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RISIBLE (Night Guard scenarios)

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*Requests are: OPEN*

Hello there reader, and welcome to RISIBLE (Night Guard Scenarios).

!!! I advise you read ALL that is mentioned here !!!

Before continuing on to the story, please note the following:

  • This story is rated 13+.
  • It all takes place in an a modern AU (with a few things resembling the "Rebornica" comics), thus not all the FNAF lore may be accurate. 
  • Since this is an AU, I will be writing the characters as I interpret them. (It is a "modern" AU so the characters have smartphones and know some of the latest songs 😉).
  • It's FNAF- expect some violence and gore.
  • No *cough* smut. Hints may be thrown in and there may be some suggestive themes later, but no such thing will be written out.
  • Bad language will be "bleeped" out.
  • I have many other stories, thus updates may be very slow. 

Rules to remember:

  • DO comment!
  • DO be kind to other readers and keep them in mind.
  • DO request!
  • DO be patient. I will update when I have a presentable chapter. 😊
  • Don't spam/troll. Please...don't...
  • Do keep swearing at a minimum (don't pull a Mike Schmidt 😜).

Let's get to it!!!