tight and shaking. Following the sword down he gave pause. He couldn’t see past his window, but from the looks of it, something was down there.

It hadn’t taken too long for everyone in the cloud recesses to become familiar with Wei Wuxian. Jiang Wanyin's adopted brother and one of Yunmeng’s two prides. The two were impressive cultivators who rarely flinched back at the sight of danger. 

He’d watched the both of them during night hunts, and not once had he seen Wei Wuxian look so close to passing out, so close to dying on the spot.

To say it was worrying, would be an understatement.

Biting back a frown, he placed his brush into its dish, unsheathing Bichen and moving towards the window, careful to keep his movements slow, as to not alert whatever it was that had his classmate so scared.

Though , bitterly he couldn’t help but think that whatever it was that had him so scared, was to an extent deserving for sneaking out past curfew and leaving the disciples wards.

As he drew near, he couldn’t help but wonder how long Wei Wuxian had been there. His positioned looked uncomfortable, something close to a crouch as he leaned against the trunk of the tree, body visibly wobbling with unease. 

He looked as if he had just been caught off guard, and from how Lan Wangji hadn’t noticed a shift in the energy around him, he had probably been here for quite some time.

He shook his growing discomfort at the thought that he could be sunk upon so easily. Of course, he wasn’t surprised to find that if someone where to catch him off guard it would be him . The thought made something hot swell inside of him and he couldn’t quite place if it was found or not.

Nearing the window, he let his eyes fall down past the tree.

He stared, the wind bitter against his face and he could feel his eyes stinging. From annoyance, misplaced amusement, or irony he didn’t know. 

Beneath the tree was a dog. Puppy, would probably be a more accurate term from its small size. He lowered his sword back to his side, resheathing it and turning his eyes up to meet wide ones that were now on his own.

Wei Wuxian hardly looked surprised that he had noticed him, instead, the male hesitantly motioned back down beneath their feet, mouthing shakily and looking on the verge of collapsing, but the sight of glossy eyes on his own, was enough to still his heart as he forced his eyes down to foxes lips.

Save me?!  

Save him- him! From a dog!?  

Save you? ” He started slowly and he was instantly met with a frantic nod. You’re a fucking fox hybrid!” He hissed, tightening his grip around Bichen , he settled for squeezing his eyes shut. 

He knew logically he was breaking three rules on self regulation, but he was far too annoyed, far too furious , to remind himself that he shouldn't be saying as much. That he shouldn't be humoring him because that was clearly what this was.

Wei Wuxian only glared at him, still shaking as he motioned down towards the puppy, this time more pointedly and the desperate look in his eyes only seemed to have grown.

Be quiet- it can hear you!” Wei Wuxian screamed, louder than he had just spoken seconds ago. A reprimand that noise was not allowed in Cloud Recesses, especially past curfew, was on the tip of his tongue, but at the sight of tears- fucking tears, sliding down red cheeks, he swallowed back the comment.

Thoughts of he couldn’t fucking believe this , that Hhs life was a joke , or maybe this was simply a prank Wei Wuxian was pulling on him, were quickly replaced with something akin to horror and guilt.

He opened his mouth as he tried to think of a kinder way of telling him to get lost, that it was probably just a spiritual dog that had snuck in and that it thus wouldn’t hurt him. That he would send it out and that if he left immediately he would consider a lighter punishment for breaking four?- and counting rules. 

Before he could do this however, the puppy had let out a loud bark and instantly a whine tore through the hybrids throat as he cowered further into the tree. 

Lan zhan- Lan zhan please- pleaseplease please- ” Wei Wuxian seemed to have forgotten about the dangerous puppy being able to hear him, and had begun to ramble, words trembling as they left his mouth. At this rate, he was sure his uncle- or worse, his brother was going to hear the commotion.

Deciding he’d rather die than sit through an on slaughter of his brothers teasings, he choked down a groan, reaching forward and pulling the male towards him. 

He kept his grip loose, still half debating on it he should shove him off the branch for spying on him. It would serve him right. He was probably trying to sneak in to do something malicious, but now that he and the puppy had foiled this attempt, he’d been robbed of his chance.

Then again, Wei Wuxian seemed genuinely terrified and as much as it pained him, he didn’t want him to be scared or traumatized. Even if it was nothing more than an act, he decided his expressions were far too real and he was far too weak to consider keeping him outside.

As he pulled Wei Wuxian through the window, he turned his eyes down to the puppy beneath him. Audibly, he could hear the sound of a sword being sheathed as he watched the animal. 

Upon closer inspection, he found the puppy didn’t appear to be a spiritual animal. Pets weren’t allowed in Cloud Recesses...but the puppy was rather cute...and his rabbits Ah-Jin and Ah-Kang could use a new playmate...or maybe he could give him to Xichen, he was always shutting himself up in his study. 

Something about the puppies cuteness was simply drawing him in and it was absolutely not because of any similarities it shared in its large eyes and fluffy black tail. 

It wasn’t good that Xichen found himself alone so often. Sure, he had Jin Guangyao and Mingjue xiong, and while they visited regularly, once the two left not much would keep his brother from the growing responsibilities that came with his uncle preparing him to take on the sect.

Having a puppy to keep him company would definitely do Xichen some good, if only a little. He was sure the excuse of terrorizing Wei Wuxian with the puppy would be enough to allow the animal to stay here. 

Like the few other animals here, it would most likely be placed into a secluded area and Wei Wuxian wouldn’t cross paths with it. His uncle had a soft spot for Xichen and he knew about his growing fears. After the disciples left he would probably allowed to keep it closer to him.

Lan Wangji could feel his lips fighting to twitch up at the thought. 

He decided he would mention it to his uncle in the morning, knowing he too had grown worried over his eldest nephew. 

Realizing that there were still wide eyes on him, he turned to the fox hybrid, mentally preparing himself for one sly comment or another. To his surprise, Wei Wuxian didn’t look like he was about to hum off a teasing comment. Instead, he stayed staring at him, dark eyes bright and shining too bright for the hour.

Lan Wangji found himself momentarily stunned. He looked beautiful as always, even like this, with his slightly disheveled hair and flushed face, thanks to the earlier threat that had loomed over- below him. 

He looked better than he had before , no longer scared and now simply shocked. He assumed, it was because he’d touched him and dragged him into his room, a decision he could feel himself begining to regret.

The longer Wei Wuxian’s eyes stayed on him, the more he was begining to get the feelings that  he had done something wrong. That he had let a deep dark secret of his slip past his mask and now Wei Ying, being the sly fox he was, was debating how to best use it against him. 

Hardening his gaze into a glare, he silently demanded him to say something. Explain what he was doing here at the very least if he wouldn’t confess to why he was staring at him as if he had sprouted a second head.

“Lan’re a hybrid?” The question came breathless, lined in a mixture of surprise and awe. 

Staring back at him, his eyes widened as he processed the foxes words. Suddenly, his heart leapt up through his throat and he found he could no longer swallow down his growing embarrassment. 

Hastily, he moved back until he was satisfied with the distance between them. 

The dog hybrid looked seconds from grabbing at his ears and he absolutely refused to let that happen. He was supposed to be every bit of calm, impassive, and yet he was anything but that. 

He was weak. He experienced diverse emotions in painfully heavy waves nearly every second of the day, and more often than not, Wei Wuxian was the one who cast those waves. 

Disgustingly enough, despite how much he annoyed him, tried to tell himself that it was annoyance that made his chest clench the way it did, he found none of the emotions he brought him to be a burden. 

The last thing Lan Wangji needed-  the last thing he needed as of now, was for Wei fucking Wuxian to touch his ears.

His heart had been aching enough as it was, and under a mountain of fondness he forced himself to suppress until the late hours of the night, he knew having him touch his ears of all places, would do him few favors. That it would only damn his heart and possibly himself if Wei Wuxian were to realize just why he wouldn’t be able to pull back. 

You’re a hybrid! ” Wei Wuxian parroted for the second time, lips parted and if he were a bolder man he’d reach forward to close them for him.

He settled for pointedly ignoring him.

Any other time he would be sure to school his features into a glare. Now though, there was no need when he didn't particularly want to and could easily see his own reflection in a mirror just past the fox hybrid.

He felt many things, indifference wasn’t one of them, luckily it never mattered much as to what he felt, because his heart and face always acted independent of each other.

He didn’t feel particularly upset. More embarrassed and disappointed he had let him discover such a thing than anything else. Wei Wuxian finding this out wouldn't do much harm though. 

Would he tease him about it? Of course. Would he tell others about this? Most certainly. But all of this he could survive.

Normally, with his hair tied up, the small ears resting on his head weren’t noticeable and the black fur easily kept them from standing out. Before settling down to practice his calligraphy and draw, he had made the mistake of taking his hair down in the process of getting ready for bed, and now his secret was out. 

A more selfish part of him, almost hoped that now that he knew, that Wei Wuxian would compliment his ears. The fox was always whispering half mocking half teasing words to him at every hour of the day, really with all of the suffering this was sure to bring, the least he could do was tell him they were cute. 

“- Oh my god is that why you wanted to kill me for saying I’d eat the rabbits!? ” Wei Wuxian’s eyes had widened, as if realizing that in all likely hoods, at the time he had insulted his ancestors and at the same time threatened his life. 

In reality, Lan Wangji had known he had only been joking, doing everything in his power to pull a reaction from him. He had also found the sight of Wei Wuxian, clutching two chubby rabbits to his chest, as he snuck in through the library pavilions window, startlingly endearing.

