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Better Homes and Fairy Gardens

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Jimin likes his new house. It’s small, quaint and rather cute with a decent amount of character that made him smile the first time he saw it. He has Namjoon to thank for it. He found the house after all and even though the reason the place was up for sale wasn’t the best, it was a blessing for Jimin. It was a place he could afford not too far from work or his friends and just the right size for him. 

Moving out of the apartment he’d lived in since he was twenty, now at the age of twenty-six, was a big deal for Jimin. It wasn’t something he ever thought he would have to do. He loved his apartment. It was right in the center of the thriving city, close to all his favorite shops and cafes. The perfect spot for a young college kid like him and even after he got his dream job, he didn’t see himself moving. 

But then his entire life was turned upside down and Jimin had no choice. He had to get out of there. He couldn’t dare sleep in the same apartment his girlfriend of three years cheated on him in. It just felt wrong .

Luckily, Jimin has amazing friends. Supportive, kind, caring friends who took him in immediately and then helped him find the perfect place to call his new home. 

It was a fucking whirlwind of events and emotions and Jimin is still reeling from all of it. 

But he has a new home, a new life, a new start. 

It’s both refreshing and terrifying. 

For the most part, Jimin considers his life to be well put together. He loves his job and he loves his friends. He even loved his girlfriend. Thought, maybe, they would get married. She had other plans, however, and Jimin was left floundering around for awhile without a clue what he was going to do. His friends were there to catch him, guide him, help him find his footing and Jimin would forever be thankful for them. 

Jimin’s new house is a ten mile drive out of the city, settled in a nice little suburb between two other houses that look different than his own. Jimin’s house is a one bedroom, one and a half bath cottage that looks straight out of a story book. He loved it the moment he stepped out of Namjoon’s car nearly three months ago. The brick walls were scattered with pretty vines, the windows were curved and styled, the roof was sculpted angles and shingles. Jimin loved it. The inside was much more modern with clean hardwood floors and granite counter-tops but Jimin could see the character in the curves of the walls and the crown molding. 

The place was cheap, much cheaper than any other house in the area was selling for and Jimin jumped on it. He made decent money, could afford a decent home closer to the city, perhaps even in the city, but this house won him over immediately. He always wanted to own his own house, even if he had been comfortable in his old apartment and this was his chance. He was far from the only person to put an offer on the house but Jimin managed to snatch up the contract by being willing to shovel out a couple more thousand won. 

It was a fantastic feeling to finally own his own home. His parents were very proud of him. Hell, Jimin was proud of himself. Even if the situation wasn’t all that great, there were some positive things to come out of it. 

Jimin spends the first week in his home unpacking. It’s a nice distraction from the looming reality hanging over his head. He hasn’t been alone since he left Busan for college. First, he had a dorm mate and then when he moved into his own apartment, he had roommates. Eventually he traded those roommates for a girlfriend. Jimin has never lived alone and now he is about to and he does everything he can to not think about that. 

Unpacking is a nice distraction. Moving helped him realize how much stuff he collected over the years and now he has to organize it all to his liking. He has no one to please, no one to consider other than himself and there’s something freeing about that. He can put things wherever he wants. He can put his mugs on the middle shelf in the cabinet by the fridge because unlike his ex, he’s tall enough to reach them there. He can finally hang up his classic vinyl collection on the walls of his living room and display the few large print photographs Jungkook took of him mid-dance during his final showcase in college. It’s a nice feeling being able to decorate his home without having to worry about the comfort of anyone else. 

Jimin first finds the door during that week as he’s organizing the pots and pans in the cabinet of his kitchen island. He spots the door by chance, a simple glance and then a double take when he notices something he didn’t before. Settled in the corner of the kitchen, right at the bottom of the wall near the door that leads into his back yard is a tiny door. It’s barely bigger than the length of Jimin’s hand and he has small hands. It’s light pink in color, so light Jimin wouldn’t see the color if he wasn’t paying attention. The little knob is silver and it looks almost exactly like the actual door to his house, just a different color. It’s baffling at first and Jimin just stares at it, crouched down in front of it as he eyes it up. There’s a little basket beside the door with what looks like bottles of yellow dust. On the other side of the door is a little metal rod that looks like a rake of some kind. After a few moments of staring, Jimin decides it must be one of those weird little miniature things people liked to do. He assumes the previous owner forgot about it. Jimin makes a mental note to clean it up later.

A week later and Jimin finds himself rarely even spending time in his own home. He’s forgotten about the door. Between work and friends who drag him out to dinner or invite him over to their homes for dinner every night, Jimin only spends time in his own home when his head hits the pillow. 

It’s nice, in a way. 

His friends care too much to let him drown alone in the emptiness of his home. They drag him out as often as they can, invite him over to their own warm homes and Jimin finds the lingering loneliness hangs just out of reach and he hopes it stays there. 

But it’s inevitable, really.

The world finally catches up with Jimin when he has the time to catch his breath and he hates it.  

It’s late one friday night when Jimin comes home after drinking with his friends. Namjoon had offered to let him stay the night so he didn’t have to be alone but Jimin declined. His bed was calling to him and after a nice night with his friends, Jimin just wanted to sleep. 

But sleep doesn’t come. 

Jimin lays in bed, blurry eyes blinking at the ceiling with the alcohol fading from his system. Darkness seeps in around him and before he knows it, tears are pooling in the corners of his eyes and slipping down to dampen his brown hair. Jimin knew there would be a time when everything caught up but he didn’t think it would be now

He’s not ready. He’d probably never be ready. But he’s really not ready right now. He rolls over, curls up in a tight ball and presses the blankets to his wet eyes in an attempt to stop. But his emotions get the better of him. They roll over him in waves until he’s softly sobbing into his blankets because, why?

Why wasn’t he enough for her? Jimin thought they were good. He thought they were happy. He was the most attentive, affectionate boyfriend he could be. He did his best to take care of her, sometimes at the expense of his own health even. And Jimin genuinely liked her. She was warm, soft and pretty. They got along well and easily learned how to live around one another. Sure, it wasn’t perfect. She got easily annoyed when Jimin was too busy with work while Jimin got annoyed that she couldn't seem to understand how important his work was to him. But he tried . Maybe he didn’t love her, he realizes belatedly, but he could have. He’s sure he could have. 

Either way, there was no excuse for her to cheat on him in his own fucking bed. 

Namjoon likes to say Jimin is too nice. He forgives easily and moves on quickly and always tries to give people the benefit of the doubt. And it’s true. Jimin knows that. He gives people passes long after they deserve them because he has a hard time telling people no. 

But this time is different. This time, Jimin is not nice. This time Jimin doesn't even listen to what lame excuse she has to give. He stays calm, he tells her to leave and never come back. She cries but her tears mean nothing to Jimin. She tries to blame him and Jimin isn’t even fazed. He remains eerily calm. He holds it together until she has packed her things and left. He holds it together until he calls Namjoon with shaking hands and as soon as he hears his best friend’s voice, he crumbles. 

He’s better off; Jimin knows that. There is no forgiveness to be given. There is no excuse for what she did to him. Jimin needs to just move on and he will but that will take time.

For now, alone in the dark, Jimin can’t help but wonder where he went wrong. He can’t help but blame himself even after his friends told him over and over that it was far from his fault. But that’s how Jimin is. He takes blame when he shouldn’t. He tears himself down because he’s harsher on himself than anyone else. It used to be worse, much much worse when he was in college before Jimin started to love himself enough to be nice to himself. 

But right now, it’s all too much. Right now he’s alone in a new house and he hates it. He questions every single choice he ever made and how things might have been different depending on those choices. 

Sleep escapes him for hours. He tosses and turns, tears dampening his sheets and pillow. It’s nice to cry, Jimin thinks. It’s good to get it all out. He hasn’t cried since the night he called Namjoon, since the night he found her in their bed with another man. 

When he finally crawls out of bed, Jimin feels a little bit better emotionally. Physically he wants to die but emotionally, he feels a little numb but refreshed. 

It’s early morning; so early Jimin doesn’t have a clue what time it is. His eyes are heavy, his heart just as heavy in his chest, but he knows sleep isn’t going to come to him any time soon. He’s lucky it’s the weekend and he doesn’t have to worry about work. 

Jimin shuffles into his kitchen, rubbing at his eyes sleepily as he starts up his coffee machine. A quick glance at the oven tells him it’s not even six in the morning and the sun hasn’t even risen. The darkness of his home wants to wrap around his throat and suffocate him. So Jimin flicks on the small light over the oven, casting the kitchen in a soft warm glow. He settles on the small stool beside the kitchen island and smooths his hands out over the cold dark granite. It feels nice against his warm skin and Jimin just stares, catching the patterns in the surface as his coffee machine bubbles. 

He knows the coffee won’t help him sleep in the least but Jimin needs to do something other than lay in his bed and cry. He’s all cried out. He needs some coffee and maybe he’ll wake up a little bit. Maybe he can find something to do around the house until it’s later in the morning and he knows Jungkook or Namjoon are awake. Maybe they’ll be willing to spend some time with him. He doesn’t want to bother them if they’re busy. They’ve already put so much of their own time into Jimin’s well-being and he feels a little guilty about it. 

Namjoon is a busy man. He has a full time accounting job, a budding relationship with the cute baker who works at the cafe near the corner of his apartment and his bonsai tree hobby. Jungkook is also a busy man. Between still taking college classes for his double major, he works part time at a local moving company and spends his free time in computer cafes playing video games with his international friends. 

They’ve always been there for him but more so since Jimin’s life sort of crumbled apart. Now they will drop anything the moment they sense that Jimin is even a little bit sad. It’s nice, really. It means his friends are the good kind, the kind to keep forever but he also doesn’t want them to give up their lives just to make sure he’s okay. He’ll be okay. He just needs some time. 

He has his own work to keep him mostly preoccupied. And Jimin loves his job. He loves being a daycare teacher. It wasn’t the job he expected to have but between auditions and idols scouts, the opportunity came and Jimin took a few more college classes to earn the right qualifications. His dancing dream might not have come true but Jimin isn’t even upset about it. He loves his kids, he loves teaching them dance and numbers and letters. He loves taking care of them. Kids are typically so soft and innocent. So very happy and they always brighten Jimin’s day. They’ve helped make his situation a little more bearable.

Jimin flinches when the coffee machine makes a soft dinging sound to signal his coffee is done. He slips off the stool and shuffles around the kitchen to collect his favorite mug, dark blue with the night sky painted beautifully around it, and some sugar and milk. He’s wearing nothing but his boxers and a loose thread bare t-shirt. The hardwood is cool against his bare feet but Jimin doesn’t pay it much mind. The scent of coffee is strong in the air and he breathes it in, letting it coat his throat as he pours himself a cup. He adds a decent amount of sugar and some milk before the dark liquid becomes a pretty caramel. Satisfied, Jimin returns to his stool, cups his mug with both hands and carefully sips the hot liquid. 

He feels better already. The taste coats his tongue, the warmth sends tingles over his skin and Jimin sighs in happiness. It’s the simple things in life, really. He grabs his phone which is resting on the counter and starts scrolling through it, checking any updates he’s missed while he sips his coffee. 

Jimin doesn’t remember the door until the sun is just starting to peek over the horizon and cast his home in a soft orange glow. 

He’s reading up on why getting rid of plastic straws is far from the only thing that’s going to save the turtles when he hears a strange noise in the otherwise silent house. He blinks, his vision blurry from lack of sleep and staring at his phone screen for far too long. He places his phone down and rubs at his eyes in hopes of clearing his vision. He blinks, glancing lazily around the room before movement catches his attention. 

Jimin freezes with his nearly empty mug pressed to his lips. 

The tiny door opens with a soft click and Jimin watches with wide eyes, his heart in his throat, as it pushes open and something steps out. Not something. Someone. A creature, tiny so very tiny, steps out of the door and stretches its arms above its head. Jimin’s kitchen is pretty small, a good size for himself but still small so the door isn’t actually that far away from him. He has the perfect view of the creature as it yawns, rubs its own flushed rounded cheeks and then turns to bend down by the basket. 

Jimin’s eyes flutter. The creature is very small. Could probably fit in the palm of his hand and Jimin has small hands. Its shaggy pale blond hair is an absolute mess on its head, it’s skin pale but flushed from sleep around it’s cheeks. It's very thin and lithe as it stands back up and starts to fiddle with one of the bottles. Jimin has a good view of its face now. 

Male, he thinks, but it’s hard to tell really with how soft and pretty they are. Round cheeks, button nose, soft pink full lips, sharp cat-like eyes that almost seem to glow in the dim light. They’re dressed in simple clothing, a white long-sleeved shirt and matching white shorts that show off thin pretty legs. The way their hair falls around their pointed ears and flushed cheeks is the prettiest thing Jimin has ever seen. 

And then he sees it. The flicker of colorful movement. Wings. Pretty, translucent yellow wings fluttering behind the creature. They come right out from the creature’s back, the shirt cut to fit them and they flutter in the sunlight that starts to stream in through the kitchen windows. They glisten, like gold, beautiful and stunning and Jimin gasps, surprised and stunned. 

The sound is loud in the quiet of the kitchen and the creature snaps their head toward him. Their eyes are gold, nearly glowing and Jimin fumbles. He drops his favorite mug in shock. Luckily it doesn’t have far to fall. It clutters to the counter, so very loud in the silence and chips the handle but doesn’t shatter. 

The sound startles the creature so badly they drop the bottle of yellow dust in their small hands. Then they scrambles to pick up the bottle and before Jimin can even blink, the creature is gone, the tiny door slamming shut in the silence of the house. 

For a long moment Jimin just sits there. He stares at the door in a mixture of emotions. What was that? Did he really just see that? What the hell just happened?

Jimin takes a deep breath and buries his face in his hands. Oh, he must be really tired. He’s hallucinating now. He must be. Because there is no fucking way a tiny pretty little fairy creature is living in his wall. That’s just… Well, that’s just crazy is what it is. He hasn’t slept probably since the night before and Jimin is certain he’s just having some weird ass day dreams. 

He needs sleep. He picks up his chipped mug, frowns at the small chip and then carefully cleans up the small mess he made. Luckily there were only dregs in the bottom of the mug so he didn’t make too much of a mess. He rinses out his mug and leaves it in the sink to worry about later and shuffles back into his bedroom. 

When Jimin’s head hits the pillow, sleep finds him much easier now. 

Jimin doesn't think much about the strange creature until much later. He wakes up mid afternoon on Saturday, groggy and annoyed he let most of the day pass him by. He forgets about the events of his strange morning as he showers, cleans up and messages Jungkook back that he would love to meet him for a late lunch. 

Jimin doesn’t think about the creature again until Sunday morning. He wakes up before the sun and usually, he would just roll over and go back to sleep. But his eyes snap open and he remembers . He must of been hallucinating from lack of sleep. He had to be, right? His phone tells him it’s barely six in the morning and Jimin remembers the sun was just coming up when the creature came out. 

Jimin’s out of bed before he thinks too hard about it. He stuffs his feet into some slippers to keep the cold away and throws on an over-sized black hoodie over his bare torso so he’s not walking around in just his boxers. Normally, he wouldn’t mind but he can’t help but feel like he’s not alone anymore. He has to make sure. 

He shuffles into his own kitchen like he’s sneaking around. A quick glance at the tiny door finds it shut tight. It’s almost a relief to see, really. Jimin hums and shakes his head, telling himself he must really be going crazy. What is he expecting, really? 

He starts up his coffee machine for his morning cup and settles down at the island to wait, eyes unable to stop catching on the door. Nothing happens until Jimin has his cup of coffee in hand and has brought his phone out to catch up on the morning news. 

He hears that strange noise again, like the clicking of bells, so soft he wouldn’t hear it if it weren’t so silence in his kitchen. He lowers his phone and places his mug down so he doesn’t drop it again. Then he just sits there, breath caught in his throat and waits. 

The creature does not disappoint. Just as the sunlight is starting to cast the kitchen in a soft warm orange glow, the tiny door opens. The creatures exits sleepily, stumbling softly over their own feet and rubbing at their eyes. Their hair is messy from sleep but there’s something so very soft and endearing about them. They’re still flushed from sleep, cheeks a pretty pink color. They’re dressed similar to the last time Jimin saw them, all in white. He watches as the creature picks up another bottle of yellow dust and starts to fiddle with it. 

Jimin’s heart putters in his chest. This is real. This is actually happening. He’s not asleep. He’s certain of it. He is wide awake and he is not hallucinating. That creature is a real living breathing thing in his kitchen and apparently lives in his wall. Have they been here the whole time? Did they live here before Jimin? They must have.

He could just remain silent and watch the creature. He could sit there and try to figure out exactly what was going on.


Or Jimin could do what he’s best at. 

He takes a deep breath, an attempt to calm his racing heart and speaks softly, slowly, but loud enough to be heard.


The creature freezes in the middle of popping the cork off the bottle. For a few seconds they just stand there, wings fluttering anxiously behind them. Then, slowly, they turn to look at Jimin. He tries to smile, tries to seem harmless. Those nearly glowing golden eyes are intense but don’t deter Jimin. He stays where he is, lips curled into a faint smile, as the creature gives him a good once over. 

“Good morning.” Jimin offers after a few more moments of silence. That seems to get the creature moving. Slowly, they pop the cork back into the bottle and gently return it to the wire basket. And then, those wings flutter. Jimin watches in slight awe as the creature lifts from the floor and hovers in the air, golden wings moving so fast they are almost a blur. He leans back on his stool as the creature floats up and then flies toward him slowly, carefully. 

The creature lands gracefully on the island counter just in front of Jimin and they’re even smaller than Jimin originally thought. They are so close now and he’s certain they could fit perfectly in his palm. And now that they’re closer, Jimin can see how stunning the creature really is. Pale skin so light it almost looks like it’s glowing, hair so soft and pretty, cheeks so round and eyes so sparkling. And this close, Jimin is certain the creature is male. 

He’s like a pretty little doll. 

“Where is Nana?” The creature’s voice is most certainly masculine, low and a little raspy but also sweet and thick like honey. He has his arms crossed over his chest now, eyeing Jimin suspiciously. 

“Nana?” Jimin questions, confused for a moment before he realizes. “Oh, um, you mean… the lady who lived here?”

The creature’s sharp eyes narrow. “Nana. Who are you?”

“Oh.” Jimin swallows and leans down slightly so he can see the creature better. “I’m… I live here now. Nana, I didn’t know her. I only know she… passed. And her children wanted to sell this place as soon as possible.”

Emotions flicker across the creatures tiny pretty face before sadness seems to be the one that wins over. His shoulders drop, his mouth pouts and his eyes focus on the counter. “She…?”

