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twice smut collection.

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Hirai Momo is not a brat.

She swears on it; she behaves like she should in all honesty. Anytime Jihyo needs her, she's there. She listens to her thoroughly anyway she needs to and everywhere they are. She's Jihyo's good girl, and they both know it.

Besides, it isn't her fault, really. Jihyo's been very busy with all the natural work that comes with being the leader of the nation's girl group. Momo is a needy girl, constantly in need of affection and attention. Nevertheless, she still believes she is Jihyo's good girl.

And she supposes that what she did wasn't in any way well behaved. But that doesn't mean she should be bent over Jihyo's lap, embarrassingly wet with absolutely nothing filling her up like she wants. In her defense, the employee was such an easy target, practically kneeling down to Momo when she laughed at any joke he made. Jihyo is... Possessive. Therefore, as she's stated before, it isn't her fault. Jihyo could have learned to wait, and-

"What happened to my good girl?" Jihyo purrs as she lands a solid hit on Momo's ass, and Momo really can't help the whimper that falls from the tip of her tongue. She's anticipating the next move, stomach tight, and thighs shaking. Even the air makes her all the more sensitive, and the ice that Jihyo had threatened to use earlier just makes it worse; she's a sensitive girl, and she doubts she can handle much more. She tries grinding down against Jihyo's thigh, for anything, only to feel Jihyo yank her head up by her hair. It only serves to make her positively more wet.

"Come on, darling, what happened to all those pretty words you had to say before?" A hand trails down Momo's back, resting on her ass once more before spanking her again, rougher and surely leaving a beautiful print of Jihyo's palm. She jumps with a gasp, and she just knows Jihyo is smirking; she's more sadistic than Nayeon ever will dream of being, "Did that little boy make you wet?" She's quick to shake her head, but Jihyo simply laughs. "You're dripping. I should be using the paddle, you know. Too bad we're not at home." Momo squirms, cheeks pink, and eyes cloudy with tears. The threat isn't so terrible; she kind of enjoys the paddle, and she loves it when Jihyo enjoys it. She releases her hold on Momo's hair to promptly lift her almost effortlessly. With a hard demand, Momo straddles her left thigh, a breathy sigh leaving her lips at the much needed friction. She grinds down, hard and simple, but Jihyo is quick to grab onto her hips to stop her.

"Mommy," the word is so thready, and so needy that Jihyo can't help but bite into Momo's shoulder. She's her baby, and she'd love for that little boy to know that. "Mommy, please-"

"No," another failed attempt at moving against Jihyo's thigh, and she nearly sobs from the unbearable heat between her legs, "You were bad, weren't you, sweetie? Bad girls don't get to come." Momo is a piece of art, Jihyo knows, and the way she bares her neck to her, like she's begging to be marked and owned-

Jihyo can only comply to her. And the piece of art becomes a masterpiece, one that begs and pleads for any type of touch from its painter. With a pink nub between her fingers, Jihyo tugs, her teeth grazing along Momo's throat. The moan that interrupts the silence of the room is nothing short of sinful, and Jihyo would give her all to hear it again.

"I-I'll be a g-good girl, please!" The way Momo stutters over her words as she utters them so quickly, and so desperately is endearing. So Jihyo places one last kiss to the column of her throat, admiring her work of art. Momo always looks ethereal covered in Jihyo's marks.

"Would you have been a good girl for him? Would you rather have him inside of you, filling you up?" She falls silent, and Jihyo rolls her eyes. Another hard spank leaves Momo absolutely breathless, "Did you not hear me? Seems like you don't want my fingers enough." 

"No! Please-" Momo sobs as Jihyo guides Momo's hips along her thigh, tightening her grip whenever she tries to speed up or grind down harder.

"You'll take what I give you," she replies smoothly as Momo's head drops down onto Jihyo's shoulder, another breathless moan sounding throughout the room, "tell me, baby girl, would you have allowed him to use you? To discard you after he's done with you like the slut you are? You're lucky I'm even allowing you to ride my thigh after what you did. Maybe I should stop, leave you here wet and needy." All of the filthy words that ring in Momo's ears only have one purpose, and that purpose is to make her more sensitive as she gasps against Jihyo's skin. And Jihyo is quick to respond, finally guiding Momo's hips just a bit faster. To Momo, it feels like she's going slower and faster all at the same time, and there's that familiar pressure building in the pit of her stomach that makes it hard to concentrate. To Jihyo, there's nothing like this feeling. The feeling of being so in control, to have someone trust her so much. The feeling of having Momo coat her skin in slick, and to cry out and beg for her.

"God, I can feel you getting closer," Jihyo laughs darkly, "so soon? And just from my thigh, too," She brings one hand up to wrap around the older girl's throat, "if you come, you won't be allowed to for a week." And Momo truly believes Jihyo wants to kill her because she simply flexes her thigh, guiding her faster along the defined muscle as her hold on Momo's throat tightens gradually.

She's quickly reduced into a stuttering, blushing, whining mess as she tries to hold off her impending orgasm. Jihyo is absolutely no help either, adding pressure each and every time Momo makes a sound. How is she supposed to not come? Jihyo is sadistic, and terrible, and has absolutely no-

A wave crashes through her body, and she can't help the tear that runs down her cheek or the long broken whine that surely would make anyone else on the floor suspicious. As her hips attempt to stutter to a stop, and she's muttering pleads and apologies, Jihyo's hands spring into action, one tapping her exposed hip, and the other almost immediately jumping to rub at the poor girl's clit as soon as she exposes herself to the cool air of the room. The pressure in her stomach is quick to return, and she can only beg and moan as Jihyo speeds up, a soft growl rising from her throat. Another harsh bite to her shoulder, and Momo gasps as Jihyo's fingers work in earnest. The second orgasm tears through Momo so quickly that she nearly screams, and really, Jihyo wouldn't have minded. And even as Momo is shivering, thighs shaking, and her entire body flushed, Jihyo has absolutely no intention of stopping.

"M-Mommy," as it should, it causes Jihyo to chuckle once more, dipping her fingers lower until two are filling Momo completely, stretching her out to the hilt, "Fuck!" If Momo won't be allowed to come for a week, well, Jihyo might as well make the most of her baby girl. And she does, taking all she can, and drinking in every small noise the girl makes. She makes sure to add more pressure to the swollen bud, relishing in the broken moans that spill over Momo's lips. And what else could Momo do when Jihyo's hand drops from her throat, coming down to pinch at her nipple harshly as she adds another finger? It was only natural for her to come again, already begging for Jihyo to stop. Oh, but she should have known that Jihyo wasn't going to. The girl loves seeing the tears on Momo's face, and how her body twitches because coming again is too much.

"I-I can't, please," and her voice is so wrecked that Jihyo can only smile. She loves ruining Momo, and she would do so over and over again until she's a complete masterpiece. Just as she should be. "Jihyo-"

"You wanted to come so badly earlier," she hums, and Momo bites into her wrist to try and keep quiet as Jihyo speeds up, "what happened?" When Momo doesn't answer, Jihyo grabs onto her wrist, pulling it away from her mouth, eyes dark, "use your words, pretty girl."

And Momo swears that she's trying to, but the words just come out jumbled and too whiny for Jihyo to understand any of it. She's a babbling, incoherent mess, and oh, how Jihyo loves it, "You'll come for me as many times as I want you to. You wanted to be used so badly, so take it like a good girl. I want you ruined for me."