He had forced himself to copy the sect rules while doing a handstand for the thought alone. 

Lan Zhan I swear I didn’t know, ” Wei Wuxian seemed less startled than before and was now inching closer to him with intent dancing in his eyes, the false sincerity was heavy in his words and doing little to hide his true motives. 

Don’t ,” He started, realizing that he was being too quiet, despite how little he spoke. Wei Wuxian’s hand had froze, so close to his head, that if he so wished it, he could easily butt into his touch. 

It had been a while since someone else had touched his ears and he truly missed the gentle hum of contentment that would wash over him during those times. He wouldn’t give in though. He was a weak weak man but he knew his ego would suffer a heavy blow if he were to allow it. 

Lan Wangji was supposed to hate Wei Wuxian. Find him a nuisance. A pest to be squashed. Instead, he seemed more like a butterfly than anything else. 

Something truly beautiful, inside and out, and for some reason, never seemed to want to leave him alone. Vaguely he wondered if maybe the perfume he’d wear at times, that would summon bright winged beings at all hours, had lured in the bright-eyed male instead. 

It seemed plausible. 

Falling for the Lan family curse of being a hopeless romantic, and overthinking the smallest of actions, seemed more plausible though.

Ah come on- please Lan Zhan? Come on, you can touch my tail- I bet you’ve never felt a foxes tail before- do you have a tail? ” Wei Wuxian’s eyes had darted down past his eyes. At the piercing gaze, clearly trying to see through the white robe he was wearing, Lan Wangji really wished he had just shoved him from the tree earlier. 

He couldn’t be more shameless could he? His own affection was certainly misplaced.

As Wei Wuxian began moving forward, he could feel his eyes grow wide as he backed up. His ears where burning, and much to his horror, from his reflection across the room, he could see that his flush had spread to his nose.

This was probably the closest thing to an expression, the closest thing to horror he’d ever visibly shown the male, and yet the fox didn’t give pause. Didn’t stop to point out that he was blushing, that he wasn’t being as collected as the second jade of Lan should be.

His whole body felt hot, burning and vaguely he wondered, from how his vision was blurring over with embarrassment, if this is what it was like to qi deviate.

It was only when he had hit the far wall of his room, did Wei Wuxian freeze.

Even with the hybrid crowding into his space, he could very clearly see his bushy tail wagging madly from behind him. The foxes boxy grin faltered ever so slightly as his eyes returned to his own. 

After several moments, Wei Wuxian grabbed his tail to still it, as if he had suddenly realized how inappropriate it would be for him to grab his own tail, to be excited about it...that was if he did in fact have one.

He did. Not that it was any of his business, and if he had his way, he was going to keep it that way. 

Uhh ,” Wei Wuxian started, tan cheeks dark as a deep flush settled over them. “ Do you have a tail?” They were so close that his breath was warm on his face and he was sure it was only adding to his own blush. As if noticing this, Wei Wuxian inhaled a breath, stepping back and letting his own tail go. 

After several moments he forced himself to nod shakily, not even sure if it registered as such from how timid the movement had been and praying he would take his yes and kindly fuck right off. 

He wasn't even sure why he was answering him this- he didn't have to, and he wasn't even sure if he wanted too. He only knew that he was nodding on his own accord and that it would be too hard to stop himself when it was such a small thing.

Ever since Wei Wuxian had found him in the cold springs a few weeks back, he had started popping up nearly every each time he would go there to meditate.

He wasn’t too uncomfortable with it now. At first he had been an embarrassing mixture of scared and horny. After the third time, he’d realized that the most Wei Wuxian would do was sit on the stone crossing and ramble on about one thing or another when he wasn’t throwing small stones at him, trying for any reaction he could get. 

Oh ...I never noticed, I mean it’s not like mine right? It must be so nice not having to worry about it, yours stays under your robes easily but I always have to worry about if mine will get in my way when I’m walking,” Wei Wuxian sighed, folding his arms over his chest as he glared down at his own tail that was now moving lazily once more.

Wei Wuxian watched it with a sense of obnoxiousness and for a moment he wondered if he could control the action. His own tail was small, and while he could voluntarily make it twitch, most times he had little control over it. He had always thought this was because of its size, but with Wei Wuxian now fisting his tail with one hand to keep it still, eyes narrowed, he was starting to doubt it. 

Then again Wei Wuxian was Wei Wuxian . It would make sense if his body unconsciously dramatized his emotions. 

“I really should have realized it sooner- Zewu Jun doesn’t hide his bunny ears,” Wei Wuxian looked as if he was ready to slap himself for being so oblivious and Lan Wangji could feel his lips twitching with the term bunny ears.  

His whole life he’d always been referred to as a rabbit, but now, hearing the term bunny, didn’t sound nearly as insulting as he would have thought. It was almost nice.


He was sure the smile wasn’t visible, it never was, and yet a small part of him felt sad that Wei Wuxian probably thought he was annoyed, or worse upset at his insensitivity. He had never been good with displaying his emotions. For a moment, he considered humming, doing something to show he wasn’t particularly offended by him never noticing (Wei Wuxian clearly never noticed much in how he teasingly asked if they were close. They weren’t , but that didn’t mean he hated him as he’d once heard him tell Jiang Wayin). He quickly shook the thought though. Wei Wuxian still hadn’t made to leave or stop staring at his ears as if he was close to pouncing and he wasn’t about to extend any invitations by doing little more then glare at him.

He ignored the small voice in his head that told him he should be upset, since Wei Wuxian was breaking several rules. No

He should be upset with himself rather than anyone else. As one of the twin jades, it was his responsibility to enforce their sect rules and he had yet to even reprimanded him. Their friendship, his feelings , certainly shouldn't impair his judgment. 

As he realized that Wei Wuxian was speaking, that his lips were moving, he blinked several times, his heart settling as he realized he was still rambling on about how he still couldn't believe he hadn't realized what he was sooner. 

“You’re a dog hybrid,” Lan Wangji forced himself to interrupt the fox hybrid. Wei Wuxian paused in his ramblings, lips still parted with unspoken words before they snapped shut and a poisonous look flickered over his face. 

Shut up! ” 

The and you’re afraid of dogs was left unvoiced but seemed heard nonetheless by how Wei Wuxian looked as if he was regretting accepting his hand and crossing into his room. 

“Why were you in the tree?” Lan Wangji asked as an afterthought, his curiosity resurfacing. 

Wei Wuxian would definitely have to copy down the Righteousness twice for being out past curfew, he really hoped for the sake of both of their’s sanity, that he hadn’t broken a second rule.

Knowing the male in front of him, he had. Knowing him , he also wouldn’t pass up the opportunity to boast about it. 

Ah , about that,” Wei Wuxian’s eyes refused to meet his own and it was all he could do to keep from frowning. “Hypothetically,”

It was more than five rules. 

He dropped his eyes down to his robes. There was a visible lump beneath his chest and he found he could only wonder what exactly it was that he would choose to hide there

He hoped he wasn’t going to reuse the pornography prank. Lan Wangji found it safe to say that he had found it less than amusing and very distatseful. Really, he’d thought that he would be worth more than poorly drawn explicit images but he guessed he was wrong.

As if sensing his gaze, Wei Wuxian slowly pulled out a leather-bound book he didn’t recognize. From the Lan sect seal on the cover he felt he should.

Frowning, he took the book from him, flipping through it and as his eyes skimmed over the surface he could feel his heart growing still.  

“Lan Qiren has been rather harsh lately... even you have to admit he’s been horrible to me for no reason! " Wei Wuxian said, soft lips pulling up into a grin as something wicked shimmered in his eyes. 

His uncle had been... harsh lately. He had been losing his patience with the hybrid for quite some time now and he couldn’t deny the urge to plant fire taslaman in unexpected places to get back at him, hadn’t crossed his mind. 

He wasn't blind to his uncles actions, and there were only so many times he could watch his uncle set his students up, not just Wei Wuxian!- to get them in trouble. 

Just last week he had watched Nie Huaisang plant an explosive taslaman near his uncles desk. It had been only after he had very pointedly pretend not to see anything, did his brother find him, appearing to have actually seen it, and reminded him that he was above petty things such as that. 

That being said, he knew Xichen was too soft for his da-ge’s brother and also hadn’t made any means to punish him. 

Neither of them had sense mentioned it and he had decided to ignore how the taslaman had been removed, just as his brother pretended not to notice how disappointed he was by the end of class.

For Xichen's sake though, he would keep himself in line. At least for now. 

But just because of that - that didn’t mean he could allow Wei Wuxian to do- do this!

His eyes narrowed as his grip shifted over the book. Wei Wuxian seemed to notice this, eyes growing dim as they turned down to the book, like he was deciding the best method to rip it from his grip. 

Breaking into the restricted section of the library would certainly force him to copy Honor a dozen times. 

Confiscated ,” He stated.

Expectedly, Wei Wuxian’s smile fell, lips piercing together as he stared through his soul. A small part of him wanted to ask if he had meant to try this on him first but for his santities sake he decided against it. Then again, him showing him the book...he couldn’t have seriously have thought that he would help him in this scheme!

It will only last for twelve hours! ” Wei Wuxian whined, staring at him with what could only be described as puppy eyes. 

