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No Homo, Full Bromo

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Bakugou hated that he cried, even if it only lasted a few minutes before the overall tears stopped. Leaving dry tracks down his face and a concerned mother to reassure. He collected himself, took a shower to clear his head and just focused. 

‘Don’t call again’. 

There were a lack of options. No texting, no visiting, no calling. Kirishima wasn’t exactly making it easy for them to talk and Bakugou was getting the feeling that it was kinda the point, which was even more of a reason for them to talk. Not only was it nerve wracking, but also very rude after making him cum in his pants to just go all mysterious-unreachable out of the blue. So, fine. He hadn’t wanted Bakugou to call, then there wouldn't be any calling. No out of reach messages through a device, Bakugou would just stop him in school. Where was there to run? It was a building and they were stuck until it reached 2, he couldn’t escape then. 

Bakugou arrived at school and immediately started searching for the redhead, watching the bus for him to get off but he never did. Then hurried to check down every hall and every class the quarterback was in but it was still the same, Kirishima was nowhere to be found. Now, Bakugou was starting to get pissed off. 

Where was Kirishima? 

Begrudgingly, he went to the one person that would know exactly were Kirishima was. His longest best friend. 

“Where Kiri is?” Mina asked, brows raised. She glanced around the empty hallway where Bakugou stopped her and chewed on gum. 

Bakugou nodded, “Yeah. Where is he? I’ve been looking for him everywhere.” 

Something clicked into her head in a split second, he saw the change in her demeanor and she smiled apologetically. “He’s sick, some cold.”

That was a lie. 

So, you have them lying for you now?

Bakugou growled, “Whatever.” And walked away. Fine, his friend would be useless too it seemed. Kirishima had her lying for some reason and now Bakugou was boiling with anger.

What an asshole.

“Hey,” she called out. “Kirishima is still a great guy. Don’t hate him until you know what’s going on.” 

Bakugou glanced at her over his shoulder and kept going. 

That’s what I’ve been trying to do.”


What should I do? 

The day plan was foiled, leaving him with less to work with. That just left the original course of action: 

[Me]: I hope you’re okay

[Me]: Mina said you were sick 

As expected, no reply. 

Bakugou sat on his bed and stared at the phone for an hour, then went for it again. 

[Me]: I want to go out again this weekend, if you’re down and not too sick

At that point, he was baiting for an answer. 

[Me]: We could go to another shitty diner 


[Hot Stuff]: Can’t, I’m busy. I’ll talk to you later 

He, of course, hadn’t responded after that and continued to stare at the phone in what could be clear aggregation. 

I never even said which day. 

Kirishima really was brushing him off. 

Bakugou had continued to ask or slip bait in to get attention but no matter what, he was always got shut down. What could be done? 

He thought, pondered until it came to him. 

I’m handling it wrong, I’m handling this all wrong. 

He’s being a pushover, a bitch just waiting for the answers to come. For Kirishima to give attention and an explanation when there wouldn't be without clear force. That asshole needed to start talking or Bakugou was going to back away, and he really hadn’t wanted it to come to that. There was a lot to give on his part and he knew Kirishima was equally able to be a good partner. 

We WILL talk, so help me.

In a rush, he got dressed and jumped in the car. His mother called after him but being grounded could be pacified for a moment of clarity. 

I’m coming to you, so I better get an answer or it won’t be pretty. 

He sped down the street, fingers drumming in the wheel. Mina said something as a hint, although it had been vague, it was something to work with. 

‘Don’t hate him until you know what’s going on.’ 

Alright, there was something going on. That much was clear as the blue fucking sky above his head but obviously she knew something he hadn’t and that was a reason for him to interested. That redhead told Mina and never told him, now, Bakugou knew full well that best friends were always in the loop and all that, but honestly? Bakugou wouldn't settle for being out of it, he was Kirishima’s friend too and hopefully more, so an explanation- even a vague one, was deserved. 

