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The Secret Behind The Walls-Jojo's Bizarre Adventure

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A naive reader begins walking through the gates of Madness...

Today was turning out to be a terrible day for you, and it was about to get much worse.

To start off your unbelievably shitty day you had a hefty 3 hour rest before your first day on the job at the airport, how you managed to score such a job still bewilders you since you were never a travel time of person, nevertheless the strict schedule you'd been assigned was an understandable cost for such a job. Even the instructions were written down for you by your boss. 'Wake up at 4:00 am Tuesday morning and work till 6:00 pm.' Fairly simple yes? Well, you had woken up 30 minutes later than you had set your alarm for. It took another 30 minutes to rush a shower, proper clothing attire, breakfast, slow traffic, and check-in with a much scolding from your boss. It took a whole hour to get to work. In short, you were 20 minutes late, your coworkers did not take it lightly. Frank, an older employee at the airport briefly showed you around a complex maze of hallways, stairways, regulations, and rules that he explained so fast you honestly didn't remember half of what he said. Oh well, such as the bad luck of a passenger assistant.

Later, you boarded a flight coming from Japan to France, not even 20 minutes later some entitled mother demanded that she would keep her seat since she was there first and her son was too tired to move to another chair, the problem is that the chosen seats were reserved. You had calmly explained why she had to move and as if you had cursed her a lifetime of bad luck she blew a fuse, causing an unnecessary scene and assistance of your coworkers. Her son started to demand peanuts to which the mother paused all conversation to rudely demand peanuts from you and your "peasant" party. You were excused from the situation but needless to say, it put you in a bad mood for about an hour.

You believed that incident was only the end of your bad luck but little did you know it was the first layer of the cake. The next occurrence happened when the plane had a little bit of low turbulence and the titled slightly, causing you to spill your scorching hot coffee on your new shirt, and sadly you didn't have a spare. You had to close your vest so I would not show, but that's when the plane got incredibly hot and the musk of French vanilla coffee and sweat was practically emitting off of your body that didn't take long for others to notice. By the grace of a younger worker, he had given you another shirt, excusing the fact it was two sizes too large. You quickly exited the plane when you returned by permission from your supervisor and got a proper shirt, that smelt of vanilla. The day passed by extremely slowly and with each passing second, another muscle in your body grew tired. Like you were a puppet on a string and someone was cutting the strings dropping you closer and closer to the ground. You surely felt like passing out, three cups of coffee later did absolutely nothing to help.

The next layer on the cake was an outburst from your fellow coworkers that had started only weeks before yourself. He was screaming and hysterically catapulting paper cups at what you'd have to assume was his friend, judging by how casually the two were talking only a few minutes ago. It was finally your break and all you wanted was to eat your bagel in peace, but this blonde bombshell prevented such thing. The friend having cups chucked at him only starred blankly if not apologetically. You scoffed down your bagel and left the two, not wanting to see that nonsense anymore. What made it more unbelievable was that the other workers in the break room had simply stared at the confrontation.

The frosting of your treacherous day occurred when a young lady working at a hot dog stand had walked over to you got a little too friendly with you, you politely brushed off her obvious attempts at seducing you and without taking the hint kept telling you how cute you looked and how cute you'd look in bed with her. You brushed off those comments and walked away from her, and from the corner of your eye, you saw her approach a tall male minding his business. 'That poor guy' you thought to yourself. It took what felt like a whole 20 minutes to get rid of her.

Finally the strawberry on top, yes you had been called to the manager's office to discuss your job application. Once you had got there in a matter of a few minutes, your boss says ominously in her velvet chair, long black hair sweeping her neck. She displayed your application and with a sweet smile, she said. "Are you y/n l/n?"

To which you nodded nervously. How could you already mess up? It was your first day! Your boss kept her soft smile and ushered you to come closer. You took half a step closer to which she emitted a small chuckle. In her thick Japanese accent, she cooked.

"Y/n, it seems I have made a mistake. You see I thought you were a young man named Secco." Her smile remained unfazed as she spoke, she folded her hands together and continued. A part of you was wondering if she was amused by your nervousness. "I thought you were Secco. He passed out the requirements you see. " You nodded following along.

"I'll keep this simple" The smile on your boss's face abruptly fell. "You weren't supposed to be hired." The boss said bluntly, staring at you with full expression. You stood there, like a fool, trying to process what you just heard. The boss opened her mouth and let out those 7 words.

"I'm going to need your uniform back"

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You don't remember how long you've been without a job now. A few days? A week? A whole month perhaps? You'd lost track of time since you missed your rent for the second time a few months ago and had been since then laying helplessly on the guest bedroom floor of your Grandmother's house. She had recommended you apply for a job at the Tokyo Mental Hospital where employees had been needed for quite a long time. You promptly but politely declined and slept off your worries for a few days. Your grandmother had been so kind as to take you in and feed you as if you were in high school again. It's probably the most embarrassing thing you have ever experienced. It could have been worse though, really it could have been a whole lot worse. Your agonizing meddler of a mother could have been standing with you right now, going on and on about how you should have applied yourself more in school, you should have done more clubs, she would have never let you go to so many parties in 11th grade. If she knew you'd turn out like this, how you should have taken your father's advice and join his tech company, you could have been great by now, you could have-

Your brain was beginning to hurt from all this stress and negative thoughts, you've been having a lot of them lately. You sat up from your warm spot on the floor and gazed up at your ceiling. Arching your back fully hearing a few pops as you bent you sighed 'I don't want this. It's not like i didn't try to form a good future for myself' you thought to yourself. It's not like you gave up at that airport job, you applied for tons more jobs, unfortunately, you had been declined all of them. And it's not like you didn't consider working at a mental hospital, it just isn't what you want to be around all day. You were always easily put into bad moods and that kind of job was practically yelling to you 'want to loose your very sanity trying to fix everybody else's? Well, we're the perfect job for you!'

A hard knock on the door woke you up from your train of thought, sluggishly sliding yourself over to the door you opened it by a crack to be greeted with the solemn face of your grandmother. She said nothing but stared at your tired and dirty self, silently handing you a job application through the side of the door. You took it from her examining it closely.

A job application for the Tokyo Mental Hospital.

You sighed looking it over again and again. It's not like you didn't have an associate's degree in a field of mental health, and the two years to complete psychiatric nursing, psychology and dealing with group dynamics. You had experience in nursing and taking care of large groups of people, sometimes children. You were perfect for the job, so why didn't you take it? Because this hospital specifically was known for having the worse cases of trauma and psychopathic behavior, in ADOLESCENTS more so. You cursed yourself for having such a big interest in the medical field when you were young and naive. This was not something you wanted to do until the day you retired. Having knowledge of something you wished you didn't have knowledge of was such an odd feeling for you. You looked outside your bedroom door to see your Grandmother making sandwiches, her hands shaking violently as she did so. Walking over to her, you grabbed the knife from her and ushered her to sit down.

"Sit down. I'll do the rest" you said holding her arm tenderly. She obliged and sat down in her olive green rocking chair, humming a tune unrecognizable to you. "I can't do this to you anymore," you said handing her tuna sandwich. "I'll...check it out first thing tomorrow okay?" you gave her a soft smile and in return and smiled back widely, she pulled you down gently and gave you a kiss on the cheek.

Tomorrow morning you'd march up to that building and suck up your pride and get that job. You had the knowledge, might as well use it.

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A day had passed since you bravely approached the hospital in search of a job. Walking up to a beautifully decorated building dressed in (male/or/female) nurse attire. Stepping into the building now definitely wasn't was as nerve-racking as it was yesterday and even then it wasn't all that bad. Inside it was marvelously clean, without a stain or spot of rust in sight. It smelled like lime and honeydew in the main area. While it was an unusual combination it gave you a sense of serenity. The second you had set foot in the waiting room, almost as if on cue, a short boy with messy white hair had bumped into you making him fall flat on his behind while you hardly moved a muscle. Thinking he may have been a patient you cautiously put distance between the both of you. The boy looked just as surprised to see you as you were to see him. You asked if you could apply for a job as a nurse which made the boy absolutely aghast. She stammered through the right response for your question and after a minute or so of stuttering he just led to the dean's office.

"Um, I'm Y/N by the way,"

"Oh! Me? Um, I'm Koichi Hirose. Hopefully, we'll be working together."

Koichi led you down a long corridor decorated to the brim with eccentric art pieces, some of which look quite professional. At the end of the corridor were two dark wooden doors shining with wax and luster. The handles were oddly shaped like hands. You shuddered coming closer to the door. It looked so real you almost thought they were. Koichi hard knocked on the door and gave you the all-clear to enter. Inside a man with neatly combed blond hair sat at his desk, a pile of papers covering his face. He glanced up at you, back at his computer, then back at you. Giving you a 'what is it now' kind of look, despite the fact you were sure you had never met the man before.

Putting his papers aside he walked up to you and gave you a formal handshake that lasted a little longer than a handshake should. His name was Yoshikage Kira, and he was the dean at this facility. Your interview with was short and brief. He seemed like a very nice man by the way he spoke, more so over you didn't see a patient insight or any implication that this place was what the rumors said it to be. You couldn't fathom the joy you felt getting a job but you weren't so joyful to be working in a place like this. You were happy, but not that happy.

Now flash-forward, and you once again stand in the waiting room with the scent of lime and honeydew. Kira was kind enough as to explain most of what you'd be doing on your tour of the place, he even paired you with that Koichi guy. Sitting in a chair you relaxed your muscles, 'finally...things are starting to look my way'. Abruptly however you heard screaming down the hall from you. It sounded so dreadful and so painful you were sure someone managed to sneak a banshee into the main area. In the hallway, at least five nurses ran down the hall towards the noise. You hoped whenever was screaming stopped soon, 'Ugh... the first day. Fun'.

In the waiting room, you were happy to be far away from who was screaming, sadly though, it didn't look like it would be ending any time soon.

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You sat patiently in the waiting room reading on a book on dolphins till your guide would arrive. The lady at the front desk, that went by the name Ann, sweet girl honestly, she told you your guide would arrive in a few minutes so just be still till then. The clock ticking above your head was the only noise for a few minutes. The screaming came to a halt in about 10-15 minutes, it turned into hysterical sobbing soon after that was not as loud as the screaming but it wasn't really quiet either.

At there was much coffee as a coffeeholic could want. While you were reading, however, the door suddenly opened and Koichi came through looking as anxious as yesterday.

"Oh hey, Koichi" you waved at him earning a smile from him.

"Oh! Hey? Um..sorry, Y/n was it?" Koichi offers a handshake to which you kindly return.

"Yeah. So, what was the commotion out there?" You pointed outside the door to the hallway where the noise has long since stopped. Koichi looked a little embarrassed you had bear earshot of the noise.

"Oh..that was one of our patients. He is always well behaved so we let him walk around for a bit, he earned that privilege of course. But I guess he had a small breakdown. Nothing to worry about though."

'Small' You thought, 'That was the literal opposite of small'. Koichi smiled awkwardly and motioned you out into the hallway.

"C' mon I'll show you around," He said already walking out the door. You followed silently and together the two of you walked down the hall. You couldn't help but notice the deeper into the building you went the darker it got.

'It certainly wasn't like this yesterday' When Kira had shown you around it was bright, welcoming, unexpectedly clean, and organized. Now you walk and Koichi and the scent of lime and honeydew disappear as quickly as it comes and is replaced with a scent of watermelon that had been left out for several days.

Koichi walks up to a sign which gives a brief map of the place. You glance at it, noticing the first-floor men's bathroom are on the left side and ladies on the right. The cafeteria also being on down the hall on the right, library down the left as well men's rooms, ladies rooms straight ahead including art rooms, and of course dean's office and management office back the way you came.

"That a little confusing," You told Koichi. "At least half of this stuff couldn't be on the second floor?"

"I know it's a little weird but you'll get used it eventually. Not to mention you're new so you'll have about a month or so to get around the first floor before you have to start going to the second." Koichi reassuringly spoke. He would have given you a playful pat on the back for good measure but he..Koichi was up to your hip in height and a pat on the back wasn't exactly something he could do without a chair of some kind. You and Koichi walked to the cafeteria, you weren't even in eye-shot of the door before you heard a loud commotion. "We separate the patients into groups to make it a little easier" Koichi explained opening the door, you were surprised to see most of the patients having absurd hair colors and clothing, while at the same time staying in what you assumed to be the dress code. "Right now these patients are in B lunch, there are two more groups afterward." You nodded following along. You had to admit having Koichi as a tour guide was a little enjoyable for you, he was kind and spoke with certainty. You hoped he would become your go-to guy when you're in trouble.