No ,” He said flatly, hoping he would drop it. With Wei Wuxian staring at him like this, and sending his resolve stuttering with disgustingly sweet thoughts he'd rather not have right now, he was sure he would be able to do little besides yell at him to get out. “What if uncle turned into a dog?”

He knew better than to assume Wei Wuxian would be able to control the output of whatever he turned his uncle into. As if realizing this, the male shivered. 

“That...then he’d be even more scary,” Wei Wuxian started, backing up and it was only as a loud crash sounded did he freeze. Lan Wangji stared, and after several moments he forced himself to look down, eyes meeting black shards that glistened with what he knew to be alcohol. 

He continued to stare at the shards, all while Wei Wuxian remained silent. 

“That's not mine,”

His grip tightened around Bichen before he forced his gaze up.

“Wow Lan Zhan...I mean that has to be yours right? It's in your room and all, I sure hope Lan Qiren doesn't hear of this,” Wei Wuxian looked sad to see his bottle go to waste but it did little to affect the cockiness in his tone. 

Wei Ying! ” He started, his voice shaking as he unsheathed his sword. He would be doing him a favor. If he cut out his tongue then he couldn’t get in trouble for running his mouth anymore. If he cut out his tongue he also didn’t have to hear any of his sly comments and then maybe he’d finally be able to get over whatever the fuck it was he made him feel. 

A win win. 

Ah- fighting is forbidden in Cloud Recesses!” Wei Wuxian jumped back, racing to take shelter from behind his desk and his heart instantly grew in weight, dropping down to the pit of his stomach as he realized just where he had run off to.

“Ah Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan,” Wei Wuxian’s voice was honey sweet but it did little to help his growing fears. “-you need to keep your voice down- what if someone hears you shouting? Comes in here and finds the two of us here- that could be really bad...think of your uncles blood pressure,” 

Wei Wuxian had the audacity to look solum, nodding to himself with a grim look on his face. He had no shame and it was only the knowledge of how hot his face had become, that kept him firmly rooted far from him.

Get out mutt! ” He snapped, shakily motioning with his sword to the door. 

Mutt? Ahaha - Lan Zhan!- that's not very polite of you, aren’t the Lan jades above this?” Wei Wuxian sighed, and to his horror, took a few steps closer to him, lips pulled into a teasing grin that did nothing good to his heart. “Come on even mutt is a poor shot- can’t you think of something else bunny?” 

The pet name sent his mind freezing, and knees weak. Pouncing on him was tempting. To beat him up or kiss him senseless he wasn't sure. All he was sure of, was that if he did either, he would be teased mirthlessly for caving in to his animals counterparts urges. 

Bitch? ” The word had left his tongue before he could even process that he had taken his bait. That for the first time in his life- he had cursed out loud and that it was for no little than Wei Wuxian-!

Wei Wuxian seemed to realize this in the same moment he did, lips stretching wide as he hunched over, airy noises leaving his form from where he was desperately grasping at his side. 

Lan Zhan! Oh my god- oh my god- did you really drink some emperors smile- you’re never like this! ” Wei Wuxian gasped between noisy breaths. 

He could feel his face growing hotter, silently, he prayed Wei Wuxian wouldn’t notice the floorboard a few steps away. He knew he wouldn’t- but then again, if there was ever someone who would stumble upon it, knowing his shitty luck, it would be Wei Ying without a doubt.

If he did find it, he wasn't sure how he would explain himself, telling him that they were for Xichen, whenever he noticed he was particularly stressed, would surely result in an eye roll and he wasn't about to jeopardize his brothers reputation by admitting to that. Not when his brother regretted it nearly every time, self administered punishments but all in all was significantly less stressed afterwards and could actually sleep.

“Lan Zhan I’m so proud of you- you’ve finally removed that stick from your ass- well part of’re still a fuddy duddy- but it’s a start! ” 

Lan Wangji stayed glaring at him, lips parting, prepared to tell him to get out, and rattle off the threat of having his uncle supervising his punishments, it was only at the sight of Wei Wuxian producing another black bottle from the inside of his robes, did the words die on his tounge.

Of course he had a second bottle-!

“We should celebrate Lan Zhan, what do you say?” Wei Wuxian asked with a wave of the bottle. He was only slightly surprised he didn’t seem to think he wouldn’t be confiscating that as well. Wordlessly he held out his hand. “ No- Lan Zhan come on? I’ll be leaving soon, just one drink won’t kill you,” 

Oh it certainly wouldn’t be him that it killed but Wei Wuxian he wasn’t so sure of -

“... You’ll be leaving soon? ” He asked, eyes wide. The others sects were supposed to stay until late spring- it wasn’t even winter yet! Had something happened that would be cutting his visit short?

Had he done something to cut his visit short-...

Well ...I sort of already used the book...Lan Qiren should turn into an animal in a day maybe if it worked...and he’ll blame me first…” 

It’s not ‘blaming’ when you actually did it!- he thought dryly, sending a deadly glare to the book in his hands. It was only if Wei Wuxian had actually succeeded but then again he didn’t doubt his abilities. 

How did you do it?” He asked slowly, not even sure he wanted to know the answer. 

“Ah it was easy! I spiked that tea he drinks before bed, what's up with that by the way?” Wei Wuxian was already sitting down on his desk, taking an empty cup from the tray and filling his glass. 

Frowning he moved towards his desk, ready to snatch away the drawing he had been working on before it was noticed but it was already too late, Wei Wuxians eyes had already found it, glass now empty as he sat it down and exchanged it for the paper on the table. 

As Wei Wuxian held the paper up to better examine it, the book slipped from his grasp and hit the floor with a dull thud .

You! ” Was the only word to come from Wei Wuxians mouth. 

Lan Wangji could feel his panic growing. This was bad. More than bad!

Wei Wuxian wasn’t supposed to see that- he wasn’t supposed to even fucking draw that- him . It had just been something that had unconsciously happened, that had ended up being too good to burn or rip to shreds by the time he’d realized what his brush had done, and now he was sure to pay the price. 

He was well aware that running from his room would be disgraceful, beyond embarrassing and he was sure his uncle was on curfew duty.

Having to explain himself would be a nightmare as it was but at the moment, nothing seemed worse than having to explain just why someone he had been trying so hard to hate, someone he had been trying so hard to give that impression to, would all so suddenly draw him. 

It hadn’t been in passing either. He had sat down to draw. Not him in particular in the moment, but he had still sat for five- six(?) hours trying hard to bring out the softness of eyes and the hard edges of his face. Silently, he prayed he wouldn't be able to tell who it was.

“This is really good,” Wei Wuxian said. Blinking, Lan Wangji realized his hand was inches from the door. "You Lan's really are good at everything huh?" 

Runrunrun run- just get to Xichen and he can protect you- his teasing is so much better than this- you need to escape before he realizes-

“This is really realistic, I didn’t know the old man had it in him to teach something normal like art, not just how to hang yourself from boredom,” 

He ignored the last part of his statement. He could feel his ears twitching embarrassingly and it took him several moments before he realized his hands were rung together stupidly, Bichen abandoned by the doorway. Pulling his hands apart he glued them to his side. Humming shortly he inched his hand closer to the doors handle.

Maybe Wei Wuxian was too drunk to notice anything else. He could just sneak out before he noticed- and then hopefully when he’d return in the morning he would be gone, having realized he’d left and he could keep his pride in tact.

Almost as if in slow motion, Lan Wangji watched as Wei Wuxian’s eyes grew wide, mouth falling open as his gaze froze near the bottom of the page. His heart fell through to his feet as he swallowed numbly. 

He hadn’t finished that part of the drawing, but from how he had already completed the rest of it, what was supposed to be Wei Wuxian in the cold springs...he was sure Wei Wuxian knew that he had zero intentions of finishing it at a modest level. At the sight of a grin spreading across the foxes face, his heart sank further into a pool of shame.

Lan Zhan Er Gege ,” 

He swallowed hard at the tone. 

“But this ,” Wei Wuxian was moving towards him, drawing still in hand as he crowded him against the door. “Is a bit off...come on Lan Zhan you saw it in the cold springs once, don’t tell me I need to refresh your memory?”

He didn’t have to look to the drawing to know what he meant, and with his free hand coming to rest, warm on his stomach he had to remind himself that no he did not need his memory to be refreshed!  

He tried to convince himself that Wei Wuxian was only acting like this because of the alcohol- that he in no way meant it but he was already painfully aware of just how close he was. That his warm breath was easily fogging his mind and that it would be so easy to cave in.

“- hm Lan Zhan? ” 

Shit. What had he just asked? God he really didn’t want to risk answering him. He pressed his lips together hard, humming stiffly to silently ask him to repeat himself. 

“You should give me a better reference, you’re never this expressive, I know I can draw something better than this,” 

It was a clear challenge- a stupid one, and yet in spite of himself, he found his head dipping slightly, eyes turning to stare at the floor because he really liked the idea of it. It was shameful- but the thought of Wei Wuxian drawing him, like that , with or without sexual connotations- just to have his eyes on him, was enough to send his heart fluttering.

Lan Zhan, you know I feel really added my tail and ears...but I couldn’t do the same last time when I drew you in the library pavilion...I should make up for it right?” 

He stared for what felt like years, mind muddled over the sound of his heart pounding loud in his ears. Swallowing weakly he forced his breath to even. He wasn't really considering this was he? He wasn't seriously going to agree? 

