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Room to Breathe

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Sunday, September 1st


BiSmoothie created TEAAAAAAA


BiSmoothie added Gremlin, KKogane, MemeKing, and PrincessOfEverything


6:53 PM




BiSmoothie: GET ONLINE!!!!!


BiSmoothie: RIGHT


BiSmoothie: NOW




Gremlin: jesus FUCK lance calm doWN


PrincessOfEverything: What could possibly be so important that you sound like you’re going to have a stroke?


BiSmoothie: I can tell you guys as soon as the rest of the chat shOWS UP…..


BiSmoothie: @KKogane @MemeKing


MemeKing: wah-hoo! i’m-a-here! now who the fuck-a pinged me!!!


BiSmoothie: I DID!!! I have TEA.


KKogane: Lance nobody cares about your tea. 


BiSmoothie: Okay I’m going to be for real. I actually want to tell you guys something.


PrincessOfEverything: Well, we’re all here now, tell away!


BiSmoothie: I’ve told you about my old best friend before I moved here in 5th grade before, right?


Gremlin: i think so. didn’t you say his name was hank.


BiSmoothie: It’s HUNK and good you guys do remember!! Anyway we’ve recently been texting and video chatting a lot more, and it turns out he’s moving too. And you’ll never guess where…


KKogane: Lemme guess. Prescott, Arizona?






KKogane: I do my best, lover boy.


BiSmoothie: sTOP calling me that!!!!


PrincessOfEverything: New friend? Amazing! When will he be here?


BiSmoothie: Well he told me about the move this past Friday, and when he showed me pics of his house it was already full of packed boxes so tbh he could be here tomorrow or in the next few days


MemeKing: anna ou


MemeKing: all memes aside for 0.3 seconds, i’m actually pretty excited to meet him. maybe we can finally have some more sane people in our friend group other than just allura.


PrincessOfEverything: Awww thanks Matt! ^w^


Gremlin: how long into the year will it be before he comes to the school? i mean he’s gotta enroll and shit yknow.


BiSmoothie: Oh!!! He told me that he already enrolled to Voltron High a couple weeks ago online! So he’ll be there first day with us!!


MemeKing: omg i stan a thinking ahead king.


Gremlin: lmfao how long before matt catches feelings challenge




Gremlin: tbh ur right. keith’s the one who’ll probably go through Gay Panic™


KKogane: I swear I will leave this chat if I’m attacked again.


Gremlin: u love us too much tho >:3c


KKogane: you overestimate my attachment levels.


MemeKing: ouch.


KKogane: (Ok wait guys I am kidding I still love y’all)


Gremlin: i was right all along wbk


BiSmoothie: Mullet said y’all there’s his Texan side showing




KKogane: ok but on another note is your friend Hunk cute? Asking for a friend


Gremlin: is that friend your dick?


KKogane has left the chat


MemeKing: kskdkskdkfjd


PrincessOfEverything: Pidge! Come on, that was a little bit uncalled for.


BiSmoothie added KKogane


BiSmoothie: Pidge say you’re sorry


Gremlin: i’m sowwy keefy i wuv u


KKogane: Thank u. It’s fine.


KKogane: But seriously. Is he cute tho???


7:36 PM


BiSmoothie is now chatting privately with HunkyDorie


BiSmoothie: Hey Hunk!!!


BiSmoothie: I told my friends about you moving to Prescott!!!


BiSmoothie: They’re super excited to meet you!!


HunkyDorie: Hey Lance! Awww you talked about me to your friends??? >\\\\< I’m blushing!!


BiSmoothie: They already love u man!!! You’re gonna be so popular when you come to Voltron High you’re gonna leave us in the dust!!


HunkyDorie: Hhhhhskfks I would never! We’ve been friends for so long! I’d take you with me! :)))


BiSmoothie: Let it be known that you are the purest mf person I’ve ever known in my entire life. I would D I E for you.


HunkyDorie sent an image


HunkyDorie: I know I always send the same three heart memes but they’re aLL I HAVE ;A;


BiSmoothie: You want memes? Just talk to Matt when you get to school. He’s *literally* the meme king. I’m dead serious. Shaggy meme from January? He started that. Ugandan knuckles? Him too. Robbie Rotten? You guessed it.


HunkyDorie: OMG it’s like I’m gonna be meeting royalty! I’ll be surprised if he’s not sitting on a throne of memes. I think I follow his meme page on Twitter they’re so good!!!


