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“Four whole weeks without a misdemeanour. I am so proud of you, darling.” Negan talked slowly, softly, and sincerely.

He stood several feet away from you as you sat back on the bed in a pair of black, crotchless panties, silk stockings with suspenders, and a black bra. Your legs were already subconsciously spreading in anticipation.

This was the culmination of four barren weeks. Four weeks without his touch. Four weeks without his kisses. Four weeks without his hands on your body. Four weeks without feeling his cock inside you. He was an asshole and a jerk, but a confident, seductive one. And boy could that man fuck. A long, thick cock, a pair of dexterous hands, an agile tongue, and a faultless mental manual of exactly what to do.

“The progress you’ve made? You’re an inspiration to us all.” He slowly slid off his leather jacket and discarded it on the floor, revealing his alluring physique, maintaining constant eye contact with you.

You tried to silence a mewl of desire as it escaped your lips. He grinned and slid off his belt, taking two unhurried steps towards you.

Everything he did was so slow. So tantalising.

“Good behaviour is always rewarded.” He crawled towards you on the bed. “And you have been especially good.” He knelt over you, gently took your hands by the wrists and raised them above your head, fastening them to the metal headboard with his belt. Where his fingers touched, your skin felt on fire. It had been so long…

“That too tight?” he whispered. You shook your head, your mind consumed with lustful expectation. “Good.”

He slowly retreated to the other end of the bed, kissing an unrushed path down your middle. Your body moved and writhed on its own. He placed his hands on the insides of your legs and parted them further, licking his lips. Your pussy made a moist sound as he slowly parted its lips. You tingled between your legs, being exposed to the air only making you hornier.

“Just sit back and enjoy it, darling.” His hands went under the arches of your legs and grasped your hips. “You’ve earned it.” With a lewd grin, his head disappeared between your legs.

You tensed up as his tongue made contact with your skin. He began to explore your already swollen folds, his beard pricking your legs as his face moved.

As soon as you felt him, you knew that you wouldn’t be able to hold off an orgasm like before. The past four weeks had been like a reset button.

His tongue traced up to your clit, mounting sensations as he neared the bud, before stopping short, again and again. You struggled to control your breathing as you wriggled beneath him.

You bastard…” you moaned, out of breath.

You could feel his cocky smile pressed against you as he kissed and sucked. The sexual heat spread through your body from your cunt, your limbs growing strangely weak.

Negan’s tongue slid back down to your entrance, slowly tracing the rim in a clockwise motion before steadily dipping into you. You let out a gasp and tensed up, the belt buckle clinking against the bed frame as you tugged on the restraints in frustration.

His warm, slick intrusion was thoroughly exploring your walls. Your eyelids flickered as sensations darted from your insides. You let out a quiet moan, your hips rolling against him.

His tongue glided up through the slickness of your folds, raising the tension in you higher as he came closer. The tip of his tongue encircled your clit over and over before flicking it head-on. Your hips bucked and a moan rose up from inside you.

Negan continued applying pressure to your clit, rhythmically massaging it in circles. Sparks were flying between your legs, and your mind was devoid of everything but him.

“How does that feel?” he growled into you, the vibrations magnified between your legs. Your reply was a whimpering moan as you gave entirely in to him. A low, soft chuckle escaped his lips as you writhed beneath him.

He began massaging your clit again with his tongue, raising two of his fingers and plunging them into your cunt. He slowly but firmly pumped them in and out, curling them forwards to catch your G spot.

He timed the two to perfection, sending your hips bucking wildly into the air, a sensual gasp emanating from deep within you. Negan’s other hand, still clamped around your hip, held you down and pulled you back onto his mouth.

The sensations of both stimulations at once set the orgasmic energy within you rolling like a snowball down a hill, quickly gaining with every revolution. Your hips bucked with his rhythm without even thinking about it.

Ahhh…Ne-Negan….uunn…I’m – ahh! – so close...” You could hardly get out a sentence.

Negan kept up the pace to perfection, giving you all his attention, until you felt yourself tip over the edge. You limbs fell weak and you began shuddering beneath him, your walls convulsing around his digits as he finger-fucked you through your orgasm.

Your arms ached above your head as you panted, the clammy layer of sweat on your skin soaking into the sheets. Negan raised his head from between your legs and sucked his fingers clean.

“Even sweeter than I fuckin’ remembered.” he mused, crawling over you to unbuckle you from the bed.

Your arms fell down by your side and you rubbed your wrists, your head still thick from the climax. You felt small and safe beneath his body.

Thank you, Daddy.” you breathed weakly, barely able to open your eyes.

“Oh, princess…” He let out a low, warm chuckle that shifted into a groan that made your hairs stand on end.

He leaned in closer and gently clamped his hand around your throat in that way that you loved, his thumb stroking your lower lip.

“We’re not done yet.”