His eyes moved up to meet Wei Wuxian's eyes, his eyes growing heavy as he stared into him. He looked honest, and having long since come to terms with how he felt for him, Lan Wangji was finding it hard to try and deny him. Hard to try and deny him with the possibilities of just why he would want him to draw him in such a way.

r-right ,” He whispered, breath thinning as he watched something shift in Wei Wuxian's eyes. Something fond and suddenly he’d never felt less composed in his life. 

Normally, he imagined this would be a nightmare, but it was only Wei Wuxian pressed close to him, it was only Wei Ying and he’d already seen more of him than most people would, what harm could this do?

There wasn’t any rules about drawing someone. Even his uncle used to teach the younger children how to paint the lands of Gusu . If anything- he was simply helping a visiting disciple become better with his art skills... 

Didn’t the Lan principles preach to extend help to anyone to ask? Who was he if he denied someone simply wanting to progress their skills? Since there were no rules forbidding this...there wasn’t necessarily a reason to deny him, especially when Wei Wuxian was pouting back at him.

Yeah? Come here,” Wei Wuxian wasn’t backing off. He didn’t even look surprised that he had agreed. Him! One of the twin jade’s- since when had he really gotten this agreeable? Had Wei Wuxian also noticed how hard it was for him to say no to him, and actually mean it on the occasions he did? 

Perhaps his uncle was right and Wei Wuxian really was a bad influence.

With the fox staring at him like that though, he realized he was serious. He wanted to actually draw him, out draw him(?) and he had to pointedly remind himself that despite his earlier half-flirting half-teasing’s it wasn’t meant with sexual or more intimate connotations. 

Disappointment struck him hard, left his heart stinging and uncomfortable as it grew tight in the least pleasant of ways.

Breathing in sharply, he allowed himself to be lead to his bed, eyes trained down to the foxes chest as hands came to gently work at his robes. It was only when he was easily pressed into sitting down, did he realize that maybe this was just an excuse to see his tail. 

His face burned with stupidity, and it was only him knowing that his embarrassment wouldn’t be visible that kept him from running from the room. 

He half expected Wei Wuxian to dart off, embarrassed that he wasn’t fighting him on this. That for once he was showing he could be just as, if not more shameless, than he could.

Instead, Wei Wuxian stayed a breath away, so close that he could count the dark lashes that fluttered against his cheeks as he stared at him through heavy eyes. 

It seemed impossible to think he had gotten drunk from the little alcohol he’d had already. He’d watched him boldly down two bottles of emperors smile in front of him a few months ago, presumably already having had some prior, before flipping him off and skillfully jumping out of reach of his sword.

Lan Zhan, ” Wei Wuxian started. 

He met his gaze, his heart violently hammering against his ribcage. Was this the moment he was going to laugh at him? Teased him? He hoped so. 

He looked serious, amusement voided from his eyes and he didn’t think his heart would be able to stand him telling him he had been joking, that he hadn't mean it. If he were to hand him his robes with pity in his eyes he was sure he would have to go into seclusion.

Mn. ” Lan Wangji hummed stiffly, realizing that the fox was expecting a reply. He prayed he would laugh- do something- anything but continue to stare at him silently.

“Can I kiss you?” 

The question made his eyes grow wide, and as if that was all the answer he needed, before Lan Wangji could so much as blink, force a breath through to his numbing lungs, soft lips were molding against his own. Warm, heavy, and surprisingly rough. 

He found that he didn’t care. Found that it was perfect . That he would have hated it any other way because then it wouldn’t be Wei Wuxian.

He was only one layer away from being completely exposed, and yet, Wei Wuxian didn’t move, simply staying close with his hands firm, warm on his waist. Despite it all, the contact grounded him. Growing impatient he stood up, crowding closer to him because with Wei Wuxian so willing, he found he needed him pressed against every inch of him.

“Is this okay?” Wei Wuxian asked. A small part of him wanted to punch him. This , this or drawing him this. Either way he wasn’t sure how to say no to him especially with his curiosity and heart through the roof. 

He stayed silent, hesitantly moving his hands to work at the final layer of his robes, once he was finally stripped from it, he couldn’t say he was surprised to see the dog bursting into a fit of laughter.

He’d expected him to rebound into his cheery personality rather soon. The sound of his bubbly laughter was both familiar and comforting.

It’s so tiny! ” 

Wait- Wait what? His eyes snapped up to Wei Wuxian’s face. His eyes were scrunched shut, lips spread wide and it took him an embarrassing moment to realize he was staring past him.

“Your tail is so cute- Lan Zhan oh my god! ” Wei Wuxian continued to snicker loudly, his hands slinking down his waist to push and pinch at his tail, the sensation was weird, foreign, but not entirely uncomfortable. Leaning into the foxes chest, he allowed himself to relax, pointedly ignoring how heat was spreading over him pleasantly.

“To think...the cold Lan Zhan Er-Gege is this cute... have you been acting so cold because you knew bodies would drop if they could see you like this?” He could feel his ears twitching in embarrassment, this didn’t seem to go unnoticed by Wei Wuxian who instantly moved his hands to tug at both of his ears. 

Mn-n, ” He hummed brokenly, wishing he could return the favor and find out just how soft Wei Wuxian’s ears and tail were. He knew he couldn’t though. 

Wei Wuxian could, he was bold enough too, hell, he didn’t even think he’d have the decently to ask first. 

He was Lan Wangji. It wouldn’t be out of place for Wei Wuxian to touch him, but he was the second jade of Lan. He couldn’t, despite how much his heart was itching for him to return his appreciation and the hum of contentment washing over him.

“Lan Zhan, I know I said I wouldn’t eat your bunnies, but what about you?” 

The question had his cheeks tinging red. He knew he didn’t mean it like that .

... he couldn’t could he? 

He’d heard the rumors whispered about what he’d do when he left to Gusu, but he’d just seen the male become shocked whenever his advances weren’t out right refused. They had to be nothing but rumors. If he had that sort of reaction he couldn’t mean something like that, especially to him.  

He hated how much his mind continued to cave in on itself. Wei Wuxian probably assumed he hated talking. It wasn’t entirely true, if he could form maybe one coherent thought, he was sure he would be able to hold conversations better than he could now. 

Then again, with his hands there of all places, he couldn’t blame his mind for being as useless as ever. 

Lan Zhan, say something, or I'll go eat Zewu Jun...he’s much kinder than you, a little more scary but at least he’ll tell me when he wants something,” 

“...What am I supposed to want?” He asked slowly.

Wei Wuxian’s eyes glinted in amusement. It was only when Wei Wuxians hands left him and he moved a finger to point down to less than modest area did his eyes widen. He was positive his face was burning. 

...well ...”

 He could feel embarrassment boiling over. Despite this, he could feel an urge growing. He need him. Maybe not like that, no, he never felt a particularly strong urge towards those things , but the thought of having him close to him was a nice one, even if they didn’t do anything.

“Wha- what do I... what do I need to…” fuck , this was hard. Embarrassing.  

Wei Wuxian could normally read him like an open book, why couldn’t he just do that now? He stayed silent, eyes glued to hybrids chest as he tried to swallow down his embarrassment. How did he tell him that yeah maybe someday doing this would be nice, maybe tomorrow even if you’d like too, but could you just stay close and play with my ears or tail for now?

God it sounded shameful even to himself. He really ought to have his uncle place a rule about no excessive touching so maybe then he would stop feel this way. 

Looking up, he met dark eyes that were surprisingly calm, without a hint of amusement, arousal or cockiness. He felt mildly insulted that his demeanor had shifted so suddenly.

Lan Wangji could feel a headache coming on. Slowly, one of the foxes hands migrated up to the side of his face, fingers twitching as they hesitantly found one of his ears. After a few short moments, the small action soothed his heart and helped him order his thoughts.

“We can do anything you want... but ,” He expected the but . Holding his gaze he raised an eyebrow. “Help me get back at the old man? Come on just give me an alibi for when he tries to say I did it,” 

You did do it though. Pressing his lips thin he decided against saying so.

No, ” 

Wei Wuxian seemed to expect this and only tugged on his ear gently, a look of mock annoyance on his face as his lips pulled up.

Rude, after all I do for you, Lan Zhan, I’m always jumping to help you and yet-” Wei Wuxian’s words died as he pushed forward, shoving him hard, until they were both on the floor. 

He would quite honestly prefer his bed, but then again he wouldn't know how to clarify his intentions without dying from embarrassment first. At least this way, having caught him off guard, he could make them a little clearer.

Lan Zhan! I didn’t mean you should jump me to repay the favor!” Wei Wuxian yelped. He ignored him, nosing at his neck before sinking his teeth in hard, his lips pulling up at the sound of a choked scream sounding from soft lips. 

Are you a fucking dog- get off get off- Lan Zhan I’m going to shove my foot so far up your ass-

Tasting blood, he pulled off, licking over his lips and staring down at the red indentions happily with Wei Wuxian was still squirming madly. The sight sparked a hint of amusement inside him. 

It was cute.

Leaning down he pressed his lips to his own, the taste of alcohol strong on his tongue as he breathed him in. 

Mn , I don’t want your foot up my ass,” He told himself it was the taste of alcohol that was ebbing away at his pride. 

He knew it was more likely that he was simply drunk off his own impatience, the feeling of finally having Wei Wuxian’s weight so close to his own. 

Maybe it wouldn’t be a bad idea to get a glass himself, so long as it made the whole ordeal easier to deal with...he could easily handle copying down Righteousness a dozen times, and he could always blame Wei Wuxian...say he’d never told him what was in the cup he gave him... no he’d have to kneel for that thought alone.