Bakugou chewed his bottom lip, stopped at a light. Showing up to his house could be a shitfest, the possibility of Kirishima just throwing him off the property for almost exposing him was up for grabs. Even though the quarterback hadn’t seemed like that type, it was also fair to say he hadn’t seemed like the ghosting type either but there they were. 

“What the fuck am I doing?” 

Trying to get his man, keep him while he was at it. Grabbing frantically for a hold on a situation there was hardly any control over. Figuring out the best way to talk with Kirishima without punching his lights out too. 

Bakugou was driving to the house of his longtime crush just to, in terms, get his pride crushed. Each brush off, discounting of his own stance in Kirishima’s life put a crack in his pride and Bakugou wasn’t too fond of that. The initially reaction was to fight back, wound and run but for some reason, a reason he wasn’t going to admit yet, Kirishima always had him staying put. 

Not for long at this rate. 

No, not for long. If he was brushed off again or treated like shit then Bakugou was done. No matter how much that would fucking suck, he’d deal with it. The turn out of the conversation was all in Kirishima’s hands then. 

Bakugou hadn’t meant to show up at his house distraught and on the verge of cracking but a car ride full of thinking and festering really did a shit ton to your mood. Unlike before, however, he was on a warpath. 

Bakugou knocked twice and collected himself because come on, sure he was going to have a talk with Kirishima but it would be the first time he was meeting the parents, a good first impression was what Bakugou was shooting for. It only lasted a few stressful seconds of waiting before the door opened to reveal an extremely scary man. Bakugou looked him over, blinking. He stood taller than Kirishima, larger and built. He towered over the short blond with a massive black mane that contrasted to surprisingly soft red eyes. 

Holy shit, is that his dad? 

The man presumed to be Kirishima’s father looked down on him with calm interest until red looked him over and changed. 

“Can I help you?” 

Even his voice is scary. 

A small part of his brain cheered with joy that Kirishima could be that big one day but he pushed that down for later. 

He glanced behind the man only to find more of him, “Is Eijirou here?”

The man’s demeanor shifted when Kirishima’s name was used, “Eiji- no, my son isn’t home.” 


Well, there went the fifth plan. 

Bakugou swore on reflex, begging for it not to have been heard and pursed his lips. “Okay, thank you.” He turned to leave because what real point was there to stay? Nothing to do besides talk with him at school, or not at all. 

He’s going to be sorry. 

That would be a garante. 

“What business do you have with my son?” The man asked, tone invasive. It had Bakugou turning back with his brows furrowed. Red stared back, focused. Was there a reason to his eyes being a degree colder than before? 

“I came over to talk with—.”

Suddenly, Kirishima pushed past his dad and looked between them. Bakugou stared then glanced up to his father. 

He lied? 

“Katsuki, what are you doing here?” Kirishima asked stiffly, eyes nervously shifting between them all. 

He fucking lied. 

Bakugou wasn’t sure what was making his blood boil more, the fact that Kirishima’s dad lied about him being home or the way those red eyes bored into his soul and picked him apart inch by inch. He rolled his shoulders back, face hardening the way it always had when his walls started to rise. 

The man’s eyes narrowed once more, “What is your business with my son?” 

He’s judging me.

“Oh,” Kirishima started a cover up. “He’s just—.” 

“Nothing,” Bakugou cut in harsh, scorn blazing in his eyes hot enough to set the world on fire, “I’m just some random caller. No one in particular.” He gave Kirishima a pointed look and turned away, tired of the entire situation. Kirishima’s father lied about him being home then the quarterback had the nerve to try and lie about Bakugou’s presence? Not to mention the way his father scrutinized Bakugou from the door. 

Fuck him. 

Bakugou only got three steps off the doorstep, however, before Kirishima called after him. 

“Wait! Katsuki!” 

Bakugou huffed, teeth gritting when the father spoke up as well. 

“What is going on? Get back in this house, Ejirou.” 

“Just wait, I need to talk to him.” Kirishima pleaded, hopping out the door and after the blond.  

