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No Homo, Full Bromo

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I’m alone. 

That’s all Bakugou could think about as he traveled down the halls of the school. Books in hand, head still held high. 

He was alone and there was nothing to do about it. 

Nothing could ever change that, sure he had his mom and on occasions a cousin or two that stopped by and shared his competitive nature but they didn’t count. That was family, and Bakugou was not necessarily family oriented. 

Not to the degree that someone would need to not have friends. 

It’s better this way. 

That’s what he told himself every second that a stab of pain coursed through him whenever he walked by anything that reminded him of Kirishima. Bakugou was still pissed off, but now he was hurt. 

They were supposed to sit down and talk but Kirishima ran out, never gave an explanation as to why so Bakugou could get clear headspace on it. Not once saying where it came from. Only came in to say he punched a few guys in his honor, got patched up, preached about how horrible spreading rumors were, then cried and left. 

You see the confusion? 

How was Bakugou supposed to move on, forgive and maybe forget if that idiot didn’t even tell him enough? 

What was he supposed to do? Fill in the lines? Fuck no. 

It’s better this way.  

Yeah. It was. But saying it was better that way wasn’t Bakugou’s way of being sad and just succumbing to the circumstances. He agreed that it was better, preferred it that way. Alone. Focused. Unbothered. 

However, unbothered wouldn’t do because he was still getting leered on at school but nothing Bakugou couldn’t handle. 

Then again. 

Deep in the back of his mind. Buried down for obvious reasons, Bakugou did want to be friends. 

He really wanted to. 

But he was in the dark still, there was no room for forgiveness. So, if Bakugou had come to find out that the rumors did stem from him. Well, that would be embarrassing. 

The point was, fuck Kirishima Eijirou. 


He expected many things to continue or start up since the rumors. It was high school after all. 

Though, what Bakugou hadn’t expected was to be flanked by a bunch of tall and muscular idiots. 

It started late that week, after some asshole actually did get their hands on Bakugou. 

It wasn’t anything shocking, they grabbed his wrist. 

Bakugou gave him a bruised jaw and a hearing problem for a week but what happened after was the shocking part. Behind him, stood familiar people. 

Now, it took some time to realize who they were because Bakugou couldn’t go around remembering everyone’s name. That would take up too much space. But halfway into Tuesday, it clicked. 

And Bakugou was pissed. 

He glanced over his shoulder at the very obvious Tetsutetsu that was stopped to read a bulletin, waiting while Bakugou grabbed his chemistry book. 

The linebacker had been tailing him since setting foot on campus. 

Bakugou noticed right away, it’s hard not to see a tall mass of muscle following you down every hall and every angles. 

Bakugou didn’t know what the fuck was up. 

He slammed his locker shut and continued walking down the hall, glancing over his shoulder once. 

Tetsutetsu was following slowly, head facing somewhere else. Seeming distracted. 

Bakugou scoffed. Idiot. 

Without looking back again, Bakugou stomped to class and sat inside. 

It’s fine. They will stop by tomorrow, it is probably for only a day. 

Something deep in his head uncurled and gave the horrible notion of, ‘They want to try what Kirishima claimed to have done’. Bakugou shivered. Hell if he would let that happen. 

So, at the end of the day he slipped out the back door and took the forest path home. 

No one followed him. 

They didn’t stop.

In fact, even more seemed to correlate around Bakugou as the week progressed.  

Flanking him on the way to class, lurking around his lunch table. 

It was putting him so on edge that he snapped his favorite pencil in the middle of finishing an essay when one walked right by the table. 

Not to mention Kirishima was actively avoiding him, sitting in the back of class, literally turning right around and going down a different hall when they caught sight of each other. Even then, Kirishima sat on the complete opposite side of the lunchroom or just didn’t show at all. 

That probably hurt the worst. 

Kirishima couldn’t even look Bakugou in his eyes without something guarded flashing through and making him duck away or pretend he hadn’t even seen the blond. 

Bakugou grit his teeth and turned away, too prideful and scorned to try and fix anything. It wasn’t his damn job to fix anything actually. 

Fuck that. 

Kirishima would need to be the one, he owed Bakugou an explanation anyway. 

Not to mention an explanation as to why half the football team and a very pink oriented girl had been trailing him for a week and a half. 

Shit was getting out of hand. 

Normally, Bakugou could ignore it or lose them. 

Each usually followed individually or as a tag team. 

What really got under his skin was the fact that all the homophobic assholes never passed comments or gave Bakugou looks when they were around. It was like their mere presence warded all the fuckers of the school away. Not Bakugou’s fists, not his threats, not his yells. 


The fucking shadows of those assholes was what sent them running or had them shutting their mouths. 


The last straw had been on Thursday, after lunch. 

Bakugou had study hall after so he could take his damn time to class. He knew they were following him well before they made themselves known, well before he glanced back to have his assumptions confirmed. 

They had gotten bolder each day, not caring to stay back or ‘pretend’ to stay hidden. Shame on his part for not telling them to fuck off sooner. Though, that would change in a moment. 

Bakugou wanted answers. He wanted them now. 

Quickly he took a sharp turn down a hall he knew would be empty and hid behind a wall, waiting. 

On que, that girl and Kaminari passed him. Looking around as if confused at how he disappeared out of thin air. 

Absolute idiots. 

He stepped out and grunted, grabbing their attention. “Alright. The jig is fuckin’ up. Tell me what the fuck you want so I can hurry up and beat the shit out of you both.”