After a bit more touring you had four hours left in your shift. 'Wonderful. I'll be before I know it'. You happily made your way down to the dean's office after you were called there a minute ago. You had to admit you got lost even with Koichi's instructions. But once you got there, Kira stood tall and looking quite impatient.


"Sorry, I'm late. I got a little lost" You looked at Kira, and he looked back at you silently, then smiled.

"It's quite alright, I expected such from a newcomer" Kira opened the door to his office ushering you inside."Please, come in."

You walked into his huge office almost overwhelmed by the abstract paintings of art on the walls, ceilings, and even on his desk. Kira's suit was even in a bright violet purple. At the corner of your eye, you saw a hairless pink cat retreat underneath his desk. 'So he has a cat? That's cool I guess, I would have to assume it's against the rules, but whatever'. Kira sat down in his chair while you sat from the one across his desk. He pulled a drawer containing numerous files and plopped two on his desk.

"I don't believe I've properly introduced myself. My name is Yoshikage Kira. I'm 33 years old. My house is in the northeast section of Morioh, where all the villas are, and I am not married. I've been working here at Tokyo mental hospital for four years now, and I get home every day by 8 PM at the latest. I don't smoke, but I occasionally drink." Kira started starring at you intently with a fierce gaze.

'What is going on here?' you thought as your questioning gaze went unnoticed by Kira. He continued, "I'm in bed by 11 PM, and make sure I get eight hours of sleep, no matter what. After having a glass of warm milk and doing about twenty minutes of stretches before going to bed, I usually have no problems sleeping until morning. Just like a baby, I wake up without any fatigue or stress in the morning. I was told there were no issues at my last check-up. I'm trying to explain that I'm a person who wishes to live a very quiet life. I take care not to trouble myself with any enemies, like winning and losing, that would cause me to lose sleep at night. That is how I deal with society, and I know that is what brings me happiness." Kira then stopped, looming over his desk to you when he solemnly whispered. "Although, if I were to fight I wouldn't lose to anyone."

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A long and awkward silence filled the room. Only the sound of the ticking clock made any kind of dominating presence. You were lost in Kira's fierce gaze for what felt like hours. Kira slowly but gradually began to move back to his seat, then he smiled warmly.

"Mr. Giovanna has been dealing with a little bit of stress lately." He began, "Maybe you should go comfort him. I assigned him a book report on a fiction novel recently, go see if he needs any help with it." With that, Kira leaned fully back into his chair. "He should be in the courtyard with everyone else, oh and don't forget to look at these documents. You must memorize them" You nodded, and made your way to the door and quickly closed it behind you. stepping away from the door you walked away from there, Kira's office had long lost it's welcoming atmosphere.

As you walked through the cafeteria and made your way down an even darker hallway, Kira's little monologue rang in your ears making you uneasy, 'Although, if i were to fight i wouldn't lose' What could that have meant? To fight? Who would be fighting exactly? It couldn't be you since you just got here. The thought of coming here was already beginning to look like a big mistake. However, complaining already wouldn't do anything for you. Any problems concerning you and Kira would just have to wait. You had a patient to attend to.


Making your way to the front office, where Koichi sat at the coffee machine. he looked like he was on his fifth cup. Poor guy. Koichi noticed you come through the door and shyly smiled.

"Weird?" Koichi asked. You nodded, knowing he was talking about Kira. How that guy became the boss of the place is unknown to you. Koichi downed his coffee and motioned you to follow him the staff lounge. Inside, it was a painfully bright shade of pink you thought you had almost gone blind if you hadn't covered your eyes quicker. Koichi sat down at a large square table, and you shuffled over to the coffee machine, making a rather large cup of strong caffeine. You told Koichi of Kira's strange behavior and your first task with a guy named Giovanna. Koichi seemed to freeze at the name. "Giovanna? Are you sure he assigned you to Giovanna?" Koichi asked. You nodded, taking a sip from your coffee. Koichi sighed, standing up from his chair and walking over to you. "Do you have his document?" You placed your coffee on the table and quickly skimmed through your files and just as clear as day, Giovanna's name was the fourth document. Handing it to Koichi, you two looked through it. "I'm just a little concerned. Giovanna is like...the Mafia boss of this place. He knows everything and has control of seemingly everything." Koichi inspected Giovanna's file closely while you hovered over his shoulder. You couldn't believe what it said...

Name: Giorno Giovanna

Age: 15

Birthplace: Kyoto, Japan

Diagnosis: Giorno has a severe case of Emotional Trauma due to the abuse of his father and the neglect of his mother. Giorno is in state of constant social anxiety as well awareness. While he is rather well-mannered and polite, never really causing any issues among staff and other patients, he is diagnosed with frequent sleepwalking as well as wave after wave of ferocious tantrums which resulted in the deaths of seven people thus far. All of which had their throats slit, fingers diced, and eyes gouged. He is to be given serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs) prescribed by his doctor and mood stabilizers (lithium and anticonvulsants), and antipsychotic drugs. One pill in the morning one at night.

Notes: It is best not to interrogate him too much or make him too uncomfortable.

*DON'T under any circumstances purposely attempt to insult him, it results in a backtrack of his treatment and strong sedatives to calm him.

*talking about Italy, his favorite things, or frogs seems to calm him.

As you and Koichi read Giorno's file, it sent chills down from your skull to your feet. Koichi more or less seemed unbothered. You looked at him, back at the file, then back at Koichi. There was no way you were expected to talk to this guy right? He's killed, people. Just for ticking him off.

"I could go with you if you want, I've had some experience with him." Koichi smiled which sent a little bit of relief to your brain. 'I'm going to meet a killer..' you thought. 'I'm going to be with this guy for who knows how long..'. The two of you begin your trip to the courtyard.


"Oh! I've never seen you before! You must be new here!" A tall and quite beautiful woman announces as she makes her way over to you and Koichi. "I'd been hearing about us getting a new person from Anne, but I didn't think she was telling the truth. Well anyway, it's a pleasure to meet you, you can call me Lisa Lisa." In Lisa Lisa's group were two other people, a tall muscular man with long brown hair tied into a man-bun and a petite young woman with kinder features.

Before you could say anything, Lisa Lisa introduced you to her colleagues.

"Now this is my darling assistant Suzie Q, she's mainly taking care of this places' gardens and hosts annual garden club meetings. Not to mention her splendid birthday parties." Suzie smiles sweetly in greeting. "She does other stuff too, like telling us when any of the patients are acting up." You now realize after Lisa had said it that Suzie may have been one of the doctors running towards that infernal screaming earlier. "And Mister Grumpy Pants over there is Kars, he is one of three people who make sure that the patients are getting the right medication and enough of it, as well making sure it isn't tempered with."

"How do you tell the tempered from the good ones?" You ask, genuinely curious. Kars looks at you and grins. "Technology."He responds. Not the preferred answer you wanted but in reality, you didn't care, you weren't here to socialize you were here to earn enough mother to get enough money to get your apartment.

Lisa chuckles a little bit at Kars' sense of humor then notices Koichi standing next to you silently. "Ah. Koichi, how have you been? How's Yukako?" Koichi smiles a little as a blush crept his way onto his cheeks.

"I'm good! That sinus infection finally cleared up. I had to turn in this stupidly long essay yesterday and only got an 85 on it. Oh, and Yukako is doing fine, her arm is getting a lot better recently." Lisa nodded, and within a few seconds, her Walkie-Talkie started to ring.

"Sorry I have to take this" Lisa pressed a button and a blood-curling sound came out of it. Much to your surprise, it sounded like that of an animal. Not Lisa Lisa, nor Koichi, Kars, or Suzie seemed the least bit fazed. "What is it Esidisi?" Lisa Lisa spoke, nonchalantly.

"JOSEPH! *static* IT'S JOSEPH! *static* HE'S- *static* HELP!" Loud crashing could be heard on the other side. That man, Esidisi, was still screaming into Lisa's walkie. She looked very unamused by this like it had happened before, and sighed, motioning for Kars and Suzie to follow her.

"Sorry to leave you so soon, a patient needs immediate attention." Lisa leaves with the turn of her heel with Suzie at her side and Kars walking speedily behind her.

You and Koichi just shrug at each other and walk to the courtyard.


The courtyard was abnormally huge for just a few amounts of patients. A decent looking playground was smack in the center including but not limited to several people reading on benches in the shade of trees by the 10ft wall, playing basketball, or running laps in the track area. There was even a little area where a group of patients was having a kumbaya or something.

'Looks like a pretty productive place. Better than every high school I've ever been to.' You couldn't help but notice, a handsome looking teen with hair so golden you were it'd be worth a few hundred dollars, eyes so full with unwavering peace you almost forgot where you were.

"There he is! Go say hi, he's a pretty chill guy no need to be nervous" Koichi pats your back and leads you over to him. The same boy you were just staring at. Giorno Giovanna was practically a block of gold sitting in the middle of a field of snow. Impossible to miss even with the numerous children running around you. He even had the gull to wear his hair loosely, letting it fall to his shoulders.

'Oh no...nonono. Are you kidding me right now?!' Giorno Giovanna, the Mafia Boss of the asylum, was that angel in human skin sitting by the fence. Minding his own damn business and you were going to disturb him. Koichi doesn't seem so hesitant to walk over to him though. If anything he almost looks happy to see him, almost though.

Giorno looked up at you and Koichi, a faint smile appearing on his face. "Buongiorno.' He says in the most soothing voice you've ever heard. "Good morning Giorno. This is y/n, (he/she) will be spending some time with you for a while. Giorno glanced at you, he stood up and inspected you closely, it looked he scanning everything from the way your collar was positioned to how neatly your shoes were tied. You gulped, his expressions were even more holy up close. It was unreal how beautiful this guy was. Giorno kept his smile while inspecting you when he was done, Giorno sat back down on the bench with his pile of velvet cover books. Glancing at the pile you noticed each book was the same thing, "The Art of War".

"I will allow it for now. As long as I'm not bothered." Giorno's smile faded and he returned to his book as if to say "Now off with you im busy". Koichi just then got a similar beeping sound from his walkie. He answered, after taking a short distance from Giorno. All you could make out was the word 'Joeseph'. Koichi sighed and headed for the exit, promising he'll meet up with later. Which left you with Giorno and a bunch of other ill kids and adults. A boy from the track field came sprinting towards you and practically flew right past you, trapping Giorno in a bear hug. next month or so.

"Giorno! I love you so much! I love you!" The boy declared happily so loud that literally, everyone could hear. Giorno just patted him on the head and then, just as quick as he came, the boy left. Swiftly running past you back the field where a pink-haired girl sat waiting in criss-cross position.

"Let's go Y/N, I'm tired. Oh, Could you take one of those books, please? Thank you." Giorno yawned and began walking back inside, you followed, taking one of his many books.

"Um, wait a minute Giorno." You tell him which made the blond stop in his tracks. "I was told Kira gave you a book report to do? I thought I could help you with-"

"I already finished it."


Back inside the building, you followed Giorno to his room, since he knew where it was. At the very end of the boys' corridor. Looking back, you realize just how little information you were given about him. Giorno walked into his room, nicely lit and neatly organized. A single bed with light grey sheets and blanket but no pillow, a small bookshelf, a single window on the far left from the door, and even a stack of jigsaw puzzles sitting on a wooden stool. Although, none of that distracted from the fact that the walls had thick padding. Giorno handed you a fresh white nightgown from ontop his bookshelf, in a nasty tone, he shouted: "Change me. Now." You were kinda startled from this sudden change in attitude. Giorno saw this, and his soft expression fell into a cold one. "I don't like repeating myself Y/N..." Giorno pointed at your many files in hand. "It's one of your tasks isn't it?' Looking at Giorno's file, you read in your mind the very clear instructions written on the back.

Follow this schedule from September 9th to September 26:

-5:30 am, Giorno is given his medication

-5:40 am, Giorno is to be given on Mondays and Tuesdays Ceasar salad, blueberry oatmeal, two whole carrot sticks and a cup of chocolate pudding (pudding only a Friday), Turkey sandwich and celery sticks Wednesday and Thursday, and Waffles & sausage every other day.