Bakugou kept going, rightfully pissed. 

Oh, so now he wants to run after me?  


Fuck off.

“Stop! Wait!” 

“No,” Bakugou snapped. “Go back inside and leave me the hell alone.” It was over, their little fairytail was finished. Kirishima lost his chance and Bakugou was tired of it all, just stressed and wanted to punch something or drop off the face of the earth. He got in his car and started the engine but forgot to lock the doors on entry like an idiot. Kirishima opened the passenger and started to clumsily get in. 

What the fuck?

The blond glared, teeth bared and tried pushing him out. 

“I said no!” 

The quarterback was a lot heavier than anticipated though and pressed harder until the door closed behind him and dropped down in the seat. Kirishima looked to him, “Katsuki, I said wait.” 

Bakugou shook his head, trying not to cry again in front of that bastard. All the anger was moving to overwhelmed tears and Kirishima being persistent was not helping. It only made it worse. 

“Get out of my car,” Bakugou ordered while glaring unwavering at the road ahead. 

Kirishima stayed put, “No.”

He grit his teeth, “Get out of my car.” 

Just fucking leave me alone.



“Get out of my car, Kirishima—.”

“No,” he shook his head. “I’m not leaving.”

Bakugou gripped the wheel hard, “Get out of my car!”

Kirishima locked his door, “No, I’m not!”


Tears pricked his eyes, anger cresting. He turned on the taller boy, “GET OUT OF MY FUCKING—!”

“NO,” Kirishima refused in a booming voice that had Bakugou gasping from its authority. His eyes went wide and he started shaking, teeth gritted so hard they should have been shattered. 

The ringing of Kirishima’s tone had tears ripping out of his eyes, but Kirishima’s own stayed soft. 

“I’m not leaving this car until we talk, now go.” 

“Where!?” Bakugou shouted, trying to grab ahold of control again.

Kirishima buckled, making no move to sooth him. “Wherever. Just drive.” 

Just drive. 

He talked like Bakugou was in the mood still. News flash, the will to talk was gone. Bakugou’s hold on his weird emotional state was slipping and so was his ability to stop from exploding. There was a thin line that should never be crossed to protect others from Bakugou and Kirishima just completely destroyed it. 


Bakugou hadn’t wanted to talk, he wanted to scream, fight more until Kirishima gave up and left so he could go home and collect the scattered pieces of himself. Since when had Kirishima gotten such a frightening yell? God, Bakugou hated being yelled at and it really showed with how much he trembled in the driver’s seat while fat tears rolling down his face in fast successions. The redhead hadn’t even made another sound, just sat there with this stone finality that they would go and talk or Bakugou would be stuck with him there. 

He’s so fucking stubourn.

What was with his sudden need to talk? Had he noticed Bakugou’s instant withdrawal and freaked out in fear of losing him? 

That would be fucked up but expected. 



Bakugou hiccuped, putting the car in drive violently and sped off. Leaving Kirishima’s family with that entire scene to process, going to the only place he could think of in his muddled mind.

The place where it all started and probably the place it would end. 

Stupidly weak whines and gasps left him with the desperate attempts to hold in the cries but it was utterly useless. Whenever Bakugou broke down, he crashed hard. It hardly helped that Kirishima stayed silent, focused outside the car so the only noise came from the reving engine and Bakugou’s fucked up emotions. 

What else was new?

Bakugou whipped the car along the cliff railing, making Kirishima lurch and finally give a noise of alarm before shooting a look to the blond but he wasn’t even paying attention. Busy staring out over the cliff at the city, hating how the tears messed up the view and made his glasses all wet. He took them off and used the sleeve of his jacket on the glass, sniffling. 

Why had they always ended up in a blowout? Why was it always a misunderstanding? 

Why couldn't they just enjoy each other for a moment of peace before someone got hurt or shut out? Without having to yell or fight. 

Where was that for them? 

Kirishima unbuckled. 

Bakugou waited for him to speak, swallowing spit and snot pitifully. 

