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Metas and Wizards

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“How are you Barry?” Caitlin asked as she typed on the computer. 

“I'm good Caitlin.” The omega said to the beta as he cleaned the desk.


“Yeah.” He stopped cleaning and looked at her. “What about you?”

“I'm good Barr.”

He smiled at her as he resumed cleaning. “Good.”

“Yeah. The suppressants still working?” She asked.

Due to his powers she had to make special suppressants. The first two batches had failed. The third and forth quit working after awhile. The fifth was what he was currently on and Caitlin wanted to make sure they still did their job.

“They are.” He confirmed. 


“Yeah. If they stop you'll be the first to know.”


“There you two are. I brought lunch.” Cisco said as he entered the room.

“Thanks.” The two said together.

“Oh but of course.” Cisco gave them a dramatic bow.

“Dork.” Barry teased.

“Hey be nice.” Cisco gave him a mock scowl.

“I am.” Barry relied cheerfully. 

“Boys.” Caitlin shook her head. “Be nice to each other or else.”

“Yes mom.” Cisco teased.

“I’ll ground you.” She deadpanned. 

Barry chuckled at Cisco's pout. Caitlin smirked before she left the room. Cisco scolded as he and Barry followed her.

“Not funny Caitlin.”

“Barry and I thought so.”

“....” Cisco stared at the two with a pout.

“Let's go eat.” Barry said.


The three went to the lounge to eat. What they didn't know was that a certain yellow clad speedster was spying on them through the cameras. He was frowning at what he had witnessed.

Barry wasn't supposed to still be close to the two. He had planned it so that if they ever figured out the truth he would be suspicious and wary of the two. For some reason the plan failed.

‘What did I do wrong?’ He wondered.

Eobard had searched his mind for the answer but he came up blank. He had been perfect and his plan was flawless.

‘Now what should I do? Allen needs to be distrustful of them so that they can't help him.’

Eobard growled as he thought about it. He stood up and kicked the chair. It flew into the wall and broke. The speedster hated when his plans failed. He needed to figure out what went wrong. He just couldn't and it frustrated him to no end. He couldn't make a new plan willy nilly. The plan would fail if he did. He needed to figure it out so that he could make a new one.

‘I need my old footage. That might help me.’ He began planning how he could get to them.

(With Harry)

Harry was in his house packing. He was going to America to teach the aurors there how to recognize horcruxes and how to destroy them. Someone had released the information on how to make them to the public and America was having a lot of problems because of it. Harry looked up to see Ginny.

“Oh hey Gin.” Harry greeted his fellow alpha.

“Hey Harry. Just came by to see how the packing was going.”

“Good. I'm almost finished.” He told her.

“Ah. I'm going to miss you.” She admitted.

“You still have Luna.”

“True but she's my omega and your my best friend. It's different.”

Harry sighed. “I know. I'll miss you too.”

“Good. How is the book coming along?”

After the war many people tried to tell the story. He found that many still made shit up about him, especially his childhood. He was sick of all the lies so he decided to write the book himself.

“Slowly.” He answered.


“Not your fault. Just hard to talk about my childhood.”

“I can't even imagine.” She hated just thinking about it.

“Anything else?”

“Yeah. Have you seen Ron? I wanted to thank him for the gift he sent me and Luna.”

“He is with Draco.” He told her. “Draco took him on a vacation since they both had time off.”

“I still can't believe those two are together.”

Harry snorted. “Me either. Who knew the two had feelings for each other.”

“I sure didn't.” She shook her head. “I always thought he liked Hermione.”

“He did she expressed her opinion of betas.. Hermione never expected to be a beta. She always wanted to be an alpha like her parents. Ron disliked how she treated betas and what she tried to do to make herself an alpha. He decided to be with a beta that accepted themselves for who they were.”

Ginny nodded. “True. I still can't believe she said betas were worthless and tried to change her own dynamic. At least being in the hospital should help her.”

“I hope so.”

“Well call me when you land.”

“I will.” He promised as he shrunk his things. 

“Great. Bye Harry.”

“Bye Ginny. Oh before I go I want to let you know that you, Luna, and your family have access to my properties.” He told her.

“What? Why?” She looked surprised but confused.

“To hide from fans and press.”

Ginny smiled. “You're a good person Harry. Thank you.”

“You're welcome.” He left.