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Vacation What Vacation

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Chapter One

Amaryllis Azalea Potter-Black-Zabini sighed softly leaning back in her shower of the hotel she was renting in Atlanta Georgia her curly red hair went to her waist. She opened her eyes and yelped when she saw a robed figure in the shower with her, she growled ''Really Death!''

Death said ''Sorry Mistress I should have waited.''

The figure was gone and Ami growled ''No freak me out and then leave'' she sighed and summoned a robe and a towel and dried herself off and she walked out in a robe and Death was hovering over the basinet with her son inside.

Death said ''He will be magically strong I can see it''

Ami said ''Thank you Death''

Death looked at her and said ''I am sorry I couldn't do anything to save your spouse it was his time''

Ami's eyes narrowed at him and Death walked away and she said ''Why are you here?'' she walked over to Francesco to check on the one month old the brown skinned baby was sleeping soundly grinning in his sleep. Ami hummed and touched his tiny hand and he cooed in his sleep and gripped her finger and Ami's eyes lit up.

Death said ''I came to warn you''

Ami said ''Warn me about what?''

Death said ''There's a virus that's going to hit the world in two weeks you need to prepare the magical world will not survive tell the people you care about and tell them to hunker down lock their wards and burn the dead everyone will be infected.''

Death was gone and Ami asked ''What is the virus going to do?''

Death whispered ''The dead will rise up to eat the living since you are my master you will be immune and those with your blood''

She looked at Francesco and she sighed and said ''Kreacher!''

Kreacher popped up and said ''Yes Mistress wonderful mistress.''

Ami smiled at the elf and said ''Could you watch Francesco for me for a couple of hours I need to go back to England for a bit and then go shopping in the muggle world maybe find some magical ally's here in America.''

Kreacher nodded ''Of course I will's watch the young master nasty Master Black and Wolfie don't call Kreacher that often.''

Ami grinned at him and said ''Thank you Kreacher'' Kreacher started to clean the room. Ami kissed his forehead and said ''There's some breast milk in the fridge Kreacher if you run out…''

Kreacher said ''I be's knowing the spell to turn water into milk for young master''

Ami nodded and went to the Floo and called out ''Black-Lupin Manor Scotland'' she disappeared into the green flames.

Sirius walked into the living room area and said ''Ami where's Cisco?'' Amaryllis grinned at her godfather she walked over and hugged him and Sirius rubbed her back and said ''Hey Pup what's wrong?''

Amaryllis said ''We need to prepare death warned me about a virus a bad virus.''

Remus walked in with their adopted daughter Jasmine she squealed ''Ami!'' Jasmine was from India where they could adopt a child even with Remus's furry little problem. They had adopted her when she had just turned one years old. It had been three years and four years since the end of the war she had almost lost Remus and Sirius in the last war but it had been close calls. Fred and George had survived along with Severus. Dumbledore died along with Hermione and Ron but she had her godparents Molly and Arthur had stopped talking to her when she married Blaise but her godparents and the twin's along with Charlie and Bill kept her ground and to help her threw it. She had become friends with Draco Malfoy Draco was the godfather of Cisco and Luna his godmother. Blaise had approved of her choice in godmothers he had suggested Draco because Draco and Blaise had been best friends since they were in diaper's.

Ami said ''Get everyone here I need to warn them''

Sirius said ''We will Ami you just gave birth…you should worry about you and Cisco you need to prepare for this thing that's coming you told me about it I will relay the message just take some trunks and empty out places and then come back there is room for everyone here at manor we can homes on the property after some time has passed do you understand.''

Ami looked at her godfather and nodded and said ''Ok, Ok'' she said ''I will be back in a few days there are some place's I can empty in America and I can go to the American magical ally's they don't know me as well as they do here.

She kissed his cheek and Sirius kissed her head and said ''Don't worry so much love''

Ami nodded and smiled at him softly and she yelled out ''Pearl Alley America!'' Amaryllis filled up three trunks with magical supplies and potion ingredients and food and sweets she had bought out entire stores some places looked at the young mother in shock but she ignored the looks. She also bought books on dark magic, gray magic, and light magic. She went crazy she went to a trunk shop when she saw a necklace she mumbled ''That's beautiful'' it had Ruby's and Diamonds on the neck lining part it was her and Blaise's birthstones huge Emerald for Cisco's birthstone stone that shimmered in the light. She had to have it but why was it in trunk store. She walked over and said ''That necklace'' the seller said ''Are you sure you can afford it young lady it's 300 gallon's each stone is a trunk.''

She said ''I want it'' she pulled out the 300 gallon's and paid for it.

The seller's eyes widened and he said ''Would you like me to wrap it''

Ami grinned ''No thanks'' she placed the necklace on her neck and then left the store she had Muggle stores to buy out.

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Chapter Two

Amaryllis apparated into the hotel room and she cooed ''Hello mommy's little man'' Francesco looked up and he cooed and smiled up at her and Amaryllis grinned at him and kissed his cheek.

Kreacher popped up and said ''Nasty master's be calling for Kreacher''

Ami said ''I should be there soon'' Kreacher nodded and was gone. Ami hummed softly and picked her son up and cooed ''You look so much like Daddy'' Cisco yawned cutely and he babbled softly and closed his eyes again. She put all of her trunks in her Baby backpack she cooed ''Ok mummy needs some sleep to'' she had filled up her trunks on her necklace with muggle supplies and food's frozen, veggies, meats and canned foods along with everything she would need including children's clothes, clothes for her everything she could think of.

In Black-Lupin Manor

Fred walked into the manor with his wife and son the four-year-old ran over to Jasmine and they went to her play corner in the living room area. George was sitting with his wife Angelina their children four-year-old Roxanne and one-year old Fredrick were over with Jasmine also. Bill and Fleur were on their way their children six-year-old Louis Weasley five-year-old Dominique Weasley three-year-old Victoire Weasley were already there they were reading in a little nook area. Charlie also was on his way Draco and Astoria were gathering even more supplies.

