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Serpent's Temptress

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Hey y'all! So, I adopted this story a while back since no one else has. It's up for adoption anyways. I tried doing it three times before, but didn't seem to stick. This is the last time I'm trying and plan to finish it this time hopefully. Just be patient with me please, ok? Thanks y'all.

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Warnings: Same sex relationships, death, eventual lemons, blood, etc. will be involved.

Pairing: SasuNaru. Any others will be implied and/or added like usual.

Serpent's Temptress


At six years old, Naruto Namikaze, son of Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzimaki Namikaze, giggles as he listens intently to his father retell a story. It's one that he has heard so many times before though has yet to grow tired of it. He has his father retell the story every night whenever Minato is at home from doing his 'big daddy things' in other cities. Baby blue eyes as bright as the sky on a sunny day peek out from underneath his blanket as the older blonde tries to reenact the story as he portrays it, making it seem much more exciting for the young boy that's supposed to be asleep.

"….Then I met the most magnificent creature in the world I have ever seen! She had the torso of a woman, but her legs were gone. They were replaced with a snake's tail!" Minato makes a hissing noise like the snake he's speaking about, waggling his fingers towards the boy as he takes a step closer, causing Naruto to squeal in delight, tucking the comforter around him tighter. "Her features were certainly out of this world. Her eyes and scales were as red as her hair. She had a long tongue, her ears pointed at the tips like the elves spoken in English folklores."

Of course, as always, Naruto has to ask, "Was she nice?"

"Yes, she was. I would have been eaten whole if this snake woman hadn't vouched for me. I was held hostage there by their Lord who goes by the name, Madara Uchiha. He kept me alive to teach the wonders of my land. But this man was an evil snake. He wanted to devour me. His curiosity took the best of him. He allowed me to live to learn about humans," Minato is now sitting down on the edge of his son's bed, looking away as if in deep thought.

"How did they know our language Daddy?" Asks Naruto curiously although he loves this story.

The older male chuckles at that like he always does when Naruto asks that particular question, "Good question! You see, all kinds of things like books, charts, diaries from sunken ships or things thrown out to sea wash up there from all over the world from time to time. over The years they taught themselves how to speak all the languages without any help. That's how smart they are. They showed me where they keep all these washed up items, locked away in a shack where only the nobles are allowed to enter. It's where they learn the hidden ancient secrets."

"Why's that?" Inquires Naruto.

"I don't know. They nearly killed me when I asked," replies Minato with a sigh. "Anyways, back to the story. While I was there, telling everything I know to the lord, I fell in love with the snake. It was the one that had found me washed up on the beach-"

"Yay mommy!" Interrupts Naruto happily, making the father chuckle at his son's enthusiasm.

"Yes, yay mommy. Kushina fed me, healed my wounds, and kept me out of trouble. A few months later, we soon later found out that she was pregnant with you. The snake people didn't like that one bit," he shakes his head with a large frown on his face. "The creatures were afraid of what Kushina might have given birth to. So they were ordered by Madara to kill her and me. They kept the child from being born. It was my punishment. Your mother did not want that. She whisked me away towards the beach where she had found me. I soon found out that she was a water snake. I rode on her back all the way back home!"

Minato stands up, taking his weight off the bed. Making movements across the room as if he's riding a snake, Naruto giggles childishly gleeful at his father's antics.

Once Naruto calms down, he asks, "But how come mommy has legs instead of a tail?"

"Well, you see, your mommy's people knew how to cast spells. She was able to give herself legs to appear normal. I had to find some clothes for her since she only wore a dress that covered her torso. However, I found my parents. They let me and my wife stay with them until I could find a home of my own. I also had to get a job to help support your mommy. I had built this home with the money I had saved up. We were able to move in right after you were born," he ruffles his son's thick locks of blond hair that's as bright as the sun with a stunning smile as he relives through some of his old memories.

Naruto yelps quietly at it, laughing as he pushes the hand away from his head, "Will you ever go back to that place?"

Minato shakes his head, "No, I nor your mother must ever return to that place. Neither should you, my little sunshine."

He kisses his son's forehead and tucks him in as Naruto yawns, "Now it is time for you to go to sleep."

"But mommy hasn't come to say goodnight yet!" Protests Naruto, but is shushed gently by a hand running through his hair, making the little boy look up and smile sleepily at the sight of his mother.