I look so pathetic.

“Talk to me,” Kirishima requested softly. Bakugou took one more blurry regard to the city and let his puffy gaze land on the quarterback. He wanted to look pathetic anyway, it made the crease of guilt on Kirishima’s face that much sweeter. 


He had a lot to say, more to ask, too much to think about. Kirishima nodded encouragingly and Bakugou sniffled with a nod. 

I wanted to talk in the first place. I can talk.

“I don’t know what went wrong but I… fuck, you’re an asshole.” That ended in a less than amused laugh that Kirishima stayed quiet for. Bakugou wiped the still free falling tears away with spite and stared at his twisting fingers, “You’ve made me cry more than I have in my entire life- and I swear I’ve said that to you before, but god damn you fuck me up.”

It could have been taken a multitude of ways but the how the other boy’s throat bobbed in a nervous swallow said the gist was grasped. Bakugou pursed his lips, letting a blazing gaze sear into ruby. “I don’t cry or wallow like a bitch, I hold myself together and fight back. I mean, look at me. I’m a fucking mess. But you. You’ve made me feel things I haven’t before and I’m not even sure how to deal with them. They are new, all of this is new and I know it’s going to be new for you but here we are. On different sides of the road.”

Kirishima frowned, “I don’t want to be, Kats. I want to be on your side and work together.”

“Yeah? That’s funny,” Bakugou mused bitterly. “It sure hadn’t seemed like it the past few days.”

Not at all. It gave the message that Bakugou was better off stepping back and moving along but apparently there was a requirement to be a mindreader when wanting to be with Kirishima. Sad to say, Bakugou wasn’t one.

“What you did was fucked up, so fucked up.”

Kirishima let him go and Bakugou took off with it, eyes narrowed for emphasis and body tilted his way. “It was so shitty to be ghosted, annoying to be brushed off and you really are an asshole for it.”

The quarterback sat sideways, injured ankle drapped off the seat. Expression guilt ridden with hints of stress in his eyes. “I didn’t mean to make you feel that—.”


The blond cut him off, “Are you sure? How can you say you couldn’t control what your words meant and expect me to believe that you want me forever? Because right now, I’m not sure about it.” 

Come on, really? That was the dumbest excuse ever created and it was only adding to the aggravation. Saying he wasn’t in control of the way his words came out gave free space to assume everything was uncalculated. 

“I’m sorry—.”

“Good!” Bakugou shouted, venom seeping through to hurt the redhead just enough for the point to get across. “You should be! If I was worth anything to you, then I would have been given a little explanation or heads up because I’m special to you, worth more to get a little ‘hey, just so you know’. But I wasn’t. What was I worth? A bunch of brushing off bullshit mixed with a title of being no one. Do you know how shitty that was? To sit there and hear I was nothing ? I didn’t even know why you lied so it wouldn’t hurt so goddamn bad.”

“Kats, I—.” Kirishima was cut off again, eyes desperate to explain.

“Do you want to know what I say you are to my parents? An amazing guy, my dream man. The best thing I could have been gifted, everything I ever wanted. You are everything. I’m stuck as nothing. What am I supposed to say? To do?”

Bakugou waved in the air, inviting a solution he knew wouldn’t come.

Kirishima rubbed his arm, looking away. “I don’t know.”


They hardly knew how to be in a relationship, that was a given. He was going in just as blind as Kirishima but unlike him, Bakugou had common decency to not brush him off or just go ghost in a matter of hours. His opinions and views were voiced, loudly. 

Of course you don’t know.

What else was to be expected from someone still not out of the closet and clearly an idiot with communication?

Bakugou really wanted to laugh, maybe the swell in his throat were bouts laughter but it was swallowed down and put away for a more fitting situation. He leaned on the window, hand giving his head support, “If you aren’t sure then I might as well be completely blind and take my hearing aids out because I’m walking around senseless here with you. You get me so fucking mad, you make me cry and make me want to just curl up in a fucking ball and die.”

