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Jackson Whittemore was a dick! Of course, Stiles should be used to it after high school but still… he had expected the other boy to at least leave him alone at their graduation party, but he should have known better. 

Stiles was so done with high school and with idiots like Jackson. For some reason, the other boy thought it would be a good idea to pour a cup of beer over Stiles's head. Very funny! 

So after washing his hair in the sink of the bathroom upstairs, he decided to escape outside the house. 

He was so not in the mood for this shit!  

Unfortunately, he had come with Scott, because his own car had (once again) broken down. So he had only two options. Either he waited for Scott to give him a ride and endured Jackson's annoying behaviour even longer or he walked home on foot, which would have taken about an hour. (If he took the shorter way through the forest. If he decided to take the long way it would take much longer.) 

He was sitting on the porch in front of the house, considering what to do, when Cora's brother Derek suddenly appeared. At first, Stiles thought Derek wanted to pick up Cora, but it was actually much too early. But what else would he want at the party? Derek was six years Coras senior and certainly not interested in a high school party, was he? The guy had already finished college. It was really weird. 

"Stiles! What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you get drunk illegally like all the other idiots?" Derek asked him

"However, based on how you smell, you should already be drunk. Did you take a bath in a beer barrel?" he asked, doing this sexy thing with his eyebrows. 

Fuck! Stiles had always had a little crush on Cora's attractive brother. (Okay, if he was honest, the crush wasn't that small. More like the opposite. But he would never admit it because it was pathetic.) 

Derek Hale was tall, well built, with dark hair and the most incredible eyes Stiles had ever seen and he was so out of Stiles league that it wasn't even funny. And he was a werewolf, which made the whole thing even hotter. And more impossible. Born werewolves had some kind of soul mates with whom they spent their whole lives. It was some scent thing. Scott and Cora had tried to explain it to him once. They said that werewolves were able to smell their mate when they were near them. Since the whole thing, most of the time was based on reciprocity, it was always a sure thing. Both werewolves smelled each other and mated for their whole lives. Happy ever after included. So somewhere out there someone was waiting to make Derek Hale very happy and sadly, this person couldn’t be Stiles. According to Cora, there were also werewolves with human mates but clearly, this was rather rare.

If you weren't born a werewolf but were bitten, like Scott, things were a little different. Bitten werewolves could only smell their mate if they were born werewolves because their instincts were not as good. So the odds weren't exactly high to find them. This was the reason why Stiles believed that everyone had a soulmate. (Yes, okay! He knew he was a romantic little shit!)  Only humans weren't able to identify them.

Derek seemed to be waiting for an answer and Stiles wasn't sure if he should have a nervous breakdown because Derek Hale was actually talking to him or if he should be freaking out because... DEREK HALE WAS ACTUALLY TALKING TO HIM!

That was the reason why he wasn't able to stop the following word vomit. 

"I... Jackson thought it would be funny to drown me in beer and I don't feel like this shit anymore. But I came with Scott because my car broke down again. I know I shouldn't use all my money to get the jeep repaired all the time, but save up for a new car. But the car belonged to my mother, you know, and somehow I just can't bring myself to give it away. So I'm trying to keep it working somehow. But right now I don't have the money to take it to the garage. And I can't find fix it myself. I don't really know much about car engines. Anyway, I couldn't start the car and so I had to ask Scott to give me a ride to the party. But Scott certainly doesn't want to leave yet, because he's finally back together with Allison. So I only have the option to either wait here until they are finished with their make-out session or I can walk home. But it's a long way, and I'm not sure I should do that. I know my dad would be mad at me if he found out I was walking through the forest alone at night. And I... " 

"Oh my God Stilinski. Could you please stop talking. I get it. Come on, I'll take you home." Derek said, grumpy like ever.

What the fuck? Was he in a sort of beer coma? Stiles couldn't believe it. Like a fish, he opened his mouth and closed it again. (Certainly not a very attractive picture. But hey, he was only human, after all. And Derek fucking Hale had just offered to take him home. In his Camero! That could be a shock for everyone. No one expects something like this to happen. At least someone like Stiles.)

It took a few seconds for his body to decide to follow Derek's call. 

"You want to take me home? Why the hell would you do that? You practically never talk to me but growl at me if you don't ignore me. I'm sure you don't even like me very much. So why would you do that?" 

Derek looked at him frowning. 

Oh, fuck! Why wasn't he able to just shut the fuck up for once? A simple thank you would have been enough. Damn it!

Derek took a deep breath and drove his hand through his hair. He seemed almost nervous. Why the hell would Derek Hale be nervous? 

