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My Cheating Heart

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My Cheating Heart

By: tweety-src-clt9




The Wizard Times Volume 179 – Year 2010

November Issue

ICW Proclaims Hermione Granger as Chief of Medical Research Department

By: Phyllis Robertson

Hermione Jean Granger, briefly known as the Lady Potter (1998 – 1999), (at 31 years old) has recently been promoted as the Chief of the International Confederation of Wizards Medical Research Department. She is the youngest ever witch or wizard to have been bestowed this honor ever since the founding of the organization.

Ms. Granger is famous for the moniker of Brightest Witch of the Age and for her efforts in the 2 nd  Wizarding War which ended with the death of Voldemort at her former husband's hand, Lord Harry James Potter.

After leaving Britain and ending her short marriage to Lord Potter, Ms. Granger completed healer training with the highest records ever achieved by any student in the last 300 years, from the Instituto de Medicina Magica, the world's most prestigious school of magical healing. She stayed in the city of Salamanca working in the research facility of her alma mater for one year and six months. There, she aided in developing cures for Lycanthropy and mitigating the effects of the cruciatus curse before the ICW invited her to join its medical research team. She started as a junior researcher and quickly climbed the ranks ever since. When the former chief retired two weeks ago, Ms. Granger was his only choice for successor.

While we can continue to list all the achievements under Ms. Granger's belt, we at The Times are certain that wizards throughout the world are more curious about her life and the struggles she faced. So, we have been very privileged to be allowed to portkey to Switzerland and secure a one-hour interview with the very busy chief that has helped solve many magical illnesses and thereby made the lives of several witches and wizards better all around the world.

PR: Hello, Chief! First of all, we at The Times give our heartfelt congratulations on your well-deserved promotion. Also, thank you for having us and granting us this interview.

HG: Of course, Phyllis!

PR: I'll get started then. First question, Chief. While the wizarding world is very grateful of all the significant work you have put in medical research, we can't help but wonder why you've been so out of touch after you left Britain. So, could you explain why?

HG: When I left Britain, I just wanted to get away from all the scandal. I then dedicated my life to studying so that I can be the best healer I could be. So, when I learned about the Instituto, I immediately port keyed to Spain. It was the best decision I have ever made. You see, not many people know this, but what makes healer training at the Instituto so extensive is that the one year and six months program is truly very rigorous. The fifty selected students per batch are not allowed to leave the school until they complete training. Furthermore, no one is allowed to contact them to avoid distractions. To this day, I still can't believe I managed to secure the top spot. I owe all that I am now to my teachers at the Instituto de Medicina Magica.

PR: I'm sure the IMM is very proud of the work you have done, Chief. Anyway, second question. And this is a personal one. Why did your sudden marriage to your former husband meet a dramatic end?

HG: Lord Potter was my best friend ever since I started Hogwarts. We've been through a lot together. He loved me like a sister but he didn't know I was in love with him. I'm sure some of your readers can recall that he was engaged to another woman before our wedding happened out of the blue. The truth is, in a way, I betrayed him. I used all the means possible to steal him away from the woman he loved. Long story short, I seduced him, got pregnant, and due to some obscure law in Wizarding Britain - he was compelled to marry me. Our marriage failed because it started with lies and deceit. I lost my best friend because of that.

PR: You never addressed any of the rumors regarding your marriage, Chief. Why now?

HG: Well, the marriage ended ten years ago. Besides, I reckon it's time to come out in the open. I would not lie about this. Yes, I am not proud of what I've done years ago. But well, they say that people always do crazy things when they're in love.

PR: Wow! I honestly never expected that. The third question, is it true that your marriage ended because your newborn child died?

HG: We got married because of the child. Due to circumstances though, my baby was not strong and healthy. She died in my arms when she was only three months old. I could not do anything to save her. She was my everything! The bright star in my lonely life. When she died, I made a promise to myself that I will set things right. I ended my marriage to Lord Potter and applied to the IMM. He was never happy with our marriage anyway. After that, my baby became my inspiration during the tiresome days and sleepless nights of healer training. I swear that no baby shall ever die under my care again.

