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Gotta Raise A Little Hell

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Bakugou Katsuki sighed as he wipes the clear glass of one of the cups, with a dark blue dish rag. The smell of liquor was prominent along with his slouching figure, and he growled at the men who asked for more drinks. The men had been there for well over three hours, whispering loudly. Katsuki sighs and groans when the door opens and the bell rings.


“What’d ya want?” He asked, “Our special today is a vodka cranberry.” The figure sits down and is in Katsuki’s line of sight.


“I’ll take it.” The figure doesn’t say anything else and Katsuki gets to work, figuring that his customer isn’t gonna speak.


Kirishima barges in from the back room, his black gym shoes making a squeaky irritable noise on the clean floor, and Katsuki is very close to strangling the man where he stands.

Kirishima’s infectious grin is the first thing that Katsuki sees and he practically melts from it, because his best friend/ex, is the personification of the sun.


“What’s got you in such a good mood, Sunshine?”


Sunshine was as common as the nickname “Shitty Hair” But Katsuki used “Sunshine” more often because even after their mutual breakup, it seemed to make Kirishima smile more.

“Nothing, it just — don’t laugh but I got a premonition at my other job!” Kirishima grins and Katsuki chuckles.


“Other job? That one you got a couple months ago?”

“Yup! I moved up in the ranks quickly and I’m proud to be there.” Kirishima puffs his chest out and Bakugou does a mock bow.

“I didn’t know Target had fucking ranks.” Katsuki says and Kirishima scratches his neck and gives a smile.

“Yeah, but I’m basically assistant assistant manager of the owner’s son.” Kirishima told Katsuki, as Katsuki passed the vodka cranberry to the figure.


Katsuki hums and watched as the men at the table, get louder and louder before one smacked the other over the head and hissed for them to shut up and calm down.

Katsuki sighed and grumbled. He was bored and he should be working on his essay for his premed class. UA College was no joke and very prestigious, and he wasn’t one to slack off at all.

Of course he didn’t get the chance to work as Kirishima took the aux cord and hooked it up to the smallest speaker behind the bar. Suddenly a familiar voice flooded Katsuki’s heading aids, which helped amplify his already horrible hearing.

Katsuki wasn’t deaf but he grew up in a not so nice neighborhood that had plenty of gun fights. In the end, it was a matter of the gun noises that had him almost deaf.

Katsuki groaned, knowing good and well, what song that Kirishima was playing, and hating that his head was bopping to the music.

“Really?” Katsuki groaned, “Kesha?”

“What? Everyone loves Kesha!” Kirishima said and started dancing to the music behind the bar, twisting and hopping, being careful of the glasses and alcohol.

“Feelin’ like I’m a high schooler!” Kirishima sings, “Sippin’ on a warm wine cooler, hot cuz’ the party don’t stop - I’m in a crop top like I’m working at Hooters!”

Katsuki has an infectious grin and can’t help his smile but his smile vanished when one of the men at the far table corner, whips out a gun.


Kirishima yelps, “Holy shit!”


Then the shooting began.




Katsuki can’t stop shaking. The hooded figure who ordered a vodka cranberry, whipped out a gun and decided “hey i wanna join the gun fight too!”

The figure goes to the aid of one green haired man? And another with - holy fucking shit - red and white hair, against the white haired fucker and the blonde girl that’s giggling like crazy.

It takes everything in Katsuki’s system to not yell at them and tell them to take their piss fest outside or around back and not in his damn bar - because so help him, God, he will not stand for bullet holes in his nice and furnished bar top.

Alcohol glasses shatter and Katsuki wraps his hands around his head, shielding his eyes and ears.


He growls because how dare this fuckers do this in his bar! How dare they!

“Hey, Bakubro.” Kirishima says, “Don’t worry, I know these guys, your bar will be fine!”


As usual, Kirishima knows Katsuki’s priorities and is a very good friend.


“You know these fuckers!?”


“Yeah!” Kirishima sheepishly smiles, his sharp shark teeth show and blind Katsuki, “These are the guys I work for! I shouldn’t be telling you this but your my best friend and I want you to know that you aren’t in any danger because we will protect you!”

That’s sweet, Katsuki thinks, why did I break up with this dumbass again? I forgot - I don’t know why I ever did if he can calm me down like this... Wait a fucking minute —

“So the Target job was a front?” Katsuki asked, breathless as bullets are heard from beyond the counter. Katsuki cringes and tries not to show fear as he looks dead in Kirishima’s eyes.




“Son of a—“ Katsuki cursed as a bullet fired right at the brand new bottle - expensive bottle of red wine that Katsuki ordered for the bar.


Kirishima ducks and tells Katsuki to lay low.


Katsuki fails to hide his fear and his very loud heartbeat, the heartbeat that threatens to suffocate him silently. He’s panicking — and he can’t stop that bubbling fear that’s in his chest, in his lungs.


Katsuki paused because he feels it coming - the quake, the silence and that empty feeling in his gut. He feels that quake in his bones and suddenly he doesn’t know how to stop it. He went years without getting back involved in gang activity - fucking years.

Now these idiots got him back in. He didn’t want it. He didn’t fucking want this.

So he collapsed on his knees, breathing heavily and trying to stand up slightly, ignoring Kirishima trying to get him to calm down again.

Katsuki is heaving and his eyes are welling with unwanted tears that he is forcing down and suddenly he can’t hear.


(He doesn’t realize he’s taken out his hearing aids until his hand reaches under the bar for the loaded handgun. He makes a grab for the grenade.)


Kirishima is hiding beneath the bar and whispering for Katsuki to lay low and he and the others will handle it — it’s too late.

Katsuki angrily tells Kirishima to “shut the fuck up and grab everyone you came with and the first aid kits and get the hell out of his bar or someone’s gonna get hurt, and it’s probably gonna be you!”


Kirishima is confused and tries to tell Bakugou something but Bakugou can’t hear. All he can feel is vibration and the sense of ringing in his ears - it’s painful.


So without hesitation - he shoots.


The bullet goes directly for the white haired man’s leg because he’s too emotional to correctly aim at his chest, and then he aims again after he’s fired that bullet to the woman with blonde hair and aims for her shoulder.