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Foundations Built on Stone

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 After sending a quick text to Simon, Magnus summons a portal, taking Alec’s hand and stepping through. Alec was so worried about this first official Downworlder Cabinet meeting but it went absolutely wonderfully. Magnus feels so much pride at how Alec held himself, taking control of the Cabinet and making sure everything was laid out in a way that was easy for everyone to understand. He’d placed his foot down once or twice and demanded respect. He’d been breathtaking. 

They step through, landing in their bedroom and Magnus is instantly crowding into Alec’s space. His hands run over Alec’s torso, feeling the rope work he’d tied before they left and he groans. Magnus can be a possessive bastard sometimes and knowing his bindings have been around Alec the entire time they’d been surrounded by other people has Magnus’ blood running hot. 

“Magnus?” Alec murmurs, trying to catch up to what’s going on inside Magnus’ head. “What about Max?”

“I already texted Simon,” Magnus says back, his fingers working at Alec’s buttons. 

Alec leans down, taking Magnus’ lips in a heated kiss. Their lips open for each other as their tongues meet. Alec groans into the kiss as Magnus finally gets his shirt off. He steps back to admire his work, biting his lip to stifle a moan. 

Alec’s chest is deliciously flushed with lust, a beautiful contrast to the black rope Magnus used. Magnus’ finger gently touches Alec’s collar before his lips replace his finger. 

“Magnus,” Alec murmurs, one of his hands buried in Magnus’ hair and that just won’t do. 

Magnus removes Alec’s hands. “Would you like to hear my plan for you, Alexander?”

“Yes,” Alec whimpers, tipping his head to the side to give Magnus better access. A delighted thrill goes down Magnus’ spine and he doesn’t hold himself back. His lips brush against Alec’s deflect rune before he teases Alec with the feel of his teeth without actually biting down. 

“I plan to tie your hands to the headboard with you on your belly. I’m going to spread your thighs with a spreader. Then I’m going to edge you until you’re a mess. And only when you have permission will you come.”

Alec’s eyes close in pleasure, his cheeks deliciously flushed. Magnus licks right behind Alec’s ear before nipping his ear lobe, just hard enough that Alec shudders from the pain. 

“Green, Sir,” Alec finally gets out. “Please, Magnus. Green!”

Magnus helps Alec out of his pants and boxers before turning him around so they’re both facing the bed. His hands move along Alec’s abs, reveling in the feel of them tense. “As you know,” Magnus murmurs right into Alec’s ear. “I would take my time tying you but I’m feeling very impatient, Alexander. It’s been too long since we’ve had some time to ourselves.” 

That’s an understatement. It’s been six months since they’ve defeated Valentine and during that time they’ve had to adjust to being parents, working at their relationship, Alec becoming the Head of the Institute, and finding time for them to scene regularly. But all of that’s worth it. Magnus has truly never been happier. 

Magnus waves his hands, conjuring his blue sparks before conjuring some rope. He uses his magic to weave it around Alec’s forearms all the way from his wrists to his elbows. Then he shoves Alec forward until his belly and chest are against the bed, his arms stretched out in front of him, his feet still planted on the ground. “On your tip toes, sweetheart,” he adds. Alec scoots up until he’s on his tip toes and fuck, the sight is truly breathtaking. 

“You’ll get the pain you so crave,” Magnus says with a smirk. “Just not in the way you probably want.”

Alec groans, burying his face against the mattress. With a snap of his fingers, the rope is pulled tight and tied to the headboard. Alec is locked in this somewhat uncomfortable position and he’ll be stuck like that until Magnus says otherwise. His muscles will strain and cramp. It’ll be divine. 

Magnus conjures the spreader bar from their closet, carefully placing one side around Alec’s right thigh before placing the other on his left thigh. Fuck. He’s perfect and Magnus can’t wait to devour him. 