BiSmoothie: WAIT-


BiSmoothie: You should join our group chat!!! Meet everyone before school starts!! Matt’s there <.<


HunkyDorie: That’s a great idea Lance! Add me tomorrow!


BiSmoothie: Tomorrow? You can’t join rn? :(


HunkyDorie: I’m 3 hours ahead of you. It’s after 10:30 at night where I am, I’m about to go to sleep uwu


BiSmoothie: Oh right...time zones are a thing. Sorry if I’ve been keeping u up!!


HunkyDorie: Noooo don't apologize!!! You weren’t keeping me up! I just got into bed now :3


BiSmoothie: Well then talk to you tomorrow, lmk when you’re ready to meet my chaotic crew! :P


HunkyDorie: Night Lance!


11:04 PM


KKogane sent a message to TEAAAAAAA


KKogane: Wow no response. Today is just fuck Keith rights day huh.


3:39 AM


MemeKing sent a message to TEAAAAAAA


MemeKing sent an image




Gremlin: i’ve already seen that meme tho


MemeKing: oh fuck you

Chapter Text

Monday, September 2nd


8:47 AM


Gremlin sent a message to TEAAAAAAA


Gremlin: happy labor day, whatever the fuck it’s for anyway


PrincessOfEverything: It’s to celebrate the social and economic achievements of American workers!


MemeKing: pidge you’re supposed to be a fucking genius how did you not know that???¿¿¿??


Gremlin: i only learn stuff that benefits me


MemeKing: why are you like this


KKogane: can you guys shut up i’m trying to sleep in


Gremlin: mute the grOUP CHAT THEN


BiSmoothie: You guys are certainly something this early in the morning :/


MemeKing: cmooooon! it’s our brand, lover boy Lance!!! you can’t knock it until you’ve survived a full day in our house


PrincessOfEverything : ….survived…?


Gremlin: >:)))))


MemeKing: >:3c


BiSmoothie: Remind me to never set foot in your house. like ever.


MemeKing: awwwww :(


HunkyDorie is now chatting privately with BiSmoothie


8:55 AM


HunkyDorie: Good morning, Lance! :)


HunkyDorie: Wait are you awake yet? Oh no I’m sorry if this wakes you up! >~<


BiSmoothie: It’s okay Hunk!! I’ve been up for a while! Don’t worry buddy!


BiSmoothie: You there Hunky???


9:10 AM


HunkyDorie: Oh yeah I’m here! Sorry I had to eat a quick breakfast! :3


BiSmoothie: Oh coolio!! So how have you been?


HunkyDorie: I’ve been pretty good! Me and my parents did some last minute school shopping yesterday and I bought a couple new outfits!


BiSmoothie: OMG SEND ME PICS!!!!!


HunkyDorie: I will don’t worry!!!!


HunkyDorie sent an image


HunkyDorie sent an image


HunkyDorie sent an image




HunkyDorie: <3


HunkyDorie: Also I bought one more thing…


HunkyDorie: But…I’m scared you’re going to think I’m weird :(


BiSmoothie: Hunky!!!! You’re not weird and I love uuuu!! If you aren’t comfy sending it to me you don’t have to but I’d love to see all of your cool ‘fits!!!


HunkyDorie: Ok I’ll send!!


HunkyDorie sent an image


BiSmoothie: THAT IS




HunkyDorie: You like it? Should I wear it soon?




HunkyDorie: You are so sweet i’m gonna!! cry!! ;-; :’)


BiSmoothie: I know if the rest of my friends saw you in that outfit they would all immediately adopt you into our group you’re so soft!


HunkyDorie: Oh speaking of your friends! I’m uh,,,I think I’m ready to join the group! Lil nervous’s all good.


BiSmoothie: Awesome!! I’ll add you! Just gimme a quick second, I have to make sure they aren’t talking about anything too chaotic.


9:42 AM


Gremlin sent a message to TEAAAAAAA






KKogane: wait


KKogane: wait no don’t-




MemeKing: be,,,because










MemeKing: “children” i’m-


MemeKing: lancey lance we’re literally older than you


KKogane: you could be my baby brother


BiSmoothie: I am NOT A BABY- okay nevermind I’m here to say that…


BiSmoothie: Hunk is ready to be added!!


MemeKing: :000 the Friend!!!


PrincessOfEverything: Hunk!!!


Gremlin: cool


BiSmoothie: Here comes the man of the hour….


BiSmoothie added HunkyDorie


BiSmoothie: Hunky!!!


