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No Homo, Full Bromo

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Bakugou pushed past everyone standing around aimlessly in front of the field. He just wanted to fucking sit on the top bleacher of the football field and do his damn work. Away from all those assholes that still couldn’t figure out a place to stick their noses. 

God, Bakugou couldn’t wait to get away. 

He shoved through the mass of students, finally into the open field. Bakugou exhaled slowly and stormed across. Maybe he was a little too worked up at the moment, but how else were you supposed to act after that shit? Kirishima was lucky Bakugou didn’t walk over and punch his pretty face in. 

Rage and disgust riddled him shaking, too caught up to hear the loud “Look Out!” before someone was falling into him. 

Bakugou stumbled, dropping all his books in the dew soaked grass. Papers flying out and scattered. 

“Oh shit! I’m so sorry-..“

He whirled around just about ready to wring the assholes neck.



The blond stopped when the bright smiling redhead stood before him.


Bakugou clenched his jaw, “What the fuck do you want?” Here to laugh about your fucking rumor? 

Kirishima didn’t seem to notice his attitude change at all, “I’m really sorry about bumping into you, T threw the ball a little further than we planned.” He rubbed the back of his neck, exposed bicep flexing. 

Bakugou forced his attention back on Kirishima’s face. Fuck! Stop checking him out. 

“I didn’t know you were in this class, never seen you around.” 

Bakugou scoffed and turned back to pick up his abused work. “I wouldn’t expect you to. Too busy with your nose in a huddle or some girls’ tits anyway.” 

There was a startled noise behind him that Bakugou would rather not believe came from such a huge guy like Kirishima.

“O-oh, haha yeah! Tits! Always in em, ya know?” 

Bakugou stopped and turned around slowly, brow creased. Did this idiot really just say that?

Kirishima’s smile dropped, “B-But you don’t- you like um… you… you like-“

“Dick, Kirishima. I like dick.” Bakugou deadpanned and stared the 6’1 jock dead in his eyes. 

A hot blush crashed down across those high cheekbones and now Kirishima was speechless except for that startled noise again. 

Bakugou scoffed and went back to picking up his papers. Dumbass, bastard. 

Bakugou turned back to face Kirishima, arms crossed over his collected books. “Why are you still standing here?”

The taller boy jerked back into reality and cleared his throat, “I just wanted to thank you again for Friday. Was real cool hanging out with you.”

Bakugou’s gaze hardened. 

“I had fun with you!” 

Bet you fucking did. 

Kirishima beamed with a shrug, “We should really do it again sometime!” 

Again? Bakugou recoiled as if the suggestion had struck him hard. Just so you can say I let you do it again? Really? “No. I don’t fucking think so, I’m not giving you another chance to say I spread my legs for you so easily like one of your other bitches.” 

Kirishima’s face contorted to confusion, “Wha-“

Bakugou shoved him back, “Why don’t you fuck off and leave me alone? Yeah?” 

Kirishima’s eyes widened. 

“Go fucking hang out with someone else and spread rumors about them instead, you asshole!” Bakugou spat with so much venom, Kirishima took a step back. Fuck him. How dare he have the audacity to even suggest hanging out again? Even after what he said. 

“What are you talking about?” Kirishima stepped forward, brow creased. 

Is he fucking serious? Bakugou hunched his shoulders in anger and stepped into his face, “The fuck am I talking about!? Don’t act so fucking innocent, Prick! I knew there were assholes out here but I didn’t think you’d stoop low enough to spread rumors about ‘us’! ” 

“Ru-rumors?” Kirishima choked out, shaking his head in confusion. “Bakugou, where did that come from?” 

Was he really going to deny it? God I can’t stand you. Bakugou opened his mouth to curse him out when blue caught his eye. 

Shigaraki leaned against the field goal with a wide smirk. When Bakugou looked his way, the senior waved. 


Bakugou stepped back. I can’t make it look like anything. “Just stay away from me, Kirishima. It’s bad enough you lied about what we did on Friday but then you ask to hang out again? You’re sick.” 

Kirishima stepped forward, hand reaching for him. “Bakugou, I didn’t-“

“Stop.” Making distance, Bakugou backed up. “Get away from me. You’re just as bad as the rest of those homophobic assholes.” 

Kirishima stopped dead, hurt clear across his face. 

Bakugou shook his head, tears stinging his eyes. Why the fuck was he even going to cry over this? Because I let myself slip up once and this is what I get. “I really hate you. We aren’t friends, go back to where you belong.” Then Bakugou turned away for the bleachers. Ignoring Kirishima’s calls as he hugged his books tighter. 