-6:15 am, Giorno takes a shower

-6:20 am, Giorno is be taken to the study hall where he will spend most of his free time

-8:40 am, Giorno is to complete his piano lesson

-9:20 am, Giorno completes his daily book report

-10:50 am, Take Giorno to Dr. Costello for a daily checkup

-11: 20 am, Giorno once again takes his medication

-11:25 am, Giorno is taken outside after being served dinner

-11:30 am, Giorno is changed into his nightclothes, given sleeping medicine and put to bed.

-11:40 am, End Shift

Inspecting this sheet made you dizzy. 'Is this... allowed? It's practically no different than going to school then coming home right after' You looked at Giorno and shrugged, he was right, it was part of your schedule. Time had passed so quickly you were you had at least two hours left.

Giorno lifted his arms and you lifted his white tee shirt to reveal the remnants of deep cuts and gashes scatted about his torso and arms. Not wanting to stare, you put on his night tee next swiftly. Giorno took the liberty of putting his hair into a neat braid so it wouldn't get tangled.

"They don't want me touching myself again." Giorno sighed as he fell into his bed and under the covers. "That's why you're doing this. I'm not allowed to please myself." Giorno's voice was hardly audible under the blanket, all you could still see was his golden bangs covering his face. Leaving his room, you saw Koichi escorting a patient to his room, however, the patient was at least 10 times the height of Koichi and his muscular build was abnormal for a human being to have.

"It's time for your nap Jotaro you had a long day" Koichi's voice was a lot smoother than when he was talking to Giorno. The tall man only nodded and retreated to his room, which was pitch black. Looking back at your schedule, you're going to be with Giorno for the time being. You tell Koichi this, and in return, he pats you on the back while giving you an apologetic look. That reassuring smile not appearing to give you the ease of mind. Slowly it creeps up but it's painful to look at like he doesn't really mean it.

Something tells you his attitude towards Giorno earlier was to hide his fear of the boy. The boss.

Chapter Text

Walking to the front entrance, you replayed today's events in chronological order. Today had a rough start, for sure, but you made a new friend and Giorno doesn't seem like that bad of a guy. He merely suffers some issues he needs to get through. Grave issues...

"Ah, Y/N! Your shift is done already?" Koichi happily came strolling from the 'Solitary Confinement' hall. Well, happily was a was more like, absolutely ecstatic. You nod at him, checking your bag to make sure you have all of your belongings. After you had put Giorno to bed, Koichi had offered that the two of you chatted for a bit. Needless to say, it was an unusually pleasant conversation. Koichi was a wonderfully pleasant guy and the fact this place didn't alter that was remarkable. However, you couldn't help but think his pleasant attitude was the result of working in the asylum for so long.

"I am genuinely happy to have a new member here. Sometimes the stress of balancing this job and my college work gets the best of me, and my privileges to treat certain patients get revoked. Having you here lifts some of that stress off my back." Koichi rubs that back of his neck nervously, that recurring shy smile appearing on his face."If you require anything at all please don't hesitate to ask me." Koichi left you at the main entrance without giving you any time to respond. Now you were alone again, phone in hand ready to call a taxi.

Your first day has ended.

Returning home was the most nostalgic feeling you've ever had. Being able to take off your shoes and grab a cold soda from the fridge relived a lot of tension in your shoulders. You crept through the hallway to check in on your grandmother.

'Of course, she's already asleep.' You closed the door quietly and retreated your room. In less than an hour you were fast asleep on the floor, Attack on Titan playing loudly on your Tv.


The following day you woke up earlier than you had set your alarm for. Which meant more time in the hot shower and more time to prepare a decent breakfast. You even had time to study Giorno's schedule a bit. Grandma still hadn't woken up yet so you went ahead and made some banana oatmeal for her. She would be waking up shortly, so you weren't worried about it getting too cold. Speedily unplugging your phone from the wall you rushed to work, praying traffic wouldn't slow you down.


Today you were excited to see Koichi and Giorno again. Walking into the honeydew/lime scented main area after a quiet taxi drive was beyond relaxing. Koichi as per routine he informed you about, was escorting his rather anxious patient to the library for storytime.

"Good morning Koichi!" You waved at him before entering the staff lounge, and you didn't mind he didn't acknowledge you. Koichi was busy. Inside the lounge where you and Koichi shared a coffee yesterday, there was another personal space for employees to put their personal belongings. You had been given a locker just for this purpose and in it your backpack, a spare shirt, deodorant, dozens of used pens, sensitive files, and your check-in card as convincing proof you were present for work. Reluctantly leaving the lounge with a small expresso in hand, you made your way to Giorno's personal room.

5:30 am, Giorno is given his medication

In his room, Giorno sat unmoving on his bed. Staring at the wall as if contemplating something grave. Fiddling with his fingers, Giorno remained unmoving even as he swallowed his pills.

"So...did you sleep well?"


"Oh, okay then."

5:40 am, Giorno is to be given on Mondays and Tuesdays Caesar salad, blueberry oatmeal, two whole carrot sticks and a cup of chocolate pudding (pudding only a Friday), Turkey sandwich and celery sticks Wednesday and Thursday, and Waffles & sausage every other day.

Getting Giorno's food was more of a hassle than it should have been. Walking into the cafeteria area a crowd of tall, short, and muscular patients surrounded the sandwich bar. Getting Giorno's sandwich took a whole 7 minutes. Once you had gotten it, however, that same boy from yesterday with purple-ish hair blocked your exit.

"Is that for the boss?" The boy asked, standing on his toes with an innocent smile.

"Yeah um, you can see him later if you want. Right now I need to give him his food." Brushing past the boy, you speedily rushed to back to Giorno's room. Mistakingly glancing back at him to see an aggressive expression planted on his face.

Once you had gotten the food to Giorno, he practically lunged at you like a wild animal. Snatching the plate of food from you and devouring it all down in the corner, his back facing you.

"Giorno...I couldn't help but notice you're looking a little pale. Are you feeling well?" You ask him, kneeling to his level. Giorno once again sat unmoving, staring you directly in the eyes. You could practically see the trauma resonating in his turquoise eyes, unwavering and focused. 'Is he trying to read me or something?' Giorno raised his hand slowly to your cheek as if you were a stray cat he wasn't trying to frighten. He caressed you tenderly, pinching and rubbing his thumb on your chin steadily. He leaned forward to your ear and whispered,

"Shower. I need a shower."

6:15 am, Giorno takes a shower

As you and Giorno left the room, you ran into Koichi on your way to the privet showers. He had a tray containing a bowl of white rice, seaweed, a smaller bowl of peach slices, and what looked like chocolate milk and a few napkins. Biding Koichi goodbye the three of you went separate ways, you and Giorno heading to the showers, Koichi to that same pitch-black room belonging to that abnormally tall man.

Once you had gotten to the showers, which were in the off-section of the boy's locker room, Giorno had begun undressing before you even turned the water on. Putting the knob on the red side, assuming that's what made the water hot, you put your hand in the water making sure it wasn't unbearably hot. It was practically the opposite. 'It's freezing!' You yanked your hand back and twisted the knob the other direction. Trying once more, you put your hand in the jolted back quicker. 'It's even colder?!' You wondered if the water had just been broken or if it was always this cold. Surely it was broken, right? Right?

"Giorno, the water is pretty cold are you sure you want to take a-WOAH!" You fell on your back at the sudden surprise of Giorno, in all of his naked glory, gently washing clean in the freezing water. He grazed over his chest, his slender legs, his broad shoulders, and face.

"I enjoy cold water. How did you know?" Giorno glanced at you, ignoring your shocked expression. You had to look away from him, watching a fifteen-year-old boy take a shower even with the circumstances he was in is still against your morals. You didn't even know him that well. "Well, I guess it doesn't matter." Giorno frowned, "Does it?" Giorno turned off the shower and wrapped himself in the soft orange towel you had brought for him. If loneliness had a smell, Giorno smelt like it. Empty and depressing loneliness. You didn't know what kind of soap he used, but in all honesty, you just wanted to get some clothes on him. 

"Um, l-let's get your clothes on."

6:20 am, Giorno is be taken to the study hall where he will spend most of his free time

In the study hall, only four other patients were present. Each preoccupied in their activities, be it productive or not. Giorno immediately upon entry grabbed a book similar to that of an encyclopedia. Inspecting the room, it had more than enough books to read and chess boards to use. Not to mention building blocks and toy cars, planes, and trains. One of the four children already here was the boy from earlier, he sat on a multi-colored carpet mimicking the sound of an airplane. It was red and polished, probably brand new and he was having a blast with it.

The other patient, a green-haired girl with plump lips, wearing a jumpsuit version of the patient uniform laid on a pink futon. She was comfortably wrapped in a wool blanket, she recited the alphabet agonizingly slowly. Another girl on the other side of the room, pink hair accompanied with a gentle expression, was playing pretend with four little rabbit dolls. She glances over at you and smiles, penetrating your heart with warmth. She gets up from her spot on the floor and walks over to you.

"Hi! I'm Reimi! Would you like to play with me? Nobody here really likes dolls the way I do." She holds your hand and pleadingly looks you in the eyes. Taking a glance at Giorno, still currently reading, you nod at the girl and she happily leads you to her little rabbit family. She hands you a brown rabbit with a monocle and navy blue tailcoat while she held a white rabbit with pearl earrings (obviously white beads hot glued on.) and a long pink dress. "Okay, I'll start!" Reimi grabbed her rabbit by the arms to make it look like it wanted a hug.

"Oh, my dearest! You've come home, I missed you." The rabbit wife spoke in a raspy voice. You played along, holding your rabbit with one hand around its waist.

"Oh yes my lovely, I've come home to you!" You said through the rabbit in a deep, but unintentional, 1990s New Yorker voice.

"Oh, I'm so thrilled to hear that. Dinner is made! I'll make you a *sniff* what is that I smell?" The doll said suspiciously. You didn't know exactly how to answer that question, so foolishly you answered with a question.

"W-what smell? I don't smell anything. At any rate, let's eat I'm starving!" You move your doll to the dollhouse kitchen where two minuscule plates with imaginary food were placed.

"Don't you act cluelessly with me! I know what I smell! Have you been drinking again? You said you'd stop!" The rabbit in Reimi's hands crossed its little arms angerly, you had to hold back a chuckle and from that, you almost broke character.

"Baby it's nothin let's eat please." Your rabbit begged, now fully committed to keeping the New Yorker accent.

"Oh really! Well, if it is nothing then breath into this!" Reimi placed a little cardboard box into the rabbit's hand."A breathalyzer, this should prove whether or not it's nothing." Reimi looked just as angry as she is portraying her rabbit to be. Not wanting to upset her, you continued to play along. After all, she had no one to play with.

"I told ya I'm FINE. Can we please just eat?"

"No! You always do this! You always do everything in your power to hurt in every possible way! How could you?!" Reimi's rabbit was now making a rather believable crying voice.

"I, uh, *sigh* I'm sorry. Old habits die hard I suppose." Your rabbit lowered its head in shame. This has become a very depressing story.

"I am so done with having to carry you to bed after you pass out to second you come in through the door! I'm tired of having to push you off when you want to have to sex! Do you possess any idea how many times I've had to tell our rebellious kids to stay away from you because you kept throwing your empty beer bottles at them!" Reimi's rabbit got all in your rabbit's face and stomped its little feet on the ground. 'What is even going on?!...' You mentally panicked and uttered the first thing that came to mind.

"WHAT ABOUT YOU HUH?" You whisper shouted, waddling your little rabbit feet to the miniature stairwell. "You complain to me! But what about you? You-you...CHEATED ON ME!" Your rabbit whipped around to look at Reimi's, it's ears flying out of its face as if to signify an emergent dominance in power.

"I-I said I was sorry! Don't turn this around on me!"

"Sorry won't cut it baby! I went to Vietnam to fight for you, for our children, for this country! And when I came back some horny cow in our bed!" Now you had to admit you may have been taking just a little bit too far, this girl was young after all.

"I had nobody. I was so lonely! What was I supposed to do? Wait for a man who might not return? Sit in the house all day waiting for you? You already cursed me with these devilish kids!" Reimi was now really sold into it. She gave her rabbit a real 180 in personality.