Fleur walked in from the Floo with Bill and she smiled at them and said ''Hello everyone'' Dominique ran over to her mother and she kissed her head.

Bill said ''Where's Amaryllis?''

Sirius said ''She needed some sleep so she's back in her hotel room she's going to come back soon''

Bill nodded and Charlie walked in with a dragon's egg he said ''It started in Romina the Dragons were transferred to a habitat on an island to keep the Inferi from attacking them they completely ignored the muggle repelling wards. I saved this egg that was left behind.''

The fire place went green and Astoria rushed inside holding Scorpius she cried ''Draco one of those Inferi has Draco we were leaving the Alley and those Inferi came from Knockturn.''

There was a flare in the Floo and Draco came in with a Inferi following Draco kicked it and said ''Fire spells don't work'' the wards kicked in and the Inferi was kicked out violently.

Sirius whispered ''No''

Draco looked at Sirius and asked ''What happened?''

Sirius said ''The wards are closed because of the Inferi Amaryllis and Cisco can't get in even if Ami is my heir the wards are locked down, I can't open them until the threat outside goes away until the wards deems it safe outside.'' Draco's eyes widened in shock the children looked at their parents the room was silent.

The woman were crying Luna walked down and she said ''Ami will be fine''

Remus asked ''When did you get here?''

Luna smiled at him and she answered softly ''I've been in the library with my family we brought food and a house elf.''

In Atlanta

Amaryllis said ''Ok my love let's go see Grandpapa and Granddaddy'' Cisco was in a carrier strapped to her chest. She grabbed the Floo Powder and she called out ''Black-Lupin Manor Manor Scotland'' the flames turned red and Amaryllis backed up before it could kick her and her son out she shook her head and said ''Ok, Ok something must have happened Sirius and Remus wouldn't lock down the wards before I got there so the wards must have locked down on their own.'' She nodded and looked down at her baby and he had his tiny hand on her chest. She smiled down at him and said ''Mommy will protect you don't worry'' she kissed the side of his face and said ''Ok I need a car. I don't want to stay in the city the virus has hit Scotland most likely England so it moves fast.''

The next afternoon

Ami looked at the 2005 Chevrolet Trailblazer it was dark blue she hummed and looked at the trunk back area it had enough room to sleep and store some things she nodded to herself and said ''I'll take it'' Ami had long red hair that came to her waist and she had an hourglass figure she still had some baby weight on her but that was mostly in her breasts and hips she had an olive complexion from the Georgia sun she had learned when she arrived in America that she burnt easily in the sun.

She snapped her fingers in the man's face and scowled at him and the man said ''Oh uh sorry it's just hot out today'' Ami scowled at him and the man said ''Monthly payments will be 220 the down payment will be five hundred…''

Ami said ''That's fine'' interrupting him.

The dealer nodded and said ''I just need your signature and the down payment then you can take the car off the lot.''

Ami nodded and followed him to his desk she placed Cisco in the chair next to her and the guy said ''So is there a Mr. Zabini''

Ami's eyes narrowed and she said ''Yes there was he died a month ago''

She hissed the last part and the dealer coughed and said ''I'm very sorry''

Ami gave him a blank stare ''Sure you are'' she handed him the money and signed where she was supposed to and snatched the keys off the desk, she picked up the car seat and said ''Come on Cisco.''

She grinned at her new car buckling her son in and the baby was just opening his eyes and blinking at her and then his eyes went to the colorful toys hanging above his car seat they were snitches and a mini broom with mini players on them they waved at him and cooed at him and Cisco smiled up at them. Ami grinned and got into the driver's seat and started the car and drove out of the dealership.

Zack Murphy closed his dealership he would have sealed the deal with the red headed bomb shell if she hadn't had a kid with her. He sighed ''All the hot ones seem to have kids'' he locked the front door and he turned and saw one of his mechanics Robert or Robbie something he said ''Hey man did you see the red head man she was a babe.'' Robbie turned and he had a cut on his head and grease he must have fallen or something Zack said ''Man you have to go to the hospital or something'' the guys eyes looked strange Robbie walked over and Zack said ''Are…'' he didn't get to ask because Robbie or Robert was on him and tearing into his neck Zack couldn't scream he just gripped the greasy uniform trying to push him away but it didn't work. His eyes closed as he bled out.

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Vacation What Vacation

Chapter Three

It had been a week since she found and arrived at the Quarry. Amaryllis sighed softly and put up the tent she had gotten from Pearl ally it was a one-bedroom tent she didn't need much it had a kitchen a bathroom with a shower and bathtub and a sink a toilet. It had a decent sized living room area with a fire place and a fully stocked kitchen. She sighed happily it appeared as a normal tent to muggles so that was a good thing. She looked at her baby in his basinet he was sleeping soundly. She went to the bookcase she had some wards to read up on. She looked above the fireplace and it had security charms on something she hadn't seen before it was like the muggle's security cameras that let the home owner see what's going on outside. She waved her wand and the view changed and she grinned happily it amazed her to no end. She said ''Ok stop it Amaryllis time to read'' and she put her nose in the book.

Francesco opened up his eyes and grumbled softly he looked and saw his mommy sleeping beside him with a thing on her lap. He yawned and he saw a brown skinned man hovering over his mommy he reached out to touch her face and his mom shivered softly and moved her head to the pillow on the sofa. Francesco had never seen that man he wasn't granddaddy or grandpapa or Uncle Draco. Francesco babbled and the man looked at him and walked over and said ''Hello Cisco'' Cisco babbled at him and the man's eyes widened and said ''You can see me'' Cisco's eyes narrowed and the man smiled ''Of course you would be able to see me but mommy can't for some reason.'' Cisco babbled and Blaise sighed and said ''I'm talking to my one month old son'' Cisco blinked at him and Blaise smiled at him and rubbed his cheek and Cisco cooed and Blaise whispered ''Daddy's here and he won't leave'' he bent down and kissed his forehead and ran his hand over his head. He said ''I wish I could touch you'' he heard a mumble.