“I’m sorry.” Jimin whispers softly, means it when he says it because the creature looks so very sad now. “I didn’t… Do you live in my wall? No one, um, mentioned that when I bought this place.”

“Nana didn’t tell anyone.” He speaks softly, mournfully. He’s curled his tiny hands together against his stomach, clenching and unclenching. “I… I wondered. I heard the commotion months ago. I knew she was sick. But I didn’t… No one told me. I had hoped…”

“I’m so sorry.” Jimin carefully pushes his stool all the way back so he can fold his arms on the counter and rest his head on them, able to make eye contact with the creature now. “I didn’t know…”

The creature nods slowly. “Not your fault. You live here now?” He glances up, curious, meeting Jimin’s eyes. 

“Yeah. I’m Jimin.” He offers his finger like a handshake, unsure if that’s even appropriate or not. 

The creature stares at it for a few seconds before reaching out and gently wrapping his fingers around the tip of Jimin’s finger. The touch is light, like the kiss of butterfly wings, but so very warm it makes Jimin’s skin tingle. 

“I’m Yoongi.”

Yoongi . What a pretty name for such a pretty creature. Jimin can’t help but smile. When Yoongi releases him, he pulls his finger back and tucks his hand under his arm once more. “It’s nice to meet you, Yoongi. I’m sorry I didn’t introduce myself earlier. I didn’t, um, know I had a housemate.”

Yoongi blinks his golden eyes slowly, his head tilted slightly so Jimin can see a peek of his pointed ears. “You seem… friendly.” He says this like an observation. “Have you lived with fairies before?”

Fairies. Jimin’s throat goes tight and his stomach flips a little. “N-No. I’m… I mean, I don’t really know what’s going on right now. I kind of thought I was hallucinating yesterday morning when I saw you.”

“Oh.” Yoongi’s wide eyes are so very pretty. “So you’ve… never met a fairy before.” 

“Is that what you are? A fairy?” Yoongi nods lightly. “Then nope, never met a fairy before.”

Yoongi hums, a pretty melodic sound. “Then I forgive you for startling me the other morning. I’ve gotten so used to Nana that I almost forgot typical humans forget my kind exist.”

“She was kind to you, hm?” Jimin asks with a soft smile. 

The sadness returns and Yoongi nods, glancing off toward the window beside Jimin’s small round kitchen table. “Very kind.”

“I’m sorry for your loss.” Jimin means it. “But, I’ll do my best to accommodate you as well. After all, you were here first.” He laughs softly, feeling a little giddy and like perhaps he really is losing his mind. Warmth spreads over his skin with the way Yoongi looks at him with wide eyes and parted pink lips. “So just… let me know if you need anything. Or if I’m doing anything that bothers you. I’m not… sure how this works? But I’ve had roommates before. I’ve never lived with a fairy before so you’ll have to teach me.”

For a moment, Yoongi just stares at him, eyes wide and lips parted in a pretty ‘o’. And then, like sunshine, a smile comes over his lips. It spreads like sunbeams across Jimin’s floor, showing off his tiny teeth and pink gums, crinkling the corners of his eyes and bulging his already round flushed cheeks. 

It’s stunning. 

“I think we’ll get along just fine, Jimin.”

And Jimin can’t help but smile just as brightly in return. 

Jimin learns, as they sit there together with the sun rising over the horizon and streaming light throughout the house, that Yoongi is a garden fairy. He also learns that Yoongi likes coffee. He sits with his legs folded on the counter and sips from his own tiny cup that Jimin took way too long to fill out of fear of spilling it. Yoongi was so very grateful he gave Jimin a big smile and Jimin was so stunned he nearly tripped over his stool. 

Yoongi sips his coffee demurely as he explains to Jimin what a garden fairy actually is. Jimin had thought it interesting how pretty and well kept the landscaping around the house was. Even more interesting how it remained so pretty and well kept even though he was too busy to take care of it. He wanted to take care of it but he never really had the talent for keeping plants alive and had thought about hiring someone to do it. But Yoongi takes care of the flowers and bushes. He keeps them alive, feeds them, waters them and prunes them every single day. And when fall comes and everything starts to die, he helps them along their way and gets to rest all winter. Spring is his favorite time of year, where he gets to help little buds and sprouts reach for the sun. Where he gets to help the bunnies who live under the bush in Jimin’s small backyard see the sun after a long winter.

Yoongi is so bright and full of life as he speaks about what he does. It’s enchanting. Jimin can’t take his eyes off the way Yoongi smiles and the cute faces he makes. He talks with his hands a lot and sometimes stumbles over his words when he gets too excited and he’s the cutest thing Jimin has ever seen in his entire life. 

The loneliness that has lingered just within reach disappears and fills with a warmth Jimin hasn’t felt in a very long time. He’s not alone. Yoongi lives in this house with him. He has a housemate. Sure, said housemate is a fairy with tiny wings and tiny hands and pretty eyes, but a housemate nonetheless. 

“I have my own garden too.” Yoongi explains, his voice soft but full of life as he sets his empty cup down and wiggles his fingers in the air. His golden eyes are wide, twinkling, and Jimin can’t look away, can’t help how fond he looks at Yoongi. “It’s pretty big.” He grins, happy, proud and opens his arms wide. “I go to market once a week to sell some of my harvest and pick up other things I need.”

Jimin is fascinated. “Is it a fairy market?”

Yoongi nods, enthusiastically. “Humans have markets, don’t they? So do we! Just, smaller, I suppose. It’s not far from here.”

“Where is your garden?” Jimin sits up a little straighter. “Can you show me? So I know where it is and don’t accidentally mess it up. I’ve been meaning to do some work outside but I don’t want to interfere with your work.”

Yoongi waves his hands and shakes his head as his wings flutter and lift him to his feet. “Don’t worry about outside. I’ll take care of it. I’ll show you my garden though. Just let me get changed.”

“Oh, I should change too.” Jimin glances down at himself, still in his boxers. A glance at the oven tells him it’s nearly eight in the morning now. They’ve been talking for hours and Jimin hardly even noticed. 

Yoongi hums and lifts up into the air. “I’ll meet you here in a few minutes?”

“Yeah.” Jimin smiles. 

Yoongi’s gaze lingers on Jimin, like perhaps he’s a little unsure if he’s even real or not before he bows his head and flies off. He snatches up one of those bottles by his door before he flies inside and locks himself away. Jimin vaguely wonders what it looks like behind that door before he washes out his mug and Yoongi’s tiny cup. He leaves them to dry and slips into his bedroom to change into more appropriate clothes. 

The end of May is warm but not too warm. Warm enough for a short sleeved light blue t-shirt but still cool enough for worn jeans that Jimin doesn't mind getting a little dirty. He wears his old sneakers too because he doesn’t care if they get dirty as well. He brushes his teeth, combs out his messy brown hair and plugs his phone in to charge while he’s outside. 

When he returns to the kitchen, Yoongi is already waiting for him, settled on the edge of the island counter with his legs dangling. He’s changed into a plaid patterned long sleeved shirt with an old pair of pale blue overalls. He has a small straw hat on his head, tucking most of his blond hair away from his face to protect from the sun. With skin that pale, Jimin imagines he might burn pretty badly so it seems Yoongi takes extra effort to not have the sun touch his skin. Jimin thought, maybe, a garden fairy would be tan but for a creature who spends most of his time outside, Yoongi is as pale as the moon. 

Yoongi brightens when he notices Jimin and flutters to his bare feet, picking up the basket at his feet and trying to gather his tools with his other hand. Jimin approaches with a smile and reaches out to help. 

“I can carry something.” He offers. 

“Ah, I had to clean them. Usually I leave them outside.”

“I don’t mind.” He holds out his hand in offering.

Yoongi seems to debate for a moment before letting out a soft huff and placing his basket down so he can lift the rake and shovel and place them in Jimin’s palm. They’re so small and delicate Jimin is afraid of breaking them. They feel solid in his palm, and they must be strong enough to do yard work but Jimin is still gentle as he carries them, not wanting to break them. 

Yoongi’s wings flutter prettily and he lifts into the air, holding his empty basket in the crook of his arm. “This way.” He flies through the air, right past Jimin’s face and towards the back door. Jimin’s house is set up by room. The front door of the house leads into the living room. Beside the living room is a hallway that leads back into his bedroom and the large bathroom. On the other side of the living room is the kitchen, the half bath and the back door that leads into the back yard. 

Yoongi flies toward the door and Jimin follows, pausing to see how Yoongi will exit. Instead of opening the door, like Jimin expects, Yoongi flies up to one of the small glass window panes at the top of the door. He gently pushes one and it opens just like a door. He motions for Jimin to follow him before he flies through and shuts the glass behind himself. Jimin wonders what other tiny doors are in his home as he opens the human sized door for himself and shuffles outside. 

The sun is already bright in the clear sky and it’s a bit warmer than Jimin expected. It’s nice, though, and he breathes in fresh air deeply, smelling flowers and fresh cut grass. Yoongi is nowhere to be seen after the door shuts and then suddenly he’s floating right in front of Jimin’s face. His skin and eyes seem to almost sparkle in the sunlight. 

“This way!” He’s grinning, almost excited, as he flutters away and Jimin follows. 

The fenced backyard is a decent size. He could keep a dog if he wanted. It was something Jimin has been considering to counter his loneliness. The grass is fresh and green, a little overgrown which means Jimin should get around to cutting it. There are healthy green bushes all around the house but the backyard is where most of the pretty colorful flowers are. There’s a garden in the back corner of the yard and a large bush in the other corner that Jimin thinks the bunnies must live under. 

Jimin follows Yoongi to the corner attached to the house, opposite of the gate that leads to the front yard. There’s a wooden crate that holds the outside water hook up and a small bush beside it. Yoongi floats behind the bush and then disappears inside of it. Jimin stands there for a moment, confused as to what to do before the bush just, vanishes. 

One second it is there and the next, it’s gone. In its place is the small garden Jimin was expecting to see. It looks just like a normal garden, with rows of vegetables, vine fences and small fruit trees, but miniature. It’s adorable and makes his heart swell. 

“I have to keep it hidden from the birds.” Yoongi explains as he lands on the ground, placing his basket down. “The bush keeps it hidden from eyes not meant to see.”

“It’s beautiful.” Jimin says honestly, getting down to his knees so he can get a better look. He carefully places Yoongi’s tools down beside him and notices the small wooden shed in one corner of the garden where Yoongi obviously keeps his gardening tools. It’s so well put together and so very well taken care of and Jimin can see why Yoongi is proud of it. 

Yoongi flushes lightly, most of his face hidden in the brim of his hat. “Ah, thank you. These are my enderberries! And these are my tomatoes and these are-” Yoongi continues swirling around his garden and explaining to Jimin what each and every crop is. Half the things he points out Jimin has never heard of or seen before in his life. He assumes fairies have their own food and it’s fascinating to learn about. What’s more fascinating is the way Yoongi dances around his garden, sparkling from happiness. He thrives in the sunlight, Jimin thinks. This is where he belongs. 

“This is so nice, Yoongi.” Jimin praises once the fairy has paused to collect a few azure fruit into his basket. “I’ll be sure to be careful of it. You’ve worked very hard to make this perfect and I don’t want to mess it up.”

Jimin’s almost certain Yoongi is blushing again but it’s hard to tell with the hat hiding his face. “Oh, you’ll be fine, Jimin. I have to harvest now, and water the rest of the plants.”

“Can I help?” Jimin wants to help. It’s a large job for such a little fairy. He has no doubt Yoongi can do it on his own, has obviously been doing it all on his own this while time but Jimin wants to help. “I can water the flowers.”

“Oh.” Yoongi looks up at him with wide eyes. “You don’t have to. I can handle everything just fine.” He pauses and puffs out his cheeks. “I am a little behind…”

“Watering the flowers is easy.” Jimin assures him. “Please, can I help?”

Yoongi shifts from barefoot to barefoot before he sighs and nods. “Okay. If you wouldn’t mind. If you have other things to do, I can handle it but… I won’t turn down your help.”

“It’s Sunday. I’ve got nothing else to do.” He assures Yoongi before getting to his feet and moving over to the wooden box where the hose and water hookup is tucked away. 

“Thank you, Jimin. It’s very kind of you.”

“It’s not a bother at all.” Jimin assures him with a smile. 

Jimin gets busy watering all the pretty flowers around the backyard and he’s thankful the back fence is high enough that his neighbors can’t see him casting glances at the cute fairy busy harvesting some fruit. The sun feels good on his lightly tanned skin and the fresh air seems to do some good for his emotional state. By the time he’s in the front yard, watering the bushes of flowers around the house, Yoongi is done with his garden and is zipping around the air from flower to flower, bush to bush, checking on them. Occasionally, Jimin sees glittering gold dust follow him around and if he didn’t know any better, he’d think he was watching a butterfly of some kind. At a glance, he wouldn’t think much about the spot of gold fluttering from flower to flower. But he knows it’s a fairy, he knows it’s Yoongi, and he feels something deep about that. Something warm and tight just beneath his ribs. 

Once Jimin finishes watering all the plants, he finds that Yoongi is also done doing whatever it is he does. The afternoon sun is bright on their skin and Jimin’s stomach starts to rumble. 

“Hey, Yoongi, How about some lunch?”

Yoongi has just gathered his harvest in two large baskets and he looks up at Jimin with wide eyes as the human croches down near him. 

“Oh. That. That would be nice, Jimin.” His smile is soft, a little shy. “But I need to head off to market before it gets too late! I’m meeting a friend for lunch.”

“Oh. Yeah, okay.” Jimin smiles, trying not to show his disappointment. “Do you need help?”

“You’ve helped enough.” Yoongi tells him with a pretty smile and flutters into the air, his golden wings sparkling in the sunlight. “Besides, humans can’t come to market.”

“Right. Of course.”

Yoongi lingers, glancing over the fence as he floats in the air. “I’ll return in a few hours. Perhaps we can have dinner together?”

Jimin perks up. “Yeah, okay, that’d be nice.”

Yoongi smiles, a little like sunshine and a lot like warm honey. “Wonderful. See you soon, Jimin.”

“Be safe.” Jimin mumbles as he watches Yoongi zip up into the air and disappears into the sunlight. 

For a few moments, Jimin is unsure what to do with himself. His entire day has felt like a dream and now he’s awake and having to adjust. The rumbling of his stomach snaps him out of it so he returns inside where it’s nice and cool from the central air. He makes himself a sandwich for lunch and settles down on the couch with his phone, his food and a bottle of water. His skin feels warm and a little sticky from the sun but it’s nice, so very nice. 

Jimin decides to do a little googling as he eats. He looks up whatever he can find about fairies and finds a whole plethora of information. The issue, he finds, is whether the information is true or not. There’s the fantasy idea of fairies, many different ideas, and then there’s the few supposedly real accounts of fairies that sound more believable. He doesn’t know what to believe, really. So he decides if he has any questions, he can just ask Yoongi himself. The fairy seems more than willing to share his life and his story and Jimin feels special for that. It must mean Yoongi trusts him and that feels like an honor. 

Once he’s done with lunch, Jimin takes a quick shower to wash away the sun from his skin and then spends the next few hours curled up on his couch in his comfy clothes and going between watching random movies on Netflix and messing around on his phone. Both Namjoon and Jungkook have checked on him, offered to come over and hang out but Jimin declined. He’s fine. He feels good. Sure, he’s a little lonely but he does need to learn how to spend time alone. He can’t always be around people, even if that’s what he prefers. He can be happy alone, he’s sure. 

The sun is starting to dip beneath the trees when Jimin is startled awake from his light nap by a small twinkling sound. He blinks, hazily, and sits up from where he was slouched on the couch. He hears movement in the kitchen, something clattering and a door shutting and he vaguely wonders if Yoongi is home. 

Home . Right. This is Yoongi’s home as much as it’s Jimin. Maybe more so. Yoongi was here long before Jimin. He takes a moment to get off the couch and stretches his arms above his head. He feels good, well rested and warm. He could eat, wonders what he should make for dinner as he shuffles into the kitchen. 

He’s surprised to see Yoongi, even though he shouldn’t be. The fairy is floating around the kitchen, yellow dust glittering through the air as cabinet doors open on their own and pots float through the air. He watches in slight awe as Yoongi flutters about the kitchen. He’s already pulled out the chicken Jimin bought the last time he went shopping and the rice cooker is already steaming from cooked rice. Jimin blinks, wonders how long Yoongi has actually been home. 

“Oh!” Yoongi gasps in surprise when he catches Jimin standing there as he turns around to reach for the chicken. “You’re awake!”

“Yeah.” Jimin’s voice is a little rough and he swallows a few times, rubbing under his eyes. “When did you get back?”

“A little while ago.” He grins, pretty and bright and full of life. “It was a very successful day at the market so I thought I would make dinner.”

Jimin hums, shifting around to settle on his stool, watching as Yoongi uses some type of magic to unwrap the seasoned chicken and puts it in the already hot pan on the stove. “I didn’t know you could do stuff like this.”

“I cooked for Nana all the time.” He sounds a little sad when he says it. “I might be small but I can do many things.”

“It’s magic, right? Some type of magic?”

“Yes. My magic.” Yoongi grabs the end of a wooden spoon, hugs it to his chest and uses it to push the chicken around in the pan. It’s cute, really, and the concentration on his face is even cuter. 

“The yellow dust I see, that’s you?” He glances back at Yoongi’s door, where the small wire basket of glass bottles sits. “Fairy dust?”

“Mhm. I’m limited to my dust but the magic in my dust can do many things. I’m just limited to how much I can use it. I have a lot stored up. I create more than enough to take care of the garden so I save the rest.”

Jimin leans on the island counter and rests his chin in his hand, watching the way Yoongi flitters around the kitchen. His wings are really beautiful, glittering gold in any beam of light. “You’re really cool, Yoongi. I’ve never met anyone like you.”

Yoongi pauses, his shoulders hunching up and Jimin can see the flush on his face now that his hat is nowhere to be seen. His little feet aren’t bare anymore either, covered by tiny little slipper like shoes. “Ah, you’ve just never met a fairy before.” He sounds flustered. Cute. “I’m quite ordinary as far as fairies are concerned.”

Jimin snorts softly. “I find that hard to believe.”

“I am!” Yoongi insists, floating over to land in front of Jimin. His cheeks are still flushed prettily but there’s something unreadable in his eyes. “I’m just an ordinary garden fairy. Very boring. I get up with the sun, take care of my garden and the flowers and then go to bed before the sun sets. Very boring, nothing exciting.”

Jimin pouts lightly and has the strong urge to reach out and pat Yoongi’s messy blond hair. “Then I’m boring too. I get up, go to work, come home, rinse and repeat.”

Yoongi tilts his head to the side. “That’s not true. You are rarely home. I didn’t even realize someone new was living here because you’re never here. I noticed the changes in the house but I didn’t know someone new was here.”

