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I Won't Sue (If You Buy Me Dinner First)

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        “You promise I have the night to myself?” Jimin said dully. It was usually a lie.  

He flopped back on his couch so his feet hug over an arm, kicking lightly at the leather side. He flipped his phone around in his hand and cooed when his cat hopped up beside him. His manager was going on about his schedule for the next day and Jimin tutted him into silence.

“Ok that’s all zazzy but do I have the night off?”

There was a sigh on the other line before he said, “Yes. You have the night off.”

Jimin kicked his feet out in excitement and squealed, his cat Mochi quickly scampering away.

“But I recommend you rest up because you have the meeting with Adidas at 7:30 a.m. tomorrow, you’ve had a very busy schedule and you know fans catch onto that sort of stuff-”

“I’ll post something cute on twitter and say I’m healthy and junk. I’m fine.”

“Jimin I seriously recommend-”

Jimin rolled onto his stomach and kicked his feet up. “I love you Jinjin~ I’ll talk to you tomorrow.”


He pressed the end call button and hopped up from his couch. He currently had on sweat shorts with his name running down a leg and a zip up grey fleece sweater. Most beautifully were the mint green fleece socks he had rolled down on his ankles.

He smiled to his calico cat named Tteokbokki and ushered for him to run up the stairs. Mochi was on his luxurious cat tree in Jimin’s master bedroom and he smiled to him. “Came to hang out in Papa’s room?”

Jimin had a full cat room as well. He could've been in any of the fluffy beds in there - he even had a Louis Vuitton one to match his collar. 

Tteokbokki came in after him and hopped onto another ledge of the tree. Jimin smiled and scratched under his little chin. “I’m sorry boys-” he pulled his sweater over his head and pulled on a sky blue button up. “-I’m going out tonight.”

He wiggled into a pair of skin tight black jeans and twirled in his floor length mirror. “If only I weren’t me.” He sighed and slid his hands over his ass. “I could get so laid tonight.” He looked over his shoulder to his cats and said, “I could have any Alpha I wanted!”

He unbuttoned the top few buttons on his shirt and walked back out of his closet. “But people just wanna sleep with me now to get dirt on me.” He groaned and pulled out a pair of sunglasses. “I hate fame, it’s so difficult.”

He pulled out a dresser drawer and looked over his 23 sets of car keys.

“Should daddy ride the Yellow LaFerrari or the Black Enzo?”

He settled on the Enzo and pulled on a pair of expensive Chanel boot pumps. He hit the button that turned off the security notification that went to his manager and carefully walked out the front door, making sure he reset the system so he wouldn’t get caught.

He walked around to his garage and punched in his code. He walked back to the Enzo and pulled up the car door. He settled back in the soft leather seat and flexed his knuckles on the steering wheel. He turned on the radio and rolled his eyes when one of his songs started playing through the system. Instead he pulled out a CD and started listening to Day6. He was in a rock mood.

Jimin rolled out of the garage and reset the code so the door closed, deciding to walk ahead and unlocked his front gate so it started to swing open as well.

He drove out and punched the code back in so it closed with a loud ‘clink’. 

He rolled down the hill passed all of the other luxurious mansions until he hit a security gate. He rolled down his window and pulled off his sunglasses so the guard could let him pass.

Once he was out of there he turned off onto a back road. He was careful of course, but maybe he went a couple over the speed limit. 

He tapped his fingers on the steering wheel to the beat of the song as he zoomed down the back roads. He didn’t really know where he was going, but he knew he just wanted to go fast. 

He could go to Taehyung’s place. Play with Yeontan for a bit. Zoom home around 4 a.m. and sleep until 7. 

No. Taehyung was in Paris with Chanel right now. 

He could always just go see Yeontan.

His stomach growled and he hummed. Maybe he should go get dinner.

He squinted at the road when he swore he saw something. He gasped when he saw a mama duck walking her ducklings across the road. He checked his rearview mirror and no one was behind him so he slammed on the breaks. 

His heart was pounding, he could not be a murderer. He peeked up and saw the ducks still walking and let out a loud breath, falling back against his seat with a ‘thud’.

The ducks were passed his side of the road so he started up his car again. He backed up to straighten out and he made it all of a foot forward when someone came around the road’s bend. Jimin went to back up when he saw them try to swerve around the ducks but it was too late. The entire upper front half of their car smashed into Jimin’s and he put his hands over his head because of how low to the ground his car was, it felt like they were crushing him.

The car slid back down and Jimin looked up over his airbag. His windshield was shattered and even through the many white cracks he was pretty sure he could see some of his hood and grille on the road. 

He heard a car door slam and someone started knocking on his window. He hit the unlock button and the person opened his door. Jimin was draped over the airbag and his head was down on the steering wheel. 

“Oh my god I’m so sorry are you alright? I-”

He crouched down and tried to get a good look at Jimin. He hissed and touched lightly at Jimin’s head. “Oh my god you’re bleeding, oh shit - I”

The man stepped back and put his hands above his head “I just hit an Omega with my car.”

He lowered back down and said “Do you need to go to the hospital? Do you want me to call you an ambulance?”

Jimin groaned and sat up. “No, please don’t call the hospital.”

The man shook his head and said, “But oh my God you’re bleeding. Your - your face, er, your head.”

Jimin pulled off his sunglasses and dabbed his sleeve against his head. He winced and the man was in the middle of saying, “Don’t touch it there’s glass in the wound” when he saw just who Jimin was.

He straightened up and his eyes popped so they were the size of ping pong balls. He let out a rigid breath and put his hands over his head. “O-h...oh, my...GOD!”

