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No Homo, Full Bromo

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“I just wanted to say one thing before I go, and I know none of you knew I had something prepared but I just needed to get this off my chest.” Bakugou spoke into the mic at the school assembly, sending a look to the staff. He inhaled slowly and regarded the school. 

“I’m gay.”


Bakugou anticipated this. How else would an entire school react when they just found out their loud and very much rude valedictorian with so much potential had turned out to be gay? Something frowned upon by mostly everyone in there. 

“I know most of you don’t agree or understand but I just wanted to tell you all. Not that it was any of your business but now we can hate each other mutually… and also to point out the fact that a gay guy has better grades than all of you.” He grinned smugly. “How does my entire ass taste?” 

Then the students erupted. 

Bakugou laughed as the teachers rushed up to take the mic away and send him off. 

What did he care? After years and years of holding that secret in, Bakugou finally came out to everyone. He wasn’t ashamed, angry, or nervous of their views. In fact, they fueled the fire in him to keep being himself and become better than everyone. Who gave a fuck if they shot nasty looks his way or murmured about him in prayer group. They could kiss his ass, and his grade sheet reading straight A’s. 

Bakugou walked past the bleachers, ignoring everyone cheering and melodramatic complaints. He knew they wouldn’t act on anything. One too many times had Bakugou proven he didn’t take rumors or talking shit.

 Streamers filled the air as his peers threw shit his way. The usual. Privileged thumb suckers who thought everything was supposed to be cookie cutter and their way. Pathetic. 

As he stepped over a wad of paper, something red caught his eye. Bakugou glanced over to the right and locked eyes with Kirishima Eijirou. The star quarterback of their shit school with colleges lined up for him. Standing a towering 6’1 to Bakugou’s 5’7, pure bulking muscle and the sweetest attitude to ever be gifted a jock. He also just so happened to have been Bakugou’s gay awakening. 

Kirishima just stared, expression blank as he walked past. No wave, not bright smile. Completely void of emotion. Bakugou scoffed and faced towards his destination. Go figure. Even the nice ones are prejudice. 

He kicked the door open and left the gymnasium behind as he walked back to do his class work in the library. There were better places to be than in a room full of people who you hated and hated you back. What’s the point of even sitting around a room so loud, Bakugou’s hearing aids went off. 

The library was just fine.

So that’s where he went. Ignoring the small prick of bitterness knowing his crush was homophobic too, or at least didn’t want to associate. 

He knew the risks. Bakugou calculated. In a few years, this place would be far behind. Just a stepping stone for his goals. What’s wrong with being who he was now, and dealing with their opinions to know what to expect later? Nothing. Nothing because Bakugou could handle it. Even if he hated everyone and had no friends. He could do this on his own. Bakugou didn’t expect someone to just waltz up, white horsed knight and say ‘Hey. I support you.’ Was fucking stupid to expect. Not in a school like this where the hierarchy deemed straight as law. 

Fuck the law, and fuck them. 

Bakugou took out his key and stepped into the library, stepping inside and exhaling. Yeah fuck them.