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No Homo, Full Bromo

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After 30 minutes of straight up gobsmacked gaping at the message from big man on campus. Bakugou had officially ended on the notion that, ‘I’m ignoring him’ would be the best course of action.

Great way to handle having your crush text you right? Right. 

Bakugou strolled past everyone in the halls. His sweater hugged his form nicely. He may be a nerd with better grades than half of Japan’s young kids but he never skimped on the gym. Bakugou stood 5’7 of pure muscle, his chest was bigger than half the girls in that shit place with an even slimmer cut waist. His arms weren’t huge compared to half the others but he was built enough to chuck some bastard off a bleacher last month so he was strong. 

Eyes stayed on him. The way he liked it. Stay hating you ugly bitches. Bakugou held his head higher. He’d be damned if they got to him. Each and everyone of them could continue to have closed minds and not expand their views. In the end Bakugo would stay on top and they’d have nothing better to do besides hate for the rest of their lives. 

He stepped in class and sunk into his seat. Social studies wasn’t his favorite but it was his best grade next to math. 

Mr. Hizashi slid into his class, shades on and blonde hair in a disastrous banana shaped cone. “Gooooood morning students! Are we ready to leeeeeaarn!?”

Bakugou cringed and covered his ears, Mr. Hizashi was extremely loud and happy this morning. The class nodded collectively and they began. 

Mr. Hizashi spun around, “I hope your Friday is going great so far, but don’t fret because we have a rad lesson planned today!” 

Bakugou froze. Did he just say Friday? He shook his head and pulled his phone, turning the damned thing on to show the date and.. Friday. 

Eyes widened, Bakugou slumped far in his chair and covered his mouth with a fist. 

It’s Friday. 

Today is fucking Friday.  

Like an idiot, Bakugou had blurted out the first day of the week without thinking and realizing yesterday had been Thursday . He hadn’t even told the hag about Kirishima. HE HADN’T EVEN PREPARED HIMSELF. 

Was he breathing heavy again? Bakugou was pretty sure he was breathing heavy. 

Shit fuck SHIT. 

What was he going to do? He can’t just cancel, no he’d throttle himself. Kirishima Eijirou would come over or his poor little gay heart will fall into cardiac arrest. But seeing him will give me cardiac arrest. 

Bakugou squeezed his eyes tight and sighed. 

Guess I’ll motherfucking die then. 

They had no plan. He didn’t even get to clean his room. Would Kirishima ask to walk home with him today? Go on the bus then come over later? 

Bakugou bounced his foot frantically. 

What would the hag think? She’d fucking skin me when she found out I wasn’t lying about bringing a guy over. Damn it. Would they go out? Stay in? 

Could Bakugou even handle being in a room with him for more than a few seconds without jumping the guy? 

He groaned and pulled his hair. It’s alright. I can control my dick. I can. Control. My dick. I can control it! 

So the plan ‘I’m ignoring him’ went completely out the window and ran the fuck away. There would be no ignoring him now. No days for Bakugou to mentally prepare, no time to backout. Stuck. Bakugou was stuck. 

Shiiit.” He breathed out lowly. 

You know what? Everything would work out. All he needed to do was collect himself and be the biggest asshole known to man. That would hide his impending crush and constant blue balls. Yeah. Great plan. 

The rest of social studies flew by and so did all the piece of cake classes until the dreaded lunch came around. 

Bakugou tried to eat in the office, but they sent him off because saying ‘How does my entire ass taste’ is apparently deeply frowned upon, then he went to the nurse and faked being sick but they didn’t believe him because ‘Bakugou, you haven’t been sick since 6th grade’, and eating in the bathroom was a little too far. So. No choice but to brave the wilderness and sit down at his secluded table at the back of the cafeteria where everyone could see him and he could see everyone else. 

He inhaled slowly then pushed the doors open and beelined to his table. Now, he wasn’t acting this way because of the students and their dislike towards him. Nah, Bakugou’s hated them since learning how to speak. What he’s worked up and spooked about was the fact that in the cafeteria? You were fair game. Meaning, Kirishima Eijirou was in the same room as him. No teachers to silence conversations, to send him back to his seat, no help. Bakugou Katsuki was out in the open and he hoped to all the gods that the star quarterback wasn’t hoping to talk some more. Bakugou probably wouldn’t be able to handle it. 

With a clank, Bakugou’s lunchbox popped open. Yes, it was an All Might Limited Edition metal lunchbox. Don’t judge him. The thing had enough dents in it from the many heads that got a little too close to his rage filled outbursts. He’d probably assault again if the time came. 

Bakugou pulled out a peach and started eating slowly. Eyes glued to his table, not daring glance around even though he was seriously aching to. Just to see whether Kirishima noticed him or not. Definitely not to stare and count how many coiled muscles he could see on his back.

Though, that’s wouldn’t be too bad. 

