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For my "Beloved" Tony

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It was so so frigid and he was so very  lonely in the darkness that consumed his vision. The chains wrapped around him felt like he was begin constricted to death by a snake, but he was too worn out to tell what was really happening. His ears were ringing and his heartbeat was a loud contrast to the eerie, quiet he felt in the room. 

Was he bleeding to death? Was his head in such a wordless expression of pain that it signified his end? Peter didn't want to die so where was Mr Stark? Where was the person he needed so desperately to save him and comfort him? Who was going to pull him out of the darkness?

"Mr Stark..."

His breathing was heavy yet felt so breathless. He sounded like he was drenched in sheer fear, quiet and nervous he spoke through trembling lips.

"I'm s-s-so sorry... I-I-I..."

Tears welled up in his eyes as he thought of Tony. They trickled down his cheeks, wet and cold, as he thought of the man who had sacrificed himself to the world, who had sacrificed so much for Peter's sake. He felt his consciousness slipping as the words escaped his mouth. 

"I lost"




Years and years of planning went into this one singular occasion.

First Beck had to assemble his team. People bitter and ready for revenge against the man who had single highhandedly stolen and humiliated one of the most worldly successful and self proclaimed holographic illusion systems. A man who stole Quentin's genius endeavor only to disposed of him due to 'unpredictably dangerous ambitions'. The same man who then died, giving away Beck's life's work to a mere child. A mere child  that practically pleaded and begged for Quentin, a man in a cape he had met only two days ago, to presumptuously take away his bleeding responsibility in the only known thing his mentor left behind. Which he anticipated and planned for once he figured out a kid would have access to an immeasurable amount of world threatening technology. The technology that would be the final piece in his puzzle to accomplish his goals.

He did exactly what he needed to in order to achieve his newfound dream, creating a team of astonishing individuals he deemed worthy of talent and determination. Individuals that were alike him, full of vengeance from the extreme potential they showed for Stark to ridicule. It made his team an excellent group of well developed personalities and capabilities who were delighted to join Beck in his quest to take over the world as a 'hero'. After being chosen and voluntarily joining the man, they expressed nothing but pure determination to follow him as he took the lead in bringing them a great victory against the dead, hazardous fraud that was Tony Stark.  

Step by step they spent brutal hours relentlessly developing ground breaking illusion technology, bringing to life a conceivable yet heroic story to fool the world in pursuit of retribution, and personifying Beck's fabricated hero hoax to deceive the public and win over the hearts of millions. And though when Beck thinks of how it all started from a petty grudge held against Tony, he realizes now it's evolved into something far more than his hatred for the man. It's evolved into a quest to give people, desperate for prospect, an outlet of hope and something they could believe in. The whole plan was to build Mysterio up as that outlet and give the world a true hero to rejoice in, one that saves people all for the sake of giving them comfort in their world. 

When Stark died it gave Beck the chance to make that happen. Now that he's dead, a heroic martyr the world mourns, he can step in. Tony obliviously gave Beck an advantage, which really helped with Quentin's ego, to benefit himself from the world's tragic loss of a person who absolutely despised him. A perfect opportunity to give them all something to believe in blindly. He'd be a figure to praise and seemingly have the entire population of earth provide him with anything he requests in return for defending the world from the treacherous  threats. With Stark no longer around to get in his way or fight those battles, he can achieve world domination by giving people hope, despite the fact the horrifying monsters he'd gracefully defend them from would be simple illusions, all to guarantee Beck would take his place as the next Iron Man. 

To begin his plan he first staged an elemental attack where that dreaded Nick Fury would appear. A place where Beck could 'show off' his powers and save them from the dangerous monster before explaining the dire attacks the elemental creatures had on his planet. It was a completely fake story in which he had come from an alternate universe, destroyed by 4 ghastly beasts, and how he hoped to save their world from the same tragic fate supposedly awaiting them. It was conceivable considering a giant Puny Grape had erased half the population for 5 years. This preposterously mad story was plausible enough not to be out of the ordinary due to all the real threats, once strange and now typical to see, that kept appearing. Of course Beck was sure to add a little time stamp to when the elementals needed to be destroyed, that way Nick Fury would see it as a critical mission while at the same time having to prioritize their disposal. With Spider Man the easiest hero to access and recruit, Nick Fury would insure Peter Parker would be dragged into things.

After all the kid was a vital part of their plan. 

That's when Beck was able to reveal where the next elemental would appear. Of course it had already been planned out once Beck had figured out where Peter would go on his school trip. After all, he needed to get the web swinger involved to fool him and get those glasses. Being close to the one and only Spider Man insured Fury would bring him into their mission. So once sold on Beck's critically impact-able situation, Fury agreed to help instantly eradicate the threat and bring that certain Avenger into the action.

It all fell into place once Fury was introduced. They went to Perugia and Beck's team released the next elemental on the world. Beck even hid as a tourist to watch and observe the boy, so that he could report to his crew the perfect time he needed the elemental to appear based on when Peter reached a suitable spot that would get him involved in the fight. There was no way the Peter Parker he had so carefully researched would be able to flee the scene if a giant monster was endangering his friends and millions of other's lives, considering he possessed the power to help protect them. 

Peter handing over E.D.I.T.H was just the last triumph of setting up the stage he would need to finally begin his world takeover plan. In order to do that of course Beck knew he would have to win over the boy's heart. It disgusted him at first, the thought of teaming up with Stark's protege to praise and comfort him. Just thinking of it made him sick to his stomach.

But that changed when he finally  met Peter.

A sheer 16 year old kid that was ready to jump into action and risk his life to help Beck fight off these elemental monsters when all Peter really wanted to do was kiss some girl. The first time they even held up a conversation, in which Peter offered his assistance, Beck wasn't even real. Yet there was a certain charm to the way the kid so willingly tried his best for the sake of others.

During their first proper meeting, Beck steadily shaking the boy's hand, he realized how much of a kid Peter was. He was young, his body no where near fully marcher. It really showed when his true interests were nothing but to have a break from all this hero stuff by being able to relax and enjoy a school trip with some friends. The way he didn't think of himself highly enough to tackle such a crucial, world threatening mission showed in the boy's shaky voice as he asked for the people more suitable than himself. 

Beck had anticipated Fury's rage directed at Peter by the way he had expressed different concerns. Concerns more directed for the sake of his friend's than being enlisted to help save mankind. It was no surprise Fury had no remorse hijacking the kid's school trip to the places they'd need Spider Man to appear. That's why he needed Fury involved, to help steadily pull the boy deeper and deeper into Beck's life. But things became almost disheartening for Beck to watch, to see all that guilt deep down in the boy's gut that was eating him away inside. To see how Peter always felt a responsibility he was restrained to. Responsible for the fact that he was the reason his friends were endanger, that if it weren't for him being around them they wouldn't be exposed to such pitfalls and high risks. Peter openly admitted to that when he expressed his worry to Fury, who of course mocked him when he had used E.D.I.T.H earlier to almost accidentally drone strike Brad, which Beck was grateful for. He was grateful that he could use Peter's doubt and insecurities as a vulnerability to the boy and find away to comfort Peter.

The moment Fury had tore into the kid Beck's team tackled the task of tracking Peter to the rooftop at which he sat on. Beck had been waiting for a moment like this and had eyes on the kid, so as not to miss the chance. A moment in which Peter was alone and exposed to the sorrow deep down. That way when that time came he had prepared to sneak up onto the roof, hidden by his tech, as the illusion Mysterio flew up. It was only once Peter had fully focused on the floating man in a bubble that hovered above him, Beck was able to successfully mask himself in a way that when the fake hologram of himself sat down next to Peter he had replaced the image with his true body. Then he talked with Peter, a heart filled talk Peter was probably aware had been staged at this point. It didn't change the fact that Beck had already sat there and told Peter how he genuinely felt sorry for the boy getting caught up in this while, at the same time, he couldn't help but be glad Peter was there to assist. Unaware of how orchestrated their conversation was, Peter did what Beck expected of him too. He wasn't surprised from the warm apology Peter gave for expressing his feeling, nor was he surprised when Peter said he just wanted to be with that special girl. Beck said he understood how hard this was for Peter, how hard it was for Beck to move on from the regret he had after 'his world' was destroyed. Beck said what he had to in order to cheer Peter up, encourage him, make the boy feel sympathy for what happened to where Beck 'came' from, and earn his trust. 

Beck didn't expect to get so attached to the kid. That wasn't part of his plan, nor was it even an idea he could grasp in his right mind.

Sure, he was extraordinarily overjoyed when he tricked Peter into giving him E.D.I.T.H so easily, but deep down he really did sympathize with Peter. He knew the kid was going through a lot and was only 16 to speak. Yes he was Tony's pride and joy, and Beck despised Tony more than anything else in the entire universe, but the kid was still just a kid. It made sense that his moral sensitivity still remained a blatant line between the good and the bad. It made sense he couldn't accept any forms of evil, yet he would still attempt to save people who had been enveloped by villainous corrupt. He still believed there was always a way for someone to come back, to give anyone no matter what they've done a second chance. 

It was also because he was still just a kid, that it made sense he had gotten attached and couldn't fully understand what the real Tony was like. That the real Tony was a manipulative bastard that stole from other people's brains and plagiarized their ideas. Tony may have been a genius inventor but it didn't change the fact he was a douche bag through and through. So after working withe Peter, Beck felt like he could never really blame such a small boy thrown into the world of superheroes to realize who he had devoted himself to. He took comfort in knowing it would most likely be alright to leave the boy alive. There was no reason to kill Peter just for the sake of removing any potential threats he could cause, or at least Beck felt bad enough not to.

That was until William told Beck of the missing drone's projectile camera. That was until Beck saw Peter and the girl, the one he had told the man he wanted so desperately to confess his love for, watching as the fake projection of an elemental appeared from the missing part of the drone that girl had found. And it was until he realized Peter's moral sense of justice would lead him to reveal Beck's entire game plan to Fury, something he couldn't risk happening even if it meant killing Peter.

Perhaps it was because Beck was able to rid himself of feeling cheap for designing illusions just to mess with Peter's head and get him not only to reveal whoever else he may of told Beck's plans to, (he was knowingly aware E.D.I.T.H couldn't see everything) but to also let the boy walk himself indistinctly to his own death through the fear Beck would inject upon him. Maybe it was because he could easily wash away that guilty sensitivity and awareness by telling William Peter's blood would be all over his hands, not Beck's, because it was his fault in the first place for not alerting Beck of a drone's lost fragment when he knew it had disappeared. 

After a face first collision with a train moving 200 mph, Beck had authorized himself a win against the all mighty Spider-Man. After all that planning, there was no way the teen could survive such a hit. Even with some enhanced powers from a little itsy bitsy spider bite, Beck had his men make sure the impact would be enough to permanently put the boy out of commission. 

Well he thought wrong.

He thought  he had a plan and he thought  it sure as hell didn't involve Peter. Well it hadn't involved Peter for the most part, and it wasn't until he saw that special vulnerability within the trusting and grateful gaze of the stubborn web swinger that his plan began to change for the sake of Beck's guilt. 

