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Little Haven

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Katsuki is so fucking screwed. He can’t believe he forgot his mother’s birthday. It’s been three days and the old hag hasn’t even called to yell at him. He’s sure she’s plotting his bloody murder right at this freaking moment.

That’s actually a first, never before Katsuki made his mother so angry that the woman got lost for words. He can’t believe he let himself get so caught up in work he forgot her birthday for three fucking days. What type of person forgets their own mother for three damn days?

When he realized his mistake, he wanted to punch himself in the face. Sure the woman is a damn witch, but she’s still his mother. Being a Pro Hero isn’t an excuse to forget about your parents, that’s what shitty people do. He needs to get his damn life together and get over the stress that eats him up every day and screws up his sanity.

That morning when Bakugou noticed what day it was, he called his agency and told them he wasn’t coming. He needed to make this right and get his head back in the game. So he went to the mall to buy her some expensive earrings, then went to a flower shop to get flowers and now he’s on his last stop — a pastry shop to buy a cake.

Katsuki searched online for someplace that sold the really good shit, he wasn’t going to bring his mother a second-grade cake. He found online the only shop in town with 100% five-star reviews — Little Haven. From what Katsuki read, it’s a very fancy and expensive tea house that sells their baked goods if the clients want to take them home too.

The place certainly looks cutesy from the outside. Two small white tables with flowers on top, lots of flowers by the windows, frilly curtains. A little wooden plaque hanging on top of the white windowed door.

But even the very well adorned outside didn’t prepare Bakugou for what he saw on the inside. The place looks like a dollhouse, it’s a five-year-old girl's dream in design. Everything is decorated in pastels, there are bows and flowers everywhere, from the tablecloths to the upholstered chairs.

The place has several small round tables scattered around the place and some booths on one of the side walls. Occupying the whole back wall, there is a counter with a refrigerated display showing the cutest and most overly-decorated pastries and desserts Katsuki has ever seen. The macaroons were animal-shaped, the cupcakes had flowers, the parfaits looked like they came from a magazine.

However, it was not the food or the decor that really caught Katsuki’s eyes — even more baffling than the decor was how everyone inside was dressed. There were a handful of people occupying the little round tables, all of them women, all of them wearing the most frilly over-the-top dresses Katsuki has ever seen. There were heaps of bows, laces, headpieces and the works.

He had heard about this before and may have seen one or another picture online, but he never expected to find such a big group of Lolitas so close to his neighborhood.

Bakugou probably took a few more seconds than it was polite checking out the patrons in the room, but soon enough he got a hold of himself. He came here for a cake, not to gawk at people’s clothes. The Hero walks straight towards the counter to ask some server for their help.

“Good afternoon, sir. How may I help you?” The server asks him with a wary smile. She probably is wondering why a man dressed in jeans and a black t-shirt with a skull printed on it is doing in their tea shop.

The server is wearing the same style of clothes as the other patrons. Her blouse is brown, the dress that goes on top is light beige and shows her small waist; her hair is cut short, barely reaching her jaw, it’s curly in a deep green color; she has freckles and huge green eyes. She’s the cutest thing Katsuki has ever seen.


Izuku in the brown and beige coordinate by @gg_gohagosa

Izuku in the brown and beige coordinate by @saekimchisart

Izuku in the brown and beige coordinate by @UsaYuki_DK


“Sir? May I help you?... Are you lost?”

Quite a deep voice for such a small girl. Noticing that takes Katsuki out of his musings.

“I’m here for a cake. I called earlier,” he grunts looking down to the pastry display. Better to focus on the lilac macaroons than to keep checking out the server.

“Oh, right! Mister Bakugou, is it?” She says happily. “I’ll check out with the baker in the back.”

Katsuki keeps his focus on the food, trying not to stare at the girls having their tea. Sure, he may be rude to fuckers who annoy him, but he isn’t the kind of creep to ogle women while they’re minding their own business.

“The baker is finishing up the frosting, it should be done in a few minutes,” the server comes back. “Would you like to have some tea while you wait?”