"Do as your father says, Naruto," whispers Kushina before kissing her son's temple, smiling softly as the boy attempts to fight off sleep, but when the redheaded woman begins to sing a small lullaby has Naruto knock out in minutes. "Goodnight my beautiful baby."

She kisses his forehead, grabbing her husband's hand to walk out to get ready for bed herself.

In their room with the door shut, she shakes her head with a small frown etching on her face. It's thrown in the direction of her blond husband. For some reason, she can feel what's about to come. It's not something she really likes to talk about, hoping that he'll just have more trust in her by now. Inwardly, she sighs at knowing it's easier said than done.

"You need to stop telling Naruto those stories. He'll go searching for this place when he gets older. You know that, don't you?" Kushina asks her child's best interests at heart even though she regrets bringing this up in the first place as she doesn't want Naruto to be disappointed.

"He's only a child. Once he gets older, he's going to think that they were only stories," Minato waves it off, wrapping his arms around his wife's waist from behind as he makes a noise of protest when Kushina pulls away, turning around to give Minato the look.

"Those stories aren't true. He's going to believe that they are true if you keep telling him them," the redhead sighs in sadness, seeing in her mind her son's face once they tell him that they can't retell those stories anymore. "You know I don't like it any more than you do, but I think it's for the best."

Grabbing the blond's hands in hers, she kisses his cheek before gliding across the floor to retrieve her yukata as well as her husband's, "Why don't you start telling him about your childhood tomorrow? I know he'll enjoy those."

"Alright, but he won't enjoy them as much," shrugs Minato.

Pulling his blouse over his head and slipping off his boots that he has bought from a trader a few years ago, he pulls his yukata over his shoulders to tie it closed before slipping off his pants. Kushina laughs at his modesty before she proceeds to undress herself in front of her husband without any shame. It isn't until she's completely naked does she slide into her night clothes, practically teasing her husband to come and touch her. Though she does feel a little disappointed when Minato decides to restrain himself to slip beneath the heavy quilt to hide his reaction. It doesn't take long for her to follow suit after him, pressing herself against his body.

"Goodnight, my love," says Kushina softly.



The air is musky, the people tend to be rude, and the roads are hard. This doesn't seem like home. Naruto doesn't like the way the people scowl at his father and sneer at his mother. They practically ignore him. The carriage that they are in is the only thing that seems somewhat interesting to the small blond. The clothes he's wearing irritate him, having seen his father wear similar clothes to the traders except he never wears everything they do until now. Due to how they are of noble families, they have to dress like one. This involves where they have to wear constraining garments. Naruto is used to feeling free in his kimono, but now he has to wear what they call trousers over here along with a buttoned up blouse, vest, and jacket. The shoes he has to wear hurt his feet since he isn't used to having his whole foot clad. It makes him almost tempted to throw a temper tantrum. Although his father does look rather nice in his suit while his mother in her white poofy dress with a white hat.

They have to move to a large city because of his father's work. Minato has owned a silk factory back home where he makes the finest homespun clothing. This has increasingly caught several business people's eyes. It has shortly begun asking for the older blond to come and help with their own silk factory since they aren't making any profitable business. At first, Minato is hesitant until he finds out how much money he's going to be making. While he's a noble, his family isn't making very much money since they aren't that big of a clan. A little extra money will definitely help them.

Having been traveling across the country with the two business men by train and across the canal by boat, it takes them almost two months to do all of this. Naruto has quickly become very homesick. This happens especially when being on a train for so long, having been on several. What he does find out is one of the business men that can speak Japanese seems very friendly. Spending days talking to the man, he spends it learning about the many places that he and his partner have been at so far.

Now, they are dressed the way the business men are. The trio are on their way to their new home. The two men will be providing it for them. The homes here are built out of slate stone and brick. It's quite different in comparison to the ones back home which are made out of wood and built out instead of up. The house that they are going to live at is on the edge of town near the fields. It seems to be near the factory as well to be certainly different from their old home. Of course it will do for the time being. The carriage suddenly stops in front of a three story, red brick house. The carriage door is opened for the family. Minato steps out first to help his wife and child, looking nervously up at their new home. The older blond pulls out the key that Gatou, one of the business men, has given him. It's the man's summer home, but he rarely uses it. So, he's letting the Namikaze's borrow it for the time being. Naruto doesn't really like it at all, refraining himself from saying it out loud. The last thing he wants is to upset his father even though it's evident on his face.