He looked at his wife and she sat up and looked at Cisco and said ''Are you hungry my little one let's get you something to eat'' she walked over and Blaise moved out of the way for her and she picked him up and kissed his forehead and grabbed a baby blanket and put it over her shoulder and she took out her breast and started to feed their son. Blaise went over to the books and looked at the titles she had healing books and potion books and warding books. His wife was a smart cookie they had learned that Dumbledore had placed blocks on her magic and her mind. As soon they took them off her, she had Eidetic memory she could remember anything just from reading it once. Blaise had gotten her every book she wanted or even glanced at she had started medical school and graduated three years early he was so proud and then she had gotten pregnant and he couldn't have been happier.

Then the death eaters that had escaped after Voldemort had been killed, they found them Blaise had died in the same fashion as James Potter in the living room of their home. He had no idea how they broke down his family wards but they had they had stayed in England he should have moved his family to Italy where the family manor wards were stronger but Ami didn't want to leave her godfathers and he couldn't say no to her so they had stayed it had been a month before Francesco had been born Ami was in the nursery finishing up the baby's room. She was singing he closed his eyes and remembered her singing softly it was a muggle song called ''Don't Forget about us'' it was a nice song. He had almost fallen asleep to her voice when the wards fell, he stood up and yelled ''Ami activate the Portkey now!''

Ami screamed ''Blaise not without you!''

He yelled out ''Slytherin House!''

He heard Ami scream ''Blaise!'' and then there was a silent pop signaling she was gone. He sighed softly and then tried to activate his he said ''Gryffindor House'' he didn't feel the pull and he whispered ''I'm sorry Ami.''

He heard ''Sectumsempra'' he tried to move but it hit him in the neck he heard ''Damn it we need him alive!'' they ran over but it was too late Blaise was dead and the death eater's heard pops and the Auror's had finally arrived but they couldn't save Blaise they arrested the death eaters. Blaise had met with Death and Death had allowed him to stay until Amaryllis didn't need him anymore. He had tried talking to his wife but she couldn't hear him he had watched as his child arrived she had to be put on bedrest after they told her Blaise had been killed she had their son three weeks after his death and he had been there threw it all even if she didn't know that he was still watching over them. He walked over to Amaryllis and kissed her cheek softly.

Ami felt something cold against her cheek and she moved her hand towards the feeling and she looked around and then saw a slivery type wind leave the tent she whispered ''Blaise'' she shook her head in denial and said ''Ok let's get mommy something to eat then we can go to bed ok.'' Cisco cooed and Ami burped him and he let the burp go and Ami laughed softly and kissed his head and went to make her a sandwich when she saw cars and an old RV pulling up to the quarry. She placed Cisco down and grabbed her Kanata's she looked at Cisco and smiled at him and rubbed his cheek and said ''Mummy will be back in a minute'' she placed a ward over his basinet and she waited.

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Vacation What Vacation

Chapter Four

Carl looked at his mom's hand interlocked with Shane's he felt anger rush over him. His dad just died and now she was holding onto Shane for dear life. He shook his head and tried to go back to reading his comic he wanted to know why his mom was holding onto Shane but at the same time he didn't want to know he ripped a page in his book. Shane looked back and said ''You ok Bud?''

He had let go of Lori's arm and Carl nodded and said ''I'm ok Shane.'' Lori moved to grab it again but Shane put his hands back on the steering wheel they drove up to the quarry and saw a lone tent already set up and a car was next to it.

Shane pulled over and got out and Dale said ''It looks like someone's already here'' Shane pulled out his rifle and the men walked over slowly with their weapon's. The tent opened up and a red-haired woman got out and her eyes narrowed at them and she had wicked looking Kanata's in her hands.

She said ''Pull the trigger and I will kill you''

Shane put up his hands and said ''I'm a police officer no need for that now''

The young woman's eyes narrowed at him and said ''That doesn't matter anymore'' she had an English accent she said ''I will keep to myself if you do.''

Shane said ''I would feel better if you came…''

The woman said ''I can take care of myself thank you I don't need a man to protect me good night but thanks for the offer.'' She went back inside the tent and zipped it back up from the inside.

Shane reached out but then said ''Alright let's set up before it gets too dark.'' Everyone nodded and then set out to do what they were told Shane set up Lori and Carl's tent and then went to set up his, his tent was near the red head's tent actually. He looked and saw a normal looking tent his head started to get dizzy and he looked away and then put up his cot and Lori walked in and Shane said ''Lori.''

Lori said ''I'm just lonely Shane I just wanted to sleep with you tonight just until morning Carl is sleeping, he won't wake up.''

Shane said ''Just until morning'' she nodded and then went up and kissed his lips and Shane said ''We…''

Lori said ''I just want to feel safe again Shane'' he put her hands in her hair and kissed her roughly and she kissed him back just as roughly.

The next morning

Amaryllis woke up and yawned and she walked over to her son and smiled when she found he was wide awake she cooed ''Hello handsome'' Cisco looked at her and cooed and Amaryllis kissed his head and she got dressed in short's and a t-shirt she waved her hand and her hair pulled up in a high ponytail and it braided itself she said ''I love magic.'' She said ''Ok let's go see how many people are out there.'' She strapped his carrier onto her chest and placed him inside. He cooed and looked at his new favorite chew toy ever her hair and grabbed the braid came to his mouth and he cooed and put it in his mouth and gummed it. She walked out of the tent and closed it again.

Shane looked up from the fire pit he was making and saw the red head walking over she had a small light brown skinned infant strapped to her chest said infant was chewing on her long braid quite happily. She looked down at him and the infant let go of the braid and looked up at her and giggled cutely. When she looked away again, he put the braid back into his mouth and went back to gumming it. Shane had to admit she was gorgeous model gorgeous someone he thought of as weak and spoiled but when he looked into her emerald eyes they were hardened like a military officer's. The way she carried herself reminded him of his mother she took no nonsense and was strong woman who took care of her own. She had a hand on the infant's back and she rubbed it softly the baby looked up at her and then kept on chewing on her braid she started picking up sticks and grabbed some twine from her pocket and she sat down on the log and she started to create a fish trap.

