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Nautiscarader's Smutember and Kinktober 2019

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A small attic room in an inn between Astrub and Bonta was suddenly filled with a harmonising, carnal scream, followed by a soft "thud" as two women fell to their bed, breathing shared air for a long moment, until their lips mashed. Even though Simone was used to intense orgasms, she wasn't expected for Julie to take initiative this time, and that made her cross her legs around the Ecaflipette's back even tighter.

Julie cleaned her fogged glasses (she kept them on just because of Simone's plea) and looked at her radiant, horny girlfriend, whose chest was still moving up and down, inviting her to curl and cuddle against her breasts, much to Simone's delight.

- Does kitty want some milk...? - she teased her, scratching her ear, getting a mixture of moan and purr in return.
- I prefer cream...

And she began placing soft kisses down her belly, until she reached Simone's lower lips, still twitching and covering the bedsheets with translucent, milky juices. Keeping with her slightly dominant mood, she waited a moment, allowing Simone's excitement to build up, before she lapped first droplet of her girlfriend's cum up, generating more moans from her.

- Stay still, or I will have to use claws - she murmured, sucking on her folds, as she pressed her paws against her thighs, which helped the cause a little.
- Oh, I've been dreaming about this... - Simone moaned, her voice cracking mid-sentence, as she felt another climax already on the horizon.

Julie's petite nose brushed her clit every now and then, and as if that wasn't enough, her crafty tail coiled around her and sneaked up between her bum, sliding up and down her ass, sending more sparks every time it met her other hole. But it was Julie's tongue, fingers and occasionally teeth that drove Simone crazy. Soon, the Osamodas was writhing again, trashing against Ecaflipette's face, as more of Simone's juices flow down to continue the vicious cycle.

But Ecaflipette evidently thought she had enough, as she moved up and took her girlfriend in her arms to cuddle up properly, though not before she allowed her to taste herself on her lips, while their arms chain their tired bodies together in a sticky, but warmth embrace.

- Enjoying the night?
- I wish all of them would look like this one... - Julie whispered
- They will - Simone kissed her again.

They didn't expect the first day of their journey to end with a passionate love-making. It was only when the innkeeper offered them a room with one bed that the two knew their weeks long abstinence would break under its own weight.

- I wish we could just travel al the time and make love in all the inns around World of Twelve... - Julie spoke dreamily, hugging on Simone's chest
- We gotta have money for that, though, and we'll find it Bonta - Simone countered. - An hey, then we will have our own nest.
- You think we'll find jobs?
- Oh, sure. - Simone snorted - People need maids and hairdressers all the time...
- Hmh, I know one person who needs a haircut...

It took Simone a while to understand Julie's comment, before she dragged her finger across her hairy lower lips, causing her thighs and pointy tail to jolt in panic.

- I thought you liked it?
- Just like I like you in a maid outfit...

Simone pressed her head against the pillow they were sharing and was about to fall into a shallow slumber, when Simone's sudden movement caused her to open eyes.

- Simone?
- Well, speaking of *stuff*...

She reached for an ornament, gold-encrusted chest she was carrying with the entire journey. The rest of her baggage was under their bed, but this one, precious box she kept as close to her as possible.

- Look what Luis gave us.

At first, Julie's eyes widened, concentrating on various golden bits and elements, but then her gaze lay upon a familiar-shaped object hidden well beneath the mountain of treasures.

- Is... is that-!
- Yes, it is.

Simone smirked and took the U-shaped double dildo, smirking as the suddenly shy Ecaflipette marvelled at its length.

- Where-? How-? Does Monsieur Crepin know about this?
- I don't think he would know what that was anyway. And besides, it was a present from Luis. - she shrugged.
- It's... it's not a Shushu, is it?

Julie reached her hand and touched the sleek, rubbery object, and shrieked in panic when it moved under her fingertips, much to Simone's amusement.

- D-Don't do that!
- Sorry, I couldn't help.

She leaned and kissed her forehead in apology.

- But you know, there are toys with Shushus in them. Some folks do like this stuff...

Simone wagged her tail in the air, watching as Julie subconsciously moves her paws to catch the arrow-shaped end.

- Do they? But isn't like...
- Yeah, having a threesome. - Simone answered nonchalantly - Ooor... the Shushu can possess one person, and then the fun begins.

Julie grumbled under her breath.

- Nah, I want you, no extras. - she whispered, placing a soft kiss on her shoulder.
- Wanna try it?
- N-Now?! - Julie sat up - A-And what if they hear us. You know how I react to... to those toys...
- Well, they can very well throw us out, we're paying for one night anyway.

Julie hesitated for a while, and only when she moved her head up, and Simone noticed a frisky gleam in her eye, she knew it was time for a payback.