The way Peter reached out to the illusion of Beck collapsed and dying on the floor surprised the man. He hadn't expected the boy to take his praise after he himself had betrayed his trust so grimly. He could tell Peter's plan was to take the glasses from him and turn Mysterio in. He showed no need to hold on to the grudge for much longer, and he showed no need to kill the man who had tried so many times to do the same to him. 

That's why it really hurt Beck to see Peter's expression, the boy who wanted to spare him, change into defeat. That look of failure mixed with anger, betrayal, and shock changed his compassionate gaze all at once, and extremely fast for that matter, directed solely at Beck. It hurt his heart knowing how much the kid trusted him and how even after betraying him so many times he'd still fall for such an effortless trick on his part. 

But Beck knew what he had  to do. He had  to kill Peter to win....right?

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It wasn't until he was reminded of the rage deep down in his gut by a certain red suited man taking out his drone's from the inside of his Avengers level threat, that Beck developed a contingency. One that would turn the world against Peter, have Beck appear as a dead savior similar to Iron man, and then return marvelously to kill the villainous Spider Man. William had told Beck it was very much possible. If programming E.D.I.T.H to require a confirmation to 'execute' the drones, Peter could very easily play into their hands. They could twist his words against him, and Beck could have the attack seem staged by Peter as though Mysterio had been the hero that arose to stop him. 

If it came to that of course.

When Peter entered the bridge and Beck began preparing his illusion to get shot, he believed that contingency plan may be the path he'd have to take. That was once again if it came to such an emergency. If Peter didn't pick up on the gun and didn't take the glasses from him, only then would Beck temporarily give up and allow Peter to take back E.D.I.T.H to set that contingency plan in motion. 

And if he didn't then Beck would still continue his attack on London. Though the elemental threat had been disclosed when it's true skin shed, exposing millions of projectile drones, Beck could profess Spider-Man as the man behind the attack. Beck's team created the intentions for Spider-Man's vicious onslaught to seemingly give him a chance to fill the shoes of those claims to become the next Iron Man. Mysterio's hand in killing the webbed hero, now villain to the public eye, could turn that refined lie his team had created into reality. 

That seemed to be the case when Peter trusted another one of Beck's illusion. When the boy was inattentively blind to another one of Beck's tricks.

"So where'd that spidey sense of yours go?" he said sneering in Peter's face with an evil, malicious grin. He pressed the gun to his head hard taunting Peter, after all this he was really fed up with the boy's refusal to lay down and just give up.

Now look at where that perseverance got him, a gun to his head and second's away from death.

He finally, finally had the chance to kill Peter in a way that would guarantee he couldn't get back up. He thought the same when he watched the boy's face smack into an oncoming train, but then again he didn't see Peter's dead, motionless body. Really it was his fault for not being as cautious as he had been at the start of things.

Beck could tell he was getting antsy and a little bit too overwhelmed with his emotions. He was even more agitated by the thought of Tony's successor being able to put him on edge in the first place. If it weren't for Peter finding out, having to recalculate their procedure to shut him up, he wouldn't have been nearly as worked up about the time frame. About needing to get to the end of the long awaited mission to reassure this wasn't for nothing. He was ready to be done with things and move on, so he didn't have time to sweat the small stuff like assuring Peter had died from the impact of hitting a speeding train.  He didn't think that was something he needed to confirm.

He wanted to be rejoiced as a hero, kill Nick Fury, and move on to their next phase in world domination.

That doubt didn't matter all too much now. If a train wouldn't take the kid's life a bullet through the head would do the trick.

Beck had the advantage from the start. Peter was definitely injured from the train, so that meant he couldn't fight at full strength. Secondly, he had taken more than just a few scrawny hits from the drones at the bridge. Beck watched him be thralled into the stone wall of the bridge, drop down 100 feet ungracefully onto concrete, get back up only to be shot at as he was thrown against drones barreling past him as they tried to take him down, shot at a million times, set on fire, and crash into a car as he went tumbling down into the water. Beck had blocked himself off into a small space. The bridge acted as a barrier for Peter because it was too tiny for him to swing around in, and it was a pain in the ass for him to even enter in the first place. So screw him for thinking it was impressive that after each injury he sustained, after each beating he took, Peter still somehow managed to pick himself back up and fight. Fight against Beck because Beck was, well he was evil.

And well.. Peter was Peter. Peter was a 16 year old kid who's life he'd disassembled, inspected, and dissected until he knew practically everything the kid had seen. Like he'd studied Peter the same way a Lion masked its presence to carefully observed its pray. Until he knew Peter better than he knew himself.

It was surprising to say the least. The way he understood Peter who resembled that of a one sided coin. Even his rationality to continue rescuing those in need was unethically black and white.

It was something Beck could never comprehend, to fight for the sake of simply saving others when if he'd just kept his snot nose out of things there'd be no reason to. That Peter just wanted to make things right for the great or good, basically ignoring what he wanted to do with his own life. Fighting when he was asked to step up for others when, at least as a kid, he should have been able to spend at least some of his time getting to live his life like the average teenager he wanted to be. 

Though this time it was too late to take mercy on the boy. Pointing a gun to Spider-Man's head was a long awaited circumstance that truly filled Beck with unbelievably, satisfying pride.  

"Come on, that hard head of your's can't fathom on answer for me at a time like this?" His grin slowly bared its teeth, resembling more of a maddened smile. It was delightful to say the least. Damn kid deserved what was coming to him. He's the one who tried to stop Beck in the first place. Now Beck, waiting for Peter to amuse him, was ready for a response.

But Peter... well he just looked absolutely broken, a look that made Beck start to feel remorseful. The way Peter just stared at him, so torn between heartbreak, from the fact Beck once again lied, and sheer terror, from the gun pointed directly at his head. Beck could only imagine how panicked the kid's mind was, how fast it must have been racing, because even an ignorant fool could see the corner Peter was being backed into. One where there was absolutely no way for him to just pull himself out of this mess like he had previously.

"P-P-Please don't do this...come on Beck I thought... I thought even you could.. maybe you w-would-" His voice was shaky and his lips quivered as he spoke softly, fear eating away at him and filling his eyes with tears. His sentence, or at least the sentence he was attempting to form, stopped abruptly as if Peter was desperately trying to compose himself before continuing.

Those eyes staring into Beck's soul, the pale color of white seizing the boy's body, his words full of suffering, his voice lingered with fear all made Beck consider what he was doing. Peter's body resembled being bitten by a lethally poisonous snake, venom gradually burning away his insides with no phenomenal miracles left.

But Beck was not  in the wrong. He was not going to be convinced by an oblivious, naive hero he was in the wrong. He just felt strangely bad for Peter. That was all.

He knew the kid was already going through so much after, even before, losing Tony. As much as Beck hated the man's very existence Peter was different. He was just a teenager Stark happened to take a liking to and pull into the world of superheros. Raised to be the next Iron Man, raised to be the man's portage, Beck couldn't help but blame this situation on Tony.

For everything  Tony had done to Beck this was by far the worst. To take the life of a teenager away and shove such a massive amount of responsibility onto his shoulders. Responsibility to save the entire world, no universe even, and have Beck watch that kid fight him. To do it all for the sake of Tony. Tony who gave him a chance to succeed he would never have had on his own. A chance to use his powers for more than just stopping bike muggers or helping ladies cross the street. A chance to take away his entirety of ever having a normal life that drove the line separating Spider-Man and Peter Parker further and further away from existence. Because Tony saw potential, and Tony always got what he wanted. He didn't even think twice about taking the kid because that was just who Tony was. An egotistical bitch who took from other whenever he pleased, and spared no thought at the consequences, one's that he wouldn't have to face, that everyone else would end up shouldering. No regret, no guilt on his consciousness, and no remorse for the lives he'd ruined. 

If there was one person Beck didn't want to resemble it was Tony Stark. So if Tony had brainwashed Peter to do everything and anything he asked, Beck would reduce all of Tony's hard work into a pile of filthy dirt. And not by simple means of just shooting Peter, no he'd hold Tony fully responsible for turning Peter into a mindless super slave by everything he'd gain to benefit when Peter cooperated. He had a good deck. All he had to do was play his cards right.

It was then he took the idea that had formed in his head, and before Peter could continue Beck abruptly cut him off. "God damn it kid, way to make things harder on me." In a quick motion he pulled the gun up and hit it harshly on the back of Peter's head. A web shot from the boy's hand grazing past Beck's chest as he watched Peter's futile effort to stop himself from being hit. By the time his missed web hit the wall, however, he was falling forward as his consciousness slipped. Eyes closing against his will and his sensibility gone, Beck reached out a hand to catch Peter's body before it hit the floor. Holding his chest Beck slowly slipped his hand under the boy's shoulder and leaned him back gently till his other hand supported his back and he could lightly lay Peter against the wall.

The previous tears in Peter's eyes had streamed down his antagonizing, sweaty face, and Beck smiled much warmer than before. "Sorry kid but I can't give you another chance.... I'm sure in due time you'll be grateful for my kind merciful act"

Curses, he sounded almost apathetic, and to Stark's replacement of all people. To top it all off he was talking to an unconscious Spider-Man as if he should feel sorry for bringing Peter down. As if he would feel sorry for everything he's got planned. Peter was starting to get to him, or at least the guilt of killing him was atrocious enough to mix up his previous arrangements.

"Looks like it's time for Spider-Boy to momentarily retire,” Beck said proudly walking away from the boy and tapping his comm to make sure it was still functioning.

He would deal with Peter after he finished what he'd started. 

"William I'm gonna need a status update pronto" Beck said sternly into his mic almost as if he was annoyed by the situation he was involuntarily putting himself in.

"Yes Sir, of course. The illusions should be back up in about 34.6 seconds. If you wanna wrap things up I've already downloaded the footage you asked for on the hard drive. We'll be able to successfully twist the story and get it out to the public with a news organization willingly ready to broadcast it," he said swiftly and awaited patiently for Beck's next orders. Beck brought his hand up to cover his face as he let out a sigh. Though no one could see him, there was a noticeable hint of disappointment by the way he covered his eyes shamefully. "Great, look there's gonna be a slight change in our plans." He paused thinking through the best course of action. "Uh what exactly do you mean boss?" interrupted William. "Look I'm still gonna need that video to be released, at least framing Spider-Man. I'm gonna need you to tell Victoria to prepare a different spin on things, however, so It seems Iv'e defeated the kid as it stands not the other way around. I would also prefer not to reveal his identity. That's going to be more tedious and trivial with what I've got planned for him now, but he'll still need to remain as the cover up for this attack." His voice was cold and curt, cutting straight to the point and uncaring how the others would feel about such a major adjustment. 

William didn't argue with Beck. "If your sure about this decision sir." The man knew better than to question Beck's sudden shift in motives and was willing to follow him, which made things a lot easier on Quentin's end. Besides William would have presumably held a lot more guilt for Peter's death than anyone else, all things considered he was probably appreciative of Beck's decision not to kill the young teen. He was to be blamed for the death to begin with, and William could also see Beck had been shaking up over the idea he was initially pulling the trigger. That much was clear after their visit to the train yard, though it was not too conspicuously notable. 

