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Our Time Is Now

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Carly sat on the couch watching a Hannah Montana concert live somewhere in upper Washington near her home in Seattle. Spencer was sitting at the counter playing with their blender and whatever food they had in the house.
Carly gave him a stern look "you're gonna waste everything we bought at the store!".
"But look at it, it's delightful!" Spencer exclaimed with a dorky grin "oh look what you've been watching kiddo, you always loved Hannah Montana".
"Hush it, sock boy, I wasn't really watching it, I'm playing on my phone!".
"My socks are beautiful and you wish you had some!, how old's Hannah now?, she seems like she's at the end of her rope".
"Maybe a little she.." Carly looked again to see there was turmoil onstage and Hannah standing confused in the middle, a masked man appeared on the stage. He grabbed Hannah and pulled out a gun, a scream was heard behind the camera and the masked man shot and the siblings heard the sound of a body falling "now that I have a captive audience," the man said through a mechanically disguised voice "I would like to introduce myself. I am a simple agent of anarchy, I've come here with my brothers to do what we please, this is only the beginning, maybe more will step up to the plate, no matter this country is now a war zone of the greatest proportion."
Spencer's usual smile faded "Shit, Carly we have to leave".
Carly could barely keep from crying, She watched as the man took the knife and took off Hannah's hair to reveal a wig "we will destroy everything you worship starting with this teen idol" he began to scalp her as Hannah screamed, he said "President Martinez, we're coming for you soon enough" that was all Carly could stomach before she turned the tv off. She turned to Spencer who had a small bag of things.
"We're leaving right now" he stated very seriously, almost immediately a soldier that looked identical to the man on tv bust through the kitchen door.
"Both of you don't move!" the man shouted pointing a large gun.
"Yes of course, would you like a smoothie?!" Spencer knocked the gun out of his hand and forced the man's arm into the blender, blood spurted everywhere including on his sister and he threw Carly the bag, she caught and shoved it into her pocket "run!" Spencer followed behind until the man tackled him to the ground, Carly turned around and screamed.
Freddie opened the door "hey Carly you wanna review the next episoOHHHH" Freddie screamed, Carly felt a needle in her arm and felt dizzy and fell into Freddie's arms, Freddie looked up to the barrel of a gun.
"Fredward what was that?" A shot sounded off and Freddie's mom had a hole in her head.
"Freddie, car, go!" Spencer screamed under the man. Freddie ran carrying Carly with all his strength nearly missing the next shot and heard more men come in, he lugged Carly down several flights of stairs until they made it to the lobby, Lubert was screaming but Freddie ignored him and kept going he made it to the parking lot panting, he used the rest of his strength to put Carly in the back of the mid sized van, and sat there hiding, he had no idea what to do now, he didn't even have the keys and worst of all it was stick shift, what was he supposed to do with a van he didn't know how to drive!
T-Bo was running around outside screaming, Freddie signed hoping he wouldn't regret this "T-Bo" he called opening the door.
T-Bo jumped in "thanks for saving my ass little man" his doughnut skewer was covered in blood "we need to get moving have you seen it out there?".
"I would but I don't have the keys".
"Now you do, get us out of here" said Carly weakly as she put the keys in T-Bo's hand and he jumped to the front see, Freddy in copilot, Carly buckled in the middle of the back.
T-Bo took the pedal and floored it out of there, they heard an explosion, Carly turned around and saw the entire apartment fall to the ground, Carly couldn't help but think Spencer caused that, she smiled hoping he'd made it out, she pulled out her phone to give him a call, she heard only static and saw a cell tower had almost crushed the car.
"Oh fuck, these guys have Seattle blocked off, no one’s getting out" he regained his confidence, "except for us!" He sped up an incline and turned breaking the side of the bridge jumping over the armored cars Freddie turned to see all the highway below of cars spanning a mile.
"Are they following us" T-Bo dare not turn around.
"No it'd be pointless we're still faster" said Freddie.
"Has anyone seen Sam?" Asked Carly.
"Of all people that little blonde can take care of herself, she's fine" said T-Bo.
"Where are we going?" Freddie was going through his satchel.
"We're going south now and I'd rather not turn around to change direction so south" said T-Bo, he looked at Carly through his mirror "you should both get some sleep we've got a few hours to kill".
"T-Bo I can't thank you enough".
"Hey it's not like this is my car lil’ Shay" T-Bo grinned.