“Ah- yeah, why not,” Katsuki grumbles a little awkwardly.

He feels wrong all over just from being inside the place. He feels like he’s too big, too brute, too aggressive to be around such delicate things. But he sits down on a table near the counter, as far away from the other patrons as he can.

The server trails after him and offers Katsuki a menu. There are several items in it, from sweet to savory, and every kind of tea and latte one could imagine. Katsuki gets a little overwhelmed by the amount of options and turns his head to the server thinking about asking a recommendation.

And that’s when he notices the server’s prominent Adam's apple. The server is a man.

A man in a cute dress with a huge bow on the front, a fluffy petticoat underneath and Bakugou can even see the frills of bloomers near his knees. Suddenly Katsuki feels hot, too hot. His palms begin sweating and he gets very uncomfortable inside his skin. He rubs his hands on his pants to prevent them from sparkling.

“Would you like some recommendations? Our jasmine tea is very famous, as is our strawberry tea,” the boy says with a smile pulling on his soft freckled cheeks.

He even has makeup on, some yellow eyeshadow on his eyelids and maybe even more, Katsuki can’t really tell.

“Jasmine sounds good.” He chokes out, still too confused about what he’s seeing. Thankfully that seems enough for the server because he goes back to the counter.

The server is the prettiest boy Bakugou’s ever seen. Katsuki knows he’s bisexual, but he never thought he’d be interested in crossdressing. Even less that he’d be interested in this particular overly cute and feminine type of crossdressing. Sure, he can objectively think it’d be hot to see a twink wearing lingerie, but there’s nothing sexual about the clothes the server is wearing.

The only skin he’s showing is on his hands and face. The dress comes down to his knees, he’s wearing white tights that cover his legs, and the big petticoat doesn’t allow for a good idea of the shape of his thighs. The final look is so delicate and innocent that Katsuki feels dirty for thinking lewd thoughts in the same room as the adorable server.

“Here is your tea, sir,” the server puts down the teacup and a light green macaroon. “I added the macaroon since I believe it’s your first time here and they are also one of our specialties!”

The server looks at him with a bright expectant smile as Katsuki bites on the sweet treat. It’s matcha flavored and not as sugary as he expected, it’s actually pretty delicious.

“Not bad. Yeah, I didn’t know there was a place like… this around here.” Katsuki says indicating the room around them with his head.

“Oh, yeah, we’re the only Lolita-inspired teashop in town,” the server says with a proud smile.

“The owner must really like this frilly stuff,” Katsuki says offhandedly sipping his tea.

“Yes, I do,” the server, actually owner, giggles.

“Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t expect-” Bakugou scrambles with his words. He really is too inadequate to such a delicate space.

“It’s alright! Most people don’t realize it!” The owner says. “We’re a small group working here. It’s only me, the baker, Sato, and Eri, who works as a server after school and on the weekends.”

“And you are?...” Well, Bakugou can’t miss such a good opportunity to ask for the cutie’s name.

“Izuku. Midoriya Izuku,” he answers with a sweet smile.

“Very nice to meet you, Izuku. I’m Bakugou Katsuki,” he says with what he hopes is a charming smile

Izuku blushes and stutters, “I- I’ll go check on your cake!”

A couple of minutes later, Katsuki leaves the place with a beautiful pink cake and a new favorite teashop in town.


Izuku has a new regular patron, and he doesn’t know how he feels about it. The day he met Bakugou Katsuki, he thought the blond was a little weird, clearly didn’t know where he got himself into, but nice enough to not be rude about it.

And he thought he’d never see Bakugou again after the man got the cake he wanted to give his mother.

But the next day, around 6 pm, he comes again. However, this time he was wearing very different clothes, he was wearing his Hero uniform.

Izuku gets instantly uneasy by the sight of Ground Zero in his little tea shop and only after the man greets him that he recognizes the hero as the man he met yesterday. Ground Zero’s civilian name probably is public knowledge, but it’s been over a decade since Izuku read anything about Heroes so he hadn’t made the connection.