"Ah, so the witch finally shows her true colors!" You spoke with venom in your tone, hot and painful like hot coal landing on your foot.

"Oh, I have had enough of this! Screw this shitty house! Screw your kids! Screw your drinking problems! Because guess what?! I never cared about any of those things! Especially not you! My love for you died out years ago!" Reimi's rabbit walked over to a black truck and hopped on top, waving one of its little arms as it did so. "See ya buddy! Have fun getting over this! I'm done pretending to be your housewife!" To you, that sentence was pretty ironic and contradictory because Reimi was pretending to be your housewife. The rabbit drove off into the sunset, or in this case a red plastic chair. To seal the deal, your rabbit began crying, holding back no restraint.

Reimi started giggling at your impression of overwhelming sadness. "That was so much fun! Are you a part-time actor by any chance?" She asked sliding closer to you.

"No I'm not, but thank you I had fun as well." You noticed your little performance even had Giorno's attention. As well the attention of the girl laying on the futon and the boy playing with his toy plane. You noticed the fourth child also looking at you, with wide eyes full of amazement. 

"I'm going to be honest with you." Giorno began, "That was more interesting than this book."

8:40 am, Giorno is to complete his piano lesson

Time went quickly as Giorno skillfully played the piano in the music room which was pretty close to the main office. It was built with soundproof padding to avoid any distraction of staff or visitors. While you didn't understand why another room couldn't just be built since this place had the money, you couldn't bring yourself to suspect it for more than 5 minutes, it seemed unimportant after a while. While Giorno played on the massive piano, hardly needing instruction from Lisa Lisa. You sat on a chair, quietly observing Giorno's fingers move. Another child was being instructed by who you were introduced to as Wammu. He was teaching a red-headed teen to play the cello.

Giorno started off playing a different song which captured your attention. Lisa Lisa stood back, proudly looking on as her student played away. You walked over to Giorno wanting to get a more thorough inspection of his elegant fingers.

"What song are you performing?" You asked him as quietly as you could be without being drowned out by the piano. Giorno smiled, taking his eyes off the keys to look at you.

"It's called, Il Vento d'oro I quite like it."

9:20 am, Giorno completes his daily book report

Kira had assigned Giorno a book report on "Shakespeare's: Julius Caesar" for him to read. You should have guessed it would have already been completed to turn in before you even checked in for the day. You offered to turn it in for him while you took him to Doctor Costello. Giorno happily obliged to this compromise and the two of you parted ways.

In the back of your mind, you never wanted to back to Kira's office, but you kept telling yourself you wouldn't stay long, in and out. 'In and out' You rehearsed this in your mind over and over until you were standing in front of his office door. Those golden hand door handles caused you to feel like they were welcoming you inside, however, you didn't at all welcome. Taking a deep breath, you knocked on the door three times. You waited for 5 seconds. You knocked another three times. You waited anxiously for 7 seven seconds. You were about to knock again when Kira voice could be overheard on the inside.

"Come in."

Intaking another deep breath, you opened the door. Kira's nonchalant look plastered onto his face. He lied comfortably in his oversized chair behind his massive desk, which this time didn't have as much paperwork stacked on it.

"I came to give you Giorno's book report. He told me you collected them when he's done." You placed the stapled papers on his desk. "I will be going now, sorry to disturb you." You turned on your heel and made your way back to the door. When Kira called out to you right as you touched the handle.

"Y/N, I must ask you something." Kira cooed as he made his way over to you. You turned to meet his strong unwavering gaze. He looked at you with that same intimidating stare, to him you might as well be a whore getting ready to have the life drained out of you, Kira was merely a dreadfully silent man which made you all the more frustrated. Kira doesn't seem to notice your pent-up frustration though.

"The next time you have to come here." He begins. Creepily, Kira's hand makes its way to yours and grips it tightly. "Please give me heads notice. I don't want you walking aimlessly in on something you wouldn't want to see." He then falls back into a deafening silence, promptly letting go of your hand when you jerked it back. You rushed out the door and slammed it back in Kira's face, running hastily down the hall afterward.

11: 20 am, Giorno once again takes his medication

When you had been reunited with Giorno, he was sitting awkwardly in the cafeteria humming that same song he had been playing on the piano earlier.

"Doctor Costello already provided me my medicine. She wanted me to notify you that." Giorno spoke casually, loosely falling side to side. 'He must be tired' you thought.

"Okay, well you look exhausted. After dinner, if you want you can skip going outside and go straight to bed." You tell him as his head falls onto the table. "Giorno? Are you alright?" You ask him, lifting his frail body in the most gentle way you could muster.

"Y-yeah, this happens often. I'll be fine."

-11:25 am, Giorno is taken outside after being served dinner

You sat down with Giorno while he ate his dinner. A large bowl of chicken noodle soups and two slices of bread. You couldn't believe how this hospital was treating these kids. Great food, a room for every hobby, and not to mention friendly staff? It sounded too good to be true. And to think you were just accepted into this place without being some millionaire. Thinking about it, all the rumors you heard and stories your friends had gossiped about must have been built on lies. It looked to you that this place was doing everything in its power to help its patients. Giorno finished his bowl and wolfed down the bread in a flash.

"Ready to go outside Gio?" You asked. By giving him a nickname you hoped it would bring the two of you closer. Giorno glanced up at you and smiled. A warm and genuinely happy smile.


You take Giorno outside to get some fresh air right after his meal. The sun is shining brightly and there's a gentle breeze kissing your cheek. Giorno trots over to a football sitting on a bench and calls to you.

"Hey Y/N! Want to play catch?" Giorno excitedly throws the ball before you answer, you catch it regardless. You let a playful laugh and throw the ball back at him. He hopped in the air and caught the ball with one hand and thus started your game of catch with Giorno.

1:30 am, Giorno is changed into his nightclothes, given sleeping medicine and put to bed.

You changed Giorno into his pajamas after two long games of catch with Giorno. He climbed into bed and retreated under the covers, his golden locks once again tied into a beautiful braid.

"Y/N could you tell me a story?" Giorno asked shyly, his eyes shimmering with child-like innocence.

"Oh okay, what story would you like?" You sat on the edge of his bed, Giorno's gazed still fixated on you.

"Snow White please."

Thinking, you recalled all you could remember from Snow White's tale." Okay. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess named Snow White. She was kind and gentle and a friend to all animals." You began tucking Giorno under the covers as you did so. "One day, Snow White met a charming prince. As they sang a song of true love together, Snow White's evil stepmother, the Queen, watched them with hatred. She hated the fact that Snow White was considered the fairest of them all." You closed Giorno's curtains and stacked his books. "The Queen was so jealous of Snow White's beauty that she ordered her Huntsman to kill the young princess and bring her the heart so she may devour it." Giorno's gaze focused on the way your mouth pronounce every syllable. He was mesmerized. "But the poor Huntsman couldn't bring himself to hurt young Snow White. He ordered her to run far away so the Queen would never find her. When he had to return, he gave the Queen a pigs heart instead." You glanced at Giorno, as expected he was listening intently. "Snow White ran deep into the woods. Where it was dark and spooky. She was lost and scared but the woodland creature helped her find herself in front of a cottage. The princess knocked, but no one was home. So, she slowly stepped inside." You imitated the sound of footsteps by tapping the wall."The cottage was in a terrible state! With the help of her forest friends, Snow White cleaned every nook and cranny until it shone with pristine beauty. Upstairs she found seven beds, beds so small she thought they belonged to children!" You were going to continue your story but Giorno was already fast asleep, snoring rather loudly. Skipping to the ending, you fluffed up Giorno's pillow. 

"Backatthecastle,theQueenlearnedthatSnowWhitewasstillalive.TheQueenpoisonedSnowWhite,shekissedaprinceandtheylivedhappilyeverafter,The End." You turned off the lights and left the room as quietly as possible. Whistling the tune of "Heigh-Ho" as you went to retrieve your things.

-11:40 am, End Shift

Just like yesterday, Koichi caught you just as you were about to leave. He greeted you, with a shy smile as expected.

"Hey Y/N! how was your second day? Sorry, I wasn't here to help you much." Koichi apologized profusly as if he had stolen something from you.

"No no Koichi please don't apologize. I had a great day today actually, Giorno was really well-behaved and I actually had a lot of fun!" You told him this and the expression on Koichi's face went from apologetic to genuinely confused. His head even cocked to the side a bit, with one eyebrow raised high he tried to find a response to your comment.

"R-really?" Was all he could muster.

"Heck yeah! Giorno is super easy to handle and the other patients are pretty okay too. You know Koichi," You began, "It's been a while since I've really enjoyed a job. Had fun or looked forward to coming to work. I almost forgot I was in an asylum once or twice!" You told Koichi this with a little too much enthusiasm. He still looked confused however now there was a hint of shock. "I'm really glad to be-"

"Let me stop you right there." Koichi halted your words, his expression was now very serious. 'Did I offend him?' you thought.

"Let me show you something Y/N..." Koichi ushered you to follow him, you did and the two of you walked into the 'Solitary Confinement' hall. In the hallway, it was like a whole other room. It smelled like mucky and old, there was paint peeling off the walls and the ceiling lights barely stayed on for half a second. Koichi walked to the very end of the hall, the darkest end of the hall and stopped at the last door on the left. You caught up with him, too mesmerized but the complete change of atmosphere this one hallway had.

"Look through the window Y/N." Koichi's tone was much more assertive. It sounded like an order coming out of his mouth. "This guy has been here for two years now," Koichi said, awaiting for you to see what was beyond the metal door. You looked through the window hesitantly. ready to take a step back if you saw something you didn't want to see...

The sight almost brought you to tears.

Inside the room, there laid a short lanky boy curled up in the corner. His blond hair was scraggly and tangled. His shirt laid ripped and in shreds on the other side of the room, so there was nothing covering the bruises, open gashes, and dried up blood on his torso. The very padding on the walls torn and covered in a substance you silently prayed wasn't blood. The boy rocked back and forth, mumbling something about not wanting to be touched or spoken to. His eyes were so wide with terror they might as well take up 70% of his face. Oh but the smell, the smell was unbearable. Your nose scrunched up at the smell of what had to be shit and vomit. And possibly the after scent of masturbation.

"Y/N.." Koichi looked at you with no remorse, he knew what you saw, and he knew that you didn't like it.

"You're going to wish you never came here."


Chapter Text




Standing in utter shock and fear, you stumble back into the wall. You still kept your gaze on the door, watching it closely as if the patient inside was getting ready to bust out. 

Next, to the door, a gold-colored (you highly doubted it was real gold) nameplate looked cleaner than the room itself. You read it and froze. 

'Nononono. Please no.' You slid down onto the floor, remembering that name. You had studied his file a little bit yesterday and hoped you wouldn't have to take care of him for most of your time here. After all, you never really wanted to come here in the first place. 

Room 15

Fugo Pannacotta

You sat there on the floor contemplating about this kid. You remembered studying his file before looking at Giorno's. This kid...was going to be one of your patients. 

Name: Fugo Pannacotta

age: 16

Birthplace: Venice, Italy

Diagnosis: Fugo has serious Perfectionism for any and all things. He requires that he be in the cleanest areas at all times espiacally while eating. If this can not be acquired Fugo will go into a violent rage. Fugo also has Narcissistic personality disorder in which he constantly demands attention from peers and nurses. Grandiosity with expectations of superior treatment from other people. Which contradicts with the fact that he is sometimes anti-social. He has a great need for continual admiration from others, that should be put before all else. 

*Fugo has a tendency of masturbating when feeling upset. This is due to the sexual abuse he received when he was younger.

Notes: The last two nurses he had molested him. The last doctor he had attempted to kidnap him. 

*He will be very rude to new at first.

*Fugo likes to teach people how to become a better person. So let him teach something to put him in a good mood. 

*Do Not mention family, doctors, or why he room may smell bad. He is fully aware of the smell. 

Fugo's file had intrigued on a fascinatingly gross level. He had problems and it was your job to help him through them. was all so real for you. The worse you've ever dealt with is someone with depression or social anxiety, but this? You would be lying if you thought even for a moment that it would be easy. 

Koichi sat down next to you on the floor, his harsh expression long gone, it was now replaced with an expression twice as gentle as usual. 