HunkyDorie: Hi everybody! >-<


BiSmoothie: Go easy on him guys he’s a bit shy!


MemeKing: yo hunk! i’m matt holt! my younger sister is pidge aka @Gremlin


Gremlin: hi


KKogane: sup i’m keith :>


PrincessOfEverything: Hello! I’m Allura Altea!


HunkyDorie: Wait, Altea as in…?


PrincessOfEverything: Yep! My dad is the owner of the school!


PrincessOfEverything: Wait-


PrincessOfEverything: I hope my username and that fact doesn’t make you think I’m an entitled, well, “princess”, it’s just what my dad used to describe me as!


HunkyDorie: Oh no! Judging by your conversation right now you sound really nice! I can’t wait to meet you all!


BiSmoothie: Oh hey! I know you're gonna see us all tomorrow basically but here’s a group photo of us from the last day of school last year!


BiSmoothie sent an image


BiSmoothie: Obviously that’s me on the right. Next to me is Keith (who is being very antisocial right now!), then next to him is Matt, then Pidge (who is being the same way as Mullet come on you two! :c ), and finally next to her is Allura, then her girlfriend, Romelle! She isn’t in this chat, I don’t blame her tbh


HunkyDorie: You guys all look so good! Lance really had a glow up from his elementary school years hehe…




MemeKing: it’s what the ladies, gents, and more love about me ;)


MemeKing: although to be fair, anyone looks tall compared to pidge here. she’s short as hell lmao


Gremlin: SHUT UP


BiSmoothie: I see the fearsome Pidge-beast has awoken. ready to socialize with our new friend?


Gremlin: if you make jokes about my height you will lose teeth.


HunkyDorie: I think it’s nice! And kinda cute! You get to see the world from a different view, it makes you special in your own way! :)


Gremlin: ..


Gremlin: thank you? ig.


BiSmoothie: Awwww Hunk, still the biggest softest boi ever!!


PrincessOfEverything: I know we’ll be seeing each other within 24 hours, but Hunk, may we see a picture of you as well? :3


HunkyDorie: Oh sure! Hang on let me get my face looking decent!!


HunkyDorie sent an image


KKogane: oh you’re CUTE cute


MemeKing: such an adorable boy~ <3


BiSmoothie: Hey! I’M the adorable boy here! >:( Hunk is the soft baby boy!!


PrincessOfEverything: Hunk! The lighting on your skin makes you look stunning!


Gremlin: not bad new kid


Gremlin: maybe you won’t be forever alone like my brother


MemeKing: pidgeon…. :(


HunkyDorie: You guys want another surprise? ;)


Gremlin: marty i’m scared


HunkyDorie: I’m officially in Prescott!!!




HunkyDorie: You probably didn’t know this Lance, but we’d actually been on the road ever since yesterday! When I was getting into bed texting you I was actually in a hotel room! My parents are some seriously motivated people. I don’t even know how long the drive was I was TIRED!


BiSmoothie: I’m so excited you’re here I could have a stroke!!!


Gremlin: lance just say you’ve had a long lasting crush on the new kid and go


BiSmoothie: i do NOT omfg


BiSmoothie: and stop calling him a kid we’re all older than you


HunkyDorie: Wait, are we not all in the same grade??


KKogane: lance you didn’t tell him this??? clownery


BiSmoothie: (shut up mullet man) But yeh! You and I are juniors, Pidge is a sophomore smol girl, and Allura, Matt, and Keith (and Romelle too of you meet her) are seniors!!


BiSmoothie: so basically you, me, and Pidge have some cool advantage hangin’ out with three tough seniors hehe


KKogane: that’s not true we just couldn’t get both of you to go away




Gremlin: also rude


KKogane: don’t be the pot calling the kettle black pidge


MemeKing: don’t listen to emo keith, we like having you guys around, and hunk too :)


Gremlin: you just want to date him


MemeKing: maybe maybe not who are you to judge miss i’ve never had a boyfriend or girlfriend


Gremlin: i’m leaving for the rest of the day goodbye


MemeKing: i heard you in there punching your pillow. +1 victory for matty boy


BiSmoothie: Matt vs Keith, who will date Hunk first?


PrincessOfEverything: Anyway, since we’re all spread out in different grades, you’re most likely to have classes with Lance than any of us, unless it comes to electives.


HunkyDorie: That’s a shame ;( Well, when we pick up our schedules first day we’ll find out shall we? :)


HunkyDorie: Shoot! Gotta go! Parents need help unpacking boxes!


