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In My Dreams

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Tuesday, July 31, 1980

            St. Mungo’s Maternity Ward


Pained Screams filled the frantic hospital room as the fiery red haired woman pushed the second child out of her womb. The first child was screaming as a medi-witch cleaned him and made sure he was healthy. All the baby wanted was to be back with his womb-mate.

Soon another, final, set of screams joined in the ordered chaos as the new mother’s own cries died. “It’s a girl!” the healer called out with a wide, happy grin on her face. She quickly cleaned the baby and did her own checks on both infants.

“What?” the mother protested, “All of the scans and tests said they were both boys!”

The healer responded as she waved her wand and the naked babies were swaddled in unimaginably soft fabric, “Muggles can make those kinds of mistakes, dear.” The unspoken words were clear to the new parents along with the delicate disdain in the young woman’s voice.

You should have come to us; your own kind.

“We didn’t even consider any girl names,” she moaned tiredly as she was handed her son and daughter. All frustrations and stress left as she gazed down on the innocent children and her heart filled with love. She looked to her son and stroked his soft cheek as he latched onto her breast and began to feed. Her husband sat down next to her and did the same to their daughter as she latched onto the remaining nipple.

Merlin, they had a daughter.

As she gazed into her son’s hazel eyes, she told him his name. Magic sealed it as she did so, and the name burrowed deep into his Core. “Harry James Potter.”

She turned her loving gaze to her daughter and thought for a moment. They had considered many names, most distinctly male, and only a few that were androgynous. They had decided on two however, and both parents had grown insanely attached to the names.

It was supposed to be Harry and Noah, together forever.

Would Norah work?


Definitely not.

“James, darling, do you think Noah could be a girl’s name?”

“I don’t see as to why not,” he said after a moment of thought hazed over by the fact that his childrenhis children—were finally in the world and so close and in his arms as he held them and his wife.

“Evan can’t be her middle name though,” the mother—Lily—insisted.

“I agree.”

The two were silent as they both pondered what her name could be. Lily stared into her daughter’s now open eyes, and was shocked at the bright vibrant green color that reminded her of vibrant trees in the dead of summer. “Would Eden work?”

Yes, the eyes of the Garden of Eden.

“Noah Eden…. I like it. It’s perfect,” he added as he got a glimpse of her eyes. He pressed a kiss to the side of his wife’s head.

Lily closed her eyes for a moment as she fought off the fatigue from the long labor. They soon fluttered open and she gazed into her daughter’s viridian eyes and told her her name. Magic sealed it and it burrowed deep into her powerful Core, and would stay there until she married. “Noah Eden Potter.”

James grinned as the magical ritual finished and placed a kiss first upon his wife’s head, and then to each of his children’s heads as they finished feeding.

“Harry James Potter and Noah Eden Potter. Together forever, until the end of time.”