“That’s cause my friends worry about me and keep asking me out to dinner and to their places.”

“Why are they worried?” Yoongi looks alarmed for a second, eyebrows high and eyes wide. 

Jimin’s throat goes a little tight and he glances down to the counter space between them. “Oh, it’s… I’m fine.” He assures Yoongi because he’s very far from ready to have that conversation with a fairy he literally just met. Even if they seem to get along so well already. 

Yoongi hums, a soft sound but doesn’t press. “You’re not boring, Jimin.”

“Neither are you.” Jimin glances up, lips curled into a soft smile. “You might think you’re boring for a fairy but… You’re a fairy , Yoongi. That’s just… wow, to me.”

“W-wow?” Yoongi stutters, cheeks seemingly permanently pink. 

“Yeah. I’m… what’s the word?” Jimin hums and tilts his head from side to side. “Enchanted? Fascinated?”

“I, goodness Jimin, I’m nothing special.” He mumbles, obviously flustered and quickly flies away to busy himself with cooking. 

“Be nice to my friend Yoongi. I like him a lot.” Jimin says, smiling at the way Yoongi’s wings twitch. “He’s really cool and the best gardener I know. He’s also very pretty and very sweet.”

Yoongi chokes on a gasp and floats down to the counter so he can bury his red face in his hands. “Ji min .”

Jimin giggles softly, happily. “We are friends, aren’t we, Yoongi?”

Yoongi shifts from foot to foot, making soft noises and fluttering his wings. Slowly, shyly, he peeks over his shoulder and Jimin’s heart stutters in his chest at the way his golden eyes are glistening. He looks flustered but also, happy. He looks happy and fond and still a little shy and Jimin just wants… He wants to touch him. Hug him, maybe. But that’s not even possible, is it? Jimin has always been an affectionate human being and it’s a bizarre thing for him to not be able to touch someone. He knows when he can and can not touch people. Some people just don’t like to be touched, but with the way Yoongi is looking at him, well. Jimin’s pretty sure Yoongi wouldn’t mind a hug.  

“Yes, Jimin. I think we’re friends.”

Jimin ignores the way his heart stutters at those words. “Do you need help?” He shifts off the stool to his feet and approaches the stove. “I can cook a little bit.”

Yoongi looks up at him in that way he does, like he can’t believe Jimin is real, and smiles, soft and slow and pretty. “I’d love some help.”

They work around each other very well. Jimin knows how to cook, Yoongi knows how to cook better and they fit around one another so very well it makes Jimin’s chest swell with warmth. Yoongi is so easy to talk with. Sometimes he’s quiet, focusing on whatever task he’s doing and then sometimes he’s chatty, asking Jimin about his work and his friends. 

They eat together at the table when dinner is done. Yoongi has his own plates, silver ware, cups and chopsticks. Everything is mini sized with him and it’s so cute it makes Jimin want to squish his little round cheeks. They make soft conversation over dinner. Yoongi tells Jimin about the market and then about the friend he met with, Taehyung.

Taehyung is an earth fairy, like Yoongi, but he’s much more interesting and much cooler, according to Yoongi. He’s an animal fairy. Yoongi has a slight speciality with animals but Taehyung is an absolute gift with them. He helps the birds and the bees and butterflies and any random stray kitten or puppy who’s lost. Taehyung always has some new crazy story to tell Yoongi when they meet up and Jimin thinks it’s cute how happy Yoongi is when he speaks about his friend. 

When dinner is done, Yoongi insists on helping Jimin clean up and they talk some more while Jimin washes dishes and Yoongi cleans up the kitchen. Jimin tells Yoongi about Namjoon, his best friend, and about Jungkook, his other best friend. Yoongi always listens so intently when Jimin talks, giving him his full attention even while he’s busy and there’s something so very nice about that. It’s nice to know that Yoongi cares to learn about Jimin as much as Jimin cares to learn about him. 

When the dishes are done and the kitchen is cleaned, Yoongi tries to hide his yawn and Jimin remembers the fairy mentioning he goes to bed before the sun. So they bid their goodnights. Jimin is sure to stay up a few more hours but he works in the morning so he won’t be up too late. He notices the way Yoongi lingers after they say goodnight, like maybe he wants to say or do more. But then his cheeks flush slightly and he hurries into his own home, giving Jimin one more little wave before disappearing. 

He’s cute. Yoongi is so very cute. He’s sweet, warm and kind. They get along well and Jimin thinks, he hopes , they’ll spend a lot more time together. Yoongi’s a fairy and that makes him pretty interesting. But he’s also just a very interesting guy in general and Jimin can’t help but feel a little more hopeful about his situation. There’s something nice about knowing he’s not alone in his house anymore. It’s comforting. 

Over the next few weeks, Jimin and Yoongi get to know one another even more. Yoongi is always already awake when Jimin gets up in the morning for work. He already has the coffee ready in the pot and greets Jimin with such a very pretty smile and a soft sleepy little, ‘Morning Jimin’. They make soft conversation over coffee and a light breakfast, sometimes about Jimin’s kids and sometimes about the new fruit Yoongi is trying to grow. It’s easy and simple. And most of all, it’s nice. 

It’s nice to wake up and have someone greet him in the morning. It’s nice to come home after a work day on his feet and have Yoongi greet him from the kitchen with dinner already on the stove. It’s nice to sit down and share a meal with the fairy as he talks about his day and the bunnies he helped. It’s nice to go to sleep at night knowing when he wakes in the morning he won’t be all alone. 

The loneliness does creep up on him from time to time, after Yoongi has gone to sleep and Jimin’s all alone in his bed. Sometimes he wishes he had someone to hold or hold him in return. Sometimes he wishes he has someone to whisper to in the darkness about nothing and everything. Especially on the weekends when he has no obligation to get up in the morning. He has Yoongi, he does. And Jimin likes getting up on the weekends not long after the sun to help Yoongi with the garden. It’s nice to spend time with him, it really is. But Jimin also misses laying around in bed all weekend day wrapped around another warm body and forgetting the rest of the world.

Sometimes, he wishes he could do that with Yoongi. 

And that’s, not too weird of a thought. 

Yoongi is pretty. He’s so very pretty and sweet, kind and thoughtful. He cares about Jimin, he does. Jimin can tell. But they’re friends. And that’s very important to Jimin. Besides, Yoongi is a fairy. He’s tiny. So very tiny he can fit into the palm of Jimin’s hand. Jimin knows that for a fact now because he’s had Yoongi sit in his palm once when they were cooking. He’s even had Yoongi sit on his shoulder a few times, looking flushed and happy as he did so. 

They get along so well and Jimin knows, if Yoongi were human. If Yoongi were just some guy Jimin had met at the grocery store, or his favorite cafe, he would have asked him on a date already. Is it too soon? Maybe. Jimin’s heart was broken but he wasn’t in love, not really. But Jimin likes boys, he likes very pretty, soft, kind boys and Yoongi is all of those things and more. 

Except he’s tiny. He’s a small fairy and Jimin can’t even begin to figure out how that would even work. Is it weird? Is it weird to have feelings for a fairy? Especially after such a horrible breakup that Yoongi doesn't even know about? Perhaps. Jimin doesn’t know what to think and it’s not like he can talk to his best friends about it. They think he’s doing better, since he doesn’t mind being in his home anymore without them. But they have no idea about Yoongi. 

And that’s not because Yoongi asked him to keep him a secret. No, Yoongi said it was fine if he told his friends. If Jimin felt he could trust them with his secret. If Jimin trusted them, Yoongi trusted them. And Jimin did trust his friends. He knew Namjoon and Jungkook would keep Yoongi a secret. But, that would mean having to share him. And maybe it’s selfish, but Jimin isn’t ready to share Yoongi just yet. 

So Jimin tries not to think too hard about it. He tries to focus on his job and his friendships with Yoongi, Namjoon and Jungkook. He still goes to their places for dinner occasionally and Yoongi doesn’t seem to mind at all. He tends to just meet up with Taehyung when Jimin does that. And Jimin hasn’t met Taehyung yet but Yoongi keeps saying he will, which makes Jimin feel even a little more guilty. 

Weeks pass by like this. With Jimin watching the pretty way Yoongi laughs and the way his gold eyes glisten when he’s happy and the way his wings glitter in the sunlight. With Jimin’s heart fluttering every time Yoongi greets him in the morning, cheeks flushed and eyes heavy from sleep. With Jimin burying his head in his pillow at night and secretly wishing he could hug Yoongi just once . Wrap his arms around his little frame and nuzzle into his soft hair. He knows Yoongi smells like flowers. He’s caught the scent when Yoongi sits on his shoulder or flutters by his face. It’s a lovely, soft scent, something he wants to bury his nose in and breathe in. Yoongi’s hair looks so soft, so wonderful to bury his nose in and he wishes he could. He really does. It leaves his chest aching in the middle of the night sometimes and he does his best to not think about it in the morning less Yoongi think there’s something wrong. 

It’s July when Jimin finally meets Taehyung for the first time. Yoongi brings him home after a Sunday at market and invites him to stay for dinner. 

Jimin learns that Yoongi was right. Taehyung is a very interesting, beautiful fairy. He talks animatedly and has a bright bubbly personality that outshines Yoongi’s. He’s beautiful in his own way, with sharp features and pretty eyes. His wings are green, as are his eyes, and his hair is a pretty orange color. He flutters around the house with laughter and happiness and Jimin likes the way Yoongi watches his friend fondly. Taehyung obviously means a lot to Yoongi and it means a lot that he’s introducing him to Jimin. 

The significance is not lost on Jimin in any way. He notices the anxious way Yoongi introduces them, like he worries they won’t get along. And he notices the pretty smile Yoongi tries to hide when he sees them get along swimmingly. Taehyung is easy to talk to, loves to chat and very interested in all the things about Jimin’s life. Unlike Yoongi, he doesn’t interact with humans that much and he has a million random weird questions Jimin’s happy to answer. 

After that night, Jimin decides it’s time he tells his friends. He also decides it’s time he tells Yoongi why he bought this house in the first place. It’s one of the few things Yoongi doesn’t know about him. He knows about his parents, and his younger brother. He knows about the school Jimin grew up in and the school he spent his college years in. He knows about Jimin’s college roommates and the part time jobs he had during school. He knows all the names of Jimin’s kids and the exact way Jimin likes his coffee. He knows so many things. 

But he doesn’t know about Jaemin. He almost doesn't want Yoongi to know about her. But, it’s a part of his life. What she did to him helped craft the person he is today and that’s important. Besides, if Yoongi can, so very shyly, tell Jimin about the single fairy (a boy, to Jimin’s delight and surprise, with ocean eyes and crystal wings) he dated when he was younger with flushed cheeks and shifting eyes, then Jimin can tell Yoongi about the girl who broke his heart. 

Jimin thinks he should tell Yoongi about Jaemin before bringing his friends over to meet him. They’re sure to bring her up, or refer to how worried they were about Jimin before and Yoongi would be lost and confused. Jimin didn’t want Yoongi to think he was purposely keeping things from him. Because he’s not. He’s just… unsure how to start that conversation. He has no idea how to tell his friends about Yoongi, either, but one step at a time. 

Jimin decides to tell Yoongi after dinner one Friday night. He’s tired and a little worn from a library field trip he took with his kids and nearly cried when he came home to dinner already made and Yoongi smiling pretty at him. Jimin decides Yoongi deserves to know. He should know why Jimin spaces out sometimes. Why he looks sad sometimes. And he knows Yoongi sees it because he always gets this look on his face like he wants to ask but isn’t sure if it’s his place.

It’s his place, Jimin wants to say. Please, ask. Make this easier on him. 

But Yoongi is polite, and respectful, and understanding and he doesn’t ask. He waits patiently for Jimin to come to him and Jimin is finally ready. 

The air outside is so thick with heat that Yoongi wasn’t bothered to spend much time in the garden. He likes the warmth more than the cold but even he has his limits. He hurried to water the gardens and take care of his plants before coming back inside where Jimin keeps it comfortably cool. Some of the windows are fogged from the temperature difference and after dinner has been cleaned away, Yoongi joins Jimin in the living room because it’s too early for him to retire for the night. 

He’s made a habit of joining Jimin on the couch after dinner now. He likes curling up on Jimin’s shoulder or on a fluffy pillow and watching with rapt attention the random drama’s and YouTube videos Jimin likes to watch. 

Tonight, Jimin thinks about what he wants to say to Yoongi and finds he doesn't know where to begin. So he settles on the couch with remote in hand and finds one of those new Netflix movies to put on. Yoongi curls up on the pillow tower Jimin created beside him, nice and comfy with his own blanket he likes to keep out for things just like this. It’s nice to just sit together and enjoy a movie like any other normal couple. Even if Jimin can’t cuddle with Yoongi or pet his hair. It’s still nice. 

They’re halfway through the movie when the main character catches her boyfriend out with another woman and something sharp stirs in Jimin’s stomach. He hadn’t thought much about this movie when he clicked on it. He saw it was new, and probably a romcom, and Yoongi likes those so he didn’t think about it. But seeing it, seeing something even slightly similar to what he went through triggers something inside of him. 

“That’s why I moved.” The words tumble from Jimin’s lips, softly spoken but loud enough to be heard over the dramatic music playing on screen. He feels Yoongi shift beside him but can’t manage to glance at him. 

“Hmm?” Yoongi hums. “What is?”

“She cheated on me.”

The air goes a little thick at that and the movie no longer matters. Jimin reaches out with a shaking hand to pause the movie and send them into silence. He feels Yoongi’s gaze on him, intense and a little fierce but he can’t bring himself to look him in the eye. Not yet. Not till he get this out.

“We were together for almost three years. I was, I was gonna ask her to-” Jimin’s surprised by how tight his throat suddenly gets. “I don’t think I loved her. I liked her, sure. We got along and we worked well together, I think. It wasn’t perfect but what relationship is, you know?”

“Jimin.” Yoongi’s voice is soft, so very soft, and filled with emotion. He feels the little hand on his arm, warm like the touch of the sun. “You don’t have to talk about it.”

“I want-I want to tell you.” He brings up his free hand to rub at his eye, an effort to stop himself from crying. He didn’t expect to cry. He thought he was over this. He was sure he could talk about it without getting upset but apparently he was wrong. The wound is more fresh than he thought. “Sorry, I didn’t think I’d get upset. I’m not upset, I’m just. It’s stupid, you know?” He feels Yoongi’s hand on his arm, feels the way he starts to almost pet him gently, soothingly. “I caught her in our bed with another guy and that’s… so fucked up? It’s fucked up. I didn’t deserve that. If she was unhappy, she should have talked to me about it. And I didn’t… I didn’t give her the chance to explain because, what can she say? Nothing excuses what she did. But, that’s why my friends were worried about me. Cause it did mess me up. It threw my life upside down for a while. I had to move out because I couldn’t-Not when she… I lived with Namjoon for a few months and he found this house for me. It’s perfect, really. It was a blessing.” He breathes out, unaware of how shaky he feels. “I just haven’t been alone… ever. I lived with my parents my whole life and then with roommates and then with Jaemin and then… I was alone and it was hard for a while.”

Yoongi’s takes his pause to breathe as a moment to speak. “You didn’t deserve that, Jimin. Nobody does. I… I’m sorry that happened to you.” He sounds genuine and Jimin glances from the corner of his eyes to see Yoongi is looking at him so openly, so caring and it makes his chest throb. “But I am… I’m not glad it happened to you but I am… I’m happy you came here. Does that make sense?”

“Yeah.” Jimin laughs softly, rubbing under his eye to brush away a random stray tear. “I’m glad I came here too. That’s what I was going to say. I want… I want you to know that I’m glad I met you. I wanted you to know that I wasn’t okay, and sometimes I’m still not okay but I… I’m happy I’m here. I’m happy we’re friends.” 

Yoongi purses his lips together for a few seconds and a series of emotions crosses his face before his wings flutter and he lifts into the air. “We are very much friends.” He floats in front of Jimin’s face and carefully presses his small hands to Jimin’s cheeks, his touch so warm it makes his skin flush. “I’m here whenever you want to talk, Jimin. If you get lonely, or sad, I’m here. Just knock on my door. I get sad and lonely sometimes too, so I understand. We can talk about it or we can take your mind off it. I don’t mind.”

Jimin sniffles softly. “You mean it?”

“Of course.” Jimin’s never seen Yoongi looks so serious. “I-I like you very much. I want to always see your pretty smile but I know you can’t always be smiling. Humans have so many emotions they can feel at once. I’m lucky, in a way. I can only shift through emotions a few at a time. But when I feel things, I feel them very strong. Humans feel all those strong feelings at once and I want to help. Let me help.”

“You do help.” Jimin assures him, wishing he could just, hug Yoongi. He could really use a hug. “You’ve helped me a lot, Yoongi.”

And Yoongi smiles, soft and secretive and the prettiest Jimin has ever seen. “You’ve helped me too, Jimin. Nana was lovely, really. We talked all the time but then she was gone and I…” His face goes a little sad for a moment and then he flutters closer and presses his forehead right to the tip of Jimin’s nose. It’s soft, tender, and sweet and makes Jimin’s heart stutter in his chest. “I got lonely. Very lonely. Taehyung did his best but he’s a busy fairy. Then you showed up and… It’s nice. It’s been very nice and I appreciate your friendship so very much.”

“I-I appreciate you too, Yoongi. I, I really like you.”

Yoongi makes a soft sound, like the twinkling of bells and belatedly, Jimin realizes he’s giggling. So very softly. “I like you too, Jimin. You’ll stay around for a while, won’t you?”

“Yeah.” Jimin breathes out. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“Good.” There is the softest press to his cheek that makes him go cross eyed. A kiss. A soft, slightly wet kiss to his cheek before Yoongi flutters away and lands on his thigh. He smiles up at Jimin, flushed with happiness and Jimin wants nothing more than to hug him. 

“I wish I could hug you, sometimes.” 

Yoongi blinks at him before he reaches for Jimin’s hand. Jimin brings his hand close like Yoongi wants and just watches as the fairy wraps himself around Jimin’s fingers, hugging as tightly as he can manage and making Jimin laugh into his other hand. His heart feels so warm and so full, and he gently wraps his fingers around Yoongi’s tiny body, careful of his wings and holds him. 

“Is this enough?” Yoongi murmurs into his skin. 

“More than enough.” Jimin leans over his lap and carefully presses his nose into Yoongi’s hair. It’s soft, tickling his skin and makes him want to sneeze but he smells like flowers and Jimin feels full to bursting. “So much more than enough.”

Yoongi smiles, so pretty and so happy and nuzzles into Jimin’s nose. “If it makes you feel better, I’ll try my best.”