He backed away and stomped a foot. “I - I. I hit- ” he slid his hands over his face and let out a noise between a groan and a scream. He ushered his hands wildly at Jimin and shouted “Park Jimin!”

It was like Jimin remembered who he was in that moment too. He went to push his sunglasses back on but winced when they put pressure on his injury. The man crouched back down when Jimin threw his sunglasses to the other side of his car and held out a hand. “C’mon let me get you out of there at least.”

Jimin unbuckled his seat belt and carefully swung his legs out of his car. He went all dizzy when he tried to stand so he quickly fell back onto his seat. 

The man hissed and slid a hand over his face again. “I need to call the hospital Mr.Jimin-ssi.”

Jimin groaned and waved a hand. “No no, don’t do that.” He went to nudge at his cut again and the man stopped him. “Mr.Jimin-ssi no, there’s really glass in there.”

“Aite, enough with the Mr.Jimin-ssi. How old are you? Twelve?”

The man puffed out a little smile and said, “23.”

“I’m 22, no Mr.Jimin-ssi.”

The man smiled smally. “Jimin-ssi?”

Jimin gave him a crooked smile “Almost there.”


Jimin went for a high five but felt his head throb when he did. The man reached under his arm and finally helped Jimin to stand. He walked him over to his own car and sat him in the passenger seat. “I have a first aid kit let me try and help.”

He put on his flashlight and put a hand above Jimin’s eye to try and block the light. He hissed at the cut and said “Jimin I think I’ve got to call the hospital.”

“No, I can’t get caught out tonight.”

The man furrowed his brows and Jimin sighed. “Tonight’s my night off but I’m supposed to tell my manager when I go out.”

The man crossed his arms and said “I can’t just not take you to the hospital, you’re cut open.”


So, ” He dabbed at the cut. “I hit Park Jimin with my car and now you want me to leave you with possible brain damage.”

Jimin shrugged his shoulders and the man put his head in his hands. “I’ve got a total lawsuit on my hands.”

Jimin chuckled. He probably could sue this man for all he’s worth and win. “For what? Destroying my car or attempted murder?”

“Oh Christ, both?” 

Jimin laughed and the man gave him a little smile. “Just out of curiosity, h-how much really is your car?”

Jimin smiled. “You don’t wanna know.”

The man winced. “A million dollars?”

Jimin stuck his thumb upwards and the man coughed. “2 million dollars?”


The man let out a soft wheeze and laughed to himself. “I destroyed a 2.9 million dollar car.”

“Don’t feel bad, I almost brought out my 4.7 million Ferrari instead.”

The man actually coughed this time. He had to try and clear his throat twice before he was able to speak again. “Would you consider maybe just giving me an IOU? I-I’m in university right now, I’ve-I’ve got bills up to my neck there’s absolutely no way I could cover an almost 3 million dollar car repair. I swear I’m good for it I can - I…” He looked down and unclasped the watch on his wrist “Take this take this! It should help! It’s real silver, my mom got it for me for my birthday!”

Jimin waved a hand and ushered the watch back over to the boy. “It’s alright, I don’t want your watch.”

He pulled his long brown coat tight to his chest, “What do you want then?”

Jimin sighed as the throbbing on his head started to get worse. “A Tylenol would help. Got one of them and we’ll call it even.”

The man’s jaw fell. “ want a Tylenol place for your 2.9 million dollar car.”

“An Advil would do as well.”

“You’re not gonna-”

“I won’t sue you.”

The man almost fell to the ground out of excitement. “I-”

Jimin fanned his hand “Don’t say anything, please.”

The man’s smile fell when he looked back to Jimin. “Are you feeling alright?”

Jimin went to nod but that made him feel fuzzy again. “I’m fine…”

But then he fell back into the man’s car and all he saw was black.




        When Jimin stirred awake it was really bright. He squinted his eyes and went to cover his face. “What-”

“Before you get mad Jimin, you’re at the hospital.”

Jimin went to sit up and yell but his head was throbbing. “Agh~” he put a hand to where his head was bandaged and glared at the boy at the end of his bed. “I said no hospital.”

“I called ahead of time-”

“I said no calling the hospital-”

“And they made sure you had complete privacy.”

Jimin squinted around the room he was in and let out an agitated breath. “This doesn’t mean I’m happy.”

The man hummed and ushered his head to the side. “They said you’re good to go once you came to. There was no brain damage or head trauma. You need to ice it to minimize swelling.”

“Wow.” Jimin swung his legs off the bed and crossed his arms. “That doesn’t sound like a man thankful to not have to cover 2.9 million dollar car repairs.”

The man put on a wide fake smile and said “Let me personally take you back to your home and-”

“Nah, too creepy.”

He threw his arms into the air and said “What do you want from me Jimin-ah?”

Jimin giggled and looked to the door where his Chanel pumps were sitting. “First maybe you could bring me my shoes?”

He quickly carried them over and Jimin hummed. “I could get used to this.”

The man smiled as he stepped back away from Jimin. “What else did you want, oh great Mr.Jimin-ssi?”

“Oi I thought I asked you to cut that?”

The man smiled so dimples popped on his cheeks and he ruffled his short dyed blond hair. “What else can I do to make it up to you?”  

Jimin stood carefully on the heels and looked the tall Alpha up and down. “Maybe you could finally tell me your name?”

The man smiled again so a light pink tint hit his cheeks. “I’m Namjoon. Kim Namjoon, Literature major and a music production minor.”

Jimin smiled and pat Namjoon’s shoulder “Thanks for all that extra info Namjoonie.”

Namjoon’s cheeks tinted even darker and Jimin smiled again. “You know just out of curiosity, where is my 2003 Enzo?”