BiSmoothie: See you soon, Hunk!


KKogane: bye c:


MemeKing: ily already hunk


Gremlin: peace out


Gremlin is now chatting privately with IodineSodium


Gremlin: ina


Gremlin: fellow giant brained person


Gremlin: person also smarter than literally every adult


IodineSodium: Yes Pidge? Are you doing alright?


Gremlin: i need your help


IodineSodium: Of course, ask away.


Gremlin: what do you do when you’re a person like me who had no coordination with your feelings and you think you’re getting a, what my brother calls a,,,,”crush” 


IodineSodium sent an image

Gremlin: your memes are not helpful right now INA

Chapter Text

Monday, September 2nd


10:26 PM


Gremlin sent a message to TEAAAAAAA


Gremlin: y’all when you get your schedules tomorrow morning send them here or i will find you all and vore you all


KKogane: pidgeon what the fuck


HunkyDorie: Sure thing! I hope there’s some classes I share with any of you because I’d love to get to spend some time with you all!!


KKogane: so. precious.


Gremlin is now chatting privately with IodineSodium


Gremlin: he’s so innocent he avoided my vore joke i think i love him………


IodineSodium: Go to sleep, Katie.


Gremlin: oKaY mOm


Gremlin sent a message to TEAAAAAAA


Gremlin: going to bed now see you motherfuckers tomorrow. you too new kid ;3


HunkyDorie: See you tomorrow, Pidge! <3 I should probably get some sleep too!


Gremlin is now chatting privately with IodineSodium




IodineSodium: Dear god, I forgot how sappy you can get when you’re overtired. Sleep.


Tuesday, September 3rd


5:58 AM






BiSmoothie: Genius king!!! I could never :(


MemeKing: awww lance don’t say stuff like that abt yourself!!! if you do i’m going to trap you in a big supportive hug of mine. i may be a nerd twink but i’m 6 feet tall and have decent sized muscles you’ll never escape my grasp~


Gremlin: please fucking delete that it has too much sexual energy behind it oh my god


BiSmoothie: But that sounds,,,hot….


Gremlin: that’s it. i’m ghosting y’all until i get my schedule good day to you all.


7:49 AM


PrincessOfEverything: Hello friends!!! Sorry I wasn’t active until now, had to look my best for the first day!! ^W^


PrincessOfEverything sent an image


BiSmoothie: did you give Romelle a nosebleed with that look?


PrincessOfEverything: For your information, yes.


PrincessOfEverything: But to my original point, what’s everyone’s first class of the day! @KKogane @Gremlin @MemeKing @HunkyDorie ???


BiSmoothie: Well for starters, I’m in ELA 11 rn...the teacher looks like a bitch already i’m-


MemeKing: AP ELA 12!!!! Mr Barnett is the teacher and he loves memes!! this class will be the best oh my god!!!


KKogane: web design. i heard from matt that this class is easy af but also fun so C:<


Gremlin: AP Government with mr fucking hutton. on god this man can’t fucking teach i’m going to lose it.


MemeKing: omg pidge sweetie i’m so sorry-


BiSmoothie: How about you Allura? What’s your first class? Share any with Romelle? ;)


PrincessOfEverything: Sadly Romelle and I share literally NO classes! AND we don’t have lunch together!


Gremlin: this is homophobia at its finest


PrincessOfEverything: As for my first period, I’m in Honors ELA 12 right now with Mr Walton!


KKogane: wait-


KKogane: adam is an english teacher this year???? oh fuck


PrincessOfEverything: Wait! Where’s Hunk! He hasn’t been online all day yet! He’s here, right? :(


BiSmoothie: Yeah he’s here!! He DMed me saying he got here. @HunkyDorie where u at buddy???


Gremlin: come on new kid don’t pussy out now


MemeKing: pidge be nice


HunkyDorie: Hi guys!!! So sorry for ghosting the chat!! Was in a rush getting ready this morning and had a little trouble finding my first class, but I’m all good now!


BiSmoothie: Good to hear! What is it?


HunkyDorie: World History with Mr. Patch, hope it’s a fun class!!


MemeKing: oh shit y’all, bell’s about to ring, phones away lolz


PrincessOfEverything: Everyone send your full schedules when you have your lunch!!!