Being born quirkless put a damper on Izuku’s childlike dreams of being a hero himself. When All Might confirmed that he could never be a hero without a quirk, Izuku decided to leave everything hero-related behind. He threw away his merch, stopped watching the news and started fighting the pain of having his dreams broken.

Not long after that, he began getting interested in Lolita Fashion. At first, it was just something nice to look at and ignore the depression of leaving his hero aspirations behind. Then it became a new hobby, something to dedicate his obsessive tendencies like he used to do with hero merch. After that, it didn’t take long for him to start putting on the dresses himself.

One thing was clear: no one ever bothers him about being quirkless when he’s dressed in a full Lolita coordinate. Some may give him weird looks, but he was used to getting nasty looks because he is quirkless anyway. And dressing in Lolita actually opened the door to a whole community of people who also liked the things he liked; that celebrated his uniqueness and his accomplishments; and who never said bad things about him being quirkless or wearing women's clothes.

However, one thing that has been accompanying him since he met All Might is an overall wariness of heroes. Izuku doesn't feel comfortable around them and doesn't seek information on them. That never really hindered his everyday life until Ground Zero started showing up every day to have tea after his patrol. Most days, the man even comes in his full uniform!

And he always tries striking conversation with Izuku. Usually it is about the pastries or the tea, but he even commented on Izuku's dress once! It was a beautiful one-piece, all pink with several ribbons and a cute print. Izuku doesn't usually wear it because it shows too much of his arms, but Ground Zero praised the dress and said he really liked the blue and lilac of the print. Again, Izuku doesn’t know how to feel about this.

Izuku in the pink coordinate by @UsaYuki_DK

He has nothing to actually complain about the Hero. Bakugou hasn’t actually done anything inappropriate, he always keeps to himself, doesn’t bother the other patrons, and leaves generous tips.

But his very existence in Little Haven's space is unsettling. He stands out from the tea house’s usual clientele (Lolitas from different styles, a few high school girls who are interested in the fashion and a couple of grannies who enjoy the ambiance); he seems to second guess everything he will say; and he tends to look like he’s uncomfortable to be there and terrified of touching anything.

Or at least, that’s how he used to be. However, Izuku can’t deny that with each passing day, the hero seems to be getting more comfortable in the tea shop.

He already knows the menu and has his favorite items. He always takes the same table and seems to relax his shoulders when he sits down on his usual chair. His whole facial expression appears to be getting calmer every time he comes. He feels comfortable to play around with his phone and take his time with the tea.

Once, the Hero even brought some forms and papers to fill out while he ate a croissant and drank earl grey tea. It was the weirdest of sights: the famous bad boy Hero Ground Zero, filling out forms in the tiny white table, while trying no to get crumbs on the papers, in the middle of his tea shop.

After that Izuku just accepted that the hero was part of his everyday life and there was nothing he could do about it. Things kept on this same routine for a good couple of weeks; until, one day, Ground Zero didn’t come at his usual time.

The hero always enters Little Haven at 6 sharp, so when the clock passed 7:30, Izuku thought the Hero wasn’t coming. He probably was busy with Hero things or whatever Heroes do in their free time that isn't drinking tea and eating pastries.

However, at 7:55 pm, just five minutes before Izuku’s closing time, someone enters the tea shop. When Izuku looks up, he sees Ground Zero — but he has blood on his temple, ashes and dirt on his uniform and some weird wet-spots on his clothes that look like blood too.


The shitty villain was more trouble than he was worth. The damn fight dragged on and Katsuki had to run or else he’d miss the open hours of Little Haven.

He didn’t even have time to change his clothes, which is actually a very common occurrence by now. So many times Katsuki has decided to take his shower back home instead of at the agency just to not miss on the time he had on the tea shop.

Honestly, coming to Little Haven became the best part of his day. Not that he doesn’t enjoy kicking villain ass, but being a hero is a fucking stressful job. Before finding the tea shop, Katsuki always dragged himself to an empty apartment when the sun was already down for hours and ended up musing about work through the rest of the night.