Shane said ''Shane Walsh''

The woman looked at him and she said ''Amaryllis Potter-Black-Zabini this is my son Francesco'' Francesco heard his name and looked up he had moved from her hair to looking at his mom's long nail's that had French tip's. He babbled and then went back to her nail's.

Shane said ''He's quiet'' Amaryllis eyes narrowed at him and Shane said ''I don't mean anything by it.''

She said ''He's a quiet baby'' she patted his back and Cisco babbled up at her.

She stood up and said ''It was nice to meet you but I have a trap to lay.''

Shane said ''I could help you''

Ami said ''Fine I don't want to go into the water with him strapped to my chest anyway.'' Shane stood up and followed her to the water's edge and took the trap.

Lori stood next to Carol and the other woman who were doing chores and she frowned softly when she saw Shane leaving with the long-haired red head.

Amaryllis smirked when she saw Shane fall into the water and Shane said ''Hush you the mud is slippery.''

Ami grinned and said ''I wouldn't have fallen''

Shane huffed and said ''Yeah right''

Ami smirked and asked her son ''Isn't that right Cisco?''

Cisco was nodding off he babbled softly and Ami rubbed his back and Shane said ''So his dad.''

Amaryllis said ''My husband his father died before he was born''

Shane grunted ''Sorry''

Ami said ''I miss him he wasn't perfect but he was to me'' she shook her head and said ''Thank you for setting the trap Shane'' Shane nodded at her and watched her walk away and back up the hill. Shane finally looked down and saw his shirt covered in mud and he started to get rid of the mud as fast as he could.

Blaise had enjoyed tripping the police officer when he had entered the water, he liked seeing the smile on Ami's face when the officer came up with his shirt covered in mud.

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Chapter Five- Making Friends

Amaryllis sat on the outside of her tent her son was strapped to her chest. She sighed she missed Sirius and everyone from back home maybe she shouldn't have gone on vacation. Miranda Morales walked over and she cooed ''Oh he's adorable.''

Amaryllis grinned and said ''Thank you''

She looked at Miranda's children and said ''Yours are to.''

The woman smiled and asked ''Thank you, may I?'' She put out her hands like she wanted to hold the baby.

Amaryllis smiled and said ''You can try but you might want to put up your hair he loves to put it in his mouth.''

Miranda grinned and put it up in a bun and she took the baby and placed him in her arms she said ''It's been a while since I held a baby this tiny.'' She sat down next to her and Cisco mumbled softly and then opened his eyes and looked around looking for Ami and Miranda cooed ''Don't worry Nino your mommy's right there'' holding him so he could see Amaryllis. Cisco relaxed back in her arms when his eyes landed on his mum. Miranda said ''So you sound British what are you doing here darling?''

Ami sighed and said ''I came here for a vacation back home I'm kind of well-known and my husband just died I just wanted to get away from all of that I was trying to get home but the virus got really bad.''

Miranda nodded and said ''Any family?''

Ami said ''Yeah, I have my adoptive dad's and my adopted little sister but they are in Scotland hopefully safe on their estate all of my friends and family are safe on my dad's estate.''

Miranda said ''Well you will see them again don't give up hope you have to have it for this little one I know I'm not giving up hope that our family is still alive.'' Ami grinned at her and Miranda said ''Well look at that someone's sleeping'' she looked down in her arms and Cisco was sleeping he had fallen asleep to their talking. Miranda looked and saw her children fighting and she sighed and said ''Sometimes I miss when Louis was a baby he didn't fight with Eliza as much.'' She handed Ami her son Ami kissed the top of his head and Miranda said ''Let me go wrangle those two in.''

Ami grinned and said ''Come by anytime''

Miranda smiled at her and said ''The same applies to you I'll watch the little angel if you need to do something on your own'' Ami nodded and she watched Miranda go over to her children and she spoke in rapid Spanish at them and separated them.

The next morning

Ami walked over to Miranda and said ''Do you feel like watching Cisco for me?''

Miranda looked up from her breakfast and said ''Sure dear''

Ami grinned and said ''Thank you I need to make a run into the city.''

Miranda asked ''Are you sure?''

Ami said ''I'll be fine promise.''

Miranda took the baby from her and Ami handed her a bag she said ''There's some milk breast milk in there he should drink as soon as possible it shouldn't go bad but just in case. There's the canned milk to and some distilled water in there'' she hummed and said ''His blanket is in there too if he get's upset just give him that it's a Zabini family baby blanket so be careful with it but it's tough it's been in the family for generation's.''

Miranda asked ''Anything else?''

Ami smiled at her and then kissed Cisco's head and said ''Mummy will be back I'll bring you some supplies back Miranda''

Miranda grinned and said ''Thank you dear.'' Ami put her swords on her back and looked at Cisco one last time and the started for her car. She moved her hand and put a charm over her son a protection charm and locater so she could apparate right to him if something happened.

She walked over to her car and she heard ''Amaryllis'' she turned and saw Shane running over to her and he asked ''Where are you going?''

Amaryllis answered ''I'm going into the city on a run I'll be back do you need anything''

Shane stepped closer to her and said ''I don't feel right letting you go into the city it's overrun.'' Amaryllis said ''I don't need to be protected I've told you this.''

Glenn walked over and said ''I'll go we need some supplies anyway right''

Shane looked at Glenn and said ''Fine but keep an eye on her she has a baby to come back to''

Glenn said ''I know the city like it's the back of my hand we will be fine'' Glenn turned to face her and said ''Glenn Rhee'' and held out his hand.

Amaryllis said ''Amaryllis come on Glenn'' she took his hand and they smiled at one another and they got into her car and they drove off. Shane looked back at Francesco in Miranda's arms he was chewing on his blanket.

Miranda looked at the names stitched on the blanket and saw Amaryllis Zabini and Blaise Zabini and under their names was Francesco Zabini. Above them there was Blaise's parents and his name under them it was like a family tree but on a blanket it was beautiful.