"Indeed. Oh and on top of that I'd like to have a secure room prepared, preferably I wish to put that vibranium to use, if the kid can survive being hit by a train who's to say he cant break through a solid wall of concrete." Alright boss I'm alerting the team now, when your'e ready just head down the stairs to the entry way of the bridge and we'll pick you up like discussed," William spoke seemingly undeterred by the switch in gears. At least things were going smoothly. "Great," was all Beck said before switching the comm off and tapping his glasses.

"Edith dear, It'd be great if I could get an update on the target statuses," Beck said with a slight tone of frustration in his composed voice.

"Updating target Status on Michelle Jones, Ned Leeds, and Betty Brant. Strike is ready to initiate, confirmation acquired," she chirped in his ear.

For a moment Beck thought it'd be better to initiate the strike, but if he accounted to how Peter would react to such news his operations would be much more difficult on his end. He'd have to keep a close eye on those kids to keep his skeletons in the closet, get some sorta leverage. He couldn't have anything being exposed by a bunch of meddling high schoolers, so he'd make sure he was always one step ahead of them.

"Yeah go ahead and cancel that for me Edith, but don't remove them as targets. Besides that, how are we doing on Nick?" He seemed convinced he could take care of the kids, but his question was phrased doubtfully despite the positively, self-assured manner. It was alarming Fury hadn't  picked up on the drone. That man would be suspicious of his own funeral. Luckily for Beck, he learned from Peter it was in his best interest to make sure his targets were dead. 

"Reported strike on Nick Fury failed to reach target, would you like to attempt fire again?"

Well that's a shocker. Beck was right to make sure now rather than to wait until later when they couldn't find a body. Suppose he should have taken out Fury's guard dog before attempting to deal with him. Well no matter, Fury may be discreetly untrusting, but he wasn't inhuman. Fury and his assistant weren't going to be capable of fending off speeding bullets surrounding them from all exit points. "Edith camouflage the drones. I'm gonna need you to fire as many lethal strikes as spontaneously possible at Nick Fury and Maria Hill. I'll need you to report to me whether they hit their target."

"Command received," she declared with her monotone statement. A fitting enough note to end things on. 

Ahh how gratifying Beck felt to finally bring the curtains down on his long awaited show. A truly spectacular finale. As he walked slowly back to Peter, putting two fingers on his neck to check the kid's pulse, he gave Edith one last command to tranq the kid. At times like this Beck needed to be extra wary when it came to Peter. His plans were as unsteady as a house of cards, falling over by the slightest gust of wind, when Peter became a variable. Now positive he wouldn't be awake for a while, he lifted the boy up and into his arms. Holding him lightly like a child, Beck observed the boy. He watched his chest rising and sinking gently, the dis-pleasurable amount of agony on his face, and recognizing the positions in where he may need serious medical attention. He didn't worry about it too much though he could still feel a sliver of guilt creeping into his brain. Ignoring that feeling, he felt contented with his viewed strategy. All of what was arranged would fall into place very shortly too, and Peter wouldn't have much of a say in Beck's new work. 

He found it was decisively time to get some use out of the boy.

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Everything was finally going the way he wanted it to. He had MJ there on the bridge ready to confess his love, Black Dahlia to win her heart resting in the hand behind his back. All he wanted to do was tell her the truth and kiss the girl he truly loved.

Everything was finally looking up until she said those painful words.

"Your Spider-Man, I know" 

Shrugging her shoulders and smiling, MJ had Peter's mind racing at her sudden asses of his character. It was foolishly blatant for him to think, and for so long, he could conceal his secret identify from her. Of course she'd figure it out eventually, she was MJ after all. 

He still appallingly denied her openly admitting her observation, terrified of the thought she knew. The fact that knowing was more dangerous than being left in the dark every time Peter ran off. Even if it was painful to constantly be leaving her side, at least than she wouldn't be put in nearly as much danger because of him.

It didn't take long for him to finally give up and admit she was right. Peter knew MJ couldn't be deterred from getting Peter to confirm the truth once she was so sure of his identification.

So close, he was so close to admitting his feeling, to holding the girl he loved closer than he ever had before.

It was only when she pulled out the missing piece to a drone that projected and spun the hologram of the fire elemental, the one he helped kill, that Peter began to worry. In the end the creature wasn't destroyed by the mastermind of illusions. The battle was somehow nothing more than a trick to the eyes. It was hard to fathom the idea that something so dangerously terrifying wasn't even real.

Quentin Beck was an asshole indeed. The biggest of assholes who deliberately lied to his face after building up his trust and tearing it down. An asshole of all assholes who led the boy blindly to the tracks of an oncoming train when he attempted to erase the wide eyed, petrified teen. His actions of a true asshole all because Peter confronted the hero "Mysterio" knowingly aware of his deceiving illusions. 

Getting involved with the strings he pulled behind the scenes was Peter's worst mistake, yet a mistake he didn't regret even after he was hit by an oncoming train barreling past Beck as he said what was supposed to be a final apology for all that he’d done.

It was Beck's fault for lying to him but he knew deep down he had a duty to preform as the magnificent Spider-Man, which became even clearer when Beck kept him from alerting Fury. He knew when she showed him that high tech illusory he couldn't tell her how he truly felt until Beck's hoax was revealed and the man was stopped. There were lives at stake. Peter couldn't live with himself if he didn't get to those who'd become bystanders that Beck would kill for his vigorous cause.

He was upset by the fact the boundaries of his super hero life were crossing that of his normal everyday life, getting closer and closer to the point of no return. And yes, he was upset that telling MJ his true feeling had to be put on hold. But Peter was achingly aware that he had a much bigger responsibility to protect his friends along with those he knew were going to be in danger. He wasn't just an everyday teenager that could go on a proper vacation. Not everyday teenagers, or people for that matter, were bitten by radioactive spiders that had them gain the power to save the world from monstrous, inhuman threats. He was a super powered teen that couldn't just pop off the radar for a school trip, as hard as it was for him to accept.

That's why he got back up. That's why after colliding with a bullet train he stood back up on his two feet and didn't lose his determination to stop Beck. Fully aware of the man's evil schemes, the one that would cause mass destruction and death in the city of London, he couldn't overlook his duty as a hero. With that type of distinctive information there was seemingly no way for Peter to turn a blind eye in hopes Mysterio would forget about him and he could go confess his love without being caught up in all this nonsense. 

So he did what he had to. He fought through thousands of drones, uncloaking the "Avengers Level Threat" in attempt to reveal the true intimidating hazard, a man in a powerless suit with a fishbowl attached to his head.

He was so so close. He had shut the elemental illusion down. He had made it to the bridge in which Beck commanded the drones from. He had roughly fought his way through the personal drones that protected Beck, avoiding the bullets they shot at him and discerning their location with his spidey senses. He watched Beck fall to the ground after being shot by a bullet from his very own drone. Worst of all he had felt truly relieved  as the man reached his hand up in seek of handing back the glasses, a sign of surrender. So how did it come to this? How did he end up in such a hopeless situation? Why wasn't Beck dead? Why wasn't he dead?

Really he couldn't recall what had happened to him. It was troublesome fishing for those memories when he abruptly awoke in a cold, pitch black room that wasn't his. It was a baffling position for him to take in, being tied down to a chair with what was presumably tough rope. From the way he struggled he could tell they were wrapped around his legs and around his chest, though he couldn't see for sure how it was preventing his movements so well. 

It was only when the back of his head screamed out in paint that he understood his situation a little better.

It reminded him of that cursed  gun. That cursed gun he pointed at Peter's head when he uncloaked another one of his illusions.

He sneered at Peter as he held the trigger tight, tempting it and ready to pull. Peter was scared half to death when Beck abruptly moved, under the impression he was about to be killed. But it was only once he fell forward into the man’s arm that he realized that wasn't the case.

Beck struck him in the back of the neck hard as could be, knocking Peter unconscious. The last thing he could remember was the feeling of his eyelids getting terribly heavy, the way they fluttered shut staring at Beck's extended arm pushed lightly into his stomach. It was a weird situation and, Peter didn’t understand why Beck even bothers to prevent him from falling down onto the floor that was littered in glass. He didn’t even understand what made Beck spare his life in the first place. 

So that led Peter back to the question. Why wasn't he dead? He wanted it to be some accursed nightmare where he somehow survived a bullet to his head. That had to be the case. Beck would never let an opportunity to kill Peter slip by him again.

No, Peter knew his healing could never allow him to survive someone shooting out his brain, even if it was enhanced. So the question remained why hadn’t Beck shot him? The only logical answer seemed to be that this was all one enormous dream. A delusion created from all this madness.

This was nothing short of a hellish nightmare. It was far from a dream, and Peter knew the logical answer he came up with wasn’t right. 

From what Peter could figure out Beck had other plans from what he had led how did they involve him?

What scared him the most was knowing they couldn’t end well for Peter, and all Peter really knew was that he had to find a way out of this place as fast as humanly possible.

When his eyes finally adjusted to the unlit room he took a closer look. It was still pretty hard to see, but he was able to notice the room wasn’t furnished. He could see the walls clearer now, bare and stark. They looked like they were made of metal, a tinted white color. Upon closer inspection he could see a large wooden door, hinges painted white, directly in front of him. For the most part it looked relatively normal and Peter couldn’t tell if it was locked or not, but considering the material it probably wouldn’t be that hard to break. 

Now he needed to figure out how much time had passed, or more accurately if he had any time left to save MJ and Ned. Even then that was if Beck had spared their lives up to this point. 

Peter could still feel the dried blood on his face and he was pretty sure it had scabbed onto his brand new suit, though that was the least of his worries. Based on the fact his enhanced healing most definitely would have fixed the small cuts and it seemed as though most of the wounds he’d received were fresh, no more than a day could have passed. 

That London attack was huge, the aftermath would probably be just as much of a mess to deal with. If Beck was making himself out to be the hero he was most definitely caught up in the results. Whether Beck was cleaning up the destruction, reassuring civilians, or being swarmed by the dozens of news channels that needed an explanation to the attack Peter could assume he hadn’t killed his friends, at least not yet.

One, getting things set up to have their deaths staged would take time out of that busy schedule. There was no way Beck could afford to loose that at the moment.

Two, the fact still remained that Beck had refused to take his life, and that meant there was a chance he would no longer see the need for killing his friends. Even if they knew Mysterio was fake no one would believe them, and two normal teens weren’t nearly as threatening as a super powered one.

And three, Beck was smart enough to realize if he killed them all chance of having any leverage on him was lost. Killing off the two most important people in the world to Peter wouldn’t be the smartest move. Even if it was to bound Peter to a tight leash, whatever Beck was planning to do to Peter meant killing those two would ruin any chance of him listening.

As of now that’s the only known reason Beck would have for not straight up shooting Peter. He could be put to use, and it made just enough sense with the information he had in some empty, vague room.  

Of course Peter had no intention of letting Beck win, even if he had lost the battle in London, the moment he got the chance to insure the safety of his friends and his escape, he’d beat Beck to a bloody pulp. 

