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In Vino Veritas (or: Wei Ying Is Oblivious and Lan Zhan Doesn't Drink)

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"Lan Zhan, Lan Zhan!" In his excitement Wei Ying almost collided with his friend, still not quite used to him actually stopping when called (by him, only by him, which made Wei Ying happier than it had any right to), but he quickly recovered and grabbed hold of Lan Zhan's arm. "I made it! Top of the class - and all thanks to you."

"Not me. Wei Ying did all the work." Anyone else (with the exception of Lan Xichen) wouldn't have been able to tell, but in the past year Wei Ying had become quite the Wangji-whisperer (as Nie Huaisang called it with a leer), so he didn't miss the pride lighting up Lan Zhan's eyes.

His heart suddenly feeling a size larger, he shook his head emphatically. "Without you I would have quit after the third punishment your uncle gave me."

"Mn." It really was astonishing how much Lan Zhan managed to pack into that one sound. Right now, Wei Ying was pretty certain that Lan Zhan was only agreeing to humour him. He did that quite a lot, and it never failed to thrill Wei Ying just a little.

Smiling up at Lan Zhan, he brandished the bottle he was carrying. "Come celebrate with me?"

"I don't drink." Lan Zhan raised an impeccable eyebrow, and Wei Ying firmly ignored a weird little flutter in his stomach (something else he'd gotten good at since befriending Lan Zhan).

"Yes, I know - you can drink tea, I bought a new white one with roses for you to try." Still talking, Wei Ying was already steering them towards his dorm. "I just want you to keep me company, Lan Zhan. I miss spending time with you that's not studying for an exam."

"Me too," Lan Zhan replied quietly, allowing himself to be led, and Wei Ying couldn't help the beaming smile on the face at this simple admission.

In his room, he quickly kicked off his sneakers and put on water for the tea, while Lan Zhan settled in his usual spot at the small table under the window. (The fact that he had a usual spot was still something of a surprise to Wei Ying.) Once the water had cooled to the required 70°C, Wei Ying carefully poured it over the tea leaves, before setting the timer to 2 minutes. After all, the tea had cost almost as much as his own bottle of Emperor's Smile (which he wasn't going to tell Lan Zhan).

Finally he presented his friend with his best cup (a birthday present from shije) and watched intently as Lan Zhan inhaled deeply before taking a sip, grinning triumphantly when he made a small sound of pleasure. "Good?"

"Very good." Lan Zhan nodded earnestly, a warm smile hiding in the corners of his mouth. "Thank you, Wei Ying."

"It's nothing!" Feeling unaccountably embarrassed, Wei Ying diverted his attention to his own drink, pouring himself a generous portion. However, before he could drink, Lan Zhan had grabbed the cup, lifting it to his lips. Wei Ying protested immediately, "What? No, Lan Zhan, you don't have to..."

"Want to," was the firm reply, followed by the shocking sight of Lan Wangji, Second Jade of Lan, downing some of the most expensive (and strongest) liquor available. Wei Ying waited for him to splutter and cough, but (as he should have expected, really) he swallowed everything easily, seemingly unaffected as he explained, "This is Wei Ying's celebration. Wei Ying likes to drink. I don't want you to drink alone."

Okay, so maybe Lan Zhan was a bit more talkative, but mostly Wei Ying couldn't help but feel touched by the gesture. That was, right until Lan Zhan, still perfectly composed, dropped his head onto the table and... passed out.

"Lan Zhan?" Wei Ying shook him gently, barely believing his eyes. Finally, he shrugged, "Huh. I guess I know why he doesn't drink."

A part of him wanted to take out his phone and take some pictures as evidence (and so he could mock Lan Zhan forever), but instead he found himself lifting Lan Zhan, as gently as he possibly could, and depositing him on his bed (glad that it was right next to the table). He was just wondering whether he should cover him, when Lan Zhan's eyes fluttered open, latching onto him immediately. "Wei Ying."

