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Mic is grinning at him, unblinking and mocking.

See, Hizashi is halfway across the country right now, giving talks as a guest speaker at a few universities. It’s been nearly a week since he’s been gone, and Shouta misses him desperately. But Mic? Mic has been with him all week. The image of his husband’s pro hero persona stares at him from the cover of a body pillow pillow laid haphazardly across the bed.

Hizashi had brought it home as a joke, laughing hysterically at this particular piece of Present Mic merch. But the pillow itself is surprisingly comfortable, and as ridiculous as it is, it’s still a picture of the man he loves, so Shouta has no qualms about using it for his catnaps. And if he’s being honest, it also makes nights without Hizashi just a little less lonely.

Shouta knows what he’ll find if he flips it over. While this side of the pillow is innocuous enough, just a scanned image of Mic in his hero attire, shooting finger guns and giving his trademark grin, the back is ripped from a photoshoot he did a few years back with Hero’s Saga. In it his pants are slung low on his hips, fly unzipped to show off the brand written on the waistband of his underwear. His thin white T-shirt is pulled up to show off his chest, held in place with his teeth.

It's tempting. Even more so now that it's been six whole days without Hizashi around. Shouta sits on the edge of the bed, staring down at his pillow as he wavers.

He could just jack off again and be done with it. He can save himself the embarrassment.

But there's no one else around and damn if Hizashi doesn't look good in that picture.

"Fuck it," he growls, flipping over the pillow and yanking down his sweatpants.

The first roll of his hips sends such a wave of relief crashing over him that it makes his thighs tremble. Even if it isn’t the real Hizashi, there’s something insanely satisfying about still getting off to him, to being able to grind down on some version of him. There’s a wet spot forming on the front of his boxer briefs, soaking up the precum that’s already leaking out of him. That same wet spot is rubbing indecently over Mic’s hips, soaking into the fabric right where his happy trail disappears.

A flush burns high on Shouta’s cheeks, and he squeezes his eyes shut, panting as another shock of pleasure runs up his spine. It’s embarrassing how easy it is to get himself off like this, humping an image of his husband. He has half a mind to go dig out one of their toys from their closet, just so he has something to sink down onto that he can pretend is Hizashi’s cock, but he’s already so far gone he can’t be bothered. Instead he hunches over, dark hair spilling across Mic’s face while he ruts feverishly against the pillow.

Just as he’s contemplating whether or not it’d be worth the cleanup to cum right then and there, his phone rings.

He swears as he snatches it up off the nightstand, ready to tell off whoever’s interrupting him.

“What is it?” he snaps as soon as he accepts the call.

Hizashi chuckles on the other end of the line. “Well jeez, hello to you too, sunshine!”

He immediately flushes, thighs pressing together at the sound of his husband’s voice. “Hizashi,” he says, squirming as he tries to keep his voice even. “Is something wrong?”

“Does something have to be wrong for me to want to talk to my favorite listener?”

Shouta doesn’t answer, only gives a slow, experimental wriggle of his hips that makes his breath hitch. He’s so tightly wound up, and Hizashi’s voice in his ears is only making things worse.

“Shou? You there, baby?”

“You caught me at a bad time,” he says quietly, fisting one hand in the sheets while he continues his steady rocking back and forth. The friction feels perfect, so much so that he has to stop for a moment to gather himself before he finishes too quickly.

“What do you mean?” Hizashi asks, sounding confused. “Are you busy working? At this time? Aww, should I hang up then so you can-”

“Don’t,” Shouta says sharply, pressing his phone closer to his ear. “I want to hear your voice.”

There’s a pause during which Shouta fails to bite back a whine. Hizashi makes a sound of understanding and when he next speaks, his voice has dropped a few notes.

"Am I interrupting your fun, baby?"

Shouta wants to say something snarky, but all that comes out is another embarrassing whine as he resumes his grinding.

"Mm, I wish I could join you, but I have to head out in a little while. It's a shame," Hizashi sighs. "I would have loved to take my time with you."

"Hizashi," he groans. "Make yourself useful or I'll hang up and finish the job myself."

"Oooh, somebody's impatient," Hizashi shoots back easily. "You must have gotten yourself really worked up. Tell me what you're up to, honey. Are you fucking yourself on a fake cock and thinking about me?"

Shouta shakes his head before remembering Hizashi can't see him. "No," he mumbles into the receiver.


“I-” Shouta swallows thickly. “I’m not using any toys this time.”

Hizashi hums, intrigued. “Just touching yourself then, my darling?” The endearment is murmured in smooth English. It’s enough to make Shouta blurt out his next words.

“Grinding. On a pillow,” he says breathlessly, hips stuttering at his own admission. It feels dirty to acknowledge it out loud, dirtier still when he realizes that if he looks down, Mic is still staring at him through his shades, eyes half-lidded and knowing. “Fuck.”

“Oh wow,” Hizashi remarks, sounding genuinely surprised. If only he knew which pillow Shouta was grinding on. “You must be really needy to resort to that. Do you miss me that bad, Shou? I’m flattered.”

“Do you not miss me too?” Shouta shoots back, unconscious of the way his lower lip juts out into a pout as he says it. If Hizashi were there with him, he would tease him mercilessly for it, but as it is, this static version of Present Mic can only stare silently, teasing him in a very different way.

“Of course I do,” Hizashi affirms fiercely. “And when I get home, I’ll be sure to show you exactly how much I missed you. But for right now, do me a favor, will you? Put me on speaker and set the phone down.”