“This makes me feel better, thank you, Yoongi.”

“Anytime.” He promises. 

They stay like that for a while. Nothing else matters aside from the way Yoongi’s skin warms Jimin’s. It’s comforting and not nearly what Jimin wants but the most he’s going to get so he savors it. Eventually, he notices how slow Yoongi’s blinks start to get. The fairy is adorable when he’s sleepy and Jimin doesn’t want to keep him up too late. 

“I want you to meet Namjoon and Jungkook.” Jimin brings up before they say their goodnights. 

Yoongi pauses in crawling out of Jimin’s hand and stares up at him with wide eyes. “Oh?”

“Is that okay?”

“Yes! Um, oh,” Yoongi flushes and flutters his wings into the air until he’s floating, “That’s more than okay. I would love to meet your friends.”

“I haven’t… told them about you yet. I wasn’t sure… how. But, I’m going to. And maybe they can come over tomorrow?”

Yoongi nods, his golden eyes sparkling. “I would like that.”

A smile spreads across Jimin’s face. “Great. Okay, um, cool. I’ll see you in the morning?”

Yoongi hums and darts forward so quickly Jimin thinks he imagines it. But there is no imaging the soft kiss Yoongi gives his cheek or the way his little pale round cheeks flush afterwards. 

“Goodnight, Jimin. Sleep well.”

Jimin swallows hard. “G-Goodnight, Yoongi. Sweet dreams.”

Yoongi looks pleased with himself as he picks up his blanket and gives Jimin another wave before flying off into the kitchen. Jimin hears his door shut and sits there for a solid minute, staring into the space Yoongi once occupied before dropping his head in his hands and biting hard into his bottom lip to stop the stupid grin from spreading across his face. 

The next morning, Jimin asks Namjoon and Jungkook if they can meet up with him for lunch via text messages. Neither of them take that long to get back to him and they’re both more than happy to meet up with him. He’s slightly relieved by that. It’s a Saturday and he expected them to already have plans. He insisted that they not drop any plans they previously made just to have lunch with him and he tries to believe them when they tell him they didn’t have anything else to do. Namjoon said he had some paperwork to do but he could put that off and Jungkook said he was just going to lounge around all day in his underwear playing Overwatch, so no loss there. 

Yoongi seems a little shy but excited when Jimin tells him he might bring his friends home with him later. Jimin, for the most part, is just nervous about the whole thing. He has no doubt that Namjoon and Jungkook are going to like Yoongi, he’s just not sure how they are going to react to him initially. And he hopes, he really hopes, that Yoongi likes his friends. He can’t imagine why the fairy wouldn’t so he tries to stay positive but sometimes those dark thoughts flitter across his mind. 

Jimin leaves Yoongi to his garden, with a sweet goodbye and a soft kiss to his cheek, and takes the fifteen minute drive into the city to meet his best friend’s for lunch at one of their favorite places. It dawns on Jimin, as he’s trying to find parking, that he hasn’t seen them in over a week. He talks to them every day, be it through messages or phone calls or social media posts, but he hasn’t seen their faces in person since the last time he went to Namjoon’s for dinner. He thinks it’s a good thing; means he’s doing better but he hopes they aren’t worrying too much about him. 

MeonJin’s is a very nice cozy traditional Korean restaurant not too far from Jimin’s old apartment. In fact, he drives by the building on his way and seeing the building only leaves a soft spot in his chest. It doesn’t hurt like he thought it might and that is a clear sign he’s getting better. Meonjin’s became their place years ago and most of the staff recognize Jimin as soon as he walks in. The air is warm, smells of delicious food and he can’t help but smile. He’s not surprised Namjoon has arrived before him. He only lives a few minutes away, after all. Jimin’s smile spreads as soon as he sees his tall friend and he nods politely at the hostess before heading off toward the table his friend grabbed for them. 

“Hey, Min!” Namjoon greets him as soon as he spots him, getting to his feet and welcoming him with open arms. Jimin doesn't even hesitate to walk into them, curling his arms around Namjoon’s waist and hugs him tightly. 

Kim Namjoon is a handsome man with perfectly styled and cut short black hair, thick lips, rounded cheeks, a flat nose and cute little cheek dimples every time he smiles. He’s a good head taller than Jimin and currently dressed in loose black slacks and a stylish patterned open shirt over a white tank. Jimin presses his nose into Namjoon’s shoulder as they share a hug and he smells like sandalwood. 

“Hi Joon.” Jimin greets as they pull apart. He smiles at the way Namjoon looks him over, like he’s checking to make sure the smile on Jimin’s face is genuine and that he’s really alright. “It’s good to see you.”

“You too.” Namjoon grins, his cheeks creating dimples and he motions for Jimin to sit down as he moves to do the same. 

Jimin sits down opposite of him at the square table, leaving the chairs on either side of them empty for Jungkook to pick one. “Thanks for coming out last notice.”

Namjoon waves a hand at him, looking genuinely happy to see Jimin, as he always does. They’ve been friends for so long, care for each other so much and Jimin always loves spending time with his best friends. “Don’t even mention it. I was going to work all day and I shouldn’t be doing that on a Saturday. I’d rather spend time with you and Kook, anyway.”

Jimin hums happily and settles in his chair. “Where is that kid anyway?” He checks his phone to make sure he didn’t miss a message from Jungkook but time tells him they’re both a few minutes early anyway and Jungkook always likes to be exactly on time. “Mm, he should be here soon.”

Namjoon nods and they both pause when their waitress comes up to greet them. They order drinks and get a coke for Jungkook because they both know him that well. Namjoon speaks up again once she walks away. 

“How are you doing, Jimin?” He asks softly, concerned but not wanting to push. Jimin always liked that about him. 

“I’m good.” He answers honestly. “I have my ups and downs but I'm feeling better.”

“I can tell.” Namjoon sounds relieved. “You’re posting more on Instagram and you just seem to be in a better mood lately.”

“I am.” Jimin promises. “It’s um, I wanted to talk to you guys about it, actually.”

Namjoon’s dark brows raise slightly in interest. “Yeah?” Then something catches his eye behind Jimin and he breaks out in a smile. “Kid’s here.”

Jimin twists around with a smile on his face and spots Jungkook near the hostess stand. He spots them at the same time and a smile breaks out on his face as he lifts a hand in a wave and shuffles toward them. 

Jeon Jungkook is also a handsome man. He’s three years younger than Jimin, making him four years younger than Namjoon. He’s also tall, nearly as tall as Namjoon but not quite. He works out like a damn muscle pig and his body reflects that, making him much larger than both Namjoon and Jimin. But, he looks good. He always looks good. His ear length black hair is slightly curled around his face and parted in the middle making his pretty face look even prettier. His eyes used to be too large for his face, back when Jimin first met him, but now they fit perfectly with his larger nose, pouted mouth and thin cheeks. He’s dressed exactly like a college student in jeans and a black hoodie with some random English writing on the front. He smells like flowers when Jimin hugs him, but not like the flowers Yoongi smells like. Yoongi’s scent is more natural, like a spring breeze on a sunny day. Jungkook has some type of perfume on and though it smells nice, it’s obviously artificial. 

“What’s up, what’s up?” Jungkook gives Namjoon a hug as well once he releases Jimin. “I’m freakin’ starving.”

“When aren’t you?” Jimin teases lightly, reaching out to tuck some hair behind Jungkook’s pierced ear. “We ordered drinks already.”

“Sweet.” Jungkook gives him a bright smile and joins them in their seats, picking up a menu as if he doesn’t already have the damn thing memorized. 

They fall into conversation easily as they always do while they figure out what to eat. Namjoon talks about his new client at work and how his budding relationship with the baker whose name he has yet to give them is going. Jungkook talks about his classes and how happy he is the end of the semester is coming up. He’s going back to Busan for a month and had invited Jimin along, something he nearly forgot. He would like to see his parents but he also doesn’t want to deal with the pity his mother is bound to have. He takes a rain-check on that visit and Jungkook understands without question. 

It’s after they’ve given their waitress their orders and she’s refilled Jungkook’s coke that Jimin decides it’s time he brings up why he really invited them out. 

“So,” Jimin starts, fumbling nervously with his hands in his lap, twisting the silver ring on his thumb, as they turn their full attention on him, “There’s um, a reason I asked you guys to meet with me today.”

Jungkook’s eyebrows perk up. “Jeeze hyung, so professional there.”

Namjoon nudges Jungkook’s arm with a soft look before giving Jimin his full attention. “Was there something you wanted to talk to us about?”

“Yeah.” Jimin swallows hard. “There’s um…” He trails off slightly and hums. They wait patiently for him to gather his thoughts and though they look slightly concerned, they also look eager to hear what he has to say. “I met someone.” The words just spill out of his mouth and he’s surprised himself. Though his surprise doesn’t come close to the surprise on his friend’s faces. 

“Wait what?” Jungkook mumbles out.

Namjoon’s eyes are wide and his lips are parted in surprise as he glances between Jungkook and Jimin. “Sorry, Min. Did you just say you met someone?”

“Yeah I-”

“Hyung, I love you.” Jungkook interrupts, his brow furrowed and his lips curled downwards slightly as he leans across the table toward Jimin. The look on his face makes Jimin snap his mouth shut in surprise. “You know that right? But you can’t seriously be telling me you met someone already.”

“Well I-”

“Of course you’re free to do as you please.” Namjoon interrupts, giving Jungkook a slightly disapproving glance before giving Jimin a reassuring smile. “But I do have to… worry a little bit. You’ve been through a lot lately, Min. And I’m not sure ‘meeting someone’ is such a, well, good idea.”

“It’s dumb, is what it is.” Jungkook states, crossing his arms over his chest as he leans back in his chair and ignores the pointed look Namjoon gives him. “I mean, everyone can rebound, sure, but like, you got fucked up, hyung.” Jungkook worries his bottom lip between his teeth and Jimin can see the concern in his eyes. “It hasn’t even been that long.”

“I’m not-I know that.” Jimin rushes to say. 

“And of course we support you in whatever you do.” Namjoon stresses with a glance at Jungkook who nods. “But we also… we worry, Min. I can’t see dating someone new as a good idea right now.”

“W-Wait.” Jimin gasps, eyes wide as he waves his hands in front of himself. “I’m not- We’re not-”

“And of course you can do as you please. Of course we don’t want to interfere too much in your love life.” Namjoon continues. “But after everything that happened with… her you might need some time to recover and adjust.”

“Yeah, I mean, hooking up is fine and all.” Jungkook adds, nodding his head. “But if you’re gonna get serious and stuff, I don’t know if it’s too soon or whatever.”

“Guys-” Jimin tries to stress only to be interrupted again by Jungkook. 

“And since you’re telling us about this it must be somewhat serious but I don’t know, hyung. It’s only been a handful of months and you’ve only just recently started to seem sort of okay. I don’t want you to get serious with someone only to get hurt again. That’s a lot of hurt in a short period of time.”

“I’m not- He’s not gonna hurt me.” Jimin almost whines in an attempt to be heard. He notices the way Jungkook’s eyebrow perks at the word ‘he’. “Yoongi is my friend . I made a new friend .”

The air around them goes thick for a moment before Jungkook starts laughing softly, rubbing a hand over his face. “Shit, wow, okay.”

“Oh.” Namjoon breathes a sigh of relief. “A friend. You met a new friend.”

“Y-Yes.” Jimin swallows hard, heart pattering in his throat. “Yoongi is my new friend.”

Jungkook snickers and smiles teasingly at Jimin, folding his arms on the table. “Just friends? That blush on your face says otherwise.”

“Who is Yoongi, Jimin?” Namjoon pointedly ignores Jungkook. 

“A friend.” Jimin mumbles, a bit embarrassed. “We’ve um, we’ve become pretty close and I wanted to tell you guys about him because I want you all to meet.”

“Him?” Jungkook’s lips quirk up even more.

“Is he the reason you’ve brightened up lately?” Namjoon asks.

“Yes.” Jimin sips on his water, hoping to ease the burning in his throat. “He’s… yeah. Yoongi’s… really sweet. He’s helped me take my mind off of all this stuff.”

Namjoon and Jungkook share a look . “My original statement still stands.” Jungkook says. “I’m not gonna let you make any dumb decisions while you’re hurting, hyung.”

Jimin blinks. “I’m not… Kook, we’re just friends. And I’m not hurting. Well, not as much as I was.”

“Because of him?” Namjoon guesses, looking pretty unsure. 

“I… Yeah? I guess. I don’t know. He’s just nice, Joon. He’s nice to be around and takes my mind off of the bad stuff.”

“Isn’t that what a rebound is?” Jungkook asks aloud, tapping a finger against his chin. Jimin kicks him under the table and thrives on the way he winces. “Hyung.” He nearly whines.

“We’re not dating.” Jimin clarifies. “Yoongi is my friend. That’s it.”

“Okay.” Namjoon soothes. “You’re friends. Yoongi is your friend.” Jimin nods. “But, and just, please be honest with us here Jimin and please don’t get upset but, we know you. I don’t want to assume we know you better than anyone else but-”

“We totally know you better than anyone else.”

Namjoon side eyes Jungkook who looks smug. “ But ,” he stresses, “We know you pretty well and I know the look you get when you’re interested in someone. You get bright and you practically glow. Shit, Min, I haven’t seen you smile the way you smiled when you got here in a very long time.”

“You’ve got a fucking crush, Hyung.” Jungkook shrugs. “It’s written all over your face.”

Jimin opens and closes his mouth a few times because he doesn't even know what to say. This was not how this conversation was supposed to go. 

“And that’s okay!” Namjoon assures him. “It’s okay to have feelings. It’s okay to want to move on. We support you no matter what you do, don’t we Kook?”

“Well Duh.” Jungkook scoffs. “I trust you enough to make the right choices, Hyung. I just want you to think about what you’re doing.”

“You’ve been through a lot. And your heart is still healing. It’s very easy to get lost in someone who makes you feel good when you’re not feeling well at all.” Namjoon sits up straighter. “I’m not going to try and tell you how you feel or that your feelings are invalid. I just… I want you to really think about what you’re feeling. Is it a rebound crush or is it something more real? I know you’re not the type to just jump into things Min and I support whatever you do. But as your friends, I think we’re allowed to be a little cautious and apprehensive.”

Jimin feels bewildered. He feels like a fish out of water and he’s gripping his thighs so tight he can feel his nails clawing through the fabric of his jeans. “We’re just friends, guys, seriously.”

“Yeah, for now.” Jungkook throws out. “But can you honestly tell me you don’t want a little more?”

He’s been caught. How did Jimin ever fucking think his best friends wouldn’t seen right through him? How did he think they wouldn’t be able to read his heart almost better than he could? 

“I…” He swallows hard and ducks his head. “It’s just… He makes me feel good. I-I’m allowed that, aren’t I?”

“Of course you are.” Jungkook reaches out and finds one of Jimin’s hands under the table. He curls their fingers together tightly and when Jimin glanes up, Jungkook has a fierce but loving look on his face. “All we want is for you to feel good, hyung. We just don’t want you to fall afterwards.”

Jimin grips Jungkook’s strong hand with all his might. “I’m okay, Kook. Really.” He glances at Namjoon who’s lips quirk into a fond smile. “I’m okay, I promise. Yoongi helps me like you guys help me. As a friend. Just because I might… think he’s the prettiest thing I’ve ever seen before doesn’t mean I’m going to get hurt.”

Jungkook’s grin makes his heart flutter and he’s sure his cheeks are very red. “That pretty, huh?”

“The prettiest.” Jimin breathes out.

“And you want us to meet him?” Namjoon asks just as the waitress returns with their food. They pause the conversation long enough to get all their food settled and start taking bites of delicious dishes. 

“Yeah, I want you guys to meet him.” He hums around a bite of kimchi and rice. “I was thinking, if you’re not busy after this, we can go back to my place.”

Jungkook glances at him with wide eyes. “You want us to meet him today?”

“At your house?” Namjoon’s brow furrows. “Why didn’t you just invite him to eat with us?”

“Oh.” Jimin fumbles with his chopsticks. “Yoongi is… Um, He’s sort of shy? Public places make him feel awkward.” It’s not exactly a lie. Yoongi has mentioned before that even though he loves going to market, he feels so awkward and unsure around so many other fairies. 

“What, is he just waiting at your house or something?” Jungkook asks between bites.

“No.” Jimin answers a little too quickly and they both catch it. “It’s um, not exactly. He’s just, uh, nearby.”

“Is he your neighbor?” Namjoon asks.

“Yes! Yes, Yoongi’s my neighbor!” Jimin jumps at the suggestion because it’s not exactly wrong. “That’s how we met. He’s my neighbor.”

“That makes a lot of sense.” Namjoon observes. “You live in a very nice neighborhood. I was wondering if anyone would stop by and introduce themselves.”

Jimin doesn't have the heart to tell Namjoon that wasn’t exactly what happened. He’s not even sure how to approach the subject of Yoongi living in his house, seeing as how they reacted to him possibly dating someone new, let alone that said man is a fairy. 

Jimin knows his friends. Jungkook is a skeptic. He's a ‘got to see it before he believes it’ kind of guy. Namjoon is a bit more open minded. He would be skeptical but he would believe Jimin for the most part, even if it seemed unbelievable. But Jimin thinks seeing is a lot easier than explaining. Perhaps not telling them Yoongi is a fairy before they meet him isn’t the best idea but Jimin doesn’t know what else to do. 

“What’s he like?” Jungkook asks. “Must be pretty great to get you out of your head.”

Jimin flushes and ducks his head slightly as he eats. “He’s just… very sweet. We get along really well. We can talk about pretty much anything and it’s a good time. He also, well, he’s a gardener and he’s been helping me with the plants around my house. So I’ve been outside a lot more than usual and that’s pretty nice too.”

“Ah, I thought you were getting tanner.” Jungkook muses with a wink and a smile.  

“That sounds really nice, Jimin.” And Namjoon’s smile is so soft and genuine it makes Jimin melt a little bit. His friends care so much for him and sometimes he thinks he doesn’t deserve it but all the time he’s thankful for them. 

“Yeah… We’re good friends. He introduced me to his best friend and I thought it was about time he met you guys as well. I’ve told him all about you.”

“That serious, huh?” Jungkook wiggles his eyebrows and Jimin kicks him again, only much softer this time and giggles into his napkin. 

“I just like him a lot.”

“That’s all that matters, Min.”

They finish up their lunch with mild conversation about Yoongi and the rest of Jimin’s life. How his kids are doing, how he’s adjusting to living alone and to his new home. He tells them how great Yoongi is at gardening and might slip in how pretty he is only a handful of times. He pointedly ignores the knowing glances his friends share. They love and support him and that’s all that matters. So what if Jimin has a crush on the fairy who lives in his wall? There’s not really much he can do about it. Besides, he’s pretty sure Yoongi doesn’t feel that way about him. Sure, Yoongi cares a lot about him but that doesn’t mean he wants to kiss Jimin the way Jimin wishes he could kiss Yoongi. 