Settling down after unpacking everything, they all relax as much as they possibly can in a new place where they can't exactly understand the language during the past month. Haku, the second business man, being their personal translator has been able to help out. Haku practically lives with the Namikaze's, teaching Minato and Kushina English. Naruto has someone else to teach him the language, learning from his home schooled teacher that Haku has suggested they have for their son. The young blond's parents want their son to become accustomed to their new living conditions before he can be able to attend any kind of private school. Luckily Iruka, Naruto's teacher, doesn't live too far away, being a nice young man.

Naruto is a fast learner fortunately, catching onto the language quickly. Though he doesn't like how he sounds. It just doesn't feel that much different than the way the others speak. Being a little slow with his studies since he finds them boring except for history, Naruto thinks it's his only subject he has been able to perfect even though he's not too bad with the other subjects. For some reason he's not going the speed that Iruka might of liked. Naruto does seem to get his work done even if it takes him all day to do it which he doesn't mind. Having no friends nor anything else. To occupy his time with, Naruto pours his free time into his studies as much as he can.


Shock; that is the only way Naruto can describe the look on his father's face when Gatou comes up to their doorstep to fire Minato right on the spot. A huge argument follows. Trying to keep himself from being noticeable, Naruto washes from the stairs, sitting down high enough to not be seen, but low enough to see what's going on. The shadows hide him well enough as he gazes on out between the banisters, being witness to the two men argue.

"How can you fire me right when business is booming?" Yells Minato, his accent a little choppy. "I have worked hard for your business with low pay without complaint while you sat back in your mansion. Then you tell me I'm fired? Why?"

The short brown haired man looks uninterested in the blond's distress and anger, looking at his fingers while his other hand grips the end of his cane, "You see, Mr. Namikaze, you aren't needed anymore. Now that the business has finally gained enough profit to give me a comfortable living for the future, I won't be needing your assistance any longer."

"Are you telling me you used me?" Gawks Minato in astonishment, his anger rising when he comes to this conclusion.

"Yes, that's exactly what I'm saying," confirms the older man.

"Why?" Minato wants to know the reasons behind this.

"Well, I needed someone to do all the hard work for me. You were just too easy to fool," the man smirks up at the furious red faced blond. "When I went to Japan and saw your nicely made silk garments I just had to use your talent for my own use. Thank you for your hard work. I'm sure I'll be bringing in the big bucks here soon."

Red consumes his vision. Minato attacks the stout man without a second thought. Lost in his anger, the blond beats the man to death. A gasp from Kushina snaps Minato back to earth. It doesn't take long for him to see what he has done. Shame and guilt at not controlling his anger flows through the redhead's husband. Quickly, he grabs the body to hide it in the coat closet before ordering his wife and son to pack whatever they can carry, following suit before all three left into the cold night. Fleeing to the docks with whatever money they have, they paid the captain of one of the ships a large sum of money. It's to take them out of this land. The plan is to travel to wherever they want far away from there at a hasty pace. The captain accepts the payment without question, ordering the other passengers to get on bored or be left behind before they begin to set sail.


Outside splitting wood for his mother, Naruto does it for the upcoming winter this year. Wanting to get it done quickly instead of working extra hard at the last minute like he has done last year, he isn't particularly fond of doing such hard labor though working at a farm is far better than living in the city with all its people. After he and his parents left those strange lands three years ago, they docked in a providence. What their decision was is to stay there, figuring to live outside of the city limits. During the summer had been when they had come there so they are able to camp outside before the Inuzukas took them in.

The Inuzukas are a family of three. It consists of Tsume Inuzuka, her daughter Hana and her son Kiba. The last member of that family is about the same age as Naruto. The lively bunch have been riding down the road on their wagon when they passed by the camping family. They let them join them as long as they helped out on the farm. The Namikazes are of course thankful for the help. Staying in the large shack behind the house before building onto it, they made it their permanent home. The Inuzukas are dog breeders, breeding the best hunting dogs around. People pay hundreds if not more for their dogs, giving enough money to live comfortably around here.

Stopping so he can wipe away the sweat from his brow, Naruto takes off his shirt before going back to work. Lifting a piece of wood vertically onto the large stump, he grabs the axe to raise it high into the air only to bring it back down right on top of the small log to split it in half with one go. It surprises the blond, picking up a piece of it to weigh it in his hand.