An hour later

Daryl Dixon looked out of his truck and saw someone parking a car near the train tracks. Daryl was waiting for his brother to get back with the gas they were making there way out of the city. He had gotten stuck in the city bailing Merle out of prison and then the bombs dropped and they had stayed in a factory until it was safe enough to sneak out of the overrun city. Daryl looked at the red head getting out and an Asian boy followed her. Daryl grunted ''None of my business.'' They walked into the city.

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Chapter Six- Dixon's

Amaryllis said ''You go get the food and I'll get some clothing and maybe some shoes for the kids''

Glenn nodded and said ''Meet back here in 30'' Amaryllis nodded and she ran off Glenn went the opposite direction.

Amaryllis walked into a children's store and she walked over to the boots and she nodded and she picked out a couple of pairs for Miranda's children and some for Carl and Sophia just in case they needed to walk. She went to the baby shoes and she picked out a couple for her son. She went to the jackets and hoodies and grabbed some of those. She grabbed some stuffed animal's and toys for the children and then grabbed some more bottles for Cisco and put them in the backpack's she grabbed a TMNT backpack for Louis for Eliza a My Little Pony backpack and for Carl and Sophia a blue and pink backpack.

She walked out of the children's store and headed into a hunting store and she looked and saw the place still had some supplies she rushed over and grabbed some canteen's and grabbed some for Miranda and her family and the other two children. She grabbed some thermal blankets and some lighter's and some other supplies she found. She spun around and her katana was against the other person's throat he was older man and had a bolding head he said ''Whoa, whoa gorgeous'' putting his hands up.

Merle looked at the red head in front of him she was a looker a bit young she looked as if she was straight out of high school. Her eyes though they were the eyes of war vet's he raised his hands. Her dark green eyes narrowed at him and she said ''Keep them where I can see them old man''

Merle smirked and asked ''Old man huh?''

The girl said ''I want you to put your weapon's down I'm not going to take them I just need you to be weaponless when I leave and yes old man'' she smirked.

Merle said ''Aren't you going to invite me back to your home base your clean not dirty like the rest of the people I have run into.'' Before she could ask how he knew that.

The girl said ''You would have to get the all clear from the rest of the group but I trust you I don't know why but I do. My name is Amaryllis Potter-Black-Zabini'' putting her hand out he took it.

Merle grunted ''Merle Dixon little lady have ta stop by to get my little brother he's outside of the city watching the truck and my bike.''

Amaryllis walked over to him and looked him in the eye and said ''You're not going to rob us blind are you because if you try, I will slit your throat I have a son there I will not put my baby in danger.''

Merle grunted ''I won't cross my heart little lady''

Amaryllis smiled at him and nodded and said ''Well come on Merle Dixon let's get a move on I was supposed to meet Glenn five minutes ago.''

Merle followed her and they walked another five minutes to the store Glenn rushed out and said ''Amaryllis are you ok? Who's that?''

Amaryllis answered both question's ''I'm fine Glenn this is Merle him and his brother are coming back with us well following us back.''

Glenn said ''Oh ok then I guess the more the merrier'' he looked at Merle.

Merle said ''Well let's go little lady china man''

Glenn grunted ''I'm Korean and American''

Merle said ''Sure you are'' and he was nicked on his chin and he turned and saw Amaryllis wiping the blood off her Katana.

She hissed ''One more word''

Merle said ''Whoa little lady I'm sorry China man''

Glenn said ''Thanks I think.''

Amaryllis sighed and said ''Men'' and turned and she said ''I need to get back to the quarry I miss my baby.'' The two men nodded and they followed her out of the city.

Daryl got out of the truck with his crossbow raised he said ''Merle you ok?''

Merle said ''Put down your crossbow boy I'm fine we are going back to this girly's hideaway.''

Daryl grunted and lowered his crossbow and said ''Daryl''

Amaryllis said ''Amaryllis and that's Glenn I guess you two can follow us back'' she got into her car and waited for Glenn to get into the car with her.

Two hours later

Amaryllis looked at Shane on top of the RV and she parked and got out and she walked over to Miranda who was sitting at the fire holding her son she smiled when Amaryllis walked over and Miranda handed her son to her. Ami grinned at Cisco and cooed ''Hello my little man hello'' Cisco blinked and cooed when he saw his mum and Ami kissed his forehead and cooed ''I missed you very much Cisco were you a good baby.''

Miranda hummed ''He was a little fussy earlier but he calmed down after a bottle.''

Amaryllis smiled at her and nodded and said ''Thank you Miranda the Glenn has Carl and Sophia's things I'll give you the stuff I found for you and the kids.''

She walked over to her car and pulled out the backpacks and said ''Their things are in there''

Miranda grinned and said ''Thank you Ami'' Amaryllis smiled and handed her the water bottles she found for her and the lighters she found and she said ''Thank you.'' Ami nodded and smiled at her and walked over to where Shane was.

Shane was frowning at Merle and Daryl Lori hissed ''They look like trailer trash Shane''

Amaryllis said ''They are welcome to stay near me but they are staying'' Shane opened his mouth and she said ''No it's not right to judge them before you know them'' Shane grunted ''They can stay as long as they help out around the camp alright'' the red head nodded and looked and saw Merle and Daryl staring at her they had heard her speech and she smiled at them and walked over and said ''You heard Shane right''

Daryl grunted ''Ya we know how to hunt''

She smiled at them and said ''There that's that''

Merle grunted ''Ya didn't have ta come to our aid little lady''

He looked at Cisco and she said ''This is my son Francesco''

Merle grunted ''His dad''

Amaryllis said ''He died protecting me when I was pregnant with him''

Merle grunted and nodded and Ami said ''I'll be in my tent if you need me, I want to spend some time with my son.'' Merle and Daryl nodded at her and watched her leave to go over to her tent and she went inside.