HunkyDorie: Will do! Can’t wait to meet you all in person!! xo


Hunk closed the app, turning his phone off and shoving it into his pocket. He stepped out from the bathroom stall he’d been sitting in and stepped up to one of the sinks. He stared deeply into the mirror in front of him, taking deep, reassuring breaths.


“It’s okay, Hunk. N-New school, but at least you have Lance, yeah? Y-Yeah…I know someone, i-it’s gonna be fine…” He mumbled to himself. Pulling out his phone again, he opened up his text messages app, and sent a quick message to his mother.


Hunk: Hey mom


Mom: Hunk sweetheart! How’s your first day going? Are you in class?


Hunk: Almost there. I’m just a bit nervous


Mom: Don't worry honey! I know moving always makes you on edge with all the new people and places, but you’re my big, brave boy! You can do anything!


Hunk: Omg mom stop that


Hunk: Also I’ve been feeling a little bad since yesterday.


Mom: Why’s that, hon?


Hunk: Well…first I kind of lied to Lance yesterday morning…I told him I left to eat breakfast, but I really was just ignoring the messages because I panicked that I made him upset by messaging early. And then just now I lied to all of his friends in another chat by telling them I was in class, but really I’m currently panicking in a bathroom on the verge of tears.


Hunk: I’m scared, mom. I’m meeting them all in person today. What if they hate me? Think I’m stupid or, I dunno? Too big??? People I was friends with weren’t above cracking jokes about that...


Mom: Hunk, sweetheart, take a deep breath for me, okay? Lance was the sweetest little boy you always dragged home with you. Whoever he’s friends with are sure to be just as wonderful. None of them will judge you for your smarts, your looks, your weight, nothing. Hunk, everything about you makes you special, I hope you know that.


Hunk: Thank you mom. I love you so much. See you after school. <3


Mom: Bye honey bunches of oats <3 <3


Hunk: Stop with the pet names!! >n<

Chapter Text

Tuesday, September 3rd


11:13 AM


BiSmoothie sent a message to TEAAAAAAA


BiSmoothie: you know what we need


MemeKing: what would that be lancey? :3


BiSmoothie: we need


BiSmoothie: a GROUP NAME!!!!


MemeKing: hmmmm you know what that would be cool we could be like the most popular kids in school that everyone wants to be friends with and be a part of our popular group!!!


BiSmoothie: holy shit i got it




BiSmoothie renamed TEAAAAAAA to The Paladins


MemeKing: paladins…like in dnd!! i love it!!!


BiSmoothie: uwu


BiSmoothie: also i’m at lunch rn wbu


MemeKing: ME TOO :O


KKogane: i’ve got a later lunch, i think B


MemeKing: keith if you don’t get off of your phone adam is gonna take it, then he’ll tell shiro and he’s gonna give you one of those Older Brother Lectures™ i would know because i give them to pidge all the time


Gremlin: yeah you fucking do and it’s annoying


MemeKing: get off your phone missy!! mr carson is gonna take ur phone away!!


Gremlin: that’s why i brought a hammer with me. bitch thinks he’s hot shit well i don’t think so


Gremlin: anyway while you and @BiSmoothie are at lunch send y’all schedules bitches


MemeKing: ok well


MemeKing: 1st Hour: AP ELA 12

2nd Hour: AP Chemistry

3rd Hour: Intro to Video Production first semester and then Debate class second!! and then after that I get on a bus and take classes at a COLLEGE!!! 0.o


BiSmoothie: my schedule goes:


BiSmoothie: 1: ELA 11

2: Algebra 2

3: Physics

Lunch :3

4: Visual Art

5: World History

6: Acting and Interpretation semester 1 then Poetry semester 2


Gremlin: lance reading poetry? i hope the class brought earplugs because u sound like a screaming banshee


BiSmoothie: bro i am just s i am just sitting here wow that kinda actually hurt what did i do


Gremlin: …okay maybe that was a bit uncalled for i was just tryin to joke buddy


BiSmoothie: it’s fine pidgeon :3


HunkyDorie: matt and i share a 3rd hour first semester!!! ^w^


MemeKing: aww yeah i got to meet hunky!!! he’s so soft and a good hugger i love him so much we must protecc him C:


MemeKing: wait hunk are you in the same class as pidge rn??