Okay, but Beck didn’t know what Peter was thinking. So if he was unaware Peter believed his friends were alive, he could at the very least pretend obliviously. It could make sense for him acting out in an attempt to escape if he predicted them dead or in grave danger.

That gave him a chance then. The smartest thing to do would be to get out of this situation as fast as he could. As long as Beck hadn’t directly told him he’d shoot MJ and Ned, he had a slim opportunity to leave before either he confirmed his doubt, or had some change of heart to kill Peter. 

So next was the rope. He could seemingly break that door down if it was locked, and there was nothing in the room preventing him from leaving once he slipped free. He’d deal with what was beyond the room once he was out. 

He pushed against the rope, scraping his skin and burning it from the harsh texture as he inferred the strength. It was tight but Peter was sure with enough force it’d be loose enough to break or slip free of.

Then things started going south, and they started going south fast.

He heard sound. A voice. Oh god was that Beck’s voice? He knew he was short on time but he didn’t think it was running out so fast. He pushed his hand against the rope again and felt the hairs on his neck stand up. He was relieved his Peter tingle was working, but that also meant something was about to happen. Figures those hairs prickled right before he heard the door open.

He jumped from the sudden feeling of Beck’s presence watching him in the room, and brought his focused gaze up to greet Beck’s mocking look. He raised an eyebrow at Peter glancing at the way his left hand had self consciously been tugging at the rope. Peter warily noticed his actions and attempted to relax his tense muscles. 

When Peter pulled back under Beck’s stare, he watched the man give him a slow up and down look pleasingly. Taking in the way Peter reacted to being watched, how his eyes shifted away from contact and his whole body seemingly sunk as if he were trying to disappear, he gave him a heated smile.

Chuckling darkly, he broke the silence. “You’ve been up for less than a minute and you’re already testing the limits of that rope. Come on Peter don’t hurt yourself. Those wounds don’t look like they’ve healed properly yet,” he laughed in a slightly annoyed tone. Satisfaction seeped in fast, however, and Beck didn’t do a very good job at hiding what he found as a prideful accomplishments. Straightening himself he announced, “Right now I’m gonna need your full attention elsewhere, so stop struggling against something so futile and pay attention.”

Shit. Shit. Shit.

What was he supposed to do now? He sure as hell wasn’t in the mood for Beck’s rambling. He felt like moments ago he'd been swimming close to the shore, able to see a way back, before being thrown into the ocean, spiraling further and further into totally new waters. 

Well he’d test out the water first. If Peter wasn’t allowed to test the limits of the rope he’d test his position instead.

Might as well considering Beck was probably going to be his one and only moment. 

On guard he squeaked out from his shaky voice, “Why didn’t you kill me?” A simple question, demanding and straight to the point. Maybe he’d feel a smudge of insistence on his right to know if trying to keep his heart from climbing up to his throat wasn’t proving to be so much more difficult with Beck around. “Ah I told you, you weren’t in a position to ask such questions Peter. Now let’s cut the chat and get straight to the point. I need you to do exactly as I say. Interrupt me again and I will put a bullet in your head,” Beck said curtly. 

He knew Beck wouldn’t waste precious resources, let alone time on him, not on something he didn’t compose a plan for. Things definitely weren’t looking up for Peter anymore, but if Beck was going to put a bullet in his head he’d have already done so.

”Look up here at me Peter. That’s it just follow my lead,” Beck commanded as Peter dutifully tried to obey him. He felt like he was going to puke staring up into Beck’s eyes like some obedient little puppy. Peter was almost positive Beck had to be some kind of devil sent straight from the depths of hell, his cold blue eyes probably like that of Satan’s himself.

“In about two minutes I’m going to be in contact with one of your closest friends. That boy has been blocked off from the rest of your school group so you can thank me later for keeping your secret."

Like hell Peter should be thankful for Beck “keeping his secret safe” when he was the whole reason for all this nonsense. Oh god that smug look on his face and that deliberately cocky tone was making Peter sick. He had never wanted to curse someone out this badly before, but Beck continued aware of what the effects of his threat had on Peter.  He brutally states, "Now before you get your panties in a frenzy don’t worry. He won’t be harmed, so long as you do what I ask. Really it’s a simple request. All I need you to do is sit there and look pretty while I work out the logistics of this deal.”

Peter couldn’t keep his mouth shut much longer. “What deal?” he blurted out curiously unable to catch himself by the times the words escaped his mouth. He felt an awful feeling in his stomach rise as Beck glared at him. It wasn’t impassive, but it was far from friendly. He felt himself glance away once more, fearful in the embarrassment statement. Once he broke contact Beck continued speaking this time much more commanding, “That should be the least of your worries, so can you keep your mouth shut and hold onto that impulse for me?”

The room felt quietly unsettling again and Peter looked up in realization. “...Y-yeah,” he says uncomfortably.

“Yes sir,” Beck condemns back. It gets on Peter's nerves but he's pretty sure that's what Beck's trying to do anyway. He's an asshole and being at Beck's mercy just reminds him how big of a dick the man is. It's only a moment later when Beck finalizes his one on one speech.

”Then let the show begin”

Chapter Text

Beck spoke up again, staring up at the ceiling."Fire up the drone projectile and patch me through." Peter was pretty sure there was an intercom of some sort now, and Beck's team could probably hear everything Peter had said, including his breathless pants of fear when he first woke up., a sign that he was indeed aware of how defenseless he was. Beck tapped his E.D.I.T.H glasses and a large screen appeared in front of Beck, who was now facing his Back towards Peter, paying him no mind. Suddenly the screen flashed and Peter felt like he'd been thrown out of an air plain, literally moments away from death. Happy and Ned. He had contacted Happy and Ned, who turned to face the uncloaked drone that had been watching their every move, taking in every single word they said.

When Beck said he'd contact one of Peter's friends he expected it to be someone like MJ, she was the one who had discovered Beck's secret after all. The shock and horror of seeing Ned and Happy together was much worse than he'd expected. Ned was his best friend, he believed in Peter and covered for him every time something went wrong. Happy though, he was the one person Peter could rely on about this sorta stuff. He'd called Happy back in the Netherlands because he knew Happy would be the only one who could help him through this mess. He so willingly helped Peter through his little panic attack, stitched up his wounds, and got him through all his bottled up feeling that had broken free when he was hit with a train. If anyone was going to do something about Peter missing it was Happy. If Beck didn't know about one person who might be able to fix this, it was Happy.

Foolish of him to think a man who had basically stalked Peter to learn everything he possibly could about him, just to get a pair of glasses, wouldn’t know about Happy. Of course he knew. Beck knew who Happy was and he contacted the only person who was going to do something serious over Peter's missing file report. The only person who could find Peter and realize what was happening without alerting Beck. He was Peter's only shot at help from the outside, and now his only shot at freedom was practically having his hands tied behind his back with help from the tech Peter had so fiercely given away.

Ned with a face pinched and eyes full of surprise and shock, spoke up first when he and Happy had done nothing but idly stare back at the image projected from E.D.I.T.H's screen.

"Mysterio! You're holy shit... Is that oh my god...wait Peter is that you?" His thoughts were all over the place and that made sense based on what Ned could suddenly see. He could see Beck standing in front of him, he could see Beck's polished and presumptuous gaze, he could see Peter tied to a chair helplessly, and he could most certainly see his best friend's fate resting in the hands of the heroic impostor he had sworn to stop.

"Ah, glad you know me that always makes things much easier. As you can see Peter's perfectly fine, looking better by the minute if I do say so myself," he smiled sickly with a twisted look of enjoyment. 

"What have you done to him? Peter can you hear me?" Ned sounds so awfully ill with concern, much less focused on what Beck was saying than whether Peter was real. He just stares at Peter, eyes fearful at the sight. Peter stares down at the floor in unease. He's embarrassed things ended up this way and he's worried Beck will kill Ned if Peter speaks up.

Beck is more than bothered by the other boy's dumbfounded questions while he refuses to fully pay attention to him and his carefully crafted speech. "I said he's fine didn't I? I'm not gonna harm him, but I will need your cooperation as so my bad temper doesn't take control and I decide to kill him instead."

Ned bites his lower lip in worrisome anticipation and Happy, who had been proceeding to think about the situation, finally spoke up. "Okay Mysterio but why go to such lengths? Peter's just a kid. Do you really think he poses that much of a threat to you that you would need to take such desperate measures?" 

Happy's question was a valid one, but Peter could tell he wasn't truly expecting an answer. Happy more or so asked Beck to both experiment how much he could get out of the man and to see how he'd respond, whether it was all amusing or whether it'd get under his nerves. Reading his reactions was a vital step in figuring out exactly what they were working with and if there happened to be any contradictions or glaring plot holes they'd use to get around this seemingly forlorn situation.

Beck pauses for a second to process Happy's question before his responds. "Not most kids have the ability to stop Avenger level threats. You could simply consider me a man of caution."

Happy nods in agreement. There's not much he can say to deny that and it's quite clear Beck's nothing but cautious.

He gleefully smiles at that and continues his speech. "Of course I'll have to ask you to put any further questions on hold. I'd greatly prefer if we get down to business, I'm sure your a man of liability yourself Mr. Hogan."

The way Beck say's Happy's name leaves his stomach somersaulting. He'd done so much research to insure his plan wouldn't fail by all means. It was all but a reminder how little Peter knew about the knowledge Beck obtained on him and every one who's ever associated with him before. If he knows Happy so well there's no telling who else he's got eyes on. There's no telling if Peter can rely on anyone else to get him out of this hellhole.

"Alright, go on," Happy says once again nodding with a condensed tone of voice.

"Gladly," Beck says boldly fearless. Continuing his speech of mockery he says, "First I want you to lose all former connections with Peter Parker. Once this call is over I want the both of you to completely forget about past relationships with him. It'd be best for you to focus on more becoming things for your ages."

Though the message was clearly directed at Happy and Ned, Ned doesn't hesitate to speak up first. "But why?" Ned's question is of genuine concern, lacking in uneasiness of who he's asking. Happy knows this and puts his hand out in front of Ned whispering, "Easy kid," so quietly if it weren't for the enhanced speakers programmed on E.D.I.T.H, Beck wouldn't have been able to make out the words. 

"That will remain none of your concern," Beck snaps at him, showing a thin smirk somewhat glad at the discretion the other man demonstrates. "Just note if any one of my demands is failed to be met I will execute the boy on the spot."

Happy's gaze targets Beck's eyes as he starts to speak once more. "And what are these other demands?" It sounds forced, like he's about to choke on the air he's breathing. Beck's backing them into a corner and Happy knows it. If Beck does have the ability to watch them wherever they go, and he very much has demonstrated so, Happy can't do anything to retaliate that wouldn't risk his or Peter's life. If he somehow disabled the drones, Beck could instantly find out and take matters into his own hands. With E.D.I.T.H he could kill anyone he wants by a simple request. If Happy somehow miraculously found a way to slip through the cracks, and if there even were, to expose Mysterio, Beck could kill Peter as a last hurrah.