Namjoon nodded. “I called a tow truck. They said they were, uhm…”

Jimin tilted his head and Namjoon ran a hand through his hair. “They said they were taking it to the scrap yard.”

Jimin groaned. “Damn that was my black one. Now I’ve only got the red one left.”

Namjoon let out a breath. “You’ve got more than one?”

Jimin hummed and looked out the hospital window. “Yeah. But the black one was my favourite.”

Namjoon rolled his eyes and pulled his long tan jacket over his white turtleneck. “Ok, let me at least help you get home.”

“Well I was fine when it was just repairs. A whole car scrapped is gonna cost you.”

Namjoon’s face fell into total terror and Jimin smiled. “You owe me dinner.” He pat his back and said “You’re driving, I pick the restaurant.”

Namjoon had to hurry out after him because he had all of the check out papers to deal with, (Because Jimin had said he’d never done it before, famous privilege.)

When Namjoon came out Jimin was glaring at his car. “How does your front bumper only have a big dent in it?” he ushered up and down the length of the car. “You absolutely destroyed mine!”

Namjoon hissed and scratched the back of his head. “Yeah, really sorry about that still.”

Jimin hummed and dropped into the passenger side. Namjoon turned on the ignition and sat back. “Where do you wanna go?”

Jimin pulled a hand through his hair and hissed when he bumped the cut. Namjoon sat quietly for only a minute before he said, “I’m still a uni student, I’m not really made of money. I’d really appreciate if we didn’t go crazy and-”

“How long is McDonald’s open?”

Namjoon stuttered for a minute before he said “Uh, midnight in store and 24 hour drive through.”

Jimin looked at the car clock and said “Okay it’s 11:20, let’s go.”

Namjoon laughed. “You can’t be serious.”

Jimin tut a finger. “One. You hit me with your car. Two. You destroyed my car. Three. You gauged my head open. Four. I haven’t been allowed to eat at McDonald’s since I was a 15 year old trainee. Five. Despite me saying not to go to the hospital you brought me and-”

Namjoon started reversing his car and waved a hand. “Alright. Point taken.”

Jimin sat back in the car and let his head relax on the soft fabric. Namjoon stayed respectfully quiet next to him until he muttered something while merging lanes.

“What was that?” Jimin said with still closed eyes.

“Oh, nothing…” Namjoon looked very seriously at the almost empty street and Jimin glared.

“Tell me right now.”

“You know I get I hit you with my car, but you can be a bit of a brat sometimes.”

Jimin raised his brows at Namjoon who was sitting rigid. At first he thought it was the Alpha showing confidence by sitting up straight but after a second glance he could tell he was afraid Jimin was gonna rip him a new one.

Jimin crossed his arms and looked out his car window. “You know you could’ve just said that instead of muttering around it.”

Namjoon laughed to himself so a dimple creased on his cheek. Jimin rolled his eyes and snapped his head back to Namjoon. “What now?”

“Oh, nothing” He said with an evil smile. He knew he was getting on Jimin’s nerves but being a brat to him came with repercussions.

“I swear if you don’t tell me, Namjoon I will sue you for-”

“I was just thinking about how they said you had so much glass in your head you’re lucky you didn’t fracture your skull. But no,” Namjoon smiled to him, “I’m the bad guy for bringing you to the hospital.”

Jimin went to bite something back to Namjoon but he came up empty handed. He sat back in the car and looked down to his lap. “...Fine. Thank you.”

“Hm?” Namjoon cupped his ear. “I’m sorry, what was that?”

Jimin rolled his eyes again. “Thin ice, Joon.”

“Oh so I’m Joon now?” He giggled to himself and said, “I thought we’re supposed to be going by age rules~” He teased a hand to Jimin’s side and said in a mock high pitch voice, “I’m 22, so no more Mr.Jimin-ssi~”

“Your point being?”

“Well shouldn’t I be Joon- hyung ?”

Jimin pulled his sunglasses down so Namjoon could see his glare and muttered “I preferred when you were afraid of me.”

Namjoon chuckled. “I was never afraid of you, only your power.” They pulled into a plaza and Jimin smiled when he saw the big golden McDonald’s arches coming closer.

Namjoon parked the car and Smiled properly to Jimin. “But I don’t think you’d do anything mean to me. Not anymore.”

Maybe it was the way Namjoon’s bottom lip folded in or maybe the dimples but Jimin could feel his cheeks flush with colour. He pushed up his sunglasses and opened his car door with another glare. 

Namjoon was by him quickly. He offered a hand to help Jimin out of the car but he slapped him away instead. “The doctors said I was fine can’t you accept that?”

He moved too quickly up onto his heels and he went dizzy again. He felt his knees buckle but he didn’t go down. He could register that he was holding onto the car door with one hand but he had to open his eyes to see what the other was.

Namjoon had stayed true to Jimin’s will, he had his hands down and away. Jimin had grabbed onto his shoulder for balance.

“You sure you don’t need a hand?”

“Just shut up and help me over.”

Namjoon took Jimin’s hand and put his other around his shoulder. When they walked into the restaurant Jimin took a big sniff through his nose. “Wow.” he said with a loud sigh. “I forgot how gross it smells in here.”

Namjoon laughed and Jimin actually chuckled with him. He went to take another step without Namjoon and his ankle rolled so he almost fell.

Namjoon caught him fully this time. He tugged Jimin back to stand and the singer made an annoyed noise in the back of his throat. He un-zipped the boots and pulled them off, muttering out, “Fuck this,” with a glare.

