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That Which Intrudes Deep Into The Night

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Struggle as hard as he might, Lan Wangji could do nothing against the relentless advances from the other with his sealed acupoints, trapping the circulation of his spiritual energy. Inside the Jingshi, hands bound on his back by his very own forehead ribbon, skin glistening with sweat, haggard breath accompanied by guttural groans, Lan Wangji is crouched towards the bed, upper body pressed hard against the bed while his legs, shaking as they have been for the last 15 minutes planted on the floor when the sudden entrance of an unsuspected intruder led to his current predicament. Never had he been more thankful like he was now for Wei Wuxian sleeping like the dead after every session of their "everyday is everyday".


"Ah-- St-stop!"


A hot, wet tongue laps at his right ear, hot breath almost scalding his skin.


"Shhhh Wangji, relax," the other whispers.



"Brother, why are you doing this?" Lan Wangji could not help but question, his voice quaking.


"Why, you ask Wangji?" Lan Xichen twists his finger inside Lan Wangji's hole trying to find his spot. "It's because I have wanted to do this ever since."  Lan Xichen pulls out his finger from his brother's pulsating whole only to spit at it and adding another finger to jab forcefully towards the warm entrance earning an unexpected moan from Lan Wangji as he arches against the other's body. " Ah that's such a lovely sound A-Zhan," He adds a third finger and repeatedly abuses the same spot over and over again causing his brother to let out forbidden yet unstoppable moans, toes curling from the onslaught of taboo pleasure.


"No-- N-no more--"


"Nngn- ah!"


"That's right, let out your voice. Brother has always known you'd sound so beautiful like this."


"Ngn--ah! Ah!"


Lan Wangji tries his best to maintain a clear mind. However, the pleasure from his brother's assault has already begun starting to blot out his mind, fogging his rationality even more when Lan Xichen adds pressure and quickens the pace of his fingers twisting and scissoring, slipping in and out of Wangji's tight hole while hitting his prostate. The piece of muscle hanging between his legs had long become swollen, head glistening like jade from the pre-cum continuously oozing from the slit. Suddenly, Lan Xichen stopped his actions, withdrawing his fingers.


Feeling the abrupt emptiness in his hole, Lan Wangji unconciously let out a whine, his swollen hole twitching as if missing the fingers which were just abusing him moments before. Realizing he had let out a whine, Lan Wangji's ears colors a shade of pink in shame. He had been unwilling when his brother intruded the Jingshi while they were asleep only to assault him like this while his husband sleeps on their bed and now here he was whining for the loss of his brother's fingers against his hole.


Lan Xichen, momentarily surprised upon hearing his brother whine chuckles in amusement. "Your hole looks so beautiful Wangji." he continues, "Twitching so much. Did it feel that good bother?"


Lan Wangji only purses his lips, not answering.


"Come on, Wangji, answer me." Lan Xichen lets the pad of his middle finger rest on his brother's hole. Kneading in circular motions but not entering arousing the Second Jade even more. "Do you want brother to make you feel even more Wangji?" Lan Xichen grabs his own erection and brushes it's head against Lan Wangji's pulsating hole. Lan Wangji shifts his head to look at his brother's erection which is undeniably wider in girth and longer in length than his. Seeing this, Lan Wangji who desperately needs release finally lets go of his shame and nods his head weakly in approval.


"Good, Wangji. It is better for us to be honest like this." And with that, Lan Xichen unties Wangji's hands, lubes his own dick and in one swift powerful move thrusts inside the other's hole, hitting the spot he'd found earlier so brutally.




Lan Wangji arches, vision clouding in white as he finally releases his load on the polished wooden floor. His brother's intrusion was so brutal and deep.


Lan Xichen halts, "Did you come, Wangji?" he whispers, nipping at the soft delicate skin on his brother's neck. "You cling so deliciously tight around me, Wangji." Reaching out to touch the other's dick he begins, "You sure are insatiable, A-Zhan. You just came and yet still so hard like this."


Lan Wangji wants for nothing else this moment but to burrow into the earth and disappear. His persistent erection embarrasses him even more. Without even touching himself, he came just from the abrupt stab of his brother's dick hitting his prostrate in pin-point precision. He'd thought about letting his husband lead before, curious as to how it would feel with his husband inside him. What he'd never thought is that his elder brother, Lan Xichen, would be the one giving him such experience, such pleasure. There was, of course, pain. Pain so gratifying he'd lost all restraints that he'd unwittingly moan and climax from one powerful thrust, but it wasn't enough. A blaze grew ever so strongly on his groin made him want for more.