“... yeah? What do you want then?” Oddly enough the question was voided of any implications. Despite himself, he could feel his heart softening. 

Mn ...Wei Ying...close…” He mumbled. 

He could feel his body sagging into the foxes weight. The floor was uncomfortable, and he in no way wanted to sleep, or stay in this position for too long, but with Wei Wuxian here it was manageable. 

Okay , but only if you do me a favor, okay?” The question was dripping in mirth. He kept his face planted in his neck, fully prepared to bite him again because he was sure to make a smart assed comments. As if anticipating this, he could feel Wei Wuxian’s neck growing stiff under his lips. 

Only call me Wei Ying from now on! ” He could feel Wei Wux- Wei Ying wincing, anticipating for him to bite into him. Breathing out slowly, he pressed his lips to the bite mark gently, channeling his qi into his lips. Wei Ying’s body went slack beneath him at the feeling. 

“Wei Ying...bed?” He asked carefully. Nodding, Wei Wuxian easily helped him up, before pulling him into bed. As expected, Wei Wuxian didn’t seem to care for the rules on their official sleeping position, casually throwing an arm over his chest, mouth staying close to his own. 

Mm , Lan Zhan...If I knew pranking your uncle would get these results I would have done it so much sooner...To think that you have such a dark side to you- mm? Mmm! Mm- Mmm mm! ” 

Turning his eyes to Wei Ying, he could feel his lips pulling up as the dog hybrid proceeded to punch at his chest, willing his lips to part. 

“Go to sleep, Wei Ying...or else I’ll get Xue Daewon,” 

Mm? ” 

“The puppy,” 

Predictable Wei Ying’s head fell back beside his own, annoyed grunts sounding from him as his tail thwaked painfully against him. It was cute. Nice.

This was nice.




The next day, by some miracle, Wei Wuxian seemed to have left during the night and he hadn’t had to choke down his embarrassment behind impassiveness when he'd woken up.

Luckily, because of this, after having gotten ready for the day, he had been left to his thoughts were he didn’t have to worry about one asshole or another seeing past his carefully crafted mask. Having skipped breakfast, he had taken the time to sit on the stone bridge of the cold springs.

Here, where the air was cool and heavy with the springs’ water, he didn’t have to worry about anything, he didn’t have to let his self consciousness find him because despite everything that had occurred, his lack of will forcing him to cave to more than he would have liked, with only a lone rabbit to judge him, things were much easier. 

He was sure it wouldn’t stay like this for long. He had classes in less than an hour and he was sure Wei Ying wouldn’t forget about everything that had happened. He was even more sure that all of this would come to bite him in the ass, and in the most public of settings.

He just hoped everyone would simply assume he was spewing out bullshit as usual. 

Arriving at class, he was surprised to find Wei Wuxian already there, in his spot and grinning back at Nie Huaisang who had his face covered with his fan. At the sight of him, Nie Huaisang’s ears turned red.

Instantly, he snapped his face away, sitting down in his spot and ignoring the three sets of eyes that turned to him.

No , there was no way Wei Wuxian would be believed. He was the only one he seemed to slip up around, to the rest of the world he was a god, a demon like Wei Wuxian would never be the downfall of his grace. 

Well , at least in the eyes of the others that was. 

Feeling an arm knock into his own he turned his head, meeting his brothers eyes which seemed suspiciously bright for such an early hour. Out of the two of them, Xichen hated waking up early and despite his cherry smile, it was always more forced than normal the earlier he had to be up.

From the yawn slipping past his lips, he found his malicious smile out of place. 

Pressing his lips thin he held his gaze, silently asking him just what had forced him from his routine dead fish-eyed stare. 

So , Wangji...” Xichen started, lips pulled up as his gaze flickered past him. “Young master Wei…” Dear god he couldn’t really believe what he’d said- what did he say exactly? “I heard you erm... showed him a little something,” He could feel his heat spiking at his choice in wording. 

ridiculous ,” He hissed quietly, begging Wei Wuxian hadn’t seriously told his brother some sexual outlandish lie. Then again it would be just like him to do that and he was above disputing it no matter how much his pride suffered. 

Instead of replying, Xichen simply wiggled his own small ears. He imagined beneath his robes his tail was doing the same. He turned his eyes away and to turn his gaze to the front of the class. 

What was taking his uncle? Did he know about this and want to prolong his suffering? Was this punishment for telling him Wei Ying had been out past curfew earlier this morning and not when he’d been caught? He had of course left a lot out- had he some how found out and had suffered a heart attack?  

“You know...he said you let him touch it ,” His brother said. 

He could feel the urge to curl in on himself growing strong. Could he at least keep his voice down or specify his tail so that the prying eyes on them would stop glinting with such amusement? 

No ,” He said, voice tight as he balled his fist on his lap. 

Had the poison actually worked? His uncle couldn’t have turned into an animal already! According to the book the change shouldn’t occur for twelve hours, and seeing as he took his afternoon tea around nine he should shift forms sometime during class. 

What the fuck was he up to?!

Then again, maybe it was best for his blood pressure that he stayed far, far away from Wei Ying...he could only imagine visiting him in the healer’s wing if he had somehow walked in on him and the so called purple demon sleeping together in his bed. 

No? So you didn’t draw young master Wei..?” His face grew dark at the sound of a page ruffling. Sparing a glance down he found his brother silently unfolding the familiar yellowed sheet of paper that had gone missing from his room. 

It would be two slaps with the board if he were to punch his brother...

Maybe he should fight Wei Ying instead. His uncle was sure to praise him instead of punishing him...

Griminancing, he ran through the number of rules on self regulation. 

Wei Ying deserved to suffer for putting him through this.

He couldn’t imagine any amount of having him close was worth this. He could sit through Wei Ying’s terrors, his classmates, fuck even his uncles- but Xichen? He was currently humoring just leaving to become a lone cultivator. 

The idea seemed favorable compared to this, especially when he could see his brother drawing lude images on his own paper that seemed to resemble a different Jiang disciple. Had he no shame? He knew the action was supposed to be comforting...their... shared interests but god there where different ways to communicate that!

He was truly undeserving of the title of Jade . Coal if anything, was more fitting! 

Then again...his brother probably didn’t have any shame…outside of his rare professionalism he wasn’t sure how his uncle had yet to disown him yet. 

He would die before drawing that, especially in public!

Sparing a glance at the drawing he found a very crude drawing of a male. Jiang Wayin, was a cat hybrid, similarly with a bushy tail. The only real indicator to who it was, was in how the Jiang disciple was drawn with a jade pendant tied around the base of his tail, standing out stark against the white fur. 

For a moment he wondered if maybe Xichen liked him more than he’d initially thought to be drawing him in such a way. Then again it was more likely he just liked to watch him suffer.

“Is this similar to the drawing? Or no- you added more detail down here right?” He stared ahead at the wall. He was going to have to go back into secluded meditation for a year at this rate. 

“Immature...” He said stiffly. 

A small part of him felt bad for his uncle’s assistant who was currently stiff by his desk, looking as if he was seconds from dying on the spot. 

He seemed to think his glare was directed at him. He didn’t avert his gaze however. He deserved this for not reprimanding his classmates for gossiping. He should have them all copy Righteousness four times while kneeling on rice.

“Don’t you even want to know what he said?” 

Did he have a choice?

“-When he first came in today- very early, he was the first one here asides myself, he was at uncles desk, once most everyone was here he stood on his desk and said you got drunk and let him touch your ears and tail and then-” 

Before Xichen could finish, the door had slammed open and he sighed a breath of relief as his uncle stormed past them and over to his desk. Lan Qiren's eyes lingered on the desk, as if realizing Wei Ying had stood there moments ago, turning his gaze away he surveyed the now silent class. 

“Today's lecture will be over poisonous herbs and medical magic,” 

Laoshi!” Wei Ying didn’t seem to care to waste time for his routine annoyances. The light in his uncle's eyes died as he slowly turned to the fox hybrid. “I was wondering if you could please tell us why you are late today? Rule two thousand three hundred and twelve, one shall not be tardy,” 

He wasn’t surprised Wei Ying had managed to memorize the exact number , something most of the other Lan juniors hadn’t even managed to do. He was sure the fox would have time to memorize many more during his time here.

“Lan Qiren- forgive me,” The fox bowed sloppily. “-But shouldn’t you have to copy down the sect’s rules...or at the very least give us an set a good example...?” Wei Ying’s tone was innocent but his smile was anything but that. Sly as ever and it made his heart beat fast. 

“If you must know, I was busy trying to figure out the origin of a certain rumor ,” His uncle hissed.

He immediately snapped his eyes down to his desk. From how his uncle was glaring at Wei Ying, he knew exactly what rumor and who had started it. 

Maybe Wei Ying really did hate Cloud Recesses with a passion. He couldn’t imagine he had any other motive than getting kicked out from his behavior. 

Oh what rumor? Spreading rumors and gossiping is forbidden in Cloud Recesses, rule six hundred and three, and seven hundred and twelve,” He said it as if he wasn’t the origin of said rumor. 

From how his uncle’s mustache flared, he seemed to think so too. 

“I can’t tell you the rumor, because as you just said, spreading rumors is forbidden and I advise you to show your elders some respect if you don’t want to be copying Respect- ” His uncles words died as he broke into a coughing fit, black smoke flaring around him. Sure enough, as soon as it cleared, his uncle was gone and in his place was a cat.  