Kirishima winced.

Bakugou fumed, sighing. “Yet, somehow. Through all of that, I still want to kiss you until I’m lightheaded. I’d give myself to you despite all of that bullshit, it’s actually laughable how much I want you with me. Though, I’m not too sure it goes both ways. What do you have to say for that? Because I’m sorry.” He side eyed the quarterback, analyzing his confusion. “I’m sorry I might have caused any problems or posed as a burden to you lately but it wasn’t my fault. I wasn’t part of the memo.”

The car never stayed silent, pockets in the voices being filled instantly. Kirishima pulled on his hair and groaned in distress. “I’m horrible for it all,” he agreed. “It was the worst thing I could have done but I panicked!”

About what?

“It’s hardly an excuse but I did and I wasn’t sure how to do any of the whole boyfriend relationship thing with you.”

Hold on.

“Boyfriend relationship?” Bakugou echoed in almost a challenge. 

That seriously couldn’t have meant what I thought it did.

He might actually flip his shit.

Kirishima blinked, “I- well—.”

“Are you saying you reacted that way and panicked because you were afraid of doing the ‘boyfriend thing’ ?”

Be lying.

The redhead’s face scrunched while trying to word it right even though there would be no way to save his soul after that. “Yeah- I mean—.”

Oh, what the fuck?

“After all the shit you pulled and without even formally asking me, are you saying you were holding out and not talking with me because of something that involved me? Because of something we could have talked about together and worked through?” Bakugou glared, teeth bared because holy fucking shit that would be the most idiotic shit ever to have gone through his hearing aids. Afraid of a relationship, unsure about it and risked never having one in the first place. Was that what Kirishima decided to confess to? To lie on?

The idiot started floundering, eyes wide.

God, I can’t even... I can’t even stand you.

Bakugou shook his head, exhaling through his nose. Anger making his skin crawl and the car too small, he needed to breathe.

Without any grace to it, he ripped the buckle off and stormed out of the car, walking away. Stomping harder as the sound of Kirishima getting out car after him filled the open rock ledge. He yelled for Bakugou to wait and slow down. Yeah, maybe walking fast on purpose because Kirishima couldn’t keep up was petty, but honestly? 

Fuck that. There was pent up stress to expel so a brisk walk to nowhere in particular was great. He wasn’t even aware of where his legs were going, only thing running around his mind were Kirishima’s calls and begs for him to come back, the never ending chorus of ‘ fuck you’ , and the fact of Kirishima still not saying the full truth.

“Come on! Please!”

Bakugou kept going.

“Katsuki, slow down!”

He went faster.

“Let me finish talking!”

Why should I? Hardly anything he said really gave clarity, it was just full of excuses, admittance, apologies and bullshit. Bakugou wanted more, and he knew Kirishima had it.

“I care about you, Kats! I really do, and I’m sorry! I’m so fucking sorry!”


“Turn around and let me explain!”

“No!” But he started to slow anyway, not pushing his legs to go unreasonably quick anymore.

“You mean too much to lose! Katsuki, please!”

Should have thought about that.

Slower and slower, his pace went until Kirishima hadn’t needed to shout anymore. Footsteps less frantic, voice filling with more confidence.

“Please… “ 

Bakugou shook his head, huffing. He needed more from Kirishima other than what was given, craved some sort of deeper root to the madness going on but being important and needing to explain wouldn’t do much in trying to get Bakugou to listen. 

Although, Kirishima always seemed to know just what to say.

“Fine. I understand if you hate me. I would to. I’ll leave and walk back so I won’t bother you anymore, I’m sorry… “

Is he serious? What a fucking idiot.

Bakugou stopped, eyes rolling into his skull and turned around to march right up to the shocked but relieved quarterback. He glared and shoved hard enough to send the larger boy staggering back. 

“Why are you acting distant with me? I'm not someone you can brush off and lie to. I’m supposed to be yours forever, that’s what you said in the car so you better start busting your ass to show me just how much truth that statement held.”

