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New Beginnings

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Alex chuckles at the pretty blonde—Sara—across from her in the booth. The company isn’t half bad at all so she continues to nurse the drink in her hand, sipping at a leisurely pace.

“Hey. Sorry I’m late. Had a last minute anachronism to take care of,” a tall woman says as she unexpectedly wanders up beside Alex’s newly made acquaintance. She presses a small kiss against Sara’s temple and swiftly slides in next to her. “Who’s this?”

Alex is startled, her head jerking to the right at the sight of the unfamiliar woman, although goddess might be a more apt term to describe her. With dark blonde hair tied in a perfect bun and dressed in a dark blue pantsuit, the woman looks to be coming straight from a business meeting. Something about an anachronism?

“Uh I’m—sorry. I didn’t know you were here with someone.” Mortified, Alex tries to withdraw her hand from under Sara’s.

Figures that the two most attractive women in here would be taken by each other. And the last thing Alex wants to do is get in the middle of a lover’s quarrel.

No, Alex had come here for the sole purpose of drowning in her sorrows. The rehearsal dinner has just ended and everyone is mingling about, but forgive Alex if she isn’t feeling quite up to conversation after she had just recently called off her own engagement. No doubt it would have been easier to go to the nearest drugstore and then get plastered in her room but admittedly, Alex didn’t want to be alone. After two shots of whiskey and a gesture to the bartender to keep them coming, Sara had approached her at the bar top and struck up a conversation. Right off the bat, Alex could tell that Sara was a flirty person by nature. Ten minutes later, they found a small booth mostly away from the rest of the chattery guests. Alex had welcomed the light flirting; it was nice to be appreciated, but maybe she’s more intoxicated than she thought if she read the situation wrong.

“It’s fine,” Sara replies with ease, not looking concerned at all. She lets Alex’s hand go, but not without letting her fingertips linger across Alex’s knuckles. Sara turns to her (girl)friend? “Ava, this is Alex. She just broke up with her girlfriend Maggie.”

Alex feels a blush spread across her face. She deflates a bit on the inside at the reminder. Wow, she must sound totally pathetic. Her eyes meet Ava’s for a split second. Ava doesn’t look angry at all, merely understanding. The kindness in her eyes makes Alex shift uncomfortably and quickly look away at a random point between Ava and Sara’s shoulders.

Sitting there side by side, Ava and Sara make a very striking pair. Unlikely as it is, maybe Alex has misjudged the nature of their relationship.

“Alex, this is Ava, my girlfriend.” Sara says, directly a small smile towards her lover and laying her head onto Ava’s shoulder.

Or not.

Surprisingly, Alex feels more than a little disappointed at the news and for that, she also feels some shame. If Ava hadn’t come along, then Alex knew it wouldn’t have taken much for her to fall into bed with Sara. But then again, why should she feel ashamed at all? She’s single now. Well, it doesn’t really matter now anyways, Alex tells herself.

With a genuine smile, Ava extends her hand across the table. Reluctantly, Alex brings her hand up to reciprocate. Ava’s hand is warm and soft against hers, her grip firm instead of limp like many women.

“Nice to meet you, Alex. Sorry to hear that,” Ava says, sounding empathetic but not pitying.

“I think it was probably for the best,” Alex replies hoarsely. Internally, she tries to think of an excuse to take her leave as melancholic thoughts resurface once again. Seeing the perfect couple in front of her isn’t really doing her any favors. But then again, neither is attending a wedding rehearsal.

“I’ll bring the next round,” Ava offers. She’s gotten up and skillfully weaves through the crowd before Alex can protest.

“Oh, Ava doesn’t have to do that. I was thinking of calling it a night anyways.” Alex says apologetically to Sara. Moping in her hotel bed and flipping through cable doesn’t seem half as … appealing than the two gorgeous women she’d just met, but they don’t need to know that.

“C’mon, Alex. At least stay for one more drink,” Sara pleads with a slight pout. Those glacier eyes, Alex finds, are impossible to deny.

“Okay. Maybe just one more,” Alex concedes with a slight blush. For all intents and purposes, she’s still a baby gay and unused to such blatant flirtation with a woman.