Instantly, his head snapped back to where Wei Ying stood, mouth hanging open as his lips slowly pulled into a wide grin.

Lan Zhan it worked- I told you it would work! Jiang Cheng- Huaisang xiong!- it fucking worked! ” Wei Wuxian shouted. 

Staring with wide eyes, Lan Wangji watched as he dashed forward, picking up the black cat- his uncle!- and holding it above his head. Said cat seemed frozen, jaw hanging open in a very non human fashion. 

Lan Zhan does this look like a dog to you? ” Wei Ying was holding the cat- his uncle a foot from his face. 

He was well aware that his mouth had fallen open as well from shock, well aware that he should close it, but he couldn’t. 

Not with Wei Ying smiling as if he had swallowed the sun, not with him holding his cat turned uncle a foot from him- not with fucking Wei Ying being able to achieve a highly complex potion that he was sure even he wouldn’t be able to master on the first try!

What the fuck was he? He knew he shouldn’t be focused on the fact that it had succeeded, and yet it seemed to be all his mind kept looping back to. He could do so much for the world- he was sure no one at this age had accomplished this before- he would surely go down in history if he had done this on a whim .

It worked- ” He broke off realizing he had spoken, mouth snapping shut as he extended his hands, wordlessly taking his uncle, who was staring at him with large gold eyes, betrayal evident in his expression. “Kneel- outside!”

Lan Zhan what do you mean it worked- is that our...our uncle? ” Xichen stuttered out from beside him, immediately reaching forward and pulling at one of the cat’s ears. In response their uncle hissed, violently squirming in their hold. 

Oh god

Uncle…? ” He started slowly. The cat hissed again. 

“Hey should we get him neutered? Didn’t the rabbits have to be neutered to’s only fair,” Wei Wuxian hummed and his brother mouth instantly fell open, a painted look washing over his face as he seemed to debate on laughing at the statement or telling him off. 

No- we are not getting him neutered- Wei Ying! ” 

“Wei Ying? ” Xichen’s head snapped over to him. He could feel three pairs of shit eating grins on him as he struggled to keep his uncle still, clearly enraged, and it was becoming increasingly apparent that his uncle was going to neuter him if Wei Wuxian didn’t shut up and fast. 




It was only the next day when he was finally called to his uncle's study. 

After his uncle's assistant had seemingly snapped from his shock, he had rushed forward and taken his uncle off of his hands. 

Now, hours later, he had expected this, to find himself kneeling, his brother, Nie Huaisang, Jiang Wayin and Wei Ying at his side. The formers were snickering madly as they waited for his uncle to enter and his brother barely seemed to be able to keep his posture proper, cheeks puffed out in amusement. 

He was probably the only one who would escape with his life today, and yet, he still wasn’t so sure when he hadn’t done more to keep the others in line yesterday. 

Hearing footsteps echoed out from behind him he sat up straighter, jaw tensing as he reminded himself that he was respectable- the second jade of lan, he must own up to his faults so that he can better himself.

Now, which one of you idiots thought it wise to jeopardize your lives?” His uncle started and he was momentarily surprised that he was both insulting Xichen along with the others. 

His mischief had never been caught before and he was sure he was the only one to know about this more rebellious side to him. He was also surprised he was being subjected to this as well, as his uncles star pupil. And finally, that he was blatantly threatening the others and violating a number of rules while doing so.

This, was only surprising because the healers had said that his uncles memory had become impaired with the potion, that he couldn’t remember anything since shifting and anything after he had consumed the poisoned tea was blurry.

He did know however, that the rumors of his nephews gawking at their transformed uncle, Wei Ying’s proud outbursts, hadn’t fallen to deaf ears and had made their way back to his now fuming uncle.

Pardon me sir? ” Wei Ying asked and Lan Wangji was getting the feeling that he really should have asked the fox to strip the other night because he simply had must be compensating for something, to be this bold. 

Maybe he had a death wish, or he was suicidal...he should really have a healer look at him or at least check his qi to make sure he was okay, because this!- was not normal.

With his words, harsh eyes turned to Wei Ying and he was sure his uncle was trying to burn a hole through him from how intense his glare was. 

Somebody spiked my tea two nights back... who was it,” His eyes turned to Xichen who was struggling to stay still, yet instantly turned to stone under his gaze. 

He could tell he was biting his cheek at the thought of how he had appeared hours ago. At this, he couldn’t help but wounder if maybe his uncle did remember some things because he swears the wicked look in his eye, could only come from the memory of Nie Huaisang chasing his uncle around in hopes of tying a blue ribbon around his head, Xichen , being soft for his sworn brother’s brother, only watching with amused eyes from across the healers wing.

He wondered if it would be inappropriate to use Nie Huaisang against was only fair given he was giving him hell over Wei Ying…

S-Sir , we assure you we have no knowledge of this,” Nie Huaisang rushed out. He looked to be struggling to hide his face but too scared to reach for the fan at his waist. 

He almost pitied him. There was no way he’d ever be able to do such a thing, Wei Ying could threaten him with death and yet he was sure he could never persuade him to lift a finger into pranking his uncle of all people. 

Jiang Cheng didn’t look to be as anxious as Nie Huaisang, elbowing his friend harshly before clearing his throat. 

Sir , I- I believe my idiot brother may be at fault- I had absolutely no knowledge of this before hand! ” 

“- Lan Qiren! I swear to you I would never do such a thing!” 

His uncle's eyes narrowed. 

Oh? Then do you have an alibi for two nights ago, for the entire day?” His uncle was clearly itching for a reason, any reason, to throw Wei Ying out of the cloud recesses. 

The thought left a bitter taste on his tongue. He stayed stoic. His uncle was sure to throw him out if he learned his heart objected to the idea.

“I- I was in the library pavilion since nine, copying rules per your request,” 

His uncles face twitched, as if wanting to interject that it had been because he had broken a number of rules and not because he’d requested it.

“-then I went to my room at seven thirty as curfew is at eight, after studying for an hour I went to sleep at nine per your sect rules!” Wei Ying lied, voice even and he was almost in awe that someone could lie to his uncle so easily. “Further more, I would never violate one of the rules- and believe me I know all of them so I would never even do so accidentally! ” 

He wasn’t sure how one could accidently brew a potion to force someone to shift forms, then accidentally spike ones tea with it. He could feel Wei Ying trying to meet his gaze. He kept his eyes trained on the wall. 

Swallowing back his pride he swallowed hard. He couldn’t believe he was going to do this. He couldn’t believe he was going to do this. 

Did he really hate the idea of Wei Wuxian leaving him so soon this much? He didn’t deserve the title of the second jade of lan. He’d have to kneel after this regardless of if his uncle realized what he’d done and he was sure there was no punishment grave enough for all Wei Ying had done.

Uncle, ” He started. Instantly betrayed eyes snapped over to him. “If I may...I can vouch that Wei Y- Wuxian had been under my supervision in the pavillion...after which Jiang Wayin escorted him else where,” 

“Then with Jiang Wayin- whose to say he even slept- whose to say I shouldn’t send a letter to Jiang Fengmian? ” 

He stayed silent, mulling over how he had gotten to such a position where he was defending Wei Ying the sly fox whose obnoxiousness had wormed its way to a fonder part of his heart. 

“...I belive, he would have been too tired to do that...he fell asleep while copying the disciplinary rules and Jiang Wayin had to carry him out,” 

It was all technically true. His brother did have to carry him back to their room that day, but that had been because he had hit him with a consciousness tastlemen for drawing a lude image on his cultivation notes. 

His uncle was visibly shaking on the spot, anger barely contained. Wei Ying seemed to be close to passing out as well, eyes large on him. 

Lan Qiren , may we go?” Wei Ying finally managed to ask. “We did nothing wrong, and personally I’m wounded that you, the Lan sect leader- would jump to such a conclusion that I, or even your nephews, had something to do with your... transformation, ” 

Shut up! I will be sending a letter home and you are to work two hours in the infirmary for a month- on top of your other punishments! ” 

Wei Ying’s face fell at his words but his uncle still didn’t look satisfied. 

“-If you so much as toe out of line one more time- you will be sent home! Do you hear me?” 

Of course sir- I would never do something against any of the Lan principles-!” 

Scrambling up, Wei Ying bowed, lips twitching madly as he turned to bow towards himself and his brother. 

He stayed glaring, hoping that by some miracle Wei Ying would listen for once in his life. That maybe this would be a wake up call and that he wouldn’t act out again.

Get out! ” Right as the words left his uncles mouth, he could see his brothers lips struggling to stay shut. As if deeming his life to be unimportant, they parted. Right meow-? Wei Ying mouthed and much to his horror, his brother instantly broke into a fit of laughter- poorly disguised coughs.

At that, Wei Ying grinned, lips parting again but before he could get any more words out, Jiang Wayin and Nie Huaisang had pulled the howling fox out of the room. 

Uncle ,” Xichen started, flaring eyes turned to them. “May we leave?” His brothers body had slouched over, one of his hands pressed to his side as he fought to stay upright. His uncle looked as if he were seconds from yelling at him, instead he inhaled sharply.

Wangji , Wei Wuxian will copy down all of the sect rules twenty times, while doing a handstand on rice- make sure he doesn’t fall asleep, now get out! ” 

Bowing hastily, he walked out of the building, his heart pounding violently as he stepped outside.