Kirishima eyes were wide before he sighed, staring at the ground. “Alright. I’m sorry, you’re right. You don’t deserve any of that, you deserve an explanation.”

Bakugou stomped his foot, arms crossing. “Damn fucking right I do.”

Would he finally get the actual root problem or would it be covered up by more nervous reasons that hardly warranted what happened. Bakugou watched patiently, gauging how the redhead rubbed his arm and inhaled as if the anticipated words were hard to spit out. 

Don’t let me down. 

“My dad came to town the night we went to dinner.”


“When I was 6, my mom and him went through a nasty divorce. She ended up with my momma, I have two moms by the way, and my dad kind of abandoned me. I mean,” Kirishima shrugged. “We got money for me but I never saw him after that. No birthday cards, no congratulations on my successes. It was always radio silence with the occasional check in the mail. He came back in my life when I was 14 and it was hell ever since.” 

Bakugou’s eyes narrowed, not grasping the implications. Yeah, that was tough and they’d definitely talk more about it later but that couldn’t just be it. 

Kirishima exhaled, jaw flexing. “He’s a homophobic asshole that doesn’t accept my moms but wants in my life. He’s suspicious of any guy friend I bring around which was so confusing growing up and he was even more skeptical when he saw you drive away after dropping me off. He was asking too many questions about who you were and why I was with you all night. I was lucky he didn’t see us kiss. He couldn’t know, not before my moms and not before me and you established our relationship. That’s why I completely hid you away.” 

Bakugou stared, arms uncrossing. 


Now, that changed the whole situation and problem drastically. Bakugou’s anger just took a nose dive into concern and understanding. 

Kikrishima stepped towards him and Bakugou stayed put. “I know we didn’t pop the question and I wasn’t calling us an official thing without doing so. But, we do have a type of dynamic that could progress into one and I wanted to officially ask you after he left so we could actually come out together to my moms.” Kirishima gave a goofy grin to counteract the sad look in his eyes. 

Bakugou chewed his lip, thinking. Kirishima was going over everything and explaining so he could be in the loop. Homophobic father and closeted son, Bakugou could see where panic and drastic measures would play into that. It made sense as to why Kirishima said no one, and went MIA in such a short amount of time. Then he went ahead and said they’d come out to his parents together? That was a big step, not just for them but for Kirishima. He would be stepping out and being himself with a new boyfriend. To know Kirishima wanted him there when it happened was honoring. 

He’s still the sweetest idiot I’ve ever met. 

With all of that said, Bakugou was still suspicious of his father. The large man who dissected him where he stood. 

“So, what about your dad? What’s the story with him after he came back?” 

Kirishima scratched his chin, “He wanted in my life because I’m a shoe in for success.” 

Well, that was fucking horrible. 

“After all those years of wishing he was there, I just felt like such an idiot after finally meeting him.” Kirishima looked over Bakugou’s head, brow creased. “Every year, he visits to see me and spend some time and it’s always the same. Nasty, suggestive comments to my moms and asking me about college and making sure I know he’s my dad and I’m with him forever like a trust fund. It’s sickening.” 

Bakugou watched the redhead’s expression morph into agitation. He grit his teeth, fists bawled. “It’s sickening to know that he’s going to hate me when I finally come out and give us all hell for it. He’s probably going to blame them for it and I… I’m going to be so fucking pissed. They did nothing but love me, raise me amazingly and support me no matter what. What did he do?” Kirishima threw his hands out, “Donate sperm and take off, then come back with a bigot attitude, spreading his idealism and dreams on me to carry and bring him wealth. God, it’s so frustrating.”

Bakugou held a hand up, “Wait, wait.” He needed to bring the conversation back for a once over. “Are you saying that you really never wanted to play football?”

No way. 