Chapter Text

Chapter Seven- No Drama

Amaryllis sighed softly just relaxing sitting with Miranda Cisco was on a blanket in front of them trying to roll over he wasn't succeeding but Ami wanted him to try to his heart's content. He was babbling to himself.

Cisco was babbling to his father who was standing over him and smirking Blaise said ''I'm sure you can do it Amore''

Cisco babbled and his face scrunched up and he moved his legs and turned on his belly and then Ami squeaked ''You did it Cisco!'' and Cisco looked up at her and grunted and laid down tired. Ami picked him up and laid his head on her shoulder and Cisco babbled softly at his mum. Blaise smiled at them and disappeared. Amaryllis shivered when she felt a cold wind and then it was gone. She looked at the place where it had come from and Cisco was looking at the same place she whispered ''What was that Cisco?'' Cisco yawned and laid his head on her chest.

She looked and saw Lori coming from the woods and she frowned softly at the woman she thought she was being discreet about having sex with Shane but they disappeared at the same times it wasn't very discreet at all. Carl had told her about his dad dying before they left their home town and Ami couldn't believe they were going at it not even a full month after the death of Shane's best friend and Lori's husband. She shook her head and mumbled ''None of your business Ami.''

She heard ''Ami!'' and she smiled when she saw Carl running over to her with a bunch of wild flowers. He said ''Here you go'' handing her the flower's.

She whispered ''Thank you Carl they are beautiful'' they were a wild type of bluebell she looked at him and said ''Where did you find these?''

Carl bit his lip and said ''I went exploring''

Ami sighed and she said ''If you want to go into the woods let me know ok, I'll go with you just don't wonder off by yourself sweetie''

Carl said ''Yes mam I promise'' Ami smiled at him and rubbed his head and Carl reached out his hand and poked the real baby's hand Cisco grumbled softly and opened an eye and he stared at Carl and then closed it again.

Ami snickered softly and said ''He's a grumpy baby when he gets woken up.'' She asked ''Are you hungry Carl?'' Carl's stomach growled at that moment and Ami said ''Come with me I have to put him down for a nap I think I can find you a snack to snack on.'' Carl walked over to her and followed her and waited outside of her tent.

Ami walked out with some pop tarts and handed them to him and Carl said ''Thank you.''

Ami smiled and rubbed his head and sat down and Carl sat down next to her and started talking to her rapidly. Ami hummed and nodded while she tied the flowers into her braids, she then she braided her hair into a bun and she asked ''How does it look?''

Carl grinned and answered after swallowing ''It looks awesome''

Ami smiled at him and said ''Well thank you Carl.''

Lori looked for her son thirty minutes after she had disappeared with Shane she looked and saw him talking with Ami while the redhead had her eyes closed just listening to him talk. She felt anger rise in her Carl should be with her not Amaryllis. She walked down to where Amaryllis's tent was and she said ''Carl baby come on I told you to stay in Dale's sight''

Carl pouted and then said ''See you later Ami''

Amaryllis smiled at him and said ''Ok sweetie'' and went into her tent to check on her son.

Carl walked over to her and Lori said ''I don't want over near her baby.''

Carl said ''Ami's nice and she gave me a snack and more for later if I get hungry again, I like her your never around anyway'' and he ran away from her and went to Louis to play cars with him. Lori opened and closed her mouth in shock Carl had never spoken to her like that before. She looked at Shane and he was talking to Glenn, Morales. Merle and T-Dog he was sending them and Jackie and Andrea into the city for more supplies. Shane didn't ask Ami to go so she wasn't going.

Shane looked up when he felt eyes on him and he said ''Alright get going listen to Glenn'' Merle grunted and they left to go to the city for the supplies.

Shane watched them leave and then walked over to Lori she said ''That bimbo is turning my son against me''

Shane's eyes widened and said ''Bimbo Lori who are you talking about''

Lori grunted ''The red head''

Shane sighed and said ''She's not a bimbo she's very smart actually''

Lori hissed ''How would you know that Shane''

Shane sighed and said ''She seems smart'' and Lori huffed at him and Shane said ''I'm going to go get her so we can check the fish traps maybe we caught something this time'' he didn't have time for Lori's bitching today he was getting tired of all of the drama that blew in with her.

He was glad Ami was the bigger woman and just ignored her whenever tried to snap at her. He walked over to Ami's tent and said ''Amaryllis.''

The red head opened the latch and said ''Yeah Shane'' he looked at the flower's in her hair and she said ''Carl brought them to me so I thought I would wear them''

Shane said ''You look beautiful''

Ami looked at him in shock and she whispered ''Thank you I guess''

Shane smirked at her and said ''Do you want to go check the Fish traps with me''

Ami said ''Cisco is sleeping right now I don't really want to move him.''

Shane nodded and said ''I'll bring you half''

Ami said ''You…''

Shane said ''You made the trap'' Ami walked out of the tent and then stood up and looked up at him.

She frowned up at him and asked ''Why are you being so nice to me?''

Shane said ''I don't know I just feel protective of you I don't know why maybe it's because you have a baby maybe it's because your beautiful may…''

Ami put a finger to his lips and said ''I'm not like Lori Shane my husband died four months ago and I still feel the pain from it I'm not ready even if I was I wouldn't your having relation's with Lori now anyway I can't I won't get in the middle of that drama feast I have a baby to care for if there's going to be drama then I want nothing to do with you Shane you can keep the fish.''

Shane whispered ''I understand'' she backs up and went back into her tent and closed the flaps zipping them from the inside. Shane looked at the tent and sighed and went to the water's edge to check the traps.

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Chapter Eight- Rick Grimes

Rick Grimes felt horrible when he heard Merle had a brother he sighed softly and got out of the truck and first he saw Shane. Shane met his eyes and his eyes widened a fraction he looked and saw his son first Carl yelped ''Dad!'' and pulled away from his mother and ran over to Rick and Rick grabbed him and fell to his knees hugging his son tightly and Carl whispered ''Dad'' over and over again in his neck. Rick picked him up and Lori rushed over to him and hugged him.