A week into supervising Wei Ying’s punishments, surprisingly enough the topic of what had happened nearly a dozen nights back, had yet to come up between them. This surprised him. Usually, Wei Ying was one to question everything about him, especially things he would normally deem inappropriate to ask about. 

Instead, Wei Ying hadn’t so much as asked him if he had really been drunk that night and that that was why he had so easily given into his demands. 

A small part of him almost wanted him to ask. Needed it because he couldn’t tell what Wei Ying felt, if he felt the same for him or if it was just something he’d done to potentially get under his skin. 

He was supposed to be stoic, with a perfect mask of indifference that remained impenetrable because he was one of the twin jades. It was what was expected of him. Only his brother and uncle should be able to see past it, and yet Wei Ying seemed to be able to read the small twitch of his lips, furrow of his brows or surprise in his eyes easily. 

Wei Ying never tried to hide how he felt. If anything, Lan Wangji would say he exaggerated his emotions. But that didn’t mean he knew what was real and what was not. 

He was sure he could be stabbed and he still wouldn't be sure he could take his tears as the truth. He could be gifted the world and yet he would still question just when his smile would waver, if it really rooted deep down to his soul or if it was merely reflected to the surface because thats what was wanted of him. 

It was almost ironic. He supposed if he were anyone else, he would find it amusing even. That didn’t mean he could now, not when he was on the receiving end of the needles of anxieties and what if’s that swaddled his throat and left his breath cool in his lungs. 

Currently, the two of them where in the library pavilion, Wei Ying moaning softly about how it was unfair that he, and not his brother or anyone else who had been summoned, was evidentlessly labeled as guilty.

He was guilty. He had reminded him of this a good three times already and yet his complaining seemed more of a formality than anything else. 

He didn’t have the heart to tell him to be quiet or silence him himself though. His voice soothed his soul, grounded him, and when he was desperate to have him closer, not yards away, it was the only thing keeping his more animalistic urges from persuading him to go sit closer to him and ask him to touch his ears, sedated.

No. That was beyond shameful. It wasn’t a rule but with how much his pride was sure to suffer he’d have to make it one and have himself whipped twice for it. 

Lan Zhan ,” Wei Ying started, the sound of his clothes ruffling was loud given just how silent the room was. Normally, per Wei Ying’s request, he would charm his guqin to play one random tune or another to keep him silent. Today he hadn’t, and Wei Ying had yet to ask of it. “I think I’m done,” 

Wei Ying had migrated over to his own desk. He let his eyes slowly drift over to him, looking over his form, from how his hair was neatly tied up with his crimson ribbon, eyes seeming to shimmer with pools of something. He doesn’t label it mischief only because he isn’t sporting a smug grin as he usually does. 

In his hands, is a worn page, held close to his chest. The page itself had several ink stains on the back, a few miscellaneous strokes of brushes of varying sizes. He lets his eyes move back to meet dark ones, silently waiting to see what exactly he had done this time. 

Certainly not his punishments, but he was beyond curious to see what had kept him mostly silent for the past three days. 

“Do you want to see it?” Wei Ying asked, eyebrow cocked and lips raised in a half boxy smile that had his heart weak. 

After several moments he nodded, deeming the amount of time having passed was safe for him to answer and not seeming overly eager or encouraging to this type of behavior. 

He would still have to write them of course, and copy Righteousness again for every day he did nothing, but he’d already finished, whatever it was he had made, and there was no harm in sitting through whatever this was. 

He hoped for both of their sake, he hadn’t drawn a cat with his uncles head again. Lan Qiren had found the drawing a few nights back and he was sure he was going to have to start taking herbal teas if the healers disapproving looks where anything to go by. 

He could probably speak with Wen Qing while she was still here, her and Wen Ning where renowned across all sects for their medical achievements. While he knew little about treating high blood pressure, he was sure they were much more knowledgeable and with Wei Ying’s track record, their help would be needed. 

Then again, from the few conversations he had had with her in the past, he was sure she would tell him to get rid of Wei Ying and the problem itself would disappear. 

“Lan Zhan you don’t seem very eager...this is unfair isn’t it? I was so happy to see your drawing and now you won’t even speak when I want to show you mine?” 

...drawing? ” 

Wei Wuxian nodded, lips pulling wide as he bobbed his head. 

Yes! Remember? I said I was going to draw you with your ears and tail remember?” 

At his words, his face paled. Had he really drawn him- like- like that - in the middle of the library pavilion- where anyone - god forbid his uncle or worse, his brother, could walk in?

Suddenly he found his eyes glued to the paper, gaze accusatory as he pressed his lips together tightly. He could feel his ears twitching nonetheless, despite how his mind and heart seemed to be racing a marathon, he was sure they would both give out before either one won. 

Here , what do you think,” As if deciding he had suffered long enough, Wei Ying set the paper down on his desk, pushing it towards him gently. He let his gaze fall down to the drawing. 

Thankfully, he was clothed in it, despite his earlier fears. It was quite different from the last drawing he’d done of him by the window.

In this one, he seemed to have taken more time with it, working hard to bring the gentle curves and edges of his form to life. Staring at it, he realized he didn’t look as cold as he was sure he normally appeared. He looked at peace almost. Was this how Wei Wuxian saw him?

The Lan Wangji in the drawing sat in what he assumed was the meadow not far from the east guest quarters. In the drawing, he was kneeling, ears and tail visible while he held a small black rabbit in his arms. 

It was good. Detailed, and he could feel himself growing curious about where he’d gotten the inks to color it. Had he gone to Gusu during the night to buy some? He wouldn’t know where he had bought them if he had but he was sure he hadn’t made them himself. 

“You shouldn’t hide your tail, it’s too cute, see ,” Wei Wuxian tapped a finger to his tail in the drawing. “If you got robes like these- or even if you just cut a hole out, you could have your tail out,”

He lifted his eyes back up to his own. He was definitely only asking of this so he could pull his tail whenever he pleased and not look as if he were publically assaulting him. 

No ,” He said, although he did store the thought for later. Maybe it would be alright for night hunts...or for sleep attire...settings where he wouldn’t be judged by familiar faces. 

Ah , come on it must be uncomfortable? I use to have to hide my tail and it was a nightmare- seriously! I’m sure your uncle will understand if it’s a dress code thing…” Wei Wuxian was speaking seriously, tone calm and eyes stubborn to meet his own, trained on a far bookshelf a dozen yards away. 

It wasn’t entirely uncomfortable, his tail was small and it didn’t exactly take up much room. He nodded wordlessly, nonetheless. 

“You were forced to hide yours…?” He asked after a while. He didn’t know much of Jiang Fengmian, but Jiang Cheng never did hide his tail...was it an old rule? 

Vaguely he wonders if Madam Yu had implemented the rule. Wei Ying never spoke much of her, but when he did his words seemed conflicting. As if he were stuck between gratitude and resentment. 

From what he’d heard of her, how she treated him, he didn’t blame the later, and this was only reinforced by how sure he was that Wei YIng never spoke of the things that truly hurt him.

Wei Ying’s eyes were staring into his own, wide with surprise. 

For someone who always proclaimed they were close to anyone who would listen, he sure did seem surprised whenever he would voice his concern or curiosity. 

He ignored how that knowledge had a knot of guilt tying in his chest.

Ah. ..yeah, back before Jiang Fengmian took me in...I was on the streets, dogs are so horrible to their own kind you know? -Half kind? I don’t know...I started hiding it then ‘cause they kept attacking me, then I was taken in...Jiang Cheng use to tug on tails are different so I suppose he was surprised to see it,” The fox rambled on. “...Madam Yu thought it was unbecoming...I wasn’t forced was just easier,” His words died off, eyes returning to stare past him with a distancing look. He nodded slowly, knowing he wouldn’t miss the movement. 

That was...sad. 

He wasn’t forced he supposed, but then again he didn’t really have much of a choice did he? He couldn’t imagine having his options robbed from him, being left to do something he truly didn’t want to. 

From how Wei Ying’s tail was still on the ground by him, from how it normally wagged happily, he knew it wasn’t something he leapt to do. 

His eyes stayed on the black and orange fur. With pink light flinting through the windows it looked feather soft. 

A large part of him wanted to touch it, but Wei Ying had been so vulnerable not moments ago, still was, and he knew it was inappropriate. 

He really hoped he didn’t dislike his tail as much as others once had. 

“Do you hide it in Lotus Pier?” He asked, careful to keep his voice soft because the last thing he wanted was for Wei Ying to assume he felt the same as the ones who had rooted discomfort so deeply inside of him.

Do you still feel the need to hide it because of them? Have you worn it out before coming here?  

Wei Ying remained silent for a while, just as he was about to apologize for overstepping, he turned to face him, lips pulled up slightly, an almost unnoticeable amount. 

It was a smile unlike one he had seen before and this time he was sure it reached through past any formalities. It seemed softer.

“No Lan Zhan...I won’t hide a part of myself, it’s too much work to consider other people's feelings! Especially when I couldn’t care less for them,” 

He found the last part surprising. 

It was a lie. 

Wei Ying could pretend he didn’t care, he appeared it easily, but he knew it was only because he cared way too much. That much was clear in everything he did. 

A few weeks back he had vocally stuck up for Wen Ning when Wen Chao had decided to mock him during a joint nighthunt. 