Kirishima pulled hair behind his ear in a stressed habit, “No. Not at first and not really now. When he came back, he suggested I start playing because I was too ‘scrawny’ and easy to target so I played football for him. To make him proud and I’ve been playing ever since because it’s like second nature now. But, if I had the choice? I wouldn’t go to college for it, I wouldn't spend my life playing a game for someone that hasn’t gone to a single one, that won’t even love me once they know the real me.”

Images of Kirishima as ‘scrawny’ went through his mind and out the door. His father was pressuring a career over his head and Kirishima had been drowning with it for so long. 

What a bastard.

“I want to do something and be myself,” he whispered. 

“A firefighter?” Bakugou asked even though he knew full well. 

“Yeah,” Kirishima smiled. “That was my big dream as a little kid; to be a hero and fight for the safety of everyone around me. I know the risks and all that, I also know the risks of following a dream that was never solely my own.” 

He started walking to a bench that overlooked the cavern and paced, pulling on his hair and Bakugou started to worry. 

“I’m almost out of high school. I don’t want his dream. I don’t want to do it anymore, but I can't let my team down.” He huffed, desperation dripping. Bakugou walked after him when Kirishima started breathing heavier. “I… I’m stuck and I don’t know how to- how am I supposed- shit, I don’t—.”

“Hey, shh.”

Bakugou dragged him down on the bench, pulling his face to his and rubbed tears away.  “Baby, shh.” 

Kirishima exhaled in the blond’s touch, pressing his forehead to Bakugou’s chest and trembled. He ran fingers through red hair and soothed the quarterback more. 

“Breathe, Eiji.” 

He’s torn between three lives, what the fuck? I take back what I said before, he’s just in a fucked up situation. 

Kirishima was needing to choose between himself, his dad and his teammates. Surely, his friends would understand but a dad? Especially one like he said? It would be hard to finally stand up and say no. 

Bakugou sighed, “You don’t have to be bound by him anymore. You don’t have to be his pawn or follow his dream. Why would you listen to the plans of someone who isn’t even worth your devotion, or worth the loving gesture. You’re such an admirable and noble person for it. For sucking up your own dream and going with something else because it makes them happy. That’s manly as fuck, but it’s alright to put yourself first.” He kissed the crown of Kirishima’s head, “You know? It’s alright to be selfish and say no. Besides, you may kill more people being a football player in those sexy ass tight pants anyway.”

Kirishima chuckled, gripping handfuls of Bakugou’s sweater and lifted his head up. 

Bakugou smirked and kept going. 

“You want to be a firefighter? Then you be a damn firefighter. You want to be who you are? Then you be who you are. If that asshole wants to say anything about it then I’ll gladly say a few nice choice words and maybe show him the door.”

“Oh yeah?” Kirishima quirked a brow. “He’s bigger than me.”

Bakugou scoffed, chest puffed up. “Like that would fucking matter. I can’t stand homophobes and I’m sure your moms wouldn't mind watching him get his ass kicked.”

“Not at all. Mama was itching to do it for so long.” Kirishima played with the strings on his hoodie, eyes gleaming with sweet adoration. It washed over Bakugou, making butterflies come alive to flutter around his stomach again. 

I can’t stay mad, not seriously. 

He booped the red haired boy’s nose, lightening the mood. “As for letting your team down? They will understand. Finish your school year but let the colleges look for someone else. Finish your high school career care free, enjoy it instead of pressuring yourself to catch college’s eyes. It will be more enjoyable and the people that want the opportunity will be grateful.” 

Kirishima scrunched his nose up, “When did you start being great at giving advice?”

Excuse- what a fucking shit.

Bakugou chopped him on the head. “I’ve always been amazing at it, what the hell are you talking about!?”

“Nothing, just saying that your cute when you pour your heart into helping someone.” Kirishima whined, rubbing the bruise.


Bakugou sputtered, red dusting his cheeks and ears. Kirishima smirked, knowing what he’d done and giggled musically. 

Pain in my ass. 

“You are annoying,” Bakugou grumbled with no real heat. 

Kirishima mused, “I know.”

“I’m still mad about being brushed off,” Bakugou reminded. 