HunkyDorie: yeah!!! we’re sitting next to each other uwu


MemeKing: bro you’re gonna get your phone taken omg


Gremlin: not to worry. i have claimed the new kid as Mine™ so i am also protecting him with the hammer


MemeKing: don’t make me come get you from the principal’s office on the first day


Gremlin: no promises ;P


KKogane: seriously y’all are on crack 24/7


BiSmoothie: ok mullet




12:12 PM


HunkyDorie is now chatting privately with Gremlin


HunkyDorie: Hey Pidge! Where’d you go? I need somebody to sit with for lunch, eating alone makes me nervous :(


HunkyDorie: Pwease?


Gremlin: sure thing hunky


Gremlin: come find me outside the lunchroom, i’m on one of the benches you’ll see me


HunkyDorie: Cool!!


Gremlin is now chatting privately with IodineSodium




IodineSodium: Don’t worry, I’ll leave you and your crush with him today. Don’t embarrass yourself ;)


HunkyDorie is now chatting privately with Gremlin


HunkyDorie: Oh hey, I see you! I’m waving! :3


3:18 PM


KKogane sent a message to The Paladins


KKogane: thank you all for sending your schedules during your lunches. it was very helpful.


Gremlin: excuse you motherfucker. i’ll have you know me and new kid were talking about how to solve “unsolvable” calculus problems. mathematicians these days are just fucking stupid that’s all


KKogane: .


KKogane: anyway my schedule:


KKogane: 1st Hr: web design (sem 1)

CAD (sem 2)

2nd Hr: pre-calc

3rd Hr: visual art

4th Hr: ELA 12

5th Hr: free period ;)

6th Hr: guitar (sem 1)

intro to film studies (sem 2)




KKogane: i dunno lance, maybe it just means i’m better than you, hmm?




PrincessOfEverything: Hi everyone!


PrincessOfEverything: Um…Lance, why don’t you take a breath alright? Deep breath, buddy




PrincessOfEverything: …Well alright then. My schedule!


PrincessOfEverything: 1st Hr: Honors ELA 12

2nd Hr: Pre-Calculus

3rd Hr: Photography (Sem 1)

Creative Writing (Sem 2)

4th Hr: Free Period

5th Hr: Choir

6th Hr: Acting and Interpretation (Sem 1)

Poetry (Sem 2)






KKogane: maybe?? it’s cuz??? we’re??? seniors???? and you’re???? not???


BiSmoothie: whatEVER i’m sad and i think i should take a bit to calm down. i’ll be chilling on instagram live becoz i’m popular there. the ladies and gents really swoon for my cuban looks ;)


PrincessOfEverything: See ya soon!


Gremlin: anyway after the whole lance freakout-


HunkyDorie: Poor boy. He just wants some free time.


Gremlin: my schedule

AP gov (Sem 1)

AP econ (Sem 2)

german 3A/3B

intro to film (Sem 1)

psychology (Sem 2)

AP Calc

AP lang and comp

forensic science


HunkyDorie: And here’s mine! :3

1st Hr: World History

2nd Hr: German 3A/3B

3rd Hr: Intro to Video Production (Sem 1)

Creative Writing (Sem 2)

4th Hr: AP Calculus

5th Hr: Honors ELA 11

6th Hr: Forensic Science

I share a lot of classes with the Pidgeon!!


Gremlin: it’s because i’m genius as fuck. so when i achieve world domination and become your overlord you better be nice to me or else i won’t spare you.


HunkyDorie: I’m always nice you silly bean! Being mean is too much work and makes people sad!


Gremlin is now chatting privately with IodineSodium


Gremlin: oh my fucking god he’s even more adorable now. ina please why is my heart beating so fast. wh at do i do




Gremlin is now chatting privately with HunkyDorie


Gremlin: hey. new kid.


HunkyDorie: Are you always gonna call me New Kid? ;P


Gremlin: maybe if i decide to like you good enough. until with it ;)


Gremlin: anyway would you like to come over to my place after school? since mr carson is a fucking clown we can work on tonight’s homework together :3


HunkyDorie: I’d love to! But won’t I be a bother? Surely your parents don’t want some new kid in their house.


Gremlin: oh please, they’ll love u!!! you’re literally so wholesome i don’t see how they could dislike you. hell you should stay for DINNER!!! my mom is makes KILLER spaghetti. it’s the italian in her blood


HunkyDorie: Well…I dunno. I guess I could stay that long. Just a bit nervous yknow?


Gremlin: hey don’t worry! matt will be home too! and after we finish the work we can go chill on the couch and watch horrible movies!


HunkyDorie: Alright, I’ll text my mom, see if it’s okay!