After a few minutes of internal battle, Bakugou looked up. His eyes swept over the lunchroom until they landed on the familiar red silky hair. He wore it down during school, only spiking it up into a monstrosity mountain for games. It was a ritual or some shit, who fucking know but Kirishima looked hell of a lot better with it down. 

Bakugou glanced to his table mates. 

A girl with pink box braids, a lot of eye shadow, lip gloss and melanin skin sat next to him, pushing his shoulder and shaking her head. On her other side sat a guy with straight black hair and large forearms. Bakugou recognized the wide receiver Sero Hanta. Another sat to the right of Kirishima with short cropped golden hair and a black bolt tattoo under his ear. That one was Denki Kaminari, an idiot in class but the best Running Back in all of Japan.  Then, across from them all, sat another mountain of pure muscle known as Tetsutetsu. The school's very own linebacker. He was huge, smiley, hot and a practical twin to Kirishima. They had been best friends since diapers, same build, teeth, bright eyes. 

Truth be told, they both had been Bakugou’s gay awkending. He just had more of a liking to the pretty redhead. 

They all sat together and laughed like the amazing family they were. Beautiful eyes, great careers planned, hands that could kill- no he was just talking about Kirishima. 

God. What I’d do to have him choke me. 

Then he recoiled when realization hit of what he just thought. 

You idiot. 

Kirishima hadn’t noticed him, which was the original point of looking. So now Bakugou could go back to staring at his lovely table. 

Only a few hours until school ended and they saw each other. Could Bakugou wait that long? Could he even handle seeing him? 

I’m such a mess. Let the floor swallow me whole. 

That was okay, as long as Bakugou got the gay panic out now. Everyone would be smooth sailing from then on.




A knock resonated through the house. Bakugou stumbled down the stairs, almost face planting. Is he here early? He’s here early. Why is he here early? 


Bakugou sent a strangled look towards his mom's voice, not really all there to send a retort. 

He walked towards the front door. 

Okay. Be cool, just relax. Inhale. Exhale. An asshole. Be. An asshole. 

He swung the door open to reveal Kirishima Eijirou standing on his doorstep with the widest grin ever gracing the earth. “Hey!” 

Bakugou nodded with a grunt in greeting. No words. None. 

Kirishima clasped his hands together again, Bakugou might of thought he was nervous if the guy didn’t seem so relaxed. Hair up in a bun, nice jeans and- is that a new shirt? Bakugou did a double take. 

“So.. can I come in?” Kirishima asked. 

Bakugou’s eyes shot up from his crisp tight shirt. “Huh?- oh, yeah. Come in.” 

He stepped back, giving Kirishima room to enter. 

When he did, Bakugou immediately regretted it. 

“Is that him, Katsuki!?” Mitsuki asked as she turned the corner. Eyes gleaming in mischief, “Why, isn’t he good looking! Nice job kid, I’ll be having grandbabies in no time!” 

Bakugou’s cheeks flared and he snarled, “MA! Not only is that impossible , that is uncalled for!” 

Kirishima was a sputtering mess next to him, shifting constantly. “Ma-ma’am, um- I- I’m not.. ya know, I’m not- um..” 

Mitsuki’s eyes widened and she glanced to Bakugou. He glared back. She sighed, “I see. No worries, Kid. I’m Mitsuki.” 

Kirishima seemed to relax, “I’m Kirishima Eijirou, Ma’am. Your place looks amazing by the way! Thank you for allowing me in your home!” 

Mitsuki waved him off, “Eh, was nothing. You should see the backyard. Almost as big as a football field. ” 

Kirishima’s eyes widened. 

Bakugou’s narrowed. What are you playing at. 

The redhead lit up, “Really? Man. Me and my friends have been looking for a place to practice after school hours. If me and Bakugou become friends, maybe we can all hang out here.” 

Oh. That’s what her plan was. Conniving witch. Bakugou shook with embarrassment and anger. He just wanted today over quickly. 

“ALRIGHT!” Bakugou cut in loudly, successfully shutting them both up. “Me and him have hanging out to do, so say goodbye and let’s go Kirishima.” 

Mitsuki only smirked. “Okay, Kiddo. Be safe up in your room, it can be dangerous.” 


Kirishima waved goodbye, “Thanks again!” And followed Bakugou up the stairs. 

Each step he was cursing his mother out for trying to be a sneaky fuck and set them up. 

Not on my watch. 

He kicked his bedroom door open and presented it with a sweep of his hand. 

Kirishima smiled and stepped inside. He turned about the place, eyes gleaming. “Cool! Your room is so neat and clean compared to my other friends. Man are they slobs.” 

Bakugou gave a tight chuckle and stood by the door. He didn’t know what they would be doing. 

Kirishima continued looking around until he landed on Bakugou’s comic book collection. “Oh, Dude! You like comics?” 

“Well, Yeah obviously. There’s a whole stack right there and a bunch of posters on my walls.” Bakugou pointed out with a quirked brow. 