Stuttering, he pleads. "M-mo-move, brother."

Hearing this, Lan Xichen's dick gives an interested twitch inside his brother's hole. Shame and embarrassment flashes across Lan Wangji's face as his ears and neck burn even more scarlet. Noticing this, Lan Xichen lets out an amused chuckle against the back of his neck sending vibration against his skin. He starts moving again, this time however, slowly and gently pushing and pulling against the tight hole.


"Nngg- ah!"


"M-more -- more, brother, more!"




"Br-brother -- faster."


"Do you want brother to fuck you hard, Wangji?"


"M-mn. Please brother."


Lan Xichen lifts his brother's upper body to lean against his chest, lifts his right leg and slams punishingly against Lan Wangji's hole in a furious pace. The sound of flesh furiously slapping against flesh and Lan Wangji's hoarse moans resound inside the Jingshi. Lan Wangji could do nothing but clutch at his brother's hair using his right hand, another for support on his brother's waist, moan and accept his brother's relentless pounding, his knees buckling against the onslaught.


"S-slow d-do-down ... brother."




"Are you close, Wangji?"


"A-ah! .. Ah!"


"Come with me, Wangji?" Lan Xichen tightens his grip on Lan Wangji's waist and slams twice as fast as his previous pace.


"S-slow d-do-d ... brother."




Lan Wangji feels the heat from his ass as Lan Xichen unloads his semen deep inside his brother's hole, the sudden heat undos him as he too comes for the second time from anal stimulation, dick finally beginning to soften. Lan Xichen pulls out, bending slightly to observe his own handiwork, watching his semen slowly flow out of Lan Wangji's still gaping and twitching hole. The feeling of emptiness in his asshole now so strange to Lan Wangji in contrast to the previous feeling of being stretched and filled with Lan Xichen's rod. Lan Wangji' legs wobble, body turning limp by the minute due to the aftermath of his and his brother's debauchery.


"Let me clean you up so that Young Master Wei does not suspect anything in the morning Wangji."


Only now did Lan Wangji remember his husband, Wei Wuxian, still sleeping on their bed, so painfully deaf and numb to his moans, blind from his husband's entanglement with his own older brother. He was stunned, mind blanking out.


Lan Xichen noticing his brother's silence proceeds to lift him up and places him on the water as he too steps inside the wide tub, his back against Lan Xichen's. Lan Xichen wipes away the traces of their actions from his brother's body gently, afterwards inserting a digit inside Lan Wangji's hole to clear out the remaining cum. Lan Wangji jolts out of his stunned silence as he felt his brother's finger pulling in and out of his still sensitive hole. His ears color in shame as blood once again rushes towards his groin.


"A-ah- brother, enough."


"Oh, what's this A-Zhan? Do you still want more?"



Lan Wangji pales, the redness in his ears a contrast to his now pale expression as he shakes his head in denial.


"Brother, please stop. I have already sinned so much towards Wei Yi--", he stops as Lan Xichen presses his now once again raging erection against his sphincter. "Ah!", he moans.


"Oh but it seems like your body does not seem to agree with you, Wangji." Lan Xichen whispers against his ears, hot breath sending goosebumps across his spine. Lan Xichen presses his dick even more, head almost entering Lan Wangji's opening. Against this, Lan Wangji could do nothing but bow his head in shame and accept his brother's assault once more.





"Nngg- ah!"



"M-mo-re -- m-more, brother! More!"



The tub water now splashing on the ground as the two Jades of Lan once again participates in another round of incestual, debauched activities. Lan Xichen once again pounds furiously against his brother's hole. Lan Wangji, the once pristine figure reknowned in the whole cultivation world, could only clutch at the tub with his knees scraping at the tub's base against the rapid thrusts of his brother -- a moaning mess of tangled hair and pink stained complexion.



"Nngg- ah!"


"Nngggg- ah!"










Properly dried and clothed, Lan Xichen places his brother's fatigued form on the bed beside his still sleeping husband, carefully tucking him in between the sheets. He cleans the Jingshi of the traces of their mess silently and once he was done leans down towards Lan Wangji's yet to sleep form, placing a tender kiss on his lips.


"Wangji, why don't you go later at the Hanshi? Brother has something to discuss with you.", he says with a smile. With that, silently as he had intruded earlier on, Lan Xichen tidies his robe and quietly leaves the Jingshi.



Lan Wangji, still overwhelmed with shame and guilt towards Wei Wuxian because of his earlier crime, could not help but anticipate his supposed "discussion" with Lan Xichen.