"Y/N. Y/N please look at me." Koichi turned to look at you, with a pleading look in his eyes, "I needed you to see. I needed you to understand that this place isn't- I mean- it's not a-..." He stopped trying to explain after stumbling too much on his words. On the other side of the door, you could hear Fugo shuffle about his room. 

"I-I have to go home now." You spoke to break the silence.

"Y-yeah. You should..." 

Your second day has ended


Coming back to the hospital today, you were very anxious to see Koichi again. After he had shown you one example of this Hospital's worse your view on this place changed dramatically. When you had walked into the building earlier, the lime/honeydew smell was no longer apparent. Instead, it was replaced with the strong scent of lavender. So strong you sneezed a few times, followed by one or two coughs. It was as if the main office was trying to disguise another, stronger scent. 

Since Giorno already took his shower and medication, you left him in the study hall to read while you could explore the building a little bit. Of course, Lisa Lisa was more than happy to vouch for you. As long as you weren't gone for longer than 20 minutes. So here you are now, standing in front of Fugo's door wondering if what you saw last night was real. You peeked through the small door window to see an impeccably spotless room. Ceiling to floor it shone beautifully in the mourning rays that spilled through one large window. All you could see was a small bed with a black sheet and a small little bookshelf that could have been no bigger than your leg. Fugo was nowhere to be seen though. As you walked back to the main entrance, you passed five other rooms on each side of the hall including Fugo's. With closer inspection, you come to notice that this specific hall must be unisex since boys and girls shared this hall. There was Dio Brando, Jonathan Joestar, William Zeppeli, Fugo, and Mariah on the right side, her nameplate was dirtier than the rest. Her whole last name was partially uneligible. Looking over to the right side, the names were embedded on silver nameplates, they read; Joshu Higashikata, Akira Otoishi, Toshikazu Hazamada, Lucy Steel, and...






Yoshikage Kira.







Chapter Text

Staring at the nameplate plastered on the wall, your thoughts spurred into a conjunction of theories and conspiracies. 'There must be another Kira here, right? There must be another Kira Yoshikage that is a patient here! Of course! The dean isn't a patient here. That would be absurd'. Leaving the hall, you make your way back to the Study Hall to pick up Giorno. Thinking it's probably for the best you forgot what you saw. Walking out of the hall, you back then at the front office. 

'Time to do a little investigating..'


While you and Giorno scrambled to finish his book report, you figured now was the best time to ask him about the nameplate. After all, he has been here now for a whole year. 

"Hey, Giorno. May I ask you something?" You ask politely handing him a cup of water. You always tried to be as nice as possible to him since Giorno was known by the nurses for losing his temper over the smallest things. 

"Yes, Cicognone?" Cicognone, a nickname Giorno had given you when you walked into work today. He said it meant 'very tall' as you were much taller than him. 

"Do you know any other body here that goes by the name Kira Yoshikage? Besides the dean of course." Giorno gave it a long hard thought, his eyes rolling up to look at the ceiling. He shook his head, resuming back to his book. 

Standing by the study hall entrance, you leaned into the wall letting out a deep sigh. Taking in the scenery, you started to notice how much detail this room possed. Like a colorful portrait, the Study hall was full of detail and decoration. You didn't notice before that the walls were a lavender-greyish color and that the floor was pitch black. You didn't notice before how there was an eerie black door that looked ominously from across the room, with a simple wooden sign that read 'Patient belongings' and you didn't notice the big sliver lock on it. There was a white lounge chair in the far right corner, where Reimi would play. Was that silver teddy bear always hanging over the entrance? Were those Tuscan red blankets there yesterday? Did those arrows always decorate every wall of the room? 

'And I thought I was observant.' You thought to yourself, just as moment Koichi walked through into the study hall with a white-haired man, just as muscular as the rest. You waved to Koichi and he waved back, seating the patient down at the white lounge chair. The tall man pouted, Koichi was trying to read him a book but he was refused several times with a very stern 'no.

"Polnareff please, after this you can go see Avdol. You want to see him right?" Koichi soothed Polnareff comfortably into the lounge chair and placed one of the blankets over him.

"I do...S'il vous plaît, I'll be good." His French accent was very deep and thick, which perfectly matched his intimidating figure. He sounded more like a grown man than a teen since the majority of the hospital were teenagers. It was safe to assume he was one too. You noticed Giorno was keeping a close eye on Koichi and Polnareff, he was unmoving and listened intently to Koichi's own revised version of Hensel & Gretal. Giorno rested his head on one hand with his elbow propping him up, he was fully invested in Koichi's rather gruesome story. Polnareff fell asleep in no time at all, including Giorno as well. Both snored loudly as Koichi made his way over to you. 

"Hey Y/N!, how have you been?" Koichi asked almost tripping on Giorno's legs. "I've been alright. I skipped breakfast this morning but I'll be alright. Oh, did you know that there's a room in the Solitary Confinement hall labeled Kira Yoshikage?" You asked him.

"Hm, yeah I've seen it before. I didn't think much of it though. I thought it was just another patient with the same name." Koichi shrugged, you sighed and pulled out a paper from your back pocket.

"Before I came here, I went to see Anne and asked her the same question. She said the only person who works here that goes by the surname of Yoshikage, is the dean himself." Showing Koichi the paper, it contained a column of last names from T to Z. "Conveniently, in the patient section, there is a Yoshikage Kira as well."

"So that should prove that there is two right?'

"Wrong actually, because the patient went missing July 21st of 1999, and no one could find him. He was thirteen at the time, now 25 years later a man sharing the same name pops up last year and takes the current dean's place while he's away. The patient Yoshikage Kira, would be 28 now. The same age as our dean. The patient Yoshikage earned himself a lifelong sentence here. If my hunch is correct, which 78% of the time it is. The dean and the patient are the same wanted person for dozens of murders and kidnappings. He qualifies as a serial killer- you know what scratch that he was a serial killer!" You practically suffocated Koichi with your notes pressed against his face. Koichi looked dumbfounded, but also intrigued. 

"Wow Y/N, wy didn't you apply for detective work?" Koichi teased, inspecting your impressive amount of math and information squeezed into three pages. 

"I would be lying if I said I didn't consider it. What's even crazier is that they both look the same." Showing Koichi a small file, inside was a side by side picture of 13-year-old Kira and current Kira. The younger-looking Kira appeared exhausted and youthful at the same time, visibly frowning in his mugshot. The older looked healthier and cleaner than the other, but an identical depressing frown laid on his face. The two of you studied each paper.

"Y/N, you might be on to something. You should give this information to the police, they are able to find Kira!" Koichi leaned against Giorno's table stacked with books, he folded his arms, as you organized your notes. 

"Not yet Koichi, I need more proof. Absolute evidence before I give anything to the police." You turn on your heel when the door suddenly opens, the tall looming figure of Kira Yoshikage stood at the door. Koichi's attention turned to the ceiling, your gaze followed. A small black camera stared directly at both of you.


"Oh dear, it looks like you found it..."

Chapter Text

You turn your gaze to the door where there stood Kira in his magenta suit and green tie. Next to him, young Fugo Pannacotta. 

"I guess you didn't need my help to find your way around after all." Kira tenderly put one of his large hands on Fugo's shoulder, to which Fugo didn't react the slightest. Kira's attention then turned to you, and he smiled. "Y/N! I'm so glad I found you. From now on you'll be taking care of Fugo here too." Kira stated handing you your new schedule. You looked at him and he looked at you, and both of you intently watched each other for a few seconds. Those seconds would look like a few minutes to an outsider seeing it. Kira's smile didn't fall when you questioned his reasoning, if anything it grew wider.

"Well, you've been here for a few days now and you're doing great! But our staff is so low and we can only have so many staff members take care of so many patients. Lisa Lisa takes care of six kids here and Kars seven or eight. I need you to start pulling your weight a little bit, okay? After September 26 Fugo will officially be your responsibility." Fugo left Kira's side and wandered over to where Giorno was sleeping. Quietly he sat next to him, placing his head on the table so his gaze would lock with Giorno's if he were to open his eyes. Kira's eyes, however, wandered over to the papers cluttered in your hand. "What's that?" he asked, pointing to your 'findings'. 

"Oh this? Just a...little short story I made in my senior year haha." You laughed awkwardly, praying that Kira would leave soon. Koichi stood silently at your side, watching this whole ordeal play out. Once again, you were plunged into an awkward silence. Staring deeply into Kira's violet eyes. 


Was it possible to have violet eyes?

Kira then turned on his heel and left without another word. Leaving you and Koichi with Fugo. Looking at your new schedule, you notice some things were crammed into each other. 

follow this schedule from September 26th to October 1st 

-5:30 am, Giorno is given his medication/ Fugo is given his medication 

-5:40 am, Giorno is to be given on Mondays and Tuesdays Ceasar salad, blueberry oatmeal, two whole carrot sticks and a cup of chocolate pudding (pudding only a Friday), Turkey sandwich and celery sticks Wednesday and Thursday, and Waffles & sausage every other day. Fugo is restricted to only fruits and vegetables every day. 

-6:15 am, Giorno takes a shower/ Fugo takes a bath

-6:20 am, Giorno is be taken to the study hall where he will spend most of his free time/Fugo takes his piano lessons

-8:40 am, Giorno is to complete his piano lesson/ Fugo goes the anger management 

-9:20 am, Giorno completes his daily book report/Fugo checks-up with Doctor Suzie Q

-10:50 am, Take Giorno to Dr. Costello for a daily checkup/(optional) play a game of chess with Fugo or let him have his free time

-11: 20 am, Giorno once again takes his medication/Fugo one again takes medication

-11:25 am, Giorno is taken outside after being served dinner, Fugo will join him

-11:30 am, Giorno is changed into his nightclothes, given sleeping medicine and put to bed/at this time Fugo does his exercises to calm himself 

-11:40 am, End Shift/Put Fugo to bed

'Seems simple enough, Just some added tasks and rescheduling' you thought studying Fugo's schedule. 


Chapter Text

Giorno awoke a few minutes after Kira had left. His deep turquoise eyes meeting Fugo's magenta ones, he smiled.

"Hello, Fugo my friend...How are you?" Giorno lifted his head slowly, his golden locks falling gracefully down his face. Fugo returned a soft smile and brushed Giorno's hair out of his face. 

"I'm doing just fine. Boss."


After you took Giorno to his piano lesson you stayed with Fugo for his anger management session. Surprisingly, he didn't put up a struggle or did he complain a lot. The therapist, Erina Pendleton, was extremely sweet to Fugo to where it was a little startling. Processing smooth yellow locks and a beautiful voice, you bet all the patients wanted to talk to her. Hell, even you wanted to a chat with her. However, Erina was too focused on Fugo's aggravated babbling to pay any mind to you. You noticed that she treated him like he was her own son and listened to rant on about the pettiest things thigs the cafeteria food tasting like shit, his bed being too narrow, not being able to see his friends often, and 'that one time he went to the cafeteria for some water and stepped on an ice cube by the beverage section'. Erina's was more than patient with him and gave some excellent advice regarding his nit-picking.

"Fugo dear, I know sometimes it can be a real pain to live here. To have to deal with other peoples problems. But I want you to know that it will all be over soon. You just have to learn to live with these tribulations because conquering them makes you stronger a person." Erina offered Fugo a hug to which he accepted reluctantly. She happily hugged him back. After the session, you thanked Erina and brought Fugo back to his room in the solitary confinement hall. Around some time last night, you figured due to his behavior that this room placement was an intentional permanent arrangement. Entering inside, Fugo's room was pristine with cleanliness and it was beginning to make you sick. He may not be one of your official paitetnis yet, but one thing was for sure you were not looking forward to seeing this hell of a minimalist home.

"Hey Nurse," Fugo calls to you before you leave, "What's twenty-three times forty?" He asked, laying comfortably in his bed. You stare at him confused, 'I know he likes teaching people but this is..' You thought for a moment, a little too long for him since he answered before you could. "IT'S nine hundred twenty! Nine. Two. Zero! YOU DIMWIT!" Fugo screamed at the top of his lungs as he leaped out of bed. You stepped back a little bit, taken back by his sudden burst of anger because of a math problem. Fugo's expression looked enraged, however, he looked like he was a child and you had just taken his candy. His face was red, eyebrows furrowed completely, and eyes twitching. You practically see the steam coming out of his ears. You held your arms up in defeat attempting to look as unthreatening as possible. Fugo took a step closer, then another, he stepped creepily towards you till only an inch separated your nose from his. "Four times five?" He asked you, spit spraying a bit on your cheek. 