Shane knew as soon as he saw Rick what he had with Lori was over. He heard crying and he looked and saw Francesco crying softly in Miranda's arms. Ami had gone to check her traps she had laid in the woods. He walked over and asked ''Do you need some help?''

Miranda looked at him and said ''I want to go hug'' she bit her bottom lip and she said ''Thank you Shane.''

Shane nodded and said ''I'll hold him'' Miranda looked at her husband and she nodded and transferred Shane's arms and Cisco looked at the guy who was now holding him. He stopped crying for a moment. Miranda ran to Morales and hugged him.

Cisco just wanted his mom his tummy was hurting. Shane watched as Cisco started to cry again. Shane said ''Hey Buddy your ok'' and he rubbed his stomach with the heel of his hand and Cisco let out a huge burp and Cisco stopped crying and he looked at Shane like he was his savior. Shane chuckled and said ''Just a bit of gas huh there bud.'' Cisco grinned up at him and snuggled into his arms and sighed softly he grabbed the ends of his blanket and put it in his mouth and chewed. He closed his eyes and wrapped his tiny hand in Shane's shirt. Shane smiled at him.

Ami looked and saw Shane holding her son and she put her rabbits down that she had found. She walked over slowly and Shane looked up and he said ''Oh do you want him back he had a bit of gas Miranda's over there.''

Ami looked at her son she smiled and said ''He won't be letting go of you for a while'' she rubbed his head. Ami smiled at Shane and said ''So your stuck with him sorry''

Shane said ''I don't mind'' he rubbed Cisco's back and looked over at Carl Lori and Rick all sitting beside one another.

Ami looked over and saw Carl hugging a man in a sheriff's uniform and asked ''Who is that?''

Shane said ''Rick Grimes I we didn't know he was alive I thought he was dead I'm not a home…''

Ami said ''I know Shane you're a good man I know that you wouldn't have abandoned him I would tell him Shane get it off your chest before it kills you''

Shane looked at her and said ''How old are you?''

Ami grinned and said ''I'm 23'' she said ''I'm going to cut and skin my rabbits while I have my hands free.''

She sat down beside her tent and Shane said ''Could I sit with you?''

Ami looked at him and said ''I won't…''

Shane said ''You don't have to finish that sentence your not a second choice I just want to be alone with peace and quiet no strings'' Ami looked at him and then nodded her consent Shane sat down beside her and placed Francesco on his legs and just leaned his head back and listened to Ami's breathing and the knife working through the rabbits skin. Ami looked at Shane and smiled at him he had his eyes closed with his hands-on Cisco's sides so he wouldn't fall. This was the first time he had seen Shane so relaxed. He opened an eye and she went back to cutting the rabbit.

Rick looked around and said ''Where's Shane? I wanted to thank him''

Lori looked at the top of the RV where Shane was normally and she didn't see him she said ''I don't know.''

Rick looked around and saw Shane leaning on a log with his eyes closed with a beautiful red head who he yet to meet. He said ''Found him'' he stood up and walked over.

The woman looked up and said ''He's sleeping''

Rick said ''Oh ok then could you tell him I came by Rick Grimes'' putting his hand out.

She stopped skinning the second rabbit and she cleaned off her hands and said ''Amaryllis Zabini that's my son Cisco'' the baby was still sleeping she looked at the sun going down and she said ''I should get him inside.''

She walked over to Shane and poked him on the cheek and Shane bolted up he grunted ''Sorry I didn't realize I had fallen asleep.''

He looked and saw Rick and Amaryllis said ''I want to put him down for the night'' Shane nodded handed the baby to her and he grumbled but didn't wake up.

Shane said ''I should go back to the RV'' Shane rubbed his eyes to wake himself up some more what he wouldn't do for some coffee.

Ami shook her head and said ''Nope you need sleep I suggest you get some''

Shane grumbled ''Yes mam'' and Ami grinned and took her son into their tent.

Shane looked at Rick and said ''I need to talk to you Rick''

Rick said ''I wanted to talk to you too I wanted to thank you for taking care of Carl and Lori.''

Shane breathed in and out and said ''Rick I have…''

Lori walked over and said ''Come on Rick let's go get you something to eat''

Rick nodded and said ''Alright I am hungry'' he walked away.

Lori hissed ''What are you doing?''

Shane growled ''I'm telling Rick he deserves to know''

Lori growled ''Don't you dare ruin my marriage Shane''

Shane said ''I didn't ruin your marriage you're the one who came to me''

Lori's face turned red and she lifted her hand to slap him an olive colored hand grabbed it and Ami said ''Take it somewhere else I have a baby sleeping inside'' she turned to look at Shane and said ''Get some sleep ok Shane.''

Shane nodded and said ''I will''

Ami said ''Good'' and went back inside. Shane looked at Lori and then walked up the hill towards his tent to get some much-needed rest.

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Chapter Nine- The Truth

Shane yawned and got out of his tent and looked around and everyone was up and moving around he was going to have to get some more water from the quarry. He went to everyone to gather their buckets or whatever they used for water. He walked over to Ami and she looked up and said ''Good morning.''

Shane said ''Morning Amaryllis'' he looked at Cisco who was babbling to himself and chewing on his hand. Shane asked ''Do you need any water or anything?''

Ami had a washing area in her tent but she didn't want anyone to get noisy so she said ''Yes I suppose I do need some'' she handed him a water cooler and Shane nodded and Ami said ''Do you need some help Shane I wouldn't mind helping you. Cisco can go with us.''

Shane nodded and said ''I wouldn't mind the company''

Ami grinned and put Cisco in the carrier that strapped to her front and said ''Well come on then'' and walked to Shane's jeep climbing inside and she looked at Shane expectedly. Shane smirked and walked to the jeep and hopped into the jeep and placed her ice cooler in the back with the other's. Cisco was playing with her hair and putting it in his mouth. Shane started the jeep and drove off.