It was foolish of him, especially when Wei Ying didn’t know Wen Ning, didn’t owe him anything and the Wen’s had been more than suspicious as of lately. It simply stood to show how pure his heart was, that in spite of everything stood for more of his clans values regardless of how many rules he broke.

“Wei Ying...can I touch your tail?” Lan Wangji asked slowly. At his question, Wei Ying’s eyes seemed to smile at him. Even if he denied him he was happy he could help lift a weight from him at least slightly.

Ah, Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan- of course,” Wei Wuxian didn’t move, simply swinging his tail closer to him, the weight heavy against his leg from where it sat. 

Swallowing hard, Lan Wangji kept his eyes on the fox hybrids, searching for any reluctance, before turning his attention to his tail and slowly brushing the back of his hand against it. It was softer than he had expected, the fur molding against his palm as he let his weight dip into it. 

“You can touch my ears too if you’d like,” Wei Wuxian added after a while. After several moments he turned his eyes up to the black ears. 

Wei really can read me well can’t you?  

It was a bit unnerving, but then again, so long as it was Wei Wuxian it didn’t bother him. 

Pressing his lips together, he reached forward, cupping one of his ears and brushing his fingers through the fur. His eyes stayed watching how the foxes eyes slipped shut, a soft breath falling from his lips as he gently scratched at the base. 

For him, having his ears touched was for the most part comforting. He knew it was different for all species, he could only wonder what it felt like for him. From how tension dripped from his body he supposed it didn’t matter. 

“...Lan Zhan,” Wei Ying started, eyes still blissfully shut, tone light. “May I ask you something?” His voice was calm, casual, and yet because he was asking permission, his movements faltered. At that, Wei Ying pulled back and he let his hands fall down to his lap. 


Wei Ying leaned back on one of his hands, watching him silently as he seemed to piece his words together. 

“I...the other I…” Wei Ying rarely was at a loss for what to say. He was always talking but now he’d stopped. “You...did I do something wrong? I...I didn’t want to make you uncomfortable...and if I did...please tell me because I want to do better not to in the future,” 

He stared. He was at a loss for words and yet a million where fighting to get past him. 

He hadn’t- he didn’t know how to stress that or explain that to him, especially when he himself didn’t truly know what it was and Wei Ying hadn’t exactly outright said it. 

“You didn’t make me uncomfortable,” He settled for saying. 

He kept his eyes trained on the purple pendant hanging from his robes. 

How could he phrase it...? That he liked him a lot, that he wanted anything he would give him, if that was his playful taunts, kind smiles, warm touches or even more than that. 

He just didn’t particularly feel an urge , for the later, more sensual things, and while he did at times, it wasn’t a constant that he was wanting as much as he assumed others would. 

It also wasn't something that he found attached to how someone looked, and while Wei Ying was objectively speaking stunning, beautiful in a number of ways, he found with him, he'd definitely be open to the idea of it.

That being said, Lan Wangji couldn’t imagine doing many intimate things with many people. The thought left him uneasy. 

But...he supposed if he were to choose someone, it would easily be Wei Ying every time and oddly enough, he didn't find his heart in the pit of his stomach at the thought. For Wei Ying, he imagined it was only him that could draw him from his repulses and force his heart to stutter with excitement.

“I...I’d like to at's not a need, ” 

At his words, Wei Ying snorted, a smirk dancing on his lips as he ducked his head down. 

“That's very Lan Zhan-ie of don’t have to explain yourself, I don’t care, I just wanted to make sure I didn’t make you uncomfortable or something,” 

He didn’t mention how his last two statements contradict each other. 

He cared more than most would if he wanted to make sure he wasn’t uncomfortable. That was more than he could expect from most people, especially in such a cruel world. 

He could feel his lips twitching up. He knew it wouldn’t show on his face, it never did despite how hard he’d think he was smiling. From how Wei Ying smiled back, he got that he knew nonetheless. 

“You’re a cutsleeve?” He forced himself to ask. 

It seemed appropriate, while they were divulging the depths of their souls he might as well find out if he had meant everything teasingly or genuinely.

Wei Ying shrugged, looking like he expected the question but was still left unprepared. 

Mm, perhaps...I just like who I like...though I’ve only liked one person though, so I can’t really say,” 

The statement brought a question to the front of his mind, one that had never subsided for good the number of times it resurfaced.


At that Wei Ying smiled wider, reaching forward and flicking at one of his ears. 

Who? Zewu Jun was right, you really are denser than me,”

He stared at the statement. 

That hadn’t answered his question. He brought his eyes down to stare at his lap. He could guess what he meant... really, he’d prefer to hear it though. 

It wasn’t the first time he’d missed a social cue, didn’t pick up on something that had or hadn’t been implied. It would do his sanity a lot of good to know he wasn’t simply hearing what he wanted to as Wei Ying often said. 

If he misunderstood something again he wasn’t sure he could survive the pain of his uncles’ or brothers pitty. 

That probably hurt the most. 

“I like you a lot Lan Zhan Er-Gege, even if you are a fuddy duddy and report me every time I break the rules,” Wei Ying’s words weren’t coated in half truths as they usually where, masking how he truly felt. 

Meeting his eyes he found they bled his heart, emotions he doubted the fox could put into words and he could feel his own heart resting at the sight of his smile. 

Mn, ” He hummed, his voice shaking because he couldn’t remember feeling so happy. 

Lan Zhan! I just confess to you and all you can do is go Mn? Lan Zhan my heart bleeds,” 

He ignored the statement, turning his eyes back down to the drawing before him. 

“Because I love you, you don’t have to lie about confiscating it, I made it for you so of course you can keep it,” 

The taunt had his heart softening. 

Plus, Zewu Jun gave me your drawing so it’s only fair,” 

His head snapped up at the comment, eyes wide. 

Wei Ying! ” He hadn’t even finished it- his brother had given it to him? How long had the two been colluding?

Ah- fighting is forbidden in Cloud Recesses!” Wei Ying shouted, jumping up and back a few feet. 

He settled for glaring, standing up as Wei Ying’s smile only grew wider.

“Oh Lan Zhan, would you look at the time it’s almost curfew, I really should be getting back to my room,” 

Wei Ying, you still have to finish your punishment,” He kept his gaze leveled.  

“Lan Zhan I’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll work extra hard to finish it all so we can get out of this damned building and you can help me prank Lan Qiren,” 

His eyes hardened, silently telling him he wouldn’t do anything of the sort. 

Fine, you don’t have to help me prank Lan Qiren... Oh! You have to come into Gusu with me! Me and Jiang Cheng found this great restaurant- you have to try it! You may find it spicy though considering the most you’ve ever had has probably been flour...”

Pointedly, he ignored the jab and the fondness that came with it. 

...If Wei Ying doesn’t break any rules,” 

At that, the foxes ears perked up with surprise. 

Really!? ” 


Wei Ying grinned widely, bouncing on the balls of his feet. 

Of course! Of course-... but !” Wei Ying paused dramatically, looking grave. “I can’t leave without a goodnight kiss now can I...?”

Childish .

Breathing out slowly, he leaned forward, pressing his lips to the foxes own and his heart dipping with the gentle pressure and in how Wei Ying kissed him back sweetly. 

“Wei Ying...I like you...a lot,” He mumbled, the foxes breath thick on his face from how close they remained. 

Wei Yings eyes stayed soft, smile small and yet contagious. Feeling his lips pull wide he turned his head down. 

Lan Zhan- ” He heard Wei Ying gasp from in front of him and he didn’t have to look up to know why. Feeling a hand cupping his cheek he allowed him to guide his head up. “You- you’re! ” He could feel his ears growing red as he avoided his gaze. 

Shut up ,” He whispered, forcing his head back down as embarrassment washed over him. 

No- It’s cute- I like it, who would have known you would have such a cute smile!” Wei Ying hummed, hands cupping his face. The urge to bite him from embarrassment was strong. 

“You never smile- and when you actually did your whole face scrunches up so cutely- Lan Zhan what the fuck- let go let go- Lan Zhan! ” Wei Wuxian screamed, his fingers caught between his teeth. “ Are you a fucking dog- Lan Zhan-! ” 

Taking pity on him, he let go, pulling back and watching as the male wrung his hand out in pain, a weary look on his face. 

Sorry, ” He mumbled, gently coaxing his hand into his own and apologetically pressing his lips to it. 

Tsk, I can’t forgive this, I was hurt without a provocation- there has to be a rule for that right? ” 

There wasn’t, he remained silent, gently kissing his hand once more before leaning in to peck his lips. 

Wei Ying’s eyes softened. Kissing him again he sighed as his lips slowly molded against his own. 

“Forgive me?” He asked. Wei Yings eyes stayed foggy, not seeming to process the question until several seconds later. After several moments his eyes widened as if he realized he had been spoken to. 

Mmm, I don’t know...I guess I could forgive you...for a price,” 

Mn, ” He leaned forward and pecked his lips again, pulling back and watching as the male only tapped a finger to his lips once more. Complying, he kissed him again, heart humming with the feeling of him smiling into the pressure. His lips lingered for a while and as he pulled back he got the feeling he was itching to lean back in. 

Curfew.. .go now or we won't go to Gusu...” 

Nodding, Wei Ying left with one last kiss. From the smile on his lips, he was sure he’d definitely have to ask Wen Qing for something for his uncles blood pressure...Wei Ying was shameless, and once he realized he was a better weapon for pranking his uncle than anything else, he was sure to exploit it.