Once lunch is done and paid for, Namjoon and Jungkook follow Jimin into his car for the drive back to his house. Jungkook doesn’t own a car, relies more on public transportation and Namjoon has a car, he just doesn't drive it very much unless he has to drive farther than the inner city. So it makes sense that Jimin drives his friends to his home. They’ve both been there a handful of times but they haven’t been by in a few weeks. Jimin preferred to meet up with them outside of the house and ever since meeting Yoongi, Jimin hasn’t met up with them nearly as much. 

More than halfway to Jimin’s house, he decides to speak up once more in an attempt to warn his friends what they’re about to walk into. 

“Um, one more thing about Yoongi.” He speaks softly, the radio playing soft pop music in the otherwise silent care. Jungkook is sitting in the back, watching the scenery pass by and Namjoon is in the passenger seat beside Jimin, fiddling with his phone and probably doing work he doesn’t need to be doing. He puts his phone away as soon as Jimin speaks and Jungkook makes a noise to let them know he’s listening. 

“Yoongi’s um... He’s a little different.”

Namjoon twists in his seat to better face Jimin and he sees Jungkook leaning forward in his seat through the rear-view mirror. “You said he’s shy.” Namjoon says.

“Oh, yeah. Sorta of. I didn’t mean different personality wise. I mean he… Looks different.” His fingers curl a little tighter around the steering wheel.

“Oh, you know we wouldn’t judge or anything, Jimin.” Namjoon assures him. 

“I know that. I’m just warning you, I guess. He’s um, he’s really different and I don’t want you guys to walk in thinking he’s going to be just like… an average guy. Cause he’s… He’s just not.”

“Don’t stare; got it.” Jungkook nods his head firmly.

“No, I mean, I’m sure you can stare. Yoongi doesn't mind being looked at.”

Jungkook crinkles his nose and Namjoon tilts his head in confusion. “I’m afraid you’re going to have to give us a little more to go on, Min.”

Jimin purses his lips. “I can’t really, um, explain it. Just, expect the unexpected, okay? It’s easier to show you then try to explain.”

“I’m sure it’ll be fine, Min.” Namjoon assures him. “If you like him so much, I have no doubt we will too.”

“Yeah, no matter how weird he looks.”

“He doesn’t look weird .” Jimin rolls his eyes. “Just different. You’ll see.”

“Oh, I’m excited now.” Jungkook claps his hands.

“You weren't before? Wow, Kook, thanks.” Jimin deadpans.

“No! I was excited but now there’s more mystery to it.” Jungkook curls his hands over the shoulders of Namjoon’s seat and leans as far forward as his seatbelt will allow. “Like is he missing an arm or something?”

Jimin snorts. “You’ll see.”

Jungkook ponders aloud a few more things Yoongi could be, not a single one even close to the truth and Jimin grows giddy as they get closer to his home. His best friends are about to meet the fairy who has come to mean a lot to him. He’s pretty excited about it, even though he’s nervous as well. 

Jimin pulls into the driveway at nearly two in the afternoon and he ponders if Yoongi is done doing all the garden work yet. The air is a little thick and muggy, so he assumes Yoongi made quick work of his garden because he doesn’t like being outside in the heat for too long. He did warn Yoongi he would bring his friends back to meet him but he never did give Yoongi any specific time. He hopes it’s okay. 

“Oh wow, the flowers look amazing.” Namjoon states, his eyes wide as they all crawl out of the car. The air is sticky and much too warm and Jimin can’t wait to get inside. “Has Yoongi been helping you?”

“Yes.” Jimin grins at him as they walk up to his front door and he fiddles with his keys to unlock the door. “He knows so much about taking care of plants and flowers. He’s helped me a lot!”

“Cute.” Jungkook muses from behind him. 

“Where does Yoongi live?” Namjoon asks casually, twisting his head around to look at the few houses within view, trying to pick out which one might be Yoongi’s. 

“Oh, um. Why don’t you just come in? It’s so hot out here.” Jimin laughs softly and shoves open his front door, offering for his friends to enter first. 

“Why did I wear long sleeves?” Jungkook mumbles to himself as he hurries past Jimin into the coolness of his home. Namjoon follows after him laughing and Jimin shuts the door behind them, sealing them in the cool air of his home. Jungkook busies himself with tugging off his hoodie while Namjoon glances around the living room politely while removing his shoes. 

“It looks very nice in here.” Namjoon compliments.

“Thanks.” Jimin smiles at him as he removes his shoes as well, nudging Jungkook to do the same once his hoodie has been tugged off. “I’m still trying to arrange stuff how I like it. It’s weird to not have to worry about what other people think and just decorate to make myself happy.”

“It looks very you.” Jungkook praises as he kicks his shoes off beside Namjoon’s. “You still thinking about painting the walls?”

Jimin hums. “Yeah, I’d like to paint my bedroom at least. Maybe yellow?”

“I thought baby blue was your favorite color.” Namjoon questions while he looks over the few pictures Jimin has hung, mostly of the three of them and his family. 

“It is.” Jimin blinks. “But yellow is so bright and happy. And pretty.”

“Maybe paint the living room yellow.” Jungkook suggests. “The bedroom is for sleep and sexy things. A darker color would be better.”

“Sexy things.” Jimin deadpans. “I thought I was too emotionally unstable for those things.”

Jungkook winces and glances at Jimin guiltily. “I didn’t mean it like that, hyung.”

Jimin sighs and waves him off. “I know, I know.” He breathes in and turns toward the kitchen. “Yoongi~.” He calls out, shuffling into the kitchen. “Yoongi, I’m home.”

“Wait is he here?” Jungkook perks up, hurrying after Jimin while Namjoon looks baffled as he follows a few seconds later. 

“He hasn’t been waiting this whole time has he? You should have told us, Jimin. It’s rude to make him wait.”

Jimin tries to hide his grin by biting into his lower lip. “It’s fine. Yoongi, I brought my friends.”

“I'm in here, Jimin.” Yoongi calls from the kitchen, voice light, raspy but sweet and Jimin quickens his pace until he enters the kitchen with his friends behind him. 

He spots Yoongi immediately. He’s standing on the island counter dressed in his long sleeved white button up and matching white pants that hug his legs well. His feet are bare and his glistening yellow wings twitch behind him slowly. It looks like he put in some effort to make his mess of pale blond hair less messy and his cheeks are flushed a pretty pink color. He smiles as soon as he sees Jimin and Jimin’s heart clenches in his chest. He looks so pretty standing there, hands clutched behind his back. He looks shy, gaze fluttering around but he looks excited, flushed with warmth. 

“Hey, Yoongi.” Jimin’s voice goes soft, the way it always does when he greets Yoongi. He approaches him without much thought, momentarily forgetting his friends. “Did you finish up the garden?”

“I did!” Yoongi rolls on his bare feet, eyes fluttering prettily. “It was an easy day. I even got a nap in.” He laughs softly and tilts his head, glancing at the two men standing with Jimin absolutely gobsmacked. “Are these your friends?”

Jimin grins and twists around to introduce his friends. Namjoon is completely frozen a step behind Jimin, eyes locked on the little fairy standing on Jimin’s counter while Jungkook’s eyes look ready to pop out of his damn skull. He looks about ready to unhinge his jaw from how wide his mouth is open. Jimin giggles, amused and points at each of them respectively. “Yoongi, this is Namjoon and Jungkook. Guys, this is Yoongi.”

Yoongi flushes a little more and bows his head slightly. “Hello, nice to meet you.”

For a moment it’s quiet. His friends remain frozen and Jimin starts to wonder if maybe telling them first was a better idea but it’s too late now. When he glances at Yoongi, the fairy has his eyes narrowed slightly at him. 

“You didn’t tell them, did you?”

Jimin hunches his shoulders up and shows his teeth. “I thought showing them was easier than telling them.”

Yoongi sighs, shaking his head and pressing the heel of his palm against his forehead. “Not all humans are as accepting as you, Jimin.”

“They’re just shocked. They’ll love you.”

“Uh.” Jungkook finally speaks, snapping his mouth shut as he stands up straighter and glances from Yoongi to Jimin, his expression alarmed. “Hey, Jimin, not to be rude but what the fuck is on your counter?”

“That is rude.” Namjoon finally speaks, clearing his throat and cutting his eyes at Jungkook. “Excuse him,” Namjoon says to Yoongi who perks up at being spoken to, “He loses his manners when he’s surprised.” Namjoon’s expression is kind and it makes Jimin smile. He knew Namjoon would understand. 

“Oh.” Yoongi breathes out, fluttering his eyes as his wings start to flutter a little more. “It’s alright. He’s allowed to be surprised.”

“He’s so cute.” Jungkook mumbles, eyes still wide as he moves past Jimin and drops down to curl his fingers over the edge of the counter and rest his chin on the surface so he’s level with Yoongi who flushes even more at the attention. “He’s-What the fuck , Jimin. He’s so pretty.”

“I told you he was pretty.” Jimin tries to hide his giggles behind his hand. 

Yoongi looks startled when he glances at Jimin, his eyes wide and his cheeks and nose flushed so cutely. “I-” He clears his throat. “I am not.”

“You are.” Jungkook breathes out, sounding in awe. “What are you?”

“I’m a garden fairy.” Yoongi straightens up a bit. 

“A fairy.” Namjoon murmurs as he shakes his head, laughing fondly. “Only you, Jimin. Only you would make friends with a fairy.”

“He lives in my wall.” Jimin points out.

“Of course he does.”

“Hi, Yoongi.” Jungkook carefully offers out his hand in the same way Jimin had when he first met Yoongi. “I’m Jungkook.”

“Hello, Jungkook.” Yoongi’s smile is like sunshine when he takes Jungkook’s finger tip between his hands. Jimin sees the way Jungkook’s body shivers and he can’t help but grin because he knows what that feels like. Yoongi might be small but his touch is so warm it’s enchanting. 

Oh .” Jungkook breathes out, clearly enchanted by Yoongi. “You’re so pretty, Yoongi. Look at your wings. Can you fly?”

“I can.” Yoongi releases Jungkook’s finger and flutters his wings to lift into the air. 

“Wow.” Jungkook gasps. 

“So yeah. This is Yoongi.” Jimin chuckles. “The garden fairy who lives in my wall. He was here first but he’s been very accommodating.”

“You’re the one who has been accommodating.” Yoongi argues gently, nose still a pretty pink color. “He’s been very kind to me.” He says to Jungkook who nods eagerly, clearly enamored. Jimin knows the feeling. “He speaks very highly of you both.” Yoongi turns his attention to Namjoon. “I’m honored to meet you.”

“We’re the ones honored.” Namjoon says and Jungkook eagerly nods in agreement. “We were pretty worried about Jimin here but he’s been doing a lot better lately. Apparently, that’s thanks to you.”

Yoongi flushes and drops back to the counter. “Oh, I haven’t done much. Just kept him company.”

“And that’s plenty.” Namjoon joins Jungkook at the counter but pulls up a stool instead of crouching. “Seriously Yoongi, thank you.”

Yoongi shifts from foot to foot and glances at Jimin shyly, unable to hide his smile. “He’s kept me company too. We help each other, I think.”

Jimin can’t help but smile so brightly it’s nearly hard for him to see. 

“What’s it like being a fairy?” Jungkook asks. “What do you eat? Do you make your own clothes?” He gasps and bounces slightly in his excitement. “Can you do magic?”

Yoongi grins, like beams of sunshine and claps his little hands together. “Oh, I like you, Jungkook. You’re cute.”

“You’re cute!” Jungkook argues. “Why does Jimin get the cute fairy in his wall? I want a cute fairy in my wall.”

“Taehyung would like you.” Yoongi chuckles behind his hands. 

Jungkook’s eyes light up. “Is Taehyung a fairy too?”

“He is. He’s my best friend.”

“Why don’t we all sit down and chat for awhile?” Namjoon offers, glancing at Jimin who is still just standing there. 

“Yeah, we can do that. The living room? More comfy in there.”

“Sure.” Namjoon moves to get up and pushes the stool back in. Jungkook waits until Yoongi lifts into the air and he watches, fascinated, as Yoongi flies through the air and lands on Jimin’s shoulder. He’s gotten into the habit of doing that lately and Jimin doesn't mind at all. 

“Hey there.” Jimin chuckles, reaching up to give Yoongi’s head a gentle pat with his finger. 

“Hello~.” Yoongi greets, sitting down with his legs folded and his wings fluttering. 

“Yellow.” Jungkook muses. “Yellow is bright and happy and pretty.” He chuckles softly, sharing a knowing look with Namjoon who tries to hide his smile. Jimin doesn’t hear them, doesn’t see the soft fond way they watch him as he carries Yoongi into the living room because he’s a little too lost in those stunning gold eyes. 

Conversation is always easy to find and Jimin is pleased how Yoongi fits in with them. He’s not always super talkative. Most of the time he likes to hum to himself softly while he takes care of his garden and Jimin waters the plants. It’s always a comfortable silence with Yoongi but he also has no issue talking for hours about nothing in particular. 

Tonight, is one of those nights. Yoongi stays settled on Jimin’s shoulder for most of the night and talks animatedly with his hands as he tries to answer all the random questions Jungkook has to throw at him. Sometimes he stumbles over his words but it’s cute and no one says anything about it. Watching Yoongi talk is one of Jimin’s favorite things to do and he’s pleased to watch the fairy interact with his best friends. 

He realizes, halfway through the night, that he never had anything to be nervous about. Of course his friends like Yoongi and of course Yoongi likes them in return. How could he ever think they wouldn’t? They get along so well and it makes Jimin feel all warm and fuzzy in the pit of his stomach. 

They chat for hours about the simple things Yoongi does about his day and knows about his fairy kind. Jimin even learns a few things about him.

Like about his family, which are all ‘dark’ fairies. Apparently, Yoongi comes from a long line of dark fairies and somehow, someway, he was born light. No one knows how or why, just that it happens sometimes. Because of their nature differences, Yoongi doesn’t speak to his family. But he waves and smiles brightly when they get concerned for him. He tells them he has Taehyung, and a few other fairy friends and now he has Jimin. He’s fine, more than fine. 

He also learns that fairies don’t choose their natures, magic or specialties. They are simply born with them. And Yoongi’s magic does have a limit, though he doesn’t explain what that limit could be. He explains how his magic is different from Taehyung’s magic. How Taehyung’s magic is more intense and blinding while Yoongi’s is soft, slow, like the first rays of sunshine as they peek over the horizon. All fairies are different, Yoongi tells them, just like all humans are different. And that fascinates Jungkook to no end. 

When it gets too late and Namjoon decides it’s time for them to head back home, Jimin is nearly thrilled that his friends like Yoongi. He can see it in the fond way Namjoon smiles at him and the wide eyed child-like awed way Jungkook looks at him. Yoongi likes them, Jimin is sure. The way he smiles, pretty and bright, and the way he doesn't hesitate to pat Jungkook’s cheek. It’s wonderful, really. 

Jimin insists on driving them back to the city but Namjoon chooses otherwise. He’s already called a cab before Jimin can even offer and he wants to pout about it. He drove his friends all the way out here, he thought it was best if he drove them back. But Namjoon insists. There’s no reason for Jimin to drive all the way into the city just to come all the way back this late at night. 

And it is late. It’s pushing past eleven and Jimin notices the way Yoongi’s eyes blink a little slower and his body sways as he flies. He must be exhausted. He never stays up so late but he did so for Jimin’s friends. Friends who are now, hopefully, Yoongi’s as well. 

While they wait in the entryway of Jimin’s house for the cab to arrive, Namjoon gentle grasps Jimin’s wrist and pulls him to the side. Yoongi is busy fluttering around Jungkook’s face, fixing his messy black waves and answering the few lingering questions he still has left. It’s so cute, so affectionate, it makes Jimin’s chest swell.  

“Min, you remember what we were talking about before?” Namjoon whispers softly to him and Jimin shifts his eyes to his older friend to give him full attention. 


“About you dating so soon?”

Jimin blinks, a heat curling up the back of his neck as he quickly glances at Yoongi. “Y-Yeah. We’re not-”

“I know.” Namjoon’s voice is soft, the type of soft it only gets when he’s feeling extra fond. Even his expression is fond and Jimin swallows hard. “I know, Min. But about what we said… Forget it. I’m sorry for not listening to you to begin with. But thank you for introducing us. He means a lot to you; I can tell.”

Jimin blinks at him in surprise. “I, well yeah, of course. You all mean a lot to me. It just made sense for you to meet.”

Namjoon’s lips curl up in one corner, a soft knowing smile that forms a dimple in one cheek. He curls one hand over Jimin’s shoulder, giving it a squeeze that makes Jimin automatically smile. “It’s not too soon, Jimin. Not like this. I can't even begin to imagine how it’ll work but-”

“Hyung!” Jimin hisses, stepping closer to Namjoon so Yoongi and Jungkook don’t hear. His cheeks are flushed, perhaps even the tips of his ears are tinted red as he quickly grabs a fistful of Namjoon’s shirt near his waist. “It’s not-We’re not-”

“Jimin.” Namjoon nearly sighs his name and gently brushes his knuckles over Jimin’s cheek in a tender comforting gesture. “I know . But if you were, if it were to ever become something. Remember that I,” He glances at Jungkook who is grinning so brightly at whatever Yoongi is telling him that his eyes have disappeared, “ we support you.”

Jimin’s heart skips in his chest. It’s such a Namjoon thing to say but it makes Jimin’s eyes feel a little funny, like maybe he’s going to cry. Because, truthfully, all Jimin wants is to be okay . And with Yoongi, with Namjoon and Jungkook, he’s okay. He doesn’t know what he feels for Yoongi means but he knows it’s important and it’s something he needs to treasure. Yoongi is a treasure, a gift, a blessing. Someone he needed at a time he didn’t know he needed them and the mixture of emotions swirling through Jimin’s body is almost overwhelming. Knowing that his best friends approve of whatever is going on makes Jimin almost unable to control himself. 

Namjoon sees it, as he always does. He catches the hitch in Jimin’s breath and pulls him in for a hug under the guise of saying goodbye. Jimin’s thankful. He doesn't want to cry in front of Yoongi; not again and not right now. Namjoon holds him tightly, tucks Jimin’s head into his throat with a gentle hand to the back of his head and Jimin takes a moment to breathe.

“Text me when you get home.” Jimin murmurs, inhaling deeply before finally pulling away with a shy smile. 

“Don’t stay up too late.” Namjoon says with a final pat to his shoulder. 

“Say that to Kook.”