Namjoon smiled again and held out his hand for the shoes. Jimin let out a sigh and handed them over. It was remarkable. He didn’t roll his eyes or snark at Namjoon, all he did was say, “Thank you.”

They walked up to the counter and a tired looking teenager smiled wide to them. “Hi there, what can I get for you?”

Namjoon hummed and looked up to the menu. “I’m gonna actually try the new Asian cashew salad I think.”

“Is that with crispy or grilled chicken?”

Namjoon bit down on his cheek and thought it over. “Hm, maybe crispy, most people get crispy I think.”

“Is that as a combo?”

He hummed again and Jimin rolled his eyes “Oh my god Namjoon, you take forever.”

“Well I might want a drink but I don’t want fries.”

Jimin fanned him away and said “Yes it’s as a como, it’ll have iced tea.”

“How’d you know I like ice tea?”

“Your car is messy” Jimin said flatly. He pulled his sunglasses off and looked up to the order board. “You know what, I’m gonna have to get a Big Mac combo.”

He gasped and said “You have Coke don’t you!?” Jimin slapped Namjoon’s side and said, “I haven’t had a Coke in two years!”

He looked back to the teen and frowned when he saw she was awestruck.

“What?” He looked between himself and Namjoon then to the rest of the up front area. Almost everyone had stopped.

The teen leaned forwards and whispered “A-are you Park Jimin?”

Jimin whined and shoved his face into Namjoon’s shoulder. “Fuck, I forgot who I am.”

Namjoon smoothed a hand up and down Jimin’s back and whispered “Brain damage.” Which earned a slap to his side.

He smiled widely and walked up to the counter, pulling Jimin behind him so he’d be a bit more comfortable in the setting. “That’s everything thanks. And it’s for here. I know the store closes soon but we’re making it last.”

The teen closed their mouth and nodded firmly. “Of course. Of course, yup, that’s for here, okay. Would you like a table tracker so someone will bring the food out to you?”

Namjoon shrugged and turned to Jimin. Gone was the confident pop superstar Park Jimin, behind him was a frightened Omega. It was probably the close proximity of all of the fans with no bodyguards around but Jimin looked genuinely scarred.

“Yeah I think a table trackie thing would be good.”

“Ok then. That’ll be 20.87.”

Namjoon went to fish out his wallet and giggled at Jimin’s shoes. “Chim Chim will you take your pumps so I can pay for the food?”

Jimin smiled smally and took the shoes out of his hands. “T-they aren’t pumps, stupid, they’re clunky heeled.”

“Ah yes the Louis Vuitton pumps are still in the third walk in closet at home, hm?”

Jimin blushed smally because he wasn’t actually that far off. He brushed up a little closer to Namjoon when two Alphas lined up behind them and without even thinking the taller stuck a hand around his waist.

Jimin would usually shove him away, that was the bratty tease he was, but he actually didn’t mind the soft touch at the moment. So he looked down to the clean floor instead of the teens still staring, his cheek pressing up against the elders tan jacket.

“You can take a seat so we can see this number and someone will bring that right out for you.”

Namjoon smiled and bowed smally to them. He walked Jimin over to one of the furthest back tables and sat him so he was against the wall.

“Are you alright?”

Jimin hummed. “I just don’t like being in public around all these people who know me without Sejin-hyung, or even one of my body guards.”

Namjoon puffed his jacket up so he looked bigger than he really was and stupidly said “I’ll protect you.” in a mock Alpha voice.

Jimin laughed. He genuinely laughed. His hand came up to cover his mouth as he hunched onto the table. Namjoon smiled to him with a pure happiness that made him feel content right down to the pit of his stomach.

One of Jimin’s smaller hands slid over his knuckles and Namjoon’s eyes caught on it for longer than a silent beat. He cleared his throat and flexed his fingers on the smooth tabletop, making Jimin’s hands retreat to his lap.

“But seriously Jimin.” Namjoon shrugged his coat off and slid it onto the booth side that Jimin was on. “Don’t ever be nervous with me, I won’t let anyone hurt you.”

Jimin wanted to say something snippy like ‘who says this is ever gonna happen again?’ or ‘why should anyone be more scared of you than a defenseless Omega?’ but instead he smiled shyly and whispered “Thank you.”

When did he become such a pussy? He really wasn’t sure. Maybe it was the McDonald’s childhood nostalgia. Maybe he wanted to see how far he could get with Namjoon tonight?

Maybe he didn’t need to be gross and he could just admit that he liked him.

“Hi there guys, sorry for any wait.”

Namjoon smiled to the teen with their food and moved his hand back. “Oh there was none at all, thank you.”

They straightened up and looked between the two at the table. “If there’s anything else you need just come up and let us know, alright?” 

Namjoon nodded and the teen walked away, the big McDonald’s trademark smile never leaving their face.

He grabbed his salad and ripped open the sweet balsamic dressing, softly nudging the Big Mac towards Jimin. “Eat up pretty boy, you’ve earned it.”

Jimin flushed again. Why did Namjoon have to pick pretty of all words to describe him? That was so embarrassing.

He grabbed for the fries first though. They were hot and well salted, parks of being famous he thought. Once they hit his mouth he couldn’t stop the moan that slipped out of his mouth.

He probably shouldn’t do that in the presence of an Alpha he’d known for all of three hours but good fries were good fries. 

He smiled to Namjoon as he licked the salt off his fingers. “I forgot how good these fucking fries are!”

Namjoon stared at him for another moment before his gaze fell as a small smile dusted his face. Jimin didn’t miss the colour in his cheeks either. He took a couple of his own fries and pushed the rest over to Jimin. “Have ‘em. You’ll probably enjoy them way more than I will anyways.”