Kirishima nodded, looking back at him. “That’s real cool! I don’t read comics much, ya know? But I can tell you really like em, pretty manly!”

Bakugou swallowed and looked away. Stay calm. Stay. Calm. “Mhm. Thanks.” He strained out finally. 

Kirishima crossed the room and flattened the shirt. Bakugou looked it over again. No, it had to be new. He’d never seen him in that red sweater before. 

Kirishima noticed him staring, “What's wrong?” 

Bakugou froze. ABORT MISSION. ABORT. MISSION. He looked away again and shrugged, “That shirt new?”

“Oh, this? Nah nah nah, I um.” Bakugou watched Kirishima narrate with his hands. “This was just in the back of my closet.” 

Bakugou frowned, “I’ve never seen you wear it, are you sure it isn’t new?” 

Kirishima waved him off, “No no! I just never wear it to school, ya know? Not really my style haha.” 

Bakugou’s brow furrowed. “It looks extremely close to your style.” 

Pink flushed over Kirishima’s cheeks, “Well- ya I guess- I um..”

He’s really cute when he’s lying. 

Bakugou rolled his eyes as he continued to sputter. Or attempting to. 

“Why? Do you like it?” 

Bakugou’s eyes shot wide back into Kirishima’s expectant and slightly hopefully gaze. What do I say? Yes. No. Take me, I’m yours? 

He was panicking once again, so what does Bakugou’s mouth do? Spit shit out. 

“Yeah! It really brings out your eyes and your muscles!” 

Fuck. Me. 

Kirishima stared for a moment. 

Bakugou cringed, Let me die here and now. I deserve it. Fuck, you idiot. Your eyes and your MUSCLES? WHAT THE FUCK WERE YOU THINK-

Kirishima giggled, literally giggled. 

Fuck I’m gay. 

“Thats Cool, I appreciate that! My friends don’t usually compliment my style and how it works with my better features so I genuinely thank you, Dude! Your honesty is real manly!” 

Bakugou must not have heard him right because that was clearly a flirt. Did Kirishima not understand he just slipped? Is he saving my dignity? Bakugou didn’t have any left. No use in trying for salvation. 

Then. Kirishima patted Bakugou’s shoulder. 

I’m going to give him 5 seconds to remove his hand before I LOSE IT.

He giggled again, “So what were ya up to before I came out here?” 

Bakugou eyed his hand, “Science project.” 

“Science project? When did we get assigned one?” Kirishima looked puzzled. 

The hand was still there, Bakugou could feel it searing his skin. “That’s because it’s for extra credit. I finished this months extra work so I got bored.” 

“Bored!?” Kirishima choked. “Tch. Man, this is why I need to be friends with you. You’re so smart! All my others friends are dumb as hell.” 

Did he mean it in the way Bakugou thought. “You want to be friends so I can help your grade?” He accused with venom. Bakugou pulled away, stepping out of his reach. 

Now Kirishima was in panic mode. He shook his head frantically and waved his hands, “No! No no no! No that’s not what I meant! You’re just real smart and I admire that so much- I don’t want to be friends so you can help my grade! I’m serious!” 

Bakugou studied his face, searching for deception but there was none. He sighed, “Sorry for assuming you were just trying to be a two-faced bitch. S’usually what people use me for, which is why I hate everyone and chose to have no friends.” 

Kirishima shoulders relaxed, “For real? That’s messed up. I’m sorry people did that, just know I totally like you for you, Dude!” Then he realized what he said and back pedaled. “I’m not gay though- it was in a non gay way! I’m just saying I like how YOU are as a friend! Ya know?” 

Wow. That was a trip. Bakugou squinted, “You do know I never once assumed you were gay, right? I literally never thought that.” I wished it though. “So you can relax with the whole reminding me bullshit and reassuring me.” 

Kirishima rubbed the back of his neck and turned away, “Sorry... So um, what do you want to do? Whatever is cool, aight? It’s your pick.” 

Bakugou looked him over before sighing and heading out back downstairs. “Fine. But you asked for it.” 

“Where are we going?” Kirishima ran after him. 

Bakugou had an idea and he knew Kirishima would enjoy it. It was safe and wouldn’t leave them alone behind closed doors. He walked towards the game room in the house and turned the lights on, “Video games. I’m going to wreck you and send you crying back to your mommy begging for your dignity.” 

Red eyebrows shot high, “Is that so?”

Bakugou grinned challengingly and handed a controller over. “Fuck yeah. What? Think you’re better or something?” 

“Dude. I know I’m better.” Kirishima took it and dropped down on the couch. 

Yeah. Now Bakugou was fired up. Kirishima was going to wish he declined that offer because Bakugou never lost a game in his life. Even to his mom who was admittedly the best at his games. 

“You’re on then, Shitty Hair.” 

A scoff, “Bring it, Blasty.”