Sara smiles and Alex can’t help but melt a little more under her charm.

A few minutes later and Ava is back with three glasses and the rest of the bottle in hand. She sets them down and slides a glass to Sara and Alex.

“To new beginnings,” Ava declares, raising her glass.

“Hear, hear,” Sara cheers.

Alex follows suit and they down their shots in sync.

Coincidentally, Barry is making his rounds and walks past them, doing a double take at the way the ladies polish off the liquor. He scratches his head and decides not to interrupt … whatever is happening there.


They make light conversation, so the topic never quite strays to what any of them actually do for a living. It isn’t a surprise that Alex finds herself enjoying Ava’s company as well. They are all intelligent women with strong opinions and aren’t afraid to voice them.

“Is it just me or does it seem to be hotter in here?” Coming from anyone else, that would have sounded like a bad attempt at a come on, but Ava is entirely serious. She shrugs out of her blazer and unbuttons the top three buttons of her collared shirt. Oblivious to the appreciative stares from numerous people, she places her discarded jacket on her lap.

Alex can’t help but stare at the movement and licks her lips. Ava’s shoulders are attractively broad and Alex wonders if her arms are as muscular as they look, underneath the crisp white shirt. When she looks back up, she catches Sara’s knowing smirk and feels her cheeks redden. That, Alex fully blames on the alcohol.

What happens next leaves Alex speechless and … simply put, aroused.

“Aves,” Sara murmurs lowly, intimately.

“Yeah?” Ava responds, turning her head to look at Sara with questioning eyes. Alex watches Sara whisper something into Ava’s ear, something that makes Ava’s eyes darken an impossible blue.

Alex feels like she’s intruding on a private moment. However, she can’t quite bring herself to look away from the scene before her, at least not immediately.

There’s a soft look in Sara’s eyes as she tilts Ava’s chin up with a finger. Then, she leans forward to bring her lips to Ava’s. The kiss quickly goes from chaste to passionate and Ava places a hand on Sara’s jaw to pull her closer. Sara licks into Ava’s mouth slowly … almost deliberately. A low moan escapes from Ava and then Alex can’t bring herself to look on any longer for fear that she might spontaneously combust. Her throat is dry and the blush on her face seems to be a permanent fixture, at least for tonight. As casually as she can, Alex takes her phone out to check the time before pocketing it once again; it’s almost 10pm.

“You can look now, Alex,” Sara says with amusement half a minute later.

Ava’s perfect bun is a bit mussed and Sara’s lip gloss is smudged, but Alex can’t help but think that makes both of them look even more attractive. Try as she might to keep her thoughts in check, Alex’s mind drifts off to the images of what Ava and Sara would look like in each other’s arms … in the throes of passion. There’s a growing throb between her legs as her imagination runs wild.

Unconsciously, her gaze becomes fixed on their lips, slightly swollen from their earlier kiss. Would Sara be a firm, confident kisser that reflected her outgoing personality? Or would Ava—strong and silent—dominate, easily taking control with a single maneuver?

“Alex?” Ava’s voice sends Alex hurtling back towards a far removed reality and fumbling for words.

And really, her face cannot stand to get any redder. “Sorry. My mind was … elsewhere.”

“Those looked like some interesting thoughts. You have a very expressive face. Care to share?” Sara smirks before Ava jabs an elbow into her side.

“Maybe some other time,” Alex laughs nervously. “I should go,” she blurts out before Sara can tease her anymore about her very inappropriate thoughts.

Sara and Ava share a look in silent communication. It must be nice to be on the same wavelength, Alex thinks somewhat morosely.

“We’ll walk you up,” Ava offers.

“Yeah. What room are you in?” Sara asks.

“514. But you don’t have to,” Alex protests. Even in her intoxicated state, taking the elevator five floor up and walking down the brief hallway shouldn’t be (too much of) a problem. “You two should stay and enjoy the rest of the dinner.”

Ava and Sara would hear none of it, insisting that they accompany her up.

“What a coincidence. We’re in 516,” Sara says with a devilish smile.