"t-twenty..." you mumbled softly. Trying to avoid his gaze. "Twenty! It's twenty now GET OFF!" You shouted pushing him back. He fell back on his bed and sat up as quickly. You had to push him softly because he was a teenage boy, a boy who had problems and you couldn't be mad at him for that. On the other hand, Fugo looked very surprised. 

"Good," he said, getting back into his relaxed position. "seventy-four times two?" Fugo awaited your answer, and like a fool, you answered with the first number that came to mind. 

"One hundred forty-eight?" You said, shrugging. Fugo smiled brightly, he even giggled a bit. 

"Okay! Great Y/n! How about three thousand times twenty-one?!" Fugo shimmied around on his bed excitedly. 

"Um,, thirty...six...thousand?" You say taking a small step back in case of another outburst. Fugo closed his eyes and let out an exasperated sigh. He leaped on and off his bed while mumbling something about 'loving the smart ones'. He walked around his room for a bit then back onto his bed, where he started unbuttoning his shirt. 

"C'mon Y/N, come get your reward. You've earned it." Fugo opened his shirt to show his slim yet toned torso. He licked his fingers and smirked seductively at his own doing. You inhaled deeply and held your breath for a bit. You softly spoke, getting only a few steps closer. 

"Fugo, I am your caretaker. Your nurse. I can not and will not have any sexual interactions with you of any kind." You told him sternly as you buttoned his shirt back. Fugo slapped your hand away and began screaming hysterically. 

"HOW DARE YOU! HOW DARE YOU REJECT ME!" Fugo stomped his foot on the ground, pointing his long finger at you. This boy you had thought would be a little on the sensitive side was more sensitive than you had imagined. Fugo was so easily triggered it gave you a small headache trying to figure him out. Right now, you wish your only concern was Giovanna, calm and kind Giovanna. He didn't yell in your face or try to seduce you, at least not intentionally. He was rather reclusive with a few minor cracks in behavior every now and then. Other than that Giorno was a fully functional human. Fugo, on the other hand, was still screaming at you hysterically like an entitled parent demanding to see the manager. Walking Fugo back from the library, he had insistently asked if you loved him or not and if you did what was it that you loved about him. You tried to dodge the question at first but Fugo kept nagging till you eventually gave in and said something random. 

"You like math right? I like math too." is what you told him. Looking back on it, that answer is probably what got you into this situation. Bringing your self out of your thoughts, you realized Fugo was still going on about how terrible you are and how his parents will have you arrested for trying to touch him. You weren't too worried about it though, being the saint Koichi is he spared you some advice. 

"If for any particular reason Fugo says he's going have his parents arrest you or someone else and you find yourself in a situation with him where that's a bad thing, don't worry. His parents disowned him when he was thirteen, He's a foster." 

'poor kid' you thought, sighing. Fugo's eyes began to swell up and droplets of tears fell down his face. He was struggling to pronounce any more sentences which made him even more frustrated. You grabbed his shoulders and pulled him into your tight embrace. "You're going to be fine," you whispered softly, "I'm here to take care of you." You released Fugo and sat him down on the bed. Fugo stopped crying but he didn't look any better. So you sat next to him and held him close, rubbing his shoulder and whispering soft words of encouragement. Eventually, he fell asleep on your lap and off to wherever place he found peace. 


Chapter Text

  Fugo snored softly as twisted and turned under the bed covers. You managed to carefully move Fugo off your lap and under the covers without waking him up. He looked peaceful enough, so at least you didn't have to worry if he had trouble sleeping. Opening the door, you crept out of his room. Taking one glance at Fugo before leaving. That boy was going to be a handful, but he was nothing you couldn't handle. You'd help him. You'd see to it that he wouldn't spend another three or four years here. Deep down, it hurt you to see so many adolescents here. Even though a handful doesn't look like adolescents, they were still children you had experienced trauma and only acted how their brains were telling them to act. You knew every last human on this Earth is rotten, everyone makes mistakes and everyone lies. There are no good or bad people, you believed that strongly. However, there are people who are born with good hearts and don't often act on bad thoughts. A good person would have a pure and divine being whose intentions were always good. That person would have to be God Himself if that were the case. A bad person could have unknowingly done something good or have done good at some point, thus that wouldn't make them a bad person. That's where these patients come in to play. You bet some of these patients didn't know right from wrong because of how their brains were wired. Perhaps some of these patients would take the opportunity to heal themselves in a heartbeat. These children are in a constant state of peril, confusion, and delusion because of the sicknesses developed. Their realities and fantasies twisted into terrifying images they think are real or thoughts that never stop spitting negativity and lies or a constant fear of what isn't known to eat away at their sanity. The solitary confinement hall you now stood in was more than enough proof of that. These specific patients had to be kept away from everyone else. Looking back on it, you finally began to remember why you had an interest in this in the first place. It was because you wanted to help people and taking care of a person's mental health was the only way to truly help them. You wanted to help them, but your own mental health ate away at your dreams and turned in into stress and depression. 'How could you help anybody here?' was something you often pondered on after work. 'How are going to take care of others when you can't take care of yourself?' was a thought you created by your own will. Nobody told you to join the psychiatry field but you did. Despite your own problems, it was always fulfilling to help somebody get through theirs. Both Giorno and Fugo had problems, you wanted to help them so badly. But could you? Could you prevent them from having to spend years in this asylum?

Thinking about it, you snapped out of your thoughts. You hadn't even realized you've been staring at Fugo's door since you left. How long has it been? Checking your watch it read, 9:15 a.m. 'Almost time to meet up with Giorno. Looking around, you were surrounded by the ten doors in the solitary confinement hall. This hall was always dark and always smelled repulsive. The lights kept on flickering on and off again, if you had been epileptic a seizure definitely would have followed. The ten people crammed into this hall were the worst of the worst. The hospital had to isolate them because they were so bad, and Fugo was one of them. 

"Excuse me (mister/miss)" a soft voice broke the silence in the hall and broke you out of your thoughts. You whipped your head around to see a massive man with dark blue-ish hair and even more massive muscles. He was at least a whole foot taller than you and his large hands alone could suffocate you. You looked upwards, bending your neck as far back as needed to meet his gaze. The man's face was as defined as the rest of his body. Sharp eyebrows, huge bright eyes, and a cute little pointed nose. The non-threatening things about him were his soft voice, that you couldn't believe was actually his, and his gentle expression. He held up his hands in surrender, obviously worried that he startled you. "I'm terribly sorry. I am so so sorry. I'm sorry for startling you...I'm so sorry." he went on apologizing, his strong British accent was barely audible after the last two 'I'm sorry's'. 

"No no I apologize I'm just a little on edge." You tell him, plastering on a fake smile. The man calms down a little bit but his expression is still strained with worry. 

"I-I was wondering if you were a nurse?" he asked not making eye contact with you. 

"Yes! I am!" you say to him while showing off your nametag. He inspects it and sighs in relief. 

"Oh thank you," he begins but he stops halfway into his sentence. His eyes start to water as he covers his mouth to silence his almost dog-like whimpering. "I'm...oh dear. Oh my, oh dear." He says repeatedly, despite his intimidating size he's really shy. "I just can't, I mean I-I-I," he's now stumbling on his words and on a full-blown hysterical breakdown. "I'm so hungry! I haven't eaten in two days okay?!" he blurts out as he falls onto his knees. 

At this point, the poor guy is heaving and scratching his arms fiercely. "I was told my n-nurse hasn't shown u-up to work in days. He's supposed to take care of me." He makes eye contact with you like he's trying to stare into the depths of your soul. "Can I please have something to eat? N-nothing much, a salad maybe?" He pleads; holding his hands together in a pleading motion. 

You look at the frantic man like a child looks like empty presents. You take his hand and lead him to the cafeteria, he grips your hand tightly and innocently smiles. If the phrase 'don't judge a book by its cover' were a person, it'd be this guy right here. You enter the cafeteria and he seats himself at an empty table. A few celery sticks, ranch dressing, a small bowl of mac & cheese, and apple juice wouldn't appease the giant but its what he wanted according to his request. In the cafeteria, Koichi was snacking on a big slice of pizza. He caught sight of you and waved. 

"Hey Y/n! Is that your new patient?" He asked pointing to the giant. 

"No, he isn't. Just hungry." You tell him, heating up the mac. Koichi turned his attention over to the man and smiled. But something told you it was one of those pitiful smiles.

"You didn't eat at all today did you Jonathan?" Koichi asked him. Jonathan frowned and shook his head as if he were embarrassed to admit to his hunger. "Hey Y/n," Koichi began, "There's a steak left in the refrigerator, heat that up too." Koichi winked at Jonathan and the tall man almost screamed with excitement. You did as instructed.

He's practically ecstatic when you set down his food and gobbled it up in seconds. Judging by how quickly he ate it, he must have been starving. It is your job to take care of patients, and while this one, in particular, isn't one of your patients you still feel obligated to take care of him. After his meal, if you would even call it a meal, was done and done with Koichi sent Jonathan to bed. You followed, back the solitary confinement hall where Jonathan's room awaited him. With a sweet "Goodnight nurses!" Jonathan got into bed and fell asleep the moment his head hit the pillow. At that moment you remembered your own patient...

"OH SHIT" You cursed yourself and ran to Giorno's room, leaving Koichi behind and the sleeping giant. 





Chapter Text

Sprinting down the hall you hurried to return to Giorno to stay on schedule. You ran past patients, nurses, and even a few abnormally tall men. 'seven minutes behind, shit' you cussed yourself as you continued your race with the clock. You found Giorno in his room where he always completed his book reports. "Hey Gio, sorry I'm late I was-" 

"No excuses Y/n. Please sit," Giorno motioned to a spot next to him on the bed, "I need to make sure this doesn't happen again." Giorno's tone was dark and his usually calm expression appeared grim. He stared at you as if you were a convicted criminal. You sat down next to him regardless, he was a patient and you were his nurse. This change of mood was probably just a mood swing. It would pass and he'd be normal again. Because unlike everyone here, you were sure he was the most normal. Giorno's gaze went from you to the door, and at that moment, the scraggly boy from the track field appeared and closed it. That made you a little cautious, but you remained unmoving.

"Giorno..what is-"

"Boss. You will address me as Boss." Giorno hissed at you harshly, that honeyed voice of his laced with a thick layer of venom. He stood up to face you while keeping his glare on you. "You must know my occupation here by now. Koichi must have told at some point right?" He asked, taking a book from his mini shelf. You chuckled, amused by this 'meeting' taking place before you. Giorno turned to you again, but this time delivering a hard slap to your face. "RIGHT?" Giorno said a little louder, clenching the book in his hand. You were more than shocked to have been slapped by this 'kid' of all people. You turned to face him, but his face was a few centimeters from yours. His gold locks kissing your forehead gently as his turquoise eyes were almost seductively, locked with yours. "I don't like to repeat myself Y/N.." he spoke, the boy behind him cracking his knuckles as he did. "The boy you take care of and the boss that runs this place are two different people."

"Giorno, what has gotten into you? Boss? Yeah, Koichi said something about that but I didn't think anything of it." You stood up and gently pushed Giorno back, but he didn't move a muscle. "How dare you slap me! I was with another patient for five minutes and suddenly, what?, I'm a traitor or something?!" The boy behind Giorno growled at you like an animal while Giorno, however, looked unfazed by your scolding. He tore his gaze from you for a second before looking at the angry child behind him. Then like a whip, before you could open your mouth, Giorno's book connected with your jaw causing you to see a flash of white. You stumbled back, trying to regain your focus. You weren't quick enough though and Giorno came at you again with his book slamming down on your skull. He continued his assault with several more beatings, all the while keeping his emotion-less expression. You blocked a few of his attacks, your forearms would clash with the hard leather cover over and over, but it would do nothing to decrease the amount of pain you were receiving. You almost regretted scolding him like you were his (father/mother), but you believed Giorno was better behaved than this. After all, he was furthest from the solitary confinement hall and one of the most well-behaved patients on the bottom floor according to Koichi. Giorno shouldn't be acting like this, but he was. He was smashing a book against your body repeatedly and when he got tired, his companion would kick your sides until he was tired, then vise Versa. After a few more solid seconds of beatings, Giorno snapped his fingers and halted his assault. 

