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The Dust in My Eyes

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Peter knew that something was wrong. A dozen firing nerves traveled like faint fingers up his spine. Dr. Strange had given away the time stone. Mr. Stark was giving off a tense vibe and Peter tried to stay away from him for a bit. The "Guardians of the Galaxy" were also pretty stressed. So they were a no-talking-group as well.


Peter stood and waited. The feeling of his senses grew too intense for him to stay still and soon he resorted to pacing back and forth over the dry landscape. Something was happening. Oh god.


The sense of dread inside of him was nearly enough to make him vomit but he fought to compose himself. It couldn't be that bad, right? One time when his senses acted up it turned out to be that the Tigers' football team lost one of their games so this instance could be anything .


"S-something is happening." That girlbugthing suddenly whimpered. Peter had the urge to ask, 'You feel it too?' but didn't get the chance to when she slowly started to disintegrate into dust. 




Okay so Peter was surprised when he was surprised. He has seen some weird shi- stuff but this seemed to be near the top of the list. He thought he would be used to this stuff by now. Heck, he was on an alien planet.


That grey red guy seemed surprised too. But his hand quickly dusted away. He looked up at the Missouri guy and muttered, "Quill." Before dramatically collapsing to a pile of oddly colored sand.


Hm… so this is what my senses were warning me about.


Mr. Stark quickly piped up from behind Peter, "Steady, Quill." His face full of worry. Peter felt something tug on his heart as Quill looked at them regretfully before murmuring, "Aw man." And disappearing like the others.


"Fuck." Stark murmured as the blue girl silently faded away as well. 


Suddenly the tingle in Peter's spine tripled, nearly making him curl into himself from the tension spreading into his muscles. There was more. Why?


"Kid." He heard Mr. Stark murmur. Peter whipped around to face him. His iron suit fizzling into more dust.


Peter's eyes widened. He took a step towards him, "Mr. Stark?" No. Please not him. Please.


Tony looked down as his hands before looking back up at Peter. He surged forward and wrapped the kid in a tight hug. "Peter." 


Peter couldn't find any words to say. All he felt was cold. His senses went wild and his blood chilled. Warm streaks of tears slipped down his cheeks. "I don't want you to go. I don't want-" Peter couldn't finish as his voice died.


Tony hugged him tighter and choked out, "I'm sorry." 


Peter started sobbing despite himself. He hugged Stark back. His normally steady form faded away and Peter was left hugging himself. 




He forgot that Dr. Strange was still here. He looked up at his dusting frame. 


Dr. Strange whipped his cloak onto the ground and walked over to Peter. He rustled his hair before stating, "Everything will be okay." 


With those final words, Peter was alone… on a foreign planet with his sanity in more tatters than before. 


Peter collapsed and cried. How long is what he didn't know. All he did know was the pain. Everything hurt. His heart writhed from it's anguish and his body ached as the adrenaline levels dropped to zero.


A harsh gasping sob racked his chest and he coughed as dust entered his lungs. 




A pitiful whimper slipped from his lips and he curled into himself. I'm sitting on… he couldn't finish his thoughts. It was too much. Everything was too much.


He nearly screamed when something touched his shoulder. His head whipped up, exposing his tear streaked face to the arid air. 


It was a floating piece of cloth… 


Dr. Strange's cloak!


It's invisible expression and warm fibers grinded a soft edge to the knife digging into Peter's heart. 


The cloak gently draped itself over Peter's shoulders. It's tight protectiveness gave Peter some comfort as he stood up and looked at the orange apocalyptic world around him. There was no way to get back to earth. Peter was trapped here. 


With a shaky breath, Peter took a step forward into the foreign land ahead of him. There had to be something that could sustain him here right? He could start a new life until someone came to get him…