Lori looked up she was hanging up the laundry with Andrea and Amy, Amy looked up and she giggled and said ''Look's like Shane has finally made a move on Amaryllis''

Andrea looked and saw Ami in the jeep with Shane and she nodded and said ''He's been looking at her for a while.'' Lori frowned and watched as Shane left to go get water. She bit her lip in anger how dare he move on this quickly sure she was angry at him as she should be, he was a liar he had made her cheat on her husband.

She heard Rick's voice and she looked and Andrea said ''Lori you have been grinding your teeth for ten minutes''

Lori stared at her and Amy asked ''Are you ok?''

Lori said ''Oh I'm sorry I just had a late-night last night'' Rick walked over to his wife Lori smiled at him and said ''Morning officer''

Rick said ''Hey'' he walked past and Andrea and Amy kept hanging the laundry they had and smiled at each other.

Lori asked ''You sleep okay'' she kept hanging Carl's t-shirt.

Rick smiled at her and said ''Better than in a long time.''

She chuckled and said ''Well I didn't want to wake you I figured you could use the rest'' he was staring at her and she asked ''What?''

Rick said ''I've been thinking'' she looked at him he continued ''about the man we left behind yesterday.''

Lori frowned ''You're not serious'' the sound of a car approached and Shane got out with a smug look on his face but he did look like a wet dog. Ami got out and she looked like a drowned rat Cisco's hair was wet also.

Ami walked over and punched Shane in the arm and Shane laughed ''What you started it.'' Ami squeaked when Shane shook his hair like a wet dog getting her and her son wetter. Cisco giggled and tried to copy him and Shane grinned and Ami said ''Oh no you don't mister'' Cisco giggled with joy.


Ami got out at the quarry and Shane climbed out and Ami took the gas container's and Shane took the other's they went to the edge of the water and started filling. Ami was enjoying the peace and quiet listening to Shane hum some rock song or something.

Francesco stared at the fish and reached for them and growled when he couldn't reach the fish. Francesco grumbled he was just hanging out in his mom's arms. He hadn't seen Blaise in a little while he was bored. He reached out for the water and concentrated and he cooed happily when a ball of water floated out of the quarry. His mom yelped softly and she looked at him and Francesco looked at Shane and the ball floated over his head and before Ami could say something the water fell on Shane's head. She gasped and covered her mouth and started to laugh when Shane spluttered dropping the bucket he had.

Shane was minding his own business when something wet was dropped on his head he heard a giggle and he looked at Ami and she had her mouth covered in the mist of a laugh. Shane said ''Oh you think that's funny huh'' Ami opened her mouth and he splashed her and she swallowed some water and she growled ''Oh really'' Francesco laughed clapping he was soaked too. Ami splashed Shane back and Shane did it again.

After thirty minutes they had finally finished filling the water containers. Ami turned and there was another splash and her back and her hair was soaked and turned around and Shane chuckled refilling the cooler and said ''Opps I tripped sorry.'' Shane chuckled at her drowned cat look her hair looked like fur he could practically see her hair standing up like a cat's fur when it hissed. She growled ''I'm going to get you back Shane you watch me''

Shane smirked when she turned on her heels and walked away Shane said ''I can't wait.'' He ran to catch up with the younger woman.

Present Time

Shane looked and saw Rick and Rick waved him over and he looked at Ami and she was walking to her tent she turned and she said ''I'm going to change out of these wet close go on'' and shooed him and turned back around and kept walking. Shane walked over and said ''Yeah man'' he ran his finger's though his wet curly hair.

Rick laughed ''What happened to you'' looking at him up and down only his shirt and hair was wet.

Shane said ''Water fight'' and he looked at the other's and said ''Water's here ya just remember to boil before use.'' He looked at Lori and she was frowning at him and Shane could care less. He smiled at her and then looked at Rick and asked ''What's up man?''

Rick sighed and told him about his idea and Shane said ''Man I don't know…'' there was a scream.

Carl screamed ''Mom!''

Sophia cried ''Mommy!'' Rick Shane Lori and the other's ran down the hill and Carl ran into his mom's arms and Lori said ''I got him were you bit'' and Rick and Shane kept going. Ami ran out handing her baby to Miranda while she stood under the RV's shade. She rushed down and saw the men hitting the walker and Dale swung the Ax and severed the head. Amy and Andrea stood in the back behind a bush.

There was rustling and she looked at the deer and knew that it was Daryl, Daryl walked out and growled ''Son of a bitch that's my deer!''

He started kicking the walker's body the walker's head came to life and Amy said ''Oh god!'' and Andrea led her away with her mouth covered.

Amaryllis rolled her eyes and she threw a dagger at the walker's head just as Daryl's arrow hit the head to. Daryl looked at her and smirked and said ''What the hell people it has to be the brain don't yall know nothing.'' He took her dagger out of the head and handed it to her Ami the red head grinned at him and walked away.

Shane sighed he needed to tell Rick the truth he needed to get it off his chest. Rick had told the truth about Merle to Daryl. Shane grunted ''Come on let's go check the perimeter'' Rick nodded and followed Lori stood up and Shane kept going and Rick followed Lori sat back down.

Shane opened his mouth and Rick said ''I know that it's not a good idea ok but I packed the rest of the guns from the station we will need them.''

Shane said ''I need to tell you something forget about the guns for a minute I'm not your keeper I don't care if you go back but I have to tell you something'' Rick closed his mouth and Shane sighed and said ''Lori and I slept together Rick I swear I didn't even look at her before the end man I swear''

Rick said ''You two thought I was dead right'' Shane nodded and Rick said ''I'm angry Shane but I think I understand…''

Shane said ''It's over I'm sorry man I needed to get it off my chest I'm trying to move on man.''

Rick said ''I need time and I have to talk to Lori about it but thank you for telling me Shane I had a feeling but I didn't want to believe it.''

Shane nodded and walked back up the hill and went to Ami who was holding Cisco. She was in short's and a Supernatural T-Shirt her hair was in a braid. He said ''Really a supernatural T-Shirt''

She tilted her head and said ''What I love Dean'' she patted the chair beside her and she hummed softly to Cisco who was sucking on a bottle.