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To Clean A Million Minds.

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Cleaning things is a lot more difficult than I thought. I thought cleaning was simply to clear up any dust and rubbish. But it turns out that dust and rubbish can be all over people, and cleaning out the rubbish in people’s head can be much more difficult.

Heather visited me again today. She told me not to worry about Mr. Siltons glaring, or Mr preston appearing in my room at night.

I told her that she was also an apparition, but she smiled, and left through the wall.

In the morning, just after the sun went though the crack in the curtains, the old lady woke me, patting me on the head and helping me into my coat. Looking in the mirror is a confusing affair, now. With my hat, and cane, and coat, I wear exactly what the Old man used to wear. I stand next to the Old lady more often than not.

It has me wondering if I am now the Old man, which feels odd to say, because I still feel young on the inside.

Years seem to go so slowly while I’m awake. So many years passed when i slept for the first time, but now they move slower, than, as Alice says, ‘a snails pace.’

I agree with her.

Today, I have many things to do, and After the old lady helped me into the hall, I found myself achey after only the short walk.

Why was I in so much pain? All the time. As the old lady had said, I wasn’t supposed to feel pain.

My thoughts were broken by a hand on my shoulder- Mr Silton. He looked as tired as I felt, with big dark rings under his eyes. At first, I thought he was experimenting with Mrs Silton’s makeup, but after he smiled and the dark rings crinkled with him, I knew it was not the case.

Yes, Today’s activities. Today I had to speak to the Robots who had crowned me ruler and protector of the universe. I had to talk to them about rebuilding and letting humans into their cities to help. Lots of them still felt threatened by Humans, which I supposed makes sense, but The Old Lady told me that peace was always the option.

And so, Sim powered up the internet, and the screen was full of the advisors, all looking very stern and scary. I almost cowered away, until I remembered that I was supposed to be in charge.

I told them, with as much authority as my processors could handle, that they should consider letting humans in to their cities, and also to stop killing robots OR people.

What frightened me the most, was that their expressions didnt change as they spoke to one another, murmurs that i couldn’t understand or hear.

They said nothing, until my Predecessor of the competition took to the front of the screen.

“We have stopped our process of destroying unuseful models, but letting humans into the city might be difficult. I, for one, am fine with it, but lots of the population might be hostile.” The old arcade machine said, his pixilated expression going sombre.

I thought about this for a long time, until an Idea sprang to mind, thinking of all the old movies that Heather and I used to watch.

I told them about Fort, whom they remembered, and I explained that his model could be used as bodyguards.

They all seemed to nod slightly at this, before they cut the connection at their side.


I have to sit down now, I told them.
My legs hurt too much to be standing.

Alice bought me a ‘hot water bottle’, although I was reserved at first about the ‘water’ element of it, and how it might hurt me. But, after she showed me how plugged tight the rubbery bottle was, I accepted.

Alice and I spoke about her religion, and the funny green tobacco. Apparently it makes you feel ‘giggly’ and ‘relaxed’, which i considered to be a good thing to have in a religion.


Mr Preston used to smoke that funny green tobacco...


|| ζοτε Μεξξαβε: ξειζμτε ||

I’m not sure what happened then, but i woke up on the floor, and Alice told me I was shaking on the ground for a long time, before Mr Silton put a pillow under my head, and i stopped banging it on the floor.

He looked at me funny, did Mr Silton, and for a moment I really did feel like he was reading my mind like a movie.

Then he looked away, and I wasn’t sure anymore.

Mr Deck helped me up, and I hung onto him. He was a lot skinnier than I imagined, what with his large jacket. But leaning on him, I found that he was much more lean than he let on. I wonder why he didnt just get a suit that fit him better...

He called me a “yellow fa**ot” for hanging onto him for too long, and for some reason, It hurt my chest. The Old Lady proceeded to yell at him for his language, while Mr Silton once again helped me, leading me back to the living room, and sitting me down.

A lot of time passed with both of us saying a whole lot of nothing, until Mr Silton finally spoke up.

“Me too.” Was all he said, which left me scratching my head for why he said that. Him too what? It was confusing, but made me very very sad. Mr Silton looked very very sad, too.

“All he wanted to do was play drums and learn about the world.” Mr Silton continued, and it all made sense, in a very sad way.

Mr Preston...

Another long silence passed, and I realised what Mr Silton meant when he said ‘me too.’

I nodded, although I’m still not sure why, but It made Mr Siltom smile, So I’m glad I did.


Mr Preston used to smoke that funny green tobacco...