There’s an odd tension in the air as they step into the elevator. Ava presses the button for the fifth floor and the three of them stand quietly as they ascend, the couple choosing to stand on either side of Alex, which is a bit odd, if Alex was sober enough to be having these thoughts.

“We’ve really enjoyed your company tonight Alex,” Ava husks.

Has Alex imagined it or is Ava’s voice suddenly become raspier and deeper? Either way, it sends a pleasant tingle down her spine.

“And I don’t think we’re ready for the night to be over,” Sara continues.

For some unknown reason, they both move perilously closer to Alex at the same time, close enough that their sides are brushing against each other. Warmth, she feels spiking heat that’s almost as suffocating as it is arousing. Then there are cool lips tracing the side of her neck, brushing the short strands of auburn hair away from her face. A hand settles dangerously low on her back, almost skimming her bottom. A quick glance up and Alex is relieved that this elevator contains no cameras.

Teeth gently scrape her neck and the hand on her back slips down to squeeze her ass once. Once, just once before it moves up to the small of her back again. Alex’s eyes slip closed and she stutters out a shaky breath. Someone moans and then Alex faintly realizes that it was her who made the sound. She definitely doesn’t understand what’s happening here and opens her mouth to voice her confusion even amidst the pleasurable sensations.

Ding! The elevator doors open and the caresses are gone so fast that Alex almost wonders if she had imagined the whole thing. Luckily, there is no one waiting in the elevator lobby and so no one to bear witness to the completely frazzled state of Alex.

“What ... just happened?” Alex says partially to herself.

“I think we broke her,” Sara whispers.

Ava just gently takes ahold of Alex’s arm and they turn left left, walking down the hallway to where their rooms are. Before long, they’re standing in front of the door with the gold numbering of 514.

Uncertain, Alex turns back to them, at a loss for words. Her head is decidedly muddled with confusion and the gentle buzz of alcohol flowing through her system, accompanied by the honeyed thickness of increasing arousal leaves her head spinning.

Then Sara leans in slowly with intent, golden lashes fluttering, giving Alex plenty of time to pull away or protest. Alex stays very still, her eyes fixed on those pink lips getting closer. And how did it come to this? To two very attractive women walking her to her room and feeling her up inside the elevator. Alex really doesn’t have an answer. What she does have is a decision to make.

“Don’t overanalyze,” Sara whispers against her lips. “Do you want this? Us?”

It only takes a second for Alex to respond. “Yes.”

Alex is rewarded by a pink tongue darting forward to lick her bottom lip before Sara pulls away and grabs her hand.

“Our room’s got the toys,” Sara informs her with a playful smile and that’s all the information Alex really needs so she lets herself be led, her eyes feasting on the sway of Ava’s hips in front of her.

Two sets of hands roam her body as soon as the door is shut. Touching. Teasing. Squeezing. Her dressed is unzipped and gently pushed down her shoulders by Ava. Sara falls to her knees, her hands on Alex’s calves, first urging her to step out of her shoes, then her fallen dress. Ava pulls Alex into a dizzying kiss, unrestrained and unrelenting in her endeavor to leave her breathless and off balanced. Alex’s hand searches for something, and she finds Sara’s shoulder to keep steady.

When the kiss breaks, Alex glances down to meet Sara’s electric blue eyes reflecting off the dim lights in the room. Those captivating eyes don’t falter as her hands move higher and higher until they rest on the waistband of her underwear, waiting. Alex nods, her stomach quivering with tension.

Moving behind her. Ava starts to undo her bra while Sara goes to help her out of her panties. They’re dropped on a nearby chair and this is when the fun really begins.

Alex’s feet are nudged apart and Sara’s mouth is on her sex. “Oh fuck!” Alex cries out as her other hand pulls at blonde tresses, dragging Sara’s head closer, and throwing a leg over her shoulder, her heel digging in.

At her back, Ava caresses Alex’s stomach, taut with muscles and tension, scraping her blunt nails against her skin before reaching up to finally cup her breasts. Groaning, Alex’s head falls back against Ava’s shoulder as Ava’s fingers pull and pinch at her hard nipples, making her clit pulse in time with every pinch.