Jimin gave him a small head bow and started eating fries - to put it lightly - by the fist full.

Namjoon took one or two more but stopped when he bumped Jimin’s hand in the fry box.

It was about ten minutes to close when Jimin spoke again. 


He hummed and looked up from his iced tea.

“Do I make you nervous?”

Namjoon smiled, “Isn’t it impossible for Alphas to get nervous around Omegas?” He flexed and said “We’re supposed to be big strong confident boys, no?”

Jimin smiled fondly and looked between Namjoon’s small dainty nose and his sparkly eyes. “You aren’t like other Alphas.”

Namjoon smiled so his dimples popped again and it made Jimin sigh. He didn’t mean to do it audibly, but he did.

“My last boyfriend used to say that.” He wiped his mouth with a napkin and sat back. “But he never really meant it in a nice way.”

Jimin frowned and reached out a hand, only hesitating once in between softly touching the Alpha’s knuckles. Namjoon shook his head as he shrugged. “He always thought I was too soft and cuddly. He wanted a real Alpha, that’s what he said when we broke up.”

Jimin smoothed his fingers over each knuckle one at a time and smiled softly when Namjoon’s thumb slowly started brushing over his own thumb.

“I think you’re a good Alpha” Jimin said smally. He looked up through his lashes to see Namjoon smiling so his cheeks were appled. He wanted to coo but he hadn’t changed that much. He was still bratty Jimin deep down in his evil soul.

“You’ve done nothing but your best tonight with an asshole like me bossing you around. You took me to the hospital, you got me food, you could tell when I was uncomfortable…” he smiled so his little crooked front tooth was showing and licked his bottom lip, looking away as he did.

“You know, I don’t know what kind of dick weed you were dating but I think it’s nice when an Alpha listens, and is careful with you, and is just a nice soft gentleman. There are too many one night stand sleeze balls out there. Your Omega just didn’t realize that he had one of the good ones.”

Namjoon squeezed his hand and Jimin looked back up to him. This was too emotional. Nope, Jimin was noping out of this. “I mean...I always liked Alphas like that cause it’s clear I’m the top in the relationship.”

Namjoon laughed so his head threw back and Jimin smiled softly to him. 

He knew it was dangerous for someone with his social status to catch feelings for someone like Namjoon, a university student with not much more than a cheap car and twenty opened iced tea bottles to his name, but he just couldn’t help it with someone like him right there, so easy to touch.

Namjoon looked down to the table and Jimin could tell there was something bothering him behind the small smile. He gave his hand a small squeeze and asked him what was wrong. Namjoon smiled only for a minute before he carefully looked up to Jimin. “I know you think I’m a good Alpha but, do you think I’m anything like them?”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean…” He looked around the empty restaurant and shrugged. “The tall buff and handsome Alphas that bring a different Omega home every night. Not because they want to but because they can. Because they’re just that enticing.”

“I find the fact that you found a way to use enticing in a common day sentence enticing.”

Namjoon smiled and said, “So it’s a no, huh?”

Jimin shook his head. “You have some qualities. I’m sure if you wanted to scare someone you definitely could. You’re tall and when you do that thing you did with the Alphas behind us, where you lift your chin but still look down on them, that could definitely send some hoodlums running.”

Namjoon nodded and Jimin cleared his throat. “And yeah, I think if you just spent time with them, any Omega you wanted could be yours.”

Namjoon raised his brows smally and Jimin felt his face heating up. “I-it’s because you’re attractive too. Very attractive. You’re a handsome man.” He could feel his heart pounding in his chest as he said it. “I-I mean the height alone could get a lot of people interested at least. We do live in Korea, we aren’t the tallest trees in the forest.”

Namjoon giggled and Jimin nodded to himself for some confidence. “You, uhm, you’ve also got a really nice skin tone. Well, I think so at least. I know some people want pail kids for the beauty trends but I think you have a very nice tone. And your eyes are the perfect hooded eye, they’re sharp but if you look into them they’re so soft, it’s a nice shade of brown your eyes...I guess.”

Namjoon slid his hand up and Jimin flushed when he realized they were actually holding hands now. He looked up through his lashes and said, “And man, those dimples could kill someone.”

Namjoon let out a full laugh and Jimin giggled with him. He was about to comment on how pleasing to the ear the way Namjoon spoke was and how it sounded very well thought out and almost accent-less when Namjoon said, “Anything else you’d like to gush about?”

Jimin crinkled his nose and looked down. “No. I think that’s it.”

Namjoon pouted but dropped it when Jimin looked nervously back up. He was second guessing himself now. Had he said too much?

Namjoon was about to reassure him when a teen walked up to them. “I’m sorry but the store is closing.”

They both looked at the clock and apologized for keeping them late, saying thank you for the food one more quick time before walking through the double doors.

Namjoon held Jimin up as he put his shoes back on and he quietly said, “The way we’re standing, it’s like we’re slow dancing.”

Jimin scrunched his nose again. “Barf Namjoon, are you twelve?”

“We’ve been over this, I’m 23. Maybe you really do have brain damage.”

Jimin rolled his eyes and carefully wrapped his arm around Namjoon’s shoulder.

Namjoon was going to open the door for the passenger side but Jimin pushed it closed again. Namjoon furrowed his brows and Jimin sighed. “I had a nice time in there Namjoon...hyung.”

Namjoon smiled and went to grab the handle again. “I did too Jimin-ah.”

Jimin pushed the door closed again and Namjoon puffed out a small breath. “What’s going on?”