"That's enough Narancia. Y/N has learned (his/her) lesson." Giorno kneeled to your curled up form on the floor and whispered in your ear. 

"Remember, you wanted to work here, you wanted to get friendly with me and here you are. You've seen both sides of me. Now you will serve me, you will serve me long after I leave and long after you die and become the ground I walk on. As your boss, that should be an honor." Giorno fixed his shirt and huffed frustratingly, then he left the room. The scraggly boy right on his heel. "I'll be at not be late" Giorno had left you on the ground battered and bruised, in all honesty though, it was your heart that hurt the most. 


Chapter Text

Once you had left Giorno's white padded room of torture, you fell onto your knees trying to stabilize your consciousness. As you helplessly limped to the Nurse's office, your bruised legs screamed for you to stop moving, but you persisted anyway. The nurse's office was close to the main office last you could remember, but that would mean you'd have to take a long walk of shame past several faculty and staff.

'I can't believe this. I got my ass kicked by two kids. Two fucking kids'. You inhaled sharply at the stinging pain residing in your abdomen. It hurt so much you had thought you were still being kicked, by what you weren't sure, but that's what it felt like. Once you make it to the main office, Lisa Lisa and Kars are there drinking hot cups of coffee before they notice you. Lisa gasped and rushed over to your side, Kars sighed, placing down his coffee taking you by the arm. 

"The boss finally did you in huh?" 


"Alright! Just try not to move so much and you should be fine." The nurse, Cioccolata as they call him, tied several ice packs to your legs and torso. He had laid you down on a large hospital bed and gave you some tea, claiming it would 'calm your nerves'. There was a small gash apparent on your right eyebrow and blood was trickling down your face. He dabbed a disinfected cotton ball on the wound and tenderly placed a large bandaid with a heart on it. "Please be more careful, I don't want to have to send another staff member to the hospital." He sat down in a large velvet chair and scribbled down something a piece of paper. You asked him what he was writing, he ignored you the first time you asked. When you asked again he made a small 'huh' sound, "Oh this? Just documenting your little encounter is all." he replied sweetly. Cioccolata, like everyone else here, had a strange color palette that didn't look like it obeyed work regulations. He wore a dark green jester hat that you had confused for his actual hair, which stood out from his white uniform and moss green eyes. and the thick layers of purple lipstick on his lips. When he spoke, it wasn't soft or high-pitched as his appearance would imply, it was deep but also kept an innocent flare. His smile told a different story though, it spoke 'manical clown that'll murder you in your sleep', which was not comforting in the slighest. 

"Nurse Y/n," he says looking up from his paperwork, "I think it'd be best to put in a letter to the boss to get Giorno removed from your schedule." Cioccolata handed you a green slip containing the necessary steps to have Giorno replaced.

I, (First name Last name), ask that (patient's name) be removed from my daily schedule. He/she (circle one) is an (a) (circle one-endangerment to myself, endangerment to another patient in my schedule, unstable state that I am not prepared to handle, mentally tiring, physically tiring, and/or (other reason). I wish to be given a new patient as soon as possible. 

You scanned the slip but handed it back to the Nurse. "Thanks, but I have it under control," You tell him while avoiding eye contact with the doctor, fearing he would see through your half-truth. You couldn't give up on Giorno after one little mishap. You knew he was mentally unstable, he was is an asylum for a reason, but Giorno did a very good job hiding his imperfections. "Well, it a good thing you didn't fight back!", Cioccolata began,"That would cost you your job!"

It took a while before Cioccolata gave you the okay to leave. He handed you a lolipop and waved you goodbye as you left, as if he were a mother sending her son off to war. 


By this time, Giorno finished his daily check-up and you were racing the clock to get to him before another beating would ensue. You raced down the hall like a wild coyote running after a even faster bird, trying to get a meal you haven't had in ages. 'I'm not scared of this damn kid' You thought, 'I'm supposed to take care of him!" You said aloud, and when you reached Dr.Costello's office, Giorno was already standing there, and just as you reached him the 11:20 bell rang. Giorno looked at you with satisfaction in his eyes. You didn't speak a word to him but you did motion towards the caferteria and Giorno led the way. The walk there was quiet and akward, before you'd be able to causally say 'Hi' or ask how his piano lesson went. However, now it felt a little wrong to hold that kind of conversation with him after he literally beat you with a book. By work regualtions and by the law you couldn't hurt him or fight back, it might have been a diffferent story if he were a grown man. Once the two of you made it to the caferteria, the boy Narancia was already there, his nurse was filling his plate with pepperoni's and celery sticks. 

"NO! I WANT MORE PEPPERONI!!! GIVE ME MORE PEPPERONI!" Narancia screamed at his poor nurse as be throw chairs around the caferteria. The nurse looked so scared she might just piss her pants. She stacked more pepperoni on Narancia's plate and gave it to him, to which he happily took without so much as a thank you. You heated up a bowl of macaroni & cheese and a caesar salad on the side. He of course sat next to the while boy that was Narancia. Before Giorno could eat you gave him his medicine, that he took reluctantly. 

"Thank you, could I have some water please?" Giorno said in his usual polite manner. You walked over to the juice bar and got Giorno a tall glass of water, when you returned he only stared at it, as if something were floating in it. "Y/n...I asked for apple juice. This is water." He said looking at you, slowly stabbing his salad. You already knew where this was going, it was in every movie and every show. You sighed, and walked over to the table again and got a smaler glass of apple juice. When you returned, the water was being chugged down by Narancia and the pepperoni on his plate was long gone and only the celery sticks remianed. You gave Giorno his juice and the took one sip of it before looking at you again. "I just remebered, I hate apple juice. Get me some cranberry juice." He demanded in a snappy tone, like he were a spoiled child from birth. You rolled your eyes, for a moment you considered talking back but the other paitents were beginning to fill the caferteria and you didn't want to cause a scene. So, you sluggishly walked over to the juice bar again and got a tall glass of cranberry juice. You gave it to Giorno and he happily drank it all down, Narancia was dipping his celery sticks in Giorno's apple juice, sticking them into his ears and back into the juice. Gio looked at you then at Narancia then back at you, and smirked. "Y/n.." he began, "I want some apple juice." Giorno's sly smile made your bones tremble in your body, but then you smirked back. If he wanted to play like a child then like a child he was going to be treated. You nodded and walked over to the juice bar, a moment later you came back with every drink they had in little cups. 

"Here. Now you have each one. Including," You slid a little cup to Giorno, a sly smirk of your own on your face, "Apple juice." You stared at Giorno and then at Narancia. He was growling at you like a dog but you didn't care, you had a moment of triumph and you were going to enjoy it. Before Giorno could say anything, Fugo came to the table with his nurse and tugged on your shirt. He leaned into you, holding a piece of paper close to his chest. You could tell he was on the verge of tears and he was using every fiber in his body to hold them back. "Hey hey Fugo! What's the matter?" You sat Fugo down and kneeled down, his eyes were red but there were no tears. He was crying before he got to you. "What's wrong?" You asked him again, he sniffled and handed you the paper he had clutched to his chest. You read it slowly, and you looked at Fugo. He was trembling violently, and rocking back and forth at a slow pace. He ran away from from you and dissapeared from the caferteria. You read the letter again, it read:

Dear Y/N, my kind nurse,

I'm writing this to you before my eyes become too watery to see and my hands start shaking. I'm just going to get to the point, I want to be your paitient and I know you want to be my nurse. I've never met a nicer nurse than you before in my life, you denied my body when others have taken it and raped it. I've been tied up and spit on by others but you held me and carried me off to sleep, I haven't slept that well in years and it was because you. I dreamed you took me to the golden gates of the Kingdom of God, and we danced for all eternity. I felt so peaceful and so very happy, so I've come to the conclusion that you are an Angel! You must be an Angel that has come down to give me the love that I was never given in my younger years. So, I want to see you every morning and every night and I want you to remember me when you go home every day. At this point, if you wanted me I wouldn't blame you. I'd give myself to you. You could tied me up and fuck me against the wall, or hold me down on my bed and make sweet love to me. I don't care. Because I believe with you it will be amazing. Become my official nurse, now. I mean it, I want you to be with me. I want you to take care of me. I need you to love me, now. Please, go to Kira's office and tell him you love me so much you want to become my Nurse. Become my nurse, please please please please please please please please please please please please pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleapleaselovemesepleaseplease pleasepleasepleasepleasepleasepleaselovemepleaselovemepleaselovemepleaselovemepleaselovemepleaselovemepleaselovemepleaselovemepleaselovemepleaselovemepleaselovemepleaselovemepleaselovemepleaseloveme. 

Love me.

Sinceraly, Fugo Pannacotta

Giorno loomed over your shoulder as you read Fugo's letter over and over. He spoke, "I was going to say it seemed like you had a secret admirer." Giorno chuckled, "But it's no secret and this looks like a little more than admiration." 


As you walked up to Fugo's door and hesitantly turned the knob, you couldn't help but feel your heart drop to your stomach. This boy loved you, and he wanted you, both romantically and sexually. So how were you going to let him down without sending him into a frenzie? You took a deep breath, you'd just tell him that he wasn't old enough, end of story. Hopefully Fugo wouldn't lose his damn mind but this talk to happen sooner or later. Luckily, Giorno was outiside with Narancia reading. 

Taking in another deep breath, you entered Fugo's room but stopped dead in your tracks right at the entrance. Eyes wide in shock, you try to move back a step but your feet refuse to move a muscle. You wipe your head around, not wanting to dirty your eyes anymore. Fugo stood naked on his bed, ass held high and facing you. 'God why' you pleaded, you could hear Fugo humming a tune to himself,'he's probably shaking his ass right now oh my God'. Your heart was beating rapidly and your palms began to sweat, you've never been thrown into a situation like this. 

"Y/n~ There you are, come here. Come lay down~" Fugo cooed on the bed, he enxteded his legs to their full lenght. He was tall, that was certain, but he extended his legs just long enough for you to grab them. 

"Fugo! For the love of-PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON!!" 

"But I did this for you!"

"Jesus Christ..."


   It took a while for you to convinve Fugo to dressed, everytime you put onhis boxers he slid them right off again. Putting on his shirt? He would lift it up and try to rub his bare chest against you. Pants? Forget it, because he'd throw them at your face. "Right now, I'd have this narsisstic personality he's suppose to have than a horny teenager" You said quietly to yourself. 

"What was that love?" Fugo chirped, letting you pull his pants for the fifth time.

"Nothing nothing. Please don't do this again, if anyone saw I could loose my job." You tell him. He nodded, and sat down on his bed, but not before fixing his wrinkled sheets. 

"Can I please go outside?" He askes you with a flirtatous tone. 

"No, you are on punishment. You go tommarow," you tell him. Fugo smile turns into a frown and he turns from you, fake crying in the proccess. As you walk out of his room, you hear Fugo mutter a light 'I hate you' as you close the door. You sighed, Fugo is just like Giorno in a way. Both are very calm when you first meet, they treated you with politness and you gave it back. But just like Giorno, you do one thing against their wishes and suddenly your the scum of the earth. 

It's fun to be a Tokyo Hospital nurse. Needless to say, you were a little hurt. 


You went outside to fetch Giorno, and as expected, he was sitting on one of the benches reading a story to Narancia and the pink haired girl you saw yesterday.  

"Giorno come on! It's time for bed!" You called out to him, he nodded and followed to his room with his two 'friends' on his tail. You changed Giorno into his nightgown and he climbed into bed without saying a word. You watched as two nurses came to retrive Narancia and the pink haired girl, both of them waved goodbye. You tucked Giorno into the covers and began to walk out. 

"See you tommarow Giorno." You said.

"I'm so sorry." He responded soon after. You stopped at the doorway and looked back Giorno. He lunged out of bed and eveloped you into a hug. He held you tight and squished his face into the crook of your neck. You hugged him back, and smiled. 

"its okay Giorno. It's okay."









Chapter Text

After you had put Giorno to bed you made your way over to Fugo's room. As you entered the solitary confinement hall, you could hear a loud thrashing coming from Dio's room. You took a peek through the window, but you saw nothing. It was pitch black in there with only a little ceiling light to give some light, but even that wasn't enough. It was a little spooky to say the least, but right now, Fugo was your priority. You walked to the end of the hall and stood in front of the door. You knocked gently...