"This is much lighter than the others," he muses to himself with a shrug, throwing the piece into the pile of split logs next to him.

Making to grab another log has a tan arm wrapping around his shoulders, halting him from going anywhere as a friendly voice asks, "You're still splittin' logs? Haven't you been doing that since morning'?"

Turning his gaze towards a shaggy, brown haired, dark brown eyed teenager, Naruto gives a small smile. Red like fangs adorn the male's cheeks. It's a sign of what clan he's from. The Inuzuka's canines are longer than normal, but it fits him just fine. This brown haired teen is very handsome, having many girls go bad for him. This occurrs especially when he's shirtless and sweating. The blond smirks at the thought of one girl in particular. It's a Ms. Haruno, wanting to go against her father's teachings to sleep with him. However, this particular Inuzuka is not interested in the rosette girl.

"Sorry, I lost track of time I guess," replies Naruto with a shrug, picking up the axe so he can bring it back to the barn, hanging the tool on the two nails sticking out of the wall just before a pair of arms wrap around his waist, warm lips brushing against the side of his neck. "Kiba…"

"What? You know how I am," pouts Kiba.

"Yeah," heat rushes to Naruto's cheeks, having become quite fond of the Inuzuka over the years.

"C'mon, mom wants us both inside."


Seven Years Later

No, no, no, please no! Naruto yells in his head all the way to the mother has been brought to.

Riding his horse all the way into town as fast as he can, Kiba is right behind him. Kushina has developed a high fever and throwing up blood while the two young men are out fishing at the lake close by. Tsume has stayed home to tell them what has happened. She also let them know that Minato has taken Kushina to the hospital. Naruto wastes no time, not even bothering to saddle his horse to ride all the way there without stopping. Tying his horse to a pole outside the large building, he runs inside to startle many patients that are waiting to see a doctor at his appearance. Not wearing a shirt or shoes, his pants are a little damp. Kiba is in the same boat. The two of them don't really care about the dress code, striding in to immediately start badgering a nearby nurse on where Kushina Namikaze is. The nurse quickly tells them where she can be found to get them away faster. Dashing down an opposite hall, the blond and brunette find the room the redhead is staying in. Naruto is hastily by her side in a second, holding her hand. At least the one that isn't already taken by Minato. Kushina groggily turns her head to the side to smile weakly at her son. Her face is incredibly pale, her lips a light blue, and her eyes are becoming less lively by the minute. Naruto knows that her end is coming. She also knows it too, but she feels ready for it. Trying to stay strong for both his parents, Naruto knows that his father is going to take this rather badly.

"We spent a nice long 16 years together, haven't we?" Whispers out Kushina with a gentle smile, eyes straining to stay open.

Naruto nods sadly while Minato shakes his head, "No, no it hasn't been long enough. We both need to be living together for a few more decades."

"You'll be ok," she murmurs, trying to reassure him with a weak smile.

He wraps both his hands around his wife's, bringing the delicate appendage to his lips as a few tears slip past his lids, "You'll be ok, right?"

Kushina shakes her head softly, mournful for leaving her husband a little sooner than she previously thought to expect, "No, sweetie. I'll be joining my mother soon. I'll be watching over you two."

Her breath hitches before it becomes raggedy. It eventually begins gradually slowing down with each heartbeat. She doesn't live much longer after that. Her hand turns limp in her husband's and son's grasps. Minato breaks down when his wife doesn't answer him after several attempts to wake her, Naruto wraps his arms around his father, crying as well. He doesn't weep as heavily as Minato does for the loss. Kiba stays standing outside by the door. He watches the whole ordeal with a sad frown, watery eyes which a few tears break through to fall down his cheeks. Kiba has been around death, but it's never someone close to him until now. Kushina has been like an aunt to him, having grown to love her. When seeing her lifeless in front of him with his friend and friend's father crying for her death just breaks his heart.

A few days later, they tie a heavy rock to the redheaded woman. They let her sink to the bottom of the ocean. Minato says that she never wanted to be buried on land, but in water. That's when Naruto remembers something about his father telling him about his wife being a water snake a long time ago. It has just been a story, right? Although as he continues to watch his mother sink as they left, he swears that he catches out of the corner of his field of vision a tail grow out of her before it becomes too hard to see her anymore.


Three Years Later

"He's at it again, Naruto," whispers Kiba so as not to let Minato hear him from the other room.