The same went for Ned. Saying anything to MJ or to someone that could offer help, would just get Beck to react in ways he nor Ned would ever want to see. Peter was leverage for Ned and Happy as was Ned and Happy leverage used against him.

Ned's displayed a pinched face of that realization, pale and dark. He felt so bad for Ned right now, worse than when he had to ditch him at Liz's party without saying anything. Worse than when he continued to cancel a countless amount of plans with him because of his Stark Internship. Worse then when Ned found out he was Spider-man and learned Peter had been lying about his reasoning behind ditching him constantly. Ned had always been so understanding of Peter, a lot more so when he found out his best friend was the Spider Man, but he'd never deserved to go through it all. Once Peter got out of this tough spot he'd build as many Lego death stars with Ned as he'd want. 

Beck smirks. "Second of all you'll have to do a certain favor for me. Edith can you send the video feed over now?" Happy's phone vibrates in his pocket and his blood seems to stop flowing at the thought of Mysterio having full access to even his own smart phone. Peter does too. That's one scary thought, and it's even scarier to think that none of this would have happened if he just hung on to Mr Stark's final gift to him.

"I've infiltrated the cameras at the bridge where me and the oh so lovely Spider-Man fought. Of course the video is fake, but I'm sure you know it will most defiantly appear real to the human eye. I simply need you to get those employed to identify the dead and clean up these sort of attacks to take a look at it. I only sent you the video so you understand what I'll be doing with it." Beck says prouder than ever. Now it's Peter's turn to turn white. Video? A video on the bridge they fought at? On the cameras? What would Beck feel the need to show the public of him and Peter on the bridge. More curiously, what had he swamped out from the security camera he needs Happy to make sure someone of value gets a hold of.

Happy had pulled out his phone and glanced at the video, skimmed through it to get a feel for what he was supposed to reveal. He's keeping an awfully composed face, so it's hard to tell what it is. When he puts his phone back in the pocket he answers back with nothing but an, "I understand."

Beck grins from ear to ear at that. "Good." He pauses momentarily. "Finally my last little condition is much more straightforward. I can't afford any suspicious actions that could lead to my identity outing, so if you do happen to expose me or Peter's little secret I won't hesitate to destroy everyone and everything you've ever loved. That is of course including Peter."

"I'm sure you understand this by now, but allow me to stress just how easy it is for me to become aware of your actions. I've got day and night surveillance you'll hardly even realize is there, so a slip of the mouth can cost you more than your life before you even register any drone supervision,” Beck says pouring salt into their wounds, and it’s like that sensation is of him dowsing them with gasoline and lighting the match.  

“I want you to know anything that seems suspicious, whether it be caught in live footage or spotted by some other source, will be thoroughly reviewed. Of course if that happens we'll be extra careful in making sure you're unaware of the countless number of eyes watching you. Needless to say there will be an increase in all our surveillance too.”

Peter knows it now because Beck’s making it so clearly obvious for him. No one is ever going to be able to reach him. Beck song give them the slightest of chances, and the threats he’s throwing at them are as sharp as his vision, the same eyes he sees the entire world he’ll be controlling through. 

Happy contemplates once more and says, “So that’s all?” Before Beck can comment back snarky, Ned interrupts.  

"Peter he's..he's gotta be lying right?" Ned blurts it out baffled and still unable to comprehend Beck's words.

"I'm sorry Ned...," is all Peter manages to say finally looking up to see his friend's tightened expression. It’s the only thing Peter has been able to bring himself to say and the moment he sees Ned Beck turns back shooting him a heavy glance. It doesn’t take any longer then a second for Peter to look down at the floor submissively again. 

“Yes Mr. Hogan, those are my demands. Your a smart man so I’m sure you can figure out what’s in your best of interests,” Beck states, confidence dripping from his voice. He then turns to look at Ned with a much less potent smile. “Same goes for you kid. Don’t get in my way again or dare to speak about this. That is unless you’ve got some life long grudge against your best friend and would prefer him dead.” He seems proud of the last part. Like bragging about how simple it would be to kill Peter made him joyous from his newfound abilities. 

“I’ll accept them,” Happy sighs, because there’s nothing else he can do. What else is he supposed to say? ‘Fuck you I’ll expose your secret and save Peter myself?’ Denying Beck out-front would probably kill his mood and kill the two of them. I't harder to deny authorities when they're the ones pointing a gun at your head. All he can manage now is a, “I’m sorry things ended up this way Peter.” 

Ned glances away from the screen awkwardly. “Same,” is all he can get out. The air seems to leave his lungs behind as he agrees to the terms. 

“Wonderful. I look forward to your continued compliance,” Beck says cutting off the communication completely. He’s gone as quickly as he appeared, no trace of him ever reaching out to Happy or Ned. No trace of Peter's whereabouts or where Mysterio will appear next.

Then Beck turns back to Peter with a smile. “Well that was easier than I thought.” He folds his arm smugly. 

It’s quite for a long moment. Peter’s eyes don’t leave the floor but he does glance away to the side of the wall. He doesn’t want to look up because at this point looking up would mean facing reality. Looking up meant seeing the face of the man who just blackmailed his friends with Peter’s life and is ready to rub it in his face.

Beck’s disappointment in Peter's silence fades away with his long exhale before he snaps his fingers. The sound makes Peter jump and his eyes dart up at Beck's patiently awaiting glare. “Now that that's taking care of I suppose it's time to get you settled in."

The agonizing fear in Peter's eyes grows wary.

 "Hmm, well, at least cleaned up a tad bit. I'll have to admit this isn't a good luck on you Peter."

Peter wonders if he's talking about his scabbed over bloody suit or the tight and guarded face which poorly hides his emotions. Sacredness, anger, and confusion all mixed into one display. The anger is what takes over though. Perhaps it's because Peter's just so agitated by Beck's tone of delight, or the fact that he's really got no way out. 

"Rot in hell"

The response is sharp, defiant, and hard to the core with enmity. Peter is looking up at Beck now, the fire in his eyes burning brighter than ever.

Beck's gaze hardens too, and the twisted face he makes causes Peter to somehow hunker down in his shell like a frightened turtle, even more so than he had before."Someone ought to have taught you manners Peter? They'd probably be so utterly disappointed to hear such rudeness directed to a host. Maybe I should wash your mouth out with soap hmm?" Beck's voice rings in his ears and is drenched in hostility. Peter realizes it's not the best idea to poke fun at the man promising to ruin his life.

"S-sorry...," Peter says biting his tongue, gaze returning to the floor. He's glad he misses the wonderfully pleased smile Beck makes at his show of obedience or else he'd probably thrown up his insides. 

"Glad to see you do have some manners," Beck says tapping his comm to command something of his team. Suddenly the ropes tightly rapped around Peter's waist slip free.

"Stand up Peter I don't want you to waste any more time gawking. There's someone waiting outside who'll help clean you up and fix those wounds."

Peter does stand up. He stands up quickly, pushes his left arm against the chair to jump out of the rope that had piled and tangled up at his feet. Beck, who is awaiting Peter begins to turn his back when Peter seems to be following. It's a sudden movement, rational as foolish as it seems, Peter high kicks the man in the face. Well he wouldn't really call it high kicking someone when they didn't happen to really be there.

Beck, an astonishingly realistic illusion of the man, blinks stunned as Peter looks at him accusingly while he stumbles back, mostly from the dizziness that's exploded in his head. Beck burst out into laughter whipping tears of hilarity from his eyes. He taps the glasses and programs something into Edith before the entire room begins to disappear. The walls that looked metal turn into plain sarky gray office walls, the floor remaining concrete. The wooden door fades into one of glass similar to what Peter had seen at the front office in his school. It's chilling how quickly it all turns from a threatening cell or iron to nothing but a disguised office. 

"Quite a show you put on Peter. How did you know I was fake?"

Peter's surprised himself by the fact he had managed to muster up enough courage to test his theory that it takes him a while to register Beck's question. "Uhm.. well I mean you uhh.. there weren't any footsteps at all. I mean like It was really odd and I knew they weren't muffled when I stood up cause I could hear my own pretty well... and uhm, besides the material of the floor isn't made to trap sound either. Plus there was a weird buzzing sound when you asked to be patched through to Happy and Ned. When it didn't disappear I figured it was probably a drone that had to be projecting something...I mean I'm sure you're pretty caught up in the whole London aftermath too so you wouldn't wanna waste any more time..." Peter's voice gets lighter and lighter as he continues rambling, the last line he barely mutters. He wants his explanation to be as detailed as possible, or at least detailed enough that Beck doesn't think he'd have actually tried to kick him in the face if Peter hadn't known he wasn't real. He's been fidgeting with his fingers as he quickly explains. 

That earns him a grin and another small laugh. "Color me impressed. Those were quite the deductive skills, but maybe next time be a little more careful. If I was here you'd have broken my jaw," Beck says taking in Peter's body movement. He's still nervously fidgeting with his arms but he manages what's become more of his signature nod in a sign of unease, slow and difficult as he meekly says, "okay" 

"No matter, my command remains the same. I just suppose there's no use in hiding my illusion. I've got a lot of work as you said yourself, so I'm gonna have to end our chat here," he continues on. He gives Peter a jaunty wave and the sick cocky expression is back. He cheekily sneers, "I expect you to do as your told. Please try not to let me down Spider-Man." 

Then in the blink of an eye he's gone. And for Peter, well he's all alone once more.In all honestly the room creeps him out. The walls are almost to plain, and the glass door is made so he can't see the other side but his senses tell him he's being watched. He feels like they're trying to pry open his mind and flush him out of his own sanity. It makes his heart pound and his blood quicken with his breath. He takes a second to breath. He inhales and exhales deeply to calm his nerves down as he focuses on the task ahead.

Clenching his hand into a fist and holding it close to his chest he takes a step forward and pushes the heavy glass doors open.

Chapter Text

Pushing the door open, Peter’s right hand searched for the wall. Touching the smooth surface to assure his reality, his eyes scanned the bare hallway the room had led too. They darted frantically, already looking for anything that he could use in creating some sort of ultimate escape plan. He had to suppress the urge to jump back when his eyes met the man waiting outside the heavy glass doors. 

He was tall, and Peter didn’t mean like tall. This man was like really, really  freakishly tall with a gaze as cold as ice. 

Chills ran up his back and his shoulders curled up defensively at the sight. He looked an awful lot like some of the more threatening muggers Peter had defeated in his past time when out on patrol. Only this time Peter didn’t have any sorta way to defend himself, not with his web shooters completely wrecked from the London Battle and certainly not in his current condition.

Peter gulped as the man’s dead stare rested on his face. “Peter right?” His heart lurched forward at the name. Somehow it didn’t sound right coming from this guy. Maybe it was because he hated the way a complete stranger knew his name, or maybe it was that assertive tone the man took. It didn’t really feel like he was being asked his name, no, the man was only looking for an understanding response. 

“Hi?” Peter heard his voice crack with dismay, covering his mouth as he flushed.

“Alright then, come with me,” the man said turning his back. The emphatic articulation in his words made Peter follow without a second thought in mind. He just needs to play along for the time being. When he gets the opening he needs, when he can slip free without risking his friend's lives, he would get the hell away from here. 