"I'm here." Wei Ying hoped Lan Zhan was too out of it to notice the tenderness he couldn't quite hide. "Are you alright?"

"Mn." Lan Zhan did seem almost his normal self, except that Wei Ying (sitting so very closely) could see a dreamy look on his face which he would never be caught with under normal circumstances. Under normal circumstances Lan Zhan would also very definitely not take Wei Ying's hand in his and cradle it to his chest. When he spoke, his voice was rather dreamlike as well, a husky whisper that sent shivers down Wei Ying's spine: "Want Wei Ying. Want him so much."

"Lan Zhan, you can't say stuff like that." Wei Ying forced a laugh (wondering all the while why he had to force it, when this should objectively be the most hilarious moment ever). "Your face will never recover."

"No," Lan Zhan shook his head firmly, still holding onto Wei Ying's hand. "No regret."

Wei Ying's heart was beating so fast, he was afraid he was having a heart attack. "Maybe you won't remember this tomorrow morning."

He wasn't sure if he was hoping or fearing that this would be the case, not when he felt as if he was drowning in the intensity of Lan Zhan's gaze and the sensation of fingers gently stroking his wrist (which was absolutely not the most erotic thing to ever happen to Wei Ying).

Another decisive headshake and a pursing of lips, reminding Wei Ying of nothing so much as Ah Ling pouting. How could someone be simultaneously sexy and adorable? It made it so very hard (nonono, difficult) to keep a clear head. Especially when Lan Zhan used his free hand to take off his ever-present headband and pushed it into Wei Ying's palm, ignoring him when he tried rather frantically to return it. "You can't, Lan Zhan, this is special!"

"Want you to have it." Lan Zhan spoke clearly, eyes never once leaving Wei Ying, who was staring back helplessly, unable to do more than shiver when Lan Zhan's fingers slid into his hair, tugging him down. He should put up more of a fight, but Wei Ying had never been good at denying himself. And he wanted (oh, how he wanted) Lan Zhan, with a ferocity that made him re-exanime their entire friendship.

Then they were kissing. It was Wei Ying's first kiss, but he was pretty sure it was spectacular as far as kisses went, their mouths finding each other as if they'd always been meant to be doing this. There was no trace of Lan Zhan's usual reticience, but also no insecurities hiding under bravado from Wei Ying. Instead it was just them, learning each other in what felt like an eternal wave of kiss blending into kiss, until they had to part to gasp for breath.

Almost immediately guilt flooded Wei Ying, for allowing this, taking advantage, but Lan Zhan just shook his head once again (with an exasperation very familiar to Wei Ying). Lying back down, he pulled Wei Ying with him, holding on firmly so he ended up with his head on Lan Zhan's shoulder.

Lan Zhan yawned, voice slurring but completely serious: "Remind me tomorrow. Promise."

From his position (two grown men squished together in a one-man bed), Wei Ying could feel the tension in Lan Zhan's body and realised that he was forcing himself to stay awake. Knowing how stubborn he was, Wei Ying relented with a sigh, half-whispering, "I promise."

"Good." Pressing a kiss to the top of his head, Lan Zhan proceeded to immediately fall asleep. Wei Ying knew that the gentlemanly thing to do would be to sleep on the floor, no matter how comfortable he felt in the circle of Lan Zhan's arms. Good thing he'd never been a gentleman (ask anyone), so he just wriggled around a bit, causing Lan Zhan to tighten his hold on him even more.

Feeling every inch of their bodies touching, Wei Ying stared at the ceiling, until he was almost asleep as well. However, just before he nodded off, a stray thought caused him to jerk. Making sure that he hadn't disturbed Lan Zhan (who looked way too good sleeping in Wei Ying's bed), he cursed under his breath, "I didn't even get to drink one drop!"

Lifting his hand, Wei Ying gazed at the GusuLan headband he was still clutching. Maybe some things (some people) were better than Emperor's Smile.