Magnus lays his body on top of Alec’s and Alec moans, no doubt feeling how Magnus is still completely clothed while Alec is naked. His necklace runs over Alec’s spine and Magnus smiles as his body breaks out in goosebumps. He leans down, running his teeth over Alec’s left shoulder before sucking a mark into the skin. He loves marking Alec up but he tries to keep it in places easily hidden. Alec is the Head of the Institute, afterall. 

“Magnus,” Alec moans, his voice already sounding husky. 

Magnus slowly lays kiss after kiss down Alec’s spine, lavishing random places with his tongue or biting down, never being predictable, always keeping Alec guessing. A particularly hard bite has Alec gasping out, his muscles tensing as he tries to hold himself still. Magnus smirks at the crescent mark he left, the perfect indent of his teeth in Alec’s ass cheek. His cock twitches, throbbing where it lays in his slacks. 

“You were so wonderful today, Alexander. I couldn’t be prouder of you.”

Alec whimpers at the praise but the flush running up the sides of his neck tell Magnus he loves it. Getting to Alec’s ass, Magnus falls to the floor, kneeling behind Alec. One of his hands gently touches Alec’s hip, the other comes down across his cheek hard. The slap sounding loudly through the room and Magnus watches as the cheek blossoms with a perfect red handprint. 

“Such a good boy, sweetheart. You make me so happy and so proud.”

“Thank you, Sir,” Alec murmurs softly. There’d been a time when Alec would try to fight against Magnus’ praise and now he sinks into it, loves it, and Magnus would go so far as to say that Alec expects it . He’s so proud of the growth they’ve gone through together, finding their way to trusting each other like this. 

“So beautiful,” Magnus murmurs. He runs his hands over the backs of Alec’s thighs before squeezing his ass again. “What I wouldn’t give to steal you away, Alexander. Just you and me on a deserted beach. Just a little vacation to relieve some of this stress you’re holding onto.”

“As much as I wish we could do that,” Alec grits out as Magnus slaps his other ass cheek. “You and I both know now’s not the time.”

“Such a shame,” Magnus whispers before pulling Alec’s cheeks apart. Alec groans at being so exposed. He doesn’t leave Alec like that for long, much more interested in getting a taste. He leans forward, running his tongue from Alec’s ball to the bottom of his spine. 

“Fuck,” Alec gasps out as Magnus focuses his tongue on Alec’s hole. He swirls his tongue around the furled muscle before placing his lips around Alec’s hole and sucking hard. Alec’s thighs quiver as the pleasure skyrockets, and Magnus knows if the bindings weren’t in place, Alec’s hips would be riding his face right now. 

Magnus pulls back and Alec sinks back into the mattress, his breathing coming out in pants. He waits a moment before diving back in, lavishing Alec’s ass with his tongue and lips until Alec’s body is tensing once more. He pulls back again, this time leaving Alec groaning in disappointment. 

Magnus snaps his fingers, slicking them with lube. He pushes one finger in slowly, his eyes glued to where he disappears into Alec’s body. His other hand strikes Alec’s ass at random times, keeping him right on the edge, leaving him wondering what he’s going to do next. 

Magnus’ finger continues to work in and out of Alec until Alec is begging for another. “Please, Sir. Please. More. I need more.”

Another finger enter’s Alec’s ass. Magnus focuses his attention on Alec’s prostate, rubbing over the pleasurable nub until Alec’s body is twitching, quivering, sweating. “Fuck. Magnus, stop! Stop or I’m gonna come! Shit!”

Magnus pulls his fingers free and Alec lets out a cry of displeasure. Magnus sits back on his knees until Alec is relaxed enough to start once more. This time he pulls Alec’s hips up as much as he can, pulling his cock out from where it lays between his belly and the bed. He points it straight down towards the floor so Alec can’t rut against the bed sheets.  

“Keep your hips up, darling.” Alec’s thighs begin to shake at the strain, a pained moan leaving Alec’s throat. “There you go, Alexander. Wonderful job. You’re doing so well for me.”