“I can’t let people into my life Namjoon.” He leaned back against the maroon car and looked down to his feet. “When I let people into my life I start caring for them and when I care for them...Namjoon, someone always gets hurt.”

Namjoon furrowed his brows and touched tenderly at Jimin’s shirt. “Jimin what are you talking about?”

He laughed and leaned forwards so his forehead bumped with Namjoon’s chest. “I don’t know how but you’ve gotten under my skin already, in a way no one else has.”

Namjoon smoothed a hand over Jimin’s back, his other playing with the emotional Omega’s hair.

“All that stuff I said I meant it. And-and” Jimin sniffled as he continued on. “I had all of these thoughs of-of that domestic dumb shit that twelve year olds fantasize about. With the nice house, and the pets, and the cuddles, and birthdays, and a family, and it’s just, it’s all just confusing me so much and-and-”

Namjoon shushed him as he smoothed his hands softer. Jimin looked up and shook his head. “And this all started because you destroyed my Enzo.”

“Sometimes it’s the thing you love that needs to knock down the walls of fame.”

Jimin let out a sigh at that usual Namjoon smart talk and muttered “Kiss me.”


Jimin smoothed his hands up Namjoon’s sides until his hands were on his cute apple cheeks. “Kiss me please, Namjoon.”

The Alpha stuttered but quickly regained himself at the sour scent of disappointment coming off of Jimin.

He leaned down and touched their foreheads together, being careful of the stitches. 

He kissed softly, just the small press of lips to lips at first. Jimin’s hands smoothed down to take the back of Namjoon’s neck and tease the soft, practically undyed hair at his nape. He tilted his head up and with it he properly connected their lips.

He peeked an eye at Namjoon and felt his heart melt at his face. Most people feel relaxed when they kissed but all of his features were screwed up. His eyebrows were furrowed, like he was concentrating on getting the kiss exactly right, and the hand on his neck was strained.

Jimin pulled back when he saw his neck and looked concerned up to the tall Alpha. “Is everything alright?”

Namjoon puffed out a breath and said “I wanted to do that right. But I also want to throw you into the back seat of my car and pretend we aren’t in public.”

Jimin blinked a few times at the cryptic suggestion and looked Namjoon up and down. He didn’t take him for a freak in the sheets kinda guy. He seemed more like the ‘he would let his Omega ride him and call him degrading names type’ of guy.

Throwing Jimin in the back of the car and rearranging his guts didn’t sound too bad though.

Jimin walked up to Namjoon and the taller looked scared. Maybe he’d gone too far at the lose suggestion of fucking in the back of his car.

But once Jimin was right in front of him he reached an arm back blindly and pulled the back door open.

Namjoon raised his brows to Jimin who shrugged. “Are you going to come over here or are you gonna gape your mouth at me like a crazy person all night?”

Namjoon was quick to walk right up to Jimin’s personal space, sliding his hands to his back to tease under the button up, sending the smaller into the back seat with the shake of the car.

He climbed in after him and Jimin was already unbuttoning his jeans. Namjoon crawled in fully and closed the car door behind him, raising onto his knees to pull his jacket off. 

Jimin’s shoes were off again as he tried to wiggle the skinny jeans off his legs.

Namjoon loved the skin he was seeing. He leaned down and planted a wet kiss to Jimin’s lips, making the Omega gasp for air. He started fighting with Jimin’s shirt buttons next, leaving kisses in the wake of every button he undid.

Jimin was left gasping on the car seat by the time Namjoon reached the end, placing a careful kiss on his navel right above his underwear line. 

He then shifted to Jimin’s thighs. They were toned and firm and now, covered in love bites. Jimin was whining on the seat and Namjoon would have to be blind to miss the wet patch forming on the seat of Jimin’s light blue briefs.

“Namjoon, please stop teasing me.” He whined, making grabby hands down for the smiling man. 

Namjoon pulled at his jeans button and smiled widely at the way Jimin watched him. He had hungry desperate eyes and every time he’d make it look like he was actually pulling the button out his thighs would clench.

He finally undid the zipped and Jimin was whining to the point he was sure passers by could hear them. They were still in a parking lot after all. Namjoon was just happy he parked far away from the actual McDonald’s building.

His erection was already pretty prominent, even just in his unzipped jeans. He could tell, and he knew Jimin could tell.

His scent was getting so thick Namjoon could feel his brain going fuzzy. It made him want to fight out of his clothes all the more.

“Jimin I love your scent but be mindful, do you want me to go crazy in here?”

Jimin hummed and gently ran his fingers over an exposed nipple. “If it means you and I get naked faster then sign me up.”

Namjoon growled lowly and he watching in delight as Jimin shuddered. He worked his jeans down agonizingly slow. He stopped right before he had them fully off to kick his shoes away; because he, ‘forgot to take them off’

He only really gave in and took them off when Jimin looked close to tears.

He dropped back down to his knees once they were off and Jimin finally sat back up, whining as he slowly worked his way onto Namjoon’s lap. 

“Please Namjoon-ah~” He groaned as he started grinding his crotch forward. “Do something, anything~”

Jimin was rubbing his nose into Namjoon’s scent gland as he desperately tried to entice the Alpha to move at all.

“What do you want then, Pup?”

Jimin moaned at the nick name. It got to the point where Namjoon could feel the wet patch on Jimin’s underwear getting sticky on his leg.

Jimin moved his head back to look at Namjoon as he pleadingly said, “Touch me.”

Namjoon’s immediate movement was to Jimin’s ass but the Omega tenderly grabbed for one of his hands. He pulled it up until two fingers were pressed against his nipple and Namjoon smiled.