But now, he comes here every day after his patrol, enjoys the calm atmosphere, drinks some fucking good tea (nothing like the bag shit he makes at home), eats something nice and watches Izuku. Watching Izuku is the best part of all, the little owner is so freaking cute. He’s so cheery and energetic but, at the same time, brings peace to those around him.

Bakugou noticed Izuku was a little wary when he started showing up at his tea shop in hero uniform, but the man has never told Katsuki off. On the contrary, he always makes Katsuki feel welcome. After spending an hour around Izuku’s presence, the hero feels relaxed and recharged enough to go home, do his chores and get on with his life.

That’s why Katsuki didn’t really think twice about rushing in before closing hours just to maybe catch a glimpse of Izuku. But now, seeing the horrified expression of the man, he starts to doubt his decision.

“Mister Bakugou! You’re bleeding!” Izuku says aghast.

“Am I?” Katsuki starts looking around his arms to look for any cut, but the only blood he sees it’s on his tank top. “Oh, this isn’t mine,” he explains pulling on the black fabric to show it isn’t pierced.

“And on your head?” Izuku asks in disbelief.

Bakugou raises a hand to his hairline and feels the stickiness there and winces, “yeah, this might be mine.”

Well, he did it. He came and terrified Izuku, so he might as well go home now and pray the owner doesn’t forbid him from entering the tea house ever again.

“I’m- I’m sorry, I’ll leave,” Katsuki says dejectedly before turning around.

“Wait!” Izuku calls for him and rushes by his side. “I can’t let you leave with a head wound! You could be concussed!”

Katsuki chuckles sadly, “I’m not fucking concussed. I know what a concussion feels like, your brain gets lagged. I just have the ringing in my ears from the explosions today, so I’m totally fine. Don’t worry.”

“No!” Izuku says, his lips pursued in a serious line and an obstinate look in his eyes. “You go to the toilette right now, sit down and wait for me there. I’ll not hear any debate about this.”

The hero is taken aback by the strength of the man’s order and can’t find it in himself to disobey. He enters the cutely decorated restroom and checks his face in the mirror. He really looks awful. There’s blood on his forehead and temple, a nasty bruise on his jaw and he’s dirty all over with ashes, mud and blood.

He doesn’t feel like even touching the sink because he’ll soil the white porcelain. Suddenly the feeling of inadequacy he used to feel every time he entered Little Haven comes back like a freight train. He even thinks about sneaking away before Izuku notices it, but the man shows up before Katsuki manages to make a run for it.

“I told you to sit down,” Izuku berates him.

Katsuki feels like a child that got caught doing something he shouldn’t. He quickly sits down on the closed lid of the toilet and looks at Izuku in awe. The Lolita is opening a first aid kit on the sink and pulling out cotton and bactericidal medicine.

The Hero moves his hand to grab the things but Izuku slaps his hand away, “stay put!”

The man turns towards Katsuki with the cotton wet with the medicine and leans in to clean his wound.

“Wait! No!” Bakugou protests.

Izuku glares at him, “you come here bloodied and bruised, and now you are afraid of the medicine stinging?!”

“No, I’m not afraid of shit,” Katsuki pouts. “But you’ll get your dress dirty if you get too close. I can clean it on my own.”

And Izuku’s dress is so damn pretty today. It has a diamond pattern in two shades of blue and some brown chess pieces printed on the bottom. It seems to be even extra puffy than what Izuku usually wears, and it’s perfectly coordinated with a blue ribbon on his head and brown shoes. Katsuki likes the dress a lot and he’d hate to be the cause of it getting ruined with bloodstains.

Izuku shakes his head, “I work at a tea house, I’ve learned how to deal with stains a long time ago. Why do you think I have so many dresses?”

“Because they are pretty?” Katsuki asks suddenly feeling very stupid.