There should be no reason for Bakugou to cry over him, to cry over what was said. Reason to be angry? Hell yeah. Bakugou had every right to be pissed off but sad? Betrayed? No. No, Bakugou didn’t think so. 

Sure, Kirishima Eijirou had been his crush for a good two years and counting. The guy seemed sweeter than candy and nicer than a puppy. Bakugou had felt safe when he came to like the boy. Then, it blew up like a bomb. It could have been worse. That at least was true. Kirishima could have taunted him, actually tried some shit on friday. Acting oblivious is just as bad though. 

Bakugou got to the top of the bleachers and looked down to see the tiny figure of Kirishima shaking his head walking back to the huddle of players. 

He sighed out and dropped on a bench, planning to busy himself with work. 

Fuck him. Fuck him. Fuckhim fuckhim fuckhim. Wind ruffled his hair, today was already sucking ass. 

Bakugou glanced to the field goal but Shigaraki was nowhere in sight. 

I’m fucked.


Bakugou avoided lunch all together, deciding with hiding out in a janitor's closet until the bell rang and he could slip away. Knowing full well if he stepped foot into there, Kirishima would be on him to ask questions. 

Act like an innocent bastard again. 

The rest of Monday went by in a blur, a rushed and stressful blur. Bakugou left out the back door and took the forest path home, not wanting to see the quarterback. By tomorrow shit would hit the fan and there was nothing Bakugou could do besides go home and mentally prepare. 

Not like my life wasn’t hard enough to start with. 



By Thursday, Bakugou had officially lost his shit.


[Assfuck Missed Calls(50)]

[Assfuck]: Bakugou answer me

[Assfuck]: Bakugou please 

[Assfuck]: Just answer so we can talk. Tell me what happened, please. 

[Assfuck]: Bakugou just tell me what you meant by rumors

[Assfuck]: What rumors did I start? I didn’t say shit to anyone about our hangout

[Assfuck]: Well I did, but only to Mina but she keeps secrets like she keeps blackmail 

[Assfuck]: Wait shit 

[Assfuck]: Not blackmail on you

[Assfuck]: That came out wrong!!

[Assfuck]: Dude, please

[Assfuck]: Bakugou answer, please. I don’t know what happened but I’m sorry


Bakugou growled at the messages and chucked his phone clear across the room. Kirishima hadn’t stopped bother him since Monday. Always looking for him in the halls, lurking during lunch, asking to move seats in class. It took every ounce of Bakugou’s commitment to successfully avoid him. For some reason, the redhead just couldn’t take a hint. 

Then the little asshole Shigaraki had been appearing more as of late. Showing up in Bakugou’s line of sight, only for him to blink and the senior disappear. In his peripheral, then glance over and there will be nothing. Or casting a shadow, but for there to be an empty hallway once he turned around. Bakugou knew the tactic was supposed to scare him, that much was clear. All it did, however, was chip away at the patience bar deep inside Bakugou’s head. If anything, his tactic was just putting him on edge.

The rumor spread like a disease, plaguing everyone’s mouth to carry out and share it with others. Taunting looks and suggestive smiles had been flashed his way on Tuesday. Comments and leers by Wednesday. 

Bakugou walked down the halls constantly on defense against everyone. Every question was the same, nothing different besides the wording. 

“So you came out just to get wrecked?”

“So you went right for the quarterback?” 

“How was he?”

“Did you beg?”

“Do you offer anymore hangout sessions?”

“You busy Friday?”

In all of that, Bakugou still held onto the truth that they never did anything. In all of it, Kirishima still never seemed to get the same treatment. Never got comments, or if he did they must be of congratulations because that smile never faltered. 

Not unless he looked my way. 

Nothing. Bakugou wanted nothing to do with him anymore. There had been a slight chance for a possible friendship to grow. I even said I liked his company. But no, that was crushed and scorned. 

Leave it to Bakugou to become his own undoing. Letting himself get feelings and open up just slight to anyone with a pretty smile, gorgeous eyes and sculpted muscles. 

That was the reward he got for it. 

A bad reputation and soon to be mark on his record if guys didn’t stop trying to corner him around the school. Asking for favors and getting a little too friendly with their advances. 

Bakugou knew that was the cost of coming out, he still didn’t regret it. Though, Bakugou would definitely regret not standing up to the next asshole who tried to pass a comment. 

Bakugou strode down the halls, head still high held. No sign of fear or tainting in himself, they couldn’t get that far. 

