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Father where did we go Wrong?

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Daryl was fighting Rick to go back to the farm, his daughter (y/n) had to still be there. She had to be, she couldn't be dead. He was devastated, everything told him to go back to the farm. As the fire raged you watched your father, Carol, Rick and the others leave. You slammed your fist on the house as you raced to the roof just to make sure you weren't eaten. You stayed on the roof for at least two days. You went to search for him, he was your father after all. You hated Carol, she took your father from you.

The way out you knew was going to be messy, you waited till most of the walkers had left and killed a few, gagging you put another outfit on top of your own and began to lather yourself in walker guts.You were terrified, you had never been away from your father before.

The entire time you were searching you thought about maybe he wanted to find you, maybe he wanted you back. You cried as you fought against the undead, and humans alike. You had to kill multiple humans in your travel. Each kill becoming more torturous then the last because of your anger. You cursed your father for leaving you, you cursed the group for the torture you were living through because of it. You had finally spotted your father, but when you went to run to him he was holding the dead body of Beth in his arms. He was crying over her body, you had only seen your father cry a few times in his life, and not once has been over you. That you knew.

You ran, killing walkers in your wake. Everything that you had known felt like a lie, you felt like your father didn't love you anymore. Which was actually far from the truth. He had fallen into a depression after loosing you. Rick convinced him you had died, convinced him that you were no longer on the planet. He would wake from nightmares dreaming of you as one of the dead.

You lived on your own for a while, killing men and the undead. You were furious, you had been left for dead by your father. they left you forever. You had finally come to a point in your young life that made you think that nothing better would come to you.

However as you hunted for food you ran into a man literally.

The man turned knocking your weapon on the floor, you were knocked against a tree and he held a bat with nails up to your face. "What the fuck do you think you are doing?" He asked, his voice deep and his eyes felt like they were peering into your soul.

"Sorry I didn't mean to." You said with a growl.

"You should feel lucky, I want to know about you before I kill you." He snarled. "So, spill your guts before I honestly spill your guts."

You began to talk, hiding nothing, if you were to die you were going to die with your conscious clear. However when you spoke of the torture you had began to do to humans he perked up. "You know, Lucile and I have decided you are my daughter now, since your old daddy dropped you like a stinking shit I think I will take you in. My wives would love a daughter anyway."

"Your wives?"

"Are you taking it, or leaving it?"

"Taking it." You said back.

He smiled and got you into his car, you were now the princess of the compound. Everything about you people loved. You were beautiful, you were smart, and cut throat. Despite you having no blood bond to Negan he took you in like his own, and he raised you as such. You learned to kill, you learned to scare and you learned to take your anger and use it to your advantage.

Eventually your new father took over a smaller compound called Alexandria, and you decided you wanted to come with him to a pick up of items. As you pulled in you instantly took notice of a few of the members of the group. Maggie, Rick and his son, and Carol. But as you pulled all the way in you saw your father. Negan took notice of your instant panic.

"Whats wrong sweetie, one of them look at you funny? I may just have to kill them huh?"

"No, dad.." You said as your (e/c) eyes looked towards you birth father. His hair was longer, and he was aging. But he looked good. "Just.. you know the dad I once had? Him and the group that dropped me are here."

"Oh, well we can defiantly up the anti then huh?"

"I want him to see me"

"You what?"

"I want him to see me, and I want him to know I am better of without him."

"You are your daddy's daughter." Negan smiled as he kissed your cheek. You smiled and the two of you exited the car. That was when Daryl saw you, he dropped everything and headed towards you, however two of Negan's men stood in front of you to protect you.

"(Y/N)! (Y/N)! Let me see her! You cannot keep me from my daughter!" Daryl yelled.

"No you don't get it street rat, she is my daughter, and you are just a piece of shit father that left her to die. Do you know what she had to go through without you? She watched you cry over another girls dead body, yet you never went back for her! You are a shit dad. So no she is my daughter."

You smirked at him as you stayed behind the guards.

You were handed Lucile and you watched as things were loaded into the car. Daryl tried to get to you again, but you held your hand up to stop him. "I am not your daughter any more, you left me, and you didn't come back for me." You snapped. "I have killed more people and done it brutally for the fun of it, because you left me!"