There was no answer.

You knocked again, a little harsher.

There was no answer. 

You knocked a third time. A little harsher than you intended. 

You were only met with silence. 

You opened the door just a little bit to see Fugo sitting in the corner. Rocking back and forth while softly singing an unintelligible song. Immediately upon entry, a putrid smell violated your nose and almost made you gag. His bed sheets were sprawled all over the floor and his pillowcase had bloodstains on it. In the opposite corner of the room, there was a small puddle of puke containing Fugo's dinner and undigested pills. Fugo's voice rose a little bit as he sang to the point where you could identify the song. 

"Purple Haze all in my brain, lately things don't seem the same," Fugo sang while doing a little jazz hand motion. "Actin' funny but I don't know why" Fugo laid on the floor, sprawling out his arms and stretching his fingers into a 'fuck you' position. You stared at Fugo intently, 'does he even know I'm here?' you thought, as Fugo did a few hip thrusts and let out a velvety moan. He licked his fingers and pressed his knees against the wall. 

"U-um Fugo? Fugo? It's time to-" 

"'scuse me while I kiss the sky~" Fugo sang enthusiastically, he slid his hand down his pants and began to stroke his groin. "Purple Haze all around, don't know if I'm coming up or down. Am I happy or in misery? Whatever it is, that girl put a spell on me." Fugo stopped singing momentarily to meet your gaze, there was an awkward silence in the room. Fugo's violet eyes were piercing through the darkness, like two flashlights in a dark basement. "I hope you're here to apologize," he said taking his hand out of his pants, "You hurt my feeling earlier." Fugo rolled onto his stomach and pouted. Looking around the room, you noted that Fugo would need new sheets, and a new rug, and a new everything. 

Even so, you couldn't help but look back at Fugo and feel guilty. Fugo had truly loved you, but by moral standards, you couldn't say yes to him. Fugo crawled over to your feet and began sniffing them. You jerked back but Fugo lunged forward and grabbed at your feet. You fell onto the ground with a loud thud as Fugo inspected your feet. 

"Fugo! What on earth are you doing?!" You reached up to push him off but he just swatted your hands away. 

"Your feet smell like grease! Disgusting!" He spat at you. No sooner he raised his fist and landed a hard punch to your face. You try to block his seemingly neverending punches but it felt to you as if each punch was getting stronger and faster. "I LOVED YOU!! I LOVED YOU SO MUCH! YOU FILTHY SWINE!" Fugo screamed like a banshee and continued to land several punches to your face. At some point, you managed to knock him off of you, but he just got up and kicked you in your stomach. You doubled over, with a few beads of sweat and spit falling onto the floor. Fugo looked down on you, with pure disgust in his eyes. His left eye twitched a bit, then he grabbed your hair and held your head high. His hand clenched onto a fistful of your hair tightly and threw you against the wall, ripping out some hair in the process. Fugo planted his knee in your chest a couple of times, he cussed at you, and even stomped on your shin and kicked your knees. You didn't cry, you didn't even scream that much. Seeing Fugo like this, his true nature, you came to the realization that Fugo was not your child. He was not someone you couldn't raise a hand to just because he was mentally ill. Fugo was acting violently and it was your job to stop him. So with that in mind, you sprung up and lifted Fugo into the air by his waist. Your body hissed and cried at the throbbing pain you had been inflicted but you had to ignore it. Fugo continued to spit profanities at you at all the while slamming his fists on your back. There would definitely be bruises in the morning. You threw Fugo onto his bed, but he bounced right back and landed a punch on your face. You were starting to get very impatient. Fugo seemed to notice this and wrapped his legs around your neck and whispered: 

"You mother-fucking bitch," He said with venom in his tone, "You bitch cunt mother-fuck'in pedo!" He said a little louder. Fugo thrashed around until you were once again on the floor, but this time, Fugo had his hands secured tightly around your neck in a chokehold. "I LOVED you, you bitch! I wanted to leave this place with you! I hate you! How could you say no to ME? Si genera del Diavolo! Ti odio! Perché dovresti farmi questo?!" Fugo's screaming soon turned into an Italian rant and you could no longer understand his degrading insults; not like you wanted to hear them anyway. Your vision soon started to become very blurry and your eyes began to water. You could feel the pressure Fugo was putting on your throat and it was making your lungs burn. 

You couldn't breathe.  

"F-Fugo. S-stop! I-I c-can't breathe!" You stuttered, choking and gasping as you did so. 

"SHUT UP!" Fugo screamed, he tightened his grip and moved his face closer to yours. "I really want you right now. Maybe...I should please myself before I send you to HELL." Fugo laughed a little bit, then he chuckled mockingly at you. Then soon enough he was manically laughing to himself. In that moment, Fugo's door busted open, a golden and heavenly light filling the room and chasing away the darkness. You looked at the doorway and saw two more than welcome faces. 

Giorno and Koichi stood there with angered expressions. 

"Fugo," Giorno spoke, "You have now crossed the line." 





Chapter Text

Giorno rushed towards Fugo while Koichi pulled you aside. Giorno was delivering a nasty package of hard kicks to Fugo's body, you were still in a daze from your attack. 

"C'mon on Y/n, let's get you out of here." Koichi held you up and the two of you walked out of Fugo's room as Giorno was still releasing his punishment.


You were once again seated in Cioccolata's office being bandaged from head to toe. This time, however, Koichi sat right next to you and Cioccolata's assistant Secco was there too. Secco wore a full-body white bunny suit and would hand Cioccolata anything he needed. He would hop around and munch on carrots loudly, much to your annoyance. 

"Um, your name is Secco right? Do you work at that airport in the center of Tokyo by any chance?" You asked him, Cioccolata scolded you to stay still. Secco handed you your fifth lollipop and nodded. 

"Part-time." He said nonchalantly. You laid down in one of the beds after Ciccolata was done attending to your major wounds.

"A split lip, a fractured elbow, and one missing tooth. Not good newbie, not good at all." Cioccolata waved his finger in your face before placing your leg into a sling. "You won't be able to open your other eye for a day or two so don't try to force it open." He told you as he placed a hello kitty bandaid on a small cut on your collarbone. Cioccolata took a closer inspection of your face and instructed you to open your mouth. HE used a flashlight to check for any other injuries and then forced your mouth shut. Outside, you could hear Fugo screaming bloody murder as Lisa Lisa and Kars carried Fugo upstairs. Where, as Koichi told you, he would be relocated and given a proper 'punishment' for his actions. That still didn't put you at ease though. When Fugo screamed he screamed, you believed nothing in this hospital was louder than him and when Fugo began screaming your name you began to wish he had done some damage to your hearing. 

"PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE! DON'T TAKE ME UPSTAIRS! PLEASE! I'M SORRY OKAY? I'M SORRY! Y/N! Y/N!" Fugo called out to you from the stairwell, while using every fiber in his body to fight against the two nurses.

"Fugo! I told you that if you hurt another nurse like this again you'd be taken upstairs!" Lisa shouted. She hooked her arms under Fugo's while Kars grabbed his legs. Fugo continued to thrash and scream profanities at them as he was practically dragged upstairs. 

"Y/N! Help me!" Fugo called out to you in disparity, "Giorno! Narancia!" He continued to yell until he started crying hysterically, all of which you could hear perfectly from the Nurse's office. You could hear Fugo for a few more seconds before it eventually became quiet. Giorno soon entered with a coffee in hand and Koichi grabbed a chair for him to sit in. 

"Why...why was he so upset about going upstairs?" You asked them, Koichi sighed and Giorno scooted closer to you and placed his hand on your good arm.

"You see Y/n, there are three levels in this building. The first level is composed of mostly well-mannered patients who hardly do any harm. Patients like Jonathan for example, the worst thing he has is anxiety. Others on this floor often hallucinate or have other minor issues. I don't think you've noticed, but whenever someone on a floor goes to a different one, they are given a wristband. White for safe, yellow for caution, orange for danger, and red being the worst is a hazard. I was yellow, but I managed to get myself into wite. Fugo..." Giorno turned his attention to the door then back at you. "Has been having problems lately. He was only down here because he kept to himself mostly. He was in orange actually, when he first got here. When I first arrived a few years ago, Fugo was easily startled and very violent. But throughout the years Fugo got a little calmer. Thus Fugo making his way to white, but still in solitary confinement." Giorno took a sip from his coffee and let out a satisfied "ahh". 

"You know," Koichi chimed in, "There are only 5 red's in this whole hospital? They would at least make up 5% of the patients here. At least 78% of the patients here are orange. 10% are white." 

"That would leave the 6% to the yellow's right?" You asked, shifting uncomfortably in your bed. Giorno nodded and took another sip of his coffee. "But if yellows aren't so bad, and they make up the second level, why was Fugo so scared to go up there?" You also glanced at the door, as if you were expecting to see Fugo standing there glaring at you in disgust. 

"Fugo was scared because the yellow's and orange's share the second floor. So you can understand, I have seven members in my gang. While this gang was just formed, and Fugo was orange, there was another orange that would constantly try to anger him. His name is Mista. Fugo and Mista hardly got along. Fugo was ecstatic to finally get away from him, but now he has to go back. Poor him, Mista was uncontrollably wild." 

As Giorno explained all this to you, you couldn't help but feel your head spin at all this new information you were getting. Your confusion must have been visible because Koichi soon stepped in with a pleasant smile and a burst of shy laughter.

"But don't worry! Your new so you won't have to see any oranges or a lot of yellows for a while." Koichi tried to reassure you. 

"Yes, don't worry." Giorno piped in, holding your hand in his. "Don't worry."

Your Third day has ended.


Chapter Text

October 31st, 2016, London, England

Jonathan gazed outside the barred bedroom window that blocked him from the other kids happily playing soccer. The seventeen-year-old was stuck inside all day, with no toys to play with and no books to read. Jonathan was on punishment, and now he was finally starting to feel the boredom gripping at his brain.

It had been a while since he'd seen his father or brother come to check up on him. Jonathan was bored beyond belief and was beginning to lose interest in the spider making a web in the corner of his room for the past thirty minutes. He named it Davey. Davey was black and hairy, and Davey wasn't mean and Davey didn't throw wine bottles at him. Davey was nice and quiet, as cute little spiders should. Jonathan was sad because he couldn't play chess with Davey, he couldn't play soccer, and he couldn't make flower crowns with him. Davey was nice but Davey was really boring. 

Jonathan sighed; he was beginning to remember the times when he was allowed to climb up trees and eat chocolate candies with his Dad, and when he was brave enough he and the boys would sneak away to a park late at night and smoke cigarettes they had bought from a drug dealer. Those were the good times, the times Jonathan wished he had begun cherishing sooner. At some point Jonathan can't remember, his friends started bullying him and throwing rocks at his bedroom windows. Mr. Green, a popular candy man at the time, started to refuse to sell him anything. Jonathan's father, George Joestar, was already hard on him when it came to his studies and becoming a true gentleman. In a matter of a few days, he became even stricter and the consequences of failure got more severe. Jonathan remembered when he was grounded for three months and wasn't allowed to leave the house because he got an 90 on a math test. Dio, Jonathan's step-brother that George adopted a few years back, was rewarded regardless of wheater he failed or succeeded at something. Dio was naturally good in sports, and he passed all of his classes with flying colors. He was popular and handsome. Jonathan used to think he was the same way, until Dio called him a manwhore and stuck a sex toy into his backpack.

Needless the say, when Jonathan discovered it at school. He prayed to God it wouldn't be found and luckily it wasn't so he buried it in the backyard to be forgotten. Since that incident, Jonathan began to exercise non-stop so he could get back at Dio. From the moment he woke up till the sun fell he promised himself to do some kind of exercise every day with only 10 minutes intervals. At first, it really paid off for him. Dio was starting to notice the change in Jonathan's build as well and even stopped his crude schemes. So Jonathan kept it up, and soon enough the girls at school noticed too. Jonathan loved the positive attention he was getting from his fellow students at school. 

Jonathan loved that his father stopped yelling at him so much.

Jonathan loved that Dio was being nicer to him.

Jonathan loved his new room with windows.

He loved all these rewards. 

So why was he back in the dark bedroom that had kept him caged for so many years? 

Because Jonathan did something bad. 

And his father didn't like it.