The girl glanced to Kaminari, blowing a large bubble and let it pop. “Honey, you wouldn’t be able to hurt us.” 

Kaminari shrugged, “Well, I don’t know about that, Mina. He did throw Monoma off the bleachers a months ago.”

Bakugou scoffed and puffed his chest out.  


Truth be told, Bakugou was shorter than all of Kirishima’s friends. He couldn’t help if they were on stilts and he was vertically challenged. But Bakugou would be damned if he let that stop him from being able to bench them easy. 

“Listen, Dumb-Dumb Bubble Gum Bitch. I don’t give a shit. I want to know why the fuck you two and half the football team have been on my ass lately. You want test answers? A clue? Want to fucking harass me too, then get in line.” 

Kaminari huffed a laugh and shook his head easily, “Dude, no. We don’t want any of that. We only follow you because Kir—“ then he shut his mouth quickly and paled. 

Bakugou narrowed his eyes and stepped closer, head tilted. “Because?” 

Mina shifted on her heels and swayed, “You just looked lonely, Hun. Wanted to know if you needed any—“

“Don’t lie to me. I’m not valedictorian for no fuckin reason. Spill.” Bakugou cut her off and snarled. Arms crossed. 

He would get answers. 

Mina sighed and nodded to Kaminari, pulling on her pink leather jacket. Kaminari leaned off the wall, “Kirishima put everyone on the job.”

Bakugou’s eyes went wide. 


Kaminari made a vague hand motion. “About a week ago he came to us distressed and told us to keep an eye on you. To watch over you and make sure, as he said ‘No assholes try anything again’.”

Then Mina shrugged. “We were hesitant at first but then we came around.”

Bakugou’s mind was swirling. 

Kirishima had them follow me around? 

And if that wasn’t enough information, 

Because he didn’t want anyone to bother me again?

What the fuck was his deal? Couldn’t he just face Bakugou like a man and say what all of that was about? Without hiring people to do something so-so-


Fuck Kirishima. 

Bakugou lowered his voice. “Why?” 

“Why what, Dude?” 

“Why did he make you do it? Why make his friends follow me around? Why try and keep me unbothered? Why the fuck is he doing all of this for me? After what he did.”

Mina watched him for a moment before sympathy and understanding crossed her face. She sighed, “He hasn’t told you, has he?” 

Well wasn’t that great news. More vague messages. 

Bakugou clenched his fists, “Obviously fucking not!” 

Mina nodded, “Kirishima feels horrible for everything. He feels real guilty about it all.”

The blond scoffed, “As he fucking should. He caused me so much fucking grief—“

“He didn’t do it.” Mina cut in. 

Bakugou frowned, “What? What do you mean he didn’t do it? Who the fuck else could have known about Friday?“

Kaminari put his hands in both pockets. “We don’t know where it came from but Kirishima has been getting shit for it too. Finally snapped and put some of our guys and a few soccer kids in the hospital. Coach vouched so he wouldn’t get suspended. Lucky if you ask me should talk to him.”

Talk to him? 

“Really?” Bakugou stared them down. Why should he be the one to reach out? “Is that honestly the suggestion you are going to give me?” 

Both of them nodded slowly. 


Bakugou groaned and pulled on his hair, “Well that’s great, super job with the pep talks. You guys are no fuckin’ help at all.” He laughed then, “Talk to him? I’m sorry, it’s just fucking stupid. I’m not going to go to that bastard just to make a fool of myself for believing someone in this shit school wasn’t an asshole with ill intentions for me. But I guess even he can’t be perfect—“

Mina leaned close, bubble popping inches from his face. Bakugou pulled him head back, she looked pissed. “Listen. I don’t know what happened between you two but Kirishima is the sweetest guy I’ve ever met. He wouldn’t hurt a damn fly even if it held a gun to his head. So whatever conception you have of him in your head is wrong. Kirishima would never spread rumors about someone he… of anyone.” Her golden eyeshadow stare narrowed “He won't go to you on his own. Kirishima doesn’t want to push your boundaries and make anything worse. Bless his soul. So. You want answers? You want things fixed? Go talk to him. He has practice after school this entire week for the game.” 

She stood back up and looked to Kaminari and nodded her head. They walked past him towards the entrance of the hall. 

“Do or don’t. Now it’s all in your hands. Either way, whatever happens is ultimately both of your faults. Lack of communication is tricky.” 

Bakugou glared at the carpeted floor. Jaw gritted in frustration. 

The bell rang. 

“You’re late. We will be back to walk you to your next class. I’m sure you can make it there just fine for now.” Kaminari spoke up. 

Then their footsteps grew softer until Bakugou was left in silence. 


Now what? 

Did Bakugou go and talk to him after school at his damn practice or leave it be? 

The rumors would subside soon, it could be waited out. 

But that wasn’t the pressing matter. 


That’s the one thing Bakugou wanted. Where had it all come from, why had Shigaraki jumped on it so eagerly, why had Kirishima been crying, why was he avoiding him now, why send his friends out, why? Why for Bakugou? 

What the fuck was happening right under his nose? 

Am I missing something? I’m missing something. 

Fuck. What is it? 

Bakugou couldn’t decide. Why would he even think about stepping close to the redhead? It would only look bad. 

But I… 


I want to.. 

He lifted his head up and went to turn around when there was a hand on his shoulder. 

Bakugou went rigid as someone leaned close to his ear and exhaled slowly. 

Another hand snaked around his waist. 

He trembled softly, heart rate spiking. 

Finally. You’re alone.”

The blond’s eyes shot wide.