Kirishima nodded, smile slightly sadder. “I know.” 

“Could have told me.”

“You’re right, I could and I should have. If you’re going to be my boyfriend and rightfully as my best friend, you will be the first one to know what’s going on.”

The shorter boy smirked, “Boyfriend, huh? You going to ask me or am I just getting the congratulations now?”

Kirishima returned it, eyebrows raised. “I will.”


“You’re a rather impatient one.”

“Damn right,” Bakugou confirmed. Leaning closer, “I want what I want and I want it now.” The sentence ended with a pointed look that hadn’t gone unnoticed. 

Kirishima’s pupils dilated and he pulled the blond close. Bakugou’s hands played over his chest and he stared up with lidded eyes. 

What he’d give to kiss him in that moment. 

You’re so hot, fucking damn. 

Kirishima stopped, inches away and exhaled. “You’re going to need to learn patience, Angel.”  

Bakugou purred, focused on his lips, moving closer. “Mmm, no thanks. Rather not.”

Right before they kissed, Kirshima pulled away completely with a sad sigh. “Sorry, tough love.” 

It drove Bakugou crazy, but there was no way he’d miss out again. Their last kiss was shitty anyway. 

“Asshole,” he whispered and pulled Kirishima to him. They sighed when their lips connected, hands gripping in hopes to never let go. Bakugou hummed, moving closer when Kirishima tugged on his hips. 


Bakugou was right back to where he belonged; in Kirishima’s arms, being kissed into madness while going lightheaded. Kirishima softly pulled him closer, lips pressing firmer with each tilt of their heads as fireworks went off one right after the other. His lips were intoxicating, making Bakugou dizzy. He held tighter, lips dancing together with low hums and high sighs passing between them. Bakugou shivered when a hand ran up his spine, arching when it made the descent down. He gripped strands of hair, keening with brows drawn together the deeper they kissed. 

It was fire. 

Warmth, like home and Bakugou never wanted to leave. 

Not yet at least. 


Finally. Finally. Finally. Finally. 

They worked it out, got onto the same page and were going to work on making it up. Sure, Kirishima’s home life proved to be a problem and Bakugou would be more than grateful to help so long as they kept moving forward with communication still open. They could figure out how to be in a relationship, how to be in one together. It was a trial and error thing, Bakugou was starting to realize that. 

We are good together. 

They’d prove that over time. 

Bakugou pulled away, getting peppered with soft kisses all over his face that made him huff a laugh. Kirishima continued to lay kisses over his nose, cheeks, forehead and jaw until the blond pressed his head into the redhead’s chest, curling close. Bakugou wanted to be in his arms, craved to be held after so long of waiting and he’d get it. Besided, Kirishima only smiled and wrapped muscular arms around the blond. 

They sat on the bench for awhile, looking at the city with no intentions to leave. Bakugou wasn’t going to pull away and Kirishima never loosened his grip. It was peaceful, a true moment of bliss and Bakugou exhaled within it.

Yeah, they would be alright. 

He’d make damn sure of it. 

“You know… I was really close to giving up,” Bakugou admitted softly. 

Kirishima tensed, “It’s my own fault—.”

“Not entirely,” came the correction. “You had your reasons and they were acceptable for the situation so I forgave you. I’m not going to give up so easily next time, not that there will be. Or I hope there won’t.” 

“I’ll do my best to make sure one doesn’t come.” 

“No promises?”

Kirishima chucked, “No, Sweetheart. Promises are built to be broken, saying I will try means I’m actively working on it and I think that’s more important.” 

Bakugou thought that concept over and nodded, “Alright. I’ll take that.” 

“Good,” he hummed. Another kiss was left on the side of his head before Kirishima sighed in relief. “I won’t let him get in the way of us, that part of my life won’t be under his control. You are mine and I won’t let you go so easily.” 


Heart soaring, Bakugou wiggled closer. 

“I like the sound of that.” 

“I’m glad, Kats. I’m really glad.”