“Hey, I’ve got shit all to do tomorrow.” Jungkook rejoins them along with Yoongi who flutters over sleepily and rests on Jimin’s shoulder. “I’m a grown ass adult, if I wanna stay up till 4am playing Overwatch, you can’t stop me.”

Jimin and Namjoon chuckle while Yoongi tries to hide a yawn behind his hands. “Yes, Yes, Kookie.” Jimin reaches forward to smush Jungkook’s cheeks between his hands and makes kissy faces at him. “You’re a big boy now.”

“Ew, stop, hyung.” Jungkook nearly whines and hardly tries to shove Jimin’s hands away from him because secretly, he likes it. Technically, he is an adult but he’ll always be that lanky shy kid Jimin met all those years ago. He might look like a damn vampire these days but he’s still a big baby and Jimin loves him. 

“Ah, cab’s here.” At Namjoon’s words, Jimin finally releases him and though Jungkook’s cheeks are a little flushed in embarrassment, his eyes are sparkling. 

“Okay, have a safe trip home. Text me when you get there.” Jimin opens his arms for a hug and Jungkook meets him, careful of Yoongi still on his shoulder. 

“It was lovely to meet you both.” Yoongi murmurs, the smile on his face a little soft and sleepy. 

“So cute.” Jungkook mumbles after he pulls back from Jimin’s hug and then leans forward to gently press the tip of his finger against Yoongi’s head. “Nice to meet you too, Yoongi. We’ll hang out again soon, yeah?”

Yoongi nods slowly. “Mhm. I’ll bring Tae with me next time.”

Jungkook’s eyes light up. “Yeah, that’d be cool.”

“It’s been a pleasure, Yoongi.” Namjoon bows his head slightly and Yoongi does the same. 

“You’ll have to tell me more about your baker next time.” Yoongi teases lightly, making Namjoon’s cheeks flush slightly and Jungkook and Jimin to snicker. 

“Y-Yeah. Sure.”

And with that, they bid their goodbyes and Jimin watches from his doorway as Jungkook and Namjoon climb into the cab and take off into the night. He hums softly as he closes the door and smiles at the way Yoongi is still trying to suppress his yawns. 

“Thanks for staying up with us, Yoongi. You could have gone to bed anytime.”

“I lost track of time.” Yoongi mumbles as he rubs his eyes with both fists. “Your friends are very nice. I liked talking to them.”

“They like you too.” Jimin flicks off the lights in the entryway and the living room before trailing into the kitchen. 

“I’m happy.” Yoongi says softly, finally fluttering off Jimin’s shoulder to gently land on the island counter. He looks so sleepy, his blinks so very slow and his wings drooping.

Jimin can’t help but smile fondly at him, leaning down on the counter to gently reach out and brush his thumb over pale blond hair. “Me too, Yoongi. Today was a good day.”

Yoongi hums his agreement, smiling sleepily as he tilts his head into Jimin’s touch. “I’ll take all the good days I can get.”

“You should go to bed, Yoongi.”

“I will.” He slowly blinks up at Jimin. “Will you too?”

“Yeah. I’m off to bed too.”

“Good.” Yoongi nods once to himself before reaching up to take Jimin’s finger between both his hands and bring it to his face. It’s soft, and very warm but Jimin’s almost certain Yoongi presses his lips to his skin. His heart flutters and he can’t help but smile. “Sleep well, Jimin.”

“You too, Yoongi. I’ll see you in the morning.”

“Mhm.” Yoongi releases Jimin’s finger and slowly flutters his wings until they speed up and he can lift into the air. Jimin stands up straight while Yoongi flies toward him. He expects the kiss to his cheek before it even comes but that doesn't stop his heart from doing flips in his chest when Yoongi’s warm lips press to his skin. He wishes he could kiss Yoongi’s cheek in return but he’s pretty sure he would just end up kissing Yoongi’s entire head. “Goodnight, Jimin.”

“Goodnight, Yoongi.”

Jimin watches as Yoongi flutters away to his tiny door in the corner of the kitchen. He gives Jimin one more smile and a wave before he disappears inside, leaving Jimin alone in the quiet house. But he doesn't feel alone. In fact, he feels full to bursting. 

He wonders around his house, picking up their empty cups from the living room and tossing away the rest of their trash from a dinner they ordered out for. He checks all the windows, locks all the doors and switches off all the lights before shuffling into his bathroom. He brushes his teeth, washes his face and goes about the rest of his nightly routine before collapsing into his bed with a grunt. 

Jimin falls asleep with a smile on his face and the lingering warmth of Yoongi’s lips on his skin. 

The next few days pass by without much incident. No matter what, time always moves forward. No matter how hard, no matter how easy, no matter how one feels, time will continue to tick by. It’s one of the only things in life that can be depended upon. Time to heal, time to breathe, time to mourn and time to exist. 

Jimin finds his life falling into a sort of routine that he doesn’t mind in the least. It’s not much different, really. He gets up, goes to work, comes home, messes around with whatever he feels like and then goes to bed. Only now, his time is sprinkled with a pretty little fairy who seems more than happy to settle himself in a spot Jimin didn’t know he had open in his life. Not that he’s complaining. No, he would never complain because having the soft quiet comforting company of Yoongi is something he never knew he needed so much. 

On his own, Jimin is healing. On his own he is still dealing with the wounds his ex left on his heart. But, he doesn’t have to deal with it alone. He has his friends and he has Yoongi. He has them to remind him that he doesn't always have to be sad but if he is sad, that’s okay too. He’s allowed to be sad. He’s allowed to be upset or angry or feel things that he might think bother other people. Jimin is allowed to be with them and he needs that. 

Because sometimes, Jimin’s not okay. There’s not always a reason for it. Not always a trigger. Some days he wakes up and just feels like going back to bed. Feels like he would rather bury his head under the sheets and not speak to another human being because he feels wrong . His chest feels like a thorn bush and every time he breathes, his eyes prickle with tears from the pain. Those days are hard because some of those days he has to force himself out of bed because he has work. He can’t give up on his job. He loves his job, he loves his kids. They not only need him, but they want him. His kids know when he’s having a rough day and Jimin hates that. He hates that they can feel Jimin’s mood just in the way his shoulders slump and his smiles aren’t as bright. He tries his hardest but kids are so in-tune to their surroundings. 

But on those days, his kids understand without asking. They go a little easier on him. They follow his instructions better and they don’t yell as much. Sometimes, one of them will make him a pretty drawing and give it to him, wishing for him to smile and the thorn bush in Jimin’s chest clears a little more because he’s cared for. There’s a cork board in Jimin’s section of the day care center filled to the brim with all the lovely drawings, paintings and crafts his kids have made for him simply because they care about him.

On those days, Yoongi knows without asking and Jimin wants to hate that but he can’t. He can’t hate the fact that Yoongi can tell his mood by just looking at him. He can’t hate that Yoongi doesn’t even treat him any differently when he notices. He might kiss Jimin’s cheek or his fingers a little more. He might play with his hair or sit on his shoulder more but he doesn’t ask and he doesn’t bring it up. He waits, patiently, for Jimin to bring it up. 

Sometimes he does. Sometimes he waits till it’s later in the day, after Yoongi’s long since finished taking care of the gardens and they’ve shared dinner. He waits till they’ve settled in the living room together and get comfortable in the silence. Sometimes there’s a movie playing, sometimes Jimin is busy figuring out new activities for his kids while Yoongi reads from one of his tiny books. It’s comforting to be together even if they’re not doing something together. 

It’s during those times when Jimin finally talks about it. He talks about the thorn bush in his chest and how he doesn’t know why he feels that way. He talks about Jaemin. He talks about how good they used to be but how, maybe, there were red flags he didn’t see at the time. He talks about how maybe she’s not the sole source of his sadness. He talks about how, maybe, he’s had this sadness lingering in the corners for a long time and only came to light after his life was turned upside down. He talks about when it leaked through when he was in college sometimes. When he felt alone and insecure and pathetic. When he thought he couldn’t make it. When he was sure he made the wrong choice in going to school for dance. He wasn’t good enough. He wasn’t thin enough. He wasn’t talented enough. Rough patches that every student went through, Jimin was sure, but his left him reeling for days, sometimes weeks until he could pull it back together and shove the darkness away for awhile. 

And Yoongi, sweet bright pretty Yoongi, always listens. He listens with an open heart and wide eyes. He listens with his small hands on Jimin’s fingers, petting soft and soothing, reminding him he’s not alone. Sometimes he speaks, sometimes he tells Jimin that he’s more than enough, he’s always been more than enough. He tells Jimin that it’s okay to be sad. It’s okay to not feel good all the time. It’s okay to not know why he doesn’t feel good. There’s nothing wrong with him. 

And sometimes, Jimin cries. Sometimes he gets overwhelmed with all his feelings and tears slip down his cheeks. Yoongi’s there to brush them away, to kiss his wet cheeks softly and sweetly and it’s in those moments Jimin wishes, more than ever, he could hold Yoongi. He wishes they were the same size. He wishes he could tuck himself against Yoongi’s body and bury his face in his throat. 

He wishes he could kiss him. Just a soft press of mouths, sweet and comforting. 

It’s in those moments that Jimin knows what Namjoon and Jungkook were trying to tell him. He knows he has a crush on Yoongi. He knows he likes the fairy far more than just a friend but he also doesn’t know how something like that would even work. He doesn’t even know where to begin asking Yoongi about something like that. 

So he doesn’t ask. He takes what he can get and tries to be content with that. Because Yoongi is special, so very special and Jimin wants to treasure whatever it is that they have. He knows, better than anyone, how easily it can be ripped out from right under him. 

For the most part, Jimin has good days. He has good days because he has his friends, his job and he has Yoongi. He’s not alone like he originally thought he would be. He has a strong support system that keeps his head above water most days and he couldn’t be more grateful. 

One day, Yoongi finally brings Taehyung over to meet Namjoon and Jungkook and it goes better than either of them could have expected. Taehyung adores Jungkook right off the bat, fluttering around his head, burying his way into his hair and tickling under his chin with his green wings. It’s cute, really. It’s cute the way Jungkook’s eyes go wide, glistening and his face flushes from all the affection Taehyung lathers him with. 

Taehyung likes Namjoon too, happy to chat for hours and hours about all types of things. He’s so bright and full of life, fluttering around them all in his excitement. He doesn’t spend nearly as much time around humans as Yoongi and it’s clear how happy he is to be included. Jimin loves the way Yoongi laughs and smiles around Taehyung. It’s so clear how much he loves the other fairy but even more clear that there’s nothing romantic about it at all. They’re like soulmates, in a way. Taehyung even calls them that once and the way Yoongi flushes just makes Jimin want to squish his cheeks. 

Taehyung fits in with them so well and mentions they should met his only human friend Hoseok as well. Hoseok is a street dancer, much to Jimin’s interest. According to Taehyung, he’s bright and beautiful like sunshine but he moves with so much power and passion. They met a while ago when Taehyung was traveling through his local park and spotted Hoseok busking for fun. Like Jimin, Hoseok was stunned and sure he was seeing things but he was also so very kind and accepting. 

Later, after everyone has gone home, Yoongi tells Jimin, like a secret, that Taehyung’s in love with Hoseok. He tells him, with a flush on his own cheeks, that Taehyung loves Hoseok so very much but is terrified to tell the human. Taehyung is confident in everything he does except this one thing. 

And Jimin, under the guise of concern for Taehyung but also curious for himself, asks Yoongi how that would work. How does a human and a fairy work? And Yoongi just smiles, softly and shyly, and says magic has a lot of ways of helping things work out. 

That’s all Jimin gets out of him and it doesn't answer a single question Jimin has. 

Days later, Taehyung brings Hoseok over to meet Jimin, Jungkook and Namjoon and Jimin sees it. He sees what Yoongi meant when he said Taehyung was so very in love. He sees the way Taehyung looks at Hoseok, who is just as bright and friendly as Taehyung told them all. He also sees the way Hoseok looks at Taehyung and Jimin’s throat is tight for the rest of the day. 

Hoseok is a nice guy. He and Jimin talk about dance for nearly an hour before they’re dragged back into conversation with the rest of the group. Jimin likes him. He fits in just as well as Taehyung. He gets along well with Jungkook and Namjoon and Jimin can’t help but think his friend group is growing more and more. It’s a good thing. Yoongi is the one who brings up Namjoon’s baker friend and insists he invite the man to their next get together. Jimin enjoys the way Namjoon flushes and stumbles over his words. 

By the time September rolls around, Jimin has started to feel a little bit more like his normal self. He still has bad days but those are typically overshadowed by the good ones. By the days he spends with Yoongi by his side or the days all of their friends come over. By the days Jungkook and Namjoon drag him out of his house to explore the city for no particular reason. By the days he goes to work and sees the bright smiling faces of his kids. 

He doesn’t think much about Jaemin. He’s accepted that what happened wasn’t his fault and maybe he could have prevented it but it was also on her to talk to him like a normal human being. All she had to do was talk to him about what was bothering her but she made the choice to go to that extreme. In their bed. In Jimin’s bed. The disrespect makes his blood boil but it doesn’t matter any more. He knows he’s worth more than that. He knows he’s worth more respect than that. He deserves better than that. 

But still, Jimin has bad days. 

Today didn’t start out as a bad day. Jimin woke up feeling relatively normal if not a little tired since he was up too late watching street dance videos Hoseok sent him. The older keeps asking Jimin to join him one weekend, thinks it would do Jimin some good to get out and dance more. It was his passion and did mean so much to him at one more. Yoongi also thinks it’s a good idea for Jimin, keeps saying he would love to see Jimin dance and that helps him lean more toward doing it. But he’s rusty. He needs practice and so he’s been catching up on all the street dancing trends just to see what he’s missed these past few years. 

Jimin greets a sleepy Yoongi in the kitchen as he does every morning. The fairy already has a cup of coffee ready for him, exactly how he likes it and they sit at the kitchen island as they share a small breakfast. It’s quiet but comforting in the way early morning conversations usually are. Eventually Jimin has to drag himself into the shower and gets ready for work. 

By the time he’s ready to leave, Yoongi is already in his garden getting busy for the day. The air is still warm but the breeze is cool as fall starts to make itself known. Yoongi has only a few more weeks of harvest left and he’s making the most of it. He’s so busy lately that sometimes when Jimin comes home from work, Yoongi is still out in the garden. Jimin loves how passionate Yoongi is about his gardens. 

Yoongi bids Jimin good day with a kiss to his cheek, as always and Jimin leaves home with a happy fluttering feeling in his stomach. His kids are happy to see him and Jimin’s day goes by spent with rambunctious children and attempting to teach them their letters. It’s both stressful and fun and Jimin wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. He loves his job, he really does. 

After he sees his last kid off with her mother, Jimin gathers with the rest of his co-workers and cleans up before closing for the weekend. His drive home is a good thirty minutes this time of day out of the city and he decides to pick up something for dinner instead of making something. Yoongi’s been too busy to cook dinner for them and that’s okay. Jimin’s been cooking for the most part lately but today he doesn’t feel like cooking. So he picks up enough food for himself because he knows Yoongi doesn't eat that much. He can have a small bit from Jimin’s meal and that’s all he needs to be full for the rest of the night. It’s cute. 

The sun is low when Jimin arrives home but he knows there’s still an hour or two before it gets dark. The lights are off in the house when he gets inside and he assumes Yoongi is still in the backyard. He drops off his food in the empty kitchen, flicking on the light before going into his bedroom to drop off his work bag and change into clean comfortable clothes. He washes up for dinner and then shuffles into the kitchen, not surprised to find it still empty. 

Jimin steps outside into the back yard and shuts the door behind himself as he glances around in search of the fairy. He calls out for the fairy and isn’t at all surprised to see him shoot out from under the bush that hides his garden. He’s dressed in his overalls and a sun hat, a smudge of dirt on his cheek but he smiles as soon as he sees Jimin. 

He promises Jimin only ten more minutes but Jimin has food waiting. So Yoongi promises five and dives back into the bush. Jimin shakes his head fondly and returns inside to set up for dinner. He portions Yoongi’s food onto his tiny plates and sits them at the table before making his own serving. 

Yoongi comes inside through the glass at the top of the back door just as Jimin’s pouring himself a glass of wine. Sometimes he has it with dinner because it’s a nice adult thing to do. Yoongi hurries into his home to clean up for dinner and Jimin sits down to wait, scrolling through his phone to check messages from his friends and their social medias. 

Yoongi returns moments later with damp hair and clean flushed skin. He’s dressed in comfortable clothing, a small light blue hoodie and loose black sleep pants. He joins Jimin at the table and they chat about their days as they share dinner. 

Once dinner is over, Yoongi insists on cleaning up but Jimin ends up helping him anyway because he doesn’t want to sit around and do nothing while Yoongi works. When that is done, they gather in the living room as usual and Jimin starts up the next episode of a new drama they’ve been watching. Yoongi’s gotten into the habit of curling up on the pillow Jimin usually keeps in his lap. He’s comfortable there and it gives Jimin the excuse to gently pet Yoongi’s hair when he feels like it. It’s nice. 

They get through two episodes before Jimin realizes Yoongi’s struggling to keep himself awake. It’s not too late but it’s late for Yoongi so Jimin ushers him off to bed. He gets his ‘good night’ cheek kiss as per usual and wishes Yoongi a good sleep before he disappears through his tiny door. 

Jimin stays up a bit longer. He downs two more glasses of wine while he shuffles through his social media and catches up on the things he’s missed. He watches a few more videos Hoseok sends him and he gets lost in Jungkook’s Instagram story about his crazy adventure across the city in search of the perfect pretty green doll sized sweater. Jimin knows it’s for Taehyung, can’t help but laugh at the fact. He wonders if doll clothes would even fit the fairies. They’re smaller than most dolls but Taehyung is taller than Yoongi. In fact, he’s a good deal taller than Yoongi and that makes Jimin wonder if Yoongi is tiny even among his own kind. Jimin understands that feeling, being the shortest of everyone he knows. The sweater will probably fit Taehyung but the matching pale yellow sweater Jungkook obviously gets for Yoongi will probably drown the small fairy.

Which leads Jimin into a very odd part of the internet in search of clothes that would fit Yoongi. From what he’s been told, fairies make their own clothes. Some of the clothes Yoongi wears he has made himself but he has things Taehyung has made for him or things he’s traded and bought at the market. There are tailor fairies, Yoongi told him once, and they make the best clothes, the clothes that are more modern and human like. 

But Jimin wonders if he can find clothes for Yoongi like Jungkook did for Taehyung. There are many things available on the internet and Jimin dives deep for a few hours, sipping his wine, in search of something pretty for his little fairy. 