Izuku looks surprised for a second and then chuckles, “yes, that too. But I also regularly get them dirty with tea, coffee and all kinds of things. I promise that I’m a master at cleaning stains by now.”

While he explains that, Izuku gingerly touches Katsuki’s wound with the wet cotton. He’s moving very gently to not hurt the hero, but Bakugou is way too enthralled by the view of Izuku so close to care about any kind of pain.

“What are you doing here, Mr. Bakugou?” Izuku asks softly. “Shouldn’t you have stayed at your agency to get these properly treated?”

“I’d miss my tea,” Katsuki answers without noticing the words are coming out of his mouth.
It’s like looking at Izuku’s beautiful face so close and so focused left Katsuki enchanted. Izuku could ask for state secrets right now and the Hero would gladly provide.

“I’m sure they could get you tea there.”

“Not like yours, and not like here,” Katsuki whispers.

“Like here?” Izuku asks raising an eyebrow, never stopping to tend to Katsuki’s wound, now he’s putting a couple of band-aids on the cut.

“Here is special. Makes me feel good. You must have some kind of hospitality quirk because you created the only place I’ve been to that I feel calm.”

Izuku furrows his eyebrows and takes a step back, “I’m done. You can leave now.”

The man closes his first aid kit quickly and turns to leave. He looks angry and his actions are rushed. Katsuki panics trying to find out how he fucked things up so fast, just a second earlier everything was fine.

“Wait!” He goes to grab Izuku’s wrist to not let him leave, but changes his mind and lets his hand hovering in the air. “Shit—”

He starts cussing and bites his tongue, he hates cursing inside Little Haven but the habit is a hard one to break. Izuku is already out of the restroom when Katsuki manages to follow him.

“Izuku, I’m sorry. Fuck, I don’t know what I said, but I’m sorry if I pissed you off.” The Hero pleads when he reaches Midoriya in the middle of the main room.

“I’m not …pissed off…” Izuku chokes on the bad words in the cutest way. “It’s just—”

Katsuki does his best puppy-dog-eyes impersonation to try and make the man forgive him. He can’t lose his favorite spot in town, the place (and person) that seems to be the only thing holding Katsuki’s mental health together.

“It’s not you. It’s just that… you’re a hero, and I don’t know what you’re doing here, and you talked about me having a quirk.” Izuku shakes his head making the big bow on top of his hair ruffles.

“Is something wrong with your quirk?” Katsuki asks tentatively.

Izuku gives a sad chuckle, “only if you think not having one is wrong.”

“Oh, that’s crazy,” Katsuki says and Izuku winces. Bakugou freaks out when he notices how bad that sounded and tries to fix it. “No! Shit- What I mean is it’s amazing that you do all of this without a quirk. At first, I thought you had some kind of tailoring quirk because your dresses are always so perfect and my parents are designers, so I know how hard it is to get the fitting right.”

Katsuki says scratching the back of his head and looking down, “later I thought maybe you had some memory quirk, because you never forget shit about people’s orders and how they like them. And my last theory was this damn hospitality quirk, that I don’t even know how would even work… but it seemed like the best explanation to why I feel so good coming here and seeing you.”

Alright, maybe Katsuki is a little bit concussed because that was a fucking ton of shit he just unloaded on the poor man. He really shouldn’t have come here tonight, Bakugou is just fucking things up for himself right now.

“Ahn… I-... I think I’m just gonna go… Yeah, I’m sorry for bothering you and fucking up your closing hours.” Katsuki says turning to leave with his tail between his legs.

“Mister Bakugou!” Izuku calls him when Katsuki is near the door. The Hero turns to look at him and sees Izuku fidgeting with the hem of his dress. “Will you-... Will you come tomorrow?”

Katsuki can’t help the small smile pulling on his lips.

“Yeah, I’ll come tomorrow for my tea.”

Later, back home, Katsuki sees two Hello Kitty band-aids on his forehead. He washes up very carefully to not take the bandages off and goes to sleep feeling way less shitty just from knowing he had the little cute kitties there with him.