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Reflected in Glue

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Not much can be said for Mineta mirou. Not even purple hair and indecency can prevent someone from falling into obscurity. But today, that would change. He had proven himself by passing the UA entrance exams. How? Ingenuity of course. He even had a quirk that was useful in this case, robots can’t work if their insides are all gummy.

And now he was here.

At the gates of UA.

To be a hero

\\      _,,__

  \\// ,_     \

  //\\ \___/

 // /)


 \\ \)   ___

  \\// /_    \

  //\\_  __/

//       ``


The massive door to class 1-A slid open with a reluctant grunt. Mineta had arrived early hoping to catch some nervous but excited girl alone. But it appeared he overshot, given that nobody was in the room. Mineta sighed.

“A great start” He thought to himself.

The rest of the class must be arriving soon though, staying may still catch him a… conversation partner. So, he waited in the silent classroom, making his way to the back with the massive door looming over the place.

Faint rustling started from down the hall. A bite! All that was left was to pray that a sweet unsuspecting girl would arrive and wish to talk to little ol’ him-

A group of four shuffled in. A few girls and a few boys, looking at their feet and away from each other. Damm! They might not know each other but this was a hero school! Surely if he were to appear creepy in any way, they would stand him up. Then he’d never get a girl! It wasn’t his fault people thought he was creepy. He was small and a strange colour if people really got to know him…

Those boobs looked really nice in the school uniform.

“Hey you, purple man!”

Oh… that meant him didn’t it.

Realising that not replying was going to put him in hot water, he tore his eyes away from the rack he’d been staring at to glance at the guy who’d spoke. He had bright yellow hair and a stupid expression on his face. “Yes?”

The guy must have realised he was being a little loud ‘cause he turned Mineta in the other direction and whispered to him.

“Dude I know the girls look nice, but we can’t be staring.” He stressed awkwardly. Oh, so he had been caught, and that fast too. He’d have to up his game in the future.

“Ah! But…” Mineta caught himself, stumbling over a shameless argument about the beauty of curves and re-assessed his position. “Sorry, sorry” Mumbling into the floor.

The dude gave him a stupid grin and walked off. Another two people walked into the room. One guy with weird spiky red hair and… An exotic pink skinned girl. Had to stop himself from ogling though, far too many people in the classroom now trying to make heads or tails of the other people there. From the back of the class you could see everyone move in and shuffle to find seats or stand near the walls. The doorway was left clear.

A grumpy blond kid walked in next. Actually, he looked kinda scary, maybe going near him was a bad idea. He stayed near the front of the classroom in view of the massive door.

A little bit later and the flow of people picked up. An arrangement of students came including a floating uniform. A girl from those shapes.

Everybody’s starting to get into seats now, taking places and shuffling in. Some stiff blue pole of a human came in. Bit uptight that one. Mineta was not going to enjoy having someone that stuck up in their class. The door was opening again but it was hard to focus on whoever came in for the shouting that had started at the front of the class.

“Don’t put your feet in the desk!” The stiff kid started, continuing to ramble on about upperclassmen and respect. Mineta suddenly had the feeling a storm was brewing.

“Nope! What Junior high did you go to, you side character?” Oh god that was not friendly. Better steer clear of anyone who spoke like that. Mineta praised himself for his foresight.

“I attended Somei Private Academy” whooooooo boy “My name is Iida Tenya” Some rich kid huh.

“Somei? So you’re a damn elite, huh?” Could this kid make everything aggressive? “Looks like I’ll have fun crushing you!” Oh no. Mineta echoed Iida’s thoughts about the blond kid’s hero-in-training status. I mean who does that, be weird at a hero school… wait.

Oh there’s a green normie at the door. Pfft everybody is staring at him he must feel like shit. Mineta was gladder that attention was not on him though.

The brown-haired girl behind the green guy looked cuuute though! Well the little he could see of her from this angle- Wait no ogling! He can’t be labelled as the creep first day of school. He has to befriend a girl before he can watch her, at least that’s what his mum said. For now, he’d watch the door…

Was that a massive yellow caterpillar.

No that was an adult in a sleeping bag

Well. He’d seen weirder entries.

“I’m your homeroom teacher Aizawa Shota” Why does a man in black have a yellow sleeping bag though… wait did he say teacher. “It’s kind of sudden but put this on and go out onto the field”.

Oh no.

\\      _,,__

  \\// ,_     \

  //\\ \___/

 // /)


 \\ \)   ___

  \\// /_    \

  //\\_  __/

//       ``


“A quirk assessment test!” Everybody was screaming in tandem. Jesus class had started for like 20 minutes.

They were just like junior high but with the added intensity of people’s quirks things ended up flying everywhere. Purples, pinks. Mineta thought he saw some acid. He was just focusing on doing his best. A threat of expulsion on the first day is a real threat! It looked like it wasn’t going to go so well but that green normie was keeping him from the bottom. He was doing even worse than Mineta!

And he’d made a friend! Sero was great and way cooler than anybody at his junior high. He’d also learned, amongst the chaos that the guy who had talked to him earlier – with the stupid grin and weird hair – had a name. Kaminari. He was pretty cool too, but more of an acquaintance than a friend.

The last event was coming up and everybody seemed pretty good in their places. Asking around for opinions and looking for more friends. That green kid… Well he wasn’t making a scene per say, but he did seem to be becoming increasingly more anxious. Mineta wasn’t sure if he should get involved, he hates it if he’s interrupted while upset. But he didn’t get the chance. The green kid was already being called and showed up in front of the class. Mineta had to look away out of second-hand embarrassment.  

In all that. The strange feeling crept up again. But unlike before, a brewing storm wasn’t right to describe it… Not that Mineta was good at describing things. It was more like… a quiet threat… kind of? Mineta would akin it to the feeling of having a Frisbee just miss your head. Well not really. But he couldn’t quite get closer.

The green kid got another go. Generous of the teach he supposed… If he could get on this guy’s good side, no matter how far away it was, he’d be set.

The ball got blasted through the air. It would be a lie to say Mineta wasn’t shocked. But he couldn’t be impressed, he was a little scared. Where was this feeling coming from? He wasn’t being glared at, right? Not even by that frog girl who’d given him a nasty look earlier for sneaking looks… no. He was the anthesis of attention right now. So

How could green be such a threating colour.