Finding clothes small enough to fit Yoongi seems almost impossible. He’s too small for typical doll sized clothing. Jimin finds so many pretty things Yoongi would look wonderful in but nothing that would fit him. Jimin stays up a little longer, downing another glass of wine. He feels floaty and a little fuzzy and when he stumbles upon the custom doll clothing website, he doesn’t think much about it. 

Jimin doesn’t know Yoongi’s dimensions which is a problem for all about twenty seconds before he finds out there are a series of basic dimensions with pictures so he can figure out what is close to Yoongi’s size. He’s surprised to find there are dolls almost Yoongi’s size, small and delicate with heads too big for their frames. Yoongi doesn’t have that issue. He’s very well proportioned. Looks just like a human aside from the ears, wings and his size. The golden eyes are probably also another giveaway that he’s not at all human but Jimin likes those eyes. He likes everything about Yoongi. 

The website offers all types of styles in custom sizes and before Jimin knows it, his cart is adding up pretty quickly but he doesn’t care. There are soft sweaters and hoodies that Jimin would love to see Yoongi in. With fall and winter coming up, he’ll need some things to keep him warm. Jimin doesn’t bother with shoes because Yoongi doesn’t like wearing them. He thinks that might be a fairy thing and not just a Yoongi thing because Taehyung never wears shoes either. He throws in some leggings because sweaters and leggings is a look he really needs to see on Yoongi. Everything is in light, pretty colors until Jimin finds a black hoodie with little zippers on it that looks too nice not to get. 

Jimin checks out with his last gulp of wine and feels warm in the pit of his stomach. His email tells him it’ll take a week to fill his order and since everything is handmade, Jimin doesn’t question it. He’s excited to see Yoongi’s reaction to all the new clothes in a few weeks. 

He takes the time to wash out his glass and leaves it to dry before heading to the bathroom. He goes through his nightly routine then changes into loose sleep pants before collapsing in bed. He takes the time to plug in his phone before nuzzling into his pillow and waits for sleep to take over him. 

But it doesn’t come. 

He lays there floating through his thoughts for a while. The alcohol doesn't take long to wear off and Jimin is left with nothing but his thoughts. He’s sure he falls asleep at some point because when he’s aware of his surroundings again, it feels later in the night and his room is much darker. 

The thorn bush in his chest as returned, wrapping tightly around his heart and making it painful to breathe. The sadness likes to lurk in the corners where Jimin can’t see it and then slip inside during the middle of the night when Jimin is least prepared for it. There is no trigger and no reason but there usually isn’t any more. He’s just sad and he doesn’t like it. 

He feels vulnerable, laying there by himself. Maybe there is alcohol lingering in his system because he feels much stronger than before. He feels upset for reasons he doesn’t understand. He curls into a tight ball and lays under the blankets with his hands curled under his chin tightly. Tears prickle the corners of his eyes and he closes them tightly in hope of making it all stop. 

That doesn’t work, of course. He feels a hot tear trickle down his cheek and Jimin hates it. He hates feeling like this because he doesn't know what to do. If there was a reason, he could talk himself through it. But this time there is no reason. Not that he can tell anyway. 

But maybe there is a reason. Maybe, as he thinks on it, he’s sad about Yoongi. Maybe he’s sad that even though he’s grown so close to the fairy, he still doesn’t know what to do about his feelings. If anything, his feelings have grown stronger. 

He likes Yoongi. Yoongi is so easy to talk to and be around. It’s almost effortless between them. He enjoys spending his time with the fairy and he’s happy to get out of his own head with the other around. Yoongi has helped him open up to new things and new people. He’s made new friends because of Yoongi. 

Yoongi is bright, smart and funny. He cares in a way that is strong yet so quiet. He never asks Jimin about how he’s feeling. He never pushes and he never pulls but he’s always there when Jimin needs him. He’s open and warm and the best listener. 

And don’t even get Jimin started on how pretty Yoongi is. 

The warmth Yoongi carries around with him is like the first warm breeze of spring or the sun peaking over the horizon first thing in the morning. It’s comforting and warms the skin until everything starts to tingle in a way that feels too good. His smiles can brighten any room and the pretty pink color his cheeks flush always make Jimin wish he could kiss him.

Perhaps that’s it, really. 

Jimin wants to kiss him. He wants to cradle Yoongi’s jaw between his hands and press his mouth against those plump pink lips. He wants to know how warm Yoongi’s mouth is against his own. He wants to hear Yoongi gasp softly against his mouth before kissing him back, soft and gentle like he does everything else. Yoongi would kiss him tenderly, like maybe he’s afraid to hurt him and Jimin would do the same until he’s certain Yoongi’s solid. He just wants to tilt Yoongi’s head back and map out all the curves of his lips and mouth until they’re left panting softly into one another’s mouths and the rest of the world is forgotten. 

Is that too much to ask?

Of course it is. Because Yoongi is barely bigger than Jimin’s hand. Kissing Yoongi is impossible. How would a relationship between them even work?

But then Jimin thinks about Taehyung and Hoseok. He thinks about how supportive Yoongi is of his best friend’s desire for a human. He thinks about how Yoongi flushes when Taehyung goes on and on about how much he just wants to kiss Hoseok and how neither of them seem to think it’s a thing that can’t be done. 

It makes Jimin wonder if they know something he doesn’t. It’s possible, of course. There’s so much Jimin probably doesn’t know about fairies and their magic and that’s fine. Jimin doesn’t have to know everything about Yoongi. He feels privileged to know all the things that he does already.

So maybe his sadness isn’t rooted in how he feels about Yoongi but his feelings sure don’t help his sadness because the more he thinks about Yoongi, the worse it gets. 

Jimin knows he’s a decent guy. He knows he deserves to be happy and that the shit that happened to him was in no way his fault. But when he gets like this, he can’t help but think about it. He can’t help but wonder if there was something wrong with him . That he wasn’t good enough. Yoongi’s words echo in his head that he’s more than enough and he’s always been more than enough. It helps, it does. 

Jimin loves himself. He knows he’s a kind, caring, affectionate person. He knows he tries his best and maybe sometimes that’s not enough but at least he can say he tried. He knows he deserves happiness and love just as much as everyone else and he knows he’s lucky to have the friends that he does. He tries to be there for them in the same way they’ve been there for him. He worries, sometimes, that he’s too much of a burden on them but he knows he’s not. Just because he’s going through a rough spot doesn’t mean his friends care any less for him. 

His sadness finally starts to slink away until he’s left with an empty feeling in his chest which just makes him feel even worse. Jimin would rather be sad than feel nothing at all. At least when he’s sad he knows he’s feeling. When he goes numb, it almost scares him because what if he doesn’t start to feel again any time soon? 

Jimin sighs into his pillow. He feels more alone now than he has in months and he doesn’t like that feeling. He remembers, all those nights ago, Yoongi whispering to him that if he ever felt bad or lonely, just knock on his door, no matter the time. There have been plenty of nights were Jimin felt this way and never bothered Yoongi but for some reason, tonight, Jimin almost craves the fairy’s touch. Even if it’s just a pat to his cheek or soft smoothing over his hand, Jimin wants it. Needs it. 

It takes more effort than it should for Jimin to crawl out of his bed. The air is thick with silence and he hurries to throw on a black hoodie over his bare torso before shuffling bare foot out of his room. The silence in his house is almost suffocating and he hurries into the kitchen where the night light in his backyard casts dim orange over the room. 

For a minute, Jimin fumbles with his hands and stands in front of Yoongi’s door, asking himself if this was such a good idea. Yoongi is probably sleeping. He’s got to be exhausted from his long day, from spending all day in his garden and working hard. Jimin would just be bothering him. But another part of Jimin reminds him of Yoongi’s words and how serious he sounded when he said them. 

Anxiously, with his heart throbbing in his throat, Jimin drops down to his knees in front of Yoongi’s tiny door and pulls a shaking hand free from the kangaroo pocket. He chews on his bottom lip as he hesitates and with a last surge of courage, he taps his knuckles against the little door. 

He doesn’t expect Yoongi to answer right away but the longer he sits there, the more he thinks this was a stupid idea. He could knock again. Yoongi has to be asleep and maybe he didn’t hear him but Jimin curls in on himself and decides what a stupid idea this really was. He’s about to get to his feet when he hears something knock against the tiny door and then the knob twists open. 

Yoongi steps through the open door dressed in his usual night clothes of very short white shorts and an over-sized white button up. His hair is a mess on his head and his eyes are a little swollen from sleep but they’re as wide open as they can get and he glances up at Jimin in concern. 

“Jimin.” He greets softly, his voice a little horse from sleep. 

“H-Hey.” Jimin stumbles over his words, anxiety taking over as he drops his gaze and fumbles with his hands in the pocket of his hoodie. “I-um. I’m s-sorry. I know you were sleeping but-”

“It’s okay.” Yoongi rushes to say, his gaze fond but concerned and Jimin feels a little bit like shit for disturbing him. “Are you… Couldn’t sleep?” Jimin nods his head slowly, biting into his lower lip. “Do you…” Yoongi hums and flutters his wings just enough to drop him to the hardwood floor near Jimin’s knees. He can see the fairy is trying to catch his gaze but Jimin’s too ashamed to do so. He feels weird, like this was a bad idea and he hates bothering Yoongi like this. The fairy needs his sleep but he’s already here and he doesn’t know what to do next. 

“Jimin.” Yoongi speaks softly, placing his hand on Jimin’s knee gently and peers up at him. “Do you want some company?”

“I-You should sleep.” He rubs a fist against one of his eyes. “I-It’s late and I know you’re exhausted. You’ve been working so hard lately to prepare for fall and I… I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have bothered you but I felt so… I feel so… and you said, you said I could but I shouldn’t have.”

Jimin .” Yoongi says his name so softly, so carefully, the same way Namjoon says his name when Jimin is being a little ridiculous and far too lost in his own head. It makes Jimin finally glance up. There’s a little smile on Yoongi’s lips, something warm and understanding. “I meant what I said. I’m happy you came to me.”

Jimin tries not to pout but he feels his plump lips pushing out slightly anyway. “It’s late though.”

Yoongi hums and glances around before his eyes land on the wire basket of bottles near his door. “It is, hm? But do you want to keep me company, Jimin, till I fall back asleep?”

And that sounds. Wonderful, actually. Jimin could sit on the couch petting Yoongi’s hair till he falls back asleep all night. He could do that. He wants to do that. “Yeah, Yeah I’d like that Yoongi.”

Yoongi makes a soft, happy noise, and then twists around to pluck one of the bottles free from his wire basket. He hugs it to his chest as he tugs off the cork and a sprinkle of glistening yellow dust goes flying. “Can you lean down here for me, Jimin?”

Confused, Jimin presses his hands to the cold floor and leans down. He keeps going until his chin almost touches the floor, just as Yoongi instructs. Seeing Yoongi from this level is kind of interesting. 

“Close your eyes?” Yoongi questions as he shoves a hand into the bottle and closes his fist around the dust.

“Okay.” Jimin closes his eyes, confused and curious about what Yoongi is trying to do. He could ask, surely but he almost wants to be surprised. 

“This might feel a little weird but I’m right here, okay Jimin?”

Jimin parts his lips to speak but before he can do so, there’s a pretty twinkling sound, like bells and then something warm brushes over his entire face. It’s so warm it almost burns and he goes to open his eyes only to feel like there’s something inside of them. He sits up to rub at his eyes until the feeling goes away. The warmth spreads over his entire body, like a liquid coating his insides until it settles in the center of his chest. 

“What was that?” Jimin murmurs, his head spinning slightly and feeling a little fuzzy. It takes a minute for him to open his eyes again and when he does, he falls right back on his butt because everything feels slightly off kilter. 

“It’s alright.” Yoongi’s voice is a little louder than usual, and a little more deep, and then there are warm hands wrapping around Jimin’s wrists. “It’ll take a minute for you to adjust.”

“What?” Jimin breathes to the air, shaking his head and blinking rapidly to clear his vision. After a moment, his vision finally stops spinning and Jimin can access the situation. 

He’s on the kitchen floor, the coolness of the hardwood seeping into his skin. The room is lit in an orange glow but the walls suddenly seem so much taller than before. Was he always that far from the ceiling? Then he remembers the warm hands on his wrists and Jimin looks in front of himself. 


Yoongi is…


Yoongi is crouched on his knees in front of him, a soft smile on his lips as he holds Jimin’s wrists between his hands. The orange light makes Yoongi look like he’s glowing, his golden eyes large and intimidating from this angle. His wings flutter over his shoulders and that’s when Jimin realizes he’s looking up at Yoongi. Yoongi’s fingers fit perfectly around his wrists.

“How do you feel?” Yoongi asks softly. 

“Weird. I feel-What’s happening?”

“It’s cold out here.” Yoongi murmurs and tugs gently on Jimin’s wrists. “Let’s go inside.” He motions to the normal sized door over his shoulder that has been left open. Jimin can see light through the door and what looks like a living room cast in a soft light. 

“Inside… Inside your house?” Jimin’s baffled. He’s so confused he doesn't even know what to do.  

“Mhm. Come on.” Yoongi tugs once again and Jimin’s body starts to finally move. 

It takes him some time to get his feet underneath him so he can stand up and once he’s stood, his center of gravity feels thrown off. He stumbles into Yoongi, who catches him with a soft laugh. 

“Easy.” Yoongi murmurs near his ear, making tingles break out over Jimin’s skin. Yoongi’s hands are warm on his shoulders, helping him get more steady on his feet. 

They’re the same height. Actually, Jimin might be slightly taller but that’s not important right now. They are the same size. Yoongi’s hands are a little bigger than Jimin’s but they grip his shoulders firmly like Namjoon is the one holding him up. Jimin glances frantically from their feet, to Yoongi’s hands, to the fairy’s face. 

Jimin has never seen Yoongi from this close, or from this angle. His eyes are much sharper than Jimin thought, almost cat-like with thick dark eyelashes that make him look even prettier. His eyes aren’t just gold. They have flecks of orange and brown that overall create a beautiful glowing gold color. His hair falls over his thick brows and round cheeks prettily and his pointed ears poke through the thick strands. His lips are so plump, so pink and a little shiny. His button nose is flushed a soft pink color. His body is lithe but from this close, Jimin can see the strength in his arms and the broadness of his shoulders. His legs are pale and a little beaten with bruises from working in the garden but they are thin and so very pretty. 

Most of all, Jimin notices the light colored freckles that speckle over Yoongi’s cheeks and nose. They’re the cutest fucking thing he’s ever seen. He has the urge to kiss each and every one of them and it dawns on Jimin then that he could . He could kiss Yoongi because they’re the same fucking size.  

“I shrunk.” Is the eloquent thing he manages to say.

Yoongi’s lips curl into a soft smile, a chuckle coming from his throat as he nods. “Yeah.”

“How? What? I didn’t- What?” Jimin fumbles to find his footing and grabs Yoongi’s hands from his shoulders just so he can hold them. Yoongi’s fingers are longer and thinner than his own, his nails cut short. Jimin can tell these are working hands and yet they are still so pretty. They fit in his own hands perfectly. 

“Magic.” Yoongi says it like it’s the most obvious thing in the world as he curls his fingers around Jimin’s. 

“Magic.” Jimin states, flatly. “You didn’t- You never said you could do this.”

“It’s not something I can do all the time. You see those bottles?” Yoongi twists around to nod at the basket without taking his hands from Jimin’s. “That dust is my magic. I create it every day and every night. No matter what, I accumulate it. Some days I use a lot and then some days I don’t use any. That’s just some of the dust I’ve collected. I used a whole bottle to make you my size.” Jimin inhaled sharply. “And I only produce a quarter of a bottle a day. So you see, it’s not something I can just do whenever I want. I have to save up for it.”

Jimin vaguely remembers Yoongi mentioning something like that before, back when they first met. “H-Have you been saving?” Jimin glances up at Yoongi through his eyelashes and he sees the way those cheeks flush a pretty color. 

“Maybe. I’m always saving my dust for a rainy day.” He hums and glances back at his door. “Can we go inside? It’s cold out here.”

“Can you become human sized?” Jimin asks without thinking, his breath caught in his throat.

Yoongi sighs softly and squeezes Jimin’s hands. “Yes. That takes less dust actually, because unlike you, my body has its own natural magic already inside of it. But, it takes a lot out of me physically.”

“How long will this last?”

“As long as I want it to.” Yoongi says, shrugging one shoulder. “I can add more dust and you’ll stay as you are.”

Jimin takes a deep breath. “Okay. We can go inside now.”

“You sure?” Yoongi questions. “You’re not… freaking out are you?”

“Freaking out a little bit.” Jimin answers honestly but a smile curls to his lips that he can’t control. “But I also just… want to go inside. I want to see your home.”

“Okay.” Yoongi’s smile is soft, sweet, and happy. He releases one of Jimin’s hands but keeps their fingers linked with the other. “Come inside then, please.”

Yoongi leads Jimin through the door and Jimin is left in wonder as he enters the home, glancing around all over the place to take everything in. He hears Yoongi close the door behind them and takes time to explore with his eyes. 

The air in Yoongi’s house is rather warm, but a nice warmth that makes Jimin’s skin prickle. They’re standing in a living room of sorts, with a comfortable looking couch and lounge chair tucked against the wall. Opposite of them is a large floor to ceiling shelf packed full of books. Between them in a small wooden coffee table with a few books and random items left on it. The floor is covered in mismatched rugs that feel soft against his bare feet. The walls are a light cream color and there are even picture frames on them. At close look, Jimin sees they’re mostly of Yoongi and Taehyung but there are a few other fairies in some that he’s never seen before. The entire room feels homey and comfortable, exactly what he expected from Yoongi. 

“Shall we sit?” Yoongi offers, motioning to the couch. “Do you want something to drink?”

“Yeah,” He starts moving toward the couch, still trying to find his center of gravity now that he’s shrunk a great deal, “um, water would be great actually.”

“Okay.” Yoongi helps him sit down in the middle of the couch and hesitates to pull their hands away. “You’re okay.” He tells Jimin softly, bent over while Jimin sits and carefully brushes a few strands of hair away from Jimin’s face. “I’ll be right back.”

“I’ll be here.” Jimin promises and smiles at the way Yoongi’s eyes glisten from his words. He’s both pleased and shocked when Yoongi leans forward to press his warm wet lips against Jimin’s cheek. They’re so full against Jimin’s skin and the kiss feels totally different from any other time Yoongi has kissed him. 

Yoongi leaves Jimin alone on the couch and disappears down a dark hallway. Jimin sees a light flick on further down the hallway and he hears Yoongi shuffling around with a glass and some water. Jimin sits there, still in slight shock, and glances around the room. He had assumed Yoongi’s home wouldn’t look all that different from a typical home but he can see the bits of Yoongi scattered about. The potted plants and flowers scattered all about the room. The books, the rugs, the blankets thrown over the couch. The entire room is neutral colors, vastly different from the bright yellow Yoongi is as a person but it all screams Yoongi.  