Shouta complies, placing the phone face up beside his body pillow, just a few inches to the right of Mic’s face.

“Why do you want to be on speaker?”

“Ah, there’s two reasons for that,” he explains. “The first is that I need your hands free so you can touch yourself. Go on, Shouta. Be good and play with your nipples for me since I’m not there to suck on them myself.”

He had thought it impossible for the blush on his face to get any darker, but he feels hotter than ever, breath coming in harsh pants while he obeys, fingers trailing up his chest until they skim across his nipples, already pebbled and sensitive. He lets out a quiet groan.

“Aha, and there goes my second reason. You gotta be louder if you expect me to hear you while you’re on speaker, honey.”

Shouta can’t help the dry chuckle that escapes him. “Sly bastard,” he says fondly. He lets his head fall back as he moans, toying with himself as per Hizashi’s instructions.

He can practically hear Hizashi’s grin. “You love me for it.”

“I do,” Shouta confirms. “For some reason.”

The peal of laughter that gets him is almost too sweet for the moment, bright and happy and adoring, but all it does is throw kerosene onto the fire already ablaze in Shouta’s belly. He moves faster, frantic now with Hizashi’s voice spurring him on.

“And I love you too, baby. I wish I could be there with you right now to watch you come apart - you’re always so gorgeous when you let loose like that, you know? - but it’s okay, I can still listen to you cum. You’re going to be nice and loud for me, right, Shouta?”

“Yes!” he shouts, working his hips over the pillow, pressing down hard on each drag of his cock. The pressure is enough to make his head spin and he slumps forward, pressing his cheek to the top of the pillow with Mic’s face on it while he desperately humps the bottom half of it. The pillow cover is starting to feel a little damp, though whether it’s from Shouta’s hot, panting breaths against the fabric or the drool running down the side of his mouth as he loses himself to his pleasure is anyone’s guess.

“‘Zashi, I’m close,” he whines, and even though his mouth is so much closer to the receiver, he’s still past the point of controlling his volume, all harsh gasps and loud grunts. Hizashi lets out an approving hum.

“Just in time, too. Let me hear you cum. Go for it, baby.”

It’s all he needs. With a few more snaps of his hips, Shouta cums with a shout of his husband’s name, rutting into the plush fabric of the pillow and imagining for just a moment that it’s the real Hizashi he’s losing himself in. Warmth pools around his crotch as he spills into his underwear, soaking into the fabric and the fabric of the pillowcase just beneath.

It takes him a minute to catch his breath, but when he finally does sit up and wipe the spit off his chin, he realizes Hizashi is still talking, cooing praise and endearments at him. With a small smile, Shouta takes it off speaker mode and brings it back up to his ear.

“Thanks for that,” he says quietly, cutting the blond off mid-sentence.

“Ah, you’re very welcome, my darling!” There’s that damn English again. Shouta huffs out what might be a laugh. “I’m glad I could help. We were cutting it kinda close since I have dinner with some colleagues tonight and I have to leave soon, but it worked out!”

He looks down as he listens to Hizashi ramble on about the dinner he’s going to and who he’s meeting with, grimacing when he feels the sticky mess he’s made, not just between his legs but also on his favorite nap companion.

“Ugh, gross,” he mutters under his breath as he clambers off the bed and starts gathering up the things to be washed. He eyes the bright colors of the body pillow cover, wondering if he can throw it in the laundry alongside his white sheets. “I hope the dye on this damn pillow doesn’t bleed in the wash.”

He doesn’t realize Hizashi’s fallen silent until he speaks up again, voice pitched oddly high. “Um, Shouta?” he asks slowly. “...Which pillow did you say you used again?”

Shouta freezes. “I… didn’t.” His voice says it all, words coming out awkward and stilted, so he clears his throat and tries again. “I, uh, didn’t say which.”

“Riiiiight.” Hizashi’s voice is slowly brightening, sounding nearly gleeful as he chirps, “That’s okay, I think I know anyway~”

“Hizashi.” He tries to sound threatening, but it’s hard when he’s this mortified. He sinks into a crouch, as though he can just sink straight into the ground if he’s low enough.

“I’m so flattered, baby-”


“Should I be jealous? You already sleep with it so much, now that you started sleeping with it too, I’m worried you found the perfect replacement for me.”

“Hizashi!” he hisses, face burning. “Shut up, already. Don’t you have somewhere to be?”

“I do actually,” he replies with a sigh of disappointment before snickering. “Don’t think I’m going to let this go though, Shouta!”

Shouta rolls his eyes. “Of course you won’t,” he grumbles.

He’s still a little red in the face as they say their goodbyes, and that flush spreads out to the tops of his ears when he glances over at the soiled fanmerch again. Despite his shame, he can’t bring himself to regret it, not when it got him the best orgasm he’s had in a while.

It can never replace the real thing though. As Shouta goes about tidying up, he recalls the giggle in Hizashi’s voice as he teased him over the phone, thinks of the way Hizashi always smiles so broadly that it seeps into his voice, all brightness and warmth. For not the first time that week, Shouta is struck with a pang of longing for his husband.

He unlocks his phone to look at his home screen: a candid of Hizashi he had taken one day while the man had been enjoying his morning coffee, looking soft and cozy in his favorite sweater as he curled up on the couch with their cats. A text notification flashes across the screen as he’s admiring the photo, catching his eye.

Hizashi: forgot to say i love u!!! I cant wait to come home and show my fave listener some love

Shouta smiles as he types out his response.

Love you too. Come home soon.