“That’s what you like, hm?” He started to softly rub in little circles, working the hardening nub between his fingers. He liked the way Jimin’s cheeks coloured crimson as his head threw as far back as he could go. 

He pressed soft kisses to Jimin’s chest and groaned when Jimin’s hands tightened in his hair. He peeked back up and kissed at Jimin’s jaw. “What is it, Pup?”

Jimin squirmed in his hold and Namjoon smiled, breathing softly over Jimin’s scent gland to watch goosebumps form on his skin.

Jimin quietly said “‘M leaking.” And Namjoon thought that image alone could get him off for the rest of his life.

His hand still needing Jimin’s ass pulled on the underwear until he reached a leg hole. He saw Jimin flushing with embarrassment as his fingers touched over his weeping hole.

Namjoon pulled back and looked at the slick decorating his fingers which only made Jimin blush more.

Without warning Jimin was pushed onto the car seat and his legs were over Namjoon’s shoulders. He was about to ask what exactly Namjoon was about to do when his underwear was pulled completely off and Namjoon was pressing his tongue inside him.

Jimin moaned too loud for the shabby car walls but he honestly couldn’t give less of a fuck about people hearing them at this stage.

Namjoon’s hands were needing at his thighs as he pushed his tongue in and out. He was trying to keep Jimin’s thighs from squeezing too hard but at the same time he liked how much the little Omega was responding. 

“Ah Namjoon-ah!”

He felt a hard tug on his hair at the insertion of a finger. He pulled back to smile at Jimin but he wasn’t looking down. His head was thrown back on the seat and his other hand was holding on tight to the backing of the car. He couldn’t see his face but if the way his neck was straining was anything to go by he was probably slack jawed and close to screaming. 

He pushed in two more fingers and he smiled when he actually got to see Jimin’s body kick, his back arching up off of the seat. Jimin looked back down and flushed at the smile on Namjoon’s face. He had fat tears on his cheeks and his lips were swollen from how hard he was biting down.

“Namjoon~” He said weakly. He pulled at the Alpha’s sweater and he figured he’d throw Jimin that one. He let him pull it over his head and smiled and the moan he let out after the quick once over he did on his bare torso.

Jimin was breathing too peacefully so he decided to spread his fingers, curling them up and he pulled down. 

Jimin all but jumped off the car seat when he hit that special bunch of nerves. He moaned loudly and clenched on Namjoon’s fingers, his upper body lifting almost totally off the seat.

Namjoon dipped down to lick at a nipple as Jimin squirmed and begged for him to get on with it. 

Truth be told Namjoon was just about ready to get going too. He was rutting his hips forward into Jimin’s thigh and the smell of the Omega’s arousal was getting almost too much in his little car.

Jimin finally fought up the strength he needed and he pushed Namjoon up and sat on his lap again. They turned so Namjoon was sitting on the car seat like a normal person and Jimin shifted so he had a knee on either side of Namjoon’s thick thighs.

He rubbed up and down his thigh, hoping to get him even the slightest bit closer to destroying his small intestines. He whined and plead loudly, but Namjoon didn’t budge.

Jimin finally made a grab for his cock. he hadn’t touched it because he didn’t want Namjoon to be one of those Alphas that scold you for touching without asking. But he had been leaking steadily since Namjoon pulled his underwear off and the heat against his palm alone was enough for him to know it was probably dark red by now.

He got maybe one good squeeze in before Namjoon was pulling his own underwear down.

Jimin’s eyes popped when he finally got a view of Namjoon’s dick. He was pretty sure they’d work out just fine together. Not a single doubt in mind.

He wanted to do so many things in that one moment. The first he went with was rub their members together. Sure enough the friction was mind blowing and he could feel the beginnings of the hard heat boiling up in his stomach when he did. He wanted to touch and he definitely wanted to put it in his mouth but Namjoon wasn’t having it.

He ushered for Jimin to lift and he did so without question.

Jimin let out a breathy moan when he felt the tip of Namjoon’s cock pressing dully against his hole but he was confused as to why he wasn’t moving any further.

Wasn’t Jimin finally getting what he fucking wanted?

He looked back to see Namjoon ripping open a condom and he whined. “No no Namjoon-ah you don’t have to do that, I’m on the pill.”

“Doesn’t stop STDs”

“Well do you have one?” Jimin whined, head falling to pout against Namjoon’s chest.


“Me neither, so let’s just forget about it and-”

“Jimin this is my first time with you and no matter how much I trust you I’m not risking it.”

Namjoon rolled it on and Jimin went to whine again but before he could he was pushing it, making Jimin’s breath catch in the back of his throat.

“Only way to shut a brat up.” Namjoon murmured as he slowly sunk about half way in.

He was trying to give Jimin a moment but without warning Jimin took a full seat on Namjoon’s lap, taking the other good five or so inches all at once. He moaned lowly and one of his hands came up to press against the seat behind Namjoon.

Jimin was already trying to move so Namjoon had to pin his hips down. “You’re so impatient, I knew I should’ve just done you when you were pliant on your back.”

“Yeah -erg.” Jimin groaned as he tried to move again, “But it’s deeper this way.”

Namjoon snapped his hips up and Jimin moaned loudly, his throat already starting to strip raw. 

Namjoon moved his hips slower as he ground up into Jimin’s still pinned down body.

He started to slowly loosen his hold on Jimin’s thighs and that’s when he knew even though he liked to be dominant in bed, no one could top Park Jimin.

He started quickly bouncing, rocking the entire car with him. His other hand had gone up to try and help stabilize him; and Namjoon took a steady hold on his hips.

Jimin smiled. Namjoon was finally getting it.

He moved quickly, sharply, and deeply. Namjoon didn’t seem to have any complaints.