Her first orgasm takes her utterly by surprise because of its abruptness and ferocity, leaving her knees shaking with the exertion to hold herself up after. The only reason Alex is still standing is due to Ava holding her up, arms hooked under hers, sturdy and secure and so warm at her back.

Getting to her feet, Sara lets Alex taste herself on her lips and then lets her girlfriend taste what’s left. The wet sound of their mouths meeting and the close-up sight of their tongues sliding against each other causes her arousal to spike and she feels ready to go again.

“I can’t wait to taste you straight from the source,” Ava rasps against Alex’s left ear.

Her words make Alex’s knees buckle but both of them are there and ready to catch her. They bring her to the large bed, tell her to stay and enjoy the show.

The sheets are cool against her naked body, a welcome contrast to her hot and sweaty skin and Alex lies there, enraptured by the sight of Sara and Ava undressing each other. The various shades of their gold-brown hair and in-between shimmer, bathed in a gentle glow of light. It’s immensely satisfying to watch the bun on Ava’s head fall freely down her shoulders in luminous waves.

Unable to resist, Alex splays her legs open and begins to touch herself. Painfully slowly, she starts teasing her clit with only one finger, pausing when she gets too close and then starting all over again. Her eyes are glued to the dance unfolding before her eyes, the scene of two lovers whose actions are as seductive as they are beautiful to the lucky audience member in attendance.

Both naked, Sara and Ava silently climb on the bed on either side of Alex, whose eyes begin to close as her little game of tease-then-cease had gotten too intense for her liking. She’s trembling with the urge to give in to the immense pressure building, her thighs slick and her core swollen.

Alex’s eyes close for a brief second and then a hand pushes hers aside to cup her aching sex.

“Open your eyes, Alex,” Ava commands.

When she does, she feels the explosive sensation of two hot, wet mouths on her nipples. “Oh god,” Alex whimpers and she squeezes her eyes shut so tightly all she sees are shades of blue bursting under her eyelids. The shades of blue that reflect Sara and Ava’s eyes. Ava rubs her clit in quick firm strokes and Alex is falling apart again in a matter of seconds. This time, she wholly gives in with a loud cry that’ll have the neighbors calling to complain.

In. Out. In. Out. Trying to catch her breath and calm her racing heart is more difficult than Alex imagines. More so when Sara moves to straddle her stomach and starts a filthy grind, letting Alex feel just how wet she is. Transfixed for a moment, Alex admires the lean cut muscle on Sara’s arms and stomach. She’s more than happy to repay the favor to the both of them and while Sara is riding her stomach, Alex taps Ava on the knee, urging the dark blonde to straddle her face. All too glad to oblige, Ava lowers herself onto Alex’s face, positioning herself so that she can watch Sara at the same time, her dark blue eyes focusing on the hypnotic sway of her girlfriend’s breasts.

Alex runs her tongue up and down the length of Ava, letting her potent flavor settle on her tongue. Her arms go to wrap around Ava’s thighs until Alex’s face is practically smothered by wetness, not that she minds at all. It spills over her lips and dribbles down her chin but Alex has always enjoyed giving oral sex.

As Sara’s movements are getting more frantic, her moans are simply lewd, and Alex can tell she’s close. So, she focuses on Ava’s clit and sucks into her mouth, providing intense suction. Alex feels great satisfaction when she feels a flood of slickness on her face and she scrambles to devour it all.

Their cries of pleasure are melodious as they shudder and tense in sync, riding out their orgasms as long as they can.
Rummaging through her suitcase, Sara victoriously holds up a black feeldoe.

“Who wants to wear it first?” she asks.

Ultimately, it’s Sara who inserts the base inside herself and fucks Ava, while Ava finally gets to taste Alex.

That night, Alex learns something new about herself. She learns that enjoys a little pain. She likes it (even when her face turned red) when Sara smacks her ass with just the right amount of force which leaves her teetering between the lines of pain and pleasure. She likes it even more when nails dig into her reddened buttock and fingers sharply twist her nipples, while low voices whisper naughty things into her ear.

Sated and sleepy, Alex can’t find it in herself to move, not when she’s warm and comfortable lying between two blonde goddesses. Her last thought before the exhaustion drags her under is, this was just what I needed.