He stumbled back, angry but he knew it was his fault. He was angry with Rick, he didn't let him go back for you. He knew he should have, and he was almost more upset with you being part of Negan's army then being one of the undead. They were going to take over the compound, and he hoped he could prove to you that he still loved you.

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Negan felt like the king of the world, he had everything. He had a group of people who followed him blindly, food, power, currency in a way, wives, and most importantly he had you. You had come into his life when you thought you had nothing, the only thing you had was the will to survive. Everything around you seemed to be falling apart.

Daryl hadn't gone back for his golden girl, and so Negan got to take over as dad.

Daryl lived every day feeling lost, and since Negan had found you he lived everyday living strong.

You spent a lot of your day learning to fight correctly, you were well worked with a bow and arrow like your birth father, guns, swords, and even knives. You could kill easily if you wanted to, and all you had to do was snap your fingers and you would be given anything you wanted.

Negan treated you like a princess.

Because to Negan you were his daughter now, you and him were a like in many ways. All he wanted was to make you happy, he didn't understand why he felt like this, or why he wanted to treat you such a way, yet he did.


Daryl was drowning in sorrow, every place he turned he thought of you. Loosing Beth was another thing that killed him. It pulled at his heart a way he had never thought it could. He first lost you, or thought he did. He didn't hate Rick, but he was angry at the man for not letting him go back for you.

HIs nightmares haunted him, loosing you was the last thing he had ever wanted. Every day he died again, thinking of you. He loved you more then he had ever loved anything else in his entire life. Your birth sobered him up, and your 'death' destroyed him. He kept himself alive for you however, the thought in the back of his mind you might still be alive.


You stabbed the walker in anger, it was already dead and you knew it, but you had to take your anger out on something. No prisoners were there to kill.

"This is for loving Bethe more then me!" You screamed at the walker as your knife plunged into it again. "This is for loving Carol more then me!" You cried out as blood splattered your white shirt. Negan smirked watching you. "This is for loving Sophia more then me!" You cried out again. You honestly felt that way, your father had gotten hurt in his quest for Sophia, held Carol in his arms as she cried over the girl. He cried with her, yet he had never even looked for you.

A few of the men in the compound watched you as you mutilated the walker. They were unsure if they should be afraid of you or impressed. Negan clapped as you turned around, you looked like a warrior. Blood splattered and proud.

"That's my girl. The warrior princess." Negan said as he wiped the blood from your face. He held you close. He knew what he was doing, he knew everything was for his benefit, but he also was growing fond of you.


Daryl jumped in bed, you were screaming as the fire of the farm engulfed you, a bite to your leg ending the life he thought he could give you. He couldn't handle it at the moment, everything about the situation was killing him. But he knew he had to be strong, Negan and his crew was coming that day. They had to supply Negan with items, and he knew the group wouldn't survive without him.

All Daryl wanted to do was to see you again, but he didn't expect to.

He could never love anyone the way he loved you.


"I want to come with you today please." You said looking up to Negan. "Please dad."

Negan nodded. "Of course, I thought you should see it. A few kids are there, thought if you saw one you liked we could say we wanted them." You looked to him slightly concerned but nodded. He was a bit extreme, everyone got packed up and you jumped in the car. "To Alexandria?"

"To Alexandria!" You said slapping the side of the car to let the others know it was time to go.

"Thats my princess."

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Daryl sat on the steps to Ricks home, he wanted to go look for you, he needed to find out where you were. He knew what that monster was capable of. The way he killed Glenn and Abraham, the evil in his eyes, he spilt guts just for the fun of it. He got up and headed to knock on the door when Rick exited with Carl and Judith. "Daryl?"

"I need to talk to ya'." He snarled. "Privately."

"Carl take Judith, Daryl and I have to talk." Rick said handing the small girl off to his son. The two entered the home and Rick sat waiting for him to speak. "What is it?"

"My daughter is still alive, and you never let me go after her Rick. She is one of Negan's slaves now, because of you." Daryl said getting in Rick's face. Rick looked him over and he knew he had messed up. "What are you going to do about it Rick?"

"We can send in a search party, go after her together."

Daryl couldn't help but feel rage. "Why now, why wouldn't you let me go back for her Rick?"

"I cannot make you do anything, but we needed you Daryl. The group needed you. You can hunt, fish, and kill well. You know what you are doing out here, we needed you."

