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Full name: Lu Xing

Alternative name (self chosen): Andrei Gabriel Vargas

DOB: 28 June, 2004 (at 12:00am)

Gender identity: male (prefers to say masculine/feminine instead of male/female)

Pronouns: they/them or he/him (neither annoy him)

Gender expression: androgynous

Sex assigned at birth: male

Place of Birth: Beijing, China

Sexuality: gay

Height: 1m55cm

Hair color: White

Aliases: Azrael (solo+stage name), Z3R0 (Underground), Kuro/Okami (YouTube - BlackWolfOfficial), Echo (YouTube - EchoOfTheWolves)


Facts: will be expanded on when I think of stuff

- uses hair sticks to tie hair up. 

- doesn't use hair ties (he says those belong on his wrist)

- usually has hair in a half up half down style. The up half is in a bun.

- is cute, and likes it

- can be sexy when performing

- likes cuddles

- likes his height

- is VERY different on stage

- is good at manipulating his vocal chords (can do extremely realistic impressions of nearly everything)

- has a wide vocal range, but his normal pitch is quite high

- usually sings, but is actually a rapper. The rapping his his hidden talent

- can sing, dance and rap

- can play most instruments after a few minutes of fiddling to find the notes (Henry taught him how to play Piano and violin. He then learnt other instruments himself).