PR: I am so sorry to hear that, Chief.

HG: It's alright. I did agree to a no holds barred interview after all.

PR: Follow up question. Have you ever set foot in Britain after you left?

HG: No. I've never been back to Britain after I left many years ago. I stayed in Spain at the IMM before living in Switzerland to work for the ICW.

PR: Fourth question, is it true that you didn't get anything from your failed marriage?

HG: If you mean alimony or any form of financial benefit, then it is true. I drafted the divorce papers. I did not want anything from Lord Potter. His wealth is all his.

PR: Fifth question, have you talked to your ex-husband since the marriage ended?

HG: The last time I talked to Lord Potter is on the day I handed him the divorce papers. I haven't seen or heard from him since then.

PR: Sixth question, do you even talk to anyone from Britain at all? It seemed you just disappeared after you left?

HG: I still communicate to very few friends in Britain. As you know, because of being known as the "Scarlet Woman of Britain" or whatever it was that the Daily Prophet called me, I left Britain with no more than five friends who still supported me. Those five people, I still keep in touch with. If you wanted to know why the rest of Britain could not find me, it's simple really. I warded myself to not receive any personal forms of communication from people of Britain excluding my remaining friends. I only respond to work-related concerns from Britain ever since. I'm not bitter or anything. I just want peace.

PR: Seventh question, aside from saving many people's lives with your breakthrough in medical research, what else have you been up to? Is there someone special in your life?

HG: It's pretty much all work for me. I travel to new places once a year and then, of course, I frequently visit my parents in Australia, but that's it. I only loved one person unconditionally and well, she died in my arms.

PR: You are a very attractive and successful woman, Chief. Surely you could still find someone else?

HG: Who says I don't go out on dates?

PR: Care to share?

HG: It's just dates, nothing serious. I have to focus on finding cures for the unknown after all.

PR: Maybe you're still in love with Lord Potter? Is there no chance for you two?

HG: Our marriage ended and any relationship between us is surely over. I only wish him the best in life. After all, he deserves to be happy. Aside from that, I still am sorry for trapping him into a loveless marriage with me. I only hope that he is in a much better place than I am now.

PR: Eighth question. I'm sure you are aware of the new epidemic that's rising in magical Britain, chief. If the case worsens, will you be willing to return?

HG: I am a Healer, Mr. Robertson. I go where my patients need me. Right now, all I can share is that my team has been communicating with the healers in Britain and we're giving it all we got in terms of support. If the epidemic worsens, and it needs more attention, then should there be a need for me to be there, I would surely go. I don't care if I'm called the "Scarlet Woman of Britain" or whatever names they came up for me, due to the scandals of my failed marriage. If my expertise is needed, then I would gladly go and fulfill my duty.

PR: Question number nine, what is your message to young people who would want to follow in your footsteps?

HG: All I can say is, study well, do your best, and follow your passion. You can never go wrong if you do the work that you love. Healing is a very fulfilling profession but it needs a lot of hard work. A single piece of information you read somewhere could be the one key thing that can save a person's life. So, learn as much as you can. If your heart is set on serving others and saving lives, then healing will be a very humbling and rewarding journey for you.

PR: Last question, chief. Where do you see yourself in fifty years?

HG: Living in Switzerland or some other relaxing place. Hopefully, by then, I gave justice to my position as Chief of the ICW's Medical Research Department. I can only pray that under my leadership, more breakthroughs in healing will have been discovered and more lives saved. If I can do all that, then my life's purpose is fulfilled.

PR: Thank you for your time, Chief!

HG: Of course, Mr. Robertson.

We at The Times do wish the new chief all the success in her new role! We are very excited to see her lead the advancement of the wizarding world's premier medical research facility.

A raven-haired gentleman read the cover story of the American-based wizarding magazine that he immediately bought after seeing a curly-haired brunette in healer's robes featured on the front page. As he read through the article, he got angry. How dare that woman discuss our private affairs in public as if it were nothing?

"Well, well, well. You have hidden yourself very effectively indeed, Lady Potter! Big mistake that you decided to have this interview and gave out all your evasive techniques. Now I know where to find you…"