Magnus pushes three fingers into Alec’s ass, watching as his rim stretches. Alec loves the burn, the pain mingled with his pleasure. Magnus’ perfect pain slut. 

This time when Magnus pulls back, Alec’s entire body tenses, his orgasm so fucking close yet unreached. “Fucking fuck fuck,” Alec hisses between gritted teeth. “Fuck.”

Magnus smacks both of Alec’s ass cheeks at once. “Easy, Alexander.”

Alec practically growls as he buries his face back in the mattress. He slowly gets himself under control, his knuckles clenching and unclenching where they lay above his head. “Sorry, Magnus. I’m green again.”

“That’s my boy. I’m so proud of you. Taking everything I have to give you.”

Magnus stands up, draping himself over Alec’s back. He kisses along Alec’s shoulders, between where his chest harness lays. He bites down on his earlobe, knowing how sensitive it is, loving how Alec shudders under him. “Do you want me to fuck you?”

“Yes,” Alec whimpers. Alec tries to ride his hips up but the restraints don’t allow him to. He turns his head as much as he can and Magnus can see just how glassy his eyes are, how fucking close he is to sinking into subspace. Magnus plans on pushing him under tonight. 

He stands up, chuckling when Alec makes a noise of disapproval. “I’m about to give you everything you want, sweetheart.” Magnus unzips his slacks, pulling out his cock. With a snap of his fingers, he’s slicking his dick up.

“Thank you,” Alec says with a sigh.

Magnus takes his dick in hand, running his cock head over Alec’s hole, teasing him. He pushes just the tip in, pausing, before pulling back out. He does that three more times until Alec’s hole gapes, practically begging to just be fucked already. 

In one smooth motion, Magnus buries his cock in Alec’s ass. Alec lets out a wanton moan. “Fuck,” he murmurs. “Thank you, Magnus. Thank you, Sir.”

Magnus swivels his hips, making sure Alec is used to the feeling before he moves. He pulls almost all the way out before shoving back in, aiming for Alec’s prostate. He leans forward, grabbing a fistful of Alec’s hair, pulling his head back as far as he can until Alec is stretched to the limit, his chest leaving the mattress. This is the type of controlled pain that Alec craves, needs

“Such a perfect sub, Alexander. Look at you. Holding your orgasm back because you don’t have permission.” Magnus’ voice sounds rough to his own ears. The tight, wet heat around him is so good. But it’s Alec’s surrender that has him losing control. “You’re working so hard. I’m so proud of you, sweetheart.”

“Magnus!” Alec cries out, desperation clear in his voice. 

Magnus can feel Alec’s ass tighten around him. He’s right there. All he needs is one thing. “Come, Alec.”

“Oh fuck,” Alec whimpers as his orgasm overtakes him. Magnus fucks him through it, drawing his pleasure out as much as he can. 

Alec slumps forward, completely out of it. Magnus pulls out. He strokes himself quickly, his own orgasm washing over him as he splatters his cum across Alec’s ass and lower back. He stares down at his sweaty, messy, cum-covered sub and smiles. He takes a deep breath before waving his magic in the air, releasing Alec from his restraints and cleaning away Magnus’ cum. 

He waves his hand again, banishing his clothes before climbing into bed beside Alec. He runs his hand over Alec’s back gently and Alec makes a content humming noise in the back of his throat. 

“I love you so much, darling,” Magnus whispers, running his fingers through Alec’s thick, dark hair. “I’m forever grateful to have you in my life.”

Alec lips twitch into a loop grin as Magnus takes his arms, massaging them and making sure they’re not stiff from being tied. “I might not be able to steal you away but I’ll take every precious moment you give me.”

“Love you,” Alec whispers, his eyes opening for a moment before they’re drooping again. Magnus’ chest feels so fucking full of love for this man, his submissive.