As he walked down the small corridor of doors he felt strange at the lack of anything. The interior seemed to resemble a poorly maintained office building, not the secret base of a mastermind villain. Some of the doors were open, all in which led to relatively empty closets or sparse office space, which was what led Peter to believe this might have been a company business building at some point in time. One ajar door Peter had seen led into an enormous vacant room. There were no security cameras, absolutely no furniture,  no people, and no sounds of movement besides the man and Peter’s footsteps. It was off putting for someone like Beck to have such a large place of operation seemingly deserted and uninhabited.

Where on earth was he? 

The man stopped outside one of the doors and turned to look at Peter. "Go inside and change, there's spare clothes and a relatively working shower. When your done someone will be in to take care of your wounds," he said sharply in an apathetic tone opening the door. Peter walked in and shuddered when the door shut behind him, hearing it click with a lock.

Okay this place was as ominous as it gets. Even the bathroom was one sorry excuse of a room. The tub of the shower was over sized and squished into the corner. The shower head itself looked rusted and when Peter turned the nob it made an awful sound before the water came out causing his ears to cringe at the creaking of metal. The toilet was directly next to the shower, or more accurately pushed against it. There was a small sink on top of a counter, no mirror or any toiletry for that matter. There was nothing below the counter but wires and pipes. On the other side of the very cramped space was a wooden bench. It looked like it has been added to the interior as it didn't match well with its modern appearance. There Peter found a towel and what seemed to be the change of clothes the man was talking about. 

He directed his attention back to the shower. He wanted to get this part over with as quickly as possible. The shower looked like the one's he'd seen on TV in prison shows where the water automatically shut off after 10 minutes, pretty damn sketchy.

To his surprise, though, the water was extremely hot by time time he reached his hand in to check the temperature. He stepped in, none the less, ignoring the blistering pain created from the heavy steam, and wrapped his arms around himself hugging tightly. He wished his skin would just burn off, all these empty feelings washing down the drain with the blood that was mixing in.

It was like he was hit by a wave, and not from the water. A wave of exhaustion, of incredible sadness and hopelessness, of fear, and of extraordinary panic overpowering the drought in his mind. His head was spinning faster and faster, that sick feeling from earlier had only crawled into the back of his mind and when the water hit his body, when he was left alone with his thoughts once more, they just drenched him. His entire body throbbed in pain, his blood pumping fast knowing how much of an awful wreck he looked like. 

MJ had no clue what had happened to him. Ned couldn't tell her and neither could Happy. Could they even do anything? Beck was watching them, he had 24 surveillance drones on them, and they couldn't even see them. They were as powerless as Peter who was practically being wrapped around Beck's fingers at this point. 

What was everyone else going to think? What was May going to think about his sudden disappearance? She was so stubbornly hard headed Peter didn't think she'd accept it. She'd probably fight tooth and nail to convince someone, a person like Happy, Peter was alive somewhere in the world. Would Beck care about her? Did he expect Happy to smooth things over with her? Was he just going to try to cover things up?

More particularly what did he really need Happy for? What the hell was in that video Beck wanted Happy to make sure people saw? Would it give an explanation to Peter's disappearance? How would it help May and all his friends just accept he's gone? 

how? how? how?

It was all so troubling. All these unanswered questions racing in his mind, but they all linked up to one. Why hadn't Beck killed him?

Beck seemed to be making things so much more complicated than they needed to be by going through all this extra trouble to spare his life, and it was a risk. Beck knew he wouldn't try anything incredibly stupid if his friends were in danger, but when he finds a loophole in Beck's plans, a little flaw in his orders, or a mistake in the security he'd go ahead and open up a Pandora's box if it was the only way out. There had to be some way he could escape that wouldn't wash his friend's lives down into the gutter.

Everything would be so much easier for Beck if he just shot Peter and his friends then and there in London. No more worries about what if Peter got away or what if his friends said something containing a bit too much.

He can seemingly do whatever he wants with the kinda tech Peter gave him. There's no reason he shouldn't have. Beck could mask all their lives as casualties, move on with his act, and secure his spot in whatever World Domination he was planning. Why didn't he just end things there?   

why? why? why?

He tried to turn the handle, to make it hotter. He wanted to disappear. He wanted his whole body to just disappear. His skin was burning, an ugly red and some of his cuts begin to reopen from the intense heat he subjected himself too. Maybe if it was hot enough he'd wake up from this nightmare. Just maybe he could see some way out of this mess. 

There was a bang on the door.

Peter jumped and shut the water off faster than his reflexes should've allowed him to. There was a jittery feeling erupting inside of him like a volcano. His body trembling from the intense heat or the fact that his mind wouldn't shut up. Thoughts crashing into one another, cracking open a guilty feeling that made him want to let out a scream of rage and terror. 

His vision began to blur from the way his eyes had locked onto the cool tiles of the shower, refusing to blink. When his eyes begin to lose focus it snapped him out of his thoughts. He shook his head and took a minute to exhale deeply, feeling a tad bit of pain, before stepping out of the shower feeling more exposed than ever before.

He grabbed the towel that had been waiting for him, dried off, and pulled on the shirt and pants he had found folded neatly on the bench. The shirt was more like a sweater, dark blue and a little too big, making the whole thing baggy, sleeves large enough to hide his darkened flesh and bloody cuts. The pants were simple sweatpants, a plain black color that hung over his head like a cloud of thunder. Other than that, the only clothes he got were some simple boxers that fortunately ended up fitting him. 

Then there was another knock on the door, somehow louder than before, as the lock clicked open. The door swinging forward, Peter turned his head to watch a different man from before step in. 

"Take off your shirt," he snapped. Beck had told Peter he didn't want him wasting anymore time, but the way the man phrased his words made it seem like Peter was slowing down the universe. It was a scary order and Peter couldn't fathom an idea as to why this guy wanted him to undress in front of him. The only thoughts he could think of made him shiver and panic.

"h-huh? I.. wait what?" His brain could only spat out confusion as he tried to cover the dread filled up in his lungs. 

The man looked unamused and was stepping closer till Peter moved back and found himself pressed against the edge of the shower, man towering over him. 

"I said take off your shirt. I need to look at your wounds. We don't have time to mess around kid," the man said clapping his hand on Peter's shoulder causing him to look down out of embarrassed once more. He pulled the shirt over his head and the man tilted his head towards the bench where Peter walked over to sit down on. Only then did he realize the small first aid kit in the man's hand that he placed down next to Peter.

First he asked simple questions like, "anywhere it hurts," or he'd squeeze a place by the more serious wounds and say something like, "feel any pain." 

When he got down to his chest and asked Peter to breathe he did. The man's face twisted in worry and he asked him to repeat that step for what seemed like one too many times. He pressed his arm lightly on both sides of the boy's waist and moved upwards to his chest. He started adding pressure the second go around, and it only took a bit of a tighter squeeze to make Peter wince at the sudden sharp, spike of pain running up his spine. 

Oh god he barely remembered all the beatings he took fighting the drones, and the adrenaline had been keeping his pain at bay. Now he felt like his entire body was shattering like a piece of glass being hit by a mallet. His body recoils like a snake when the man squeezes harder. He feels a breathless gasp of pain leave his lips and he's sure he must have broken a rib or two. The other man must think the same thing as he nods and has Peter try to breath once more, watching the way his stomach shakes unevenly when he attempts to inhale and exhale again.

"You most likely broke a rib kid. We'll get you a cast to help it heal a bit faster. For now I'm gonna clean up all the lighter wounds, put in a few stitches where your skin cut open a bit too deep."

The man pokes at two of his ribs ever so slightly, telling Peter what were presumably the broken ones. He sounded a bit more concerned than before which helped Peter relax, if only by a little bit. Than he skims through the first aid kit and precedes to remove some cotton balls and some type of antibiotic cream.

Dabbing the cotton balls he wiped all the small cuts Peter sustained in the battle then asked him to roll up his pants to do the same thing to his legs. They were a lot worse. Covered in gashes and much deeper wounds from where he'd had shards of glass work it open on the bridge. The man continued applying the ointment, and then looked back in his case. He scavenged a few stitches and a needle. He took a much greater beating, so there were quite a few open gashes in his legs the man felt the need to apply stitches to.

Peter had to hold back the impulse to let out a scream of pain, muffling it as he bit his lips trying not to react. The man worked pretty slowly on the wounds, and as grateful as Peter was to actually get any type of medical attention, he wanted things to be over with. Finally though he moved back up to his upper half, the only thing that really needed treatment on were the stitches that Happy had threaded before breaking loose and opening up once more when he fought in vain against E.D.I.T.H and those dumb attack drones. The man had to cut them out and reapply new ones, thankfully not taking too long.

Softly the man said, "This'll be the last stitch then we're done." At the time Peter found that comforting, being reassured the pain of having his wounds treated and a needle poking him would be over shortly.

It was only when he watched the man curiously dabbing the needle in a small bottle of clear liquid he had pulled from the case all so suddenly, that Peter became confused. 

It pricked him ever so slightly, but the pain slipped away fast as he began to drift off. His eyes slowly closing, fatigue catching up and whatever the man had coated the needle in spread through his veins and consumed him whole. The darkness surrounded his sight until his consciousness faded away.

His movements seized quickly as the light caved inwards.

Chapter Text

Quentin Beck had never felt better in his entire life.

It seems life is finally moving in the direction he’s been working towards ever since Stark ripped his idea out of his hands and threw him away along with the credit he properly deserved. 

Mysterio the greatest hero to arrive after the blip!

Mysterio may be the next Iron Man! Here’s what we know so far.

What went down during the London attack and who may be savior of it all.

Press calls for Man of Mystery to explain what really wreaked havoc on London.

The news channels flashed his name and the articles caught the attention of millions as Mysterio made his way into the public eye. Press had eaten up his deceivable story and the whole incident itself, once his little video framing Spider-Man as a villain had leaked. In due time he’d reveal his identity too. Now that will most certainly give him some fame.

Their little base in London was a temporary fix. It was an old office building that had been abandoned for who knows how long. All it took was a little bit of cleaning and a few drones to mask their new work space, perfectly fine to live in for a day or two, to take over the building while they wrapped up their preparations. It was a decent enough size to run a few tests and perfectly secluded. 

The main reason, though, they happened to borrow the space was due to the underground parking garage and storage unit. It was directly underneath the London bridge, and thankfully for Beck that was exactly where they needed it to be. Their little Elemental creator had Fury biting his nails when the sudden spike of danger appeared. It was like the cherry on top to their hint of a wonderful, at least to his team, attack. 

The London attack did seem to appear different from their original script. Okay, yeah, that was a bit of an understatement and the entire thing became a bit of improvisation on Quentis part, but when he saw potential he took the opportunity to act. 

That’s exactly what Peter Parker was. Potential, and wonderful at that. 

Of course, though, he knew where he wanted to take things with the boy. His team, on the other hand, wasn’t the most confident in terms of Quentin’s new idea working out. It was a slim bet, but one Quentin was willing to make. He’d managed to pull of this whole hero gig, who’s to say he won’t be able to do the same with Peter. 