He was moaning in time with the bounces but Namjoon knew what it felt like to be hitting the right places. He wasn’t quite there.

He started shifting underneath Jimin until the Omega yelled, falling to be seated again. “O-oh fuck, Namjoon.”

He grinded down on Namjoon’s hips so his prostate was being beautifully stimulated and he could definitely feel the heat building up in his stomach now. 

“I-I’m close.”

Namjoon took Jimin’s thighs again and started fucking up into him. Jimin gave him a wicked smirk and Namjoon was genuinely curious and scared as to what the Omega was about to do.

He leaned way back so his back was pressed against the front car seat and lifted his leg so it hooked over Namjoon’s shoulder. He sat back up and smiled, ushering for Namjoon to continue on.

He snapped his hips up and Jimin made a noise just short of a scream. Even Namjoon had to agree the leg up on his shoulder made it so much deeper and way tighter as well. 

He continued to slam up into Jimin, so hard even that he accidentally bumped his head into the car roof three times. 

Jimin’s leg slipped back off his shoulder and without much warning Jimin started to mutter “Na-Namjoon-ah. I-I”

Namjoon went harder and Jimin started crying out “I’m coming! I’m coming! I’m coming!” before he spurted hot ropes of white on his and Namjoon’s abdomen.

He let his chin sit over Namjoon’s shoulder as the Alpha continued to snap his hips up.

Jimin let out a sinnful moan when he could feel the beginnings of a knot catching on his rim. “Yes Namjoon~” He teased at the Alpha’s ear to try and help spur him on. “Knot me up so good Namjoon-ah~”

It got to the point where Namjoon couldn’t pull out anymore and Jimin moaned softly and dirtily into his ear as he started to cum.

“Aren’t you regretting that condom now Joonie?”

“If I’m being honest I think it broke like two minutes ago.”

Jimin looked over Namjoon’s spent features (probably not helpful that he was still coming too, it’s not easy to carry on a conversation while coming.)

He gave a little bounce on Namjoon’s thighs and smiled dopily to him.

“What are you smiling about?”

Jimin slid a hand down his face as he giggled. He looked back up and said “I just got laid for the first time in about two years in a McDonald’s parking lot.”

Namjoon looked back over to the bright golden arches and started to laugh with Jimin. “And we didn’t get caught too.” he added with a grin.

Jimin hummed and relaxed into Namjoon’s arms. “I can’t believe we did this,” he murmured.

He could feel Namjoon smiling and gave his waist a small squeeze. 

He felt Namjoon move to crack his back and sat back against the aisle of the car. His hands still reached out for Namjoon and he giggled as the taller bat them away.

“Are you always this cuddly after sex?” Namjoon huffed. Jimin nodded as he cheekily bit down on his bottom lip.

“You know what we should do?” Jimin giggled as Namjoon raised his brows. “We should go back to my place…” He trailed his fingers up the Alpha’s chest and leaned back in. “...And do this again…” He placed a kiss on Namjoon’s soft lips. “...And again and again and again…”

Namjoon chuckled and said, “Am I even allowed in a...what do you live in, a mansion?”

Jimin snorted. “Yeah, pretty close actually.” He ruffled Namjoon’s hair and smiled again. “And you can go into my house if I say so dumbass.”

Namjoon hummed. “Then I may just have to take you up on that offer.”




        Sejin smiled as the makeup crew finished setting up in Jimin’s living room. “Hobeom, is Jimin really not up yet?”

Hobeom looked up from his phone and peaked up the huge staircase. “I’ll go check if you want?”

Sejin shook his head. “I got it.”

He knocked a few times on Jimin’s door and when there was no answer he opened the door wide.

“Namjoon stick your ass in-” Jimin looked up from his walk in closet and smiled. “JinJin~! Hi~” He leaned up against his closet that was still halfway open. “How-how ya doin?”

Jimin was only in his underwear and if the dark marks on his thighs were anything to go by, he didn’t get much sleep done on his night off.

Jimin’s smile fell when Sejin still looked shocked and he let his weight off the closet door.

“I’ll be honest, he was in the en suite, but then the makeup crew went raiding in there. So then he tried to go into the normal closets, but there were too many shoes for him to stand properly.”

“I gotta ask,” Sejin ushered for Jimin’s coat closet, “Why not there?”

“Mochi threw up in there some time during the night.”

“Ah.” Sejin shrugged. “And that was so big your next option was your tiny walk in closet?”

“No.” Jimin crossed his arms. “We tried to Shawshank him out the window but he ripped my silk.”

Sejin nodded. “It was your Enzo last night wasn’t it? Down by the city?”

Jimin nodded and Sejin ushered to Namjoon. “And he parked in your Enzo spot so the motion sensor wouldn’t notify the house staff.”

Jimin smiled. “Smart right?”

Sejin shrugged. “Yeah not too bad. My only question is, who is he?”

“Kim Namjoon, Literature major and a music production minor at Seoul National University.” The closet said.

Jimin nodded. “Yeah. he does that a lot.”

Sejin nodded. “Okay, yeah well, gettem out.”

Jimin nodded. “On it.”

Sejin closed the door tightly behind him and Jimin ripped the closet door open. “Couldn’t wiggle your ass in just a little more?”

Namjoon shrugged but he was clearly smiling with a mischievous glint. “You and I both know I could’ve fit.”

Jimin hummed and smiled when Namjoon grabbed at his wrist. “You and I both know that my bedroom door locks.”

Namjoon smiled even wider. “I think I’m still feeling bad about hitting your car.”

“Then I think you better find a way to make it up to me.”