Daryl slammed his fist against the table. "She needed me dammit. The only reason I haven't punched you yet, is because of your daughter out there. Because no daughter should live without their father, and I. I failed my girl." He flipped the table in rage as he left the house quickly. He kicked the door quickly and was angry, everything about the situation was horrible. He was angry about the situation. It hurt that he had done this, and listened to Rick. He should have followed his gut instead. He should have gone back for her, he shouldn't have done what he did and he knew it was his fault.

He was furious, he was usually unfazed, but now he was crying. Everything that was happening was too much, his daughter denounced him, told him he wasn't good enough. Not going back for her was the last thing he should have done, he shouldn't have left her like he did. It was his mistake, it was the last thing he should have done. Leaving her like he did was a horrible mistake. He was stupid as hell for doing it. He was petrified of what Negan would turn her into, a monster just like him. Everything that was wrong with Negan would become wrong with her. She would become a problem they would have to deal with, and he didn't want her to be like that.

Daryl soon got on his Harley, he needed to get to his daughter, he knew he had made a mistake he knew it was his fault for all of this. When it started he knew he should have been closet with her, loved her more, made sure she was safe more than he did. He didn't protect her like he should have, he didn't hold he like he should have, they were close before the apocalypse, her mother a mistake but she was not.

She was his pride and joy, and he made a horrible mistake.

Soon the door had opened, and he was on his way to find her. He needed to find her, he had to. He began to drive towards the compound, he needed to find her. Seeing her was the only thing he wanted to do, he had to talk to her. He hid his bike, and himself and waited.



You cried yourself to sleep that night, tears covered your pillow. When Negan woke you that morning he noticed the tears. "Princess whats wrong?"

"Do you think he wanted me dead?"

"Who, your jackass ex of a father?"

"Yes, him, do you think he would prefer me dead?"

"No, I dont think anyone wishes that, but he practically left you for dead. But I found you, saved you. I was the one that kept you alive."

"Thank you for doing that, father."

"You and I are going to go far kid."

"when I see him, I am either going to kill him, or punch him a lot of times." You whispered. Negan laughed. "Get your anger out first kid. Before you make the killing blow."

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You walked down two sets of stairs before you were stopped by a group of men. "Where are you goin little lady? Negan said you had to stay inside."

"I wasn't goin no where."

"Where were you going?"

"To see my moms."

"Thats somewhere."

"Oh shut up." You snarled, they laughed as you adjusted your (h/c) hair and fixed your jacket. You continued to walk pushing past them as you entered the room with the women Negan called his wives. You weren't very close to most of them, but they doted over you as much as they could. You had arrived to the Sanctuary when you were 14 and a half, you were nearly an adult now, 17 and six months. On your own for a little less than a year before you ran into Negan. You were 13 at the time of the fire.

As you entered the room your mothers turned to you with a smile, you sat down and they began to do up your hair and dress you in a white dress with a gold trim. "Why are we doing this?" You asked.

"Well a nearby compound is meeting with your father. A nice meeting, and he wanted you to be with him."

"Do you know why?"

"He just said he thinks you should be out with him. They are only coming here so you aren't going to have to go out in that dress, if you that is what you are worried about."

You looked at yourself in a dirty mirror, you hadn't worn a dress in a long time, the dress looked new. Made to your measure. You took notice of your mothers. "Did you make this for me?"

"Yes, we did, we each were a part of it, your father chose the colors."

"Thank you."

They smiled, you and Negan were a lot alike. There were times where you could be the kindest of people, while others where you could be vicious. Danger surrounded you like a fog, as well as Negan, however between the two of you, you were more human. Negan, especially if you were in trouble or hurt, was like an animal. You smiled as they continued to dote over you. It was nice having a mother, your actual mother had died from complications after you were born, but the only reason she gave birth to you was because Daryl would have been devastated if she aborted you.

Daryl had missed you growing up, he made a mistake, and all he wanted was you safe. He had tried to go back, but each time was forced off course. Rick would send him on another hunt, or an attack upon wherever they were living was occurring. However his regret was not going back for you, and now he was going to get you back, no matter how long it took him.

Daryl watched as a group of people came into the compound, all dressed surprisingly nice. He questioned their reasoning for being at the sanctuary. He hated that place, and even more now that his daughter was living within it.

Daryl was going to get you beck, if it was the last thing he did.