Beck was on top of things the moment his plans shifted, working towards remaining one step ahead of the world and one step ahead of Peter, who was now tied to a chair in an ominous room. 

He had called for a meeting immediately to clear things up. He'd get things set straight with the changes he needs his team to make, and then he would be off to all the press conferences and meetings government officials were asking Mysterio to appear for. 

Beck needed to get back out there soon though. Cleanup on the city had already started, and people were wondering where Mysterio had gone off to. He'd help pick up the ruble and make sure everyone who survived was safe. William had shown him the strike zones so he'd know exactly where to go and exactly who needed the help. After that he'd get Peter's friends to remain quiet with a little bit of blackmailing, and then he'd be off to the meetings where he could really get the ball rolling. 

But, of course, he needed to clear up what was going to be done with the boy. He hadn't woken up since the attack yet, and his entire team wasn't to sure why Beck had brought him into the base and demand he be restraint.

That's practically what this little meeting is about, where they're going from here. He’s assembled the main team, the heads of the main departments and the ethical workers he’s grown most attached to. 

“So you want to make Spider-Man Mysterio’s greatest threat only to turn him into a sidekick?” Janice is probably the most skeptical out of the group. It’s clear as day with her tone of voice and furrowed eyebrows. She says almost angrily, “What good will that do for us?” 

“He’s already being set up as the bad guy from the London Attack, we just need to continue to play off of that until there’s too much damage,” William states. William, on the other hand, had been the most understanding. Quentin has already told him the main plot points he wants to make when he talked to William about adjusting the video to keep Spidy's identity in the closet a little longer. He's also been Quentin’s right hand man through all of his scheming, plotting, and developing. 

After the little drone incident, Quentin has made sure William’s been keeping things in check a lot more sufficiently. He can’t risk having a big screw up like that go under his nose again. 

“Yes, I understand that part. It’s just I don’t think the kid’s gonna listen at all, ya know? You're gonna get his friends as leverage, sure, but the casualties these incidents will cause are going to far outweigh the lives of a few high schoolers and a Stark employee. Besides, what use is he compared to what we already had planned?” Janice is still very much suspicious of Quentin’s proposal. 

Her doubts are well funded and it would make much more sense to continue on with the way they've planned things out, however, Quentin is far more determined to blow everyone out of the water when he puts his plan in motion than to reconsider having them write him a new script. They had planned out so many attacks and speeches completely reliant on Mysterio, and Mysterio himself. They didn’t know how to begin or why they’d rewrite their plans for some teenager that used to live in Queens, and all because Quentin had become fond over the boy.

It’s most likely what his team saw happening, but Quentin was far above growing soft over one little mesley child. No, he just couldn’t stop thinking about the expression that’d paint Stark’s face. The idea of the man watching him from hell take his Portage with incredible abilities and turn him into an obedient sidekick defending people from nothing but illusions to their eyes. It was like frosting on a cake, the perfect way to top off his Mysterio act.

It may take a bit of time to prove such an idea could be pulled off, but he’s sure it will work. He’ll make it work. He won’t let Peter stop him from doing what he wants, after he was the one to step in on Beck’s project first.

“I think you’re both onto something there,” Quentin says with a smile.

“How so?” Victoria speaks up now. Seems she’s as baffled as everyone else that Quentin’s agreed to Janice’s statement and connected it to William’s part, a complete contradiction.

“We’ll just outweigh the values of escape with behaving. We need him to listen to us, so we make it unbelievably hopeless for him to go back. Add in a few factors to give him an extra push and he’ll be gushing over Mysterio just like everyone else,” Quentin says watching the faces of his employees light up with overall disbelief.

“He won’t have a choice.”

The room falls silent for a moment, taking in what Quentin’s said.

“The whole purpose is to get him to do what we want. Spider-Man, as a sidekick and a hero already familiar with the people, will put Mysterio even higher in the ranks. We can use his actual powers to stop any real villains that neither E.D.I.T.H or the drones could fully dispose of. He can appear to help wrap up those situations while Mysterio remains in the main spotlight and help us convince any real heroes, who won’t be as gullible as a 16 year old kid, into falling for the illusions,” Quentin hastily points out. 

“How do you suppose we do that?” Janice had asked slowly losing that unconvinced tone in her voice. Maybe Quentin’s idea is getting to her. 

Quentin’s smile grew into a twisted grin like a thorny rose petal, beautiful yet dangerous. “We do what William said, play off of what we’ve got. We can stage a lot more fights against Mysterio and Spider-Man. For the final battle, we unmask him. Exposing his identity after he becomes the world’s greatest villain we won’t only get Shield and other heroes after him, but it’ll give us a right to ‘take him into custody’ for his actions. Once we do that we can use Mysterio’s new gained trust to get the world to accept us rehabilitating Spider-Man into some hero sidekick." 

A little shaky, but Quentin would have the details worked out later. This meeting just needed to convince his team this was the right way to go. It was nothing but a small briefing.

Victoria thinks it over a bit before giving her input on the whole new operation. She softly states, “How do we get him to look like a villain?”

 William goes back to the beginning of what Quentin's said. The gears in his brain turn answering the question how are they going to do what they need to do. 

“Let's get the kid to play around with the drones while also testing any upgrades.” His voice turns into excitement as it lightens. “We can create illusions for him to see while coordinating his own moves with what he appears to see. Later we green screen the fighting and convert it into our own Mysterio battle,” he states. This makes Quentin pretty glad to hear, knowing his team is finally starting to put the pieces together. He’s sure once they all know what he’s getting at Peter will be royally screwed. 

He’s gonna wrap a noose around the kid’s neck pushing the chair under him ever so slightly. Once his time’s up he’ll kick him off for good. 

“We haven't even found a way to get there yet, and do you really think having him fight Mysterio will be enough?”

Ah there it is. The sliver of doubt they’re all experiencing. What if it won’t be enough? What if the bearing fruits of their efforts rot and decay from Peter’s refusal to give up? 

“Of course that won’t be all. Like I said, we’re going to unmask Spider-Man’s identity. Think of it, in the past, Peter has always been able to disappear from his super hero duties and hide behind his identity. Making him a villain can turn him against his friends and disappoint all those who believed in him. With the whole world aware of who he is, I doubt anyone will accept him, nor will they hold back their thoughts. 

It’s a bit far fetched, still, Janice and the rest of the team are growing a bit more intrigued. Quentin’s a smart man. They know that he wouldn’t do something that could completely destroy them. He’d planned it all out to assure it would be in everyone’s best interest by the time they get things rolling. Janice clears her throat and says, “How do you plan we keep him in line?”

Quentin already knows what he needs to do and where he’s gonna take things, he’s prepared to counterattack any feedback submerged in doubt. 

“If we break him down beforehand, it’ll be child’s play. First we isolate him. That does a lot to the human mind, so we just have to keep him confined for the time being. He may have enhanced superpowers but being deprived of any and all interaction for two weeks would make anyone restless and lonely. Starve him from human touch, and I’m sure even Spider-Man will be grateful for any company,” Quentin says smirking

To be honest Quentin isn’t 100% sure it will work, but he knows it's going to affect the kid in someway. All he needs to do is start affecting the kid. There’s more than one way to break someone and Quentin is cautious. Isolation won’t be the only thing Peter needs to worry about, and Quentin will make sure his own plans are padded with reinforcement. 

It’s just the first step. He’ll trick Peter himself into acting and giving Beck everything he needs.

Quentin’s a master when it comes to deceiving and trickery. “It’ll be a blessing in disguise when we let him out to fight off drones and run around. The isolation will pose a threat in the back of his mind, the idea he could be tossed aside and back into a world of loneliness and isolation for whoever knows how long again. Oh, and of course we can start using illusions on him to fortify his fears even after we’ve completed the video feeds.

William’s got a shine in his eyes now. Seems Quentin’s sparked an idea out of his words. Great he’s gonna need the help of everyone in this room to conjure up the perfect plan. “Yeah, I think that could work. What if once he gets a big head we show him the news afterwards? Then we can start working the illusions on him specifically,” William says pleased by his thoughts.

Quentin is too. He had only planned to show Peter the news reports simply after they were done staging enough attacks, but waiting until he tries something, and Quentin is sure he will at some point, will allow them to crush any hope he’s been able to hold on to. Show off how high praised Mysterio is and how they’ve destroyed Spider-Man. Quentin will unmask his identity then, show Peter Parker off as the villian. That way he can’t turn back. He can’t hide under his identity the same way he had before.

“It should be a solid plan. Isolate him to get the boy dependent. Use him to test out drones, staging more battles for Mysterio to gain publicity and Spider-Man to lose his credibility. Then we reveal his identity and break the news to him when he gets a bit too reckless. By then he’ll knows there’s no turning back and we can reinforce that idea by hitting him with more illusions as punishment to when he acts out. The boy will be well aware of what happens when he screws up, and we can keep his friends as a constant threat and reminder to our power the entire time,” Quentin says hopeful that this will remain his last little monologue of the day. It seems that way by how all of his employees nod and smile at the logistics of it all from his rundown. 

And it is.

They all nod, whispering around the room and finally accept the idea. They’ll began reworking parts and bits of their Mysterio script now that things have changed a bit. Having him fight Spider-Man will probably give him an extra boost in publicity as well. Fighting otherworldly creatures is cool and all, but turning one of the most profound heros into a villian and defending the innocent lives he used to protect will get far more coverage then any type of story his team could build up.

With that he stands up and states, “If that’s all I think this concludes are meeting for today? I’d like everyone to get started as soon as possible. We’ve got a lot of preparing left to do.” 

He claps his hands, as no one denies the statement, and soon his employees flock out the door to return to their work space. Next he just needs to change back into his Mysterio outfit and give the people the well deserved answers they're looking for. It'll be the first step in ensnaring Peter.

Time to give Spider-Man some well overdo publicity.

Chapter Text

It was absolutely soul crushing.

A stomach twirling kind of feeling. Like being on a never ending roller coaster as it repeats the same motion over and over again. Up and down, up and down until you puke out your guts, intestines spilling from your mouth kinda ride.

When he woke up in absolute darkness Peter knew that feeling wouldn’t disappear.

He could tell he had been asleep for a while, the aftermath of whatever drugs they’d used on him made his body sway when he stood. He needed to gather as much information about where he was as soon as he possibly could, but god damn his head wouldn't stop spinning.

Get it together Peter, you've been hit with a train for crying out loud.

Stumbling forward he runs through everything that's happened sense Beck's betrayal.

For starter, he has no clue where Beck has wandered off to, nor what's happened to MJ, Ned, or anyone at the London attack for that matter. He's been pretty much oblivious to anything that's happened in the outside world after his little chat with Beck; the extent to his knowledge being that Happy and Ned basically signed off their freedom of speech to a man in a holographic, red cape. 

Great so not much.

It's most likely a good start to try and figure out where the hell he is now in the meantime.