The looks persisted, the comments thrown about at his expense. Laughter, sneers, taunts, jabs, digs. Bakugou just kept walking. Walking to his destination, then the next, and then on until he arrived home. Just to do it all again. 

Maybe they were acting out because Bakugou hadn’t lashed out yet, fought someone or cursed anyone out. Shame on him then. In time. Not yet. The anger was building up, everyday added to it. 


Lunch already passed again, he spent that in the nurses bathroom under the pretense of being sick from the cafeteria food despite always bringing a home lunch. 

Kirishima had been nowhere in sight all day, not even in class. 

Bakugou slipped down a back hall to take the long way to his English class when someone grabbed his arm. He tensed, expecting another one of those assholes only to find a different asshole. 

Kirishima looked stressed, wound up. 

“Bakugou, we need to talk.” 

Which Bakugou found hilarious, because what was there to talk about? The next time Kirishima could come over just to sound like a lucky guy? How much his status had gone up since? 

There was nothing to be said. 

“No we do not. I told you to stay the hell away from me!”

Kirishima only grew more stressed, groaning in frustration and running a huge hand through his messy hair. 

“Yeah, you did. But this is important- Bakugou you need to listen and hear what I am trying to tell you.” 

Bakugou huffed a scornful laugh and stepped back. 

Not happening. Go talk about it to your friends, I’m sure their dying to get another take on your so fortunate night.”

Kirishima tugged in his hair, then pleaded desperately. 

“Bakugou, please. Just listen to what I have to say-“

“I hope you enjoyed ruining my life. Did you at least say I was good? You must have, with how many guys have been coming up to me and asking for favors.”

Kirishima stopped mid pull on his hair and tilted his head to the side with a frown. 


Bakugou laughed, bet he didn’t know that. 

“Ever since your little story, everyone has been hot on my ass for a ‘hangout session’. I almost fought a senior for getting a little too hands-on but what do you care? It’s not like it matters-“

“Who were they?” 

Bakugou crossed his arms, “What-”

Kirishima stepped in so close, his cologne hit the back of Bakugou’s throat. 

Give me their names.” He demanded low. 

That’s when Bakugou’s knees decided would be a grand time to become weak. Fucking traitors. 

Names. Did he even know names? 

I don’t know their names but I know two were from the soccer team, captain and his best friend. Little fucks. Then the others were literally from your team. Now, why does it fucking matter?” What was his problem all of a sudden with it?

Kirishima’s normal sunshine gaze darkened and Bakugou felt the hall grow colder. The redhead loomed for a moment before sighing and stepped back. “I’ll see you later.” And left. 

Bakugou watched him go before flipping him the bird and heading back off to English. 

Like hell you will. 






Bakugou jumped the stairs and slid down the railing. “YEAH YEAH! I HEARD IT!” 

Who was there? The hag hadn’t said anything about guest and the old man was on a business trip for another week. Who the fuck? 

Bakugou opened the door to come face to face with a visibly restless Kirishima. 

“What the fuck!?” Bakugou shouted. 

Kirishima seemed to relax once he looked at the shorter boy, “Can I come in?” 

“Came you come-“ Bakugou had to take a second to really grasp the reality that such a stupid question had been asked. “Are you fucking serious?! Can you come in!?”

“Yeah.” Kirishima confirmed simply. 

“No you cannot! I told you to stay the hell away from me and showing up at my house is not doing that!” Bakugou yelled, jabbing a finger into his toned chest. 

Kirishima stepped back and nodded, “I know but I really need to talk to you and.. fuck! ” He ran a hand through his hair and Bakugou caught sight of the torn and bruised knuckles. “I just really need to talk to you . Tell you what actually happened because-“

“What happened to your hand?” Bakugou grabbed his hand and inspected the knuckles. They were an angry red with purple and yellow around them. 


Bakugou glanced up. 

Kirishima sighed and hung his head, “After you told me about the guys that tried to make a pass, I kinda got pissed off so I found them and lost my cool.” 

That took the blond by surprise. He stared at the boy. He did that for me? 

Kirishima kept his head lowered, not daring to look Bakugou in the eyes. 

Bakugou let his eyes fall back to the large hand in his. They dwarfed them by a good inch, but Bakugou’s were far more calloused. 

Why did he do that? 

Could that mean...

“Tch.” Bakugou stepped back into the house, letting the hand fall. “Come in, Dumbass. You’ve got explaining to do, and you’re icing that hand.” 

Kirishima lifted his head quickly, eyes gleaming with hope. “Of course, thanks.” 

Bakugou’s said nothing more, leaving the door open for Kirishima to handle. 

I better not regret this.