Giving the blond a sad look when Naruto peeks out into the living room, he sighs at the sight. When he does so has him seeing his father gazing at a drawing of his mother while holding a cup of some kind of alcohol. Tsume and Hana are gone to take a few of their bred dogs to certain clients. They are ones that can't make it all the way out here in the boonies.

"You need to talk to him; this has gone far enough," hisses out Kiba to him.

Kiba is right even though he might not want to readily admit it. Naruto knows that he has to do something about this instead of letting his father wallow in self pity all the time. Taking in a deep breath, Naruto waltzes into the room to grab the cup from his father's hand. Putting it aside, Minato makes a sound of protest that Naruto ignores. Reaching out, he grabs the picture of his mother to put it in the pocket of his pants when Minato makes a grab for it.

"Give that back!" the older blond cries out.

"No, father! This has gone on long enough! Mother is gone. She is not coming back, get over it. I know it's a rude thing to say, but you need to buck up and start living again instead of drinking your life away!" Shouts Naruto angrily, unhappy at the way his father keeps grabbing at him to get the picture back. "You're not the only one who feels lonely!"

"But she's my wife, I've known her longer than you have," snaps Minato.

"She was my mother. She is someone who is very dear to me as well! I've grieved and now I'm going to go on with my life like she wants me to," sneers Naruto, really wanting to hit him at the moment. "I'm sure she's very unhappy with you like this."

A resounding smack echoes in the room, a gasp from Kiba following as his gaze widens in shock. Never has he thought that Minato might ever strike Naruto for no reason. Then again the older blonde has been drinking to numb his grief and sorrow away. His cheek stings from where his father has hit him with the back of his hand, but his head barely turns to the side. Biting his lip, Naruto nods as if agreeing with whatever he's thinking of.

"Ok, fine. If you want to wallow in misery then that's fine by me," he says before he left, grabbing his jacket on the way out after slipping on his heavy boots.

Minato stares at his hand in shock, guilt tearing him up inside from what he has done. He has hit his own son out of anger. Having never struck out at Naruto for any reason before, he thought that he'll never do such a thing to his own flesh and blood. The only time he has hit his son is to give him a spanking when he does something naughty, but the blond is too old for that anymore. Looking over to where Naruto has left. Following suit after him, he's thankful that it has snowed earlier this morning. There is a new set of tracks that are most likely his son's. Kiba is right behind, going at a slower pace to see what will happen, deciding to stay cautious with the state both blondes are currently in. By the time Minato catches up with Naruto, he sees his son crossing an icy bridge.

"Naruto!" Calls out his father, running across the bridge as his voice stops the younger blond at the other side.

Naruto spins on his heels with a surprised and confused look on his face. Doing this just in time to see an out of control carriage coming straight towards his father, Naruto gives a warning shout. Unfortunately, it's too late, watching in horror as Minato turns to see what's wrong only to be pummeled to the ground by a large horse. The carriage runs right over his fallen body. It crushes him for his whole body exploding in pain as he starts to feel rather sleepy along with it. His neck is broken, knowing it well enough by the way his head just stays flopped to the side when he tries turning it to see the damage.

The man driving the carriage stops, hopping down to run towards the fallen blond. Naruto is already kneeling beside Minato by the time the man reaches them. The man who that has run over Minato curses at seeing the tragic display. Apologizing profusely for his idiocy at going too fast on the icy bridge, Naruto ignores it. Shaking as he takes in the damage his father has sustained, it's mostly covered in blood. A puddle of red liquid begins to form around the broken body to stain Naruto's pants and Kiba's. Having seen the whole thing, Kiba rushes up to join him.

"I-I'm… s-s-s-so… rry," whispers out Minato around the blood that fills his mouth, draining whatever he has left as blue eyes that rivaled Naruto's stay open as the old blond passes away, mouth slacking as a small stream of red trickles down the corner of his lips.

Naruto and Kiba don't wait for a funeral. They don't have the body clean for that sort of thing. Instead of that they have the man driving the carriage take them out to the docks. Tying whatever can keep Minato from floating back up before dumping his body into the dark depths, it begins to rain to cause Kiba and Naruto to shiver from the cold as a thunder storm starts to brew. They left in a hurry, not wanting to be caught in the storm. When Naruto gives one last glance back into the watery depths just as lightning flashes, he swears that he sees a long tailed creature wrap around his father. The creature looks oddly similar to his mother.

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