"Listen, Stiles, you are the most exhausting person I know, you talk all the time and do things that are far too dangerous for your own good and you can't even stay still for one minute, but… but you are Cora's friend. And I care for my sister. For some mysterious reason, she likes you, so I'll have to take care of you. That’s all." Derek explained. 

Whoa! Those were the most words Derek ever said to him. That the werewolf wanted to take care of him was kind of sweet. Even if it was just because of Cora. 

"Now, come on. I don't feel like standing here all night. Let's go." Derek said and rushed to his car.

Stiles followed him with butterflies in his stomach and sweaty hands. He knew his feelings for the werewolf were boiling over and he was absolutely sure Derek could smell it. Fucking werewolf noses. But what could he do? Besides, Stiles was certain that he always smelled of arousal and excitement in Derek's presence. So the werewolf had to be used to it by now. But for sure the smell would intensify in the limited space of a car. 

Fuck! This ride might get a bit embarrassing, Stiles thought when he climbed into the passenger seat. 

They hadn't been driving for more than three minutes when Derek opened the window. His hands were clutching at the steering wheel. 

Fucking hell. He had to smell so terrible. Only he could manage to embarrass himself without even opening his mouth or doing anything. 

Well done, Stiles!, he scolded himself.

Why could his body not accept that he would never have a chance with Derek? Never! Just the thought of it was ridiculous. If Cora’s brother hadn’t known that Stiles was into him before he knew for sure now. Shit! He should have walked. Nothing was worth this humiliation. 

Stiles didn't say a single word during the whole drive. Everyone who knew him well enough would be able to tell that he was on the verge of a panic attack. Otherwise, he probably would have talked his way through the whole drive. Derek didn't say anything either what wasn't surprising. After all, the poor guy probably had to concentrate on breathing through his mouth. Besides, Cora’s brother wasn't exactly known for talking much. 




"Where did you disappear to last night anyway?" Cora wanted to know. Curious she looked at Stiles. 

"Ahem. . . I kind of didn't feel like it anymore and went home." Stiles answered without looking at his best friend. 

"You didn't feel like it anymore? What's that supposed to mean?"

"That means I didn't feel like partying anymore. I know high school isn't exactly easy for anyone unless you happen to be Lydia Martin. But I'm so relieved that I don't have to hang out with idiots like Jackson anymore, that I'm just glad it's finally over. So why should I hang out with all these idiots any longer?" Stiles explained with a shrug. 

"Damn it, Stiles! What did he do this time?” Cora wanted to know.

“He poured beer on my head,” Stiles replied.

“Fucking asshole! Why didn't you say something? Did you walk home? As far as I remember you came with Scott, but he was still very busy making out with Alisson when I left. Your father will kill you if he ever finds out about this. Fuck! Did you take the short way through the forest? Stiles I often told you this is too dangerous at night." She scolded him. 

"Ahem. . . no." Stiles cleared his throat. "Actually, someone gave me a ride," Stiles replied avoiding her gaze. 

"Oh, that's nice. Who was it?" Of course, she would want to know. Fuck! It was one thing to make a complete fool out of himself, but it was another thing to tell someone about it. 


"Derek? As in my big brother Derek? What? Are you kidding me?" Stiles could understand that she was surprised. 

"Yes… no...of course I am not kidding you, he was suddenly there and after I told him that I didn't know how to get home, he gave me a ride. I was surprised myself." Stiles described. 

"Wow! What was Derek doing at a high school party?" She asked without really expecting Stiles to answer. 

Stiles shrugged his shoulders. 

"I have no idea! Your brother has always been a closed book to me." Stiles replied. 

Cora laughed."Yes, a closed book that you've had a crush on for ages, I know." Amused, Cora grinned at him. 

"What? No, I... " Stiles stammered. 

"Oh, come on, Stiles. Please don't tell me the fairy tale that you're in love with Lydia Martin. Scott might buy that, but I don't. I can smell the difference. My brother too, by the way. We are born werewolves. Our noses are not as numb as Scott's."

Stiles blushed. With horror, he thought about how Dereck had opened the window of the car. He groaned and hid his face in behind his hands. 

"You stank the Camaro, didn't you? Oh, fuck that's too funny. He won't get the smell out of his car for months!" Cora laughed so hard she had tears in her eyes and Stiles knew that he would certainly not enter the Hale house in the near future (or ever) again. 

Maybe he should have considered going to a college in another state. As far away from Bacon Hills as possible. But he didn't want to leave his father alone. So he decided to visit the local college. But even if the city was very small he would try to avoid Derek Hale as much as possible. It couldn't be that hard. Their only connection was Cora and she would leave to attend the college in New York.