Hunk: Hey mom! My friend Pidge wants to know if I can go back to her house with her to work on some HW and possibly stay for dinner. Is that okay?


Mom: Of course, sweetheart! It’s good that you’re feeling better and spending time with your new friends! Just text me when you want to be picked up. Or if they offer to drop you off, too. Use your manners!


Hunk: Yes mom I know!! XP


Mom: Have fun!




HunkyDorie is now chatting privately with Gremlin


HunkyDorie: She said it’s okay! And I can stay for dinner!


Gremlin: awesome! alright, come out to the front side of the school and cross the street to the parking lot on the other side of the street, you’ll see me standing on top of my mom’s car.


HunkyDorie: You’re WHAT?! Pidge that’s not safe! Get down from there or you’ll be hurt!


HunkyDorie: I’m outside now. PIDGE! Why didn’t you get down!!! Omg sometimes I wonder how you are still functioning…

Chapter Text

Tuesday, September 3rd


3:26 PM


HunkyDorie is now chatting privately with BiSmoothie


HunkyDorie: I’m at Pidge’s house now :3


BiSmoothie: hmmmm first day of school and the most antisocial gremlin in the school invites you over? ;)


HunkyDorie: She’s just being nice, Lance. I’m new. It’s probably just a pity invite.


BiSmoothie: hey c’mon don’t be like that! you saw how they all warmed up to you real quick! you have such an amazing aura and personality!


HunkyDorie: Thanks, Lancelot. Shoot, I better go for now, don’t want to seem disrespectful :/


BiSmoothie: cya hunkie!!


Hunk turned his phone off and stuffed it back into his pocket. He took a small sigh as Pidge’s mom unlocked the front door. He nervously followed the two girls inside, politely slipping off his shoes at the door.


“Welcome to my disgusting home!” Pidge introduced with a sarcastically happy tone, holding her arms in the air to gesture to the house. Hunk looked around the entrance area, which lead directly into the living room.


“It looks like a lovely home.” Hunk replied as loud as his nervous voice would let him. Pidge’s mom turned and smiled at him.


“Such a polite young man, you are.” She chuckled, “would you two like some snacks for your study session?” She asked, shooting a glance at Pidge, who flared in return.


“That sounds great. Thank you, Mrs. Holt.” Hunk said. Colleen laughed, and waved a hand at him.


“Please, call me Colleen. Come on, come meet the rest of the family.” She encouraged, leading both kids into the living room, where a man was sitting on the couch.


“Sam, come say hello to Katie’s new friend.” Colleen called out to him. Pidge eyed her at the way she emphasized “friend”. Sam stood up, coming over and shaking Hunk’s hand.


“Samuel Holt. Nice to meet you.” He said kindly, but with a faint firmness behind his voice. Hunk felt a little more nervous.


“H-Hunk Garrett. I-I’m a new student. Wait…you’re the Samuel Holt? The famous scientist from the Garrison?” He stared at the man in awe. Sam seemed surprised.


“Huh, never would’ve thought I’d have a fan.” Hunk turned to Pidge, his face bubbling with excitement.


“You never told me you were the Sam Holt daughter!!!” He whined. Pidge smirked to herself, then shrugged.


“It never came up.” She teased smugly. Colleen left the room for a moment, seemingly going to get something.


“I’m sure you already met Matt today,” Hunk heard her voice from down the hall, then he heard the faint pitter-patter of multiple small feet dashing in their direction. A fawn colored dog rushed out, panting excitedly at the new person in her home. Hunk almost melted on the spot seeing her dopey lopsided smile at him.


“Awwwwwww~!” Hunk cooed, getting on his knees to pet the dog.


“That’s Bae Bae. She loves meeting new people. She’s part of the reason Lance is afraid to come over here again. Bae Bae totally decked him the first time.” Pidge laughed. Hunk laughed, too, as Bae Bae attacked him with several licks to his cheeks and hands, as well as nuzzling her head against his body.


“Aww, she loves you!” Pidge gushed. Hunk couldn’t stop smiling at the dog as he stood up. Bae Bae whined and jumped at him, wanting him to sit back down with her. Pidge commanded her to sit.


“Bae Bae, calm down. Go lay down. Give our new guest some room to breathe, jeez.” Pidge said sternly. Bae Bae looked sad, but obeyed l, and circled into her dog bed.


“So, should we get started on the homework?” Hunk asked. Pidge nodded, and led him upstairs. As they walked they passed Matt’s room, Hunk spotted him lying on his bed on his stomach, feet kicking in the air.