Jimin finds himself settling down quickly. He’s welcomed in this home. It’s Yoongi’s. Yoongi invited himself. Yoongi used his magic to make it so Jimn could even come inside. His heart putters in his chest and heat flares up the back of Jimin’s neck. All his worries no longer feel important.

Yoongi returns a moment later with a cup of water for Jimin. Jimin takes it between both hands with a soft thank you and carefully sips on it to soothe his dry aching throat. Yoongi doesn’t hesitate to sit down beside him, pressing their thighs together as he rubs Jimin’s back. It’s not that different from Yoongi petting over his arm or fingers when he’s upset. Only this time, they’re the same size and Jimin can feel the warmth radiating off Yoongi in waves. 

Everything smells like sweet flowers and coffee. 

“Better?” Yoongi asks. 

“Yeah. I’m-Thank you.” Jimin sighs softly and places the mostly empty cup on the coffee table in front of him. 

“How are you feeling? Still freaking out?” Yoongi’s hand remains on his back, trailing in soft soothing patterns that make him a little sleepy. 

“No. I think I’m okay. Everything I felt before this feels so dumb now.”

“What you feel is never dumb, Jimin.” Yoongi murmurs and Jimin reaches out because he can. He grabs Yoongi’s free hand and curls their fingers together. Because they can do that now. “Do you want to talk about it?”

Jimin shakes his head. “No. It… It’s not the same now. I feel better, I think. I was just sad and lonely. I felt… empty and that scared me.”

Yoongi hums and brings his hand up to gently tickle the hair at the back of Jimin’s neck. “But you feel better?”

“Yeah.” Jimin laughs in disbelief. “Why didn’t you tell me we could be like this?” He twists his head so he can look at Yoongi without brushing away the hand on the back of his neck. He likes that touch, wants to keep it there. 

Yoongi blinks, bites into his pink lower lip and glances away shyly. “Because I… I wasn’t sure if you wanted to be. Like this. I was… You seem content with how we are. I didn’t…” He puffs out his cheeks and Jimin realizes he’s talking through a cute pout. “Sometimes it’s so easy for me to tell how you’re feeling and then other times, I have no clue at all.”

“Why wouldn’t I want to be with you like this?” Jimin asks, truly confused. 

The apples of Yoongi’s cheeks darken in color. “Because… Because this is. Closer. More intimate, I guess.” Yoongi starts to pull his hand away from Jimin’s hair and Jimin gasps, reaching back to grab his hand and put it back. Yoongi snaps his wide eyes at him, lips slightly parted in surprise.  

“I want this.” Jimin declares, all prior worries and fears replaced with this idea that they can do this. They can be like this. Jimin can kiss Yoongi. If Yoongi wants him to. “Do you, Yoongi?” His voice is a little breathless and rushed and he doesn't realize how close he’s leaning to the fairy. “Do you want this? Do you want…” He swallows hard. 

“Of course I do.” Yoongi states without hesitation and his expression shifts into something more serious. “You mean a lot to me, Jimin. I’d love to spend time with you like this. I’d love to be able to go out with you into the city like normal people do. I just, I didn’t know if you wanted that.”

“It’s all I want.” Jimin nearly whines, tipping forward until his forehead knocks against Yoongi’s collarbone. You’re all I want , he thinks but isn’t brave enough to say.  

“Oh.” Yoongi breathes, sounding like he’s floating as he wraps his free arm around Jimin’s back. Jimin still has his other hand trapped between both of his, clutching tightly like he’s afraid to let go. “I’ll,” he audibly swallows, “I’ll save up more so we can do that.”

“But this is nice too.” Jimin assures him. “I’ve always…” He feels brave even as heat flares over his skin and his heart thunders in his chest. “I’ve wanted this. Just to… hug you, I guess. I think about that a lot. Or-erm-Sometimes, I think about it sometimes.” He feels Yoongi’s breath hitch and he panics slightly. “Just cause, we’re friends, right? I like hugging my friends but I can’t hug you.”

Yoongi presses his mouth against Jimin’s hair and inhales softly. “You can hug me now.”

Jimin realizes he’s right. Carefully, he pulls his hands from Yoongi’s so he can slip his arms around Yoongi’s thin waist. He straightens up a bit so he can hug him a little more properly and Yoongi wraps his other arm around his back to complete the hug. 

It’s warm, makes Jimin’s skin prickle and it’s maybe the best hug he’s ever had even though his waist protests from being twisted in such a way. He nuzzles his face into Yoongi neck, thrives on the way Yoongi gasps and grips the fabric of Jimin’s hoodie tightly between his fists. 

For a second, for a moment, Jimin allows himself to hope. 

“Yoongi?” He asks softly, his voice barely a whisper.


“I know we can’t do this a lot, because it takes a lot of your dust but… I wish we could. I wish we could always be like this. I wish I could always hug you anytime I want.”

“Me too, Jimin.” Yoongi breathes out, squeezing him tighter. 


“Yeah, Jimin?”

“Is it…” He pauses, his nerves taking over for a second as he tries to figure out the best way to word what he wants to say. Yoongi waits, patiently, loosening his fists so he can lift a hand to card through Jimin’s hair. That preoccupies Jimin for a solid minute and he totally forgets what he wants to say. But then his heart aches and he remembers. “Do you think it’s too soon for me to be with someone else?”

Yoongi pauses in his petting, his breath catching before he breathes it out in a long breath and continues petting Jimin’s hair softly. “Do you think it’s too soon?”

“No.” Jimin answers honestly. “It’s been… months. I broke up with Jaemin in… I think it was February? Yeah, it was before Valentine's day. I remember cause I spent that day crying on Namjoon’s couch.” Not the best thing to bring up but Jimin tends to ramble when he’s nervous. “And I haven’t thought much about her in months.”

“You can move on whenever you feel ready, Jimin. I don’t… I don’t know much about relationships but, you deserve to be happy, you know?”

“Are human relationships different from fairy ones?” Jimin’s waist really starts to protest being twisted in such a way but he doesn’t want to pull away. So, he grabs Yoongi’s thigh and snickers softly in his throat at the way Yoongi jumps. It takes a minute but Yoongi starts to realize what Jimin wants. He tosses on leg over Jimin’s before doing the same with the second and with his legs over Jimin’s lap, it’s easier to hug this way. Yoongi’s practically in his lap and Jimin’s heart soars with that knowledge. 

“They’re not that different, I don’t think.” Yoongi speaks up once they’ve settled again. “As you know, I had one relationship and that was… It was nice but it wasn’t… love . And I think love between fairies isn’t all that different from love between humans. I said before that we feel things very strongly but only a few at a time. Sometimes we only feel one thing at a time if it’s that strong. Love and anger tend to be those things we feel at a single time. They’ll completely take over. It’s kind of scary sometimes.”

“Humans are like that.” Jimin muses, tucking his nose under Yoongi’s chin to inhale his comforting scent. “We get blinded by love or anger. Guess we’re not too different.”

Yoongi hums. “Maybe not. I want to believe the way we feel isn’t all that different. I want to believe for Taehyung.”

This is a chance, Jimin thinks. “Do you think he and Hoseok can work?”

“Taehyung is stronger than me in certain magics. Transforming his body is one of those magics. He can become more human than I can. When I grow big, my eyes don’t change and I can’t hide my wings or my ears. But Tae, he can become human almost. His eyes stay the same but no wings, no ears. Nothing to give him away at first glance. So, yeah. I think they could work if it’s what they both want.”

“Do you think we could?”

The words come out of Jimin so quietly he’s not even sure he said them. But the way Yoongi’s fingers suddenly grip his hair is enough to make Jimin believe Yoongi heard him. 

“Do I think we could what?” The words are a little flat, like Yoongi is too unsure or afraid to show any emotion in his voice. It’s so very odd hearing from him. 

“Work.” Carefully, Jimin pulls back from Yoongi’s throat. It takes a second for Yoongi to release his hair but once he does, Jimin can pull back enough to meet his eyes and the world tumbles to a halt for a moment. 

Yoongi’s eyes are wide, so very wide they look ready to pop out of his head, and there’s a flush on his face spreading over his nose, cheeks and the tips of his ears. His eyes are glistening and it takes Jimin a moment to realize those might be tears in his eyes. His heart stops in his chest. 

“Yoongi.” Jimin says softly, sweetly but also a little panicked, reaching up with both hands to cradle Yoongi’s jaw between them like he’s always wanted to.

“Do you- Why-” Yoongi gasps, swallowing down a hiccup and blinking away tears he doesn't seem to realize are there. 

“Do you think we can?” Jimin ponders softly, brushing his thumbs over the apples of Yoongi’s flushed cheeks, spreading a stray tear or two away. “I think we could.”

“D-don’t-Ji min .” His voice breaks softly on his name and Jimin has never seen Yoongi look so conflicted and unsure in his life. 

“It’s okay if you don’t want to.” Jimin assures him but there’s a confidence building in his chest because he can see it. He can see the fondness in Yoongi’s glistening eyes. He can see the way Yoongi keeps glancing at his mouth and the way his fists keep clenching his back like he’s afraid to let go. Jimin sees it now, the way Yoongi looks at him, has always looked at him, the same way Taehyung looks at Hoseok. He sees it and it bubbles hope through him too strongly to ignore. 

“But I want to.” Jimin continues. “Because I like you, Yoongi.” He keeps going even after Yoongi hiccups and another tear rolls down his cheek, which Jimin brushes away. “I like being around you. I like spending my days with you. I like having you around and I hope you like having me around too.” He smiles when Yoongi subtly nods in his hands. “We get along so well and you’ve really helped me deal with the mess in my head. You’ve helped me realize that I matter, that my happiness matters, and it’s okay to not be okay sometimes. You… care for me in a way that’s so different from Jungkook or Namjoon and… I like it. I like it a whole bunch and…” His breath hitches. “You’re so pretty.” He surges forward, making Yoongi gasp and nuzzles their noses together. “I always thought you were pretty but seeing you up close like this, jeeze Yoongi, I didn’t know what pretty was until now.”

“J-Jimin.” Yoongi gasps out, eyes wide but starting to fill with something Jimin was too lost in himself to see before. 

“I’ve always wanted to hug you like this, but I want to kiss you too. I was thinking about it earlier. It’s why I got so sad.” He pauses and shakes his head. “Not, not why . I don’t know why I was sad but it made me a little more sad, thinking I could never kiss you because I was so much bigger than you. Because you deserve all the kisses in the world Yoongi and I want to give them to you. Namjoon and Jungkook thought it was too soon for me but then they met you and they just, they knew it was okay. Namjoon told me it was okay. That it wasn’t too soon.”

“You’ve-Since then?” Yoongi’s voice trembles slightly, like he can’t believe what Jimin is saying.

“Yeah? I didn’t know for sure at the time but they knew. Them knowing helped me realize and… Yeah.” Jimin feels the heat on his cheeks now. “I never felt this comfortable with her, Yoongi. I’ve never felt this way with anyone and yeah, I’m a little scared about it but I also… I wanna know what it could be. What we could become.” He drops his gaze between them as he pulls back to put a little distance between them but keeps his hands on Yoongi’s face. “You said I deserve to be happy and I want to be happy with you. If that’s okay.” He tacts on because what Yoongi wants and how Yoongi feels is so very important right now. 

“If that’s okay.” Yoongi echoes. “If that’s… Jimin , of course it’s okay.” He says it so quickly, like he needs to get it out as badly as Jimin does. “I thought, I thought we didn’t-That I didn’t have a chance. But I wanted, I’ve wanted- Oh, Jimin.”

Yoongi shifts, pulling himself further into Jimin’s lap with the hands gripping his back and Jimin adjusts, slipping his hands down Yoongi’s sides to grip his waist and pull him closer. Now Yoongi is sat directly on his lap, straddling his legs to face him directly with his arms hooked around his neck. 

“I didn’t think I could have this.”

“Shit, Yoongi.” Jimin sighs, rubbing his hands up the fairy’s back, smoothing the fabric of his shirt and feeling the root of his wings, the warmest part of his entire body. “You can. You can have anything you want from me.”

“I want a lot, Jimin.” Yoongi presses their foreheads together for a second before pulling back to gaze down at him in disbelief. 

“It’s yours.” Jimin promises, heart fluttering in disbelief as well. “All of it. All of me. Just give us a chance, Yoongi. I know we can do this.”

Yoongi chews on his lower lip and curls his hands over Jimin’s shoulder as he settles back on Jimin’s thighs. He looks apprehensive for a moment, searching Jimin’s eyes before he finally settles. “It won’t be easy. We can’t always be like this. I have to be careful with my magic.”

“I know.” Jimin assures him, settling his hands on the dip in Yoongi’s lower back. “I like us as we’ve always been, Yoongi. But I like being able to do this every once in a while too. I like being able to hold you and kiss you, if you’ll let me.”

Something seems to click in Yoongi then. Warmth spreads through his body and his lips spread out into the brightest grin Jimin’s ever seen. It’s almost blinding and Jimin can’t help but smile in return. 

“Okay.” Yoongi sounds almost giddy when he speaks, curling his fingers in Jimin’s hair. 


“We can do this. We can make this work.”

“Yeah.” Jimin agrees, breathless. “Yes we can.”

“Aren’t you going to kiss me now?”

Jimin doesn’t even answer. He doesn’t need to. Instead, he cups Yoongi’s face in his hands once more and arches up. The angle is nice, with Yoongi a little higher than him. Yoongi meets him, doesn’t even hesitate, and Jimin presses their lips together in a soft kiss that makes warmth tingle over his entire body. 

Yoongi is warm, so very warm. His touch, his mouth, his breath. He’s like the sun and Jimin is the plant arching up into the sky to touch. He’s finally touched and he’ll never want to let go. 

The kiss remains just that, the press of lips until Yoongi parts his lips with a surprised gasp and Jimin surges forward once more to capture Yoongi’s plump pink mouth in a more solid firm kiss. Yoongi’s hands curl in his hair, holding his head in place while Jimin’s hands drop to Yoongi’s waist, his head tilting back so Yoongi can press forward and decide the angle in which they’re kissing. 

It’s easy for Jimin to give himself over to Yoongi. It’s easy to let the fairy tilt Jimin’s head to the side using the grip on his hair and slot their mouths together at a better angle. It’s everything Jimin’s wanted and nothing he expected. Yoongi’s kisses are warm and sweet but they are far from soft and gentle like he expected. Yoongi kisses him like he’s waited ages to do so and can no longer control himself. 

And that’s more than fine for Jimin because he feels the same way. He enjoys the way their lips connect over and over again and the way Yoongi fits in his lap. He smiles at the way Yoongi’s wings flutter, creating a soft breeze that smells like flowers when Jimin gently licks the corner of Yoongi’s mouth. 

After that, Jimin becomes lost in Yoongi. In his mouth, in the way his plump lips fit against his, the way his soft pink tongue laps at the roof of his mouth and the corner of his lips. He gets lost in the way Yoongi grips his hair, leans up on his knees to press as close as possible. He gets lost in the soft way Yoongi sighs when Jimin finally feels brave enough to slip his fingers beneath Yoongi’s sleep shirt and feel his soft warm skin. 

But eventually, Jimin feels the way Yoongi’s kisses slow and become a little more sloppy. He notices the way Yoongi’s body slumps and the lack of sleep starts to catch up with his tiny fairy body. Jimin smiles into Yoongi’s mouth and trails kisses over his cheeks, chin and even his fluttering sleepy eyes.

“I was supposed to help you go back to sleep.” Jimin murmurs against Yoongi’s cheek.

“I much prefer this.” Yoongi sighs happily, his smile sleepy but still oh so pretty. 

“We should sleep. You should sleep.”

Yoongi hums. “Come with me?”

“I was planning on it.”

It takes them a few moments to pull apart from one another. Like magnets, they struggle to release their holds. But Yoongi finally crawls out of his lap, still looking bright and beaming with happiness even when he’s so sleepy. Jimin feels dazed, like maybe he’s dreaming, and he prays this isn’t a dream. 

Yoongi takes his hand, curling their fingers together and tugs him down the dark hallway. Yoongi’s bedroom is up a small flight of stairs. There is no doorway. The stairs just open up into a large room dimly lit from the window on the other side of the room. Jimin never even noticed the small window on the side of his house before. The window lets in light from outside and casts the room in a soft glow. There’s a dresser, a desk, a partition separating the bathroom from the bedroom and then Yoongi’s enormous four post bed that looks like heaven.

Yoongi doesn’t hesitate to pull Jimin into bed with him. The mattress dips beneath their weight and Jimin struggles to tug his hoodie over his head because it’s much too warm for him to wear it. Yoongi’s face is pink when he turns back to him shirtless but the fairy doesn’t complain. He just grabs Jimin’s shoulders and pulls him to lay down with him, tossing the layers of blankets over them.

Yoongi tucks himself right up against Jimin’s chest, one hand curled over his waist while the other is curled between them. Jimin lets him use one arm for a pillow under his neck while he curls the other around his back, keeping him close. He hasn’t cuddled with someone like this in so long and heat prickles up his neck with the knowledge that it’s Yoongi he’s with. 

“Oh.” Yoongi breathes out and twists away from Jimin for just a moment before coming back with something golden and glowing in his hand. “Can't have you getting big on me while I sleep.” He holds his hand up and then blows the dust in Jimin’s face, making him blink in surprise. “Just in case.”

Jimin wiggles his nose and holds back a sneeze. “Thanks, I think.”

Yoongi chuckles, a soft pretty sound and tucks his head into Jimin’s throat. “I’m so happy, Jimin. I’m so happy you came to me.”

“So am I.” Jimin laughs, happy and breathless and nuzzles into Yoongi’s soft pale blond hair. 

“I’ll see you in the morning. Goodnight, Jimin.”

“Goodnight, baby.” Jimin breathes the affectionate pet name into Yoongi’s hair and he loves the way it makes the fairy tremble. “Sleep well.”

It doesn’t take long for Jimin to fall asleep this time. As soon as he feels Yoongi’s breathing even out, his own body dips deep into sleep without a struggle. 

And when Jimin wakes in the morning to the twinkling of bells and sunlight in his face, he realizes nothing was a dream. Yoongi leaning over him when he blinks his eyes open, looking bright and happy and full of life, his lips spread into a smile and his eyes twinkling with affection is no dream. The kiss Yoongi soon gives his lips sure feels like a dream but Jimin knows better. He knows this isn’t a dream and somehow, someway, he’s found a way to be happy. 

Somehow, Jimin started to fall in love with the pretty little fairy who lives in his kitchen wall and somehow, that fairy started to love him back.