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Save me...

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My dreams are vivid tonight, I’m sitting on the riverbank beside my pa I can feel the sun on my face and smell the morning dew. I notice my pa grinning as I try and fail to cast my line, I can’t get it far enough it keeps landing a few feet away from me.

“Need a hand there son?” my pa teased as I repeat and again fail to cast my line.

I see him reach out and feel him take a hold of my hands and place them where they should be

“Here son take hold here and here and release a bigger amount of the line.”

I feel myself smiling at the warmth of my pa’s presence, I just want to grab hold of him and never let go. I relax my arms as my pa shows me how it should be done and grin when my line is finally cast in the lake. I turn to thank him but he isn’t there anymore, I can’t see the river anymore and the sun has disappeared.

I see myself leaning over my pa all tied up, I’m holding a knife above his head… what am I doing? Why can’t I stop myself? I see my reflection plunge the knife into my pa’s skull before I can scream… before I can lunge forward to stop myself I feel my body jerk awake, I’m sweating profusely and I’m breathing hard I woke from one nightmare to my real life one. I hear the rattle of the guard’s keys before the cell door opens, I blink a few times trying to adjust my eyes to the light that is now invading the small concrete cell.

“up! Out!” a guard demands, the guard attaches a chain to my collar and I’m dragged to my Master’s office, I don’t fight anymore it’s really not worth the lashings.
I feel the concrete rub against the sores on my bare feet, It wasn’t always like this I survived for a whole year after I had mercy my pa, but there will always be bad people even in the apocalypse, rapists, murders and worse I ended up in the latter. I have spent the past four years in a skimpy pair of shorts in the midst of gay sex traffickers, so I’m pretty used to it now.

When I was first captured there were up to four or five boys in each cell and each morning we would all be sent away for different chores such as making food, cleaning, laundry but mainly most of the boys were sent to service the multiple Master’s “needs”. However, over the past year the number of boys dwindled, some were dragged out of the cells in the middle of the night, others just never came back from morning chores.

None of us really knew what happened to them but we had ideas. I have been in my cell alone now for at least 6 months. I seemed to have gotten lucky in this twisted existence though as the head Master here had taken a liking to me so I mainly spent my days sitting on Masters lap, cleaning or cooking for him.

He calls me his “pure one” as I’m still a virgin and he nor anyone else has attempted to change that. I’m pulled from my thoughts as I am thrown to my knees in front of Master, I cast my eyes down to the ground the ultimate sign of submission, before my Master begins to speak.

“Now boy, I have enjoyed your presence here for a long time now you were definitely my favorite pet, but times are getting hard now and I have had to sell off nearly all my boys and unfortunately you will be no exception. I would rather sell you and continue to enjoy the apocalypse my way! There are rumors of some blue savior in Spokane, I think he will definitely enjoy owning you and if he is what the rumors says I’m sure he will pay a pretty good price.”

Wait... Master is selling me? I begin to feel panicky at hearing those words yeah, I hated it here, but I was never touched and thought it may have stayed this way if I remained here.
What if my new Master is as bad as some of the ones here? But maybe this would be my chance to escape? I was both terrified and intrigued at the information.

It was a mere hour before I was thrown into a truck sandwiched between 2 guards, my hands had been bound together and I was gagged. We were on the road to Spokane and thankfully the drive didn’t take too long and I eventually feel the truck pull to a stop. its dark and I really can’t see much I couldn’t anyway with my eyes looking at my feet.
I hear my Master and one of the guards get out the truck all I can hear is a faint conversation taking place outside, the guard walks back to the truck and opens the door. I can hear the full conversation now and hear my Master talking to someone who approaches, I think he looks me up and down as my Master asks him what he thinks.

“How many like him have you condemned to slavery? He asks my Master, he simply responds with "do you want him or not because I have plenty more buyers”

I hear the man say “I’ll take him” he has a very deep gruff voice.

I feel the man take my arm gently and pull me out of the truck, he places his coat around my shoulders and I dare to look up slightly I couldn’t really see much through the dark and he begins to walk me towards a large wire fence protected by his own guards.
I see they have bite marks on their cheeks, why did they have bite marks? Would I be bitten too?

We walk through the gates towards a large derelict looking factory and I can see half-built homes and tents scattered in front of it. I suppose the rumors had been true a community really was forming in Spokane. A growl from zombies in some kind of moat startles me pushing me impossibly closer to the man’s side, and he tightens his grip around
my shoulder.

“it’s ok kid don’t worry they can’t get to you, I won’t let anything hurt you, you’re ok”

He actually sounds kind, we walk inside and up some stairs until we reach the top floor the man unlocks the door before guiding me inside. I keep my eyes and head bowed down as he sits me down on a couch. He gently removes the gag from my mouth placing it beside him before he begins to untie my hands, he rubs my wrists for a minute before he uses his finger to tilt my head so I could look him in the eyes, to my surprise he is actually blue, his eyes are an array of blues, reds and yellows I have never seen anything like it, he has a short well-kept beard and is dressed in a dark blue suit with a dark shirt he is absolutely striking.

When he removes his finger, my head bows again.

“Ok kid look at me, I raise my head enough to make eye contact and he brushes my hair back stroking my face, it’s a soothing action I really enjoy. I maintain eye contact when he begins to speak again.

“it’s very late I think we should get some sleep and discuss things in the morning”

“Yes Master” I’m sure he winces when I call him Master.

He removes his coat from my shoulders before pulling me to my feet, he guides me to another room but speaks again before opening the door.

“You will sleep in bed with me, I will not rape you or mistreat you in any way, but you are not to wear clothes in this room”

I blush hard when he holds his hand out, I remove the shorts I am wearing before handing them to him, he throws them in a trash can and lays me under the sheets before turning out the light I hear him remove his clothes and climb into bed beside me. Surprisingly he pulls me flush to his chest and tells me to get some sleep.