“Hi, Matt!” Hunk said cheerfully. Matt spun around, seeing Hunk, and smiled.


“Hunk! What’s up!” He greeted.


“Nothin’ much, just doing some homework with Pidge.” He replied. Matt nodded in mock sorrow.


“Ah. Mr. Carson still assigns homework on the first day I see…good luck. Yell if you want my help.” Matt offered, sitting back on his bed. Hunk nodded and continued to Pidge’s room.


3:38 PM


BiSmoothie sent a message to The Paladins


BiSmoothie: hey bitchesssss


BiSmoothie: what y’all doing i wanna talk to someone :(


Gremlin: new kid and i are trying to start HOMEWORK so please kindly. stfu


BiSmoothie: ha imagine having homework on the first day can’t relate


Gremlin: i’m going to castrate you.


MemeKing: you will do NO SUCH THING YOUNG LADY


Gremlin: then tell mr pretty boy to not bother us


Pidge tossed her phone to the side, grumbling something about Lance. Hunk just laughed, pulling out his calculus textbook. He found then page they needed, and Pidge took one look at the problem and let out an angry growl. Hunk looked at her, surprised.


“You…okay?” He asked. Pidge sighed.


“Yeah, sorry, kinda overreacted…I just…forgot how to do difference quotients. I never forget things.” She explained. Hunk knew the feeling, and he smiled softly.


“Well, hey, lemme help.” He offered, “it’s just f(x-h) minus f(x) all divided by h.” He said as he wrote it down on a piece of notepaper. Pidge watched him write, her cheeks dusting a light shade of pink.


“I could’ve helped you with that.” Matt moped from the doorway. Pidge grabbed a pillow from her bed and heaved it at him, just barely missing him.


“Stop spying on us!” She yelled at him.


“I’m lonely!” He whined back from the hallway. Pidge rolled her eyes and looked back at the homework.


“Alright first problem, find the difference quotient of 3x squared plus 15x minus 7. Gross.” Pidge muttered afterwards, beginning to write the numbers. About halfway through the problem, both of their phones buzzed.


MemeKing created Nerd Trio


MemeKing added HunkyDorie and Gremlin


3:45 PM


MemeKing: let me do math with you :(((( i miss proving high school teachers wrong


MemeKing: pidge,,,have mercy,,,


Gremlin: no


Hunk sighed, and looked at Pidge.


“Can’t we let him hang with us? Three people will get our work done quicker than two.” He reasoned. Pidge looked at Hunk, who gave her puppy dog eyes. Pidge had to mentally beat her brain down to fight a blush that was trying to cross her entire face.


“...Fine. But only because your begging face is really c- effective.” Pidge stammered.


Gremlin: fine. hunk convinced me. come help us.


Seconds later, Matt came jumping into the room, laying happily down in front of Hunk and Pidge.


“Thank you!!! Best sister ever!!” He exclaimed. Pidge looked at him indifferently.


“Your boot licking compliments will not save you from my revenge.” She deadpanned. Matt flashed her a sad look.


“But I said I was sorry…” He mumbled.


“You sat on my expensive calculator and broke it. Keep your valuables close, Matthew.” She retorted. Matt and Hunk exchanged unnerved glances, before looking at the textbook.


“So, what’s the next problem, then?” Hunk asked, chuckling awkwardly. As Hunk and Matt started to do the second problem, Pidge snuck a text to Ina on her phone.


3:49 PM


Gremlin is now chatting privately with IodineSodium


Gremlin: I invited him over to my house, and he’s here,,,,


IodineSodium: Excellent! So did you confess your feelings?


Gremlin: ...well


IodineSodium: Thought so.


Gremlin: hes just so cute!!! like he gave me a puppy dog eyes stare earlier!!! i kinda wanted it to just be us two doing homework but he convinced me to let matt join us and ugh i can’t make him sad!!!


Gremlin: besides, who knows if he even likes me back???


Gremlin: he might just be hanging out with me because he’s new and once everyone else starts liking him he’ll become popular and leave me behind. it’s just nobody this perfect has ever really been around me before. everyone either thinks i’m an asshole or way too smart and i’m “creepy” because of it or some “extreme nerd”. idk ina i’m rambling sorry


IodineSodium: All the more reason to tell him how you feel. You never know, he could be liking you back.


Gremlin: you’re right…i’ll try to tell him soon. but first i have to figure out what feelings are.


IodineSodium: Go get him, gurl.