It was so unbelievably dark, a green mist swirling in the fog. Peter could barely see where he was going, the sound of his feet dulled when it hit the floor. He had outstretched his hands as he continued his approach, venturing deeper into the surrounding blackness that consumed him whole. One step at a time, he carefully tested the steadiness of the surface, his feet grounded to the floor walking quietly until his hand hit something hard. Smooth metal, almost like a glassy texture that sent goosebumps up his arms. It was cold and he could tell the material was tough; something that'd prove hard to break.

Feeling his way around he could tell he was in one of the corners of the room. Now, dragging his arm across the wall, he counted the steps it took until he reached the next corner of the enclosed space. 

one step forward, then two steps forward, and then three.

The wall doesn't seem to morph into any other materialistic surface or, thank god, another twisted illusion as he continues placing one foot in front of the other. His eyes focus on his own feet in attempt to give him a focal point. He almost half expects something to arise from the mist to freak him out, but by the looks of things he's completely alone.

Four steps, and then he takes a fifth one trying to reach his hand out further.

He hates not being able to see where he's going, nor being able to tell if it's a lack of his sixth sense or if he's really just far away from the next solid surface.

He takes another step and his breathing hitches. It feels like the room suddenly dropped down a hundred degrees and there are chills of emptiness flooding his shaking bone.

He's sensing something. He takes one more steps before the palm of his hand connects. It was just the wall, nothing out of a horror show yet. Then again, this whole setup seems like one.

But okay, now he knows the wall is about 7 steps apart and his senses are working even if it's like they've been amped up. It's still good to be somewhat familiar with his surroundings. 

He continues his venture but this time he actually does hit something. He can't tell exactly what it is at first, although, he can make it out as a solid iron slab that comes out of the wall for about 12 inches or so. It's a strange placing and when he feels where the structure connects to the wall he grazes his hand on the outline of a hatch. The hells is this for? 

He's never understood the idea of putting bizarre formats like open hatches to see into rooms, especially if Beck's got killer drones that are most likely watching over him. If they're projecting all this bitter bleakness they should easily be able to monitor him. Either way, the hatch just gives him another thing to be skeptical about. 

 He feels around the wall more thoroughly this time until he recognizing the small framing, approximately 5 inches to the left and right of the random slab. He traces it's design up and down with his fingertips on both sides till he notices the metal bolts spaced up every so often, and the structure similar to that of a door framing; which is then confirmed by the knob he runs into below the far left of the slab. 

He knows the trivialness in is actions but he still attempts to turn it. The knob shakes back and forth quietly but doesn't connect fully with either side. Peter was positive the thing wouldn't open. what good was a dark room without a locked door to keep him there? He still thinks it's better to check and be sure than to assume. From now on he doesn't want to predetermine anything. He'll start from the basic foundations in reasoning itself when such can be the difference between him escaping or withering away; maybe even the difference in him being slain and hunted like a rabbit at the hands of his now mortal enemy, Beck. If he's got no sight he'll have to rely on his senses too, even the basic ones.

At the very least, determine his surroundings in this cramped space can helps him prepare his own game plan a little better. Plus that in itself is much more preferable than being in the dark both physically and mentally.

He starts walking again. It takes a little while for him to do so, he's slowed his movements down now that he's aware it's possible for the smooth surface to change again. However, when he hits the wall this time, the floor drops down. Not even really a hint in the weird change of architecture,  just a sudden pit that doesn't seem to have a bottom close enough to connect with his foot. It's one big ass hole.

What's with all these weird frameworks in this room?

Then the realization hits him and he clenches one of his hands to his chest. No fucking way Beck expects him to use this. There can't be a single piece of sanity left in that man's mind if that's the case. Only an animal themselves would be perfectly fine leaving the hole of what must have intended to be one disturbingly sorry excuse for a porta potty in an open space for his use. Peter nearly trips on his feet as he instantly stumbles back in disgust. 

"Oh come on Beck the hell is this?"

The bitterness is clear and intended for Beck to pick up on, but he's really itching to see if the man will humor him enough to find himself engaging with Peter's question. He waits, letting his mind focus on the slightest notion of sound that would infer Beck's watching eyes hidden behind whatever happens to be overseeing him.

No answer

There's no answer at all. Of course Beck isn't going to respond or even hint at his presence. He's probably laughing his socks off by Peter's reaction; the man's wickedly sick in the head.

But then it kicks in. There's something, almost like a buzzing sound, quietly filling the room's cold air. 




It hasn't stopped sense he’d woken up. He didn’t really notice it because it had been there from the beginning and he just assumed it more natural than not, but the more he thinks about it the more noticeable and obvious the clicking becomes. It's strange to hear and Peter's pretty sure the sounds eventually gonna drive him insane, if Beck hasn't done that to him already. But it's there and that means he was right. It's the sound of the drones he had fought off in London, and the same type of drones that could see him as if they were the eyes of a hawk ready to swoop down on it's next meal. The same drone that took in everything he said from his breathing to the way his footsteps sounded when he walked around the edge of the room. The same type of drone that were responsible for the awful projections that Beck so skillfully wielded to smash Peter's phyc open like a watermelon being chucked at the ground, not having to so much as lift a muscle. It's the same type of drone that's projecting this world of darkness around him and adding in the green mist as if for the fun of it all. As if to mock his inability to prevent the consuming atmosphere of the environment.  

Whatever, Peter's convinced he won't be getting out of here soon if Beck proofed the room for super strength heroes like himself. He'll have plenty of time to sulk and worry about dealing with Beck later, but now he's gotta stand up and finish what he started.

It's another 7 steps from the wall where the hole starts and to the next far left corner in the room. It's unsurprisingly 8 more to the far right corner he had started out. A rectangular prism built for him and him alone. 

At least now he knows what he's working with.

Peter walks back to what he can vaguely call the middle of the room, laying down on the floor with a deep and exhausted intake. He's gotta figure out a way out of here but he doesn't have much to go off of. 

There's a door, yes, but it's locked. There's a hatch above an iron slab, yes, but it wouldn't budge. There's a hole, yes, but he doesn't know how far down it goes and it's purpose definitely can't be used for his escape. And there's still the fact that Beck's dangling his friend's like puppets on strings, scissors in hand and ready to snap them apart when Peter breaks his "promise". He really is lacking on the information part, but hey at least he knows as much as he has the availability to. 

Besides he's tired and there's nothing more he can do. He deserves to take a break. To breathe and close his eyes if not for just an hour to two. Once he gets enough rest and obtains a bit more information, just maybe he can figure something out.

He needs sleep he tells himself 

Closing his eyes and feeling the pressure of his eyelids increase, almost as if they’ve gotten heavier in the short amount of time sense he closed them, he gives himself up willingly to the vanish his mind escapes to in a state of exhaustion.




It's the hatch that does it for him. One moment his consciousness is gone from the world and the next he springs up to his knees, waking up the moment he hears the sound of it screeching open. Sweating as he turns his head frantically, he see the bare stream of light fall out of view. The sound of metal sliding across metal fades.

It's closed. The hatch is closed and the light is gone. 

There's nothing but the clicking of the drone and Peter can barely make out what's in front of him. Whatever they just put in the room isn't covered by the black fog, and instead it looks as though it's floating in mid air. He slowly stands up, keeping one hand low to the ground as he rises. When he stands he can clearly make out the contents of what he's been giving.

It's a tray. Just a plain gray tray with food and water placed upon it. He's tempted by the items on the plate. It makes him realize the fact that he probably hasn't eaten anything in a day, maybe even longer than so. His fatigued body reminds him of this fact, but he has to control himself.

No not yet.

There’s an endless amount of possibilities as to what could be in that. For starters it may just be regular old food, nothing special done to it at all. Yeah, that also makes the most sense; no reason behind why Beck would try to drug him right after his big act. But that’s just a possibility with the probability in his favor and highest of odds. It didn’t determine anything.

As far as Peter knew, that food could be doused in poison or toxic chemicals and he’d practically be letting himself be taken by the drugs if he just dug into it.

Reason, he’s gotta rely on reason and his own senses. His sixth sense, finally the one thing benefiting him, has seemingly returned. Of course it’d be his luck that it’s back up and running after his vacation, but at least it’s working.

he takes a deep breath and slowly moves the tray. Nothing happens. That’s a good start and a relief, although, it doesn’t show if the foods favorable to eat or not.

So he starts off by poking the contents on the plate one by one; a crusted piece of bread, a glass of water, and a bowl of soup. The bread feels old and stale while, to his surprise, he can tell by the touch to the bowl the soup is still somewhat warm; the glass of water is completely neutral temperature wise. 

Well it seems safe enough to pick up.

He grabs the tray trying to hold it as steady as possible while backing up as far away from the door as possible. Once he feels he’s gained a decent enough distance he crouches down and sits, placing the tray on the floor. 

Biting his lips as he looks over the plate where the bowl of soup and bread rest, Peter picks each thing up individually once more. He takes around 2 minutes observing every item left for him until he decides, and for the better of his starving stomach, that it’s okay to consume it. 

He takes a bite of the bread first, probably the safest of his two food options. He can tell by the way it crumbles it’s not the freshest of things, but he doesn’t care. It’s food. It’s real food and that alone is enough to make Peter be content with the small feeling of happiness that takes hold of him.

Slowly, the various cautiousness demonstrated within all his actions more than notable, he eats a little less than half of what he’s been giving. He’s wary about every bite, every piece of food and sip of water, he lets into his system because from this point forward he can’t trust anything giving to him; not if it’s by Beck. Besides, he has to ration some of it when there’s no telling if he’ll be fed like this again. Whether the food he gets later will be as safe to eat as what it is now.

It’s a bit overwhelming thinking about what Beck’s goal is. More often than not, isolation is used as a way to break down one’s mind. Beck doesn’t want to starve Peter to death, for the very least not with food. Human connection though, well that’s an entirely different story if he really will remain in here. He’s sure the lack of any light at all is just another factor to push him to that edge. 

It’s not a definite answer to why Beck is keeping him here, but it’s something that comes to his mind the more he thinks about the “why?” to it all. 

That’s all it is. All that remains circling in his head. Just like the roller coaster going up and down. The word floating to the surface of his brain and asking him before he needs to avert his attention to whatever’s shown itself to be lurking nearby. 

Why is Beck doing this? Why won’t he shoot Peter? 

He knows it’s harder this way; it’s gotta be for the both of them. Beck has a solid plan in place, and though Peter slightly messed with the footing he had, it wasn’t completely irreversible. This though, there’s no reason to go back on that plan when he had the chance to kill Peter. He’s got that chance now, but instead he’s wasting his precious resources and honestly his time to isolate him. To trap him here, and as thoroughly as it seems he can manage, means there has to be one big role Beck’s expecting Peter to fill. 

And it won't be anything he’ll like.

It’s all the more reason to keep his determination though and through. To keep his eyes open because there’s gotta be a way out of here. Some fault Beck hasn’t picked up on. He hadn’t noticed one of the missing pieces to his drones, and they were supposedly the most important thing in his plan. The man’s made his share fair or mistakes. So until he finds the one that’ll free him from this mess, he’ll make Beck regret his choice every step of the way.

He’ll make sure Beck is doing nothing but wasting away his stupid breath.